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    Script Translation by Rahenna

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 09/13/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
    悪魔城ドラキュラ 蒼月の十字架
    game script - English translation
    version 1.10 - September 13, 2005
    translation (c)2005 by Marfisa
    formatting by Rahenna (rahenna@rahenna.com)
    The most current version of Marfisa's work will always be found here:
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    This document uses Japanese.  Please set your encoding to Shift-JIS to ensure
    that you are seeing everything properly.
    And YES, I have Marfisa's permission to create and submit this text.  In fact,
    she pretty much ordered me to do it so she wouldn't have to. ^_^
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    This information may not be retranslated into other languages and/or posted 
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    >> Table of Contents                                                         <<
      > Introduction
      > Revision History
    Search for the code at the beginning of the line to skip to that scene.
      > main story events
        [main01] the story so far...
        [main02] opening scene
        [main03] entering the base
        [main04] meeting with Yoko & Julius
        [main05] first boss battle
        [main06] meeting the cult members
        [main07] boss battle : Dimitri
        [main08] boss battle : Dario
        [main09] meeting with Arikado
        [main10] meeting with Julius
        [main11] entrance to clock tower
        [main12] Julius vs Dario
        [main13] Soma vs Dario
        [main14] in the center of the garden
        [main15] breaking the black barrier
        [main16] final battle and ending
      > chatting with Yoko at her shop
        [yoko01] first visit to Yoko's shop
        [yoko02] second visit to Yoko's shop
        [yoko03] third visit to Yoko's shop
        [yoko04] Yoko's information about the cult members
        [yoko05] Yoko's advice and info from Julius & Arikado
        [yoko06] after defeating Dimitri
        [yoko07] after meeting Arikado
        [yoko08] after defeating Dario
        [yoko09] after Dimiti revives
        [yoko10] random blabbing
      > chatting with Hammer at his shop
        [hammer01] first visit to Hammer's shop
        [hammer02] second visit to Hammer's shop
        [hammer03] third visit to Hammer's shop
        [hammer04] after meeting Arikado
        [hammer05] Hammer's crush on Yoko
        [hammer06] random blabbing
      > other information
        [other01] area names
        [other02] UMA news 
      > Julius mode
        [julius01] meet Yoko
        [julius02] meet Alucard
        [julius03] final battle
    THE END:
      > Thanks
    >> Introduction                                                              <<
    Sure, the domestic version of this game will be out in a month, but we have it 
    NOW, damnit, and since Marfisa's taking the trouble to translate to me as we go 
    along, why not take the extra time to write it all down?
    Everything in this guide was translated by Marfisa.  I (Rahenna), the faithful
    sidekick, have just formatted this for submission.
    This is just a text dump of our website here:
    It may be worth it to visit there in case we add something new but don't
    update this guide right away. (Plus I have a nice gallery of 300dpi artbook
    scans there. *nudge nudge*)
    This should be obvious, but just in case: THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE!!! >.< 
    And we're assuming you've played the game, because we're not going into
    elaborate detail about what's going on.  This is a translation only, but if
    you've played, I'm sure you'll know which scene is which.
    >> Revision History                                                          <<
    version 1.10 - September 13, 2005
    Added several missing conversations (a main event and several random shop
    events) from the main game, and a tiny bit from the final battle in Julius
    mode.  We hope to wrap that up in the next week or so, once we manage to give
    Soma the smackdown.  Thanks to Pesmerga and DiscoAlucard from the CV Dungeon
    forum for letting us know about the missing events!
    version 1.00 - September 9, 2005
    The first version of this guide!  Features the complete script (assuming we
    didn't miss any minor conversations), a little from Julius mode, and some other
    >> the story so far...                                              [main01] <<
    In 2035, there was a total eclipse of the moon.
    It was an event that completely changed my life from an ordinary high school 
    My name is Soma Cruz.
    It seems I'm the reincarnation of Dracula, who was once feared as the demon 
    That fact was thrust upon me within Dracula's castle, which was sealed in a 
    solar eclipse.
    I was temporarily swallowed up by the evil will of the demon king, but I was 
    brought back to myself by the strength of my friends who believed in me.
    It has been a year since then, and I believed myself to be in peace.... 
    >> opening scene                                                    [main02] <<
    MINA: Heehee... That's right.
    SOMA: Then, at that moment, that Hammer guy....
    MINA: Hey, Soma-kun.
    SOMA: Don't be so formal, Mina....
    MINA: It's been a year since then.
    SOMA: Yeah, it has.
    MINA: What did you tell me? About using those powers from monsters....
    SOMA: You mean the powers I controlled? I told you before I lost them when we 
    escaped from Dracula's castle, didn't I?
    MINA: Yeah, but.... I have a really bad feeling.
    SOMA: You worry too much. I haven't been able to use the powers I got in that 
    castle for a whole year. Besides...
    ???: You're Soma Cruz, aren't you?
    SOMA: That's right.... Who are you?
    CELIA: My name is Celia. I'll have you die here. Come forth, my servants.
    SOMA: !? Mina, get back! Damn! Why here?
    ???: Soma! You get back!
    MINA: Arikado-san!
    CELIA: You're his guardian, Genya Arikado!? Don't get in my way.
    ARIKADO: A barrier! Tch, it can't be helped. Use this!
    [Arikado tosses Soma a knife. You gain control of Soma and have to defeat 
    three enemies, earning the souls of all three, before the scene continues.]
    CELIA: Soma Cruz. I will definitely destroy you. Whatever it takes.
    SOMA: Wait!
    ARIKADO: There's no use following her. Give up.
    SOMA: Tch!
    MINA: Soma-kun, are you hurt?
    SOMA: I'm fine, but I have those powers again.... Arikado, what does it mean?
    ARIKADO: Your powers never disappeared. When you escaped from that castle, you 
    didn't want your powers. So, all the souls you controlled were released.
    SOMA: Without the souls I controlled, I couldn't use the powers. So that's 
    it.... By the way, that woman, who was she? She seemed to know you.
    ARIKADO: Celia Fortuna. She's the founder of a cult that has been gaining 
    followers recently. She's one of the people we're marking.
    MINA: Why is someone like that after Soma-kun?
    ARIKADO: She's after the demon king. It seems she was once searching for
    SOMA: Which means she doesn't like the fact that I'm not the demon king even 
    though I received the soul of Dracula.
    ARIKADO: That's not all. With your death, she intends to give birth to a new 
    demon king.
    MINA: Oh no...
    ARIKADO: But Soma, you don't have to get involved. Leave the rest to us.
    SOMA: That woman. She said "whatever it takes". If she does....
    MINA: Soma-kun. 
    >> entering the base                                                [main03] <<
    A few days later....
    SOMA: So this is the cult's base.... Hammer's information is pretty reliable.
    ???: Gahaha! Of course!
    SOMA: H, Hammer. What are you doing here?
    HAMMER: What nothing. I showed you here, didn't I?
    SOMA: That's true.
    HAMMER: You're planning something interesting, aren't you? I wanted a bite of 
    the action too. Besides, you know, that pretty lady.... You know....
    SOMA: Yoko-san's not coming. I didn't tell anyone.
    HAMMER: Huh? Why didn't you tell her to come? Well, now I'm here so it can't 
    be helped. Maybe I can set up shop again here? As your partner.
    SOMA: Hammer, I don't want to be rude, but you should go home.
    HAMMER: I can't do that. When you came to me, you looked like you had decided 
    something. I don't intend to ask you about it, but I also don't intend to be 
    stupid enough to leave you alone.
    SOMA: I see.... Thanks.
    HAMMER: Well, I look for some place to hang around here. See you later. *sigh* 
    Why didn't he tell her....
    SOMA: .... 
    >> meeting with Yoko and Julius                                     [main04] <<
    SOMA: !? Oh, those two....
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun!
    JULIUS: ....
    SOMA: Yoko-san and Julius. What are you doing here....
    YOKO: That's our line. We heard some information from Arikado and came to 
    investigate the cult. I'm along with the strongest hunter, uncle Julius, as you 
    can see. 
    [NOTE: Yoko isn't calling Julius HER uncle. She's using a polite term of 
    respect which just happens to translate literally as "uncle."]
    JULIUS: Soma, do you understand? When you were possessed by evil, I should 
    have killed you.
    SOMA: I know.
    JULIUS: Then you should have no reason to come here.
    YOKO: That's right. Just like Julius says.
    SOMA: That Celia woman. She planned to involve Mina in order to kill me. I 
    couldn't allow that.
    JULIUS: I see. So you're prepared. In that case, there's nothing I can say.
    YOKO: W, wait, Julius. What are you consenting to? Hey, listen to me...
    JULIUS: I'm going now.
    YOKO: Wait a minute. I'm going too....
    JULIUS: No, Yoko. You stay here. In the remote chance something happens, if 
    there's no one to stay in contact, we'll be in trouble.
    YOKO: Oh, wait!!
    [Julius jumps across the gap and disappears.]
    YOKO: Men are always so selfish. Anyway, you have no intention of leaving, do 
    SOMA: Not really....
    YOKO: I see, then take this.
    SOMA: What is this...?
    YOKO: A magic seal.
    SOMA: A magic seal?
    YOKO: It seems the founder here can create a gate to summon power from the 
    demon world. For example, a monster influenced by that power can't be completely
    SOMA: Then how do you defeat it?
    YOKO: That's where the magic seal comes in.
    YOKO: Do you want to try practicing it?
    > Yes, I'll try it.
    > No, not really...
    [choose no]
    SOMA: No, not really.
    YOKO: I see... Alright then.
    YOKO: Oh, right. You can practice a magic seal anytime. If you're not confident,
    you should practice it.
    SOMA: Alright.
    YOKO: Then, when a magic seal is needed, it will be invoked by itself. You'll 
    understand it in practice. Well then.... Let's go, Soma-kun.
    SOMA: Huh? Where?
    YOKO: This is a dead end. Only Julius could enter from here. So we should go
    back again and find some place where we can enter.
    SOMA: I see, that makes sense.
    YOKO: And I want to get out of the weather here. Escort me.
    SOMA: R, right.
    YOKO: Then, let's go. 
    >> first boss battle                                                [main05] <<
    YOKO: Oh, this door.... It seems like the magic seal will come in right away.
    YOKO: You'll probably need the magic seal to finish off the enemy inside. Take 
    it easy and do your best. I'll wait here.
    SOMA: Yeah.
    [enter the room and defeat the boss]
    YOKO: You did it.
    SOMA: I've got the gist of using it.
    YOKO: Don't be relieved yet. You won't be able to use the same magic circle 
    all the time.
    SOMA: What does that mean?
    YOKO: She must have prepared more complex seals.
    SOMA: I guess.
    YOKO: But it's ok. If you look, I'm sure the magic seals are hidden around. 
    Without them, the gates to the demon world won't work.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: Well, this is as far as you need to escort me. I can do the rest myself.
    SOMA: Alright. Then I'll be going.
    YOKO: Oh, right. I might get some information from Julius, so visit when 
    you're nearby. And, Soma-kun. Don't overdo it.
    SOMA: Alright. You take care too, Yoko-san. 
    >> meeting the cult members                                         [main06] <<
    SOMA: !! You!
    CELIA: You came after all.
    SOMA: Celia Fortuna....
    ??? (DARIO): Hey, the demon king is a brat like this?
    ??? (DIMITRI): There you go, judging by appearances. That's the trouble with
    simple people.
    ??? (DARIO): What did you say, Dimitri!
    DIMITRI: Heh, I just told the truth.
    CELIA: Dario, Dimitri. Both of you, stop it.
    DARIO: Tch!
    DIMITRI: ....
    CELIA: Excuse me. Welcome to the headquarters of my religious community.
    SOMA: You say that as if I wanted to come.
    CELIA: You're afraid of having people involved because of you. Am I right?
    SOMA: Yeah.... I've taken the bait. Why do you want a demon king?
    CELIA: It's not that I want a demon king. In order for god to be completely
    good, a being of complete evil is lacking.
    SOMA: That has nothing to do with me. If the world wants complete evil, the
    demon king will someday appear. Isn't that right?
    CELIA: That may be true. Or it may not be true. But in fact, the power of the
    demon world is getting weaker. A demon king must definitely be made. And soon.
    SOMA: But...!
    DARIO: Enough, ok? Let's kill this brat right away!
    CELIA: Now, wait. He came here to stop me with all his might. In that case,
    there's no reason to be in a hurry.
    DARIO: Huh? What's that mean?
    DIMITRI: It means that now that he's in the palm of our hand, we can kill him
    CELIA: That's right. And I can test you at the same time.
    DIMITRI: I see.
    DARIO: Hey, wait! What's this test? I didn't hear about it!
    DIMITRI: Why don't you think about it a little? Fine, there's one demon king. 
    But there are two candidates for the demon king, you and I.
    DARIO: I know that.
    DIMITRI: Then understand it. It means whoever defeats this boy can become the 
    true candidate for the demon king.
    DARIO: Oh, so that's it! I get it. Which means you should enjoy your life while
    you still have it.
    [Dario threatens Soma with fire]
    DARIO: I'll burn you to ashes.
    [Dario leaves]
    DIMITRI: Excuse me as well. There's no point being here.
    [Dimitri leaves]
    SOMA: Those two just now were candidates for the demon king....
    CELIA: That's right. They received life on the same day and same hour that
    Dracula was destroyed. They have inherited Dracula's powers.
    SOMA: But there's no way they can become the demon king.
    CELIA: There is. As long as Dracula's soul is crushed. Now, this conversation
    is over. By all means, if you want me to stop, evade my traps and come to the
    top floor. If you do, I might change my mind. 
    >> boss battle : Dimitri                                            [main07] <<
    SOMA: !?
    DIMITRI: Oh my, you saw me at an awkward moment.
    SOMA: You're one of the candidates for the demon king.
    DIMITRI: I'm Dimitri Brinoff.
    SOMA: Just now, you were fighting a demon of this castle. Does that mean you've 
    betrayed Celia?
    DIMITRI: Don't misunderstand. This was just a ritual to gain power.
    SOMA: Ritual?
    DIMITRI: You saw, didn't you? Unless you're the same as Dario, you should be 
    able to understand it. My true power....
    SOMA: So that's it... It's the power to copy the magic you receive.
    DIMITRI: Heh. Well done. Well then, while we're free from disturbances....
    SOMA: Wait. I have no reason to fight you. Is there a reason you're cooperating 
    with Celia?
    DIMITRI: There is none.
    SOMA: Then why...!
    DIMITRI: But, I have a power. So I want to know the meaning of that power. Don't
    you think so?
    SOMA: You think it means you're the demon king?
    DIMITRI: Well, who knows? But if I can see this through to the end, it could 
    potentially be a path. Well, let's begin.
    [win the fight]
    SOMA: I won't take your life. Give up.
    DIMITRI: Urg, "so it goes," as someone once said... [translator's note: Oda 
    Nobunaga's last words]
    You're too weak. The time will come when you regret that weakness.... Gwah!!
    [Dimitri dies]
    SOMA: Huh? He died? That couldn't happen!?
    [a black "soul" flies into Soma's body]
    SOMA: Gwah! What was that just now... Did I control a human soul? No, I can't 
    feel any power.... What was that, just now... 
    >> boss battle : Dario                                              [main08] <<
    DARIO: So you came! Geez, you went too far, yeah?
    SOMA: ??
    DARIO: I'm talking about Dimitri. Dimitri.
    SOMA: I didn't mean to kill your friend. I didn't finish him off....
    DARIO: Ah, what are you talking about? I just wanted to beat that stuck up jerk 
    to death with my own hands.
    SOMA: You don't think anything of your friend's death?
    DARIO: Yeah, I don't think anything of it. Besides, I've had enough, let's 
    SOMA: What are you going to do if you become the demon king?
    DARIO: What am I going to do? Look at this power!
    [Dario uses fire on the room, burning up the scenery.]
    DARIO: It's a power that only destroys! Then, it's logical I'm after the 
    pinnacle of destruction, right?
    SOMA: That's no reason....
    DARIO: You're too noisy, shut up. Then, I'll start. I'll burn you up.
    [win the fight]
    SOMA: Give up being the demon king.
    DARIO: A brat like you... mocking me....
    [Dario prepares to attack again, but Celia appears.]
    CELIA: Dario, stop.
    DARIO: Celia.... Don't stop me, this is a matter of pride.
    CELIA: I know. But I'm not prepared to have the final candidates for the demon 
    king kill each other. Let's pull back for now. I still have my plan.
    DARIO: Argh.
    CELIA: You did better than I expected. But this game is still continuing until 
    you reach the top floor. Don't feel relieved yet. 
    >> meeting with Arikado                                             [main09] <<
    ARIKADO: Soma!
    SOMA: ??
    ARIKADO: I told you didn't need to get involved.
    SOMA: Arikado! What are you doing here? I thought you were protecting Mina....
    ARIKADO: Mina is fine. My colleagues are protecting her. It's more important 
    to keep surveillance on you.
    SOMA: You're still treating me like the demon king? Knock it off!
    ARIKADO: I want you to be aware. That's the danger for you....
    SOMA: ....
    ARIKADO: But since you're here, it can't be helped. While you're under my 
    surveillance, I'll turn a bit of a blind eye to your recklessness. Besides, I 
    can't really leave this cult be.
    SOMA: Th, thanks.... I appreciate it.
    ARIKADO: Mina left this with me.
    SOMA: Huh? A letter and an amulet?
    [Mina's letter]
    Soma-kun. If you're reading this letter, it means you went to the cult. After 
    that incident, when you disappeared, I thought that might be it.... I know 
    you're worried about me. But I'm just as worried about you. I know you're one 
    to never turn back, so I won't ask you to come home right now. But just promise 
    me this. Whatever happens, come back as yourself, Soma-kun. That's my wish. Oh, 
    and take this amulet, I'm sure it will be of use. Mina.
    SOMA: Mina.
    ARIKADO: Soma.
    SOMA: !!
    ARIKADO: Tell me the situation.
    SOMA: Y, yeah...
    SOMA: (I told Arikado the situation from when I arrived up until I met him.)
    ARIKADO: I see. I'm concerned about Celia's so-called "plan".
    SOMA: Anyway, I'm just trying to get to the top floor.
    ARIKADO: Fine. I'll try keeping track of Dario's whereabouts. 
    >> meeting with Julius                                              [main10] <<
    JULIUS: ....
    SOMA: Julius. What are you doing here?
    JULIUS: !? Soma.... This floor has a powerful barrier on it. I sense an evil 
    presence from inside.
    SOMA: An evil presence....
    JULIUS: That's right. That's what my intuition tells me. But exploring inside 
    is impossible right now.
    SOMA: Why?
    JULIUS: The barrier is too strong. I could probably do something about it 
    myself, but I'd be in danger of using all me strength. It's better to send word 
    to Yoko and wait for help. Anyway, what about you?
    SOMA: As for me....
    SOMA: (I told Julius the situation up to now.)
    JULIUS: I see, a candidate for the demon king.... Now, we should go after him 
    first. I'll meet with Arikado.
    >> entrance to clock tower                                          [main11] <<
    SOMA: !?
    CELIA: You're still only here? You really are taking it easy.
    SOMA: What are you trying to say?
    CELIA: I fused Dario with a flame demon I summoned and he gained even greater 
    [Arikado comes up behind Soma]
    ARIKADO: I see. So that's your plan?
    [Julius comes yelling out of nowhere]
    JULIUS: Soma, get back.
    [Julius runs between Celia and Soma and Arikado]
    SOMA: Arikado! And Julius!
    CELIA: No matter who comes, stopping Dario is impossible. The birth of a new 
    demon king is almost certain.
    [Celia vanishes]
    ARIKADO: Julius! I sense a strong demonic power from inside the waterways. 
    That's probably Dario. I'll go after Celia.
    [Arikado leaves]
    JULIUS: Soma, it's our duty from here on.
    [Julius leaves] 
    >> Julius vs Dario                                                  [main12] <<
    JULIUS: Urg!
    SOMA: Julius!
    JULIUS: I'm alright. Don't worry.
    SOMA: Hey, is it over? The legendary Belmont guy isn't very impressive.
    JULIUS: Urk, how rude.
    DARIO: Hey, brat! With this I'll avenge my humiliation before. But the fusion 
    of power isn't completely finished. On the top floor, there's a throne room. 
    That should be your goal too. I'll be all decked out for the final battle there.
    [Dario vanishes]
    JULIUS: That guy's tough. He's a difficult opponent for me since I can't use a 
    magic seal.
    SOMA: Wait a minute, Julius. You can't use magic seals?
    JULIUS: Yeah, what about it?
    SOMA: Then, there must have been undefeatable enemies before now.
    JULIUS: No, I destroyed them before they could regenerate. It's not really an 
    issue. But this time, it didn't work.
    SOMA: (Hey, it's normally impossible.)
    JULIUS: Don't worry about me. Go ahead without me.
    SOMA: Right. He wants me. I'll go.
    JULIUS: His flame powers are tremendous. But I'm sure you can win. Don't 
    disappoint me.
    SOMA: Yeah.... 
    >> Soma vs Dario                                                    [main13] <<
    DARIO: You kept me waiting.
    SOMA: Come on, let's settle this. I'll show you that you can't be the demon 
    DARIO: You intend to beat me who even a Belmont couldn't match?
    SOMA: I will beat you. Power depends completely on your own will. There's no 
    way I can lose to someone like you whose life is controlled by his power.
    DARIO: What's the point of having power if you don't use it? Don't talk as if 
    you know!! After all, it's survival of the fittest in this world. It's nonsense 
    saying that you'll beat me again. Let's go!
    [two choices here: kill Richter, or equip the Holy Glasses and... wait, sorry. 
    Wrong game. Defeat Dario or use the Paranoia soul to enter the mirror and kill 
    the flame demon.]
    SOMA: With the magic seal, your power from the demon world is cut off. Your 
    chances of winning now are zero.
    DARIO: N, no....
    ARIKADO: Get away from him, Soma!!
    DARIO: Noooo!!
    [Dario dies]
    ARIKADO: Handling the demon fused to his soul while he was at the verge of 
    death was no easy task.
    SOMA: He lost to the demon's power.... Is that what you're saying?
    ARIKADO: If he had been cut off from the demon, he might have been saved.... 
    Don't worry about it, that is the fate of those who are addicted to power.
    SOMA: .... Arikado.... What happened to Celia?
    ARIKADO: I'm sorry.... But I've already dispatched a unit to search for her 
    SOMA: I see.... I'm leaving now. There's nothing for me here.
    [Arikado and Soma leave the base; Soma falls to his knees]
    SOMA: Urg!
    ARIKADO: What's the matter, Soma?
    SOMA: I, it's nothing. I just suddenly felt strange.
    ARIKADO: .... Did anything strange happen in the castle?
    SOMA: No, not really.... !? Come to think of it, there was something strange 
    when I fought with Dimitri....
    ARIKADO: Tell me about it.
    SOMA: I didn't finish him off. But, he died. Then, something went into me. Like 
    when I control a soul....
    ARIKADO: .... We have to investigate it. Let's join Yoko right away and head to 
    the Church.
    SOMA: Is something happening to me?
    ARIKADO: That I don't know. We'll know when we investigate. Come on, let's go.
    [THE END - henceforth known as the lame ending because nothing is unlocked by 
    getting it. Boo.] 
    DARIO: Wh, what did you do, brat...? My power... it's gone....
    SOMA: I defeated the demon that was fused to your soul. Along with your power.
    DARIO: My... my power!
    SOMA: Just having power isn't a good reason to flaunt it. Remember that.
    DARIO: Eeeeee!
    [Dario runs, Celia walks in]
    CELIA: You're more than I could imagine.
    SOMA: I came like I promised. Stop targeting me.
    CELIA: Alright. I'll do as you say.
    SOMA: .... You're accepting this too easily. As if you knew this would happen...
    CELIA: Well, who knows? But, there's only one way to gain a demon king.
    SOMA: You're stubborn. There aren't any candidates for the demon king left.
    CELIA: That's right. But, the game isn't over yet.
    SOMA: ....
    CELIA: The center of this castle... come there.
    SOMA: Is this a trap? It was a lie when you said you wouldn't target me.
    CELIA: It's not a lie. I have something I want to show you. I'll be waiting 
    >> in the center of the garden                                      [main14] <<
    [Mina is tied(?) to a tree in the garden; Celia is beside the tree.]
    SOMA: !? Mina!!
    MINA: Soma-kun!
    CELIA: Soma Cruz. Witness the final moments of your darling.
    SOMA: !? Stoooop!!
    [Celia shoots Mina with magic]
    MINA: S, So... ma... kun....
    [Mina dies]
    MINA: ....
    SOMA: Minaaaa!! You.... I won't forgive you....
    CELIA: It took a lot to trouble to kidnap her. Come, you must hate me enough to 
    want to kill me.
    SOMA: I'll never... forgive you....
    [black souls start to fly into Soma]
    CELIA: The chaos is gathering. My idea was correct, after all. Come, hate me
    When you reach the pinnacle of hate, it will be the advent of the demon king.
    SOMA: Fine. If I can take revenge for Mina, I'll become the demon king or
    anything. Mina, forgive me.... I couldn't grant your wish....
    CELIA: Now, come. Birth of the demon king.
    SOMA: Urgh!!
    [This splits now depending on if you're wearing Mina's amulet or not.] 
    [Soma attacks Celia]
    CELIA: Wh, why.... I brought you back into this world....
    SOMA: I don't like you. That's the only reason. Besides, I'm going to destroy
    the worthless humans right away. Your turn just came sooner. Hahahahaha.
    [at the entrance to the base]
    JULIUS: So Soma became the demon king.... I have to go after all. So the old 
    battle will be repeated....
    ARIKADO: I was naive to think he would wear the amulet from Mina.... That could 
    have protected Soma.... I must unleash my strength as well....
    [THE END - this is the "bad ending" that unlocks Julius mode!] 
    ???: Soma, don't be fooled!!
    SOMA: !!
    [Arikado rushes in.]
    ARIKADO: That Mina is a fake!
    CELIA: Arikado! At a time like this!
    ARIKADO: She's using a Doppelganger. But your plan ends here.
    SOMA: Argh!
    ARIKADO: !! What's the matter?
    [The black souls fly out of Soma and into "Mina" which becomes Dimitri.]
    CELIA: D, Dimitri....
    DIMITRI: I should say thank you. At that instant, there was a chink in the 
    boy's heart. Thanks to that, I escaped safely.
    CELIA: You died....
    DIMITRI: Abandoning my body was a gamble, but it worked.
    ARIKADO: So you've gained his powers?
    DIMITRI: Oh, you understand...? By touching the boy's soul, I directly copied 
    his abilities. And I was lucky to gain a replacement for my body.
    CELIA: I, impossible, you have the same powers as Soma Cruz....
    DIMITRI: When I fought the boy, I confirmed that the heir to Dracula isn't a 
    person who inherited magic powers. In that case, by gaining the same abilities,
    I can become a true candidate for the demon king. And, I'm the only person who 
    can do that.
    ARIKADO: I won't allow it.
    DIMITRI: Wait, Arikado-kun. No, should I call you by your real name? When the 
    boy began to awaken, I let myself share his memories of his previous life a 
    little. Now, if you move, I'll take the boy's life right here. I'm sure you 
    don't want that.
    ARIKADO: Tch.
    SOMA: D, do you want to become the demon king that much?
    DIMITRI: I told you before. I want to know the meaning of my power.... Celia. 
    I have to control a more powerful demon. And surpass the boy.
    CELIA: Very well. Soma Cruz. I take back what I said before. Your fate is to 
    die after all.
    [Celia and Dimitri disappear]
    SOMA: Arikado, do you know where they went?
    ARIKADO: The place they went to is probably the basement of the tower adjacent 
    to the castle. From there, negative power is flowing into this world. It's a 
    good guess that she's summoning the demon world to make this castle into the 
    demon castle.
    SOMA: I see....
    ARIKADO: Don't. You're in no condition to fight yet. Leave it to us.
    SOMA: His powers belong to me. I have to stop him.
    ARIKADO: .... Fine. But, I'll go on ahead with Julius. 
    >> breaking the black barrier                                       [main15] <<
    JULIUS: You want me to break this barrier? It's not that I can't, but there's 
    no guarantee I'll have enough strength left to be able to fight.
    ARIKADO: Without your power, it's impossible to break this barrier. We have to 
    stop them, no matter what.
    JULIUS: ... If it's an emergency, it can't be helped. Stand back.
    [Arikado stands back.]
    JULIUS: Here I go.
    [Julius does a cross item crash and breaks the barrier.]
    JULIUS: Yaaah! *pants* That's the end of the barrier.
    ARIKADO: Sorry.
    JULIUS: Hurry and go. There's no time to talk.
    ARIKADO: Then excuse me, I'm going ahead.
    [Arikado jumps into the hole.]
    JULIUS: Soma. I'm getting old.
    SOMA: Just rest for a while. We'll take care of it no matter what.
    JULIUS: Yeah, you promised. I'm counting on you.
    >> final battle and ending                                          [main16] <<
    SOMA: !!
    ARIKADO: Soma, you came?
    SOMA: What happened?
    DIMITRI: You weren't in time, is what it means.
    ARIKADO: He has a formidable demon under his control. I should have stopped 
    the summoing itself before.
    DIMITRI: It seems your magic alone was no good in the face of the sacrifice.
    SOMA: Sacrifice?
    [Celia is hanging from a cross made of bodies.]
    SOMA: C, Celia!
    DIMITRI: You're already an eyesore. Die.
    [Celia vanishes.]
    SOMA: You killed your ally?
    DIMITRI: She wanted a demon king. I'm going to become the demon king and she 
    was useful to me until the end. That was her true desire, wasn't it. Moreover, 
    she made it so that Arikado-kun couldn't fight.
    SOMA: !?
    ARIKADO: By using a sacrifice, my magic backfired. It's just as he said.
    DIMITRI: Now, the stage is set. It's the powers I control versus the powers 
    you control. Let's settle this....
    [A black aura surrounds Dimitri.]
    SOMA: W, what?
    DIMITRI: Th, that's impossible.... I should control it completely.
    ARIKADO: I see, so that's it.
    SOMA: Arikado, what's happening?
    ARIKADO: The powers he controls are not such an easy thing to handle. He's not 
    the same as you. His soul can't endure the power.
    DIMITRI: Th, that can't be! You shut up!
    [Dimitri throws Arikado back.]
    ARIKADO: Ungh!
    SOMA: Arikado!
    DIMITRI: I'm the heir to the demon king! As well as this power! Aaaaargh!
    SOMA: It's no use. You can't control the power.
    DIMITRI: Aaaargh!
    [A demon that's so ugly it defies description pops out of Dimitri's back.]
    DIMITRI: Aaaaaah!
    SOMA: Is this all the demons he controlled all rolled into one? It's too 
    dangerous to leave it like this.... I'll do it.
    [Final battle. After winning, tons of black souls fly into Soma.]
    SOMA: I... I...
    [Soma remembers Mina.]
    SOMA: Stooop!!
    [Soma releases the black souls.]
    ARIKADO: What are you doing? This place can't hold out any more. Run.
    [Outside. The castle falls into the lake.]
    ARIKADO: It's over. There's nothing for us here. Let's go.
    SOMA: ....
    ARIKADO: What is it, Soma?
    SOMA: Tell me, what is the demon king?
    ARIKADO: What Celia told you was not necessarily a lie. It's the opposite of 
    SOMA: Then, the demon king is absolutely necessary. All I've done is reject 
    becoming the demon king!
    ARIKADO: Don't misunderstand! Certainly, the demon king may be necessary. But 
    there's no reason for you to become the demon king.
    SOMA: But if I weren't here, none of this would have happened!
    ARIKADO: You are neither god nor the devil. You're human. Don't look at 
    everything as black and white. Or do you want to become the demon king?
    SOMA: .... I don't.
    ARIKADO: Then, stand firm in your intention. Look.
    [Screen pans to Yoko, Julius and Hammer.]
    ARIKADO: There are people waiting for you. Don't make everyone sad.
    SOMA: Everyone....
    JULIUS: You fulfilled your promise.
    YOKO: Welcome back, Soma-kun.
    HAMMER: It looks like it's over. Be happy.
    SOMA: Arikado.... It's just as you said....
    [Mina walks up.]
    SOMA: Mina! What are you doing here?
    [Soma runs over to her.]
    MINA: Don't what me. Really, you had me so worried....
    SOMA: Oh, Mina, I'm sorry. Don't cry.
    MINA: Just kidding. Welcome back, Soma-kun.
    JULIUS: Soma. You're under her thumb.
    YOKO: That's right. There's no mistake.
    HAMMER: I'm under Yoko-san's thumb....
    SOMA: Wh, what are you talking about? We're not like that!
    [Everyone laughs.]
    MINA: R, right!
    JULIUS: You're both blushing.
    [Pan back to Arikado.]
    ARIKADO: If the world wants a demon king, then one will one day appear. Without 
    it being you, Soma....
    [THE END - this is the good ending! It unlocks Boss Rush mode and Sound mode! 
    (at least for us at 99.9% map, which may actually be 100% depending on how the 
    final room counts. Dunno.)] 
    >> first visit to Yoko's shop                                       [yoko01] <<
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun.
    SOMA: Is this where you're waiting for word from Julius?
    YOKO: Yes. It's an abandoned house so I made use of it. And, that rough looking 
    man is in the house across from me. His name is, I think....
    SOMA: Hammer?
    YOKO: Right. What is he doing here?
    SOMA: He's helping me.
    YOKO: No way, you didn't ask him to come, did you...?
    SOMA: Of course not.
    YOKO: I see. But coming here is too dangerous. Won't you tell him to go home?
    SOMA: I already did. But it didn't work. Besides, there's no way he's leaving 
    now. Someone is here who wasn't supposed to be.
    YOKO: ?? Well, it can't be helped if you asked and it didn't work. By the way, 
    I've mastered a new art.
    SOMA: What art?
    YOKO: The powers you control, they're powers from the souls of monsters you 
    control, right?
    SOMA: Right.
    YOKO: If I extract them with magic, I think I can utilize them....
    SOMA: Do you mean releasing the souls?
    YOKO: Something like that. Of course, I'll need your cooperation. It's not that 
    simple to do.
    SOMA: Well, what do you mean by utilize?
    YOKO: Specifically, magically fusing that soul with a weapon and making a new 
    weapon. Though the soul I use will disappear.
    SOMA: Can you really do that?
    YOKO: Hey, that's rude asking if I can do it. I'm a pretty famous magic user. 
    Well, if you need something, tell me. I'll try it.
    SOMA: Right.
    YOKO: Oh, if you do put it to use, I think it's possible that the number of 
    souls will decrease. I don't know if you need them or not, so keep it in mind.
    SOMA: Alright.
    YOKO: Well then, is there something I can do for you?
    >> second visit to Yoko's shop                                      [yoko02] <<
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun? Thank goodness.
    SOMA: Thank goodness?
    YOKO: It's that Hammer person.
    SOMA: Did he do something?
    YOKO: He's always glaring at me.
    SOMA: (I don't really think that's glaring...)
    YOKO: So, since we're neighbors for the time being, I smiled at him, and he 
    immediately turned away from me. Could I have done something to annoy him?
    SOMA: No, it's your imagination. He just has hard features so it looks that 
    way. Next time you have the chance, talk to him.
    YOKO: Really? Thanks. Well, what can I do for you today?
    >> third visit to Yoko's shop                                       [yoko03] <<
    YOKO: Oh, welcome. Hey, will you listen?
    SOMA: What?
    YOKO: It's Julius. I have the feeling he thinks I'm a hindrance.
    SOMA: I don't think he does....
    YOKO: You saw it, Soma-kun. In front of the drawbridge, he left me behind 
    without listening to my opinion. Besides, before he said the monsters inside 
    were strong so I said I would help. It gets me so mad. He's treating me like a 
    SOMA: Now, now, calm down.
    YOKO: What, are you on Julius' side?
    SOMA: No, that's not it. Julius is simply worried about you.
    YOKO: But I can fight. He's worrying too much.
    SOMA: You don't understand a man's heart, Yoko-san. It shows his affection for 
    you. I think he doesn't want you to get hurt at all.
    YOKO: But...
    SOMA: You must understand that... If I were in Julius' place, I think I'd say 
    the same thing.
    YOKO: Oh? That's kind of flattering, isn't it? *sigh* But it's really hard 
    just waiting. When you go home, take good care of Mina-chan.
    SOMA: Alright. Geez....
    YOKO: I feel kind of refreshed now that you've listened to my grumbling. Well, 
    what can I do for you today?
    >> Yoko's information about the cult members                        [yoko04] <<
    These are actually three seperate scenes, but it seems like they occur 
    randomly around the same time. If you get one, talk to Yoko a few more times 
    to get the others.
    [about Celia]
    YOKO: Welcome, Soma-kun.
    SOMA: Tell me about that Celia person.
    YOKO: All I know is that she's the founder of this cult and that she has the 
    power to open gates to the demon world.
    SOMA: What can you do by opening gates to the demon world?
    YOKO: Mainly summoning. Then it seems you can create a space supplied by energy 
    from the demon world. You need a magic seal for it.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: Is there anything else I can do for you?
    [about Dario]
    YOKO: Welcome, Soma-kun.
    SOMA: Do you know about a guy named Dario?
    YOKO: Dario Bosh. He's a man who has the power to create fire. He's involved in 
    a lot of cases of fires of unknown origin. He's a wanted criminal all over the 
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: That's all the information I have. Well, what else can I do for you?
    [about Dimitri]
    YOKO: Welcome, Soma-kun.
    SOMA: Do you know about a guy named Dimitri?
    YOKO: Dimitri Brinoff. Actually, I don't know much either. But it seems he's 
    called Dimitri The Mirror.
    SOMA: The Mirror....
    YOKO: He's the kind who is always pulling the strings from behind and never 
    shows his face on the stage.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: That's all the information I have. Well, what else can I do for you? 
    >> Yoko's advice and information from Julius & Arikado              [yoko05] <<
    These are actually eight seperate scenes, but it seems like they occur randomly 
    around the same time. If you get one, talk to Yoko a few more times to get the 
    [about Doppelganger]
    YOKO: Welcome, Soma-kun.
    YOKO: Come to think of it, have you heard about a monster that can instantly 
    switch between two weapons?
    SOMA: No, I haven't.
    YOKO: If I recall, the name of that monster was Doppelganger, I think? Soma-kun,
    if you controlled that soul, I think it might be convenient in battle. Being 
    able to switch between two types of equipment would make it easy to change 
    depending on the situation.
    SOMA: I'm sure it would.
    YOKO: Well then, what can I do for you today?
    [about Mina's amulet]
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. Arikado left me some information. Do you want to hear it?
    SOMA: Of course.
    YOKO: Let's see. If you put on the amulet, it seems it will suppress an evil
    heart. You should be especially careful, Soma-kun.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: I'm sure that's what he said. Is there still something I can do for you?
    [about Puppet Master]
    YOKO: Welcome, Soma-kun. Julius left me some information. Do you want to hear 
    SOMA: Of course.
    YOKO: Let's see. If you could switch places with something smaller than you, 
    you could go through gaps you can't walk through, he said. With your abilities, 
    Soma-kun, it could be possible.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: I'm sure that's what he said. Is there still something I can do for you?
    [about slide puzzle]
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. Julius left me some information. Do you want to hear it?
    SOMA: Of course.
    YOKO: Let's see. There are some rooms you can move. It seems there is a control 
    panel like a 15 piece slide puzzle. If you don't put it together right, there 
    are some rooms you can't reach.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: I'm sure that's what he said. Is there still something I can do for you?
    [about Paranoia]
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. Julius left me some information. Do you want to hear it?
    SOMA: Of course.
    YOKO: Let's see. It seems there is an enemy that can go inside a mirror. I 
    wonder what you could do if you control that soul?
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: I'm sure that's what he said. Is there still something I can do for you?
    [about seesaw]
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. Julius left me some information. Do you want to hear it?
    SOMA: Of course.
    YOKO: Let's see. It seems there's a switch that only reacts to a hammer for 
    some reason. I don't really understand why it was made.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: I'm sure that's what he said. Is there still something I can do for you?
    [about sealed walls]
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. Julius left me some information. Do you want to hear it?
    SOMA: Of course.
    YOKO: Let's see. It seems there are some walls that only react to specific 
    magic. Since the powers you control have various magic, you might try it. If 
    you take a close look at the wall, I'm sure you'll understand what to do.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: I'm sure that's what he said. Is there still something I can do for you?
    [about Zefaru]
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. Julius left me some information. Do you want to hear it?
    SOMA: Of course.
    YOKO: Let's see. It seems there's a room where time has stopped somehow. If you 
    could affect time with magic, something will happen.
    SOMA: I see.
    YOKO: I'm sure that's what he said. Is there still something I can do for you? 
    >> after defeating Dimitri                                          [yoko06] <<
    YOKO: Welcome, Soma-kun. I heard. You defeated Dimitri?
    SOMA: But it's strange.
    YOKO: What is?
    SOMA: I didn't finish him off, but he died.
    YOKO: Will you tell me the details?
    SOMA: Actually....
    (I told Yoko-san about the fight with Dimitri.)
    YOKO: .... That's really strange. Considering the situation, I can't think it 
    was suicide.... What I'm worried about is the thing that flew into you, 
    Soma-kun. Anyway, when this business is resolved, I'll research it in detail 
    at the church.
    SOMA: Yeah...
    YOKO: Well, what can I do for you today?
    >> after meeting Arikado                                            [yoko07] <<
    YOKO: Welcome, Soma-kun. Come to think of it, Arikado seems to have come here 
    SOMA: Yeah, in order to keep an eye on me.
    YOKO: I assumed he was protecting Mina-chan.
    SOMA: I thought so too, so I came here without worries....
    YOKO: Well, though I don't think he made a mistake, it seems the situation has 
    gotten a lot more serious.
    SOMA: He lectured me to be careful.
    YOKO: That's right. I really wish you would go home.
    SOMA: But, I....
    YOKO: I know. But, it's not a weakness to rely on someone else. One person 
    can't carry all the burden. That's what we're here for.
    SOMA: .... Thank you.
    YOKO: Well, what can I do for you today?
    >> after defeating Dario                                            [yoko08] <<
    YOKO: Welcome, Soma-kun. What's the matter? You look depressed....
    SOMA: I've defeated all the candidates for the demon king. But Celia said it's 
    still not over....
    YOKO: Is she still planning something? I have a bad feeling.
    SOMA: Yeah... But, I'm going to try going to the place she specified. If I 
    don't, I won't know what she's planning.
    YOKO: That's right. But, take care.
    SOMA: Thank you, Yoko-san.
    YOKO: Well, what can I do for you today?
    >> after Dimitri revives                                            [yoko09] <<
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. Is it true that your powers were copied?
    SOMA: It's true. Dimitri was living inside of me. And he directly copied my 
    YOKO: I never would have imagined....
    SOMA: I have to get rid of his powers with my own hands.
    YOKO: I see. I understand how you feel. If there's anything I can do, let me 
    >> random blabbing                                                  [yoko10] <<
    These are actually four seperate scenes, but it seems like they occur randomly 
    around the same time. If you get one, talk to Yoko a few more times to get the 
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. How are things going?
    SOMA: So-so, I guess.
    YOKO: I see, hang in there. Is there something I can do for you?
    YOKO: Oh, welcome. Come to think of it, how is Mina-chan doing? I'm sure she's 
    SOMA: I know.
    YOKO: It's really hard to have such a boyfriend.
    SOMA: I, I'm not her boyfriend!
    YOKO: My, don't blush, don't blush. Really, I'm just teasing you.
    SOMA: ....
    YOKO: Well, what can I do for you today?
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. You must be homesick by now, aren't you?
    SOMA: No, not really. Why are you asking that?
    YOKO: It's no use lying. It's been a long time now that you haven't seen 
    Mina-chan. You must be thinking you want to see her.
    SOMA: Wh, what are you talking about? Now isn't the time for that, is it?
    YOKO: You really are determined. It seems I hit the bull's-eye.
    SOMA: ....
    YOKO: Ahahaha. But if you didn't care about Mina-chan so much, you wouldn't be 
    able to fight for her sake. I'm kind of jealous. Well, what would you like 
    YOKO: Oh, Soma-kun. There's something I've been wanting to ask you...
    SOMA: What is it?
    YOKO: How far have you gone with Mina-chan?
    SOMA: Wh, what, don't be absurd. 
    YOKO: Well, since I'm like Mina-chan's older sister, I'm concerned about it.
    SOMA: Then as an older sister, ask her. Why don't you worry about yourself 
    instead of other people?
    YOKO: Oh! That kind of hurt just now. But, I guess you're right. With this kind 
    of work, I don't see her much.... But, I'm fine.
    SOMA: Don't ask people things even you find unpleasant.
    YOKO: Y, you're right. I just have too much free time.... I'm sorry. Well, is 
    there something I can do for you today? 
    >> first visit to Hammer's shop                                   [hammer01] <<
    HAMMER: Oh, welcome. How is it, nice shop, huh?
    SOMA: You set up a shop here...?
    HAMMER: It's perfect, I'm dying to say come shop here...
    SOMA: ???
    HAMMER: Yoko-san came, didn't she? I saw her before. I'm sure she's following 
    SOMA: No, she's not.
    HAMMER: What, you're meddling already?
    SOMA: She came to investigate the cult.
    HAMMER: Well, at any rate, I'm inspired.
    SOMA: (Didn't he come here to support me...?)
    HAMMER: Come on, buy lots of stuff.
    >> second visit to Hammer's shop                                  [hammer02] <<
    HAMMER: Hey, Soma. Y, Y, Yoko-san is!
    SOMA: Did something happen with Yoko-san?
    HAMMER: Sh, sh, she's right in front of this shop!
    SOMA: Yeah, she's waiting there for word from Julius.
    HAMMER: !? You knew?
    SOMA: Yeah.
    HAMMER: Why didn't you tell me?
    SOMA: Ah, well....
    HAMMER: Oh well. Still, now the distance between is a lot closer....
    SOMA: (Not really....)
    HAMMER: Did you say something?
    SOMA: N, no. Oh, that's right. Did you get in anything good?
    HAMMER: Hm? Oh right....
    >> third visit to Hammer's shop                                   [hammer03] <<
    HAMMER: Soma. You're just in time.
    SOMA: ?
    HAMMER: It's a magazine that arrived today. The "UMA News". It seems to be 
    covering events around here too. I'm sure it's interesting.
    SOMA: I'll buy it if I'm in the mood.
    HAMMER: Just so you know, you can't read it standing here. Information is 
    their livelihood. Getting it for free is the same as being a thief.
    SOMA: Alright.
    HAMMER: As long as you understand.
    It seems to be issued irregularly so stop by often.
    SOMA: Yeah.
    HAMMER: Well, hurry and buy something, will you?
    >> after meeting Arikado                                          [hammer04] <<
    HAMMER: Soma. He came too?
    SOMA: He who?
    HAMMER: I mean Arikado. Arikado.
    SOMA: Yeah, it's seems he's keeping an eye on me.
    HAMMER: That's rough. Oh, I trust Yoko-san more than that, but his inhumanly 
    attractive features are too dangerous, don't you think?
    SOMA: But Arikado doesn't seem interested in anyone.
    HAMMER: Right, that's the point. After all, love is loving and being loved, 
    isn't it. No, it won't do. Well, are you going to buy something?
    >> Hammer's crush on Yoko                                         [hammer05] <<
    These are actually five seperate scenes, but it seems like they occur randomly 
    around the same time. If you get one, talk to Hammer a few more times to get 
    the others.
    HAMMER: Oh, Soma. Hey, listen. A while back, Yoko-san greeted me.
    SOMA: Haha, that's nice....
    HAMMER: I'm kind of in a good mood. I'll make it cheap today.
    HAMMER: Oh, Soma. Hey, listen. Today, Yoko-san met my eyes.
    SOMA: Haha, that's nice....
    HAMMER: I'm kind of in a good mood. I'll make it cheap today.
    HAMMER: Oh, Soma. Hey, listen. Yoko-san smiled at me. It means she loves me.
    SOMA: Haha, that's nice....
    HAMMER: I'm kind of in a good mood. I'll make it cheap today.
    HAMMER: Hey, Soma.
    SOMA: What is it?
    HAMMER: That old man. What's his name? Hey.
    SOMA: Julius?
    HAMMER: Yeah, yeah, Julius. It looks like he's going to Yoko-san's pretty
    often.... It can't be....
    SOMA: Naturally. Yoko-san is acting as Julius' liaison.
    HAMMER: Th, that's right. I'm overthinking it. I have to get a grip! Well, what
    do you want today?
    HAMMER: *sigh*
    SOMA: What's the matter? You look down.
    HAMMER: I am.... Recently, I've been wondering if Yoko-san is being cold to
    SOMA: It, it's your imagination. I'm sure....
    HAMMER: That's right. It goes without saying. I'm kind of cheered up. Well,
    to business, to business. 
    >> random blabbing                                                [hammer06] <<
    hese are actually two seperate scenes, but it seems like they occur randomly 
    around the same time. If you get one, talk to Hammer a few more times to get 
    the other.
    HAMMER: Welcome. Come to think of it, how is Mina-chan? Don't you want to see 
    SOMA: Um, yeah....
    HAMMER: Gahahaha.... Don't blush like that. Well, what would you like today?
    HAMMER: Soma? If you get back home safe, why don't you throw a party with 
    SOMA: What is this, all of a sudden?
    HAMMER: Then, call Yoko-san too. You can go with Mina-chan. And I'll....
    SOMA: Don't talk nonsense. Hurry up and get back to business.
    HAMMER: Right, right. You have no sense of romance....
    SOMA: .... 
    >> area names                                                      [other01] <<
    Village Vanished from the Map
    Magic Research Wing
    Garden of Madness
    Black Chapel
    Spirit Reception Hall
    Tower of Criminals
    Underground Hades
    Cursed Clock Tower
    Ruins of Silence
    Top Floor of the Demon Castle
    Tunnel of Judgement
    The Abyss
    >> UMA News                                                        [other02] <<
    These are clues about the hidden monsters in the game.
    [We might be missing a few of these.  Sorry!]
    1-1 :: Big Scoop! The discovery of Snow Man?
    1-2 :: Is he living in the snowy mountains? He's been witnessed descending 
    into human habitations.
    1-3 :: According to eye-witness evidence, he's after food.
    In the entrance to the base, you can see something walking around in the 
    background.  Use the Skeleton Boy soul to throw curry, and the Yeti will 
    2-1 :: Bizzare! His name is Mothman.
    2-2 :: A number of eye-witness evidence reports that he's in high up places
    2-3 :: Newest eye-witness evidence that he's attracted by bright light bulbs
    2-4 :: It seems that light is drawn out by the power of lightning
    In the top floor, you'll find a spotlight between two Final Armors.  Use a
    lightning attack on the battery to turn on the spotlight and attract the
    Mothman. (use a soul or a lightning based weapon on the battery)
    3-1 :: Look in the sky! Is that a person?
    3-2 :: We're calling him the Flying Humanoid.
    3-3 :: Is there any way to touch him?
    In the clock tower, next to the save room at the top, you can see a shadow
    flying in the sky.  Use the Mandragora/Mandrake soul to kill it and get the 
    Flying Humanoid soul.
    4 :: We're sorry to say that from this time, our publication is suspended. 
    >> Julius mode : meet Yoko                                        [julius01] <<
    JULIUS: Yoko?
    YOKO: Julius. Don't be so distant. You left without saying anything to me.
    JULIUS: This is my duty. I'm a Belmont.
    YOKO: Oh, how rude. The Vernandes family is a clan that once defeated Dracula 
    along with the Belmonts.
    JULIUS: Well, that's true.
    YOKO: You don't have to bear the pain by yourself. People support each other. I 
    want you to have a little more confidence in me.
    JULIUS: You're right. I'm sorry. I'll rely on you.
    YOKO: Yes, same here.
    >> Julius mode : meet Alucard                                     [julius02] <<
    ALUCARD: Julius, you're late.
    JULIUS: Arikado? No, should I call you Alucard?
    ALUCARD: It doesn't matter. In order to exert my natural powers, I have to be 
    in this form, that's all.
    JULIUS: That you had to go this far means that he's strong.
    ALUCARD: That's right. Failure won't be tolerated. I'd like your help.
    JULIUS: That's what I originally intended. I'll rely on you.
    >> Julius mode : final battle                                     [julius03] <<
    You get a different line depending on who you're playing as...
    [before the battle]
    ALUCARD: Soma.... If possible, I didn't want to fight you. But I can't allow 
    you to do as you please.
    JULIUS: Soma.... I'll fulfill my promise to you here.
    YOKO: I'm sorry, Soma-kun. I'll release you from that pain now.
    [after the battle]
    Coming soon!  Soonish, anyway.  Soma, you hacker. XD
    >> Thanks                                                                    <<
    - to MARFISA for translating all this nonsense.
    - to Konami for putting in a pretty good story this time.  And Alucard.  Thanks
    muchly for Alucard.  Even though he royally sucks. XD
    - to Pesmerga and DiscoAlucard from the CV Dungeon forum for pointing us toward
    a few missing conversations.
    Send any comments to:  rahenna@rahenna.com
    I'll pass them along to Marfisa.  We live together, after all. ^_^
    And don't forget to visit us at:

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