• Hell mode

    To unlock Hell mode, beat Story mode on the Hard difficulty.

    Contributed By: Saikyo_Mog.

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  • Maniac Mode - Heads

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chao WigComplete Hell Mode
    Lilac PonytailFind 1 rabbit
    Long Blonde Hair with Blue RibbonFind 19 rabbits
    Long Blonde Hair with Police HatGet 130 stars and find 40 rabbits
    Long Blue HairFind 49 rabbits
    Long Blue Hair with Cowgirl HatComplete Hard Mode
    Long Brown Hair with Nurse's HatGet 100 stars and find 30 rabbits
    Long Brown Hair with White VisorFind 6 rabbits
    Long Grey HairAvailable from start of game
    Long Grey Hair with Chicken HatGet 100 stars and find 35 rabbits
    Long Grey Hair with Red and White HatFind 29 rabbits
    Long Grey Hair with Santa HatComplete Hard Mode
    Long Grey Hair with White Bunny EarsFind 59 rabbits
    Long Orange HairFind 5 rabbits
    Long Pink Hair with HaloGet 182 stars and find 60 Rabbits
    Long Purple Hair with White CapFind 39 rabbits
    NiGHTS WigComplete Hell Mode
    Puyo WigComplete Hell Mode
    Short Green HairFind 3 rabbits
    Sonic WigComplete Hell Mode
    Ulala WigComplete Hell Mode

    Contributed By: 0_zerocool_0.

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  • Maniac Mode - Outfits

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Angel's Costume and WingsGet 182 stars and find 60 rabbits
    Blue and White DressGet 75 stars
    Blue and White Schoolgirl UniformGet 20 stars
    Blue Chicken OutfitGet 100 stars and find 35 rabbits
    Blue DressAvailable from start of game
    Blue Polo Shirt and White SkirtGet 15 stars
    Cheerleader UniformGet 10 stars
    Cowgirl OutfitComplete Hard Mode
    Green and White ArmorGet 170 stars and find 55 rabbits
    Green Schoolgirl OutfitGet 182 stars
    Green Top and Brown ShortsGet 30 stars
    Grey and White DressGet 100 stars
    Nude!Complete Hell Mode
    Orange and White DressGet 130 stars
    Pink DressComplete Normal Mode
    Pink Top and Bunny Tail ShortsGet 50 stars
    Police UniformGet 130 stars and find 40 rabbits
    Red and White Christmas OutfitComplete Hard Mode
    Red Swimming CostumeGet 170 stars
    White Bikini and Denim HotpantsComplete Normal Mode
    White Nurse UniformGet 100 stars and find 30 rabbits

    Contributed By: 0_zerocool_0.

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  • Maniac Mode - Shoes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bare FeetComplete Hell Mode
    Blue High Heel ShoesAvailable from start of game
    Blue Knee-High BootsFind 9 rabbits
    Brown Shoes with Long White SocksFind 31 rabbits
    Cowgirl BootsComplete Hard Mode
    Green and White Armored BootsGet 170 stars and find 55 rabbits
    Green Elf BootsGet 51 stars
    Purple High Heel ShoesFind 7 rabbits
    Red High Heel ShoesFind 4 rabbits
    White High Heel ShoesFind 2 rabbits
    White High Heel Shoes and Blue Leg WarmersGet 41 stars
    White Knee-High BootsFind 11 rabbits
    White TrainersFind 21 rabbits

    Contributed By: 0_zerocool_0.

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  • Sound Test

    Beat game once

    Contributed By: Winpie.

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  • Unlock Hard Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hard Mode, Body #2, Body #3, Sound TestBeat the game on Normal Mode

    Contributed By: Gunsmoke.

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  • unlock sonic team heads with no game carts

    That's right you don't have to own any other games to unlock everything!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chao hairstyle/NiGHTS Wig/Sonic Wig/Ulala hairstylesbeat hell mode
    See her nudebeat hell mode

    Contributed By: trentonx2.

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  • Unlockable Wigs

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chao hairstyleHave Sonic Advance 3 inserted into the GBA slot
    Cowgirl HatBeat Hard Mode
    NiGHTS WigStart Feel the Magic with either Chu Chu Rocket or Sonic Pinball Party in the GBA Slot
    Puyo Pop HairstyleTurn on Feel The Magic XX/XY with the GBA game Puyo Pop
    Santa's HatBeat Hard Mode
    Sonic WigStart Feel the Magic with Sonic Advance in the GBA Slot
    Ulala hairstyleHave Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack inserted into the GBA slot.
    Ulala hairstyleHave Sonic Battle inserted into the GBA slot,

    Contributed By: Hardkore, Zingela, Sickopuppie, 1337_dude, and bobongo.

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Easter Eggs

  • Girl on Menu Screen Loses Her Top.

    Simply set the language to Japanese, and the girl mysteriously loses her top.

    Contributed By: lbuki.

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  • Happy Birthday

    The girl in Feel the Magic will say happy birthday to you when it's your birthday. If you can't wait, just set your birthday on the DS to the current day.

    Contributed By: landwing.

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  • Happy New Year

    If its January 1st (or if you change the system's clock), then when you go to the main menu screen, the girl will wish you a Happy New Year.

    Contributed By: TheMiracleMeatLives.

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  • Merry Christmas

    If you play your game on Christmas, The girl on the title screen will say "Merry Christmas!." If you can't wait, just set your current date to December 25.

    Contributed By: KirbyMan310.

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  • Record your voice on the title screen

    While at the title screen, hold Down + Y to record whatever you want into the microphone. It will now play back whatever you recorded at random intervals while the title music plays. However, if you wish to play it back immediately, press Down + X. Down-Left + X will play it back slowly, while Down-Right + X will speed it up.

    Contributed By: Zingela.

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  • Sleeping / Snoring Audience Member After End of Movie

    After beating the game and watching the credits roll by, allow the entire theme song to finish playing (approx. 3 minutes). After the theme song has completely finished playing, the end of the credits will roll to the top screen and the bottom screen will show one single audience member in the movie theater who fell asleep during the movie. Touch that member to hear him snoring away!

    Contributed By: ebay33.

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  • Talking Credits.

    When you beat the game and the credit roll through, touch the credits using the DS touch screen. Each section of the credits makes a different sound. An example would be the sound when you hear when you've collected a ring in Sonic games when you touch the Sonic Team logo.

    Contributed By: landwing.

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