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by GlennMHarvey

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Enemy Grinding Guide by GlennMHarvey

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/11/14


What's this?

This is a guide on how to grind enemies for souls and items more quickly and efficiently, in the game Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

The point of the guide is to indicate the best locations and ability combinations for grinding enemies.

This guide focuses on grinding for souls, but you can also use this guide for best places to grind enemies for items.

Terminology used in this guide

  • grind = repfeatedly kill an enemy to try to get its soul.
  • flipping between = exiting and re-entering a room repeatedly, in order to reset one or both of the rooms.
  • chandelier column = the stack of three big rooms with huge chandeliers, in the Demon Guest House.
  • finger rooms = the one-block-size rooms adjacent to the chandelier column rooms.
  • Soul Eater Ring = an item that costs a fortune (300000$) to buy from Hammer, but which both increases your LUCK stat AND further doubles the appearance rate of souls.
  • shaft = a tall room that's only one room-block wide. Present in various areas, such as the Lost Village, the Cursed Clock Tower, the Wizardry Lab, and (probably most notably) Gergoth's (effectively gigantic) boss "room" that basically makes up the whole of the Condemned Tower. Also the name of a wizard once hired by Dracula, as well as an African-American private investigator portrayed by Richard Roundtree.
  • Wizardry Lab 2: that second part of the Wizardry Lab at the very bottom left of the map. It's the area that contains Homunculi (#71); you have to cross a spikes room to get to it.
  • ghost-lit shaft = a shaft in Wizardry Lab 2 that has a ton of Ghosts (#3) and invisible platforms that are only visible when Ghosts pass through them.
  • Lost Village big rooms: there are three of these. The first is the one with two peeping eyes, which is on the same elevation as where you start the game. Then there are two below, past the Flying Armor boss room; these two both have a fountain and cars at the bottom. The one on the left leads to the Lost Village warp room, a save point, and Yoko's and Hammer's bases. The other leads to less interesting stuff, such as a room with a row of zombies. Both can be opened to shafts beneath the fountains, by accessing them from beneath (requirements: Bone Ark, or Puppet Master + Skeleton Ape), and then make your way through the Wizardry Lab 2 and then up the Lost Village shafts.
  • soul color = red, blue, yellow, or grey. Red souls are called "Bullet" souls in the game, and they let you do a single action by pressing up + attackbutton, such as throwing a puppet, throwing a spear, launching a fireball, or entering a mirror. Blue souls are called "Guardian" souls in the game, and they generally cause something to happen over a length of time by pressing the R button, either holding it or using it to switch something on or off; examples include summoning familiars (on/off) and causing a tornado above you(hold R). Yellow souls are called "Enchant" souls in the game, and they confer some sort of status or ability automatically, such as a stat bonus, the ability to eat rotten food (and gain HP from it), or resistance to certain status ailments. Grey souls are called "Ability" souls in the game, and just grant additional basic abilities, such as double-jump.
  • Chaos Ring = the prize of getting at least one of every monster's soul. Lets you use soul powers without MP cost.
  • diagonal demons = Barbariccia (#58), Draghignazzo (#50), and Malacoda (#99). So named because they all stab diagonally, and also share other design similarities. Barbariccia and Draghignazzo both have three-star-rated souls (blue and yellow respectively), though Malacoda has a two-star soul (which is red).
  • crawlers = Mollusca (#20) and Giant Slug (#90).
  • weeds = Une (#17), Corpseweed (#28), and Alura Une (#79, also known as Venus Weed).


#. Monster Name (soul leveling type) star rarity

  • Description of monster from game. My commentary on said description, and brief description of its attack pattern(s).
  • Soul color: Soul function. (MP cost/use or time)
  • Where best: The best location for finding the monster--more specifically, the best place to grind for the monster's soul.
  • Comments: My comments on the soul's function, or the monster, or other interesting tidbits. Includes a mention of those three-star souls that I got by luck (i.e. without grinding), just for fun (your results will probably be different, of course).

Soul rarity ratings by stars

  • * = (relatively) common
  • ** = uncommon
  • *** = rare (i.e. possibly a pain in the rear to get without the Soul Eater Ring, even possibly with it)

Soul leveling types

These deal with how that soul's ability upgrades based on how many souls you have from that monster.

  • 1: Only one soul is needed to have the full effect; any more are effectively useless.
  • 2: The soul is at level 1/2 (1 of 2) until you get 9 of them, then it becomes level 2/2.
  • 3: The soul is at level 1/3 until you get 5 of them, then it becomes 2/3 until you get 9 of them, then it becomes 3/3.
  • 5: The soul is at level 1/5 until you get 3 of them, then it becomes 2/5 unti you get 5 of them, then it becomes level 3/5 until you get 7 of them, then it becomes 4/5 until you get 9 of them, then it becomes 5/5.
  • 9: The soul is at level x/9 where x is the number of souls you have, up to 9.

If you have more than 9 of that monster's soul, you get full effect anyway. No "master materia" effects or other powerups.

Here's a chart of what level that monster soul is depending on how many souls of that kind you've collected.

number of souls ->

v- soul leveling type


Other comments

  • If you need to grind souls, you should probably wait until you have the Black Panther (#88) and Hippogryph souls, because they make movement so much faster. Other useful items are the Treant (#35) soul, which increases MP recovery speed -- before you get all the souls, you will need to do some grinding in order to get that Chaos Ring, and this will help.
  • If you are grinding souls or items after you've gotten the Chaos Ring, a useful setup is to have one soul/equipment set be your grinding set, where you're maxing out luck with items like Three 7s, Ghost Dancer x9, and either Rare Ring or Soul Eater Ring, and your other soul/equipment set having the Chaos Ring (and maybe The Creature) -- switch to it to recover MP (and maybe HP) when you run low. If you haven't gotten the Chaos Ring, substitute Treant and the Rune Ring.
  • Some souls do not have a number, because they are not encountered as enemies. These are the Doppelganger and Hippogryph souls. I have included them at the end of the list. Also, some enemies do not have gatherable souls; they are all bosses and are at the end of the list, before Doppelganger and Hippogryph.
  • The skeleton (#4), armor knight (#11), and golem (#15) encountered in the intro section of the game ALWAYS drop their souls.
  • This is NOT a FAQ about the use of souls in weapon syntheses, which is something I am totally unfamiliar with (since I did not use that feature).
  • This is also NOT meant to be a FAQ with commentary on how useful each soul is. For that, check MrPaladin's Soul FAQ. (Disclaimer: I am not related to that FAQ in any way, nor do I endorse the information in that FAQ.)
  • This FAQ contains spoilers. I have made no effort to hide spoilers.

The Guide!

Note that the area names in the section headings are approximate -- there are several enemies that "don't belong", but have the number they have anyway.

Lost Village and Wizardry Lab enemies: #1 (Zombie) to #19 (Manticore)

1. Zombie (9) **

  • A rotting corpse of a villager, animated by magic. Pops out of the ground, walks toward you, and later sinks back into the ground.
  • Red: Summon Zombie. (12/use)
  • Where best: If you don't have the Black Panther (#88) soul, the big room above the save point in the Lost Village, with the spawning Zombies, the Wargs (#9), and the Axe Armor (#7). If you have the Black Panther soul, the room three blocks below the upper Lost Village save room (the one next to the Flying Armor boss room), with the bunch of zombies (though they don't respawn).
  • Comments: Useful as an early-game holy water variant. Kinda slow to summon and move, though, but it does decent damage.

2. Bat (3) **

  • A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the castle. Just flies at you in an approximately straight line, curving upwards and downwards slightly toward you.
  • Blue: Summon Bat as familiar. (3/time)
  • Where best: The second big Lost Village room, with three bats on the ceiling above the bottom left room with lots of zombies.
  • Comments: A somewhat useful familiar ability. Note that you get 2 bats at level 2 and 3 bats at level 3. They just try to fly at stuff to damage it. Kinda fun to have, though not the most powerful.

3. Ghost (1) ***

  • A small spirit doomed to wander the castle grounds for eternity. Drifts in mid-air, and through platforms.
  • Blue: Separate from the body and conduct reconnaisance. (5/time)
  • Where best: Various shafts in the Wizardry Lab. If you still don't have one by late game, use the shaft with the hidden platforms in Wizardry Lab 2 (the lower Wizardry Lab area), where massive numbers of ghosts spawn all the time -- I call that the ghost-lit shaft.
  • Comments: This is one of the three-star souls that I got without grinding, in part because many of them appear all the time in some areas. However, the soul itself isn't very useful, since you can't use the soul to check out places farther than half a screen away from you, and since you can't use it if you get hit by an enemy. Still, it gets points for creativity. As a sidenote, note that some souls are red, some blue, some yellow, some grey, and some black, but Soma's soul is white.

4. Skeleton (3) **

  • A skeletal corpse controlled by magic. Throws bones at you.
  • Red: Throw bones. (8/use)
  • Where best: just about anywhere. If you need them by late game, you'll probably end up getting several while hunting for the Peeping Eye (#6) soul, since a skeleton is right next tot that Peeping Eye on the bottom floor of the Demon Guest House. Or grind them at the same time you grind Skull Archer (#8).
  • Comments: Only mildly useful. It's like a weaker, smaller, and lesser-ranged form of the axe subweapon, though, as you level it up, the bone becomes bigger. If only it could throw giant bones like Nathan could...

5. Ouija Table (1) ***

  • An enchanted desk possessed by a spirit summoned in a seance. Looks like a table that animates when you approach.
  • Yellow: Sit in the chair to regain HP.
  • Where best: the Lost Village room two blocks above Yoko's place or Hammer's place. Many souls can take this out (though NOT horizontal "shooting" souls like Killer Clown or Ripper). The most efficient one in terms of MP consumption is probably Student Witch (#12), which will probably break the table in one hit with its cat (enjoy the cat noises), though Slogra (#96) is faster with its spear's reach.
  • Comments: Quite useful soul, but very rare as well. With it, you can finally make use of all those chairs lying around the castle, as well as Hammer's crates! Sit in them to take a break and regain HP quite fast.

6. Peeping Eye (1) ***

  • A creature that keeps watch in the castle. When it senses your presence, it will open its eye and start flying around.
  • Yellow: Identify breakable walls.
  • Where best: The room on the right, on the lowest floor of the Demon Guest House. Equip a fully-upgraded Buer (#43) soul so you have a spinning offense shield around you, and just keep on dropping into the middle of the room, which contains a Peeping Eye. Alternatively, equip the Black Panther (#88) soul and zoom back and forth between the early Lost Village room with the Peeping Eye, or in that Guest House room (flipping between it and the next room to the left with the Axe Armors).
  • Comments: VERY useful for finding secrets if you want to find hidden rooms yourself. (Alternatively, you could look them up, I guess?) Unfortunately, the soul is a pain to get.

7. Axe Armor (3) *

  • An armor-clad soldier that is highly skilled with axes. Throws axes at you that fly forward then backward, or in an arc. Walks forward slowly.
  • Red: Throw an axe upwards. (25/use)
  • Where best: In the room to the left of the Peeping Eye (#6) room, in the Demon Guest House. Here you can kill two of them per go. Just jump down the stairs while swinging a nice long sword.
  • Comments: This is basically the axe subweapon (unlike Aria, where the Axe Armor soul was basically the cross subweapon). REQUIRED to get the good ending.

8. Skull Archer (3) **

  • An archer made of bone. Slowly advances toward you, then slowly fires on you.
  • Blue: Shoot arrows with deadly accuracy. (20/time)
  • Where best: Best location: Just to the left of the only room with a Gorgon (#78). Throw a Mandragora (#22) while standing on that tiny ledge -- you will hit the Skull Archer and only the Skull Archer. Second-best location: Enter the Wizardry Lab at the top, from the Lost Village, as you normally would. At the bottom of the first shaft, go left. Flip between this room and the shaft. There are several Skeletons (#4) here, and two Skull Archers; you should be a high enough level to zoom through all of them using Black Panther (#88). Zoom in and out of this room, and watch for blue souls; the skeleton souls are red.
  • Comment: A slightly odd soul to use. It's actually "hold down the R button to charge your attack", and charged attacks deal more damage. May come in handy against Iron Golem (#101).

9. Warg (9) *

  • A wolf that breathes intense flames. Howls, then breathes fire, or growls, then lunges and bites.
  • Red: Use fangs to tear at foes. (25/use)
  • Where best: Lost Village, 2x2 room immediately to the right of the drawbridge. Enter from left; it's close enough to the door that you can kill it with anything.
  • Comment: Lets out a ghosty warg head in front of you, which bites once. Can be used in mid-air, so it's useful against the Flying Armor boss. Generally useful early-game; short range but high attack power.

10. Spin Devil (5) *

  • An evil blade possessed by a demon. Or just a demon that spins around in a tornado that occasionally moves around. Generally easy to kill.
  • Blue: Create tornadoes. (20/time)
  • Where best: The big room in the Lost Village, with the drawbridge. Exit/reenter from the bottom left corner. There's another one of these in the second Village big room (the fountain room to the right of the other fountain room that leads to Yoko's and Hammer's places).
  • Comment: A rather useless soul, with one exception--it's a convenient way to get the Mud Demon (#89) soul at the very end of the game (and the nearby Heart Eater (#62) along with it). Thankfully, also a one-star soul, so it's easy to take care of this, especially after you get the Soul Eater Ring. Now, if only they made this a powerup that let you create mid-air tornadoes and then stand on them...

11. Armor Knight (3) **

  • An armor-clad soldier equipped with a deadly spear. Walks slowly with its spear held upward until it senses you, then lowers the spear. Lunges with spear, or swings spear downward. Caution: may attack far upward or far downward, if you're above or below it.
  • Blue: Attack with a spinning spear. (30/time)
  • Where best: Lost Village, to the right of the two-block room with the Ouija table (#5).
  • Comment: Basically you're spinning a spear to make a continuous shield surrounding you, but it can only be activated when standing, and you can't move while using it, so it's basically a more clumsy version of the Buer (#43) soul, so if you really want to grab the Peeping Eye (#6) soul early on, you could use this. Leveling it up only makes the spin range wider. Not very useful. Do note that, it does activate instantaneously, and on both sides, so if you want to have a quick-start and quick-end attack that hits in front and behind you, tap R with this soul. Not very powerful, but at least it hits and has nice range.

12. Student Witch (9) **

  • A witch-in-training who is still learning how to cast spells properly. It will attempt to fly a bit, and then fall back down.
  • Red: Summon a cat. (12/use)
  • Where best: Same room as for Witch, but if you only want to hit the Student Witch, just duck and swing a greatsword instead of throwing a Mandragora (#22). You can also hit a Lilith (#44) this way.
  • Comments: This ability appears to complement Dead Mate's (#74) ability (or rather, vice versa, since Student Witch came first as an enemy). This is basically Maria's cat subweapon, which is a very fast but rather weak holy water.

13. Slaughterer (1) **

  • A savage man that kills with its bare hands. Strange that it is described as "man" when the face is clearly that of a pig.
  • Red: Smack enemies with quick straight punches. (15/use)
  • Where best: Enter from the upper left the room immediately below the Wizardry Lab warp point. There will be a Slaughterer directly across the screen from you. Use Killer Clown (#45) or Ripper (#87) to hit it.
  • Comments: Very powerful, though you have to be on the ground to use it, and the range is very short. Can deal more than 1 damage to Iron Golem (#101). May become more useful with Werewolf (#91).

14. Bomber Armor (3) **

  • An armor-clad soldier that tosses bombs. It tends to toss bombs to where you are. Don't worry when it dies; -that- bomb doesn't hurt you.
  • Red: Toss a high-power explosive. (48/use)
  • Where best: two rooms right of the top save point in the Wizardry Lab. Fire Killer Clown (#45) cards at it for easiest effect.
  • Comment: Not particularly useful. Level 2 has a different design for the bomb, but still takes some time to explode. Level 3 throws several explosives that explode on contact, and they do a LOT of damage, though unfortunately they also do kinda lack range. (Use with Skeleton Ape?) Special note: it does not explode when it his an ENEMY. It only explodes when it hits the GROUND (or a platform). May be useful for killing Succubi (#86).

15. Golem (9) **

  • A giant clay figure imbued with an artificial life force. Walks forward slowly, lunges forward with a punch, kicks, and sprays pebbles.
  • Yellow: Raise STR.
  • Where best: See Manticore (#19). Alternatively, exit/reenter that room from the right, and throw a Mollusca (#20), since it's kinda far from the door.
  • Comments: Increases the STR stat by +2 for every soul you have, up to +18 for up to 9. Also see Manticore (#19).

16. Slime (9) *

  • A monster composed of a gel-like substance. Slithers towards you (and can change direction), and occasionally bounces around. Weak to mostly everything except weapon hits, though that shouldn't matter late-game.
  • Red: Summon a bouncy Slime. (12/use)
  • Where best: The vertical two-block room on the right side of the area directly below the biggest Clock Tower room (it should have a Tanjelly (#93) and a Slime, and lots of spikes). Enter from the bottom left, and throw a Mandragora (#22).
  • Comments: Basically the rebound stone subweapon, with more unpredictability as to the bouncing angles.

17. Une (9) **

  • An eerie plant that feeds on blood. All it does is pop out of the ground when you're near and sit there, waving its leaves.
  • Red: Throw une at a foe. (18/use)
  • Where best: If you STILL haven't gotten a ton of these souls, let alone just one, then try repeatedly spamming some ground-hugging soul on those two Une to the left of Dario's boss room in the Garden of Madness. However, unless you want a fully powered Une soul to use as your holy water equivalent, wait on grinding this until you need to grind for the Alura Une soul (#79).
  • Comments: Basically, this is stationary holy water. It is less powerful and more expensive than Waiter Skeleton's (#40) plate of curry, but the curry is smaller at lower levels and is harder to level up. Also, Une's smaller size at max level may be useful to grind Dead Mate (#74).

18. Skeleton Ape (1) ***

  • A skeletal corpse of an ape that is controlled by magic. Holds a barrel, which it'll throw at you (in a Donkey Kong reference, obviously). Otherwise just lumbers around slowly and can throw a very-short-range punch at you.
  • Yellow: Throw a foe with credible power.
  • Where best: Garden of Madness, any of the three big rooms. Enter from the top left or top right. As you enter the room and walk toward the Skeleton Ape, jump almost immediately, to avoid its barrel attack, and swing your weapon in mid-jump. Exit, and repeat, probably very many times. Alternatively, don't jump but throw a Mandragora (#22), which will take care of both the Ape and the barrel. I recommend the center room, because you can enter from either side, and also, when you get bored, you can go down and kill the Skeleton Farmer (#24) and Mimic (#68). You can grind Mimic more effectively elsewhere, but this is the only Skeleton Farmer in the game.
  • Comment: You don't actually throw any foes in this game. What the soul does, however, is allow you to throw *stuff* farther: all projectile-tossing souls--including Mandragora (#22), Waiter Skeleton (#40), Puppet Master (#107), and others--get their stuff thrown farther with Skeleton Ape equipped. Consequently, this soul (with the Puppet Master soul) is one of the ONLY TWO WAYS to pass the spiked water room and reach the lower left portion of the map (the other being Bone Ark (#77), which is arguably slightly easier to get). Sidenote: this soul took me freaking forever to get.

19. Manticore (9) **

  • A monster with the body of a lion, the wings of a bat, and a scorpion's tail. Can walk torward you, breathe a fireball, and strike with its tail, though not all at the same time.
  • Blue: Grow a tail. (5/time)
  • Where best: The lower "book storage room" in the Wizardry Lab, two rooms to the right of the hallway with the UMA News and the Heart Eaters (#62). There's one at the bottom of the room, next to a bottom exit from the room. There's a Golem (#15) in the room below; you can also grind for that monster's souls at the same time.
  • Comments: The soul literally grows Soma a tail, which lunges forward very briefly after Soma swings his weapon. It has slightly greater range as well. This soul is useful in getting the Golem soul just downstairs because you can execute a quick double hit, though obviously not the only option. Kill it with whatever you wish, by late game, the Manticore should die in one hit by pretty much anything reasonable. There's even a light above the Golem should you need to recover hearts.

Garden of Madness and Dark Chapel enemies: #20 (Mollusca) to #38 (Great Armor)

20. Mollusca (3) **

  • A monstrous mollusk imbued with the castle's dark power. All it does is slither toward you to poison on contact. Drops anti-venom sometimes; how convenient.
  • Red: Summon a Mollusca. (10/use)
  • Where best: On either side of the central Garden of Madness boss room. Practically anything will kill it in one hit by late game, and it's practically a sitting duck waiting to be hit.
  • Comments: A fast-moving, long-range, large, but weak version of the holy water. Useful for collecting the Golem (#15) soul.

21. Rycuda (9) **

  • A monstrous bird that wields lightning. Flies around and tries to shoot you diagonally downward with lightning.
  • Red: Summon thunderbolts. (35/use)
  • Where best: Find the Wakwak Tree (#55) room, go to the right, down, and right. You'll find two Rycudas. Mow them down repeatedly using a swinging weapon; use the lower exit to reset the room.
  • Comments: A homing thunderbolt, very fast. Usually doesn't do much damage, but can multi-hit large enemies such as Final Guard (#98). It also drops the Fried Chicken healing item, and is REQUIRED to get the Mothman (#81) soul.

22. Mandragora (1) **

  • A mythical plant that is said to inflict death to those who uproot it. Actually, in this game, it uproots itself and then lets out a scream with pretty darn big radius.
  • Red: Shout to send monsters flying. (30/use)
  • Where best: Find the Subterranean Hell warp room, and find the first thing above it. Alternatively, find the lower save room in the Garden of Madness, and go two blocks right and one block up. Enter that hallway from the left. If you drop an Aguni at the door, you'll kill two of them. If you walk up to the first one and drop and Aguni, you'll kill three of them.
  • Comments: REQUIRED for Flying Humanoid (#32) soul, and besides, it's one of the most useful souls for enemy grinding, due to its large range and high damage. Goes through walls, too, making grinding for Malacoda (#99) easier. You can even extend how far you throw it using Skeleton Ape (#18), or increase its damage using Skelerang (#46). Too bad it doesn't become even more insane by leveling up...

23. Yorick (1) **

  • A skeleton that ceaselessly chases after its own skull. A reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet, obviously. Kicks its skull toward you, then walks toward the skull (wherever it might have bounced to). If you destroy the skull, it'll jump three times and then start running fast back and forth. Your sliding into the skull can move the skull as well.
  • Red: Kick a skull like a ball. (20/use)
  • Where best: The 2x2 room to the right of the central save point in the Garden of Madness. Enter this room from the bottom, and you'll find three Yoricks doing their business, going left. Chase after them, and throw a Mandragora (#22) to get them all at once.
  • Comments: A very interesting soul. You throw a skull upward and it arcs back downward like a normal projectile would, and it does minimal damage. However, if you can position yourself such that you slide into the skull (kicking it, effectively), then anything it hits takes TEN TIMES the normal damage. I haven't really found a good use for it yet.

24. Skeleton Farmer (1) ***

  • A skeleton that sows haunted plants. In particular, all it does is walk back and forth slowly, and occasionally throw five seeds--four green ones that sprout Unes (#17) and one yellow one that sprouts a Mandragora (#22). They all disappear within a short time (though you can kill them), but the Mandragora comes up immediately. Funny thing is how the Skeleton Farmer will cover its ears (or act like it's doing that) as the Mandragora comes out.
  • Yellow: Enhance the performance of plant-type abilities.
  • Where best: There's only one in the entire game, and it's located in the center bottom of the central big room in the Garden of Madness. The best way to get to it is to enter from the bottom left, kill the Catoblepas (#26), then fight the Skeleton Farmer, which will take two or more hits to kill. I'd recommend getting the Black Panther (#88) soul and the luck-improving items to make things easier.
  • Comments: Equipping it makes souls that use plants -- such as Une (#17) and Mandragora (#22) -- more powerful. Not a particularly useful soul. I got this three-star soul without grinding for it, luckily (though I DID have to grind like mad for that Skeleton Ape (#18) soul nearby...).

25. The Creature (1) ***

  • A humanoid creature constructed from numerous corpses. Activates with electricity when you approach. Punches, lunge-punches with an electric bolt, or kicks with huge recoil for massive damage.
  • Yellow: Restore HP gradually.
  • Where best: The Creature is located at the bottom of the Alamaric Sniper (#36) room; exit and re-enter at bottom left. Throw Mandragoras at it. It'll take a while.
  • Comments: Restores 1 HP per second. Useful if you're running low and can find a safe spot.

26. Catoblepas (3) **

  • This ox-like beast's breath turns living things to stone. Walks slowly.
  • Blue: Breath clouds of petrifying gas. (15/time)
  • Where best: the two rooms right above the Mollusca (#20) rooms. Again, nearly anything will easily do the job by late game.
  • Comments: Kinda interesting that the game actually differentiates between "living" and "nonliving" things--Skeletons (#4) can't be petrified, for example, but Corpseweeds (#28) can. However, unfortunately, that doesn't make it any less harmful; you still take damage if you walk onto a petrified enemy (assuming you would take damage if you walked onto it unpetrified). Anyway, it just generates a cloud of petrifying gas in front of you as you stand. Not very useful.

27. Ghoul (1) ***

  • A foul being that rose from the grave to feed on corpses. Like Zombie (#1), rises from the ground in sets of three in certain rooms.
  • Yellow: Eat food that is normally unpalatable.
  • Where best: They spawn in great numbers in several places, including the Wakwak Tree (#55) room in the Garden of Madness, a room in the Chapel with a Witch (#42), a room in the Chapel with Hell Boar (#52), and in the Silenced Ruins (the rooms with the Dead Mates (#74) and elsewhere). They're easy to get to; don't be put off by the three-star rating. If you need to grind, go to the three-block-wide room in the Chapel dungeon right below the save and warp points, and grind this along with Hell Boar.
  • Comments: One of the most useful souls. You'll easily get it even early on, because you'll want to kill lots of Ghouls. They drop Rotten Meat, which is an item that normally de-heals -200 HP (down to 1 at maximum; you can't die from food poisoning apparently). However, with its soul, it instead heals +200 HP. The Wakwak Tree's (#55) amanita item (heals about 150 HP I think) and the Dead Pirate's (#69) rusty food tin item (heals a whopping 600 HP!) also become useful. But what's highly recommended is keeping a stock of rotten meat (no joke) and a Ghoul soul on hand. Low on HP, and no potions? Just switch to the Ghoul soul, eat rotten meat (they're free to get too!), and switch back to your yellow soul of choice!

28. Corpseweed (9) *

  • An Une that feeds off the nutrients of corpses. It looks slightly brighter green than an Une, and takes about twice as many hits (or just one in late game). It pops out just like an Une, but a moment later, it grows a stem and then a head, which spits things at you every so often. Both the weed and the head are vulnerable.
  • Blue: Summon Corpseweed as a familiar. (3/time)
  • Where best: You should be overloaded with even more of these than with Une (#17) souls, but if you really need more, they're right at the room entrances to the tops of the rooms with the Catoblepases (#26). Heck, that's also right next to two Skeleton Apes (#18)!
  • Comments: A rather useless soul, but easily obtainable and cheap to use. As you level it up, it spits more often. May be useful if you need to up damage output or number of hits per unit time, such as against Final Guard (#98) or Iron Golem (#101).

29. Yeti (1) *

  • The notorious abominable snowman. Lumbers around in the background; only jumps to the foreground momentarily if you can offer it food, then it jumps back and disappears.
  • Blue: Create a white orb of dark power that grows as it rolls. (10/time)
  • Where best: Only available in the (outdoor) "room" where you start the game. REQUIRES Waiter Skeleton (#40) soul to get it: Throw out a plate of curry, and it'll notice that (see the "!") and jump toward it. After it takes one hit from the curry, it'll jump back into the background. What you should do is, after throwing the curry and making sure the Yeti has noticed it, switch to the Mandragora soul, and throw one just before it jumps into the foreground, then button-mash a normal attack, so that both the Mandragora and your weapon attack will hit it. (It's easier than it sounds, and it's a /1 one-star soul anyway.)
  • Comments: Not particularly strategically valuable of a soul, but quite fun to use. Note, however, that you actually have to roll the ball in order to get it to damage opponents; it won't do continuous damage while stationary.

30. Tombstone (1) ***

  • Possessed by the grudges of the dead, it attacks all living things. It stands motionless in one hallway in the Chapel. If you approach it, it shakes and starts jumping around.
  • Yellow: Nullify petrification.
  • Where best: It appears two rooms to the right of the upper save room in the Chapel. Use the Larva soul or the Witch soul to attack it efficiently from a distance (and to avoid dealing with the fact that it is resistant to striking attacks). Enter/exit the room from the left. (There are several more in that giant room connecting the Chapel to the Condemned Tower, but those are less easily accessible.)
  • Comments: Particularly useful in the Cursed Clock Tower, whenever dealing with yellow Medusa Heads (also in that big room in Subterranean Hell). Too bad it is such a rare soul, although I guess that allows most players to have a "real" clock-tower-medusa-head-petrification-dropped-onto-spikes experience.

31. Ghost Dancer (9) **

  • The spirits of nobles that dance with great elegance. Travel to the right side of the room in a wavy path, separate, recombine, travel to the left side of the room in a wavy path, separate, recombine, repeat. Note: Any items that drop from this monster drop from the male dancer.
  • Yellow: Raise LUCK.
  • Where best: See Alamaric Sniper (#36) for location; you can grind for both the Sniper and Ghost Dancer at the same time. Or just run around the room killing the Ghost Dancers.
  • Comments: Increases the LUCK stat by +2 for every soul you have, up to +18 for up to 9. Generally useful for soul-hunting.

32. Flying Humanoid (1) (guaranteed)

  • A mysterious figure that hovers in the distance. Has no attack patterns.
  • Blue: Raise INT and LUCK. (15/time)
  • Where best: Only found in the room to the left of the upper right save room of the Cursed Clock Tower. REQUIRES the Mandragora (#22) soul. Use the Mandragora soul, and it will turn into a soul that takes quite a while to fly over to you.
  • Comments: Much like the Sky Fish soul of Aria. Spend a large amount of MP to temporarily increase INT up to +75 and LUCK up to +18 (increasing stops when you stop holding R down or if you get hit, but the bonus lasts for several seconds). Possibly useful while soul hunting, which is why I carry it along, but it doesn't seem to make all that much different, oh well.

33. Mini Devil (3) **

  • A little demon with a big heart. Appears out of thin air, then attacks by flying around and firing what appear to be blades of wind.
  • Blue: Summon Mini Devil as a familiar. (5/time)
  • Where best: In the room with the bells in the Chapel (three rooms to the right of the top save point. Upon entering the room from the left, you should see two Mini Devils appear. Make sure you wait for them to fully appear before attacking them. Just jump at them and swing and that should be it for both of them.
  • Comments: A decent familiar soul. Sidenote: be sure to Hippogryph into the leftmost bell and get the Bell special item while you're at it.

34. Quetzalcoatl (9) **

  • A reincarnation of the ancient snake god. Though apparently now it has to suffer the indignity of being ridden by a fleaman. Such is the price of undeath in Dracula's castle.
  • Blue: Summon Quetzalcoatl as a familiar. (5/time)
  • Where best: The boss room where you fought Dmitri now has a Quetzalcoatl. It always bounces toward you no matter which side you enter from. Throw a Mandragora (#22) from the entry ledge, just a teeny bit of time after entering the room so that it will successfully hit it and not explode too early. Or for that matter, just swing a weapon with decent range, with almost the same timing, but standing a little to the right.
  • Comments: When you summon it, it doesn't bounce, but rather flies around you, and a chibi Soma rides it.

35. Treant (1) ***

  • An ancient tree animated by a purely malevolent will. Just walks, kicks, and lunge-punches. Basically, just the Golem, but without the pebble-spitting.
  • Yellow: Increase MP recovery speed.
  • Where best: a one-block room in the Garden of Madness, above the entrance from Subterranean Hell.
  • Comments: Useful if you are out soul-hunting and don't want to wait so long for MP to recover. Or if you're recovering from a curse. Or something. Completely useless with the Chaos Ring, of course.

36. Alamaric Sniper (9) **

  • A fearsome archer and a fallen angel. Tries to shoot arrows at you.
  • Red: Summon an archer to support you. (25/use)
  • Where best: Dark Chapel, the tall room just to the right of the warp point. Enter from the right, and toss a Mandragora (#22) once you've seen the arrow fly (indicating the presence of an Alamaric Sniper). If you wait long enough before throwing your Mandragora, you can also get one or two Ghost Dancers (#31) with it.
  • Comments: Shoots straight forward, with some delay. I don't use it much, but it seems rather powerful (more powerful than the Great Axe Armor, when both are at full power), and that you can use more than one at once. Since you can use it during a jump, you can use it to chain stuff that's not on elevation with you.

37. Valkyrie (1) ***

  • A female warrior with a pretty face and a wicked heart. Flies around and lunges at you.
  • Blue: Transform into a Valkyrie and charge at foes. (30/time)
  • Where best: Just inside the second chandelier column room from the top, in the Demon Guest House. Flip between that and the skywalk to the left. Use the Killer Clown (#45) soul to rapidly repeatedly defeat the Valkyrie on the column room side.
  • Comments: Basically the Curly (Kali) soul from Aria.

38. Great Armor (1) **

  • A heavily armored knight built out of the corpses of powerful warriors. Or do you mean the armor? I thought The Creature (#25) was built from corpses. Can walk forwards and backwards slowly, and take any of three actions: swing its sword at you, lift its sword and swing it at you, and stand in a guarded posture to become temporarily invulnerable.
  • Blue: Summon Great Armor as a familiar. (5/time)
  • Where best: Go to the Alamaric Sniper (#36) room, and take the top left exit. There will be two Great Armors in that room. Destroy them as you wish, but for best results, use Mandragora and zoom in/out with Black Panther.
  • Comments: Great Armor ghost appears behind you, and attacks every time you attack, effectively doing two attacks at once. Mildly useful, mainly if you need to really wail on something.

Demon Guest House and Condemned Tower enemies: #39 (Killer Doll) to #59 (Malachi)

39. Killer Doll (1) ***

  • A murderous doll that wanders in search of living bodies. All it does is float slowly or quickly towards you. It's main trouble is that it can curse you on contact--i.e., rapid MP drain. (Thank goodness the curse condition isn't as annoying as it was in Symphony or Circle, and you can buy Uncurse Potions from Hammer!)
  • Yellow: Nullify curses.
  • Where best: the top "finger room" to the right of the second-from-top "big room" contains two Killer Dolls. Just throw Aguni (#113) flame at them. (This is the room right below the passage from the Pinnacle to the Demon Guest House.)
  • Comments: Ironically, useful when hunting for these things. Now if only Nathan could access this ability in Circle of the Moon...

40. Waiter Skeleton (3) **

  • A skeleton that inhabits the castle. Always carries around a pot of curry. When you approach it, it'll notice you, throw the curry at you, and then crash into a nearby wall. You have to kill it before it kills itself. (It's not as hard as the skeleton medalist from Circle, thankfully.)
  • Red: Serve delicious curry. (10/use)
  • Where best: The room in the Silenced Ruins just to the left of the connection to Subterranean Hell. Throw a mandragora as you walk in from the left, or get down to their level and throw a Larva, or pretty much anything that travels far and fast enough to hit both of them before they throw you their curry and self-destruct. Rinse and repeat until you get your desired number of souls.
  • Comments: This soul is REQUIRED to get the Yeti (#29) soul. Also, as you level up this soul, the plate of food (which is just an object that you throw and it lands on the ground and stays there) grows in size and the contents change (which is a nice graphical touch). Attacks a bit more slowly than Une (#17) though. Finally, I should mention that the idea of attacking people with plates of curry is just hilarious.

41. Persephone (3) **

  • A demonic maid in the employ of an unearthly baron. Also known as the "ninja maid". When it senses your presence, it will bow, walk slowly towards you, and then attempt to use martial arts against you.
  • Blue: Enable "magic vacuum." Vacuums up enemy HP.
  • Where best: the lowest of these "finger rooms" in the Demon Guest House, to the right of the "chandelier column". Enter, toss Mandragora (#22) or Frozen Shade (#70) or Aguni (#113) or even Witch (#42), exit, repeat until you achieve desired number of souls. Alternatively, do the same thing with the ninja maid just to the left of the bottom left corner of the slider puzzle in the Demon Guest House.
  • Comments: +2 HP per hit at level 1, +4 HP per hit at level 2, +6 HP per hit at level 3. Useful for HP recovery as you wander the castle; less powerful but safer and available earlier than Succubus (#86). Use it to annoy other Persephones as well as Student Witches. Defeat a Warg (#9) with it and watch as the warg's pieces get sucked into the vacuum. Some projectiles may also be suckable, such as Killer Clown (#45) cards.

42. Witch (3) **

  • A spell caster with the ability to cast a wide variety of clever spells. But it only casts a homing spark spell. Also, when you kill it, it turns into a cat and poofs at the nearest wall.
  • Red: Launch magic shots that track targets. (20/use)
  • Where best: the uppermost "finger room" to the right of the top Demon Guest House big room (the big rooms being the "chandelier column" rooms). Just toss a Mandragora (#22) there. Not to mention you can also pick up Student Witch (#12), Lilith (#44), Succubus (#86), and (if you aim right) even Persephone (#41) from that room.
  • Comments: A very useful homing soul for hitting hard-to-reach enemies.

43. Buer (5) *

  • A beast with many legs. Rolls around on these diagonal platforms.
  • Blue: Wear a cloak of tumbling fire. (10/time)
  • Where best: The topmost of the vertical rooms on the left side of the Condemned Tower core -- i.e. the one that, if you go left, eventually connects to the Cursed Clock Tower. Enter this room from the left, and immediately fire off Rycuda (#21) (the zaps are homing and should kill it from the platform you enter the room on), or get onto the slightly lower platform and throw a Mandragora (#22) or a Frozen Shade (#70) (Frozen Shade is more reliable if you are lower-leveled). That should do it.
  • Comments: Rotating fireballs surround you; at level 1, there are 2 fireballs; +1 for each level up, up to a max of six. Can be useful to get the Peeping Eye (#6) soul, as well as for general defense.

44. Lilith (9) **

  • An alluring demon that deludes its victims with its mystifying beauty. Moves slowly, except when sometimes dodging a weapon attack or lunging forward to "kiss" you. If they dodge an attack, they may fall off a platform and onto another.
  • Yellow: Increases INT.
  • Where best: Same room as Witch (#42). Duck and swing a greatsword to only hit the Lilith and the Student Witch (#12) (make sure you're far enough in the room). Alternatively, you can jump out of/drop back into the bottom chandelier column "big room" in the Demon Guest House.
  • Comments: +2 INT per soul.

45. Killer Clown (9) **

  • A creepy jester with murderous intent. Also a shrewd poker player. Bounces around slowly and sends three sharpened playing cards flying your way every so often.
  • Red: Throw cards as weapons. (21/use)
  • Where best: Immediately to the right of the Demon Guest House warp room. A variety of weapons are effective against it, though Slogra (#96)'s spear might save time due to its reach. Just flip between that room and the room to the right.
  • Comments: REQUIRED to get the good ending. Also basically a very good knife subweapon.

46. Skelerang (1) **

  • A skeleton that expertly hurls boomerangs. ...and rather slowly, actually, though the boomerangs do travel far if you let it get off its attack.
  • Yellow: Enhance throwing ability.
  • Where best: Notice that the Garden of Madness is symmetrical. Find the right-side room that corresponds to the warp room on the left side. Just to the left of it is a Skelerang directly in your line of sight...and easily targetable with a Killer Clown (#45) card. Just flip between these two rooms until the desired item and soul have been obtained.
  • Comments: Seems to make ranged weapons deal 50% more damage. I never really used such weapons so I never found a use for this.

47. Fleaman (9) **

  • A sinister little man that leaps about as if he were a flea. One of the more annoying enemies dating back to Castlevania 1. However, in this game, they're quite easy to deal with, especially if you have a greatsword weapon that swings through a nice big arc.
  • Red: Summon Fleaman. (8/use)
  • Where best: Just turn on a fully-powered Buer (#43) soul, and stand in the room with the Wakwak Tree (#55). If your Buer soul isn't fully powered, keep on swinging your weapon repeatedly as well.
  • Comments: Summons a Fleaman, which is just as unpredictable as the monster. Not a particularly useful soul, though amusing to use.

48. Devil (1) **

  • Hell's keeper. Flies around and tries to kick you diagonally from above.
  • Blue: Enter a pact with the devil to sharply raise STR. (10/time)
  • Where best: In the middle hallway connecting the two columns of the Demon Guest House. Enter from the left. Throw a Malachi (#59) ball in mid-air (or anything else that is slow, can multi-hit, and stays in mid-air) toward the center of the room. Then walk to the center of the screen to trigger the Devil. It should just take several hits upon its materializing. For best results, stay to its left so even if it retreats it will keep taking hits, and try not to kill it above the ceiling (where dropped items might end up inaccessible).
  • Comments: I never used this.

49. Guillotiner (3) *

  • Rumored to have chopped off thousands of heads with its bloody guillotine. It starts flying around when you approach it, and both parts fly separately (but stay in vertical line with each other), and occasionally snap together. Hit either part to damage it.
  • Red: Summon a guillotine from hell. (24/use)
  • Where best: The Pinnacle, the four-block square room beneath the upper save point. Enter from the top right, and throw a Killer Clown (#45) card (it's conveniently right in line with the doorway).
  • Comments: Like Warg but with bigger vertical range. It delivers a short-ranged and slightly delayed but powerful hit when it snaps. Rather useful for hitting airborne enemies or enemies above you.

50. Draghignazzo (1) ***

  • One of the guardians of the dungeons of hell. He is quite the pessimist. Flies to avoid your attacks, and attacks you by stabbing on a downward diagonal.
  • Yellow: Raise resistance to flinching upon taking damage.
  • Where best: Coming into the Condemned Tower from the Chapel, the second room. Exit/re-enter from the Tower itself. Use the Axe Armor soul.
  • Comments: One of the three "diagonal demon" souls, and one of the two that are both rated three stars. I don't really know how this soul is related to the monster (since very few of them flinch, if any), but this soul is pretty useful if you hate how getting hit causes your character be unable to do stuff. This might be useful in the shaft with invisible platforms and tons of Ghosts in the lower Wizardry Lab area (though Dead Crusader also takes care of that), as well as against Abaddon, although remember that even though you're not flinching, you can still take massive amounts of damage.

51. Needles (3) **

  • A giant sea urchin that has been driven close to extinction from over-fishing. Well, let's drive it closer by grinding it for its soul (or does it really get any closer, since they respawn every time you revisit the room?). All it does is sit there and get in your way. Well, Castlevania isn't known for providing realistic modeling of ecosystem dynamics...
  • Blue: Summon Needles as a familiar. (3/time)
  • Where best: The little two-block room at the bottom left corner of the BIG room in Subterranean Hell.
  • Comments: Puts a Needles behind you at level 1, 2 Needles at level 2, and 3 Needles at level 3. They just follow you around. I think this is a reference to Gradius, where you could get a powerup that basically stayed several steps behind you, but unfortunately, Needles merely trails you and doesn't attack when you attack. This might only be useful if you're fighting bosses that that you have to get close to, or ones that you need to run away from.

52. Hell Boar (1) **

  • A boar from hell with exceptional fighting skills. Uses uppercuts.
  • Red: Knock down enemies with power-packed uppercuts. (15/use)
  • Where best: A room with many Ghouls (#27) right beneath the Dark Chapel save and warp points. It's awkwardly located in the middle of the room (so it's suggested you wait until you have Black Panther (#88) if you need to grind this), and you can easily take it out with a powerful and fast soul like Killer Clown (#45). If you have Black Panther (#88), fire off a Killer Clown (#45) card after you break two candelabra, coming in from either side.
  • Comments: Very powerful but very short range. One of the few attacks that can do more than 1 damage to iron golems. May become more useful with Werewolf (#91).

53. Bone Pillar (9) ***

  • The skulls of dinosaurs animated by a demonic force. They behave like traditional bone pillars, shooting fire at you, though they only do this if you're close enough. They will generally turn to face you, and you can also stand on top of them just fine.
  • Yellow: Increases CON.
  • Where best: That room in the far left area of the Demon Guest House, with the insanely large number of bone pillars.
  • Comments: +2 CON per soul.