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Guide and Walkthrough by Paul Acevedo

Version: 0.7 Final | Updated: 03/28/2007

Lost in Blue FAQ V0.7 Final?
Written by Paul Acevedo
Created on: 10/02/05
Updated on: 03/28/07

1.  Introduction
2.  Series history
3.  Version history
4.  Intro text
5.  Characters
6.  Title screen
7.  Game system
8.  Walkthrough
9.  Tools
10. Foods
11. Fire Making
12. Cooking
13. Fishing
14. Hunting
15. Cave upgrades and furniture
16. Building
17. Scrapbook
18. Special thanks
19. Contact information

1. Introduction
Welcome to my first Nintendo DS game FAQ. In my opinion, Lost in Blue 
was the only high-quality RPG available for the DS at the time of its 
debut. You play as one of two teens who are shipwrecked on a deserted 
island. It is similar to Harvest Moon in that you must perform the 
same tasks day in and day out to survive. However, Lost in Blue has a 
real sense of adventure and mystery to it. How will you make it 
through the day and eventually get off the island? Much of the answer 
is up to you...

Please note that this is my last version of the FAQ. I kind of lost 
interest in Lost in Blue (even though it?s a cool game), and there is 
already a much more complete FAQ out there. I don?t think it?s 
necessary, but if anyone with good writing skills wants to take over 
the FAQ, I?m open to it. Thanks for writing, everyone!

2. Series History
Yes, Lost in Blue is the third game in the Survival Kids series. The 
second game was never released outside of Japan. Don't worry; you 
don't need to have played the other 2 games in order to enjoy this 

Survival Kids: Kotou no Boukensha 
Country: Japan   Released: 06/17/99   Platform: GameBoy Color

Survival Kids
Country: USA   Released: 10/01/99   Platform: GameBoy Color

Stranded Kids
Country: Europe   Released: 12/10/99   Platform: GameBoy Color

Survival Kids 2: Dasshutsu! Futago Shima
Country: Japan   Released: 07/19/00   Platform: GameBoy Color

Survival Kids: Lost in Blue
Country: Japan   Released: 08/25/05   Platform: Nintendo DS
 Visit the Japanese site to hear the haunting title screen music and  
 see some manga and research photos.

Lost in Blue
Country: USA   Released: 09/27/05   Platform: Nintendo DS
 Check out the American site which has examples from the scrapbook, 
 recipes, and a crummy flash game.

Lost in Blue
Country: Europe   Released: 11/??/05   Platform: Nintendo DS

3. Version history
10/01/05  Version 0.6 FAQ created.
03/28/07  Paul?s final update. Building section added. Fish Traps 
          updated. Scrapbook updated.

4. Intro Text
Keith's Intro

Keith is floating underwater.

"I can't breathe... Why am I here?"

A ship is tossed about in the ocean.

"It was a terrible storm. Am I going to die...?
I can't think any more... I'm losing consciousness..."

Keith washes up on the beach.

"Where am I? ...the ship..."

Skye's Intro (Wait through Keith's intro and the demo at the title 
screen to see it early.)

Skye floats in her life raft.

"I'm cold... Why am I here?"

Skye's raft floats away from the ship as it is tossed around in the 

"It was a terrible storm. How long am I going to be wandering like 
I'm scared... I'm losing consciousness..."

Skye's life raft washes ashore.

"Hm...nmm. Oh!
...Where am I? I, the ship... ...then, with the lifeboat..."

4. Characters
Some of this text is taken from the instruction manual.

English name: Keith  Japanese name: Daichi
Athletic and kind to a fault, Keith has trouble focusing on his 
studies because he spends all his free time helping others. A fairly 
typical high school student, Keith is never without his cell phone.

Traits: Adventurous and indecisive.

Keith is the first character you play as. He is responsible for food 
gathering and creating most of the tools used by our heroes. He is 
basically Skye's babysitter.

English name: Skye  Japanese name: Aoi
An only child, Skye acts mature for her age, but deep down she is 
worried about her future, just like any other teenager.

Traits: A hard worker and talented writer. Also nearsighted.

After completing Keith's adventure, you can play as Skye. She is 
supposedly blind without her glasses, which kind of explains why 
she can do almost nothing on her own. At least she can cook and make 
few things with the proper materials... In fact, you need to talk 
her daily in order to properly upgrade your cave.

Q: Do Keith and Skye ever get it on?
A: You know they do! But it?s not depicted in the game. Lousy E+ 

5. Title Screen
At the title screen, the following options are available:

-Continue: Start from your last Quick Save

-Story Mode: If a Quick Save exists, the game will ask if you want to 
 ignore it. Choose No to return to the title screen or Yes to proceed 
 to the file selection screen. From here, you can start a new game or  
 resume from the last Daily Save you performed. If you click on an 
 existing save file, you have the option to load, erase, or copy it.

 -Message Speed: Slow, Normal, or Fast
 -Backlight: On or Off
 -Clear Data: Erase all save files.

6. Basic Controls
D-pad: Move your character/Menu selections
A button: Action/Scroll text/Select options
B button: Run (hold)/Cancel menu selections
X button: Sub Menu
Y button: Use equipped item/Hold or release hands/Push item
L button: Cycle top screen display left
R button: Cycle top screen display right
Start button: Pause menu (Quick Save)

Touch screen: Used to search the ground and perform many other 

Microphone: Blow air (Fire making, Furniture creation, and cooking 

7. Game System
Top Screen: 
The top screen can show 3 different displays, all of which are 
toggled by pressing the L or R buttons.

-Status Screen: 
 -HP: The characters' silhouettes are their health meters.
  When any of their other stats reaches 0, the character's health 
  will gradually decline. Sleeping in the cave is the only way to 
  restore health.
 -Stamina: The flexed arm symbol. Stamina is used when you run, jump 
  over a chasm, climb up or down, or push things. Resting or sleeping 
  while not hungry or thirsty restores stamina, you know.
 -Thirst: The water symbol. You get thirsty throughout the day. 
  Starting from day 2, you can drink water from the shallow part of 
  the river and other places. Keith must escort Skye to the river and 
  make her drink until he finds certain items.
 -Hunger: The stomach symbol. You get hungrier as the day goes on. 
  Eating food fixes that, of course. Some foods can be eaten raw and 
  others must be cooked. Keith can give food to Skye for her to eat, 
  or ask her to cook food for both of them to eat. Eventually she can 
  eat on her own...

-World Map: The world map shows the entire island at once but does 
 not display the player's location. Areas you have not visited are 
 covered by clouds. This map is not particularly useful.

-Area Map: This map shows your location and the immediate 
 surroundings. The other character will be marked by a yellow dot if 
 he or she is nearby. You will use the area map quite a lot.

Sub Menu:
-Backpack: Use and manage items from this screen. You have 20 item 
 slots, but bait, rope, and spices do not take up slots. Click on an 
 item to Equip it (weapons), Use it (traps), or Dispose it (thus 
 losing it forever). Each item has four attributes, listed at the 
 left side of the screen: Durability, Resilience, Straightness, and 
 Sharpness. Press X to view the items that do not take up 

-Rest: Your character will sit and rest for a while, regaining  
 Resting is only effective if your Hunger and Thirst stats are above 
 zero. If you are holding Skye's hand, she will rest too.

-Make Item: You can only make an item if you know how to make it and 
 have the materials. Once you have selected a category of item to 
 make, select each ingredient to use then press X to make the tool. 
 The Y button sorts ingredients somehow. Keep in mind ingredients 
 with better attributes will produce a more durable or effective 
 tool. The different categories of creatable items are:

 -Fire Making tool
 -Sharpen Objects
 -Fishing Rod

-Scrapbook: View the various items you have found or created 
 throughout your adventure. Items you have not viewed here will be 
 marked as NEW. Press X to switch between the various categories, 
 would ya?

Game Over: The only way to get a Game Over is if one of your 
 characters' HP drops to 0. Obviously, you need to keep them both  
 fed, watered, and rested. If you die (which should happen rarely if 
 ever), just reload your most recent Quick Save or Daily Save and try 

Passage of Time:
 Seven seconds of real-time is equal to 5 minutes of game time.
 So one minute and 24 seconds of real-time equals one game hour.
 33 minutes of real-time equals one game day. Resting and sleeping 
 dramatically advances the game timer, of course. Now you know, and 
 knowing is half the battle.

 The weather is determined randomly. Skye gives you a little heads-up 
 at the start of each day. If you go out while it is particularly 
 sunny, you will get thirsty faster. Rain is very rare. It increases 
 the quantity of clams and seaweed found on the beach.

8. Walkthrough
Coming soon to an FAQ near you!

9. Tools
Fire Maker: The first way to create fire
Ingredients: Tree Bark, Twig

Fire Maker w/ Bow: The superior Fire Maker
Ingredients: Tree Bark, Twig, Bow

Fishing Rod 1: The bizzity-best fishing rod you can make.
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine, Sharpened Bone

Fishing Rod 2: Now that's a fishing rod.
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine, Sharpened Stone

Fishing Rod 3: Here fishy, fishy...
Ingredients: Stick, Vine, Sharpened Bone

Fishing Rod 4: The standard fishing rod, allowing you to fish easily
Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine, Sharpened Stone

Bow 1: Allows you to hunt animals
Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine

Bow 2: We can build a better bow. We have the technology!
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine

Arrow 1: Durable but inaccurate arrows
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone

Arrow 2: Arrows that go where you want them to
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone, Feather

Arrow 3: The best inaccurate arrows you can make... Wait, why?
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone

Arrow 4: The finest arrows this side of the Mississippi
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone, Feather

Arrow 5: Inaccurate arrows. Create them only for your scrapbook.
Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Stone

Arrow 6: Better arrows for beginners
Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Stone, Feather

Arrow 7: Not gonna fly so well without the feather.
Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Bone

Arrow 8: Fast, sexy, dangerous...
Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Bone, Feather

Spear 1: Durable bamboo spear for spear fishing.
Ingredients: Green Bamboo

Spear 2: You could put your eye out with that thing!
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone

Spear 3: Spears don't get any better than this, let me tell you.
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone

Spear 4: The easiest spear to make (Use for spear fishing)
Ingredients: Stick

Spear 5: More durable spear.
Ingredients: Stick, Sharpened Stone

Spear 6: Fish hate being speared by bones. 
Ingredients: Stick, Sharpened Bone

Small Trap: Trap and kill small animals.
Ingredients: Basket, Twig

Large Trap: Trap a large animal so you can kill or domesticate it.
Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine

Fish Trap: Largely useless way to catch fish.
Ingredients: Basket, Tree Vine

Torch 1: Lights up the night (Not the British version of a torch)
Ingredients: Stick, Lard

Torch 2: Longer-lasting, bigger-blasting
Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Lard

Sharpened Stone: Necessary for making many items
Ingredients: Stone

Sharpened Bone: Slightly better for items than Sharpened Stones
Ingredients: Large Bone

Rope: Ingredient created by Skye
Ingredients: Tree Vine

Basket: Another ingredient created by Skye
Ingredients: Green Bamboo

10. Foods
Edible raw foods:

Chives: Hunger + 3%
Bamboo Shoot: Hunger + 10%
Carrot: Hunger + 5%
Dandelion: Hunger + 3%
Burdock: Hunger + 5% The father of Goku?
Onion: Hunger + 5% I hate onions.
Potato: Hunger + 8%
Radish: Hunger + 5%
Taro: Hunger + 8%
Fern: Hunger + 3%
Coconut: Hunger + 5% Thirst + 10%
Papaya: Hunger + 5% Thirst + 10%
Raspberry: Hunger + 3%
Bread Fruit: Hunger + 5%
Banana: Hunger + 5%
Pineapple: Hunger + 8% Thirst + 10%
Egg: Hunger + 5%
Mushrooms: Hunger + 3%

Mushroom Effects:
 In addition to alleviating your hunger, mushrooms have several  
 different effects. This happens after one hour of game time. The 
 color and effect is random for each save file, so while Orange may 
 increase stamina for one person, it will Poison another. Quick Save 
 before eating a new type of mushroom, rest to determine its 
 effect, then reset if the result is bad. If Skye cooks a mushroom, 
 you will both receive that mushroom's effects.

-Normal: no extra effect
-Stamina boost: The stamina meter begins to sparkle and won't 
 decrease for the next game hour. 
-Curative: cures poison immediately after eating 
-Drowsy: puts your character to sleep for 30 game minutes
-Poison: stomach ache prevents you from eating or sleeping
-Poison: HP drops 1% per real-time second 
-Poison: Dehydration lowers water 1% per real-time second 

 Press A randomly as you walk around and you will find a spice about 
 1 out of 4 times. Skye automatically uses them to make food taste 

-Rock salt: Mostly found in the sand
-Pepper Seed
-Yellow Bud (Consomm?)
-Chili Pepper
-Purple Bean (Soy Sauce)
-Tree Sap Drop (Sugar)
-Brown Seed (Butter)
-Blue Seed (Vinegar)

11. Fire Making
Fire is necessary to sleep in the cave and keep Skye comfortable. 
Supposedly it helps her cook better too.

Using the Fire Maker Tool:
Approach the center of the cave with the Fire Making Tool and a Twig 
in hand. Press A and you will begin the fire making minigame. 
Alternate pressing the L and R buttons at a measured pace (not too 
fast or slow) and the meter will slowly fill up. When it's half full, 
you'll be prompted to blow into the microphone, filling it the rest 
of the way and creating fire.

Using the Fire Maker w/ Bow Tool:
Instead of alternating L and R presses, you just hold the L and R 
buttons simultaneously, then blow into the microphone when instructed 
to do so.

The fire will go out after a few game hours unless you have
reached the point where you can keep a pile of twigs in the cave. 
Once you've stocked the pile, leave Skye in the cave and she will 
usually (but not always) keep the fire going.

12. Cooking
Finish the game with Keith to unlock Skye's game. You can then cook 
and collect recipes. I will describe this in further detail after 
finishing the game.

In Keith's game, to get cooked food, tell Skye "I want to eat now" 
and give her all the food you have collected. She will produce the 
best dishes she can with those ingredients. Sometimes she will not 
cook everything; just ask her to cook again if she held on to some of 
the food. You might only give her only a few ingredients at a time, 
but the occasional payoff of more filling food is not worth the 
trade-off of sitting through her cooking animation repeatedly.

To improve Skye's cooking:
-Keep a fire going
-Look for spices (she uses them automatically)
-Give her Lard
-Find the Slate
-Find the Clay Pot

Most filling dishes:
-Boiled Potato Salad: + 119% Hunger
 Ingredients: Deer Meat (2), Potato

13. Fishing
The easiest way to keep the Survival Kids fed is by fishing every 
day. There are three methods of doing this.

Spear Fishing:
Equip the spear then press Y while standing next to a body of water. 
You should see a fish swim by within a few seconds. If not, press B 
and choose a different spot. Tap the screen with the stylus to spear 
the fish. Fish look the same prior to catching them, but once you 
spear one it could be one of several different species. 
Unfortunately, stylus control in this mode is highly inaccurate.

Rod Fishing:
Equip a fishing rod then press Y next to some water. When the lure 
sinks, that means a fish has probably bitten it. Press A then hold 
Down on the D-pad to reel it in. Some rarer fish move to the side, 
requiring you to push Left or Right in order to reel them in. Once 
the fish is close enough, you will be prompted to press A and pick up 
the fish. In the river, you will get some false alerts as the lure 
bobs up and down, so fishing in the ocean is usually best. Rod 
fishing uses one worm each time the line is cast, whether you catch a 
fish or not.

Trap Fishing:
Use a Fish Trap to catch fish. It sounds crazy, but it?s true. You 
have to use it in water that you can drink out of, but you?ll want to 
put it in a spot that doesn?t block you from drinking. Check it 
repeatedly for a better chance of catching a fish. When you land one, 
it goes straight to your inventory.

After you build a fishing rod, press A randomly as you walk around. 
You will often find worms if spices don't come up.

14. Hunting
Bow hunting with Large Traps and especially Small Trap hunting are 
excellent ways of building an abundance of food.

Bow Hunting:
If you see an animal grazing, equip the bow, then press Y to draw it. 
Aim with the D-pad, hold A, then release to fire. Unfortunately you 
will miss almost every time. Only chickens can be killed in one hit, 
and deer will run away after being shot. That brings me to trap 

Large Trap Hunting:
Place a Large Trap near the entrance to the Grass Land. You can put 
several others nearby to increase your chances of catching an animal, 
but try to put them a little far apart or they may disappear.
Enter the cave then return to the Grass Land repeatedly until you 
find an animal ensnared. Once you've caught a creature, approach it 
and choose to domestic it (goat or chicken) or shoot and kill it with 
arrows. It takes two or three arrows to finish off the poor, helpless 
animal. The Large Trap will disappear after it captures something.

What you get from killing large animals:
-Deer: Deer Meat, Fur, Lard, Bone (after Skye cooks the meat)

Small Trap Hunting:
You can tap the ground at any time and may randomly find a small 
animal scurrying about. Tap it with the stylus and drag it in to your 
pouch in the lower-left corner of the screen to capture it. If the 
creature wanders off the side of the screen, you'll lose it. To make 
things easier, use a Small Trap.

Place a Small Trap then check it repeatedly. Every few tries, you 
will see and hear an animal inside it. When the trap lifts, catch it 
quickly before it escapes. You can find a huge quantity of animals 
this way, and the trap should last a few days. If you capture a 
chicken, you will be given the option of domesticating it. Say Yes 
and give it to Skye to score points with her. The chicken will reside 
outside of your cave for a few days until it dies, and you can only 
have one live chicken at a time.

Small Animals:
-Sand: Hermit Crab, Sand Crab, Coconut Crab
-Grass: Rat, Duck, Pigeon, Chicken (rare)
-Jungle: Turtle, Lizard, Snake... Tonight I dine on turtle soup!

15. Cave upgrades and furniture

Baskets: Bring a Green Bamboo home and Skye will start a pile of 
Baskets and Green Bamboo on the left side of the cave.

Rope: Bring a Vine home and Skye will start piling Vines and Rope in 
the top-left corner of the cave.

Shelf: Check the top wall of the cave and you will realize you can 
store 5 items there. 

Shelf Upgrades: Talk to Skye day in and day out and eventually she 
will suggest you build more shelves. Fully upgraded, you can store up 
to 20 items on the shelves. Skye will eat food left on them so you 
can leave her alone for longer periods of time!

-Upgrade 1: Log (2), Rope (Quantities unverified)
-Upgrade 2: Log, Rope
-Upgrade 3: Log, Rope

Drying Rack: Talk to Skye daily and eventually she will ask you to 
make the Drying Rack. You can store food here for her to eat when 
left alone.

Water Barrel: After you have a bottle, this washes up near the place 
you started the game at one day. Take it to the cave and you can 
store up to 30 litres of water in it. Skye will drink from it when 
left alone. You can fill the barrel faster by finding more bottles 
that have washed ashore. 

Woodpile: One day Skye suggests you keep a pile of Twigs in the upper 
portion of the cave. Keep it stocked and she will keep the fire going 
when left alone.

Once you have the Vines, you can make beds in the upper-right corner 
of the cave. Each bed helps recover more HP and stamina while you 

-Bed 1: Stone (3)
-Bed 2: Log (2), Rope (2)
-Bed 3: Log (2), Fur (2)

Find the Lake then return home to the cave. When you come back to the 
Lake, you can start building the Raft. It's possible to complete all 
6 steps in one trip, as long as you bring enough materials.

-Step 1: Log (2), Rope
-Step 2: Log (2), Rope
-Step 3
-Step 4
-Step 5
-Step 6

16. Building furniture and such
A lot of people have trouble with this. You really need to Quick Save 
before attempting to make furniture as there is a high chance of 
failure and loss of ingredients.

Directions will scroll from the left side of the screen then fall. 
need to trace the direction from the moment it starts to fall and 
finish before it reaches the bottom. You can draw the shape anywhere 
on the screen, which is much easier than drawing in the box. 
you have to blow into the microphone on certain steps as well. You 
only need to draw/blow about 75% of the shapes accurately in order to 
succeed. Reset and try again if you fail. Don?t fail!!!

16. Scrapbook
There is an easy way to fill out the Tools portion of your scrapbook. 
Once you have the materials you want to use, go to sleep and perform 
your Daily Save. Then create an item, perform a Quick Save, and 
reset. Start from your Daily Save and the item you created before 
Quick Saving will be in your scrapbook while you still have all your 
materials !

Here is a list of the items in your scrapbook and where to find them.

1.  Fire Maker
2.  Fire Maker w/ Bow
3.  Fishing Rod 1
4.  Fishing Rod 2
5.  Fishing Rod 3
6.  Fishing Rod 4
7.  Bow 1
8.  Bow 2
9.  Arrow 1
10. Arrow 2
11. Arrow 3
12. Arrow 4
13. Arrow 5
14. Arrow 6
15. Arrow 7
16. Arrow 8 
17. Spear 1
18. Spear 2
19. Spear 3
20. Spear 4
21. Spear 5
22. Spear 6
23. Torch 1
24. Torch 2
25. Small Trap
26. Large Trap
27. Fish Trap

1.  Tree Vine: Jungle
2.  Tree Bark: Beneath regular trees
3.  Log: Beach, dead center of the Jungle (south of the Swamp)
4.  Wood Stick: Beneath regular trees (less common than Twig and  
5.  Twig: Beneath regular trees
6.  Large Bone: Cave (after Skye cooks a large animal from Grass 
7.  Fur: Grass Land (kill a large animal)
8.  Stone: Beach
9.  Green Bamboo: Bamboo cove
10. Feather: Beneath North-eastern trees
11. Lard: Grass Land (kill a large, tasty animal)
12. Basket: Skye makes from Green Bamboo
13. Sharpened Stone: Made from Stone
14. Sharpened Bone: Made from Large Bone

1.  Abalone: Atop grey rocks to the left of the beach
2.  Short-neck: Beach
3.  Clam
4.  Scallop: Bamboo cove
5.  Oyster: Beach (rare)
6.  Freshwater Clam: Beach (common)
7.  Seaweed: Beach (common)
8.  Mackerel
9.  Rock Bream
10. Sillaginoid: Ocean (common)
11. Balloon Fish
12. Moray: Ocean
13. Sardine: Ocean (rare)
14. Sting Fish: Ocean (rare)
15. File Fish: Ocean (rare)
18. Parrot Fish: Ocean
19. Sweet Fish: River
20. Cat Fish
21. Black Bass: River (rare)
22. Arowana
23. Carp: River
24. Eel: River (rare)
25. Crucian: River (common)
27. Char
28. Salmon

1.  Hermit Crab: Beach
2.  Sand Crab: Beach
3.  Coconut Crab: Beach
4.  Land Tortoise: Jungle
5.  Lizard: Jungle (common)
6.  Snake: Jungle (rare)
7.  Boar
8.  Duck
9.  Deer: Grass Land
10. Raccoon
11. Chicken: Plains - right outside of your cave is best. (Rare)
12. Rabbit
13. Field Mouse: Plains - right outside of your cave is best.
14. Pigeon: Plains - right outside of your cave is best.  
15. Goat - can somehow be milked.
16. Lynx
17. Squirrel: Plains - right outside of your cave is best.

1.  Black Mushroom
2.  Blue Mushroom
3.  Brown Mushroom
4.  Orange Mushroom
5.  Purple Mushroom
6.  Red Mushroom
7.  White Mushroom
8.  Yellow Mushroom
9.  Chives: Near the Temple in Grass Land
10. Bamboo Shoot: Bamboo cove
11. Carrot: Grass
12. Dandelion: Near the Temple in Grass Land
13. Burdock: North-western corner of Grass Land
14. Onion: Just south of the Temple in the Grass Land
15. Potato: Grass, Grass Land
16. Radish: Just north of Grass Land entrance
17. Taro: Jungle, past swamp
18. Fern: North-western corner of the mighty Jungle
19. Coconut: Beach
20. Papaya: Jungle
21. Raspberry: Beneath North-western trees
22. Bread Fruit: Jungle
23. Banana: Jungle (top of pathway west of the Swamp)
24. Pineapple: Jungle (top of pathway west of the Banana pathway)

1.  Bed: Cave (Build all 3 beds.)
2.  Table Set: Cave
3.  Shelf: Cave. Build repeatedly to store a total of 20 items.
4.  Jerky Shelf: Cave
5.  Raft (6 steps.)

1.  Nobody ever sent me any. How sad!

4.  Sea Chart
6.  Uniform
7.  Bottle: Western point on beach
8.  Smoked Meat 1
9.  Bottled water: Bottle fills when you drink from water source
11. Drum: Western point on beach
12. Slate: Temple
13. Clay Pot: Lake
14. Smoked Meat 2
16. Smoke Fish 2
17. Smoked Fish 3
18. Egg: Beneath north-eastern trees
19. Lunch Box
20. Bracelet: Skye gives it to you
21. Necklace
22. Beautiful Stone

17. Special thanks
I couldn't have created this guide without help from the GameFAQs 
Lost in Blue message board users, whose names are now lost to time. 
After the first version of the FAQ came out, many more people wrote 
in, mostly containing the same info, so I?ll just say thanks to all 
of you guys. Thanks everyone!!! I'd also like to thank Bad Religion 
for being the best punk band in the world. Anyway, send me some juicy 
data, love letters, or juicy love data letters, and I'll thank you 

19. Contact information
I am no longer supporting this FAQ, but please let me know if you 
want to take it over. Good writing skills are necessary. Keep in mind 
the following email address is used only for my FAQs and therefore I 
may not check it regularly.

Email: eastfaqs at gmail dot com
Xbox Live Gamertag: EastX
Sega Saturn Net Link Handle: Eastman

Lost in Blue copyright 2005 Konami

This document is copyright 2005 by Paul Acevedo. It may not be posted
anywhere but gamefaqs.com, ign.com and cheats.de without permission.
I'm *not* posting my FAQs anywhere else at the moment. Care for a 
little Blue Lagoon action, anyone?

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