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Guide and Walkthrough by kylohk

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/13/2005

Feel the Magic: XY/XX Strategy Guide by Alasdair Lo
System: Nintendo DS
Date: 13 June, 2005
Version 1.0
1. Introduction
2. Just Starting to Get Her Attention
---a. Scene 00
---b. Scene 01
---c. Scene 02
---d. Scene 03
3. Can You Impress Her Enough?
---a. Scene 04
---b. Scene 05
4. Woo-Hoo! Out on Your First Date
---a. Scene 06
---b. Scene 07
---c. Scene 08
5. A Quick Getaway on a Lovely Yacht
---a. Scene 09
---b. Scene 10
---c. Scene 11
---d. Scene 12
6. Damsel in Distress, Cliched!
---a. Scene 13
---b. Scene 14
---c. Scene 15
7. It's time to Settle this like Real Men!
---a. Scene 16
---b. Scene 17
---c. Scene 18
8. Maniac Mode: Let's play dress up! (To be added)
9. Conclusion
Appendix I. Feedback Information

1. Introduction
When the Nintendo DS was launched first in the States in November 2004, 
around 10 games came out for it. Some of them may be considered to be bland, 
and yet some are considered to be innovative and spectacular. A certain 
game was considered to be overly innovative that many people just couldn't 
know or care. That was Feel the Magic: XY/XX, a game made by Sega. Having 
bought my DS in December 2004, I tried to look for Super Mario 64 DS in 
English, all to no avail. So, I decided to make do with this game, and 
it really IS serious! I had to make do with this game for 6 months straight 
because of the public examinations!

Feel the Magic: XY/XX consists of a large series of minigames, requiring 
the hero, who I will call Goldfish Boy, to do crazy stunts to win the love 
of a certain pretty girl that he met on the street. It was "love at first 
sight", really. This game makes use of every feature of the Nintendo DS. 
From Touch Screen to Microphone. The only thing it does not use are the 
standard directional pad and the 4 buttons! Since the controls, story and 
whatsoever are so simplistic in nature, I can get on with the minigames 
immediately. When you select the game from the main menu, you will actually 
be warned not to repeat those stunts in real life! Then, instead of having 
the traditional "Press Start" you have "Touch the Screen". Touch the Screen 
and the main menu will appear. Use your stylus to poke the "Story" option 
and then you should start with Normal mode. Select the Scene 00 to start!

For your information, there are a total of 3 difficulty levels in the game. 
They are Normal, Hard and Hell. In Normal Mode, you have 3 lives, and 
complete the first 5 levels of the minigames. In Hard Mode, you also have 
3 lives, but you complete the last 5 levels of the minigmames. As for Hell 
Mode, you will again have to complete the last 5 levels of the minigames, 
and only one life is given!

2. Just Starting to Get Her Attention
In this part of our simplistic love story, the blue bearded Goldfish Boy 
is trying to get the attention of this pretty girl in the street. Let's 
see how he does that, shall we?

a. Scene 00
It is a cinema, people are watching a movie. One of the audience is sleeping, 
and there is also another person with a bunny hat watching as well. On 
the screen, the Goldfish Boy is walking in the street, and he notices a 
extremely pretty girl in a blue dress. That caught his attention, and he 
stopped there, stunned with hearts flying out of his body. At this point, 
the man wearing the bunny hood stood up to the surprise of the 2 people 
next to him. He quickly ran out of the cinema, to the amazement of those 
two. Suddenly, the audience were very surprised. The man in bunny hood 
is on screen! Everyone runs out of the theatre to find out. (Well, except 
for the man who is fast asleep!)

The bunny man meets the Goldfish Boy, carrying a fishbowl with a Goldfish 
inside. The plot thickens. It seems that you, the Goldfish Boy is to help 
this Super Performance Group, the Rub Rabbits with a performance. So, it's 
time for the game, Goldfish!

A man suddenly runs quickly to the Goldfish Boy, and bumps into him. This 
knocks his fishbowl off his hands, and the first flies out. It soars over 
to the man's mouth, and he swallows it! Oh god! What are we going to do? 
Oh, and it seems that in these comic scenes, if you touch certain parts 
of the scene, you will uncover hidden rabbits!

Rabbit 1: The man needs help! But poking the goldfish looks fun

Now, on to serious business. When you are playing in Normal mode, you only 
need to play the first 3 levels, when you are in Hard or Hell Modes, you 
only need to beat the last 3 levels. It seems that the objective of this 
minigame is to save the Goldfish, but not the man! You should rub upwards 
with your stylus on his stomach, and the goldfish will be guided up towards 
his throat so that they can be spat out. As you reach harder levels, the 
fish will be different, and even turtles will appear!

In Level 1, you will have 2 large Goldfish. In Level 2, you will find 3 
large Goldfish. In Level 3, 3 large Goldfish will be there, and the man's 
digestive system will start to take action from this level on. Every now 
and then, the stomach acid will swoosh downwards. You must rub like mad 
to prevent the Goldfish from being sucked into the duodenum! In Level 8, 
there will be 5 small Goldfish, these are harder to guide up. In Level 
9, there will be 3 Turtles! How on earth did they get there? The Turtles 
may be hard to rub up, but at least they can't be moved by the swooshing 
stomach acid. In the 10th and final level, you will have to save 4 small 
Goldfish and 1 Turtle!

Concluding Scene:
After you manage to rescue this poor man (and the Goldfish), you are treated 
with a large round of applause. The Goldfish Boy sees the Girl among the 
spectators. Meanwhile, she has also caught the attention of a certain large 
and burly purple haired man with a purple shirt and black trousers! Let 
us call him the Purple Haired Jerk! "Oh, her beauty, how splendid!" Exclaims 
the Goldfish Boy. Therefore, in order to see her more, the Goldfish Boy 
decides to join the Super Performance Group, the Rub Rabbits.

b. Scene 01
You get 3 different choices here. You are to get the Girl to notice you 
by giving a Super Performance! You get to sky dive using a Parachute, you 
get to slide down a slope in a supermarket Cart or you can stop the evil 
invasion of the space Candle! From, now on, you must take note of the heart 
shaped gauge at the bottom of the screen. Every time you beat a level, 
the Girl's affection for you will increase. If you lose, the love points 
drop. Different minigames have different payoffs. The amount of points 
you get upon success is also dependent of the number of lives you have 
at the end. The more lives you have, the more points you get. 

The pay off for all 3 minigames are 45 points with 3 lives, 40 with 2 lives 
and 35 with 1 life. Note that all of these payoffs apply to Normal and 
Hard modes only. For Hell Mode, the payoff for each level is 100 divided 
by the total number of minigames of that scene, to the nearest multiple 
of 5. (e.g. for this scene, each level yields 35 points.) Since it takes 
3 45s to go over a 100, you must beat all 3 minigames. (or beat the same 
one 3 times!)

A propeller driven plane is flying in the air. Its bomb bay opens, and 
numerous stuntmen are seen dropping out of that hatch for a dive!

Rabbit 2: Touch the plane in the final frame of the scene!

On the top screen, you see stuntmen jumping out of the plane, screaming 
"Yiaa!" while falling. On each stuntman's head is a number. You must punch 
in the number on his head with the "calculator" on the Touch Screen to 
open up their parachute, otherwise, they will fall a long way down! Whenever 
you have keyed in a number correctly, press the Enter keys on either side 
of the calculator to open up the parachute. If you get the number wrong, 
quickly press CE to clear the input!

Outline of the minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, 3 stuntmen with 2 digit numbers will jump out of the plane 
slowly. In level 2, 4 stuntmen with 2 digit numbers will jump out of the 
plane. In level 3, 5 stuntmen with 3 digit numbers will jump out of the 
plane. Now, you will get a Break Time from the girl! Although I doubt you 
will need a break! In level 4, 5 stuntmen with 4 digit numbers will jump 
out a little slower. In level 5, only 1 stuntman will jump out, but guess 
what? He has a 6 digit number on his head! Fortunately, he falls slower 
than usual. So you should be able to save him in time. Don't panic!

Outline of the minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, 5 stuntmen with 3 digit numbers will jump out of the plane. 
The time interval between subsequent jumps has decreased. Then, in level 
7, 5 stuntmen with 4 digit numbers will jump out at faster intervals. In 
level 8, one stuntman will come out, and surprise! It's a 7 digit number 
on his head! Stay calm! In level 9, 7 stuntmen with 2 digit numbers will 
jump out of the plane. Easy? No! It's a chain dive! They are diving within 
milliseconds of each other! Better punch those numbers fast! In level 10, 
9 stuntmen with 3 digit numbers will jump out. It seems that gravity is 
stronger in this level. These guys drop very fast. Better hurry.

Some civilians look up in the sky in horror. What are they looking at? 
It seems that a giant Candle from another dimension has come out of its 
portal, and has landed on earth! Some people run away in panic, while others 
just stay there are look at this giant Candle with all the awe they have.

Rabbit 3: On the third frame, touch the flame of the candle.
Rabbit 4: On the fourth frame, touch the hand point at the candle in the 
center of the frame.

Some space Candles are invading Earth, starting with the city the Goldfish 
Boy lives in. The Candles have one deadly weapon, their flames. That is 
also their weakness. Once the flame is blown out, the Candle will be 
defeated. You will be given 4 Rub Rabbits along with the Goldfish Boy. 

You rub each blower upwards and in the direction of the candle to make 
them blow. You can also blow into the microphone to make all 5 men blow 
at once. If you are playing your Nintendo DS in a crowded place, I would 
not recommend doing this, since it would draw attention to you. (very 
embarrassing!) You can also tap the microphone hard to make the people 
blow. Note that each person can blow 3 times before running out of breath. 
If they run out of breath, you will have wait a few seconds (allowing the 
Candles to close in) before they can blow again, so time your blows 
correctly. If a Candle manages to get close enough, you will be fried.

Outline of the minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, there will be one and only one candle, with nothing else coming 
at you. Just tap wildly on the microphone, and the 5 should be able to 
blow the candle out in a jiffy. 

In level 2, 2 candles will be coming at you side by side. If you wait for 
them to get just a little bit closer, then you should be able to defeat 
them within the first 3 blows. 

In level 3, 2 candles will be coming at you side by side. Apart from that, 
there is a bat that is flying left and right. It will block your blows, 
so only blow when the bat is at the far left or right, and has just begun 
to get to the center. 

In level 4, you will find one candle coming at you. It is then followed 
by 2 coming at you side by side. 

In level 5, you will encounter one candle followed by 2 others. There is 
a bat here.

Outline of the minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, you will encounter a candle in the center, followed by one 
to the left, then one to the right, and another in the center. 

In level 7, you will find a Candle in the center, followed by one to the 
left, one to the right, one to the left and another to the right. 

In level 8, you will only encounter one Candle, but it is guarded by 2 
bats. They both stop at the center. So tap the microphone when the bats 
are just about to fly apart and this should be small fry. Have a nice Break 
Time, you will need it! 

In level 9, you will first encounter 2 candles and then one to the center, 
then one to the right, then another one to the center and one to the left! 

In level 10, there will be 2 bats in the top screen. You will first encounter 
2 candles to the left and right. Wait until the bats are in the center 
before blowing. Then one in the center will appear. Then another in the 
center. Then 2 to the left and right. Then a gazillion more to the left, 
right and center!!! Nah, only joking. That's it.

The Goldfish Boy and other Rub Rabbits are having a fun time riding 
supermarket Carts. They start to slide down the hill. The Goldfish Boy 
waves his arms in the air. But what's that down the hill! It's a large 
number of spikes! It's time for evasive action!

Rabbit 5: Tap the Cart in the fourth frame.

On the top screen, there will be a slope, where numerous stuntmen will 
ride down the hill with their supermarket Carts. On the touch screen, on 
the other hand, is the road at the bottom. It is covered with a lot of 
spiky orbs. Your job is to be the road sweeper. You are to push the orbs 
to either side of the road to make a clear path for the stuntmen. If a 
stuntman's Cart hits a spiked orb, he will be sent flying and you will 
lose a life. The controls may sound confusing but you should use the stylus 
if it is a broom. Rub up and down on the Touch Screen to push the orbs 
to the side. Or you can just rub downwards to the orb to make it fly off 
the Touch Screen. Either way will do.

Outline of the minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, there will be a small number of spiked orbs in the road. There 
will also be only one stuntman riding a Cart down the central lane. 

In level 2, there will first be a stuntman riding a Cart down the right 
lane, followed by another riding down the central lane. 

In level 3, there will be more spiky orbs on the road. A stuntman will 
ride down the right lane, then another will ride down the left lane, 
followed by another in the central lane. 

In level 4, there will first be a stuntman riding down the central lane, 
followed by one to the right lane, another one to the left lane and followed 
by one in the central lane. 

In level 5, there will be a cart coming down the left lane, and then one 
to the central lane. Another will come down the right lane. Finally, to 
your surprise, two Carts will be coming down the hill simultaneously to 
the left and central lanes! But if you have cleared the road, you can relax. 
If not, there is still time since the Carts move slower this time round.

Outline of the minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, there will be a lot of spiky orbs on the road. First, a Cart 
will come down to the left lane, then one will come down on the right lane, 
followed closely by a third Cart in the central lane.

In level 7, there will be a Cart running down the right lane, followed 
by a second Cart on the central lane, followed by a third one in the left 
lane. Then, a 4th one will come down in the central lane, and the 5th and 
final one will come down the right lane again.

In level 8, the leading Cart will come down the right lane, followed by 
a second Cart in the central lane, followed by a third Cart in the left 
lane. Then another Cart will come down in the central lane. This is then 
followed by 2 Carts coming down the hill slowly in the left and right lanes. 
Finally, the last Cart will come down in the central lane.

Take the small Break Time, you will need it! In level 9, the first Cart 
will come down in the central lane, then the next will come down in the 
right lane. The third Cart comes down the left lane, the 4th in the central 
lane. Then one in the left lane, and one to the right. Then, the final 
Cart comes down the central lane is usual.

In Level 10, the final level, the first Cart comes down the left lane. 
Then the next one comes down the central lane. The third one comes down 
the left lane again. The 4th one comes down the right lane. The 5th one 
comes down the central lane. This is followed by 2 Carts coming down the 
hill simultaneously in the left and right lanes at the same speed as the 
previous carts! (No speed reduction). Then, the final cart comes down the 
central lane again. Whew...

Concluding Scene:
The Goldfish Boy stands with other Rub Rabbits as they receive the next 
round of applause form the spectators. Meanwhile, the Girl is so impressed 
by your performance that she wants to come over and talk to you. (Maybe 
ask for an autograph, eh?) Suddenly, the ground shakes violently. What 
on earth is going on here?

c. Scene 02
It is time for our first boss battle. There really is only one choice here, 
and it is Bull. It does not matter which difficulty level you are in, beating 
this level will automatically win the Girl's approval with a 100 point 
payoff. In fact, there IS no difference in difficulty anyway!

A Bull runs past the Goldfish Boy. The Girl is horrified. She is horrified 
to see that there is still a large herd of Bulls stampeding in her direction. 
It took the Goldfish boy this long to realize what is going on, and he 
acts the man by running forward to protect the girl. He stretches out his 
arms, while the Girl crouches in fear, covering her eyes behind him.

Rabbit 6: Tap the largest Bull in the third frame
Rabbit 7: Tap the Goldfish on the Goldfish Boy's shirt

It is time for our first boss battle. There are a total of 100 bulls ravaging 
through the field, or urban area. You will see them jump up from the horizon 
and run towards you. To stop a Bull, tap it with your stylus. You will 
hear an explosion, and the Bull will go light in color and run to the side 
of the road, you will also see shrapnel bounce on the floor! I wonder what 
does the Goldfish Boy use? A shotgun tranquilizer? Note that some skiers 
will also pop out of the horizon. Don't shoot them, or you will 
automatically lose! It does not matter whether you chose Normal, Hard or 
Hell modes. You still only have 1 life.

Anyway, I will give you the outlines of the bulls that appear. At first, 
2 Bulls will jump out near the center of the Touch Screen. They are followed 
by a row of 3 bulls, one in the center, and 2 to the sides. Then a pair 
will jump up to the sides, to be followed by 3 skiers in the center. Be 
careful here. Then, 2 Bulls will appear from the left and right edges of 
the Touch Screen. Then, as the skiers disappear, a Bull will appear at 
close range in the center. This is followed by a pair of bulls to the sides. 
Then another 3 in the center. The next 2 appear almost at the same time 
as the 2 skiers in the sides. The skiers easily get in the way of the Bulls, 
so use caution when shooting them. Another one comes in the center, followed 
by 2 at the sides. Then 2 Bulls with 2 skiers appear almost simultaneously. 
This is followed by 3 other skiers.

There is a short moment of calm, then a Red Bull comes out, each Red Bull 
has 10 units of health, which means you will have to shoot each of them 
10 times! To do this, hold the stylus slightly over the Bull and vibrate 
your hand. This should result in rapid shots. Then, a line of 4 Bulls jump 
out. Then a row of 3. Then the next Bulls, to the point with 56 Bulls left 
in total will pop out rather irregularly to the left and right and center 
of the screen. When 56 Bulls are left, a skier will pop out.

Then, 2 pairs of bulls will pop out almost simultaneously. There is another 
moment of calm, before 2 Red Bulls pop out! Then another 2 Red Bulls! Don't 
worry, you have calmed the last of the Red Bulls. A pair of Bulls come 
out at the sides, followed by a trio in the center, followed by another 
pair. Then another one in the center. Then, a row of 5 Bulls will jump 
at you! Another skier drops down at the center, while 2 more Bulls charge 
at you from the sides. Then 3 at the center.

30 Bulls remain. The next 9 Bulls will charge at you first from the left, 
then slowly shifting to the right, back to left and right again. Then 
another pair from the sides, followed by a row of 5 more Bulls. A row of 
2 Bulls come out, followed by another pair, then a trio. Then another pair. 
A pair of skiers then appear to the sides, followed by a trio of Bulls 
evenly distributed in the screen. 2 Bulls are left. The next Bull will 
jump out in the center of a row of 4 skiers. You will not hear the Bull's 
cry, so use the shape of the Bull as guide.

1 Bull remains, a short moment of tense calmness results. Suddenly, the 
supreme master of all the Bulls jump out, and the background goes fiery! 
He looks at you with an evil glare, and winds up for a final charge. This 
Bull has an obscene amount of health, 100 units. You should tap him even 
faster than before. When he has 30 units of health left, he will start 
to swerve left and right, so your stylus must also be following him closely. 
When he is beaten, he goes completely dizzy and the row of blue bunnies 
run up the screen as usual.

Concluding Scene:
The Goldfish Boy triumphs over the calmed Bulls, who walk away dejectedly. 
The Girl has fallen onto the fall and is covered in dirt. The Goldfish 
Boy runs over to the Girl just as she has started to sweep the mud off.

d. Scene 03
It is time for our first Love Scene, a scene in which you get to get very 
close to the Girl! Now that the Bulls are defeated, the Girl has taken 
a lot of dirt, and I believe that many Girls hate dirt. So, shouldn't you, 
the Goldfish Boy help her out?

Clean Up
The Goldfish Boy decides that it is time to clean the Girl up. He takes 
2 giant Brillo Pads out and approaches the Girl. The Girl is rather 
horrified at the 2 giant pads that are coming in close. The Goldfish Boy 
is moving even closer! Now, the Girl is rather horrified.

Rabbits 8 and 9: Touch the 2 Brillo Pads on the third frame
Rabbit 10: Touch the Goldfish on the Goldfish Boy's shirt

This has got to be the easiest minigame in Feel the Magic: XY/XX! There 
is definitely no way that you can lose and you are yet given 3 lives in 
Normal and Hard Mode. (You get only 1 life in Hell Mode) Your job is to 
use the Brillo Pads to wipe off all the mud on the Girl's body. There really 
is no way to lose, even if you rub too hard and cause the Girl to flinch! 

Notice the bar with the pink heart on the Top Screen. That is the completion 
bar. As you rub each dirt spot with the stylus, it will slowly fill up. 
Each of the 4 spots will contribute to 25% of the bar. 2 of the spots are 
on the Girl's left arm, one is on the right arm, and another is on her 
face. Her right hand may be in the way of the spot on her right upper arm, 
but the Brillo Pad can wipe through her hand. As you wipe the Girl's arms, 
she will blush and make some moans. When I was playing this game, my friend 
heard the sounds and asked, "Hey, who is making such erotic noises?" Then 
he noticed the game I am playing. He then teased, "Oh, you are such a naughty 
guy!" I have to agree with him on this one, since the Girl's blushes and 
her moans sound like someone in the middle of an orgasm! But still, she 
won't blush when you wipe her face. The moans are softer here.

Once you have wiped every spot of mud off the Girl, the completion bar 
will fill up, and the Girl will sparkle. She cries, "Yay!" as she looks 
at her clean limbs, and holds her hands together in gratitude! That's it, 
the 100 affection points are all yours at this point.

Concluding Scene:
The Girl looks at her clean arms with joy. She looks at you, probably with 
a lovely smile. You then hold hands together. The Girl then waves goodbye 
at you, while you stay there, gloating with hearts coming out.

3. Can You Impress Her Enough?
Now that you got close enough to the Girl, it is time to perform even harder 
stunts in an attempt to win her heart. Can you impress her enough? If you 
do, you may be able to invite her out for a date.

a. Scene 04
There are only 2 minigames for you to play here. Since neither of the payoffs 
are 100, you MUST beat both minigames, or beat the same one twice in a 
row in order to advance to the next scene. We have Antlion and Bus Stop. 
To be precise, the payoff for both levels in Normal/Hard Modes is 60.

Some civilians notice that the ground is shaking. Suddenly, someone 
suddenly sinks downwards. They look down, and see that he is sinking in 
the mud. At the bottom is a gigantic Antlion! Help him!

Rabbit 11: Touch the Antlion in the fourth frame. It won't hurt you.

As you start, you will find a lot of people struggling in the sand to get 
away from the suction of the Antlion at the bottom. To help them climb 
up, simply use your stylus to push upwards. A small push is enough to give 
the person a considerable boost. So don't worry if you cannot rub the same 
guy for a long time. If a person is too close to the Antlion, you will 
hear him scream in fear. In that case, priority should be given to him, 
or he will be a case for the hospital. An interesting feature of this level 
is that any civilians that you rescue will walk over to the Top Screen 
and cheer for you. The later the level, the more civilians. Whenever you 
complete a level, they will perform a somersault to celebrate your victory. 
At the same time, the lights of all those skyscrapers in the background 
will flash to cheer you!

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, you will have to rescue only 2 civilians. They tend to sink 
slowly. So, just take turns rubbing them up slowly. 

In level 2, there will be 3 civilians in the pit, and they still sink slowly. 

In level 3, there will also be 3 civilians, but the one in the middle is 
fatter, so he sinks faster. Fortunately, he can haul himself out of the 
sinking sand quicker than the slim civilians. 

You will be given a Break Time. Then in level 4, there will be 3 slim 
civilians. They seems to be sinking faster than before, and one of them 
starts closer to the Antlion than the others. You will have to rub slightly 
faster this time. 

In level 5, you will have to help 2 fat civilians, and guess what? The 
Goldfish Boy has decided to jump down into the sinking sand to have more 
fun! The Goldfish Boy sinks even faster than the fat civilians, so priority 
treatment should be given.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
It seems that the civilians you have rescued in the first 5 levels are 
still there cheering for you! In level 6, you will have to rescue 3 civilians, 
but they are VERY CLOSE to the Antlion, especially the one in the center! 
Rub quickly to save them. 

In level 7, the same arrangement of civilians are present, and the civilian 
in the middle is now a far civilian! It seems that the boost provided by 
a gentle push upwards has shortened, which means you will have to rub even 
faster than before. 

In level 8, you are to rescue 4 civilians and their masses are like this 
form the left to the right: Slim, fat, slim, fat. The leftmost 2 are closer 
to the Antlion. So rub even faster for this! Break time! 

After this, in Level 9, you will have to save 4 slim civilians. They may 
all be near the top of the sand pit, but they sink even faster than before! 
Hurry! If you act fast enough, you may be able to save one civilian less 
than a second after you are told to "Rub it!" 

Finally, in Level 10, you will have to help out 4 civilians and the Goldfish 
Boy! The Goldfish Boy will tend to the middle of the pack, while there 
are 2 slim and 2 fat civilians at the side. The Goldfish Boy sinks EXTREMELY 
fast here, so you should give him 2 rubs up before helping the others. 
Once you have saved everyone, you will find that there are 4 rows of 
civilians cheering for you!

Bus Stop
The Goldfish Boy looks at the row of 5 people across the road. He imagines 
them as 5 bowling pins. Suddenly, two stuntmen who seemed to read his mind 
game over with 2 halves of a bowling ball shell. They stuff the Goldfish 
Boy inside! It's time for a human bowling ball!

Rabbits 12 and 13: Tap the two halves of the bowling ball shells.
Rabbit 14: Tap the hero in the fourth frame.

As you can see in the preview, you will have to act the human bowling ball 
and roll across the road to hit the 5 men waiting at the Bus Stop. The 
Goldfish Boy will walk from the left of the pavement, and you touch him 
to roll him up into a bowling ball. You then use the stylus to drag the 
ball to the position you want to aim the ball and then push the ball in 
the direction you want to go. The larger the push, the faster the impact. 
As the ball is crossing the road, you will encounter cars, buses and mopeds. 
You must not hit any of these, or you will start a traffic accident and 
lose a life! It seems that the 5 human bowling pins are more likely to 
all collapse if you hit either person in the front. I guess this is what 
they mean by a domino effect. For some reason, hitting the center pin in 
a straight line may only drop 4 guys. Be aware.

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, there will only be vehicles in the top lane. The pattern is 
as follows, Bus, quickly followed by a car, then a taxi some time later. 
I suggest you push the ball out at the interval between the car and taxi.

In level 2, the patterns of the top lane are the same as level 1, and there 
is a new car added to the central lane, this new car will appear from the 
right at twice the frequency of the above pattern. You should now wait 
for the time interval between the top car, taxi and central car before 
fling the Goldfish Boy out.

In level 3, all 3 lanes will have buses running. Since the buses are quite 
long, you will have to watch carefully for a suitable opening before sending 
the human bowling ball out across the street.

Break time! In level 4, things are rather simple, a column of 3 cars will 
travel simultaneously to the right on all 3 lanes. All you have to do is 
to wait for them to pass your position before sending the ball out. If 
you take too long, you will notice a moped moving slowly from the right 
along the opposite pavement. You may have to wait for him to get past before 
rolling the ball across.

In level 5, there will be a car going to the right on the top lane, another 
going to the left on the middle lane and another going to the right on 
the bottom lane. There is also a moped that will be traveling to the left 
along the opposite pavement. All 4 vehicles are traveling at the same speed. 
So, there will always be a moment when the entire road is clear. This is 
the moment when you should send the human bowling ball out.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, there will be a bus, quickly followed by a car not long before 
a taxi comes. On the bottom lane, a car will frequently come from the right. 
There will be a pair of mopeds coming from the right along the opposite 
pavement. The most critical feature of this level is the car that is parked 
to the right of the bottom lane. This means your field of aiming is confined 
to the left half of the screen. You must aim slightly diagonally to the 
right in order to hit the people on the other side.

In level 7, similar patterns are observed in the top and central lanes. 
Now, the parked car is replaced by a parked bus in the bottom lane. Now, 
the field of aiming is even narrower than before. You must aim the human 
bowling ball through the small gap to the left of the bus. Take your time 
here. There is no choice but to project the ball diagonally now.

In level 8, the bus is parked to the left side of the bottom lane. The 
field of aiming is slightly larger than the previous level. There is only 
one moped going along the opposite pavement, and there is one really slow 
moving car on the top lane. You must be patient.

In level 9, there really is a problem. In the middle lane, a car and taxi 
are parked, leaving a small gap between them. That's not all, there are 
mopeds moving slowly on the top lane. This really is as hard as hell. Aim 
slowly, and hope that the touch screen can detect your movements as an 
upward push. Or you can lose lives here.

In level 10, you have a long and almost continuous line of cars and taxis 
running from the right to left on the central lane. You must wait for the 
gap that occurs after the 4th car (7th vehicle overall) in the line before 
you propel the ball forward. At least the gap is wider this time.

Concluding Scene:
The little Girl is drowning. She is taken to shore by the little Goldfish 
Boy, who tries in vain to administer CPR on her. The little boy stands 
still, looking at the unconscious little Girl on the ground. He runs away. 
At this point, you wake up with a scream! So, it's a nightmare. You 
remembered that you was not able to save her. Must be some sort of childhood 
memory mixed up into his dream. Will the Girl run into danger?

b. Scene 05
The Girl is still not impressed enough. It seems that you will have to 
do even more crazy stunts to win her. Therefore, we must ride Monocycles 
and paint graffiti on the walls with fast speeds. The pay off of Monocycle 
is 60 and that of Painter is 75 in Normal/Hard modes. It does not matter 
how large the values are, since neither of them are equal to 100. You must 
beat both minigames or the same minigame twice to fill up the heart.

The Goldfish Boy sees 2 stuntmen riding unicycles. He decides to join the 
fun and follow them. The 2 stuntmen then ride their unicycles over a narrow 
bridge, and guess what? The bridge connects the tops of 2 skyscrapers 
together! What a performance at dusk!

Rabbit 15: See the sun? Touch it, and the Rabbit will pop out.

The objective of this minigame is to guide the stuntmen from this skyscraper 
to that skyscraper on their unicycles. You use the stylus to direct the 
spot they have to go. The path can be wide or narrow. You must be very 
precise on the latter to avoid falling. If your hands are shaky, then this 
may be very hard for you. If you have Parkinson's Disease, forget about 
attempting this level!

That's not all, there is a time limit imposed in each level. If you take 
too long to cross over to the other skyscraper, you will lose. In later 
levels, there will be girders that rise and fall, you must then time your 
movements to be in sync with the girders, or you will fall as well! (For 
some strange reason, gravity does not work on the unicyclists, only your 
stylus does.)

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, you will be given 25 seconds to go through a path that is mostly 
straight. The path goes like this: Forward, right, forward. Most of the 
path is wide, except for a short strip of narrow horizontal path in the 
middle of the bridge. You should be able to cross it without much trouble 
at all. After all, 25 seconds is a lot of this path.

In level 2, you have 30 seconds to go through a path that is a little more 
curved. The path goes like this: Forward, right, downward, right, forward. 
The 2 horizontal sections are narrow, as well as the final forward section. 
Stay relaxed if you are a nervous person. 30 seconds should be a breeze.

In level 3, you have 30 seconds to go through a path that is even more 
curved than level 2. the path goes like this: Forward, right, backward, 
left, backward, right, forward. A lot of the path is narrow, this includes 
most of the first section, a little of the second section, the entire fourth 
section, a little of the sixth section and most of the final section.

Take a break if you need. In level 4, the curvature of the path is very 
similar to that of level 3. However, the large majority of the path is 
narrow, with short breaks of wide areas. You are given 30 seconds as before.

In level 5, the path is mega complex and mind boggling. Most of the path 
is narrow, and there are actually parts which require you to move diagonally. 
The curvature of the path is like this: Forward, right, backward, left, 
diagonally forwards to the left, backward, left, forward, diagonally 
downwards to the left, forward, left, backward, right, forward. You are 
also given 30 seconds. Stay calm, keep your cool.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, we have a new element in place. It's the moving girder! You 
will be given around 20 seconds to go through a path which is similar in 
nature to level 1. The only difference is that path of the horizontal path 
is cut off, and there is a wide girder moving up and down. You should move 
over to the edge of that path and wait for the girder to come up. Then 
guide the stuntman onto the girder. At this point, you should move your 
stylus up to allow the rider to stay on the girder, since he cannot follow 
the movement of the girder. While you are at it, maneuver the unicycle 
to the right hand side of the girder, and wait for it to come down again. 
When the girder is level with the other side, quickly move to the right, 
and continue to the finish line.

In level 7, more of the path has become narrow, and so has the girder. 
The waiting areas are still wide though. You are given 20 seconds to cross 
the bridge. The good thing is that you can get onto the girder as long 
as part of it is connected to the waiting area. Guide the unicyclist 
carefully up with the girder, as there is a much smaller room for error. 
Then let him come down with it and continue your way on the path at the 
other side for the other skyscraper.

In level 8, you are given 20 seconds. The entire horizontal path has gone 
narrow. This includes the waiting area. The girder may be wider, but it 
is moving up and down at a faster speed. Now, lightning reflexes are needed 
to get onto the girder. As soon as the top of the girder touches the path 
you are on, immediately move to the right, on to the girder and move up 
with it. Then, you can avoid falling. Getting onto the stationary path 
on the other side seems to be much easier here. 

Break time! In level 9, you are given 30 seconds. This is because the path 
to the moving girder itself is rather long, and narrow. You have to move 
forwards, right, backwards, and to the right before you reach the waiting 
area of the girder. This time, both the waiting area and the girder are 
of the same narrow width. Most of you should be slow, so by the time you 
reach the waiting point, the girder would have started to move up to the 
top. When it comes down, get onto it carefully, and follow it as it descends. 
It should reach the bottom very shortly and begin to ascend again. Use 
this time frame to get to the other side. You only have a split second 
to get back onto the main path.

In level 10, you are given 20 seconds. This is the ultimate challenge, 
since there are 2 girders for you to get on, and they are interconnected. 
The first narrow girder moves slowly, while the next wide one moves fast. 
Immediately get onto the narrow girder as it ascends. It should meet up 
with the wide one at the top. Quickly change girders, and ride it down. 
Then you can get onto the stationary path once again and leave!

A large number of stuntmen are holding a gigantic wall with lots of windows 
on it. Another stuntman instructs them to raise it up. The Rub Rabbit tosses 
a spray can to the Goldfish Boy, and instructs him to spray paint the now 
upright wall.

Rabbit 16: Touch the spray paint can on the Goldfish Boy's hands.
Rabbit 17: Touch the man to the right of the wall on the fourth frame.

You are now to paint graffiti on the wall that the Rub Rabbits have erected. 
There will be different shapes for you to fill up. You must paint the entire 
shape before time expires. Consider the stylus as the spray paint tool 
in Paint. You must stay inside the lines at all times. While you are painting, 
people will jump down in parachutes from above. You must avoid getting 
hit by them, or you will lose. Note that the shapes need not be 100% filled. 
As long as sufficient parts of the shape are filled, it will automatically 
change into the desired color. A simple strategy will be to first paint 
the areas by the lines before you start moving the stylus quickly in the 
middle. I bet your art teacher would tell you to do that in elementary 
school! Always draw within the lines!

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, you have 40 seconds to paint a giant heart in the middle of 
the wall. Every now and then, a parachutist will come down the middle of 
the heart. As long as you tend to the left and right of the heart while 
he is dropping, you should be safe.

In level 2, you have 45 seconds to paint 2 medium sized hearts on the left 
and right parts of the wall. 2 pairs of parachutists will come down first 
in the position of the left heart, then in the position of the right heart. 
The tactic will be to first paint the right one. When the parachutists 
have just completed their descent down the left side, switch over to the 
left heart while the right parachutists are doing their thing, then come 
back to painting the right heart until it is done. Finally, focus on the 
left heart and you can finish this paint job.

In level 3, you have 40 seconds to paint 5 small hearts. 2 of them are 
at the left side of the wall, 1 of them is in the middle, and 2 of them 
are to the right. A line of 3 parachutists will jump down, starting from 
the left, then at the center, then to the right. The jumping will commence 
as soon as you are told to rub it. At this point, start painting one of 
the hearts to the right. You should be able to finish it before the 
parachutist jumps down if you are fast. Then start painting one of the 
hearts to the left after the first parachutist has gone off the Touch Screen. 
After that, paint the second heart to the right. Finally, alternate between 
the remaining 2 hearts until you are done.

It's time for a little break. In level 4, you have 40 seconds to paint 
a large shooting star on the wall. 4 parachutists will be jumping in a 
line starting from the left. You should start on the head of the shooting 
star. When the third parachutist has just started to descend, switch to 
the tail of the star. When everything seems quiet, make quick strokes to 
the right to fill up the middle of the shooting star. 

In level 5, you are to paint 3 Rub Rabbit figures. They are arranged in 
a row. Parachutists will be coming from the left, and every time, 3 will 
come down. Since this is a tough assignment, you are given 55 seconds. 
Start at the right rabbit. You should be finished with his head before 
the third trio of parachutists comes down on you. At that short moment, 
switch to the middle rabbit, before continuing with the right rabbit. When 
it is filled up, alternate between the remaining rabbits.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, you have 45 seconds to paint the word "Rub" in capital letters 
on the wall. They are of course, lined up in a row. Parachutists will be 
coming from the left, in 3 sets. Each set will have 4 coming down at once. 
So, every time they jump, a certain letter will be inaccessible for a 
considerable amount of time. Start with the letter B. The letters here 
are rather slim, so it is possible for your spray paint to cover the entire 
width of the letter if you point the stylus at the middle of the lines. 
Afterwards, quickly complete the U. You may be able to do this in less 
than 5 seconds. Let the parachutists come past you and finish R before 
the next set jumps down.

In level 7, you are to paint 4 small stars in the sides of the screen as 
well as a large Sonic Team logo in the center. Parachutists will either 
be jumping down at the positions of the stars or Sonic Team logo at any 
instant. Start with the Sonic Team logo and alternate between it and the 
4 stars. You should be able to fill up an entire star before the parachutists 
return. 45 seconds should be enough for you to alternate 5 times.

In level 8, you are to paint 2 shooting stars. The parachutists tend to 
jump down alternately from left to right. 45 seconds are given. Just make 
quick strokes to the left and right to avoid the parachutists as they come 
down. When painting the top star, you should be careful as you move back 
to the areas where there were parachutists, as it is easy to think that 
the parachutist has disappeared once it has passed the star, when there 
is still a short time interval before he leaves.

Break time! In level 9, you have to paint the word "love" in capital letters 
on the wall. 45 seconds are given. 4 sets of parachutists will be coming 
from the V, they will then go left, so E will be the last letter to be 
affected. Each set has 4 participants. Start with the letter E. You should 
be able to finish it with some quick vertical strokes before the 
parachutists come down there. As soon as you finish it, proceed to paint 
the letter L. Again, vertical strokes should do. If you are fast enough, 
you should be able to finish it when the parachutists are just jumping 
down at the V. Start with the O, switch to V when the parachutists are 
descending, and alternate between 2 letters until you win.

In level 10, you are to paint a gigantic logo of Sega in 55 seconds. 
Parachutists will be raining down in each letter starting from letter G, 
they then go left, ending with A. So, start with the right side of A, 
continuing to fill it up as much as possible before going to the G. After 
the parachutists have jumped down A, there should be a small interval before 
they start jumping again. Use this to your advantage and fill up G. Then, 
fill up the letter S as much as possible before the parachutists reach 
it. Then alternate between S and E. If you do not win despite the entire 
logo appears to be filled up, consider painting any white spots on the 
logo that you have missed until the logo turns blue.

Concluding Scene:
You are inviting the Girl for dinner. Unknown to you, someone with spiky 
hair is spying at you out the window!

4. Woo-Hoo! Out on Your First Date
I bet you are excited now. After 5 rounds of grueling stunts, you get the 
Girl so impressed that she has agreed to come out on a date with you. 

a. Scene 06
On your way to the restaurant, you will perform 3 more surefire party tricks 
on her. Courtesy of the Rub Rabbits! There are 3 minigames for you to pick 
here. They are Scorpion, Sign and Microphone. The payoffs for the 3 
minigames are different in Normal/Hard modes. You get 45 points for beating 
Scorpion and Sign without losing lives, and a whopping 60 points for beating 
Microphone without losing lives. Now, do you read me? It means that it 
is possible to go through this scene just by beating 2 minigames! I prefer 
Sign and Microphone, but this won't stop me from writing a guide on the 
Scorpion game. As for Hell Mode, tough luck, the payoffs of all 3 minigames 
are 35 points each! Therefore, it is recommended for you to beat Microphone 
thrice! (Or maybe Sign, actually.)

While you and the Girl are walking in the street, a Scorpion van speeds 
past. The driver pulled the brake hard all of a sudden, causing the bonnet 
to be flung up. At the same time, many boxes of Scorpions were flung out 
of the loading area! It really is raining Scorpions, and they are heading 
right where the Girl is standing! You should have seen her face!

Rabbit 18: Touch the largest Scorpion you find in the fourth frame.

Welcome to possibly one of the hardest minigames ever in Feel the Magic: 
XY/XX! Now that the Scorpions have rained down on the Girl, some of them 
have clung to the back of her dress, and you are to remove those things 
by touching them. Whenever you hit a Scorpion, you hear a ricochet. Maybe 
you are shooting it with a pistol, or a BB Pellet Gun! This is also why 
the game states that you CANNOT touch the Girl! Otherwise, she will feel 
pain, become annoyed, and you will lose a life. 

At the same time, there really is little time to act. Scorpions like to 
use their stingers to, sting! If you take too long in shooting those things 
off the Girl's back, one of them may make their way up to her neck and 
sting her there! The result? Pain and another life loss. This is why I 
tend to avoid it like the plague. Another issue with this frustrating level 
is that the detection system of the Touch Screen. Sometimes, even if you 
seem to have hit the Scorpion, they still consider you to have hit the 
girl and well, life loss! This problem comes clearer in the later levels 
when there are tiny Scorpions to deal with. So watch out!

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, there will be 2 large Scorpions. They are climbing up the Girl's 
back ever so slowly, so take your time to poke them off her. 

In level 2, the number of large Scorpions has doubled to 4, and they are 
still climbing up her back. Nothing so special here.

In level 3, there are also 4 Scorpions. 2 of them are large and 2 of them 
are small. The small ones scuttle around randomly on the Girl's back. They 
are quite hard to hit, so wait until they have stopped moving before poking 
them. As for the 2 large ones, they will still be obsessed with climbing 
up the Girl's back. Always take the large ones out first.

It's time for a little Break Time! In level 4, things will start to get 
touch around here. There will be 4 small Scorpions on her back, and guess 
what? The back of her dress has been split a little more open! This exposes 
more flesh for the Scorpions to act on. In this level, priority should 
be given to those Scorpions who seem to be trying to run over to the fleshy 
areas. 4 tiny Scorpions is peanuts when compared to things to come.

In level 5, the Girl's dress is still split very far apart. There will 
be a total of 5 tiny Scorpions crawling on her back. Yeesh! You must act 
quicker than before to get rid of them. As I said before, these are peanuts 
compared to the things to come. You should just have a look at Hard Mode. 
Then you can be really horrified! It's true! I tell you.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
It's the ultimate 5 levels of the game. Take a deep breath, concentrate, 
and start with level 6. In level 6, we start with the Girl's extremely 
split dress. Everything seems quiet on her back, until you see the large 
Scorpions lining up to climb up to her flesh from her bum! They are coming 
from beneath the tip of that split area, so you should basically place 
your stylus over a spot they will walk through and make 6 quick taps as 
the Scorpions come past. This is the best way to get rid of them.

In level 7, there are also 6 large Scorpions. They are coming from the 
left of the girl's back, and are lining up in 2 rows of 3 to her fleshy 
area. So, the same strategy in level 6 applies, only that you should be 
tapping twice as fast as before, moving your stylus up and down.

In level 8, there are also 6 Scorpions. 3 of them are large and 3 of them 
are tiny. The large ones are to be taken care of first, and then the small 
ones. The small ones are a nightmare to tap since it's far to easy to 
misjudge their position and hit the Girl. It's hell.

Time for a little Break! In level 9, things are even more difficult than 
before. There are a total of 7 tiny Scorpions scuttling on the Girl's back! 
They are distributed evenly on the Girl, and this makes things as hard 
as hell. In level 10, things are similar to level 9, there are also 7 tiny 
Scorpions, and they are distributed even further away from each other! 
To tell you the truth, I rarely can beat this level without losing lives, 
so this is why I recommend that you play Sign and Microphone to score the 
100 affection points needed to win the Girl's heart!

You are walking around with the Girl, and suddenly, a man comes over 
carrying a puzzle piece. There is a total of 9 men carrying the puzzle 
pieces in a line. They form a 3 by 3 grid with the puzzle pieces, and the 
Rub Rabbit gives the Girl the picture required while you look on.

Rabbits 19-27: Touch each of the 9 stuntmen on the third frame.

This has got to be the third easiest game in Feel the Magic: XY/XX. All 
you have to do is to flip over some puzzle pieces to match the image the 
Girl has on the top screen. Whenever a puzzle piece is touched in the 3 
by 3 grid, that piece and any other piece adjacent to it (but not diagonally 
to it) will be flipped. The easiest level requires only 1 turn for you 
to match the image, and the hardest takes 4 turns. Note that puzzles given 
in later levels can be reduced to simpler forms of the previous levels. 
There are a fixed number of puzzles available for you to crack. Note that 
I will only give one solution out of several possibilities, so notify me 
of any further puzzles not listed, OK? This game is easy to play, but very 
difficult to write a guide for, since it's just hard to use words to describe 
what the grid looks like at a particular time!

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, you are required to produce a heart image in 1 turn. The top 
center piece, the 3 pieces in the middle row and the bottom center piece 
will be black. Tap the piece in the center of the grid to reveal the heart.

In level 2, you are again required to produce a heart image in 1 turn. 
This time, either that 3 pieces by the corner will be black, or an entire 
row at the side and the center piece will be black. For the former case, 
tap the corner piece that is black. For the latter case, tap the center 
piece in the black row. (Notify me of any other combinations)

In level 3, you are required to produce another heart image in 2 turns. 
This time, 6 pieces will be black. They include 2 sets of 3 pieces by 
opposite corners. Tap the 2 black corner pieces to reveal the heart.

In level 4, you are to produce a 4th heart image in 2 turns. In this level, 
the revealed pieces should form a T with the grid. There will be 2 pairs 
of black pieces, which one of each pair is at the corner. Tap either black 
corner piece. That pair will be turned over, and the tip of the initial 
T will be blackened. You are then left with 3 corner pieces as in level 
2. Tap the other corner piece to complete the puzzle.

In level 5, you are again required to produce a heart image in 2 turns. 
This time, A corner piece, the center piece and another piece in the middle 
that is not adjacent to the corner piece but with the center piece will 
be black. For the first step, you are to tap a revealed piece. That will 
be one surrounded by the 3 black pieces. (It should be on the edge of the 
grid.) Then we are left with something like level 2. Touch the black corner 
piece to get the figure of the heart.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, you are required to produce an image of a star in 3 turns. 
5 pieces will be black. They include 3 corner pieces, and 2 more pieces 
on the edge around the other corner piece which is filled up. First, tap 
the corner piece surrounded by 3 revealed tiles. You will be left with 
something like level 3. Tap the 2 remaining corner pieces.

In level 7, you are again required to produce a star image in 3 turns. 
5 pieces should be black, including 3 corner pieces, and 2 more that are 
directly adjacent to one of them. To solve this puzzle, tap a revealed 
piece on the edge with the 3 other revealed pieces surrounding it. Then, 
you will get a grid with a pair of revealed blocks by a corner. Tap another 
center piece on the opposite side as the one you have just tapped. You 
are left with a level 2 configuration. You know what to do now.

In level 8, you are also required to produce a star image in 3 turns. 2 
tiles in the middle of a row or column by the edge, on opposite sides of 
each other are already revealed. To finish this puzzle, first tap the center 
black piece, and tap 2 other pieces in the same row or column (depending 
on the starting configuration of the revealed pieces).

Break time! In level 9, you are required to produce the image of a pair 
of blue rabbits in 4 turns. You may start with 3 revealed pieces A center 
piece and 2 corner pieces. First tap the black piece surrounded by these 
3 pieces. You are left with the piece you just tap revealed. Tap either 
of the pieces on the edge adjacent to it. You are left with a solution 
similar to that of the later stage of level 7.

In level 10, you are required to produce the image of a pair of blue rabbits 
in 4 turns. 4 corner pieces are all black. Tap any corner piece, then tap 
the corner piece on the opposite corner. Then tap the remaining 2 corner 
pieces to solve the puzzle.

You are walking in the park, and seem to have been inattentive of your 
surroundings. You notice that the Girl has walked very far ahead of you. 
The Rub Rabbit steps in to help you by throwing you a Microphone. You then 
decide to shout very loudly in the mike to attract the Girl's attention.

Rabbit 28: Tap the Goldfish Boy in the chest in the fourth frame.

This is the second easiest minigame in Feel the Magic: XY/XX. You are to 
yell loudly into the microphone of your Nintendo DS to attract the Girl 
to come over to you. Yelling into the microphone increases the sound level 
of the area, represented by a scale with 19 units. When the sound level 
has gone high enough, red bars will be seen on top of the green bars below 
to notify you of this, and the Girl will wave at you. There is only one 
way to lose, and it is very unlikely. This is when the sound level drops 
down to zero. But as long as you keep yelling into the Microphone, the 
bar will go up nonetheless. Many of you will think that yelling aloud in 
public places makes you look silly, and I agree too. Fortunately, there 
is another way for you to make yourself heard. This is by tapping the 
microphone with a considerable force. Try it! (I don't mean the one on 
the screen, that doesn't work at all.)

Outline of the minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, the Girl is standing by herself in the park, minding her own 
business. All you have to do is to increase the sound level to 8 units 
for her to notice you. You should be able to do this with only one tap. 

In level 2, the Girl is also standing by herself in the park, and all is 
peaceful. The sound level requirement has increased to 14 units. 

In level 3, a stuntman acting as a marching band conductor will be making 
some noise in an attempt to drown out your voice. The sound level 
requirement is also at 14 units. 

In level 4, there are now 2 stuntmen distracting the Girl. They are the 
marching band conductor and a guy bashing his cymbals. The sound level 
requirement is still low at 14 units. 

In level 5, things are even noisier. There is the marching band conductor, 
the guy with the cymbals and a drummer. You have to get the sound level 
up to 15 units. When you reach that level, you will be told to tell the 
Girl that you love her. Yell into the microphone of the DS one more time 
and she will jump in joy and make some funny symbols appear in her speech 
bubble. Let's hope she is not saying something nasty under partial cover 
of the stuntmen!

Outline of the minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, there is an even larger throng of stuntmen making some serious 
noise. There is a drummer and 2 people working with the cymbals plus the 
marching band conductor. The sound level bar will not be increasing as 
fast as the previous levels, so tap longer to get the desired 14 units.

In level 7, things have turned slightly easier than before. (Goodness knows 
why.) This is because the amount of disturbance has decreased. There is 
only a marching band conductor, a drummer and only 1 stuntman with the 
cymbals. The required sound level is 15 units. Easy as pie.

In level 8, things are back to the hard side. (Albeit being not so hard 
at all!) There is the marching band conductor, one guy with the cymbals, 
and 2 drummers this time. The sound level requirement still is constant 
at 15 units. I wonder if the drums cause more of a disturbance than cymbals.

It's time for a short break, although I don't think it is necessary at 
all. In level 9, there really is a new age retro brass band at work here! 
There is the marching band conductor, 2 drummers and 2 guys with cymbals. 
Don't let this noise disturb you and yell to your heart's content.

In the final level 10, we are given the same assortment of disturbance 
as level 9, only that the 5 stuntmen will not make noise simultaneously. 
Which means the average disturbance is lower. But who cares about that 
anyway? Once you achieve the required 15 units of sound in the sound level 
bar, the game will tell you to shout that you love her. So yell "I love 
you!" Or just tap it hard one last time to convey the message. The girl 
will then leap in joy, and make symbols like percentage signs and stars 
flash around in her speech bubble. Either that she is swearing out loud 
to you, or she is having an orgasm while being fully conscious. It is up 
to you to decide what she means with those bubbles!

Concluding Scene:
You are now left alone with the Girl. You are sitting on the bench with 
the Girl. You are having some distance apart, and the Girl sees a cat 
approaching. As she bends down to pick it up, you make your move and get 
closer. Eventually you make contact to the surprise of the Girl.

b. Scene 07
After you have given out your Super Performances, the Rub Rabbits decide 
that the Girl is pleased with you enough. So, you are given the entire 
evening to spend time with the Girl! It's time for a little love scene!

The Girl decides to stand up and move on. You get up and catch up with 
her. You stare at her hand. You are frozen dead in your tracks. You get 
so stimulated just by looking at her hand that you catch fire! (This reminds 
me of the short story "The Hand" in the movie Eros.)

Rabbit 29: Tap the Girl's Hand pointed by the arrow in the third frame
Rabbit 30: Tap the goldfish on the Goldfish Boy's shirt
Rabbit 31: Tap the Girl's Hand in the fourth frame

This is the second love scene of Feel the Magic: XY/XX. You are to hold 
hands with the Girl. Use the stylus and touch the Girl's hand to hold it, 
and follow her hand's movement to walk with her. You are doing it right 
when you see the pink heart on the Girl's hand when you are moving your 
stylus. While doing so, the affection bar at the Top Screen will be filling 

Since you are walking next to a large flower bush in the park, there is 
always the chance of bees flying around and disturbing you. When the bees 
appear, use the stylus to tap them to shoot them dead. Get rid of them 
as fast as possible to minimize the loss of affection in the bar above. 
If you hit the Girl by mistake, you will lose affection. The first set 
of bees consists of 3, and the next 4, then the next may have about 10. 
If you get rid of the first 2 set of bees fast enough, the bar may have 
become full before the third set arrives! (Another fun thing to do in this 
level is to touch the Girl's breast. Watch how she reacts!)

As you hold hands with the Girl, she will blush. Her faces tends to get 
redder and redder. She also giggles every time you hold her hand. You will 
be amazed by how red her face is at the end of this love scene!

Concluding Scene:
You two are happily walking along the path when the Purple Haired Jerk 
suddenly stand in you way. He punches you and knocks you out. He then grabs 
the Girl as if she were a long cylinder. Man, he's strong! He walks to 
his lorry with a cannon on top. All the Girl can do is to cry, "Help!"

c. Scene 08
This Purple Haired Jerk seems to be a well organized girl snatcher. Even 
his truck has his face painted on it! I wonder which evil corporation does 
he work for. Or is he the son of a senator, hence he thinks he can grab 
women in the street and do what he likes? He is just like the Yellow Bastard 
in Sin City in this respect. It's time to be Officer Hardigan and come 
to the Girl's rescue!

You helplessly look on as the Purple Haired Jerk drives away in his lorry 
with the Girl. The Rub Rabbit comes over and shows you a modified truck 
with a catapult on it. You go after the Purple Haired Jerk in it.

Rabbit 32: Tap the license plate of the truck in the third frame.
Rabbit 33: Tap the exhaust fumes coming out of the truck in the fourth 
frame. I guess they are still using diesel fuel.

Drive is a car chase which requires you to get after the lorry of the Purple 
Haired Jerk, and eventually destroying the lorry with some projectiles. 
Guess what? You will be using people running on the road as the projectile! 
Whenever you run into a person, he will be loaded onto the catapult, and 
you can pull back on the lever in the Touch Screen, release it to launch 
it at the things ahead of you. 

The Steering Wheel is used to switch lanes to avoid cars in the road. The 
horn is useless, but you can touch it to honk at any cars that are in the 
way, causing a healthy epidemic of the urban disease known as Road Rage! 
Whenever you bump into cars or the lorry, you lose a heart. You are given 
3 hearts in Normal Mode, 2 in Hard and 1 in Hell.

You will be running in a 5 lane road. The first man is in the far left 
lane. Go over there when you see him. Then switch to the lane to the right 
to avoid the car in front and grab a second man. Don't even think about 
getting the third man to the right since there are too many cars in the 
way. A third man is also on the far right lane past the previous one. The 
road is clear enough for you to reach him this time. Skip the next man, 
then grab the one after that in the middle lane. The 5th man is on the 
lane to the right just after the 4th man.

Now that your truck has been fully loaded, it's time to make your way through 
the busy traffic and on to the Purple Haired Jerk's Lorry. You will come 
to 2 clusters of cars. For the first cluster, move to the far left lane 
as it is not occupied. Then for the next, move back to the central lane. 
Now, you will come to the Purple Haired Jerk's lorry. Move to the same 
lane as his so that you can launch the men at him. The further you pull 
the lever back, the longer the range of the launch. You may want to get 
as close as possible to the lorry, but do not get too close or you can 
easily hit him. The lorry will occasionally launch missiles at you, but 
they can be avoided by switching lanes.

The initial hit points of the lorry is 2. When you hit it twice, the back 
of the lorry will break open, revealing the Girl. It seems that she is 
held by a mechanical arm. Hit the lorry 3 more times to destroy it. It 
seems that ammo is plentiful in the road!

Concluding Scene:
The lorry explodes in flames, and the Girl is sent flying. You catch the 
Girl. At the same time, the Purple Haired Jerk has just climbed out of 
the twisted wreck. The Rub Rabbit instructs you to run off while he and 
his mates hold the Purple Haired Jerk off. You and the Girl eventually 
reached the pier where a Yacht is parked for your use.

5. A Quick Getaway on a Lovely Yacht
Now that the Purple Haired Jerk is kept at bay by our friends of the Rub 
Rabbits, it is time to sail along with the wind away from the city for 
a while until that jerk forgets about the Girl. But still, since this Yacht 
is only wind powered, I wonder how far you and the Girl can go.

a. Scene 09
Now you are in the open sea. I guess that the wind and the calm waters 
provide a nice opportunity for you to go on a one-on-one conversation with 
the Girl. But this is not a love scene, in spite of there being only one 
minigame, Yacht. Want to see what happens?

You and the Girl are having some fun on the Yacht, since you seem to be 
waving your arms in the air. However, it seems that the Girl is not to 
be left unattended while you are having fun in the water. The Girl looks 
like she is losing her balance, she falls into the water! She waves her 
arm at you to attract attention. Maybe she cannot swim at all!

Rabbit 34: Touch the Goldfish on Goldfish Boy's T-shirt in the 3rd frame.
Rabbit 35: Touch the Goldfish Boy on the 4th frame.
Rabbit 36: Touch the Girl who is struggling in the water in the 4th frame.

Before I played this game, I thought the Goldfish Boy will do some kind 
of stunt on a luxury cruise yacht. But no! It's basically a save the Girl 
from drowning level. You were a bit careless with the Yacht, and the Girl 
has fallen into the water. Since she cannot swim, you will have to blow 
the Yacht over to her in order to pick her up. Since the Yacht is a sailing 
Yacht without any outboard motor, we will have to make use of the wind 
to get to the Girl. Blow into the microphone of the Nintendo DS to send 
the yacht to the Girl. The harder you blow, the further the Yacht will 
travel forward. You must avoid blowing too hard as you get close to the 
Girl, otherwise you may overshoot your mark and lose. (There is no reverse 
gear for this Yacht, sorry.) As long as you stop within a certain range 
of the Girl, she can be picked up.

Outline of the minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, the Girl is located in the top half of the Top Screen. Practice 
blowing into the microphone, and try to get the hang of it. There are no 
obstacles of any kind in the water, so you should be fine.

In level 2, the Girl seems to be in the same position as that in Level 
1. The only thing added to the level is a shark that patrols the seas. 
He is swimming between the left and right ends of the Top Screen, slightly 
lower than the middle of the screen. As soon as the shark passes your 
projected path, blow very hard on the microphone to propel the Goldfish 
Boy's Yacht forward. The shark should be slow enough not to hit you.

In level 3, the Girl is located at the bottom of the Top Screen. There 
is also one shark patrolling the seas, and it is tending to the top of 
the Touch Screen. He is also swimming left and right. Since the Girl is 
so close to you, blow softly to avoid overshooting the mark. 

It's time for a Break, for your respiratory system, to be precise. In level 
4, you will be back for more. The Girl is now located at the very top of 
the Top Screen. There is only one shark in this level, and he is swimming 
slowly in a clockwise circle. The point at which the Shark meets your path 
is at the very center of the Top Screen. It takes a long time for the shark 
to complete a turn, so blowing right after he passes the path will suffice.

In level 5, the Girl is in the same spot as before. This time, a shark 
is swimming quickly in a clockwise circle (with a smaller radius) around 
her. We will have to use a different approach to this problem. Blow the 
Yacht all the way to the position just before the shark's path. As soon 
as he passes, blow forward to avoid him and rescue the Girl.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
It's time to do things the hard way in hard mode. In level 6, the environment 
seems to be the same as that of level 3. However, the shark is swimming 
in a faster speed than before. Consider pausing just before the shark's 
path before continuing to the Girl. Better safe than sorry.

In level 7, the environment is similar to that of level 4. However, there 
are 2 sharks circling the Girl, instead of one. Blow over and stop just 
before you reach the path of the Sharks and immediately blow when the gap 
is available. You haven't encountered the tightest squeeze yet!

In level 8, we get almost the exact same environment as that of level 5. 
This time, there will be a pair of sharks making tight turns around the 
Girl. Hurry up and safe her, or she will be eaten! Nah, only joking. There 
is no time limit here, so take your time. Make use of the same tactic as 
level 7, but blow harder to go through the gap even faster! It's amazing 
that the Girl still won't end up being shark bait after this!

Take a break, you will need it! In level 9, things are even more complicated. 
The Girl is at the very top of the Top Screen, and there are 3 sharks in 
the way. They move in one direction only. The first and third you find 
always move from the right to the left. The one in the middle always moves 
from the left to the right. Move to the position just before the path of 
the first shark. As soon as the first shark has passed, get onto his path. 
Then do the same thing for the second and third sharks. It's just like 
the way you cross the road, except that there are sharks instead of cars!

In the final level 10, the environment is similar to that of level 9. Only 
that we have 4 sharks that move in this pattern: Right, left, right, left. 
Cross the road carefully, bud! I personally thing that the Goldfish Boy 
deserves to be smacked for letting the Girl fall into the water 10 times!

Concluding Scene:
You and the Girl continue your voyage at sea. Suddenly, a giant wave sweeps 
over the Yacht, and you two are swept to a nearby island. You and the Girl 
lie unconscious for some hours, and it is already night time when you awoke.

b. Scene 10
You have just arrived on a desert island in a rough way, and have woken 
up at night. Things seem to be very cold without shelter, and you and the 
Girl are shivering due to the cold. Being all wet isn't going to help much, 
doesn't it? It's time to dry up. This is the purpose of the Bonfire.

You and the Girl are shivering in the cold. You decide to build a Bonfire, 
and improvise a drying rack. You take your shirt off and put it on the 
rack. Meanwhile, the Girl is having problems removing her dress, since 
the buttons are located at the back. You hesitate to help her remove them.

Rabbit 37: Touch the buttons on the back of the dress in the 3rd frame.
Rabbit 38: Touch the sweat on the Goldfish Boy's head in the 4th frame.

This has got to be the most erotic love scene of Feel the Magic: XY/XX. 
Your mission is to help the Girl to undress. To do that, you have to help 
her remove the 5 buttons on the back of her dress, starting from the top 
one. You will find a bar with a yellow circle moving left and right on 
the button you are to take off. When the circle is on top of the button, 
poke the button, and you will hear a rather soft but sexy moan from the 
Girl, indicating that you are doing it right. If you don't time it right, 
the Girl will cry "Youch!" and a little affection will be lost from the 
bar in the Top Screen. 

It takes 3 pokes to take one button off. After that, you can continue on 
the next one! Whenever you have just finished taking a button off, the 
Girl will make another moan of satisfaction and turn slightly. At this 
point, you cannot poke the buttons. You must also watch the bonfire on 
the Top Screen. The strength of the flame will decrease as time passes, 
and when it has dropped to a low level, you will see an arrow pointing 
at the Bonfire button at the lower left corner of the Touch Screen. Touch 
that button quickly, and you can get access to the Bonfire. Rub left and 
right to raise the intensity of the fire. Rub as fast as you can to minimize 
the loss of affection from the Girl. When the flame is strong enough, you 
can continue to strip the Girl by touching the button on the lower left 
corner of the Touch Screen.

It seems that no matter how fast you removing the buttons, you will always 
have to strengthen the fire between the second and third and the fourth 
and fifth buttons. Once the 5th button is taken off, you can see the back 
of the Girl. She is wearing a blue bra. She makes a final moan of 
satisfaction and you will win. Those moans, combined with the undressing 
is what makes my friends like this minigame the most!

Concluding Scene:
The shirt and dress are dried overnight, and can be worn again in the morning. 
You are applauded for your survival abilities.

c. Scene 11
One of the first things to do if you are stuck on a desert island is to 
prepare for rescue. One must at least try to create an SOS signal using 
rocks or branches on the beach so they can be noticed. Food is also important. 
The Girl is getting bored with all this, and asks what you can do for fun.

There are 3 things to do really. You can Dance on the beach, get swallowed 
by a Snake so you can get back out, or just help the Girl to locate the 
items she has dropped in the sand in Seeker. The payoff for Dance is 60 
points while that of the others is 45 points. So, to speed up the process, 
you should pick Dance along with one other minigame. My personal choices 
are Dance and Seeker.

You suggest dancing to the Girl at night. So you dance, dance and dance 
even more. Eventually, it is day time. It seems that the size of the music 
notes is getting louder as time passes. I wonder where does the music come 
from. From your head radio or something, perhaps.

Rabbit 39: Touch the Goldfish on the Goldfish Boy's shirt in the 3rd frame.
Rabbits 40-43: Touch the 4 small music notes in the 3rd frame.
Rabbit 44: Touch the Goldfish on the Goldfish Boy's shirt in the 4th frame.

This is a Dance Dance Revolution type of game. You are to imitate the Girl's 
dance moves after her demonstration. You have a control panel on the Touch 
Screen. There are the 4 basic directional controls: Up, Left, Right, Down 
as well as 2 special action buttons on the bottom. They are the Turn and 
Fire buttons. Pressing the Fire button will cause the Goldfish Boy to spread 
out his arms in a fast way, and causing the fire behind to explode. 

The key to beating this game is to have a sense of rhythm in you. When 
watching the Girl, take note of her beat as well as her actions taken. 
The actions taken themselves should be easy enough for the average gamer 
to memorize, but it's the beat that causes the game to be very difficult 
for many people. Since not every person is talented in music, you are either 
good at this game, or you are not. I belong to the former type. I actually 
find this game the most fun, and am surprised that some people in the school 
band can't beat this game! What a shock horror. This is one of the reasons 
why you get a whopping 60 points for beating this.

Another thing to note is that the clothes chosen for the Girl in maniac 
mode will be worn by the Girl in this minigame. So, it is possible to have 
the Girl dance naked on the beach! Let's dance, and have sex!

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
Let's dance! Rub it! If it's the Girl who is crying "Rub it!" Then this 
must be HER game. In level 1, you get to get the hang of the system with 
some simple moves. First you will have to go like this: Up --> Up --> Up 
in a moderate beat. (Hereafter known as Moderato) Then, Down --> Down --> 
Down in Moderato. After this, you should dance like this: Right --> Left 
--> Right --> Left in Moderato. Then, you should do this: Up --> Right --> Left 
--> Down in Moderato. This is the first dance.

In level 2, you should first do a 7 step dance in Allegro (fast beat): 
Up --> Up --> Up --> Up --> Down --> Down --> Down. 

Then, you will have to dance like this: Up --> Up --> Up --> Up --> Right --> 
Right --> Right in Allegro. 

Then, you are to dance in the following pattern in Allegro: 
Up --> Up --> Up --> Up --> Right --> Right --> Left. 

Then, please do this in Allegro: 
Up --> Down --> Up --> Down --> Up --> Down --> Left. This concludes the second 

In level 3, first dance like this: Turn --> Turn --> Turn in Moderato. Then, 
please do this: Turn --> Turn --> Turn again in Moderato. Then there is 
a little modification to the pattern: Turn --> Turn --> Down. Next, do this: 
Down --> Turn --> Down --> Down in Moderato. Done!

Break Time! In level 4, it's time for some Allegro beats again. For the 
first sequence, do this: Up --> Right --> Left --> Down --> Turn. Then for the 
next one, do this: Up --> Right --> Left --> Down --> Up --> Right --> Left --> 
Down --> Up --> Right --> Left --> Down --> Turn. 

This has got to be the longest sequence of all. But this is all you need 
to do anyway.

In level 5, it's time to turn up the Fire! First, do this in Moderato: 
Down --> Down --> Fire! Next, dance like this in moderato: Down --> Down --> 
Fire! Afterwards, do this: Fire --> Fire --> Fire in moderato. Finally, dance 
this sequence: Fire --> Fire --> Fire --> Down. This concludes the Normal Mode. 
There are even crazier things to do in Hard Mode.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, you have a pure fiery demonstration around. First do this in 
Allegro: Fire --> Fire --> Fire! Then do this again: Fire --> Fire --> Fire. 
Then, we have to do a long sequence in Allegro: Fire --> Fire --> Fire --> 
Fire --> Fire --> Fire --> Fire! That's 7 Fire moves in a row. Now, we are 
done with this crazy heat. Let's see what's up next.

In level 7, things are getting weird. First, you only have to dance upwards 
once, followed by a long pause. Then, you have to do this: Up --> Long Pause 
--> Turn. Timing is important here. After that, dance like this in Allegro: 
Up --> Turn --> Fire, followed by a pause. Then, the final Allegro sequence 
is not as hard: 

Up --> Turn --> Fire --> Short Pause --> Right --> Left --> Down. This is what 
the tricky level 7 is about.

In level 8, the Girl is getting excited. First, dance like this in Allegro: 
Turn --> Turn --> Turn --> Turn --> Turn --> Turn --> Fire! Then, do this: Turn 
--> Turn --> Fire --> Short Pause --> Turn --> Fire! Next, please do this: Turn 
--> Fire --> Short Pause --> Turn --> Fire! Finally, dance this sequence: Fire 
--> Fire --> Fire --> Down. This is it.

Break time again! In level 9, more tricky stuff is to be done. First, you 
have to put your hand Up, followed by a pause and then Fire! Use the 
background music as a guide to your timing. Then, do the same sequence 
as before. Next, do this in Moderato: Up --> Fire --> Fire.  Finally, dance 
this sequence: Up --> Fire --> Fire --> Fire --> Fire --> Fire --> Fire!

In level 10, we have to do only one sequence, but the timing may kill you. 
You only have to bring out the Fire once, but that is after a long pause 
of doing nothing. Concentrate, take the beats and use the music to help 
you with the timing. That's all for the 10 dances.

You and the Girl are sitting romantically on the beach. Suddenly a giant 
Snake comes out of the dirt and swallows you whole! Help!

Rabbit 44: Touch the head of the Snake on the 4th frame.

Oh no! You are eaten by a snake. But fear not. You can always swim back 
up to the mouth so that you can be spat out. Use the stylus to touch and 
hold onto the Goldfish Boy. Drag him around as if you are dragging something 
in Windows to guide him to the mouth. This is all. While doing so, you 
should avoid all the green balls that bounce around, or are shot out of 
the wall of the snake. They are probably digestive enzymes that will take 
no hesitation in digesting you whole!

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, the Snake's body is curving concavely upwards. There are only 
2 green balls bouncing on the walls of the snake. Just dodge them and swim 
up. In level 2, the Snake is curving with a hump facing upwards in the 
center, there are 3 green balls to begin with, and new ones will appear 
from the left wall near the exit. In level 3, the curvature of the snake 
is the same as before, but there are now 3 sets of green balls that are 
shot every now and then off the wall of the snake. The first one has 1 
ball, the seconds has 2 and the third has 4. In level 4, the Snake's body 
is in a very zig-zag shape. You start with 4 green balls and more will 
come out near the exit. In level 5, the environment is nearly the same 
as level 4, except that you will have to race against time since a giant 
Green Ball will also come after you soon after you begin.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, the curvature of the Snake is the same as that of level 5. 
Except that there are 6 pairs of green balls shooting out of the wall at 
various locations. In level 7, the snake seems to be rather coiled up. 
He will stay this way for the next 3 levels as well. You will have to avoid 
6 green balls. The wall near the exit will dispense more. The environment 
in level 8 is similar to that in level 7, but a giant green ball will be 
breathing down your back. In level 9, you start with a giant green ball 
in front of you, and a large series of giant green balls will come after 
you. The rest of the Snake is vacant here. Just stay within the 2 giant 
balls. In level 10, we have a hybrid of levels 7 and 9. You now have to 
stay between 2 giant green balls while avoiding 6 smaller ones!

You and the Girl are running around in the beach at dusk. The Girl trips 
over a rock, causing her to drop many of her possessions in the sand.

Rabbit 46: Tap the sun in the third frame.
Rabbit 47: Touch the Goldfish Boy's shirt in the fourth frame.

The Girl has lost her items in the sand, and you are now to dig in the 
sand to locate it for her. This is an absolute no-brainer. Just use the 
stylus to rub around in the sand on the Touch Screen to dig around. Pay 
careful attention to the details of each item you are required to find 
in the Top Screen. In each level, you are given different time limits to 
find the item. When an item is dug up, it will be compared with the one 
of the Girl. If they match, then you progress to the next level. If they 
don't you won't lose either. Continue digging and do not give up. 

Whenever items are being checked, no time will elapse. To save time, examine 
the partially revealed item. If you notice any features that are different 
from the item wanted by the Girl, stop digging and search somewhere else. 
You will know that there is an item hidden when you see it glitter.

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, you are given 20 seconds to find the Girl's ring. There are 
3 rings in the sand. They are the amber ring (yellow), a ruby ring (red) 
or a amethyst ring (purple). Given the large jewels on the ring, 20 seconds 
should be more than enough.

In level 2, you are given 20 seconds to find the Girl's perfume bottle. 
There are 4 kinds of rings available. They include the golden bottle, 
checkered bottle, the beige and bumpy bottle, and a golden streaky bottle. 
The distinguishing feature of the bottle is the bulb.

In level 3, you are given 30 seconds to find a seashell the Girl picked 
up this morning. There are a total of 5 shells with the following patterns: 
4 diverse stripes, 5 evenly distributed stripes, 2 beige bands and 7 stripes. 
The entire shell is the distinguishing feature. This is so large that the 
patterns can be easily spotted.

Break time! In level 4, you have 20 seconds to find the Girl's bottle of 
sunblock. There are only 3 bottles with these shapes: entirely rectangular, 
rectangular base with cone cap and a bottle with an hourglass shape.

In level 5, you have 30 seconds to find the Girl's rabbit figurine. There 
are a total of 5 figurines in the sand. They include a happy rabbit, a 
grumpy rabbit, a rabbit with fatty cheeks, a rabbit with freckles on its 
face and an angry rabbit with the letter R on his chest. The distinguishing 
feature of the rabbits are their face, so try to reveal those first.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, you are given 20 seconds to find the Girl's nail varnish bottle. 
There are a total of 3 different bottles in the sand. They include one 
with a rectangular base, one with a curvy base and one with a curly base. 
Of course, try to reveal the red parts first.

In level 7, you are to find the Girl's lipstick in 20 seconds. It seems 
that the cap is open, leaving the rouge exposed. I doubt if it will be 
usable anymore! There are 4 sticks of lipstick buried in the sand. They 
include one with a short stick of rouge, one with a long stick of rouge, 
one with a chewed up rouge and one stick with 2 rings on the metallic base.

In level 8, you have 15 seconds to find the Girl's pocket watch. There 
are a total of 4 pocket watches in the sand. They include one with the 
time at 3 o'clock, one with the time at 8:35, one with the time at 4:20 
and one with the time at 4:50. Check the hands carefully.

Break time! In level 9, you are to find the Girl's key in 20 seconds. This 
is one tough one. There are a total of 5 keys hidden, each with a different 
number of teeth on each side. There is one with 1 short tooth on each side, 
another has 1 long tooth on each side. There is one with 2 teeth on each 
side, one with two teeth on one side and three teeth on the other. Another 
has 3 teeth on one side and 4 on the other.

In level 10, you have 15 seconds to find the Girl's Louis Vuitton purse, 
at least I think it looks like a product of the Louis Vuitton brand. There 
are only 3 different patterns in the sand. There is one with hollow circles 
and filled up circles, one with circles and crosses and one with circles 
and stars. The purses are so large that it should not be hard for you to 
find them or distinguish their patterns.

Concluding Scene:
That night, you have a conversation with the Girl by the fire. The Girl 
says that someone saved her from drowning when she was little, and the 
boy who saved her had spiky hair. Remember that you have a dream of saving 
a little Girl when she was drowning when you were little as well. Could 
the two events be the same one? Suddenly, you notice some vines sneaking 
behind you and the Girl, but where do they come from?

d. Scene 12
Things are always creepy on a desert island. You suffer from loneliness 
and isolation all over the place. The big problem is that many predators 
come out to hunt at night, so you better be prepared. However, something 
is definitely unusual in Feel the Magic. There are vines sneaking up on 
you and the Girl. This does not look good at all.

All of a sudden, a vine grabs the Girl by the leg and holds her up in mid-air. 
It seems that there is a giant Plant that is hungry for dinner. You grab 
a branch from the fire and use it to fend of those large vines.

Rabbit 48: Tap the vine to the left of the third frame.
Rabbit 49: Tap the Goldfish shirt of Goldfish Boy on the fourth frame.

The Girl is destined to be the dinner for this giant Plant if you do not 
act quickly. The burning torches are your only line of defense against 
the plant's tentacles. You touch and drag the Goldfish Boy to move him 
around. When a tentacle appears in the horizon, try to avoid being in front 
of it. Otherwise, you will lose a heart when it slams down on you. You 
get 3 hearts in Normal Mode, 2 in Hard Mode and 1 in Hell Mode. When the 
vine slams down onto the ground, move over next to it and the Goldfish 
Boy will set fire to it. Eventually, the vine will burn out. 

There should be a total of 6 vines in the first round. When they are all 
burnt, you get to move in close to take a shot at the plant's head. Pay 
attention to the plant's mouth. When it is open, touch the fire button 
to toss torches at the plant. Be careful not to throw any torches when 
the mouth is closed, or the torch will bounce down and burn you! The first 
head has 10 units of health. 

When it is burnt off, the Plant will lower in height, and a second head 
will come out. The same vine burning routine applies for the next 6. In 
the second round, bomb fruit will be rained down on you. The fruit bursts 
into flames when they hit the ground, so do not run into the flames when 
that happen. You can anticipate the position of impact by watching the 
fruit on the Top Screen. This time, the head has 15 units of health.

The plant lowers in height one more time, and you get to see its main head. 
It looks rather angry. The Girl is being swung in front of the mouth with 
a vine. She is crying "Help!" every time she passes by. The frequency of 
bomb fruit bombardment will increase here, but there are only 4 tentacles 
to burn. The final head takes 15 hits to defeat. This time, you will also 
have to watch out for the Girl being swung around. Only throw when the 
mouth is open and the Girl is not in the way.

Once the Plant is defeated, it will slowly shrivel up with the fire, while 
the Girl makes a long drop down. Be prepared to catch her, lover boy!

Concluding Scene:
The Girl cries, "Help!" as she falls. You manage to catch her. The Girl 
kisses you while you are holding her. You get so excited that you dropped 
the Girl and fell in a heap on the floor.

6. Damsel in Distress, Cliched!
You and the Girl lie down on the ground, dazed by the impact. You then 
look at each other. The most cliched scene occur: You stare at each other 
dreamily. Before the Girl can say, "I love you", another cliched scene 
occurs. A helicopter flies over to you. It's the Purple Haired Jerk! HE 
climbs down with a rope ladder and grabs the Girl. He then flies away. 
The role of the Girl at this point will be to act the Damsel in Distress, 
shouting "Help!"

a. Scene 13
You are still stuck on a deserted island, and the Purple Haired Jerk's 
got more advanced equipment than you. With GPS and Radar, locating the 
Girl takes only one day. Without a boat in hand, it takes a miracle to 
get back in time to save the Girl from sexual assault or worse.

You helplessly look on as the helicopter flies away from the island. 
Suddenly, the Rub Rabbit turns up. He has found you at last. He directs 
your attention to a treasure chest. There is a flash of light, and the 
treasure is revealed. It's a unicycle!

Rabbit 50: Tap the unicycle on the fourth frame.

This is one nutty chase mission. You see all those cool car chases in movies, 
and now, we have our own chase. The vehicle is the unicycle. For some strange 
reason, the unicycle can go almost as fast as a helicopter here, so this 
is the most ridiculous minigame of them all. And, it seems that the Rub 
Rabbits have acquired a instant-build bridge set linking your island back 
to the mainland. You have to use the stylus on the unicycle to control 
the movement of the unicycle. 

Even people with shaky hands should not be afraid of this minigame, since 
the road is sufficiently wide in the majority of the time. One new feature 
is the scrolling screen. While you are chasing the helicopter, the game 
will automatically scroll the screen forward for you, so it is possible 
to beat the game by moving left and right most of the time to account for 
all the turns in the bridge. There is one extra hazard in this minigame 
when compared to the Monocycle level. It's the sharks. Sharks will jump 
out at certain positions of the bridge and you are to avoid them at all 
costs. You can anticipate a shark attack by the shadows in the water.

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, the road is mostly straight, there are few obtuse turns, but 
that's just about it. Just past the second last turn to the finish line 
is a shark attack. The shark will jump up at the top of the touch screen, 
so stay at the bottom of the touch screen and don't rush.

Level 2 features more diagonal paths. There is first one turn to the left, 
then another to the right. There will be a shark attack near the top of 
the screen after the next turn to the right. A seconds shark attack occurs 
in the middle of the Touch Screen right in the middle of the next long 
diagonal to the right. Afterwards, nothing will stop you from passing.

In level 3, the screen seems to be scrolling faster than before. There 
is a diagonally to the right, then left, then left, then to the right. 
After the next turn to the left, a shark will jump out to the top of the 
Touch Screen. Then another will jump out shortly at the bottom of the screen. 
Another jumps at the bottom, and another shark at the top. After passing 
through many diagonals, you will come to a red ledge at the end of the 
path. That is a ramp. Use it to jump to the next path and over to the end.

In level 4, the path is curved. You will encounter the 3 shark attacks 
in the middle of the 4th set of curves. There are a large number of curves 
here. Then you will encounter 2 more sharks as you get to the ramp that 
leads to the finish line. Hurry up and jump to avoid the sharks.

In level 5, the screen seems to be slower than before. At the start, you 
will come to a junction leading to 2 symmetrical paths. Pick either one. 
Then at the next junction, take the path to the right since it is straighter. 
You will then come to a series of zigzag paths. This is when the sharks 
start to attack. The second and third sharks of these 4 attack 
simultaneously at the top and bottom of the Touch Screen, so tend to the 
center. After passing the 4th shark, you will come to a 3rd junction. You 
are to choose between a path with ramps or a zigzag path. Pick the former. 
After that, rush for the exit before the sharks can get you.

Outline of minigame in Hard Mode:
In level 6, the screen is scrolling slowly, and you are presented with 
some diagonal paths, only that those bits are narrower than before. A shark 
will strike in the middle of the Touch Screen quickly followed by another 
at the top. You will come to a junction, I prefer the ramp to the zigzag 
path anyday. Move fast to outrun the sharks. Then the goal is in sight.

In level 7, you are presented with more junctions. The first one makes 
you choose between a wide path with diagonals and a narrow straight path. 
Since you can let the scrolling move the unicycle for you, pick the latter. 
Then you are to pick a narrow path and a wide path. Pick the former. There 
are 3 sharks. The first 2 jump out in the middle and at the bottom of the 
Touch Screen, while the third one jumps out at the top. So, move forward, 
then back to dodge them. Another junction awaits you. Pick the wider one. 
You can outrun the sharks to the finish line at this point.

In level 8, everything is moving fast again. More long diagonals. The first 
2 sharks attack almost simultaneously at the top and bottom of the Touch 
Screen, so stay in the middle of the screen. The next one attacks in the 
middle, the next at the top, then the next simultaneously at the top and 
bottom. The last 2 can be outrun.

Break time! God knows how the Girl can still cheer you when she's in the 
chopper. In level 9, you get more diagonals with the sharks as before. 
It's not much harder than level 8, except for the fact that the ramps are 
narrower, but what's your point?
In level 10, you get lots of curves. Fortunately, the sharks only attack 
at the relatively straight portions of the bridge. The most challenging 
part is the series of repeated curves that first lead to the right, then 
left. Keep your cool and stay at the center of the screen. Afterwards, 
you can rush over to the ramps and jump over the chain of sharks that jump 
out beneath you. It's just like an Ocean World performance!

Concluding Scene:
You have managed to follow the helicopter all the way to the Purple Haired 
Jerk's base. Your friends of the Rub Rabbits are also there with you. You 
and your gang rush in riding unicycles! (They should have rode motorbikes 
instead! Ha ha!)

b. Scene 14
Now that you have intruded into the Purple Haired Jerk's base, you will 
have to look for the Girl. Security is extremely tight here. There are 
many guards patrolling this facility. The hallways are so dark that they 
will have to use flashlights. Let's take advantage of this and Steal away 
under the cover of darkness.

The security guards are patrolling the hallways of the base. They hear 
purrs, and they shine their flashlights in the direction of the cats. You 
and your pals take advantage of this and sneak past them as their backs 
are turned. How cheeky!

Rabbit 51: Touch the cat to the left of the 3rd frame.
Rabbit 52: Touch the region shone on by the flashlight of the right guard 
in the 4th frame.
Rabbit 53: Touch the region shone on by the flashlight of the left guard 
in the 4th frame.

I am impressed by the linguistics of Sonic Team in the naming of this 
minigame. They actually managed to make use of the definition of the word 
Steal from the SAT syllabus! The objective of this minigame is to help 
the Goldfish Boy and his Rub Rabbit chums sneak past the guards, making 
use the 4 cats on the 4 edges of the Touch Screen to distract the guards' 
attention. The security guards will shine their light in the direction 
of the cat that you touched for a short while before turning back to the 
initial direction. Do not underestimate the range of the flashlights. As 
long as there are no obstacles (those black rectangles) in the way, the 
light can shine all across the room, so be extremely careful. The route 
traveled by you and your pals is predetermined by the red line on the Touch 
Screen. So, you can time your cat poking in advance.

Outline of minigame in Normal Mode:
In level 1, there is only 1 security guard to the right of the path pointing 
his flashlight to the left. Just touch the cat to the right continuously 
to allow the Goldfish Boy and his 2 friends to sneak past slowly.

In level 2, there are 2 guards. One is to the right of the path pointing 
the flashlight to the left. The next one is to the left of the path pointing 
his flashlight to the right. To get past the first guard, touch the cat 
at the right repeatedly. Once the 3 are past that guard, touch the cat 
to the left of the screen to confuse him. Then you can get through.

There is even more action in level 3. There are 3 guards in all. The first 
is to the right, pointing at the left, the next is to the left, pointing 
to the right. The third is to the right, pointing to the left. First, tap 
the cat to the right repeatedly. Switch to the car to the left immediately 
past the first guard. Then switch to the right cat to pass the third guard.

Break time! There are 3 guards again in level 4. The first and third are 
to the right, pointing the light at the left. The second guard is making 
use of the full potential of the flashlight, pointing at the right at the 
bottom of the screen. Since the movement of the 3 are still slow, just 
tap the cats in a right, left, right order by your instincts.

In level 5, there are 4 guards. The first and fourth are at the right, 
pointing to the left. The second is at the left, pointing at the right. 
The third is at the very top, shining his light all the way to the bottom 
of the screen. Touch the cats in a right, left, right, left order to get 
past. Things are still easy since we have 3 slow moving recons.

Outline of the minigame in Hard Mode:
Hard Mode has basically the same set up as that of Normal Mode. However, 
the intruders are moving much faster, and the number of men will be 
increased to 5 in level 9 and 10. This means that a better timing is needed 
to help you squeeze through the gaps in the light.

Concluding Scene:
You and the gang sneak into a room, only to find the entrance close up 
behind you. Lots of purple gas comes out of lion headed outlets on the 
wall, causing you all to lose consciousness.

c. Scene 15
You are given nightmare gas as a reward, and will be forced to play the 
Nightmare minigames 1 to 3 in a row in order to advance. Do not mess up 
at all. The first minigame is a meaner version of Bull, the second is a 
meaner version of Drive, the third is a meaner version of Plants. The bosses 
are stronger, and have more health. The same health system for the original 
version of the minigames apply here. Good luck.

Rabbits 54-56: Touch the Goldfish Boy in the third frames of each of the 
pre-minigame comic scenes.

Concluding Scene:
You get to see the nightmare of the Girl drowning, and you being helpless 
to save her in your childhood. You then wake up bound to a stone wall. 
You see the Purple Haired Jerk in a giant robot with the Girl in his arms. 
The Girl cries, "Help!" At this point, you can take it no more. You break 
through the bounds with your inner rage, and you get real mad!

7. It's time to Settle this like Real Men!
Now that you are face to face with the Purple Haired Jerk, you are to settle 
this dispute over the Girl once and for all! Will it be a life of sexual 
exploitation by the Purple Headed Jerk, or will it be a life of happiness 
and love with the Goldfish Boy? It's time to duel, like real men.

a. Scene 16: Last Battle
You prepare to engage the giant purple robot. The Rub Rabbit then turns 
your attention to a blue robot for you to use. You quickly take the controls.

Rabbit 57: Touch the blue robot on the third frame.
Rabbit 58: Touch the Goldfish on the Goldfish Boy's shirt in the 4th frame.

When there is a duel, two men will usually standoff against each other 
using Colt Magnum 6 shooters. But in such a modern world, we will use high 
tech weaponry like robots against each other. The purple robot fires 
missiles at you. When they appear in the horizon, you will have to use 
the stylus as a sword to slash them to pieces before they hit you. 

The missiles are arranged in lines. At first, it will be possible to destroy 
them all in one stroke of the stylus. Then it will take 2 strokes, 3 strokes, 
and finally 4 strokes as the purple robot loses energy. After withstanding 
a barrage of missiles, you get to come up close to the robot and attack 
his power core. The places you need to slash are those glowing red lines. 
The number of strokes that takes to slash through the core will slowly 
increase from 1 stroke to 4 strokes as well. It seems that you are only 
given 1 heart in Hell Mode, while you get 3 in Normal and Hard Modes. There 
is also a 3 minute time limit, but the minigame is engineered in a way 
so that you can just beat the game in time provided that you try.

You catch the Girl as she falls down, and helps her up. Meanwhile, the 
Purple Haired Jerk appears with a towel around his neck. Has he been to 
gym? Not really. He rubs the towel on his spiky hair, causing a large burst 
of static electricity to hit you. Then, something happened that surprised 
the Girl. You stand up, and remove your hair and beard in one piece, 
revealing a spiky hairstyle! So you are in disguise the entire time!

b. Scene 17: Final Battle
You and the Purple Haired Jerk zap static blasts at each other. The 2 bolts 
of electricity collide with each other and are in deadlock equilibrium. 
You two are raised to space in this duel for the Girl.

Rabbit 59: Touch the Goldfish Boy on the 4th frame.
Rabbit 60: Touch the Purple Haired Jerk on the 4th frame.

It's the ultimate showdown in space. Initially, your blue static blast 
and the purple one of your rival's will be in equilibrium. Your objective 
is to shift the equilibrium entirely to the Purple Haired Jerk's side to 
give him a lovely shock. To do this, rub the stylus to the left and right 
at the bottom of the Touch Screen, where the towel and head is. Rub fast 
to push the equilibrium forwards. Every now and then, the Purple Haired 
Jerk will be getting a power boost, and suddenly shift the equilibrium 
back to you. Don't give up and rub quickly to hold it off. Then, you can 
make a quick comeback and hopefully zap the Purple Headed Jerk before he 
gets another boost. This is the rough outline of the boss battle. The length 
varies depending on your endurance and commitment. Don't give up!

c. Scene 18: Magic Touch
The Purple Haired Jerk collapses, and the space around him collapses too. 
So, it's just a movie set! You are about to run to the Girl in joy when 
the Purple Haired Jerk gets up, ready to give a final static shock to you. 
The Girl anticipates this and dive tackles you out of the way, and taking 
the blast to the shock of you and the Jerk! The Purple Haired Jerk, being 
the coward he is must have run away for you to deal with the aftermath-a 
badly fillibrated (Forgot the spelling of the condition that occurs when 
the heart beats in an irregular rhythm when shocked by a current of 0.1 
Ampere) Girl. You run over to the Girl and beg for her to live. "Why?" 
you cry. "I... I..." mutters the Girl. "Hang in there! If you really love me, 
you can't leave me alone like this! If you love me, we have to be together 
forever!" The Girl says, "I'm sorry..." before blacking out. It's time to 
save her with the Magic Touch known as CPR!

Things must be serious here, since the minigame selection screen is now 
devoid of background music. You look at the unconscious Girl, then you 
look up. Deep inside your mind, the memories of all the good times you 
had with the Girl flash before you.

You must act quickly to deliver CPR to the Girl. There is a life bar on 
the Top Screen. As time passes, the meter will slowly empty. To increase 
the Girl's life force, help her heart pump blood and help her breathe. 
Timing is everything when CPR is done. 

Take note of the giant heart on the Top Screen. As a small heart overlaps 
the hollow in the large heart, touch the Girl's heart to help her. Don't 
time it wrongly or you will hurt her. When the heart is replaced by the 
mouth at the Top Screen, you are to breath into the microphone when a gust 
of breath overlaps with the mouth. Another way to help the Girl breathe 
is to touch her mouth. The latter is definitely easier to pull off. Every 
now and then, Death will appear and all life-saving activities will be 
temporarily halted. The Life Bar will drain especially fast when he's 
around, so tap him as rapidly as possible to make him disappear.

The patterns of the hearts and breaths may vary, so keep going and do not 
give up. When the Life Bar is full, the Girl will wake up among thundering 
applause. She asks, "Is that you?" You to have a French kiss! Just then, 
the Rub Rabbit comes over. He tells you two that while you were saving 
the little Girl from drowning years back, Rub Rabbits have seen you helping 
her. Soon after you ran off, the Girl has woken up. The 2 Rabbits whispered 
to each other at that point. I guess they decided to help you back then!

You and the Girl hug each other, resulting in a chain reaction of people 
hugging each other around the world. Every one is happy, except the Purple 
Haired Jerk! The End! The credits will roll. Touch them to hear some funny 
sound effects from the game. If you do not touch anything, and wait after 
the end of the credits, you will be directed to the cinema again. The person 
sleeping still has not woken up. Touch him to hear him snore!

By clearing Normal Mode, you unlock the Sound Test. Now, you can touch 
the 2 loud speakers on the main menu to access it.

8. Maniac Mode: Let's play dress up!
Besides the main Story mode and the Memories, where you get to relive your 
memories with the Girl by replaying the minigames, you get an additional 
mode called Maniac Mode. It is a dress up game for you to customize your 
Girl. You get to choose between different heads, bodies and legs for the 
Girl to wear. To unlock new choices, you have to find Blue Rabbits in those 
pre-minigame comic scenes. Another thing to do is to beat the Memories 
mode to earn stars. Each standard minigame can yield up to 10 stars each, 
depending on how far you went in terms in level. Love Scenes and Boss Battles 
yield one star each when you beat them.

Manipulating the Girl
The Girl with her costume will be on the Top Screen. You use the B and 
X buttons to zoom in and out on the Girl's Features. On the Touch Screen, 
you use the arrows to pick different heads, bodies and legs for the Girl. 
There is an arrow button that allows you to reverse the 2 screens. Then 
you can touch the Girl with the costume and see her squirm! Touching the 
Bunny button allows you to check your progress of the locating of the 60 
hidden Rabbits. This allows you to know where to search next.

What's it in for me?
You get a range of 21 different heads to put on the Girl's neck. Note that 
Heads 17 to 21 can be unlocked by starting Feel the Magic: XY/XX with the 
heads' corresponding GBA game cartridge in the Slot 2 of the Nintendo DS. 
For example, insert Sonic Advance 1 or 2 into Slot 2 for Head 17.

Head 1: Long Grey Hair------------------------Default Head
Head 2: Purple Ponytail-----------------------Locate 1 Rabbit
Head 3: Short Green Hair----------------------Locate 3 Rabbits
Head 4: Long Orange Hair with Arched Back-----Locate 5 Rabbits
Head 5: Brown Hair with White Semi-Cap--------Locate 6 Rabbits
Head 6: Blond Hair with Blue Hair Bow---------Locate 19 Rabbits
Head 7: Grey Hair with White and Orange Baseball Cap:
Locate 29 Rabbits
Head 8: Blue Hair with Maid's Cap-------------Locate 39 Rabbits
Head 9: Perpendicular Blue Hair---------------Locate 49 Rabbits
Head 10: Grey Hair with Bunny Hood------------Locate 59 Rabbits
Head 11: Brown Hair with Nurse's Hat: Gain 100 Stars and Locate 30 Rabbits
Head 12: Grey Hair with Chicken Hat: Gain 100 Stars and Locate 35 Rabbits
Head 13: Blond Hair with Policewoman Cap: 
Gain 130 Stars and Locate 40 Rabbits
Head 14: Grey Hair with Santa's Hat-----------Beat Hard Mode
Head 15: Sky Blue Hair with Cowgirl Hat-------Beat Hard Mode
Head 16: Long Pink Hair with Angel's Halo: 
Gain 182 Stars and Locate 60 Rabbits
Head 17: Grey Hair with Sonic Cap-------------Beat Hell Mode
Head 18: Grey Hair with Chao Cap--------------Beat Hell Mode
Head 19: Blond Hair with Puyo Puyo Fever Cap--Beat Hell Mode
Head 20: Grey Hair with Nights Cap------------Beat Hell Mode
Head 21: Ulala's Hairstyle--------------------Beat Hell Mode

There are a total of 21 Bodies, each wearing different dresses for you 
to put onto the Girl, including the all famous nude piece! The rest of 
the costumes can be hard to be defined with a few words, so I will describe 
the parts of the body exposed instead.

Body 1: Blue Dress: Default Body
Body 2: Blue Jean Shorts with White Bikini Top: Beat Normal Mode
Body 3: Pink Dress: Beat Normal Mode
Body 4: White Skirt and White Top with Grey Bands, Belly Exposed:
Gain 10 Stars
Body 5: Blue Shirt with White Band at the end of Sleeve with White Skirt:
Gain 15 Stars
Body 6: Japanese High School Uniform without Sleeves but Wearing Long White 
Gloves: Gain 20 Stars
Body 7: Brown Khaki Skirt and Green Top with Belly and Upper Back Exposed: 
Gain 30 Stars
Body 8: Pink Bunny Shorts with large Pink Bra Top: Gain 50 Stars
Body 9: Sky Blue and White Dress with Band tied Around Upper Right Leg: 
Gain 75 Stars
Body 10: Maid Costume: Gain 100 Stars
Body 11: Red Dress with White Apron and Red Fingerless Gloves: 
Gain 130 Stars
Body 12: Red Swimsuit: Gain 170 Stars
Body 13: Green Skirt with White Top, Light Green Woolen Sweater and Red 
Neck Ribbon, Secretary Style: Gain 182 Stars
Body 14: White Nurse Outfit: Gain 100 Stars and Locate 30 Rabbits
Body 15: Blue and White Sporting Dress with Blue Armbands:
Gain 100 Stars and Locate 35 Rabbits
Body 16: Prussian Blue and Black Formal Wear:
Gain 130 Stars and Locate 40 Rabbits
Body 17: Red and White Long Sleeved Dress with Upper Back Exposed, Christmas 
Style: Beat Hard Mode
Body 18: Brown Sleeveless Top with Belly Exposed, Brown Skirt and Gloves, 
Wild West Style: Beat Hard Mode
Body 19: White Skirt and White Top with Green Armor and Gauntlets:
Gain 170 Stars and Locate 55 Rabbits
Body 20: Angel Costume: Gain all 182 Stars and Locate all 182 Rabbits
Body 21: Completely Nude Body, oh God! Beat Hell Mode for this!

There are only 13 types of legs to be chosen. At least those choices are 
easier to describe. There is a barefooted choice too!

Legs 1: Blue High Heel Shoes: Default Shoes
Legs 2: White High Heel Shoes: Locate 2 Rabbits
Legs 3: Red High Heel Shoes: Locate 4 Rabbits
Legs 4: Pink High Heel Shoes with Toes Exposed: Locate 7 Rabbits
Legs 5: Blue High Heel Boots: Locate 9 Rabbits
Legs 6: White High Heel Boots: Locate 11 Rabbits
Legs 7: White Sneakers with Black Streaks: Locate 21 Rabbits
Legs 8: Brown Leather Shoes with Long White Socks: Locate 31 Rabbits
Legs 9: White High Heels with long Blue Leg Pads: Locate 41 Rabbits
Legs 10: Green Flat Heel Boots: Locate 51 Rabbits
Legs 11: Cowgirl Boots: Beat Hard Mode
Legs 12: Green Armored Boots: Give 170 Stars and Locate 55 Rabbits
Legs 13: Barefoot: Beat Hell Mode

There are a total of 21 x 21 x 13 = 5733 combinations for you to try. While 
some combinations are quite obvious (For example, Head 8, Body 10 and Legs 
8 for the Girl to be the Maid), while some are up to your imagination. 
Of course, picking Body 21 and Legs 13 will turn the Girl into a naked 
slut. This makes dancing with her on the deserted island in the Dance 
minigame real fun indeed! (It's not unusual for people living in those 
circumstances to wander around naked) I know you are aroused now!

9. Conclusion
Well, this sums the guide up. As a launch game, this game is not just any 
lame old tech demo, but silly enough for me to like it. I have to confess, 
my cousin from the UK could tell that this game is made in Japan due to 
the craziness involved. This game, although short, brought out much 
laughter (although sometimes in a perverted way) and gave me lots of replay 
value. Now, those people who like to whip out their Nintendo DS to play 
for a short time will have a must have game to last them throughout the 
lifetime of the system. It's just nice to see the former two rivals 
cooperate to dish out some wacky new ideas together. Well done Sega, good 
luck in releasing Sonic Rush in the near future.

Appendix I. Feedback Information
Since the publishing of the original version of this guide, I decided that 
I must make some new rules for those people who want to give me a feedback 
about my guides. All future strategy guides will have this section. If 
the following rules are not observed, I will just consider your e-mail 
to be spam mail or flame mail, and I will delete it without reading it, 
and will blacklist your e-mail address.

For publishing permission:
This guide is intended to be published in GameFAQs and only GameFAQs. You 
can print it out to read it while your computer is off, but do not copy 
my work and claim it as your own. That is all. Although I do not have a 
lawyer to sue anyone if they do it without my permission, I expect everyone 
to have self discipline about these things.

Feedback Concerning Mistakes: (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, LISTEN 
As I am a human, and we are all humans, we all make mistakes. Nobody is 
perfect. If I had made any mistakes in my guide, feel free to e-mail me. 
But however, you must follow these rules. I have typed out some bad examples 
with each rule, and they are from some of the e-mail I received by people 
who are dissatisfied by my original Command and Conquer: Generals side 
comparison guide. 

You must:
Be polite, as I will take these feedback letters as seriously as formal 
letters, and you should specify the version number of my guide, then I 
can check my guide out. However, it need not be as formal as business letters, 
after all it is only a game. You should also present yourself clearly, 
I won't even think about anything that I cannot understand at the first 
glance, as I am a busy person.

For example, "I enjoyed reading your guide, but disagreed with you on some 
points." From a person called Alex Shikh or "I agree with you that China 
is the strongest factions, but it is not much stronger than the other 2." 
From Ives Gobau And so on.

You must not:
Say any foul language and offend me. 

For example, "Your guide was ********, full of lies and biased opinions." 
From K Truin. You are not going to make me listen by saying rude words 
to me, you will only give me the impression that you are either uneducated 
or have low EQ.

Conduct any surveys about how good my guide is and give it to me, as I 
could not care less about your so-called surveys. 

For example, "I have conducted a survey about your guide and over 90% said 
that it was a trashy tabloid." From Frozak.

Finally, you must not say anything I consider to be racist. 

For example, "You mentioned that you live in China that is obvious, 
considering your bias towards this side, etc..." "I am afraid that your 
living in China has blinded your judgment so much." From someone I could 
not remember his name. So, what are you trying to say, say that us Chinese 
are all idiots? Besides, the word bias is used to describe unfair 
comparisons due to neglecting some facts. As I have put all facts into 
account, I really cannot have made any bias towards any sides.

From all the 50 or so letters complaint I received, I decided to listen 
to less than 5 of them. Why? As only 5 of them could follow the rules stated 
above. So, you MUST take those points into consideration, or else, don't 
expect me to listen to you.

Submitting your own tips:
I am always ready to submit tips from readers. However, you should make 
sure that the tip has not been posted in my guide before you mail me. Also, 
write down your name or a pseudonym so I may credit you.

Game Help:
If you have read my guide and did not understand something, feel free to 
ask, but please do not do this too often, as my e-mail account has other 
uses. But do not ask about anything that was clearly written in my guide 
or I will not reply. Also please refer to the chapter you have problems 
with, as my guide is very long, and I cannot memorize everything that 
happens in this game!

You may have wondered why I put this section up. This is a new 
"Anti-disturbance" ordinance I set up for my own use, in order to minimize 
all those annoying and insulting things I receive. In fact, during 
September alone, I received at least a hundred of mail concerning my Side 
Comparison Guide, and I am now to make sure this will never ever happen 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Lo Kai Yan Alasdair, kylohk. (Kai Yan Lo From Hong Kong)

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