• Rare Metals

    Rare Metals, the two rarest meteos are unlocked in the Fusion Menu when you get at Least 9 endings. They can be bought as many times as you wish.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Rare Metal: Soul500 Fire, 500 H20, 500 Zap, 500 Zoo and 200 Glow meteos
    Rare Metal: Time500 Air, 500 Soil, 500 Iron, 500 Herb and 200 Dark Meteos

    Contributed By: ThunderMan.

  • Unlock Planet Sound Sets

    You can Unlock some Sound sets from The planets by doing certain Requirements.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anasaze Set200 Soil
    Bavoom Set500 Air
    Boggob Set200 Herb
    Brabbit Set1000 Air
    Cavious Set1000 Soil
    Credits Sound set100 Air, 100 Fire, 100 H20, 100 Soil, 100 Iron, 100 Zap, 100 Herb, 100 Zoo, 100 Glow, 100 Dark, 1 Soul, 1 Time
    Dawndus Set500 Zoo
    Ending 11 Soul
    Ending 21 Time
    Ending 31 Time
    Firim Set200 Fire
    Florias Set1000 Herb
    Forte Set500 Soil
    Freaze Set500 H20
    Fusion Room300 Fire, 300 H20
    Gigagush Set1000 Iron
    Globin Set1000 Zoo
    Grannest Set200 Iron
    Gravitas Set500 Zap
    Henedevor Set200 Dark
    Hotted Set1000 Fire
    JelJel Set500 Fire
    Lastar Set1 Time
    Layazero Set1000 Zap
    Luna = Luna Set100 Dark
    Megadom Set200 Zap
    Mekks Set500 Iron
    Menu100 Air
    Meteo Sound Set1 Air, 1 Fire, 1 H20, 1 Soil, 1 Iron, 1 Zap, 1 Herb, 1 Zoo, 1 Glow, 1 Dark, 1 Soul, 1 Time
    Oleana Set200 H20
    Opening100 Air
    Planet Anasaze sound setBeat the Branch route
    Planet Brabbit sound setLaunch 10,000 or more Meteos
    Planet Cavious sound setPlay for an Hour
    Planet Freaze sound setSee four endings for the Branch route
    Planet Layazero sound setFinish a 1,000 Meteo war in 3 minutes or less
    Results300 Zap, 300 Herb
    Star Trip300 Soil, 300 Iron
    Starri Set1 Soul
    Subordion Set300 Dark
    Thirnova Set300 Glow
    Vubble Set1000 H20
    Wiral Set100 glow
    Wuud Set500 Herb
    Yooj Set200 Glow

    Contributed By: ThunderMan and Zardah.

  • Unlock Weapons

    Once you've acquired enough blocks of a certain type (or types), you can fuse them together to make weapons.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    100 Air, Fire, Soil, and H2O MeteosFinish a 100-Meteo War in 10 seconds or less
    100 Iron, Zap, Zoo and Herb MeteosPlay three wireless matches
    Cross BombSee the true ending for the Straight route
    Driller Bomb150 Air, 200 Fire
    EraserGet five other players' profiles
    Fury HammerClear the Multi route for the first time
    Heavy weight256 Soil, 512 Iron, 512 Herb
    Row Bomb111 Fire, 111 H20, 111 Soil
    Smart Bomb300 Air, 300 Fire, 300 H20, 300 Soil, 300 Iron, 300 Zap, 300 Herb, 300 Zoo, 50 Glow, 50 Dark, 1 Soul and 1 Time
    Smoke Line800 Air, 1000 H20, 20 Glow, 1 soul
    Smoke ScreenScore 100,000 points in a 5:00 time war
    Speeder lock1024 H20, 255 Soil, 350 Herb, 20 Dark, 1 Soul, 1 Time
    Super Rockect80 Air, 80 Fire, 1111 Iron
    War Axe500 Herb, 400 Zoo
    X Bomb500 Fire, 500 Soil, 5 Glow, 1 Time

    Contributed By: garrspete and ThunderMan.

  • Unlockable Planets

    These secret planets can be unlocked for fusion in the fusion shop by obtaining the required amounts of Meteos for their fusions.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Boggob50 H20, 100 Soil, 600 Herb, 100 Zoo, 1 Glow
    Brabbit1800 Air, 150 Fire, 150 Water, 150 Earth, 150 Zap, 150 Herb, 150 Zoo, 1 Soul
    Cavious1 Air, 400 Fire, 1 Water, 2000 Earth, 500 Iron, 400 Zap, 400 Herb, 1 Zoo, 1 Glow, 1 Dark, 2 Time
    Dawndus300 Air, 1200 Fire, 300 Earth, 700 Herb, 700 Zoo, 10 Glow
    Florias1 Soul
    FloriasPlay the game for more than 5 hours
    Forte2980 Earth, 1 Zoo, 8 Dark
    Freaze100 Air, 100 H20
    Frizam100 Air, 200 Water
    Gigagush20 Air, 10 Fire, 30 Water, 300 Iron, 1500 Zoo, 30 Dark, 1 Soul
    Globin3333 Zoo, 666 Dark, 3 Soul
    GrannestComplete Star Trip "STRAIGHT" mode once
    Gravitas1221 Earth, 1441 Iron, 121 Zap, 161 Zoo, 1 Time
    Hevendor777 Air, 777 Fire, 777 Water, 777 Earth, 777 Iron, 777 Zap, 777 Herb, 777 Zoo, 77 Glow, 77 Dark, 1 Soul, 1 Time
    Hotted4000 Fire, 800 Iron, 50 Dark, 2 Soul
    JeJel666 Fire, 666 Soil, 666 Zoo, 3 Dark
    Lastar1500 Glow, 2 Time
    Layer Zero256 Air, 256 Fire, 256 Water, 256 Earth, 256 Metal, 256 Electric, 256 Plant, 256 Animal, 64 Light, 64 Dark
    Luna=Luna1500 Fire, 1500 Earth, 1500 Iron, 100 Zap, 100 Herb, 100 Dark, 2 Soul
    MegaDome200 Air, 200 Fire, 100 Water, 100 Earth
    Mekks1024 Iron, 800 Zap
    Meteo5000 Air, 5000 Fire, 5000 Water, 5000 Earth, 3000 Iron, 3000 Zap, 2000 Herb, 2000 Zoo, 1000 Glow, 1000 Dark, 5 Soul, 5 Time
    Planet BavoomScore 50,000 points in a 2 minute time war
    Planet JeljelGet another Player's profile
    Planet LayazeroSee the true ending of multi route
    Planet MeteosPlay Star Trip and watch any 8 different endings
    Planet VubbleSee all seven endingsfor the Branch route
    StarRii2500 Herb, 2500 Zoo, 500 Glow, 3 Time
    Suburbion78 Air, 77 Fire, 75 H20, 1200 Dark, 2 Soul
    Thirnova1000 Fire, 2800 Zap, 400 Glow, 2 Time
    Wiral500 Iron, 2000 Zap, 50 Glow, 1 Time
    Wuud800 Water, 3000 Herb, 1 Soul
    Yooj4000 Air, 500 Fire, 1000 Water, 100 Glow, 1 Time

    Contributed By: kyozenbaka, ThunderMan, digimax, and xx99.


  • Fight True Meteo

    To do battle against the toughest incarnation of Planet Meteo in the game, play through Star Trip Multi mode and clear every mission you get. (i.e. winning within a given time limit, launching a certain quota of Meteos, etc.) Whenever you get the option, choose the upper-most branch path, these are the more difficult missions. True Meteo is the purple map dot on the top-right of the map, so try to get there.

    A good strategy to use on your way is tapping the micro-radar screens to the left of your playfield. Tapping a radar targets that individual planet, letting you send all your Meteos to a single planet. (The default setting at the beginning of each mission spreads your launched Meteos evenly across all available planets, which is not terribly effective.) Blow planets up one at a time, but remember your mission and don't destroy them too quickly.

    True Meteo is really three normal Meteo grouped together (a three-eyed nebula instead of the usual one eye), and the planet's gravity and overal strategy remains the same, there are simply three planets to launch Meteos at. Defeating it earns you the game's most gratifying ending.

    Contributed By: ColdFlameZero.

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