Review by Mana Kirby

Reviewed: 03/19/05

Re-packaged classics are fun. And so is graffiti.

Retro Atari Collection is a DS game with ten classic Atari games on it. They each have two versions: 'Classic' (original style), and 'Remix' (graffiti style). Atari hired some leading graffiti artists to redesign each game, to give them more flavor.

Well, you cant really say much about the graphics in classic mode, as they are the same as they have always been: fine. They are not anything spectacular, but they get their job done without a problem. The remix graphics are a nice touch, and can add a lot of fun to a game, if you get bored with its old-school graphics.

Classic, easy to navigate. Not too much to say here.

The controls for some of the games rock. The controls for some suck. Pong, Warlords, etc. have okay (just okay) controls. The paddle/shield/whatever seems to slide a little bit after you stop moving the control pad, but the touch screen is fine for that. The one game that is ruined is Gravitar. It uses analog emulation on the screen, but it requires you to be lefty, if you dont want to smear your thumb on the screen, or try to mess with the unwieldy thumbpad. Using the d-pad completely messes you up, as it sticks the joystick to max power. One game stands out in controls above all else: MISSILE COMMAND. This game utilizes the touch screen perfectly. Touch where you want to shoot. Perfect; best controls this game has ever had. So, for the most part, the controls are mediocre, and seem to have too much emphasis on the touch screen, where the d-pad would have sufficed.

Bleep. Bleep. What can you say? Its the classic sounds of the games, you can't expect remixes or anything, so its fine. No problems here.

Replay Value
This is where the game really shines. While you may only play each game for five minutes at a time, this game sucks up your time like a vacuum cleaner. You can plan to play for ten minutes, and play for two hours. If a game gets boring, you switch to another, and by the time you get around to it again, its fun again. A great game for killing time, over and over and over again.

So overall, this game is pretty good. Its fun to play, and easy to get into. However, if you are someone who likes games with a lot of substance, don't get this game. Its a great deal for ten games at 30 bucks, so pick it up if you want a good game for the DS.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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