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    Enemy Set Mode FAQ by discoinferno84

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/21/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
    Enemy Set Mode FAQ
    Version 1.0
    Version History:
    Version 1.1 Added one submitted strategy to Tips Section.
    Version 1.0 Basic FAQ completed.
    Copyright 2005 Justin "discoinferno84" Boot. Any unauthorized use of this 
    guide is a violation of copyright law. This guide is to be used exclusively on 
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) and may not be publicly distributed otherwise. See 
    the end of this FAQ for further explanation.
    I.    Introduction
    II.   What is Enemy Set Mode?
    III.  Controls and Basic Mechanics
          A) Soul Cost List
    IV.   Running the Gauntlet
    V.    Tips
    VI.   Conclusion
    VII.  Copyrights and Other Legal Stuff
    VIII. Contact Information
    IX.   Credits and Special Thanks
    I. Introduction
    Hey folks! Welcome to my Enemy Set Mode FAQ! Yes, I know you're busy playing 
    the main game, harvesting souls and money to squeeze every last drop of 
    greatness out of this game. I don't blame you, either. But should you take some 
    time away from the main quest, you'll find that Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow 
    offers a few other extras that are just begging to be played...extras like the 
    Enemy Set Mode. Here's a brief explanation of how it works. Hope it helps!
    II. What is Enemy Set Mode?
    If you have a look at the starting menu of the game, you'll come across the 
    option for the Enemy Set Mode. Simply put, this feature allows you to customize 
    your own little Castlevania dungeon, filling it with enemies and challenging 
    your gaming skill. The enemies you use are the ones whose souls you have 
    captured in the main game. You will be timed for your efforts, and you can even 
    pit your creations against a friend in a wireless multiplayer race. The one who 
    slays the monsters the fastest may not get any special prize (a la Boss Rush 
    Mode), but it does make for some interesting customization challenges and 
    overall bragging rights. It's time to put your creative powers to work!
    III. Controls and Other Basics
    Soma's Controls:
    D-Pad: Move around (Left/Right), Crouch (Down)
    Y Button: Weapon Attack
    A Button: Weapon Special
    B Button: Jump
    X Button: Use Doppleganger Soul*
    L Button: Backdash
    R Button: Use Guardian Soul
    D-Pad (Up) + Y Button: Use Bullet Soul
    D-Pad (Up) + L Button: Use Hippogriff Soul (Super Jump)*
    D-Pad (Down) + B Button: Forward Slide/Kick
    (Midair) D-Pad (Down) + Y Button: Aerial Kick
    Start: Go to Character Menu
    *These features must be found/unlocked in the main game.
    Enemy Set Mode Menu Controls:
    D-Pad: Toggle among Bullet, Guardian, and Enchant Soul Lists (Left/Right),
           Browse Soul Lists (Up/Down)
           Panning shot of the room (Menu Minimized)
    A Button: Minimize/Maximize Menu Screen
    L Button: Move into the next room
    R Button: Move into the previous room
    Stylus: Selection and placement of souls onscreen
    Basic Mechanics:
    In case you didn't quite understand the gist of the control setup, here's a 
    visual representation of what you'll be seeing on the Touch Screen:
                     (L)          Room #           (R)
                                       |      <- SOUL TYPE ->     |
                                       |   Soul Name       Cost   |
        STAGE BACKGROUND               |   Soul Name       Cost   |
                                       |   Soul Name       Cost   |
                                       |   Soul Name       Cost   |
              (O) Chosen Soul Name     |   Soul Name       Cost   |   
                                       |                          |
                                       |      Total Cost/8        |
                                                ALL CLEAR
    Okay, here's the cut and dry version: You see that menu there on the right? 
    It's filled with the souls that you've acquired during the main quest. They are 
    broken up in their respective categories:
    Bullet: (Zombie, Skeleton, etc.)
    Guardian: (Bat, Armor Knight, etc.)
    Enchant: (Golem, Dead Pirate, etc.)
    You can toggle among the categories by pressing Left/Right on the D-Pad. Each 
    category will bring up another list of souls. You can then use Up/Down on the 
    D-Pad to look over the listing to find a desired Soul. Once you've found one 
    that you like, tap it with the Stylus. The Menu will disappear, leaving a 
    colored dot and the name of the Soul floating onscreen. You can then use the 
    Stylus to position that dot anywhere you want in the room. When you actually 
    play, it'll be there, right where you placed it.However, it's not quite so 
    simple. On the list, each Soul name has a number next to it. This represents a 
    Soul's Cost. The tougher an enemy is, the more it will Cost. 
    NOTE: Each room has a Cost limit of 8, so you must choose which enemies you 
    want wisely. You can have a swarm of weaker enemies in one room, or you can 
    have one incredibly strong enemy as well. But once you've spent your 8 Cost 
    Points, you'll have to move on to the next room or reconfigure the combinations 
    of foes.
    If you choose a Soul and want to send it back to the List, you must press its 
    colored dot and drag it to the Recycle Bin in the lower righthand corner. You 
    won't lose it; it'll simply be placed back in the List. Or, you can tap on the 
    "Clear" option to get rid of the Soul you just chose. But if you want to clear 
    the screen entirely, tap on the "All Clear" option, and you'll start from 
    Once you're satisfied with your selections, press the L/R buttons to shift to 
    the next rooms and begin the process anew.
    After all the rooms are filled, tap the "OK" option. The game will ask you if 
    you want to save your progress. Do so, and the "Enemy Set/Play" option will 
    appear. Tap "Enemy Set" to return to the menu, or tap "Play" to start the 
    actual challenge.
    A) Soul Cost List
    Bullet Souls   Cost/8     Guardian Souls   Cost/8        Enchant Souls   Cost/8
    Zombie          1          Bat               1            Ouija Table      1 
    Skeleton        1          Ghost             1            Peeping Eye      2
    Axe Armor       1          Skull Archer      1            Golem            5
    Warg            2          Spin Devil        2            Skeleton Ape     1
    Student Witch   2          Armor Knight      1            Skeleton Farmer  3
    Slaughterer     2          Manticore         5            The Creature     2
    Bomber Armor    1          Catoplebas        5            Ghoul            2
    Slime           1          Corpseweed        1            Tombstone        1
    Une             1          Mini Devil        1            Ghost Dancer     2
    Rycuda          1          Quetzacoatl       2            Treant           6
    Mandragora      1          Valkerie          2            Killer Doll      1
    Yorick          1          Great Armor       5            Lilith           1
    Amalaric Sniper 2          Persephone        1            Skelerang        1
    Waiter Skeleton 1          Buer              1            Draghignazzo     2
    Witch           1          Devil             5            Bone Pillar      1
    Killer Clown    2          Needles           1            Wakwak Tree      4
    Fleaman         1          White Dragon      4            Heart Eater      2
    Guillotiner     2          Harpy             2            Mimic            1
    Hell Boar       3          Barbariccia       2            Dead Pirate      2 
    Imp             2          Medusa Head       1            Bugbear          3
    Malachi         5          Bone Ark          3            Dead Crusader    3
    Cave Troll      2          Gorgon            6            Tanjelly         5
    Larva           3          Alura Une         5            Arc Demon        7
    Merman          1          Mushussu          6            Stolas           7
    Fish Head       2          Werewolf          3
    Ukoback         2          Gaibon            3
    Frozen Shade    2          Alastor           7
    Disc Armor      2
    Dead Mate       2
    Great Axe Armor 5
    Erinys          3
    Succubus        3
    Ripper          3
    Flame Demon     6
    Slogra          3
    Malcoda         4
    IV. Running the Gauntlet
    Okay, it's battle time! You've spent all that time placing enemies everywhere, 
    and now it's time for Soma to do what he does best: slay their sorry hides. 
    Here's a map of the dungeon that you must play through:
     _________ ________________           __________________________
    |         |           |    |          |    |    5      | Finish |
    |  Start  H    1      H    |          |    H___________H________|
    |_________|___________|    |          | 4  |
                          | 2  |__________|    |
                          |    H    3     H    |
    H = Locked Door
    Your goal is to make it from one end of the dungeon to the other in the 
    shortest amount of time possible. You cannot exit a room without killing every 
    enemy that is inside. As with Boss Rush Mode, you're timed not only for the 
    fighting, but with changing equipped weapons, armor, and Souls. Soma is at 
    Level 35, armed with whatever you have in the main game; if you haven't 
    unlocked/found all the important Souls, Soma's fighting ability will reflect 
    V. Tips 
    -First and foremost: PLAN AHEAD. There's a reason why the challenge starts off 
    in a little side chamber and not the first room. Spend that time choosing 
    whatever equipment might suit your needs. Since you're working for fast times, 
    Black Panther is almost a given no matter what kind of equipment set you're 
    -Remember, Soma is Level 35 here, more than enough to slaughter the least 
    Costly Souls in a single hit. But in case you happen to find yourself up 
    against something a bit more powerful, try bringing along something that'll get 
    the job done fast.
    -Think strategically: If you're going up against a friend via multiplayer, 
    you're going to want to make his run as tough as possible. Possible ideas:
       -Large enemies (Hell Boar, etc.) in smaller spaces/by entrances or exits.
       -Mix aerial and ground enemies to create a formidable blockade.
       -Tough enemies (Arc Demon, etc.) at the beginning, which softens your 
        opponent up for the other rooms.
    **From Kyler D.**:
    Room 1: Catoblepas in front, Axe Armor close behind. Slaughterer towards the
    Room 2: Axe Armor on the first platform. Student/Witch over 2nd gap. Disc Armor 
            below second gap. Hell Boar near the exit.
    Room 3: Treant near the front. Skeleton Ape and Bone Pillar on higher ground.
    Room 4: Slaughterer and Student Witch at the start. 2 Axe Armors on the middle
            platform. Slaughterer near the exit.
    Room 5: Flame Demon in the middle. Skeleton Ape on top platform.  
    More ideas are welcome!
    VI. Conclusion
    Well folks, there it is. Who'd have thought you'd be able to create your own 
    little Castlevania dungeon? Good stuff indeed. Hopefully this guide will prove 
    handy as you give Enemy Set Mode a try. Also, don't forget to challenge your 
    friend with your newly created deathtraps, and may the best gamer win! In the 
    meantime, keep your DS battery charged, and may your gaming sessions be long 
    and enjoyable.
    VII. Copyrights and Other Legal Stuff
    Look folks, plagiarizing someone's stuff isn't a very nice or smart thing to 
    do. In fact, it's illegal! That being said, this document is an electronically 
    published work under full copyright protection. If for some unbeknownst reason 
    that you want to use this FAQ, permission is granted ONLY as a private and 
    personal reference copy. This guide may only be used on gamefaqs.com. Any 
    other reproduction without my consent is strictly prohibited.
    (c) discoinferno84 All Rights Reserved
    VIII. Contact Information
    People who send me useless emails tick me off. Thus:
    -I will gladly take suggestions and/or constructive criticism for making this 
    guide better. Be sure to include "Castlevania DS Enemy Set FAQ" somewhere in 
    the title of the email.
    -I will accept any information that I may have missed in this version.
    -Do NOT send me spam/chain letters/ whatever other junk that might seem funny.
    -You can reach me at: discoinferno84<at>gmail.com
    IX. Credits and Special Thanks
    -Konami, for yet another awesome Castlevania game.
    -DoubleJump Books for their complete listing of Souls and their Costs.
    -Gamefaqs for providing so much information for gamers everywhere.
    -Kyler D. for coming up with an enemey placement strategy.
    -You for slogging through this FAQ.

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