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FAQ/Walkthrough by nmlynch2004

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 10/21/05

      ####              #  #                        #
     #    #             #  #
     #      ###    ##  ### #  ##  #   # ###   # ##  # ###
     #         #  #  #  #  # #  # #   #    #  ##  # #    #
     #       ###   ##   #  # ####  # #   ###  #   # #  ###
     #      #  #     #  #  # #     # #  #  #  #   # # #  #
     #    # #  #  #  #  #  # #  #   #   #  #  #   # # #  #
      ####   ## #  ##   ## #  ##    #    ## # #   # #  ## #

####                                 ##    ###
#   #                               #     #   #
#    # ###   #  #  # # ##     ###  ###    #      ###  # # # #  ###  #  #  #
#    #    #  #  #  # ##  #   #   #  #      ###  #   # ##  ##  #   # #  #  #
#    #  ###   # # #  #   #   #   #  #         # #   # #   #   #   #  # # #
#    # #  #   # # #  #   #   #   #  #     #   # #   # #   #   #   #  # # #
#   #  #  #    # #   #   #   #   #  #     #   # #   # #   #   #   #   # #
####    ## #   # #   #   #    ###   #      ###   ###  #   #    ###    # #

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough
           for the Nintendo DS
       Version 1.25 by nmlynch2004
 COPYRIGHT (c) 2005 Nate Lynch. All rights reserved.
       E-Mail: bucktwenty@gmail.com

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Version Info
3. Story
4. Controls
5. Quick Walkthrough
6. Walkthrough
    I. The Lost Village
    II. The Wizardry Lab
    III. Garden of Madness
    IV. Dark Chapel
    V. Garden of Madness (2)
    VI. Demon Guest House
    VII. Subterranean Hell
    VIII. Dark Chapel (2)
    IX. Condemned Tower
    X. Cursed Clock Tower
    XI. Subterranean Hell (2)
    XII. Silenced Ruins
    XIII. Cursed Clock Tower (2)
    XIV. The Pinnacle
    XV. Demon Guest House (2)
    XVI. The Pinnacle (2)
    XVII. Garden of Madness (3)
    XVIII. Condemned Tower (2)
    XIX. Mine of Judgement
    XX. The Abyss
7. Enemy List
8. Frequently Asked Questions
9. Legal Info
10. Credits

                            1. INTRODUCTION

The sequel to Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for the Game Boy Advance is what I
think to be the best Castlevania game to date, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.
This is my first FAQ... feel free to e-mail me to tell me how it is and if I
need to add/remove/change anything. My e-mail is bucktwenty@gmail.com.

I saw a topic on the Message Boards complaining about how this FAQ has
spoilers in it. Well duh it has spoilers - its a walkthrough! Read a review
if you want to know what the game is like, not a FAQ. So, consider this
your warning - there are SPOILERS in this walkthrough! Sheesh.

Use Ctrl + F and search for whatever you need in this guide. It's a lot
faster that way.

                            2. VERSION INFO

Version 1.25 - Began Monster List work. Added FAQ section. Submitted to
               GameFAQs 10/21/05.
Version 1.00 - Finished first draft of Walkthrough section, added Quick
               Walkthrough section. Submitted 10/17/05.
Version 0.75 - Updated 10/16/05. Added more to the Walkthrough section.
Version 0.50 - First submitted to GameFAQs.
Version 0.01 - First attempt at FAQ. Began October 9, 2005.

                                3. STORY


(taken from the game's introduction)

Ever since the solar exlipse of 2035, my life has never been the same.
It was then that I realized, I, Soma Cruz, am the rebirth of Dracula...
It was in his castle that I learned the truth...
That I possessed the power to seize the souls of my enemies.
That evil power almost engulefed me, but my friends pulled me from the
brink. About a year has passed since then, and I thought my troubles were

(in a city's streets)

Mina Hakuba: Ha ha! Are you serious?

Soma Cruz: Yeah, and that's when Hammer decided to-

Mina Hakuba: Wait... Soma, can I ask you something?

Soma Cruz: Yeah, of course, Mina. What's wrong?

Mina Hakuba: It's been a year since it all happened, hasn't it?

Soma Cruz: Yeah, just about.

Mina Hakuba: And what was it called? You know, the ability to use the power
             of monsters?

Soma Cruz: You mean the power of dominance? I lost it when we escaped
           Dracula's Castle, remember?

Mina Hakuba: I know, but... It's just that I get this terrible feeling

Soma Cruz: It's probably nothing... Look, don't worry, okay? This past
           year, I haven't been able to use any of the powers I gained.

(a woman appears)

Woman: You... You're Soma Cruz, aren't you?

Soma Cruz: Uh... Yeah... And you are?

Woman: You may call me Celia. But not for long... Come forth, my servants!

Soma Cruz: What?! Mina, get back! Damn it! Of all the worst-

Man: Soma! You back off, too!

Mina Hakuba: Mr. Arikado!

Celia Fortner: Genya Arikado, the guardian?! Hmph! You shall not interfere!

Genya Arikado: A barrier! Quick, Soma, use this!

(Arikado tosses Soma a knife. Some fights and destroys a Skeleton, Armor
 Knight, and a Golem.)

Celia Fortner: Soma Cruz, I shall see your demise. That is certain. Using
               whatever means...

(Celia disappears)

Soma Cruz: Wait!

Genya Arikado: Save your energy. You won't catch her now.

Soma Cruz: Damn it!

Mina Hakuba: Soma, are you alright?

Some Cruz: Yeah, I'm fine. But that power... It returned! Arikado, what's
           going on?

Genya Arikado: The power didn't "return." It was always with you. You just
               never had a need for it since you fled the castle. And that
               set free all the souls you gained dominance over.

Soma Cruz: You mean I couldn't use the power because I was never in any
           danger? Hmm. Anyway, who was that woman? She seemed to know you.

Genya Arikado: Celia Fortner. She's the priestess of a new and rapidly
               growing cult. We suspected she was up to something, so we've
               been keeping tabs on her.

Mina Hakuba: But why would someone like that come after Soma?

Genya Arikado: They want to resurrect the lord of darkness. Like some
               sought to do with Dracula.

Soma Cruz: I guess they don't like the fact that I didn't become the "lord
           of darkness."

Genya Arikado: Not only that, they intend to create a new lord by
               eliminating you.

Mina Hakuba: E-Eliminating?

Genya Arikado: But Soma, you don't need to get any more involved with this.
               Let us deal with it.

Soma Cruz: That woman... She said she would "see my demise."

Mina Hakuba: Soma...

(Several days later...)

(Soma is outside the cult's castle.)

Soma Cruz: So, the cult's base is here. Hammer's info wasn't so iffy after

Man: Gahaha! You doubted my word?!

Soma Cruz: H-Hammer? What are you doing here?

Hammer: What, are ya dense? Who told ya 'bout this place? Wait, it was me.

Soma Cruz: Well, yeah, but...

Hammer: Hey, you got your mind on doin' somethin' wicked, huh? I want in,
        buddy. And hey, what happened to that pretty little lady? You
        remember, right?

Soma Cruz: You mean Yoko? She's not coming. In fact, I haven't told a soul.

Hammer: Huh? She ain't comin'? Well, why not?! Aw, man... Well, since I'm
        here, I'd better make the best of it. I guess I'm back in business,
        and you're my customer!

Soma Cruz: Hammer, look, I'm saying this for your own good. You really
           should leave.

Hammer: Can't do that, I'm afraid. I know when someone's in trouble and I'm
        not just gonna leave ya here.

Soma Cruz: Okay... I appreciate it.

Hammer: I'll scope out the area and find a spot to set up shop. See ya
        around! (to himself) Man, why wouldn't he just tell her about

Soma Cruz: ...

                            4. CONTROLS

(taken from the game's manual)

+Control Pad     Move player
A BUTTON         Perform a special attack with your equipped weapon.
                 This attack consumes MP.
B BUTTON         Jump
X BUTTON         Swap between your A and B equipment sets. You must acquire
                 the Doppleganger Tactical Soul to use this ability.
Y BUTTON         Perform a normal attack with your equipped weapon.
R BUTTON         Use the Guardian-Type Tactical Soul you have equipped.
L BUTTON         Dash backwards.
UP + Y BUTTON    Use the Bullet-Type Tactical Soul you have equipped.
DOWN + B BUTTON  Slide when on normal terrain. Jump down to a lower level
                 when on narrow platforms.
SELECT           Swap between Map View and Status Window sub-screens.
START            Display Status/Settings menu.

                            5. QUICK WALKTHROUGH

This section is for those who don't want exact tips on what to do, but just
if they want to have a hint or two on where to go next.

NOTE: This is to get the best ending in the game.

1. Fight Flying Armor in the Lost Village
2. Fight Balore in the Wizardry Lab
3. Fight Dmitrii in the Dark Chapel
4. Fight Malphas in the Dark Chapel
5. Fight Dario in the Garden of Madness
6. Fight Puppet Master in the Demon Guest House
7. Fight Rahab in the Subterranen Hell*
8. Fight Gergoth in the Condemned Tower*
9. Fight Zephyr in the Cursed Clock Tower
10. Fight Bat Company in the Silenced Ruins
   a. Get the Axe Armor soul**
   b. Get the Killer Clown soul**
   c. Get the Ukoback soul**
11. Fight Paranoia in the Demon Guest House
12. Fight Aguni in the mirror of the Dario boss battle in the Pinnacle
13. Fight Death in the Mine of Judgement
14. Fight Abaddon in the Abyss
15. Fight Menace in the Abyss

*These bosses can be fought in any order.
**These souls are needed to access the Paranoia boss battle room, located
  in the upper left portion of the Demon Guest House, which can be reached
  by going through the Pinnacle. Obviously, these souls can be gotten at any
  point in the game, not just after you beat Bat Company.

Send me an email if you think more information is needed in the Quick
Walkthrough. I tried to be as simple as possible.

                            6. WALKTHROUGH

                          I. The Lost Village

You begin the game in the Lost Village with a knife, and three souls:
Skeleton, Armor Knight, and Golem. Equip these, and move on through the
next two rooms, fighting the Skeletons, Bats, and Peeping Eye along the
way. In the next room, pick up the Short Sword and equip it. Continue

Watch out for the Wargs and Axe Armors in the next room. There are
some Zombies, too. In the next room, there is a short cutscene with
you, Yoko Belnades, and Julius Belmont. Yoko will give you your first
magic seal; she'll describe them to you. If you need to practice any
of the magic seals, pause the game, go to Magic Seal, then select the
one you want to practice.

Yoko will then follow you. Head back to the room where you found the
short sword. Go down to the bottom. To your right is a Save Room. I suggest
you save. Then head left, and your first boss battle will begin.

            ///          Boss: Flying Armor            \\\

This boss shouldn't give you any trouble. You'll typically be level 3 when
you fight him, and that is plenty enough. When he spins his swords around,
just avoid him. He'll also have his swords come flying towards the
center of the screen from both sides; simply jump over them to dodge this
attack. He'll also shoot his swords directly at you. When this happens,
again, simply run away from them. After you defeat him, you'll have to draw
Magic Seal 1, the one that looks like a V, and he'll be gone for good.
You'll get his soul, which reduces the speed of falling. Grab the health
he drops after the short conversation with Yoko and head left.

With the Flying Armor soul equipped, jump and in the middle of your jump,
hold R to float a little longer than normal so you can get to the next room.
You'll also pick up a Claymore sword. This sword is more powerful than your
short sword, but it's attack is somewhat slower. Equip whichever you prefer
and head left.

In the next area, if you jump across the three platforms, you'll get a
Spear. You'll notice theres a room to your left, but you can't reach it
because there is a barrier in the way. Make note of where that is, though,
because that is a Warp Room. Go into the room directly below the Warp Room.

Defeat the Ouiji Table in here and grab the Mace. Then stand as far to the
left of the room as you can and drop down (if you don't know how, it's
Down+B at the same time.). The room to your left is a Save Room. After
saving, head right, grab the $1000, and go right.

You'll be back outside again. Drop down and head left; this is where Yoko
ran off to. She'll describe to you how she can fuse souls to weapons,
thereby making them better. After you're done talking to her, head right,
through the next room.

This is Hammer's Shop. At various points in the game, he'll get more and
more items for you to use, but the weapons he sells aren't the best you
can get. The best ones are fused with souls in Yoko's place.

Anyway, after you've talked to Hammer, head to the room above his shop.
There is only some Zombies and an Ouiji Table in this room, and you pick up
$1000. Go right.

You'll be in another outside area. If you go down and to the right and
through the few rooms, you'll pick up a Cape. This is an accessory that just
adds 2 points to your defense. You could sell it if you want, too.

Back in the area outside, theres a Potion above the entrance to the area
with the cape. Above that is the room you need to go to. To reach the door,
jump up the platforms near the door on the left side of the room, and use
the Flying Armor soul to cross the gap. Once across, head inside. There's a
couple student witches you should take care of, then exit through the door
in the upper right side of the room.

This room is just full of candles. Break 'em, and grab the money, and
continue to the right.

in this room, the right exit is blocked off; just hit the switch next to
the door by hitting it with your weapon and continue right.

Watch out for the Spin Devil in this room, and head right, through the door.

                         II. The Wizardry Lab

Immediately when you enter this room, note that there is a save room
directly below you on the left side of the room. Across from the save room
is a room which has a treasure chest with money inside it, and a Blunt
Sword. Go back to the shaft and head down it. There is a door at the bottom
of the room to your left; enter it.

There are many different enemies in this room, but one of note is the
Skeleton Archer. If you have the patience, you may want to enter and exit
the room and kill him until you get his soul, because it will help you
a LOT in a boss battle later on in the game. It's your choice, though, of
course. There are also some Slimes, two Axe Armors, and a Student Witch.
Head out on the left side of the room.

You'll emerge in another shaft. Go down, and enter the first door on your

There's 2 Manticores in this room. Kill them, and move on to the next
room. It's (surprise!) another shaft. Directly across from you is your
first warp room. Enter it and activate it by pressing up on the D pad. You
can now warp back and forth between here and the Lost Village warp room.
This will come in handy if you ever need to buy potions or upgrade your
weapons. Go back to the shaft, and head down. Enter the door on your right.

Fight your way through to the bottom of this room, and head left. Watch out
for The Creature (the one that looks like Frankenstein), because he can
take quite a few hits to kill. He moves slowly though, so you should be

You'll come into another tall room. Head to the bottom of it and go right.

Cutscene time! Yay! You'll meet the Dario and Dmitrii, the candidates for
the new dark lord. After the cutscene, go right.

At the bottom of this room, there are two exits; the one to the right is
a save room, and the one to the left is a boss fight. Guess which one you
should enter first. After saving (duh), go fight the boss.

            ///              Boss: Balore              \\\

This boss can be kinda tough. Since you are still somewhat weak, you should
concentrate on dodging his attacks, and settling in for a long[er] battle.
His face is his weak point. He has a few different attacks. He will throw
a punch that sweeps along the floor of the room... to dodge this, jump over
it. He'll also do an uppercut punch, and you dodge this by running to the
right. You'll know he'll do the uppercut punch when he pulls his fist in
really close to himself. He also punches horizontally across the center of
the room, and you can dodge this by simply not jumping when he does it.
He usually follows up with a low sweeping punch after this. When you see
his eye flash purple, get on the floor and DUCK, because he shoots a laser
beam at you and it does a lot of damage. When he isn't moving it, you can
stand on top of his fist. You should be alright against this boss if you
are about level 8-10 or above.

After you kill him, you'll gain the ability to destroy the blue blocks that
look like ice that you walked over when you entered the boss room. On your
way out, you have to break the blocks. Touch the blocks you want to destroy
with your finger or the stylus, then leave the room. You should probably

Head back to the room where you saw Dario, Dmitrii, and Celia. There is a
Golem in the room now. Defeat it, and continue on.

Go to the top of the room you're in now, and head right. Kill the Creature,
and go to the top of the room and exit on the left.

Go to the top of this room and exit to the right.

You'll enter the room with the Slaughters and the Student Witches. Go to the
top right exit of this room.

You'll see some blocks that are breakable, but don't break them. Jump on
them instead and jump onto the platform. It will begin moving to the right.
While ducking, hold the stylus on your screen in front of Soma so the
blocks will be destroyed as you move, so you can continue on. If you fall,
head back to the left, and exit and re-enter the room and the platform will
be back to where it was before. Then exit on the right side of the room.

Continue right, and you'll enter a new area: the Garden of Madness.

                         III. Garden of Madness

You'll enter the Garden in a tall room. Kill the Skelerang's as you climb;
they can hit you from almost anywhere in the room with their boomerangs.
The first room on your left is a save room. After saving, climb to the top
of the room and head left.

At this point in the game, the Treant in the next room will take quite a
few hits to kill. When it brings its foot back, that means its going to
kick you (Bet you didn't see that one coming, huh?) Just move out of the
way of it so you don't take a lot of damage. At the far left end of the
room is the second Magic Seal. Grab it, of course. Then head up.

The exit to your left as you enter the room is the Garden's warp room, so
activate it and then head up. There are Corpseweed here, and they only
suck because you might think they are an Une, and only take one hit to
kill, but they actually take two or three. So, be careful you don't
accidentially step on one.

In the next room, you'll notice a Breastplate on top of a pillar to your
right. Jump on the broken pillar next to it and then jump up to grab the
armor. Jump to the platform with the Skeleton Ape on it (they are the ones
that throw the barrels) and continue right.

Kill the Catoblepas here and continue right. Take care that he doesn't
breathe on you, because it will cause petrification and if you are hit
while petrified, you will take a lot more damage than usual.

At the top of this room is a candle with a soul inside it - break it and
you'll receive the Doppelganger soul, which allows you to switch equipment
and souls on the fly simply by pressing X. Leave through the door on the
right. This room also has a Skeleton Farmer in it, so if you are collecting
all the souls, I believe this is the only place you can find him.

Continue going right through this room, and look out for the Yorick kicking
his head around. It's easy to forget about him and take some cheap damage.
Before leaving this room to the right, you'll notice a gun on a ledge above
you - but you can't get it yet. Continue right into the Dark Chapel.

                               IV. Dark Chapel

As soon as you walk into the Dark Chapel, some Mini Devils will begin to
attack you and make that funny noise they make. The best way to kill them
is to wait until they begin to attack, then leap up and hit them as many
times as you can before they shoot. Head to the right of this room and you
will find a save room. After saving, head to the upper right exit.

Watch out for the Ghouls here; they may just look like Zombies, but if you
touch these, you will get poisoned. Theres also a witch here, but if you
don't jump in this room, she shouldn't see you and you can move on. Head

This room has some Ghost Dancers and Amalaric Snipers. Don't bother with
the Ghost Dancers if you can, but you'll probably want to kill the
Amalaric Snipers. There's a potion in the upper right of this room that
you can reach using the Flying Armor soul. The door directly beneath
where you entered this room is a Warp Room, so be sure to activate it.
Head to the upper left exit.

There are two Great Armors in this room. They can suck if you don't kill
them fast, and that can be somewhat tough as early in the game as it is.
The Skeleton soul seems to work okay here, if you throw bones at the Great
Armor constantly and dodge it's attacks. When it winds up, run away.
Another good way to kill these things is to equip a heavier weapon if you
haven't already. I prefer the quick weapons for the majority of the time,
but whatever is easier to use for you is obviously what you should use.

After killing the Great Armors, head left. You'll see a flying enemy, a
Valkyrie, so kill it and continue.

When you emerge in the next room, you'll see a platform moving up. There
is a good item up there, but you can't reach it yet, so head right,
avoiding the Ghosts and the Witch.

Head up and to the left of this shaft and you'll find a save room. Save,
because at the bottom right of the shaft is the next boss you have to

            ///              Boss: Dmitrii             \\\

You'll be fighting one of the dark lord's candidates in this battle,
Dmitrii. He can be easy or hard, depending on what souls you have. If you
have the Student Witch soul, use it on him immediately, because Dmitrii
copies your Bullet Soul attacks, and the Student Witch soul is very, very
easy to dodge. You may want to use your Skeleton soul, too, because his
default attack is hard to dodge and odes a lot of damage. DO NOT use a
Guardian type soul on him, because he will begin to use it and it will
not go away. Fight this battle with your weapons. Quick weapons work well
against Dmitrii. If you choose not to use any of your souls, then you'll
have to dodge his Malphas attack(the attack he absorbed from the enemy in
the cutscene you saw before the fight). To do this, you have no choice but
to jump over it, but he usually sends out many of these attacks in
succession, so it becomes quite difficult to dodge them. If you get caught
in the middle of the attack, you will be unable to move and you will
take more and more damage until the attack is over. The best way to kill
him is by hitting him with the Skeleton soul. If you do that, all he will
do is throw bones at you like a Skeleton does, so just stay as close as you
can to him, and duck and hit him with your sword. Repeat this until he is
dead. You'll probably want to be about level 14 or 15 at this point.

After you beat him, he'll die, and you'll apparantly gain dominance over
his soul, although you don't gain any powers from him. Go back and save
before you continue right, because there is another boss battle coming up

After saving, continue right through Dmitrii's room, and watch out for the
Quetzalcoatl there. The best way to kill this enemy is to duck and wait,
and hit its head as it bounces over you. Try to stay away from the edges
of the room as you fight him, because he'll bounce off the walls and be
much harder to predict.

In the next room, the boss room is the only exit to the upper left.

            ///              Boss: Malphas              \\\

This battle can be tough. Malphas has three attacks: the black balls,
the bats, and the feathers. You'll know which I'm referring to when you
see them for yourself. Dodge the black balls by standing somewhat far from
Malphas and then, at the last moment, jumping over them. Stick close to
Malphas unless it does any of the attacks besides the feathers, because it
is pretty much impossible to dodge this attack unless you're directly
underneath Malphas. For the bats, you will know Malphas will do that
attack when it turns to the right or left and moves back a little. To dodge
this, move to the opposite side that Malphas is facing. Wack away at Malphas
until it dies.

After you defeat Malphas, you'll get the Double Jump ability! Yay, finally!
Using this, you can get the Hoop Earring off to the right in the room
before Malphas room by double jumping and using the Flying Armor soul. Go
back to the save point and save.

Head back towards the warp point in the Dark Chapel. You'll be able to get
the Power Belt item in the room with the moving platform by double jumping
to it. You should probably equip it to add a point to your attack and

You'll pass through the Valkyrie room and the Great Armor room again. Then
you'll be back in the room with the Ghost Dancers. Head to the Warp Room.
This would be a good time to go back to the Lost Village and pay a visit
to Hammer (and Yoko, if you have enough souls) to upgrade your weapons and
whatnot. When your done, warp to the Garden of Madness.

                           V. Garden of Madness

From the Warp Room, head up.

In the room you are in now, head to the upper right exit. There should be
a Catoblepas in the next room. Forget about him and climb the room, and
leave through the upper left door. Kill the Corpseweed and Une, and then
head down.

After killing a Catoblepas, you'll find a treasure chest with money inside
and a Fleuret. This is a good fast weapon, so if you like it and it boosts
your attack, equip it, then go back to where you entered this room.

Climb the broken pillar and double jump onto the platform above. Head right
after that, killing the Skeleton Apes along the way.

In the next room, there is a Mollusca. If you touch this or get hit by it,
you will be poisoned, so either double jump over it or attack its eyes.
Either way, head right.

The next room has 2 Treants and a Barbariccia. Kill them and head to the
right, where you'll find a save point. After saving, head up in the room
with the Treants. You'll emerge in a room with a Rycuda, and another boss
battle in the next room to your left.

            ///              Boss: Dario               \\\

Dario has these attacks: He'll shoot a fireball, cause three pillars of fire
to rise from the ground, cause a shockwave to run along the ground, and
he'll teleport around. To dodge the fireball, jump over it. This attack is
incredibly fast and is hard to dodge, but if you just time your attacks
right you won't be near Dario when he shoots a fireball. As for the three
pillars of flame, the first one will start where you are standing, and the
second one will start where you are standing shortly after the first one
starts, and then a third will start in between the two. You will know that
this attack will start when he holds both his hands in the air and laughs,
and he starts to glow faintly red. The best way to dodge this attack is to
let the first one start, then move just outside its range, and let the
second one start, then run away from it, so the third one (and the overall
area of the attack) is very small. Use the time when these pillars are
burning to use some soul attacks on Dario, if you have ones that can reach
him. (I'll use the Skeleton soul as an example. If you make the width of
the pillars small enough, you should be able to jump up and hit Dario with
a bone. For the shockwave, simply jump over it. The best way to defeat Dario
is to let him attack, then get one or two hits in, then wait for his next
attack and repeat until he's dead. You'll probably want to be between levels
17 and 20 for this fight.

After you beat him, a short cutscene will ensue. Obviously, you aren't going
to gain a power from him, but you should go back to the save room and save
really quick. After that, head back through Darios room.

Watch out for the Skelerangs, and head up and to the left. You will emerge
in the Demon Guest House.

                        VI. Demon Guest House

The first room here is a long corridor. In it are Persephone, of whom you
can get quite a few hits on before they are actually able to attack -
remember that when they scream, get away from them as they are about to
attack you. Head left.

In the next room, Genya Arikado will catch up to you. He'll give you a
Talisman from Mina. See the Endings section for more information on what
to do with this Talisman. After this, head left.

From where you are, if you head down, the first room on the right will be
a save point. So, save. The big room has Ghost Dancers in it again, and
there is also some Lilith enemies. Don't let them attach themselves to you,
as they will drain lots of your HP and you won't be able to attack them
until you shake them off. Head to the room directly to the left of the
save room.

In this room there is a Lilith and some Bone Towers. Kill them, and continue

The next room contains one of the few puzzles in the game. There is a button
in the next room, and when you press it, 16 squares light up and you gain
control over the cursor. When you press the A or Y button on a square next
to the empty square, it will move itself into that square. The way it is
set up will let you go to where you need to, but there are some items
hidden within the rooms that aren't accessible until you move the rooms
around a little. Here is what is in which room:

Room 1: Cestus
Room 2: nothing
Room 3: nothing
Room 4: nothing
Room 5: Cutall
Room 6: nothing
Room 7: nothing
Room 8: Turquoise Stud
Room 9: Justaucorps
Room 10: nothing
Room 11: nothing
Room 12: Great Sword
Room 13: nothing
Room 14: nothing
Room 15: nothing

Now, notice the arrows pointing in four directions in the room with the
switch. There is one blinking, indicating you are there. The other three
represent the exits to the maze. The upper right one is where you need to
go to continue with the rest of the game, whereas the lower left one takes
you back to the Lost Village. The upper right one contains a Ring Mail. When
you are done here, you can hit Reset and then head towards the upper left

Watch out for the Killer Dolls in the next room. If they touch you, you will
be cursed, and the curse will drain all your MP really fast. To get it back,
you'll have to wait for it to wear off, then use items (which I don't
recommend) or wait for it to recharge, or save your game. Head up and to the
right and enter the next room.

There is a Killer Clown near the entrance to this room. Kill it and exit
through the upper right door.

In this room, stay in the upper portion of it and exit through the upper
right door.

If you drop down in this room, you'll get a High Potion. Grab it, and then
continue to the top and left of this room.

In the next room, enter the door directly above you.

Climb this room to the top, and exit to the left.

This room can be a little tricky. Theres a Quetzalcoatl bouncing around in
here, and a Lilith and two Killer Clowns and a Buer. The room in the upper
left exit of this room contains the next Magic Seal, so be sure to grab it.
After you get it, head to the top exit of the room with the Quetzalcoatl in

There is a save point to your right, so save before you go fight the next

            ///          Boss: Puppet Master            \\\

This boss can hurt you in three ways. You can run into him, get hit by his
flying puppets, or you can be turned into a puppet and stuffed into one of
his iron maidens. Obviously, just run away from the flying puppets, and wack
away at him in the meantime. When you hear him start to make wierd noises,
look at his hands and find the blue/grey puppet and hit it until its dead.
If you don't, you will switch places with it and take a massive amount of
damage. Other than that, just beat at his head. It would be good to be about
level 20-23 for this boss.

After you defeat him, you'll gain his ability which allows you to throw
puppets and switch places with them. Obviously, it won't damage you when you
do it. Ever see those tiny holes you can't fit through with what looks like
a dead puppet on the other side? That is where you use this ability. Throw
the puppet through the hole, and you'll be on the other side.

After you fight this boss, the game becomes a little less linear. You have
a choice to make right now: head to the Condemned Tower and destroy Gergoth,
or head to the Subterranean Hell and fight Rahab? Since I think the easier
path lies in fighting Rahab first, that is the way I will describe to you.

So, save. Then head to the room with the Quetzalcoatl, and go through the
bottom right door.

From this room, exit to the bottom left.

Cross this room and exit to the bottom left again. You might run into the
devil near the top of the room. He's not too tough, you just have to
concentrate on him and dodge his attacks, and throw in some attacks of your
own to take him down.

The room you'll enter is the warp room for the Demon Guest House. Since
in this FAQ you'll be fighting Rahab first, you'll want to warp to the Dark

From the warp room, head down and to the bottom left exit, past the

In the next room, there are Ghouls and a Hell Boar. Avoid the Ghouls so
you don't get poisoned. The Hell Boar is similar to its Slaughterer
counterpart, only it has an uppercut attack rather than a punch, and it
shoots its fireball horizontally. So, kill it and move on.

Head to the bottom of this room and exit to the left.

In the next room, enter the middle exit, or in other words, right below
where you entered the room.

WATCH OUT for the spikes on the ceiling! They do a lot of damage. Let them
fall, then quickly move out of the way and wait for them to rise again and
continue on your way. This is where you need to use your Puppet Master
soul. On the other side of the wall is a Catoblepas and a Guillotine. Kill
them and watch out for the Barbariccia and another set of spikes before
you leave the room.

                        VII. Subterranean Hell

You will emerge in the Subterranean Hell. Immediately kill the Dead Pirate,
head down, kill the other one, and then head right into the save room and
save. Then head to the upper right exit.

Watch out for the Cave Troll, then prepare yourself for another boss fight.

            ///              Boss: Rahab                \\\

I found this boss somewhat easy, but that means nothing to you, doesn't it?
Anyway, since you can't swim underwater yet, there will be a lot of time
spent in this battle waiting for Rahab to enter your area of attack. He has
these attacks: He'll jump in the air drop icicles which you dodge by
swimming out of the way. He'll also come up, and spit ice at you which
creates platforms. This is a good oppurtunity to attack. He'll also destroy
the platforms he creates, so don't bother standing on them. There's no
reason anyway. Just relax, and hit him as much as you can and dodge his
attacks. You should be about level 25 for an easy battle. Anything above 20
will probably do just fine.

After you beat him, you will gain the ability to swim underwater. As always,
go save before you continue.

Since you've beaten Rahab, you don't need to go further in the Subtereanean
Hell yet. Warp to the Dark Chapel.

                         VIII. Dark Chapel (2)

In the big room with the Ghost Dancers in it, right after the warp point,
exit through the upper left door.

In the next room, get rid of the Great Armors and head left.

After the Valkryie, head up to the next room.

Head to the upper right exit of this room.

Save in the upper left exit of this room before heading through the door
directly across from the save point.

Watch out for the Tombstone in this hallway, and continue right.

You'll emerge in a room with three bells. Get rid of the Mini Devils if you
have to, then equip the Puppet Master soul and throw it through the little
hole and continue right.

You'll emerge in a big room. Right off the bat there will be some Valkryies
and some Mini Devils. Kill them as you need to, and head to the right.
You'll see a sword on a platform above you. If you try to double jump, you
won't reach it, but if, at the height of your double jump, you throw a
puppet, the puppet will land right next to the sword and you will switch
places with it. So, pick up the Kotetsu and head down. There will be a
Quetzalcoatl, so you should probably take it out, then head left. Directly
left of the Quetzalcoatl is a UMA News 3-2, so, if you want that, grab it.
Head down from there. Head left, and drop down to the bottom of this room.
Head to the right, drop down, and press the switch to open the door. The
door will remain open for the rest of the game now. After that, head right.
Kill the Tombstone and then go through the door.

                            IX. Condemned Tower

You'll emerge in the Condemned Tower. Head right. You have to go through
a long area with quite a bit of enemies before a save point, so play smart.

The next room has a Draghignazzo in it. He has the same attack as
Barbariccia, just with a different color scheme, and he does more damage.
Go right from here.

The next room is empty. Continue right.

Grab the Mind Up to the right, and go through that door for a cutscene.
After the cutscene, go back to the previous room and head up. (Oh, and
just a quick note - you can't open the barrier yet. You need to beat a
whole bunch of bosses and whatnot first.) At the top of this room is a
Silver Stud. Exit through the upper left door.

Woo hoo! It's my least favorite enemy in the game, the Disc Armor. This
thing can do a bunch of damage to you if you're not careful. I just double
jump over him because I don't think its worth it to fight him, but if you
can beat him without taking any damage, then good for you. Anyway, head
left from this room.

More Disc Armors! Do what you can as you climb this room. If you feel like
killing them, do so; if not, just go fast.

The next room has a Fleaman in it. Not very dangerous, just hard to hit.
Continue right.

There is another Draghignazzo in this room, but its the only enemy. You'll
have to climb to the top of this room, then drop down to head to the next
room to the left.

The next room has two Fleamen in it. Kill them and move on.

The first enemy you'll see in this room is a Skeleton Ape. The next enemy
you'll notice is a Great Axe Armor. Above him is an Estoc - which does
decent damage. Grab it if you want, then continue right. Oh, and one more
thing - if you need to level up quickly and have the Imp soul, use it and
hit the Great Axe Armor. Then leave the room, and quickly enter and hit
the Great Axe Armor again. If the Imp soul is activated, it will kill it in
one hit. Repeat this until you are out of MP for some easy, easy and fast
EXP points.

There is a Werewolf in the next room. He can be somewhat tough, but just
do this if you want to kill him: Hit him once or twice, then let him do an
attack, dodge it, then hit him once or twice again. After he is dead, head
up, but watch out for the Skeleton Ape, as it is quite hard to dodge his
barrel if you don't know its coming. Continue above him, then exit to the

The next room has a Buer in it. Kill it before it turns around and rushes
at you, then continue left.

The next room has a Buer again, this time on the slanted ground, so watch
out. Head up, and go left. You'll notice a door on the left side of this
room, but you can't reach it because another door is in your way. Remember
where this is, because after you beat the boss, this is where you'll need to
go. So continue climbing the tower and head right.

This room contains another Great Axe Armor. The best place to hide when he
does his attack is RIGHT next to him while ducking. Kill him and continue

The next room has two Fleamen, but just ignore them and go to the top.
You'll notice the boss door to the left, but the room to the right is a save
room. I SUGGEST YOU SAVE, as this next boss is, in my opinion, the hardest
in the game. If you need to level up for him, remember that Great Axe Armors
give you 300 EXP points per kill.

            ///              Boss: Gergoth              \\\

You're definitely going to want to be at least level 28 or above for this
sucker. The reason he is so tough is because he almost fills up the screen,
thereby making it hard for you to dodge his attacks. I suggest you stock up
on Potions, too. Equip something that can attack over your head, such as
and Axe or Great Sword. He has a few different attacks: he'll jump at you,
breathe poisonous/petrifying breath, shoot a beam at you, and suck air in
and chomp down on you. It is very, very tough to dodge all of these attacks,
although of the four, the two breath attacks are the easiest to dodge. When
he sticks his chest out, run away from him and wait for the breath to
disappear. For the jump, you'll have to time it right and run under him when
he does it. This is tough, and I usually take a hit, so when your HP gets
low, use a Potion. You'll know that he is about to jump if he backs all the
way up to the wall and crouches down. When you see a ball start to form at
his mouth, he is about to shoot the beam at you, so go crouch down by his
feet and pray you don't get hit. When he sucks air in, if hes not close to a
wall, go over to it and wait for him to chomp down to begin your attack.
If he is too close to a wall, if you time a double jump right, you'll dodge
the attack. About midway through the battle, he'll scream, jump, and the
floor will break. You and he will drop down to the bottom of the tower, and
resume your fight. When he lands, his head will be momentarily stuck in the
floor, so take this oppurtunity for some free shots. Just don't take to
long, because when he gets up, you'll get hit by his head if you are too
close. Then the battle resumes as before, except he will be slightly faster.
The Skeleton Archer soul, when used by holding R and releasing after
charging for a while, will do a lot of damage to Gergoth. Use it wisely,
though, because it takes a while to charge up and you'll have wasted a lot
of MP if you get hit while charging it.

After you defeat him, you'll get his soul, which actually is just a sweet
attack for you. It doesn't allow you to go anywhere you couldn't before.
But anyway, be sure to grab the health he drops, and climb the tower again.
Because of your battle, all the rooms in the middle of the tower have no
floors, so use the Flying Armor soul and double jumps to get to the top.
Once there, save, and then cross the room where you started fighting
Gergoth. You'll find a Tower Key. Go into the next room and activate the
warp, then go back and save. Remember where that room was with the locked
door i told you about earlier? Go back there (its in the middle of the
tower, on the left side, if you forgot) and touch the door to unlock it.
Continue left.

                          X. Cursed Clock Tower

You will emerge in the Cursed Clock Tower. A cutscene will ensue in the
hallway. Continue left.

This area has a lot of platforming elements. Be careful to not get hit too
much, because there are lots of spikes all over the place. In this room,
don't go down, just go directly across. Use the Flying Armor soul if you
have to.

The next room has a bunch of pistons going up and down with spikes on the
ceiling. Here's how to pass this room: you'll notice that some pistons have
blood on them, and others don't. The ones with blood will go all the way
up to the spikes, whereas if you stood on the ones that don't have blood
and ducked, you would not touch the spikes. So, for the first set of
pistons, go to the third piston, duck, wait for it to go up, then when you
can, run across the rest of the pistons to safety. For the next set, you'll
want to duck on the first piston, then run to the last one. Duck on this
one, then keep going.

In the next room, wait at the entrance for a yellow platform to come. Jump
on it, and ride it to the top of the room, dodging the annoying Medusa
Heads on the way. Watch out for the yellow Medusa Heads, because they will
petrify you if they touch you. Anyway, exit to the upper right area of the

The next room sucks. Make sure the Puppet Master soul is equipped, then
prepare to dodge a bunch of spinning spikes. You have to time it right; I
can't really tell you how to get through them. Once you get to the top
platform, use the Puppet Master soul at the right time to get past the
spikes. Go up to the next room.

This room has Imps and four swinging pendulums in it. Kill the Imps, then
climb the pendulums to the top - it might take a few tries, because the
timing is wierd. Go to the upper right exit in this room.

In the next room is a Bugbear, and the next Magic Seal. Grab it, and
continue going right.

In the next room, you'll want to take the upper left exit. Climb the
gears to do this.

After that, you'll emerge in a room with a ton of spikes. You'll have to
slide under them, twice (push Down and B to slide). Then, your going to head
up and to the right. Dodge the Slime and Tanjelly and exit to the right.

This room can kinda suck. You don't have to ride the platform all the way
around to climb it - you can actually stand on the bird thing sticking out
from the wall and then jump to the gear. Exit to the top left.

This is the HUGE pendulum room. Kill the Imps if you have to, and then get
on top of the enormous swinging pendulum. Your exit is right above where
you entered, so you'll have to double jump to get there.

The next room is the room before the boss room. To the right is the save
room. If you have the Mandragora soul, use it here, and the little guy
floating around in the background will give you his soul - he is the
Flying Humanoid. So, anyway, save, then head to the boss.

            ///              Boss: Zephyr               \\\

Zephyr has quite a few attacks, but if you know how to dodge them, you
shouldn't have a problem with him. Sometimes he'll jump onto the ceiling,
then jump down, and on the way down he'll throw a knife at you. You can
either run out of the way of the knife, or slide out of the way. I found
it easier to slide. If you hit him enough, he'll freeze time and then,
when it unfreezes, he'll slash at you. When he does this, either backdash
or jump out of the way, or both. It might help to hit him a couple times,
then wait for him to attack, so you can avoid this attack, because I found
it hard to dodge. Other times, he'll freeze time, jump over you, and throw
daggers - when time unfreezes, the daggers will fall straight down.
Obviously, just stand in between the daggers to not get hit. Sometimes he'll
just throw a dagger at you. This is a fast attack and is hard to dodge.
You'll probably want to equip a weapon that you can swing fast for this
battle. I would say you should be around level 30.

After you beat him, you'll recieve his soul which allows you to stop time.
Go save as always. Then head back to his room, and head straight to the
left. You'll find the warp room for the Cursed Clock Tower.

Now that you have the Zephyr soul, you are ready to go back to the
Subterranean Hell. So warp to the Dark Chapel, then head back to the save
room right before you get to the room where you fought Rahab.

                        XI. Subterranean Hell (2)

From the save point, head up and to the right.

Watch out for the Cave Troll, and keep going right.

This room was where you fought Rahab. Keep going right. (Note: Notice that
you can jump as many times as you want underwater. It's this games version
of swimming, basically.)

In the next room, watch out for the Decarabia, and head to the lower right
exit. There are Mermen and Fish Heads in this room too, but they shouldn't
give you any trouble. There's also a Mimic in the upper right corner of the

Next, kill the Fish Heads in your way, and don't touch the Needles as you
make your way to the left. Be sure to grab the High Mind Up on the ledge
before you do down a little and then head right, through the Fish Heads.
Go down to the bottom of the room and head left, out the exit.

Slowly fall down the shaft, dodging the Needles and killing them as you need
to. Get out of the water and head left.

In the next room, you'll see a little head floating around on the water.
That is a Procel - if you get its soul (it's really rare - three stars!),
you'll get one of the few Ability souls in the game, which allows you to
move faster underwater. You don't NEED it, per se, but it can be helpful.
Anyway, head left.

In the next room is a Frozen Shade - kill it, and head to the upper left

The next room has the only Alura Une in the game. When the girl in the plant
bends down, that means the stalks are about to shoot up, so if your standing
on one, move out of the way. After you kill the Alura Une, continue left.

At the beginning of the next area is a Dead Pirate. Kill it, then head to
the upper exit.

In the next room, kill the Ukoback and head right.

The next room has Bone Arks in it. Get its soul if you can, it'll help
you access an area later. The far right exit of this room is a save room.
You're probably somewhat low on health, so you should save.

From the save point, head back the way you came, to the room with the
Ukoback. Head down.

You'll see a Dead Pirate to your left - ignore it and head right, drop down
to the bottom of the room, and then head left.

The next room has a Dead Pirate in it, kill it and enter the room to the
left. It is a warp point. If you need more health, you can warp from here
to, say, the Lost Village where you can get to a save point with minimal
problems. Oh, and you can buy stuff if you need it. Anyway, after your
ready, head down.

In the next room, go right, drop down to the bottom of the room, and head
left. The treasure chest that was behind the Frozen Shade was a Mimic

The next room has another Ukoback in it. Kill it, and continue left.

Drop down to the bottom of this room and go right, and you'll find a save
room. Head across from the save room.

In the next room, grab the Mushroom on your way down to the next exit you
need to go to, which is the bottom right one.

In the next room, you'll be offered two paths - take the upper one, the one
out of the water, and kill the enemies and head right.

In the next room, you'll see something happen, and time freeze. This is
where you need to use the Zephyr soul. Head right afterwards.

                             XII. Silenced Ruins

This room contains easy enemies, like Ghouls, Peeping Eyes, Skeletons, and
Bats. Plow your way through and exit to the right.

The next room has various Skeletons in it, ranging from regular Skeletons,
Skelerangs, to Skeleton Archers. Head to the exit in the middle of the room
to the right.

Kill the Gorgon in this room and watch out for the Ghouls as well, and head

In the next room, head to the bottom, watch out for the Bone Ark, then head
to the top right exit.

Cutscene! After you're done talking to Julius, head right.

The room to the right of the room you are in now is a save room. Save! There
is a boss coming up. Head to the upper right exit.

The next room has Skeletons, Dead Crusaders, and Ghouls in it. Take the path
at the bottom of the room to head right; it is much easier than the top, as
there is a Dead Crusader up there that you cannot jump over due to the low
ceiling. Next, is a boss battle.

            ///           Boss: Bat Company             \\\

A bunch of red bats come together to from the relatively easy boss that is
Bat Company. It has three attacks: it forms to look like a bat, and makes
its way around the room to run into you. To dodge this, stand in one place
and attack it, then when it comes towards you, jump over it to the other
side. It also forms a hand and tries to grab you - don't let it, as this
can be devastating. It'll also form some sort of a... thing... that shoots
little blue rings at you. This one can be tough to dodge, but note that you
can destroy the rings by hitting them with your weapon or a soul. If you can
dodge his attacks, you will have no problem beating Bat Company. You'll
probably want to be around level 32-35 to beat this boss.

After you beat him, you'll get his soul, which allows you to transform into
a bat and fly anywhere as long as you have MP. Yay! Go save.

From the save point, head left through the hallways until you get to the
bigger room where you can go down. Go to the bottom of this room, the room
with the Bone Ark in the middle, and go right.

Watch out for the Larva flying around, and head right. You'll come to the
Warp Room for the Silenced Ruins. If you need Potions or anything like that,
you can (obviously) warp back to the Lost Village and buy them.

You have another option at this point. As of right now, you can get the
crappy ending if you so choose - you can go fight Dario in the Pinnacle, or
you can go beat Paranoia and be well on your way to getting the best ending
of the game. (If you just go beat Dario, you'll miss a huge section of the
castle, as well.) The rest of this guide will tell you how to get the best
ending, so anyway, warp to the Cursed Clock Tower.

                       XIII. Cursed Clock Tower (2)

From the warp room, head right, then down.

At the bottom of this room, stand on the switch so the wall to the right
breaks. Head left from here.

In the next room, you have to get to the bottom without getting hit by the
spikes. Watch out for the Medusa Heads, and jump to the bottom left of the
room - it's OK, there aren't any spikes there. Then head right.

Again, watch out for the Medusa Heads and spikes as you drop to the bottom
of this room and head left.

The next room is where you need the Bat Company soul. Fly through the spikes
and exit to the right.

There are no enemies in the next room, but there are a ton of spikes. Simply
drop to the bottom of the room, then slide (again, Down +B) under the spikes
and head left.

There is a Devil in the next room. I'll leave the option to kill him up to
you, but anyway, head left.

There are a bunch of Harpies in the next room. Kill them, and head left to
enter the Pinnacle.

                           XIV. The Pinnacle

There is a Succubus in this room. They will latch onto you and suck your HP
if you're not careful, so don't get to close to them. Kill her and move on.

In the next room, kill the Bugbear and continue heading left. You'll see
some Malachi - they can be tough, but you need to kill them to continue.
Head left.

In the next room, immediately drop down.

To the right is a save room. Save, definitely, then head left from the save

The next room contains a whole bunch of Succubus in it. You can either kill
them, or kick cancel (if you don't know how to do that, it's simply jumping,
double jumping, then pressing Down + B and landing on the top of an enemy,
and then repeating) across them to get to the other side. Exit to the left,
of course.

                       XV. Demon Guest House (2)

You'll be back in the Demon Guest House. Head to the left.

In the next room, hit the switch to the left to enable you to travel between
the lower half of the Demon Guest House and the upper half.

You need to go to the middle left room to go fight Paranoia. A lot of people
don't do this, because you need 3 souls to continue:

1. Axe Armor
2. Killer Clown
3. Ukoback

When you get these three souls, you can move on. You can find Axe Armors in
many places, namely, the Lost Village and Wizardry Lab, and Killer Clowns
are all over the Demon Guest House. Ukobacks can be found in Subterranean
Hell. When you get these 3 souls, come back here and use them on the walls
with their picture on it to continue.

Once you use them, you'll be able to go into the next 2 rooms, the first of
which is empty and the second of which begins the boss battle with Paranoia.

            ///              Boss: Paranoia             \\\

This boss has 2 forms - a little one, and a big one. The small one will come
out of the mirror, and proceed to attack you with a knife. Attack, then run,
attack, then run, repeat. Your hits do not knock him back. After a while,
he'll go into the mirror and then, using the little mirrors in the four
corners of the screen, direct a laser that bounces off all of them. To dodge
this attack, watch where the mirrors point and then stand (or jump, or fly
with the Bat Company soul) out of the way. After he dies, you can go into
the next room. Go ahead, after using a Potion if you need to. This version
of Paranoia is the same as the last except that he does more damage, and
rather than attack you with a knife, he'll hover above you and then come
down at you fast. To dodge this attack, wait until he hovers directly above
you, then when he starts to come down on you, run to away from him. He'll
also fire two lasers at you in a row, rather than one. Besides those, defeat
him like you did the small version and seal him. You'll want to be about
level 36 to 38 for this boss.

After you beat him, you'll gain the ability to enter mirrors. Any mirror you
see you will be able to enter, which will usually allow you to get a new
item or something along those lines. After you beat him, head left to get
Olrox's Suit - at this point, for me, this was the best piece of clothing
for me to equip, so it was pretty good.

Head right. There is a Mana Prism in the mirror of the room where you fought
the little Paranoia. Continue right, and head back to the save point of the

                              XVI. Pinnacle (2)

From the save point, head left. Head up from this room.

The next room contains some Dead Warriors and a Mushussu. Use the same
tactics you did against the Mushussu as you did against the Manticore. As
for the Dead Warriors, watch where they turn around, then wait for them to
return and hit them, as you stand safely out of the range of their attack.
Anyway, head left.

In the next room, head up, killing the Guillotiners along the way.

In the next room, head to the right, past the Dead Crusader and the Erinys
and the Werewolf, and out the east door.

In this room, head down, kill the Guillotiner and the Mushussu, and watch
out for the Alastor and head to the upper right door. To kill the Alastor,
make sure all the other enemies in the room are dead, then hit the sword,
and don't let it attack you. There's also a Mana Prism in the upper center
of the room.

In the next room, head to the right, past the two pairs of Dead Crusaders
and Erinys. There is a Spear on the ledge above the door you need to exit.

Ignore the Werewolf in the next room and head up.

Fly up from this room using the Bat Company soul.

Head straight left from here, ignoring the Werewolves on the top ledge and
ignoring the Fire Demon if you so choose.

The next room has a bunch of Dead Warriors in it. You can either be patient
and kill them all, or take a risk and jump/kick cancel past them. You can
also fly over them with the Bat Company soul too. Either way, exit to the

The next room is empty; to the left is a save point. USE IT.

Fly up from the empty room.

Head left in this room, killing the Bugbears in it. Try not to wake them all
up at once, as this can be tough to deal with. You need to save your energy
for the boss battle coming up.

The next room is just stairs. Climb them and head left.

The next room is empty, but there is a boss door to the left. Enter it.

            ///              Boss: Aguni               \\\

DO NOT FIGHT DARIO, unless you want the bad ending. Stand in front of the
mirror in this room and use the Paranoia soul, and you will enter it and
fight Aguni, the fire demon. Here are his attacks: he'll fly into the air,
and shortly he'll crash into the ground where you are standing, and send
shockwaves through it. To dodge this, when he comes down at you, start
running, then jump over the shockwaves. He'll also do three swipes at you
with his hand - this can be tough to dodge. When the first one starts, run
in the direction that you have more room in, so you can dodge his three
swipes. He'll also shoot fire a couple times that runs along the ground, so
make sure you are not near a wall when he does this, and use this as a good
time to attack him as you jump over the fire. He'll also fly around the
room, but you can dodge this if you simply duck. You'll want to be at least
level 40 for this boss. Since you have it if you are fighting him, the Axe
Armor soul works well on him.

After you beat him, exit the mirror. Cutscene time! Afterwards, head to the
left to get the final Magic Seal. It's a complex one. Head to the save point
of course, then warp to the Garden of Madness. There is a warp point in the
Pinnacle below and to the left of the first save room you entered in the
area. Just head to the bottom of the shaft right next to it, and head left.
In the next room, just head left past the Erinys and the Dead Warrior and
you'll be in it.

                         XVII. Garden of Madness (3)

From the warp point, head up.

In the next room, head to the bottom right exit.

In the next room, kill the Mollusca.

IMPORTANT! To unlock Julius mode, do NOT equip the Talisman that Mina gave
you. Once the game ends, it will save, and you will still be able to open
this file, and equip the Talisman and continue through the rest of the game.
Anyway, after you've unlocked Julius Mode, equip Mina's Talisman and enter
the boss door.

After the cutscene is done, head back to the warp point and warp to the
Condemned Tower.

                         XVIII. Condemned Tower (2)

From the warp room, drop down in the center shaft to the very bottom. Don't
worry, you won't get hurt. Head to the right for two screens.

Now that the way is open, drop down into the Mine of Judgement.

                          XIX. Mine of Judgement

From the entrance, head left until you cannot any more. There is a save
point here. After you save, go to the right, and in the room next to the
entrance, drop down to the bottom. Watch out for the Tanjellys, as they can
Poison you. Head left.

In the next room, don't drop down, just head left.

In this room, drop to the middle and enter the first door you see on the

In the next room, again, don't drop down, just head right.

Watch out for the Tanjellys, and head down in this room. The exit to the
left is the one you want.

Again, do not drop down in this room, just head left.

More Tanjellys to watch out for. Head to the middle right exit.

What are you not going to do in this room? Drop down, that's what. Head

Drop down and head left in the middle exit.

Guess what to do in this room! Can't? Don't drop down, and head left.

In this room, head to the first exit on the left. The room after this is
empty, and the room after the empty one is a warp room. Activate it, then
head back to the shaft and drop down and go right.

This is getting annoying to type. Don't drop down, head right. There. I said
it for the last time.

In this room, watch out for the Tanjellys, drop down to the bottom, and head
right. There is a save point here.

AFTER SAVING, head left. There will be an empty room, and then a boss room.

            ///              Boss: Death               \\\

Everybody's favorite staple Castlevania boss is back! He's tough, as usual,
in this incarnation, as well (especially on Hard Mode). Death has two parts,
the first one gray, the second one red. They are both tough. 45 is a good
level to be, but if you can dodge his attacks, you could do with a lower
level. Here are the attacks of his first part: He'll face you, come down,
and swing his scythe at you. Dodge this by jumping, then landing and ducking
under his second swipe. His scythe will also spin, then he'll throw it and
it'll break into a bunch of pieces. Attack the pieces and they will be
destroyed, then you can jump through the hole in the pieces you create.
Without his scythe, Death will sometimes start to sparkle, then he'll summon
three copies of himself that shoot laser beams down. To dodge this, stand in
between the laser beams. He can get his scythe back too. When he changes
red, his attacks change. He'll throw his scythe, and little sickles will
fly around the screen sometimes. To dodge this, either run out of the way
of the scythe, or jump over it. Being a bat could help as well. He'll also
try to swipe at you, and I've found the best way to dodge it is to jump over
both of his attacks. When Death shoots blue beams to his side, pay attention
to the order they come out in - big heads will come from those sides of the
screens and will bite at you. To dodge these, stop attacking Death and run
in the opposite direction of the head right before it bites down, then,
before the other one appears, turn around and run towards where the first
head came from. Repeat this until the attack ends. You can also fly with the
Bat Company soul to avoid this attack altogether, but this uses up a lot of
MP you could be using on attacks. The Axe Armor soul, which I know you have,
works pretty well on Death. You should be about level 42 or above to beat

After you beat him, go save. Then head left and enter the door after Death's
room to enter the final area of the game, the Abyss.

                               XX. The Abyss

Don't worry, you can always go back to the regular castle from the Abyss
by using the door you entered it in, or by the warp room at the very end
of it. Anyway, drop down from the room you are in now.

Head left and use the save room.

There are really tough enemies in the Abyss, and not many save points - so
perhaps some Potions would be in order. There is an Arc Demon in this room,
and do NOT stand above the glowing red floor in any of the rooms, as they
shoot fire and it does a lot of damage, and can potentially trap you,
allowing other enemies to hit you. Watch out for the fire pillar in the
right of this room, and drop down.

There is a fire pillar that goes through the floors in this room, so watch
out. Drop down, and kill the annoying Rippers. After the Rippers, there are
two Flame Demons and two more fire pillars. Kill the Flame Demons and move

The next two rooms are empty. Continue left.

The next room has sinking sand and Alastors in it. The Alastors can be
tough to fight in this situation, so fight the first one right where it
appears, then head down and fight the second one.

In the next room, kill the Erinys and sink all the way to the bottom of the
sinking sand. You'll find a lamp you can break to get the Hippogryph soul!
This is really useful (especially against the last boss), as you can press
up and L to jump really freaking high at no MP cost! Anyway, head up.

Watch out for the Heart Eater in this room, as it flies around really fast.
Head left, mind the Mud Demon, then drop down.

Ignore the Mud Demons in this room, and just wait for them to disappear for
you to continue on. Drop down from this room.

The next room is empty. Head right.

The next room is also empty. Drop down.

Kill the two Frozen Shades in this room, ignore the third one, and head
left and drop down.

There is an Erinys and a Stolas in this room. The Stolas can take a while to
kill, and in the meantime can summon various monsters. I suggest you
jump/fly over both of these enemies, and exit the room as fast as possible.

The next room contains just a Final Guard. You have a couple options here.
You can either kill it, and move on, or fly over it with your Bat Company
soul. Do either, and drop down to the next room.

Kill the Malachi as fast as possible, then work on the White Dragons next.
Kill the next Malachi and then head right.

The next room is empty. Head right.

The next room is also empty. Head right.

There is a Malacoda in this room. Kill it, drop down, go around, and head

Mind the Erinys and the Mud Demon in this room, then head to the save room
before the boss battle.

            ///              Boss: Abaddon              \\\
I had a lot of trouble with this boss. He'll jump around the room, and
summon locusts to swarm over you and take damage. I used the Gergoth soul
here to destroy the locusts in many of his attacks, and then refilled my MP
with potions. You'll know which way the locusts will come by the direction
he waves his baton in. If he swings it completely straight, they will come
in a straight line; if he makes a U, they will come in that shape, if he
swipes over his head then down, they'll come in that shape, etc. For all but
the last one, the Gergoth soul works perfectly. I've been told that the
Final Guard soul works as well, but most people that aren't collecting souls
won't have it. For the U shape, you can use the Hippogryph soul repeatedly
to stay towards the ceiling. For the straight line attack, use Gergoth.So,
work on dodging his attacks, and whacking him in between, and you'll beat
him soon. I recommend you be around level 42 or above again.

After you beat him, definitely go back and save, then continue.

There are two empty rooms after Abaddon. Go through them.

The next room has Malacodas and a Black Panther in it. The Black Panther
soul is very, very useful, so I suggest you try to get it. It makes you go
really fast, and barely uses any MP. Head up into the next room.

Ignore the Stolas and head up. He might summon a lot of Erinys, so you may
have to kill them to continue.

The next room has an Iron Golem in it. You will always, no matter the
weapon, do one damage to the Iron Golem unless you have the Dead Crusader
soul on, and attack him from the back, in which case you will always do 2
damage. He has 50 HP... so either kill him, or fly over him with the Bat
Company soul. There is also a Black Panther behind him. Head up from this

Don't get on the platfrom with the Giant Slug until you kill him. Just hit
him from beneath and then continue up.

The next room is empty. Head left.

The next room is also empty. Head up.

The next room has an Erinys and a Tanjelly in it. Kill them both, while
dodging the spikes, and head up.

Kill the White Dragon and the Succubus, then head right. You'll activate the
warp room for the Abyss. Head up from here.

To the right of this empty room is the last save point in the game. Save!
You are about to fight the last boss! Yay! Head left from the save point,
and enter the door to fight the last boss.

            ///              Boss: Menace               \\\

The last boss! After the cutscene, the battle will begin. The first part of
Menace is fairly easy. All you have to do is dodge the spikes by running
to the right if they come from above, or running to the center if they come
from below. When he opens his mouth, run to the right to get out of the way
of his breath. Hit the tiny head sticking out from his chest until it blows
up to get to the second part. Be patient; this first part is easy, so don't
waste any of your potions or MP refillers on this. Just use your weapon to
attack him. The second part is another matter entirely. He will stand up and
walk around the enormous room, swinging at you whenever you get too close.
You will need to destroy the face on his knee and the one in his mouth to
beat him. That would be easy, but the problem is the little traingle things
with teeth that he sends out that hunt you down. Dodging these is not easy,
but you can destroy them. The Black Panther soul, if you have it, can help
escape damage fast in this battle, and the Hippogryph soul will help you
jump up to attack the face when you need to. Just don't run into him,
because you'll probably get stuck and he'll deal a ton of damage to you.
I recommend you be around level 45 to beat him. And, once you do, sit back
and enjoy the ending - you've beaten the game!

                            7. ENEMY LIST
                        SPOILERS!!! (Obviously.)
KEY- |#: Name of Enemy     Soul Rarity: (the higher the number of stars, |
     |                                      the rarer a soul is)         |
     |   Games description of enemy.                                     |
     |                                                                   |
     |  Soul: Description of soul power, if applicable.                  |
NOTE: Some enemies don't have souls that you can obtain, such as Dmitrii,
      Dario, and Menace, therefore they do not have Soul descriptions. Also,
      you always obtain boss souls, so they do not have Soul Rarity - but
      you always get the Flying Humanoid soul when you kill it, so that also
      does not have Soul Rarity.

1. Zombie          Soul Rarity: **
   A rotting corpse of a villager, animated by magic.

   Soul: Summon Zombie.

2. Bat             Soul Rarity: **
   A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the castle.

   Soul: Summon Bat as a familiar.

3. Ghost           Soul Rarity: ***
   A small spirit doomed to wander the castle grounds for all eternity.

   Soul: Seperate from the body and conduct reconnaissance.

4. Skeleton        Soul Rarity: **
   A skeletal corpse controlled by magic.

   Soul: Throw bones.

5. Ouiji Table     Soul Rarity: ***
   An enchanted desk possessed by a spririt summoned in seance.

   Sit in the chair to regain HP.

6. Peeping Eye     Soul Rarity: ***
   A creature that keeps watch in the castle.

   Soul: Identify breakable walls.

7. Axe Armor       Soul Rarity: *
   An armor-clad soldier that is highly skilled with axes.

   Soul: Throw an axe upwards.

8. Skull Archer    Soul Rarity: **
   An archer made of bone.

   Soul: Shoot arrows with deadly accuracy.

9. Warg            Soul Rarity: *
   A wolf that breathes intense flames.

   Soul: Use fangs to tear at foes.

10. Spin Devil     Soul Rarity: *
    An evil blade possessed by a demented demon.

    Soul: Create tornadoes.

11. Armor Knight   Soul Rarity: **
    An armor-clad soldier equipped with a deadly spear.

    Soul: Attack with a spinning spear.

12. Student Witch  Soul Rarity: **
    A witch-in-training who is still learning how to cast spells properly.

    Soul: Summon a cat.

13. Slaughterer    Soul Rarity: **
    A savage man that kills with its bare hands.

    Soul: Smack enemies with quick straight punches.

14. Bomber Armor   Soul Rarity: **
    An armor-clad soldier that tosses bombs.

    Soul: Toss a high-power explosive.

15. Golem          Soul Rarity: **
    A giant clay figure imbued with an artificial life force.

    Soul: Raise STR.

16. Slime          Soul Rarity: *
    A monster composed of a gel-like substance.

    Soul: Summon a bouncy slime.

17. Une            Soul Rarity: **
    An eerie plant that feeds on blood.

    Soul: Throw Une at a foe.

18. Skeleton Ape   Soul Rarity: ***
    A skeletal corpse of an ape that is controlled by magic.

    Soul: Throw a foe with incredible power.

19. Manticore      Soul Rarity: **
    A monster with the body of a lion, the wings of a bat, and a scorpion's

    Soul: Grow a tail.

20. Mollusca       Soul Rarity: **
    A monstrous mollusk imbued with the castle's dark power.

    Soul: Summon a Mollusca.

21. Rycuda         Soul Rarity: **
    A monstrous bird that wields lightning.

    Soul: Summon thunderbolts.

22. Mandragora     Soul Rarity: **
    A mythical plant that is said to inflict death to those who uproot it.

    Soul: Shout to send monsters flying.

23. Yorick         Soul Rarity: **
    A skeleton that ceaselessly chases after its own skull.

    Soul: Kick a skull like a ball.

24. Skeleton Farmer   Soul Rarity: ***
    A skeleton that sows haunted plants.

    Soul: Enhance the performance of plant-type abilities.

25. The Creature   Soul Rarity: ***
    A humanoid creature constructed from numerous corpses.

    Soul: Restore HP gradually.

26. Catoblepas     Soul Rarity: **
    This ox-like beast's breath turns living thing s to stone.

    Soul: Breath clouds of petrifying gas.

27. Ghoul          Soul Rarity: ***
    A foul being that rose from the grave to feed on corpses.

    Soul: Eat food that is normally unpalatable.

28. Corpseweed     Soul Rarity: *
    An Une that feeds off the nutrients of corpses.

    Soul: Summon Corpseweed as a familiar.

29. Yeti           Soul Rarity: *
    The notorious abominable snowman.

    Soul: Create a white orb of dark power that grows as it rolls.

30. Tombstone      Soul Rarity: ***
    Possessed by the grudges of the dead, it attacks all living things.

    Soul: Nullify petrification.

31. Ghost Dancer   Soul Rarity: **
    The spirits of nobles that dance with great elegance.

    Soul: Raise LUCK.

32. Flying Humanoid  Soul Rarity: -
    A mysterious figure that hovers in the distance.

    Soul: Raise INT and LUCK.

33. Mini Devil     Soul Rarity: **
    A little demon with a big heart.

    Soul: Summon Mini Devil as a familiar.

34. Quetzalcoatl   Soul Rarity: **
    A reincarnation of the ancient snake god.

    Soul: Summon Quetzalcoatl as a familiar.

35. Treant         Soul Rarity: ***
    An ancient tree animated by a purely malevolent will.

    Soul: Increase MP recovery speed.

36. Amalaric Sniper  Soul Rarity: **
    A fearsome archer and fallen angel.

    Soul: Summon an archer to support you.

37. Valkyrie       Soul Rarity: ***
    A female warrior with a pretty face and a wicked heart.

    Soul: Transform into a Valkyrie and charge at foes.

38. Great Armor    Soul Rarity: **
    A heavily armored knight built out of the corpses of powerful warriors.

    Soul: Summon Great Armor as a familiar.

39. Killer Doll    Soul Rarity: ***
    A murderous doll that wanders about in search of living bodies.

    Soul: Nullify curses.

40. Waiter Skeleton  Soul Rarity: **
    A skeleton that inhabits the castle. Always carries around a pot of

    Soul: Serve delicious curry.

41. Persephone     Soul Rarity: **
    A demonic maid in the employ of an unearthly baron.

    Soul: Enable "magic vacuum." Vacuums up enemy HP.

42. Witch          Soul Rarity: **
    A spell caster with the ability to cast a wide variety of clever spells.

    Soul: Launch magic shots that track targets.

43. Buer           Soul Rarity: *
    A beast with many legs.

    Soul: Wear a cloak of tumbling fire.

44. Lilith         Soul Rarity: **
    An alluring demon that deludes its victims with its mystefying beauty.

    Soul: Increase INT.

45. Killer Clown   Soul Rarity: **
    A creepy jester with murderous intent. Also a shrewd poker player.

    Soul: Throw cards as weapons.

46. Skelerang      Soul Rarity: **
    A skeleton that expertly hurls boomerangs.

    Soul: Enhance throwing ability.

47. Fleaman        Soul Rarity: **
    A sinister little man that leaps about as if he were a flea.

    Soul: Summon Fleaman.

48. Devil          Soul Rarity: **
    Hell's keeper.

    Soul: Enter a pact with the devil to sharply raise STR.

49. Guillotiner    Soul Rarity: *
    Rumored to have chopped off hundreds of heads with its bloody

    Soul: Summon a guillotine from hell.

50. Draghignazzo   Soul Rarity: ***
    One of the guardians of the dungeons of hell. He is quite the pessimist.

    Soul: Raise resistance to flinching upon taking damage.

51. Needles        Soul Rarity: **
    A giant sea urchin that has been driven close to extinction from

    Soul: Summon Needles as a familiar.

52. Hell Boar      Soul Rarity: **
    A boar from hell with exceptional fighting skills.

    Soul: Knock down enemies with power-packed uppercuts.

53. Bone Pillar    Soul Rarity: ***
    The skulls of dinosaurs animated by a demonic force.

    Soul: Increase CON.

54. White Dragon   Soul Rarity: **
    The fossilized remains of a long-necked dinosaur animated by a demonic

    Soul: Breathe fire.

55. Wakwak Tree    Soul Rarity: **
    A horrifying tree that can produce pods of men.

    Soul: Lower STR and raise CON.

56. Imp            Soul Rarity: **
    A tiny demon who loves mischief.

    Soul: Create a space that inflicts spiritual damage.

57. Harpy          Soul Rarity: **
    A bizarre bird-like creature with the torso of a woman.

    Soul: Summon Harpie as a familiar.

58. Barbariccia    Soul Rarity: ***
    One of the guardians of the dungeons of hell.

    Soul: Transform into Barbariccia.

59. Malachi        Soul Rarity: **
    A pagan being from ancient times that strikes fear into all in its

    Soul: Summon a dark sphere that spews dark energy.

60. Cave Troll     Soul Rarity: *
    A blood-sucking beast that extracts the entrails of cattle with its

    Soul: Attack by lashing out the tongue.

61. Larva          Soul Rarity: **
    A wickedly cruel spirit that inhabits a giant worm.

    Soul: Summon Larva.

62. Heart Eater    Soul Rarity: ***
    A horrific bug that loves to feed on hearts.

    Soul: Obtain more hearts.

63. Merman         Soul Rarity: *
    An aquatic monster that attacks prey near water.

    Soul: Shoot a stream of water.

64. Fish Head      Soul Rarity: **
    The skeletal remains of fish animated by dark power.

    Soul: Throw Fish Head's head.

65. Medusa Head    Soul Rarity: ***
    A monster created in great number from the head of Medusa.

    Soul: Become capable of hovering in one location.

66. Ukoback        Soul Rarity: **
    An enraged demon whose body is engulfed in flames.

    Soul: Set fires.

67. Killer Fish    Soul Rarity: **
    An ancient, man-eating fish. Rumored to be quite tasty.

    Soul: Launch torpedoes in water.

68. Mimic          Soul Rarity: ***
    It assumes the guise of a treasure chest to lure in unsuspecting

    Soul: Gain money when taking damage.

69. Dead Pirate    Soul Rarity: **
    A zombie pirate cursed by its own greed.

    Soul: May cause greater damage on enemies attacked from behind.

70. Frozen Shade   Soul Rarity: **
    A wraith that manipulates frigid air.

    Soul: Create a blade of ice that causes freezing.

71. Homunculus     Soul Rarity: *
    A malevolent, artificial life form created by a demonic scholar.

    Soul: Summon Homunculus.

72. Disc Armor     Soul Rarity: **
    An armor-clad soldier that is an expert at throwing giant circular

    Soul: Hurl a sharp-edged circular blade.

73. Decarabia      Soul Rarity: *
    A demon in the shape of a starfish.

    Soul: Hurl a Decarabia.

74. Dead Mate      Soul Rarity: *
    A zombie that protects graveyards together with its beloved dog.

    Soul: Summon a dog.

75. Bugbear        Soul Rarity: ***
    A single-eyed fiend cloaked in thunderbolts.

    Soul: Gain resistance to lightning.

76. Procel         Soul Rarity: ***
    A liquid demon that appears on the surface of water.

    Soul: Increase mobility in water.

77. Bone Ark       Soul Rarity: ***
    A mobile Bone Pillar. It is considered an innovative breakthrough.

    Soul: Summon a skeleton to provide transportation.

78. Gorgon         Soul Rarity: ***
    A monstrous bull that breathes clouds of toxic gas.

    Soul: Breath a toxic gas.

79. Alura Une      Soul Rarity: **
    An Une fattened with copious pools of blood.

    Soul: Summon Alura Une as a guardian.

80. Great Axe Armor  Soul Rarity: ***
    An armor-clad soldier that mows down its victims with a massive axe.

    Soul: Perform a spinning sweep with a huge axe.

81. Mothman        Soul Rarity: *
    Half man, half moth. It appears to be attracted to the light.

    Soul: Gain more experience points.

82. Mushussu       Soul Rarity: **
    A furious beast from ancient Babylonia.

    Soul: Grow a poisonous tail.

83. Dead Crusader  Soul Rarity: ***
    A zombie warrior bearing a sturdy shield.

    Soul: Reduce the amount of damage from attacks.

84. Dead Warrior   Soul Rarity: ***
    A dead knight that seeks to fight for all eternity.

    Soul: Use Bullet-type souls while executing standard attacks.

85. Erinys         Soul Rarity: ***
    The goddess of revenge.

    Soul: Unleash divine energy that causes widespread damage.

86. Succubus       Soul Rarity: **
    A demon that assumes the form of a beautiful maiden to drain vitality.

    Soul: Regain HP by drinking blood.

87. Ripper         Soul Rarity: **
    A fiend that takes great pleasure in slaughtering people with knives.

    Soul: Throw knives.

88. Black Panther  Soul Rarity: *
    A jet-black beast that runs with great speed.

    Soul: Move at high speed while creating a shock wave.

89. Mud Demon      Soul Rarity: **
    A good-looking demon formed out of dirt.

    Soul: Prevent loss of mobility even in sand.

90. Giant Slug     Soul Rarity: ***
    A gigantic mollusk with an equally huge shell.

    Soul: Nullify poison.

91. Werewolf       Soul Rarity: **
    A madman that can transform into a savage wolf.

    Soul: Perform short dashes.

92. Flame Demon    Soul Rarity: **
    A fire-wielding demon born in the fiery pits of the underworld.

    Soul: Shoot devastating fireballs.

93. Tanjelly       Soul Rarity: ***
    A jelly-like monster that is resistant to physical attacks.

    Soul: Gain resistance to physical attacks.

94. Arc Demon      Soul Rarity: ***
    Uses the powers of darkness to wreak havoc upon the world.

    Soul: Gain resistance against dark spells and attacks.

95. Gaibon         Soul Rarity: **
    A fiend that serves the Grim Reaper. It can spit fire while flying.

    Soul: Summon Gaibon as a familiar.

96. Slogra         Soul Rarity: *
    A fiend that serves the Grim Reaper. It fights on the ground with a

    Soul: Throw spears.

97. Stolas         Soul Rarity: ***
    A wise, old creature said to have considerable intelligence.

    Soul: Raise INT and lower STR.

98. Final Guard    Soul Rarity: ***
    A powerful armored soldier given the task of guarding the castle's key

    Soul: Gain iron-clad defense.

99. Malacoda       Soul Rarity: **
    A long-tailed demon that serves as the head of the dungeon guardians.

    Soul: Attack with a tail.

100. Alastor       Soul Rarity: **
     A possessed sword driven to seek revenge by the souls of slain

     Soul: Summon Alastor as a familiar.

101. Iron Golem    Soul Rarity: ***
     A golem with impenetrable durability. It has no known weaknesses.

     Soul: Transform into an invincible Iron Golem.

102. Flying Armor   Soul Rarity: -
     A sinister cape-clad figure that hovers in the air.

     Soul: Reduce the speed of falling.

103. Balore         Soul Rarity: -
     A demon with a fear-inducing gaze.

     Soul: Touch the Touch Screen to shatter certain blocks.

104. Malphas        Soul Rarity: -
     A black demon that is accompanied by crows.

     Soul: Execute a double jump.

105. Dmitrii        Soul Rarity: -
     He can learn the abilities of others. He is one of the dark lord's

     Soul: -

106. Dario          Soul Rarity: -
     A man with inflammatory powers. He is one of the dark lord's

     Soul: -

107. Puppet Master  Soul Rarity: -
     The cursed king of dolls. It controls dolls and the dimensions.

     Soul: Throw a puppet and switch places with it.

108. Rahab          Soul Rarity: -
     A monster that dominates the seas.

     Soul: Gain the ability to move underwater.

109. Gergoth        Soul Rarity: -
     Imprisoned in solitude long ago, it gradually grew evil and demented.

     Soul: Fire a devastating laser beam.

110. Zephyr         Soul Rarity: -
     A demon with mastery over time.

     Soul: Stop time.

111. Bat Company    Soul Rarity: -
     A group of bats that thinks and acts as one.

     Soul: Transform into a bat and fly.

112. Paranoia       Soul Rarity: -
     A foul fiend that nests inside mirrors.

     Soul: Gain the ability to enter mirrors.

113. Aguni          Soul Rarity: -
     A being that is the embodiment of fire.

     Soul: Create a pillar of fire that races across the ground.

114. Death          Soul Rarity: -
     Dracula's confidant.

     Soul: Summon the Grim Reaper's scythe to attack enemies.

115. Abaddon        Soul Rarity: -
     The master of pestilent locusts from the deep abyss of the underworld.

     Soul: Summon a cloud of locusts to swarm foes.

116. Menace         Soul Rarity: -
     A humongous amalgamation of powerful demons.

     Soul: -

                    8. Frequently Asked Questions
I have answered many, many e-mails regarding these questions since I
posted the FAQ. I decided to put the answers here, to save you (and me)
the trouble. A lot of these questions (and answers) came from
ViewtifulJoe33's stickied topic on the Castlevania: DoS message boards.
Many people have e-mailed me the answer to the first question, and I also
figured it out on my own, so that is why no one is given credit for it.

SPOILERS!!! (as if I need to even say it any more)

FAQ 1:  How do I cross the room with the spikes in Subterranean Hell?
Answer: There are a couple ways to do this. The easiest way is if you
        have the Bone Ark soul. Activate the Bone Ark soul, and it will
        carry you across the barrier. If you have the Skeleton Ape soul,
        you can use that as well, just have it equipped and use the
        Puppet Master soul. The Skeleton Ape soul will make you throw the
        puppet farther, letting you get across.

FAQ 2:  What is the piano for in the Demon Guest House?
Answer: As far as anyone knows right now, absolutely nothing. It is just
        there. There are no songs you can play on it to recieve items.

FAQ 3:  Where can I get the Konami Man?
Answer: You can get the Konami Man in the Cursed Clock Tower, in a room with
        a Slime and a Tanjelly and a bunch of spikes. If you stand where
        there aren't spikes on the platform and wait, the Konami Man will
        fly across the screen and you can get him. All you can do with
        this item is sell it to Hammer for 2500 gold.

FAQ 4:  Where can I get the Bell?
Answer: You can get the Bell by going to the Dark Chapel with the Hippogryph
        soul, and using it to fly into the leftmost bell in the room with
        the three giant bells. The Bell item will fall out. As with the
        Konami Man, you can only sell this to Hammer for 2500 gold.

FAQ 5:  Where can I find the Crown?
Answer: In the Demon Guest House, there is a room that is very tall, and
        has three rooms to the right that are only one screen long. At
        the bottom of this set of rooms, there is a room with a Waiter
        Skeleton and a chair. Kill the Waiter Skeleton and sit in the chair.
        The crown will rise out of the ground, and similar to the Bell and
        Konami Man, you can sell it for 2500 gold.

FAQ 6:  What are the items you get for beating Boss Rush Mode?
           (credit goes to amaravati, tancients, and Zaraf)
Answer: You get these: RPG for beating it under 5 minutes, Death's Robe
        for beating it under 6 minutes, Terror Bear for beating it under
        7 minutes, Nunchakus for beating it under 8 minutes, and a Potion
        for any times higher than that.

FAQ 7:  Where can I get the Yeti, Mothman, and Flying Humanoid souls?
Answer: Yeti: You need the Waiter Skeleton soul to get him. Go to the very
              first room in the game and use the soul there. The Yeti will
              jump out of the background and will be attackable.

        Flying Humanoid: You need the Mandragora soul to get him. Go to the
              room in the Cursed Clock Tower that is right before Zephyr.
              You'll see a little guy flying around in the background.
              Use the Mandragora soul here, and you'll kill the enemy, and
              automatically get this soul.

        Mothman: In the Pinnacle, there is a room with two Final Guards and
              a wierd spotlight thing in the middle. If you have the Rycuda
              soul, use it on the battery looking thing by the spotlight and
              Mothman will fly in.

FAQ 8:  How do I open the slot machine doors?
Answer: The last three digits of the amount of gold you have need to match
        the three digits on the door. For example, to get into the 777 door,
        if you had 5777 gold, you would get in. There is also a 573 door and
        a 666 door that work the same way.

FAQ 9:  What are the 3 hidden ability souls? (credit goes to Cookies_Yum)
Answer: Procel: Allows you to move through the water at a faster rate. Can
                be found in Subterranean Hell.

        Hippogryph: Pushing L + Up will make you jump really fast, really
                high, without using any MP. Can be found in the Abyss, under
                a sand pit in a jar.

        Mud Demon: Allows you to move through mud as normal. Also found in
                the Abyss.

FAQ 10: What are the endings in the game?
Answer: These are the endings, and how to get them:

        Worst Ending: Obtained by beating Dario for the second time in the
          Bad Ending: Obtained by beating Paranoia and Aguni, then not
                      equipping Mina's Talisman when entering the room in
                      the center of the castle in the Garden of Madness.
         Best Ending: Wear the Mina's Talisman to the room in the center
                      of the Garden of Madness, then head to the Condemned
                      Tower and go to the room on the bottom right. It will
                      now allow you to enter the Mine of Judgement, which
                      leads to two more boss battles, the last area of the
                      game, and the real last boss.

FAQ 11: How do I get Julius Mode?
Answer: Obtain the Bad Ending. Note that if you DO get this ending, you can
        continue to play the file you got it with and then continue on to
        get the best ending.

                            9. LEGAL INFO

This guide is copyright (c) 2005 Nathan Lynch, the author.

This FAQ was written only for use at http://www.gamefaqs.com/.
Contact me if you want to post my FAQ on another site. My e-mail is
bucktwenty@gmail.com and can be found at the top of the FAQ as well.

Send me some feedback! If you find any errors or omissions, let me know and
I'll add it, and give you credit for it of course.

                            10. CREDITS

Thanks to CJayC for hosting GameFAQs, thus providing me with hours of
entertainment on the boards and lots of help in FAQs like this.

Thanks to http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for the
ASCII art.

Thanks to tancients for his excellent map, which also can be found at

Thanks to the various people who frequent the GameFAQs message boards, they
helped a lot with the FAQ section.

Konami, for making such a great series.

Nintendo, for the DS and for all the hours they have taken away from me.
They can keep 'em. Their games rule.

And of course, thanks for everybody who reads this guide. And to those who
e-mail me about errors and whatnot.

Thank you Central Michigan University! FIRE UP CHIPS!

Thank you Jones Soda, for tasting so, so good and providing fuel for the
writing of this guide.

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