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Reviewed: 03/28/05

Not Bad

Well... I supose I will go over each game seperatly, but first I guess I will go over the game selection menu. You have to use the pen to scroll through and select the games, as well as tap the screen with it to start each game. This can be pretty annoying if you dont plan on using the pen to play, as you have to toss it down quickly and get your hands on the controls because each game starts right away. Another thing I found confusing is the button you tap to switch between "retro" and "remix" versions of the games. The button always displays what it will change to if you push it, rather than what your looking at. So you see "retro" and you start the game, but what your starting is the "remix" version. The "retro" versions show you the original cabnit art of the game, but the "remix" versions just show you the artist's name who doctored it up. So you have to tap the "retro" button if you want to see what the heck game its on if your passed the DS lol. All small things, but they reflect that this game was rushed. Ok now the games:

Asteroids 5/10
Retro - Looks great. The control pad works much better than the Atari Paddle ever did. Trying to use the Pen or Thumb Pad will give you an experience even worse than the old Atari Stick though. This is a really good version of Asteroids. The score I gave it reflects the fact that Asteroids was never really my kind of game and I always found it hard. If you love Asteroids this will be a 10/10 for you, just dont expect decent "touch" controls.
Remix - WTF. The graphics make no sence. Everything is cube-like. The scrolling backgrounds are nice though. I prefer the original graphics though. I think this would of been much better if they just made the asteroids look like real rocks, and updated your ship and the ufos slightly. They kind of blew this "update" in my opinion. This bumped my score down a bit too.

Breakout 10/10
Retro- Looks great. Sounds great. Using the control pad gives you the full on "classic atari" experience with its HORRABLE control lol. This is one game where the "touch" controls save the day. You can enjoy the classic graphics and sounds while actually being able to CONTROL the paddle with the pen. Dont even try it with the thumb strap though. The dual screens are perfect for this game. It will make you wish they would remake Alleyway on the DS. The difficulty is perfect, hard at first, but with the touch control its something you get better and better at.
Remix- Pretty much the same game, but with little designs on the wall. Its not bad, but again I think I like the original better.

Centipede 10/10
Retro- Looks great. Again, the dual screens are perfect for this game. So how did they mess this one up? The controls! Using the pen or thumb starp is a horrable idea, but luckily the control pad works as fine as it always has. The catch? They set the buttons to move your guy! You have to push L or R to shoot! It gets really sore on the hand fast no matter how you control your guy. This almost knocked the score down a bit. The Atari version of Centipede is a bit easier overall than the versions you might of played on gameboy. The spider is perhaps more annoying though, so it evens out pretty much.
Remix- Looks really good. The backgrounds look nice and the game still looks like Centipede. This is pretty much what saved the score. Together, these versions would be the perfect Centipede if only you could shoot with the buttons!

Gravitar 1/10
Retro- To be honest, I never liked this game. I think its terrable. So if you loved the classic, expect a 10/10. Its a straight port again. Again the pen and thumb strap just make complicated controls even worse. The control pad is better than the old Atari joystick though, as usual. I think this is one of the hardest games in his collection.
Remix- Kind of weird again, but not nearly as weird as what they did to Asteroids. Its looks a lot like the original, just slightly updated.

Lunar Lander 1/10
Retro- Again, honestly I never liked this game. And again, this is the other hardest game in this collection. And again, if you liked the original you will give this a higher score since its a straight port. Again the control pad is better than the old joystick and the pen and thumb strap are horrable.
Remix- Again, it looks a lot like the original. Just slightly updated.

Missile Command 5/10
Retro- Looks and sounds great like the original. The pen is great for this game, you can just tap where you want to shoot your missiles. However despite making the game look good, the dual screen causes some problems. You cant touch it, so you have to hold R and move the control pad and press a button to shoot. So you kind of either have to forget about the top screen, or try to juggle the pen while using the control pad too. Again, this was never my kind of game, so if you loved the original the new "touch" control is probably going to make this a 10/10 for you, granted you can give up shooting missiles past the touch screen. This game is hard at first, but practice makes perfect.
Remix- Looks great. Slightly updated while keeping that nostalgia feeling.

Pong 10/10
Retro- Black and white with the sounds you remember. The control pad seems to work better for this game than with Breakout. The pen still works great too. The improved controls make this game kind of easy though.
Remix- Its pretty much the same thing. Its light orange instead of white lol. I dont like the scoreboard as much as the classic one though.

Sprint 3/10
Retro- If your use to seeing the more modern "sprint" games, this is going to look kind of funny. The control pad works just like you were playing those games too. Dont bother with the pen or thumb strap though. The biggest thing that turns me away from this game is the fact that it just goes on and on. No race end, no you win, you lose. The tracks just keep changing as your driving.
Remix- Make it look more like the modern "sprint" games. I have to say this is the better version.

Tempest 1/10
Retro- wow, I never played the original version of this but it had to of been better. This LOOKS like it would be fun- moving around a loop, shooting guys. But the controls totally ruin it. Forget about the pad, you HAVE to use the touch screen. The pen is the way to go, as the thumb strap just makes it worse. The thing is, you circle the pen around the thing on the touch screen and the ship doesnt move with it! You have to play it to believe it, but trust me it sucks. And once again you have to use L or R to shoot. It would be easier, but the controls make it quite hard and not fun.
Remix- The graphics look slightly updated, but I dont like the way the new ship looks.

Warlords 5/10
Retro- Might be the best looking game lol. It seems hard at first, but you get use to it. The more you play, the less you find it fun though. The controls are fine, I like the pad better I guess.
Remix- actually looks kind of like a step back from the original lol. Its not bad though.

Ok, so lets look at the total package- We got about 3 great games, 3 ok games, and 4 kind of bad games. Even when you count the remixes you got about 6 great games and 6 ok ones. Like I said... not bad. Centipede is almost worth 30 bucks on its own. Add in Asteroids, Breakout, Missile Command, Pong... you get your money's worth.
Since there are 10 games and only about 6 of them will be found enjoyable to most, and the rating goes /10, I decided to rate this a 6/10. Not bad.
Comparing this to other DS games, its probably my favorite so far, even though you will find yourself only using touch control for about 3 out of the 10 games.
If your a fan of Centipede, Breakout, or Missile Command you are going to want to get your hands on this game- these might be the best versions you will find.
The rest of the games arent really "improved" as advertised, but they are nostalgic fun ^_^

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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