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    FAQ/Walkthrough by 1337mangamaster

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 07/22/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                _____----     ----_____                 ___________________
               |  ___--- |   | ---___  |       ____----'  ______________  /
               | |     | |   | |     | |      |  __---   |             / /
           ___ | |     | |   | |     | |._____| |    |   |_______     / /
      ___.' _ '| |     | |   | |     |  _------_|    |         /     / /
    .'_____| |   |     | |   | |      \/             | ______ /     / /
    ||_   _| |_  _--_  | |   | |            _--/|    .'            / /_____
    '- | | |   \|  __\ | |   | |           /    |      .---.      /______  |
      ||_| |_||_|\___| | '._.' |           \    |     /   /              | |
      `--------, |     \_______/     |\     \   |    |   /____    .______| |
               | |                   | \     \  |    |       |   | .-------'
                \ \                 /__ \     \ |    '.____.'    | |
                  \ \_____________/ /  \ \    /. \              /  /
                   `---------------'    \ \_/ / \  `-._______.-'  /
                                         `---'    `  ---------- '
     _____ _          _____   _  _   _   _____  _  _  ___    ___  _  _____ _   __
    / ___/| | / \/ \ / ___/  | || \ | | |_   _|| || || __|  / __|| ||_   _|\ \/ /
    \___ \| ||      |\___ \  | ||  \| |   | |  |    || __| | |__ | |  | |   \  /
    /____/|_||_|\/|_|/____/  |_||_|\__|   |_|  |_||_||___|  \___||_|  |_|   /_/
                                                      for  N I N T E N D O  D S
    The URBZ: Sims in the City
    Nintendo DS
    version FINAL
    by 1337mangamaster
    copyright (C) 2007 1337mangamaster
    email: 1337faqs(at)gmail.com
    F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H     B Y
     _   ____   ____   ___
    | | |__  | |__  | |_  |
    | |  |_  |  |_  |   | |
    |_| |____| |____|   |_|
     __  __        _  _   ____        __  __        _____ _____  ___  ____
    |  \/  |  /\  | \| | / __/  /\   |  \/  |  /\  / ___/|_   _|| __|| |\ \
    |      | /  \ |    || |_-- /  \  |      | /  \ \__  \  | |  | __|| |/ /
    |_|\/|_|/_/\_\|_|\_| \___|/_/\_\ |_|\/|_|/_/\_\/____/  |_|  |___||_|\_\
     a. About this Guide
     b. Version History
     1.  The Urbz: Sims in the City
       a. Game Intro
       b. Controls
     2.  Creating Your Urb
     3.  Rep Groups
     4.  Urbz Beyond the Missions
     5.  Mission 1
     6.  Mission 2
     7.  Mission 3
     8.  Mission 4
     9.  Mission 5
     10. Mission S
     11. Rep Mission
       a. Streeties
       b. Nerdies
       c. Artsies
       d. Richies
     12. Xizzles
       a. list of xizzles
       b. hidden beads
     13. Specials
       a. rep group items
       b. rep group trophies
       c. non purchasable items
       d. easy money
       e. storage rooms
       f. Heidi the cheat ninja
       g. Moon Base Zeta
     14. Character List
     15. Recipes
     16. F.A.Q.
     17. Glitches
     18. Copyright
     19. Credits
    | INTRODUCTION        /
    | a. About this Guide
    If you have any suggestions, complaints, questions, or constructive criticism
    about this guide, email me at 1337FAQs(at)gmail(dot)com. This guide is meant to
    show you how to beat "The Urbz: Sims in the City" and have a lot of fun doing
    so. And to get you through any parts that you may be stuck on. Therefore I will
    not be including excruciating details or unnecessary features, like what all of
    the characters conversation stats and descriptions. I have found it to be a
    million times easier to just guess rather than researching every little option.
    About Email, I will commit to reading all emails sent to me, (excluding emails
    recognized as spam) but I will only answer if the email is directly relevant to
    this guide, or to the Urbz game. If you have a question about the game that is
    clearly stated in the guide, I may simply reply with what section it is or
    something like that. If you are offering help or corrections, please include
    what name you wish to be credited by. I check my mail at least every other day
    unless I am on a trip or unavailable.
    I always hope you like my guides, but if you don't, you can either sit there
    and cry  about it or you can email me. I make my own ASCII art by the way.
    | b. Version History
    |v. 0.75 The first version that I submitted. Contains everything except rep  |
    |group trophies, and missions 3, 4, 5, and S.                July 16, 2006   |
    |v. 0.95 Second version that I submitted. I tried to get it all done before  |
    |my vacation to Mexico, but I didn't have time so I submitted this version   |
    |before I went. I finished missions 3, 4, and a little of 5. Also fixed some |
    |stuff and added two rep group trophies.                     July 28, 2006   |
    |v. 1.00 The completed version. Includes all of the missions. In this version|
    |I also added the recipes section by DroppedStitch. I made lots of little    |
    |adjustments and corrections along the way as well. Also changed the format a|
    |bit and added controls minisection.                       August 20, 2006   |
    |v. 1.01 Changed a few little things.                    September 3, 2006   |
    |v. 1.15 Fixed things, and added a FAQ section.           December 3, 2006   |
    |v. FINAL This is the final version of my guide. No further updates will be  |
    |made. In this version I added the name of CheatCC.com as an approved site   |
    |and made a cool little ASCII of the guy on the cover. It is at the very     |
    |bottom of this FAQ.                                          March 26,2007  |
    | a. Game Introduction
    The object of " The Urbz: Sims in the City " is to create an urb (you) and
    fight through the hardships of social life in your own little virtual world.
    You start out at the bottom, and work your way to the top of the Urbz food
    chain. You have to get a house and a job and a reputation like in real life.
    Except smaller.
    To give you something to do other than live, (that would be really boring)
    EAgames has given you "missions" to complete. There is no time limit to these
    missions, (just do them when you feel like) but you cant do the mission 5 ones
    (for example) until you finish 1, 2, 3, and 4. And after the first five sets of
    missions, there is mission s and the rep missions which are explained in their
    appropriate sections. The missions are kind of the point of the game and the
    story line, but it is also fun to accessorize, pimp up your house, work on
    getting promoted in your jobs, etc. (see "Beyond the Missions" section)
    Mabe I have sounded a little critical of this game so far. I actually think The
    Urbz is one of the best "near launch" titles there is for the DS. I had a lot
    of fun with this game, but I often got stuck on some of the missions. That is
    why I am writing this guide for you, to help you through those tough parts and
    also to help you make the most of this game.
    | b. Controls
                                                           R BUTTON
                                                           Changes color or
                                                           direction of furniture
     BUTTON FUNCTIONS:                                     or ride hoverboard.
               ____________________________________________________   \
              /            ____________________________            \   |
             |            | __________________________ |            |  |
             ||           ||                          ||           ||  |
             ||           ||                          ||           ||  |
             |            ||                          ||            |  |
             |            ||                          ||            |  |
             |   . . .    ||                          ||    . . .   |  |
             |   . . .    ||                          ||    . . .   |  |
             |            ||                          ||            |  |
             |            ||                          ||            |  |
             |            ||__________________________||            |  |
             |            |____________________________|            |  |
             |______________________________________________________|  |
              /     |                                        |     \   |
          /  |             ____________________________             |
         |   |            | __________________________ |      _     |
         |   |            ||                          ||     / \    |
         |   |    .--.    ||                          ||   _ \_/ _  |
         |   |  __|  |__  ||                          ||  / \   / \ |
         |   | |        | ||                          ||  \_/ _ \_/\|
         |   | '--.  .--' ||                          ||     / \    \
         |   |    |__|    ||                          ||     \_/    |\
         |   |     |      ||                          ||            | \
         |   |     |      ||                          ||            |  |
         |   |     |      ||__________________________|| ()START    |  |
         |   |     |      |____________________________| ()SELECT   |  |
         |    \____|_______________________________________________/   |
         |         |                                                   |
         |          \__ DIRECTIONAL PAD                   A B X Y BUTTONS
         |               Moves your sim around             A- select, confirm, use
       L BUTTON                                          object, pick up object
       Toggles motive bar                                B- undo, delete, run
                                                         X- display pockets
                                                         Y- display goals
                  MOTIVE BAR                             YOUR SIM
                  This bar at the bottom                 Your sims character
                  shows the current status               is displayed in
                  of all of your motives.                the general center
                  The big box on the left shows          of the screen
                  the time & how much money you have       /
                              \                           |
               /            ___|________________________  |         \
              |            | __|_______________________ | |          |
              ||           ||  |                       || |         ||
              ||           ||  |                       || |         ||
              |            ||  |                       || |          |
              |            ||  |         O  _____________/           |
              |   . . .    ||  |        /|\            ||    . . .   |
              |   . . .    ||  |        / \            ||    . . .   |
              |            ||  |                       ||            |
              |            ||___\______________________||            |
              |            ||______|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_||            |
              |            |____________________________|            |
               /     |                                        |     \
              |             ____________________________             |
              |            | __________________________ |      _     |
              |            || .----------------------. ||     / \    |
              |    .--.    |||        Urb Info        |||   _ \_/ _  |
              |  __|  |__  |||                        |||  / \   / \ |
              | |        | |||  Jobz         Xizzles  |||  \_/ _ \_/ |
              | '--.  .--' |||           |            |||     / \    |
              |    |__|    ||| Catalogue |  Rep Group |||     \_/    |
              |            || \__________|___________/ ||            |
              |            ||  o      o  |   o      o  ||            |
              |            ||___|________|_____________|| ()START    |
              |            |____|________|______________| ()SELECT   |
                                |        |
    STYLUS HUD            _____/          \ URB INFO SCREEN
    The stylus HUD on the                   Through the Urb Info screen, you can
    bottom of the screen                    access useful information on various
    contains 5 symbols that                 things in "The Urbz." There are four
    represent 5 different                   sections, the Jobs, Xizzles, Rep group
    option menu screens. You will           information, and the Catalogue.
    automatically go to that                Touching "Jobs" will take you to a page
    screen when you touch the               that has various information about the
    corresponding symbol.                   jobs that you can do in the game.
    The first one represents                "Xizzles" shows you all of the xizzles
    the map which allows you to             that you currently own. "Catalogue" is
    see all of Sim Valley that              just a list of all the items that you
    you have unlocked. The second           can get sometime in the game. And the
    is the Urb Info screen that is          "Rep Group" section contains info on
    shown above. The third one is           your current rel with the residents of
    the Options menu. The fourth            Sim Valley as well as how many skill
    is the Goals menu. And the fifth        points that you have and how many rep
    displays your pockets.                  points you have with each rep group.
                                            Your popularity is also displayed here.
    When you start an new game, (touch 'create an urb') you will go to a part where
    you can make a virtual version of yourself to play as in the game. Actually,
    you don't have to make yourself. You could play as who you hope to be in the
    future, or someone famous... (my brother made an A-Rod look alike with a blue
    Remember that what you choose as the features of your urb are permanent (except
    for the clothes). The only way to change it is to start over, or get the Artsie
    super item (see section 13.a.) . But none of the appearance will directly
    affect the gameplay.
    First you make your name.
    Then you can change your hair, and skin color, then your cloths, then you will
    be asked some questions to determine some things about your urb.
    This first one is extremely important. It decides your Rep Group. The first
    choice will make you a streetie, the next one a nerdie, richie, artsie. (see
    section 4 for more info on rep groups)
    The next questions will determine the Xizzles you can get during the game. Just
    answer them like normal questions and you probably won't be dissapointed.
    At the End, you will see what xizzles you have unlocked. If you are unhappy
    with the results, just press B and redo it.
    And your adventure begins...
    | 3. REP GROUPS       /
    When you create your urb, you will get to choose your rep group by answering
    the first question that comes up after choosing your appearance.(see section 2)
    You will become either a Richie, Streetie, Nerdie, or Artsie. Each group has
    their leader, rival group, clubhouse, the lot. You can switch your rep group by
    getting full rep points with that group, and then talking to the leader. (That
    is the only way to get all of the super rep items)
    |Richies leader:             Luthor L. Bigbucks |
    |Streeties leader:           Darius             |
    |Artsies leader:             Roxanne Moxie      |
    |Nerdies leader:             Polly Normial      |
    To rise in the ranks in yours and other rep groups, you have to earn rep
    points. There are many ways to earn them:
    Complete the rep mission
    Gain 100 rel with that rep leader
    gain 50+ rel with the other members of that group
    find their rep group trophy (see 13.b)
    get 10 skill points in the category that corresponds to that group
    have a room mate that is a member of your group
    get the leader of the rival rep group to -5 rel
    This shows who the rivals of each group are.
    |Richies:        Streeties|
    |Artsies:        Nerdies  |
    |Streeties:      Richies  |
    |Nerdies:        Artsies  |
    There are some things you have to know to play this game. I have tried to
    include as much of it in here as I can.
    Motives are those little green bars at the bottom of the top screen. You have
    to keep them somewhat full or else you may faint, pee your pants, fall asleep,
    etc. Here are some ways to keep your meters up, and some special items that can
    Entertainment: Watch TV, play games, or admire something.
    Hunger: Eat something.
    Comfort: Sit or sleep on a bed or couch or chair.
    Hygiene: Take a shower or wash your hands.
    Sleep: Sleep on a bed, couch, or bench.
    Social: Talk to people.
    Bladder: Take a pee.
    Home: Admire something or go to your house.
    There are some items that will aide you in refilling your motives other than
    regular items like a toilet or a bed. They are:
    the Magic Lamp, which gives you access to a bed and toilet no matter where you
    are, and the Sensory Deprivation Chamber, which refills all motives. (see
    section 13.a.)
    Skill points can help you earn a promotion in minigames, and allow you to do
    certain stuff better. Like when you paint on an easel, you make crap at 1
    creativity, but at 10, you make masterpieces, which you can sell for lots of
    cash. They are divided into 5 categories; Logic, Charisma, Creativity, Body,
    Cooking, and Mechanical. Skill points are displayed in the rep groups section.
    Here are some ways you can earn them:
    The University
    - it holds classes in which you can pay to take an easy test that raises a
    skill point in either cooking, creativity, logic, or mechanical, depending on
    what time you go there. Look at the little chart by the desk to see the times.
    Heidi the Cheat Ninja
    - see section 13.f
    Skill items
    - Weights, when you use them, will give you a body point
    - the Chess Table will give you a logic point when you use it
    - any mirror will give you a charisma point when you use it
    - and there are many others. Too many to list here.
    Your popularity is measured in % and can be checked in the rep group section.
    Popularity is determined by what rel all of the other urbz are with you. For
    example, if every single urb is at rel 50, then you have 50% popularity. So on
    missions that you have to get up to a certain pop, just talk to people and get
    their relationship up.
    Some things to remember about relationships are:
    if you call someone, they go up one rel point
    everyones rel goes down one each day
    people at negative rel go up one each day
    get the G'd up and All Up Ons xizzles as soon as possible
    If you are having trouble impressing someone, go to the characters section (14)
    and look up which character you want. I should have a small tip on getting
    their relationship up.
    | 5. MISSION 1        /
    | Goal 1: Slave to the Grind
      - play "Squeegee Clean"
    Kris Thistle will talk to you and tell you to squeegee clean some windows. Go
    over to the big S and play the minigame. Once you are done, you will have some
    money, and Kris will talk to you again.
      - befriend Kris Thistle
    Talk by touching conversation options and get her rel (relationship) up to 30.
      - give Kris your squeegee and bucket
    Talk to her and touch "friendly stuff." Then give her the squeegee and bucket.
    | Goal 2: Get Cleaned Up
      - take a shower
    Take the elevator to the gym and shower.
      - take a nap
    Go to the lobby and select "sleep" by the bench.
      - eat something from the vending machine
    The food is free. The vending machine is in the Lobby.
    | Goal 3: Help Kris Thistle
      - move the bed to the suite
    Move the bed thats next to the law office in your pocket, then put it in the
    suite. To save money in the future, put the bed, toilet, and shower in your
    pocket after you set the bed down. You'll see why later.
      - repair the television
    Go to the TV that was by the bed and select repair. (you might die, just retry
    it if you do.) Whoa, a dude just came out of the TV! Lets talk to him... After
    you talk, you will have unlocked goals for mission S.
      - repair two drinking fountains
    Just go around all of the floors and check the fountains. If it says "repair,"
    then you select that and repeat for one more.
    | Goal 4: Get the Key
      - earn one mechanical skill point
    After talking to Kris, go to the bench near the TV and select "Study
      - pick the lock to Lily Gates office
    Simple, go to her door in the Law Offices and select "pick lock."
      - find the key
    Look in the far left part of the far left bookshelf for some simoleons. Then
    look in her desk for the key.
    Oh No! You got caught! Bigbucks will send you to jail, so getting out is the
    next goal.
    | Goal 5: Get out of Jail
      - befriend Detective Dan (rel 30)
    Fill up your motives, then talk to Dan, getting him up to rel 30.
      - answer Dan's questions
    He will ask you some weird stuff and if you answer wrong, you have to start
    over. So to the first question, say anything, it doesn't matter. Next, pick the
    second option, then the first, then the first, then the first one again.
    | Goal 6: Find a Place to Live
      - play the Hoopz minigame
    Once you are out, go upstairs of the jail and play hoops between 5 a.m. and 5
      - earn $150 for rent and taxes
    Play hoops or sell recyclables to the deputy. DO NOT SELL TRASH. If you sell
    the piles of trash you find, you wont be able to complete the Artsies rep
      - buy a house
    Go to the sign in front of the small apartment and move in. You can use the
    furniture that you have in your pocket from the suite rather than having to buy
    | 6. MISSION 2        /
    | Goal 1: Work Study
      - befriend Maximillian Moore (rel 30)
    Max is the doctor who hangs out near the Hospital. Talk mainly about clean
    things and the city to get his rel up.
      - give the artemisia plant to Max
    Go to the far left corner of Urbania where the roadblock is and to the right is
    a garbage dumpster and the artemisia plant should be near. Once you pick it up,
    run as fast as you can back to Max and give it to him. If you don't give it
    before the meter runs out, the dead plant will stay in your pockets. The only
    way to get rid of it is to talk to Max again and he will remove it for you.
      - write a doctoral thesis
    Berkley Clodd will have a ! on his head and he'll say you can buy a thesis off
    him. DON'T BUY IT. it's a waste of money, Max won't accept it.
    To write your thesis, go to the Miniopolis Chronicle building and on the
    computer, select "do research." Do this 3 or 4 times again, then select "write
    thesis." If it says, "you have writer block, study hard and try again," then
    research more and, well, try it again. Once it is done, give it to Max, and
    that will unlock the Dr.Max Stat minigame and the university, where you can get
    your skill points up.
    The University holds classes in which you can pay to take an easy test that
    raises a skill point in either cooking, creativity, logic, or mechanical,
    depending on what time you go there. Look at the little chart by the desk to
    see the times.
    | Goal 2: Gotta Finish the Riff
      - befriend Cannonball Coleman (rel 30)
    When Phoebe Twiddle has a ! above her head, talk to her to unlock this goal.
    Start out by getting Cannonball Coleman to rel 30. He's a nice dude, so it
    shouldn't be hard. Once you do, he'll ask you to finish his song. (see below.)
      - give a saxophone reed to Cannonball Coleman
    Go to the store and buy the saxophone reed for $50. Then when you are talking
    to Coleman, touch friendly stuff, then give a gift, then the sax reed.
      - earn creativity 1
    Cannonball won't let you finish the song until you have critiqued the graffiti
    on the dumpster at the top of Urbania. That'll getcha a creativity.
      - finish Cannonball's song
    Go back to Cannonball and say that you are ready to help him with his song. If
    you are having trouble finding him, call him on your phone and check the map
    for the location that he gave you. (you may not be able to get to him now)
    As for the song, first choose the last option, then the second option, then the
    second one, then the first one.
    Once you have completed Goal 2, you have unlocked the comedian minigame in the
    pizza place.
    | Goal 3: Race for Glory
      - give Dusty $500 for renovations
    Find Dusty and talk to him. He will tell you about his new track and how he
    needs money. Once you have it, give it to him.
      - talk to Ewan Watahamee
    Talk to him and he will say to bring him lunch for three days.
      - bring Ewan lunch for 3 days (12-1 p.m.)
    It was a little hard for me to remember, just keep 3 corn dogs in your pocket
    and make an effort to find Ewan at 11 or so. Talk to Dusty Hogg, and you will
    have unlocked the motocross minigame, which is one of my favorites.
    For the motocross minigame, you can customize your bike for maximum performance
    on the track. I have experimented and I believe this to be the best combination
    of upgrades:
    Chassis         Medium
    Suspension      Sport
    Engine          Dragster
    Nitrous Tank    Large
    Tires           Racing
    Accessory       Super Nitro
    Overall this will cost $3645. If you come up with a better combination, email
    it to me and I will try it out and mabe change this.
    | Goal 4: Salesmanship
      - attend an auction between 5 and 7 p.m.
    Talk to Berkley Clodd when he has a ! on his head, then go to the thrift store
    between 5 and 7 p.m.
      - acquire the shrunken head
    Auction for the shrunken head. If you are good enough, you can get it for less
    than $200.
      - give the shrunken head to Berkley Clodd
    Give it to him and he will give you the hoverboard.
    | Goal 5: Club Xizzle
      - take Crystal out on the town
    Find Crystal and talk to her about club xizzle. Then she will say you have to
    show her a good 24 hours.
      - get a bite to eat
    Go strait to the pizza place and give her a piece of pizza.
      - play a game
    Go to the arcade games in the pizza place and boogey down.
      - go shopping
    If you go to the thrift store, Crystal will tell you she wants something more
      - buy Crystal a gift
    So go to the street vendor and buy her a rose or something.
    Once you complete it, you will be shown a cutscene showing you the door to club
    xizzle. You need a code to get in, which is BUCKET. You can now trade xizzle
    beads for xizzles! See section 13.b for the locations of some free xizzle beads
    that you can use to buy xizzles. I recommend getting the "Sell Out" xizzle
    first, since you need it now more than ever.
    | Goal 6: Road to Sim Quarter
      - make three friends
    After you finish all of the previous goals, talk to Gramma Hattie. She is
    planning a rally and needs you to prove your worth.
    To get three friends, talk to people and get their rel to 50 or higher.
      - raise $500 for the cause
    Work at doing the below goal to help you get the $.
      - earn 2 promotions in local jobs
    Touch Jobs on the Urb Info page to see what you need to do to get a promotion
    in a certain job. Do what it says twice for two jobs to complete this goal.
    * tip: on the motocross mayhem, to go faster on jumps, when you are in mid-air,
    push right on the D-pad to lean forward and go faster. But before you land,
    press left so you don't crash on a hill.*
    Once you complete the goals, a cutscene will show the rally and Bigbucks
    getting all mad about it. Then the way to Sim Quarter will be cleared! Feel
    free to explore around and talk to the new people. Mabe even move into the
    | 7. MISSION 3        /
    | Goal 1: Mission for the Mann
      - play Moogoo Monkey
    Find Det. Dan and he will say that he needs an "inside man." You have to go to
    Salty's Riverboat to play the Moogoo Monkey minigame. Once you play a game,
    Guiseppi will come talk to you and tell you to check the bulletin board.
      - follow the directions on the bulletin board
    Go to the Miniopolis Chronicle and look at the bulletin board. The first post
    will say to search the shrubbery near the museum. When you do, you will find a
    slip of paper that reads "the answer you seek lies beyond the grave." That
    means you have to go to the graveyard. (NOTE: you must complete goal 3 before
    you can do any more) Go to the second little section of the graveyard that was
    blocked off earlier. Search the tombstones until you find another note. It
    pretty much says you have to go talk to Berkley Clodd. (hence the "feather in
    his hat") He will give you a briefcase.
      - give the mysterious briefcase to Det. Dan
    Find Dan and give it to him, and he will rig it with a microphone.
      - give the rigged briefcase to Giuseppi
    Now take the briefcase to Guiseppi and give it to him. He makes a comment about
    a million simoleans... bet you wish you still had that case, huh?
    But at least now you will be able to play Moogoo Monkey.
    | Goal 2: Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle Factory
      - earn creativity 5
    Talk to Lily Gates to hear the story.
    To get 5 creativity, go to the university between 10 and 1 p.m. until you have
    5 points. You may need to do some jobs to get the money.
      - convince Ewan to fix the factory (rel 50)
    Get Ewan at rel 50. Easy enough.
      - challenge and beat Dusty Hogg (6-7 p.m.)
    Play motocross mayhem between 6 and 7 p.m. and beat Dusty Hogg. When you do,
    you can get his Chopper. It is so sweet. You can even change the colors.
      - convince Polly to help at the factory (rel 50)
    It may be a little hard to get her at rel. 50 but if you just keep trying, you
    may learn a little about her that will make it easier.
    After you complete Goal 2, you can buy new xizzles.
    | Goal 3: None Shall Pass
      - earn body 5 or charisma 5
    Talk to Gramma Hattie and she will say she needs a bigger protest so she is
    having meetings that you have to keep intruders from disturbing.
    To get 5 skill points, lift weights a lot, or study mirrors to get body and
      - meet at the cemetery between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m.
    Once you have done that, go to the cemetery at the said time and talk to Gramma
      - guard the cemetery for four hours
    Various people will appear to try and sneak in to the party. They will ask you
    certain questions and you have to reply exactly right to get them to leave. It
    can be hard, so I will tell you exactly what to say.
    When Daddy Bigbucks comes by, select the first talking option, then the second
    option, then the second again, and for the remainder of the conversation, say
    the first option on the list. He will go away, then Lily Gates will come on by.
    For Lily Gates first the second option, then the second again, then the first,
    then the second, then the first, then the third option and she will leave.
    Hooray, the meeting was a success. Afterwards, Gramma Hattie will give you her
    | Goal 4: Get on the List
      - earn rep 2 with your group
    Talk to Cannonball Coleman and he will tell you what to do.
    To get rep point 2, try getting the other members in your group at 50 rel,
    getting your leader at 100 rel, and/or getting the leader of your groups' rival
    club at rel -5.
      - take tickets: 2-5 a.m. (club Zydeco)
    Go to club Zydeco between 2-5 a.m. and let everyone pass except for Richies.
    If you do it right, you get a Golden Fiddle which will get you x2 $ at the
    fiddler minigame once you unlock it.
    If you accidently let a Richie in, or refuse someone else, you lose and you
    can't retry it. But don't sweat, life goes on.
    | Goal 5: High Society
      - find a curator
    Talk to Luthor L. Bigbucks and he will say that he needs a place to crash. So
    of course, you have to help him. He wants to reopen the museum, and to do that,
    you need to find a curator
    Talk to Roxie. She has a friend on the west coast who needs $300 to fly to
      - purchase one museum exhibit
    Go to the museum during hours and go up to one of the blank exhibits and
    "purchase this exhibit."
    The way the museum works is, Once you purchase an exhibit, every week, you will
    get a check for 10% of the price of the exhibit that you purchased. If you
    purchase all of them, you will get $1,000 every week. In 10 weeks, that pays it
    off and after that, you are making a profit.
      - give $300 to Roxie for travel expenses
    If you need money do one of your jobs.
    | Goal 6: The Ballad of Pepper Pete
      - find a sailors coat
    Talk to Mambo Loa. She wants to stop Salty from selling the riverboat, so of
    course, you have to do it for her. To stop him, you need a costume to pretend
    to be Pepper Pete, Salty's long lost brother.
    To find the first item on the list, the sailors coat, go to the thrift store in
    Urbania and search the cloths rack closes to the left wall.
      - find a fake beard
    Talk to Pritchard Locksley. He will sell you a beard for $300. You need a white
      - find a sailors cap
    You can find the sailors cap online via one of the computers in the coffee
    house. It will take a few days to arrive.
      - give costume items to Mambo Loa
    Go talk to Mambo and she will change you into what looks like Pepper Pete.
    Now you have to walk down to the Riverboat.
      - talk to Olde Salty
    Go to the Riverboat and talk to Olde Salty. After a small conversation, he will
    walk over to Daddy B. and then Daddy B. will get all emo again and walk over to
    you. Holy crap, he throws you all the way to the bayou.
    You are greeted by two hill billies that think you're a vampire.
    | 8. MISSION 4        /
    | Goal 1: The Greatest Fear
      - prove to Clem you aren't a vampire
    You must say certain thins to get them to believe you are human.
    Just act non-vampirish like saying that you like garlic ice cream for example.
    If you mess up, you have to wait a day to talk to Clem again and you'll have to
    get him at rel 30.
    Then he will tell you prove yourself by going in the dark tree.
      - find the Dark Tree
    (note: Don't sell your nuclear fuel rods that you find here, you'll need them
    for a later mission.)
    Travel to the end of the bayou and go in the big tree. You will see Bigbucks
    and get scared. You have to find a light source to help you through the dark
      - find a light
    Midway between Boo and Clem's house and the dark tree, there is a little path
    leading up with a man-eating plant guarding a glowing stick. Go up to the plant
    and it will attack you. Press B lots of times to beat the plant and get the
    glowing rod.
      - capture the Albino Alligator
    Talk to him for a piece of a locket. Then go talk to Boo. If he is not at the
    shack, he will be in the southern part of the bayou that is all stone.
    | Goal 2: Fiddle with the Red Man
      - meet at the hickory stump at midnight
    Clem will tell you also to take on the crazy red man. He appears at the big
    stump near the dark tree at midnight. Fill your motives, then go over there and
    wait till midnight.
      - fiddle the Red Man
    When he appears, you talk to him and then play a new minigame. It is pretty
    (Remember the thing Cannonball Coleman gave you for guarding the club? Well
    that golden fiddle will give you double money at this minigame if you have it
    in your possession.)
    Anyways, once you beat him, he will give you the other piece of the locket and
    you can play this minigame whenever you want now. Go talk to Clem.
    | Goal 3: Bye Bye Bayou
      - convince Clem to show you out
    Give Crawdad Clem the locket as proof of your little adventure. Now you have to
    go see Boo.
      - meet Boo at Mausoleum entrance
    The Mausoleum entrance is in the south part of the Bayou. He shows you a secret
    way out through the Mausoleum.
      - traverse the Mausoleum
    Just follow the path. Hmm... interesting clock-Oh CRAP! The clock ate Boo!
    Anyways follow the path to the cemetery where you will see Gramma Hattie. The
    coolest part of Sim Valley, Glasstown has now been opened.
    | Goal 4: Running from the Law
      - find someone to write a letter
    For some reason you just got arrested for no reason and now you are in jail.
    When you get out, talk to Det. Dan. A new law has been made to ban running.
    You have to do something to stop this evil. So first, find someone to write a
    letter to the vacationing governor. It's Gramma Hattie of course, talk to her
    and she will agree to write the letter. Now you need a messenger.
      - find a messenger to Paradise Island
    Go talk to that weird guy that is always sleeping in the University. You find
    out that you aren't popular enough.
      - gain popularity 30
    See the last part of section 4 for tips on gaining popularity. Basically
    though, it's just getting peoples rel up.
      - find a map to Paradise Island
    Go to the top of the Riverboat and there is the map.
      - bring map to Gordie
    Give him the map. Then talk to Det. Dan and you can now run again. Also, he
    will give you the keys to the fan-boat on the dock at the top of Glasstown near
    the apartment.
    | Goal 5: Carnivale!
      - capture the dancing nutria
    Talk to Roxie. She needs new stuff for her gig. One is a "dancing nutria."
    Go to Glasstown, and next to the Glasstown apartment are some stairs that lead
    to a dock with a fan-boat. Use the fan boat to travel to nutria island. It is
    strait right from the dock and then a little down. Stop at the little island
    that has the weird little critters on it. Pick up the one that is dancing and
    go back. Keep in mind that if you stare strait at them, they will go down in
    their little holes. So to catch him, you have to kinda walk sideways and the
    grab him when the little yellow arrow appears.
      - give the nutria to Roxie
    She is usually at the Carnival or Sim Quarter. Give her the dancing nutria.
      - give $5000 to Roxie Moxie
    Do some jobs to earn it. Any job at level 5 will get you $1000-$4000 depending
    on how good you do.
      - find a tightrope walker
    Misty Waters will have a ! on her head. Talk to her. She wants a date to a
    movie premiere in exchange for being the walker.
      - find Misty Waters a date
    Go find Luthor. Talk to him and he will agree to be Misty's date. Then go talk
    to Misty again. Then go talk to Roxanna and you can play the Carnival games
    | Goal 6: The Bigbucks Players
      - gain popularity 40
    Talk to Theresa Bullhorn. She wants to put on a play to drive Daddy B. out of
    her theater. You have to do a lot of things to help her. One is, gain pop. 40.
    See the last part of section 4 for some tips. You could do the below goals
    before this one. Then the +rel that you got on Sue and Dusty will count towards
    the popularity.
      - convince Dusty Hogg to preform (rel 50)
    Go find Dusty. Get him up to rel 50 and then ask him to preform.
      - convince Sue Pirnova to preform (rel 50)
    Go find Sue. Get her up to rel 50 then ask her to act for the play.
      - decorate the stage
    Buy some random junk and put it on the stage. it doesn't matter what it is as
    long as it is a decorative item. (ex. you cant decorate it with a bed)
    You have to fit five things on there, so not anything too big.
      - attend the play
    Go to the theater and watch the play. After, Therese will say the play was a
    success and give a hint to Daddy Bigbucks next scheme...
    | 9. MISSION 5        /
    | Goal 1: Reality Show
      - travel to paradise island
    Talk to your rep group leader. They need you to go to Paradise Island to
    represent your group in a reality show.
    Before you go, make sure you have as few items as possible in your pockets. And
    refill all motives.
    To get there, go to the fan-boat that you used to get to nutria island. Take it
    north of the Glasstown dock as far as it can go and you should reach paradise
    island. There are two parts to paradise island. The first has a vendor and a
    shower and a hammock, the second is further north. That is where you want to
    be. If you have trouble, refer to the map for directions.
      - play the trivia contest
    Talk to Pritchard when you get there. The first thing you have to do is collect
    coconuts. There are four in all. They are all in the trees on the island. Go up
    to one, and press A when the arrow appears. Repeat for the rest of the
    When you have them all, talk to Pritchard and give him one of the coconuts.
    Then he will ask you a question for that coconut. Here are the answers:
    Q #1: What color is Crystal's hair? A: Red
    Q #2: Where is the school bus located? A: Urbania
    Q #3: Which of these people does not belong to a rep group? A: Dusty Hogg
    Q #4: Where does the Ninja hang out? A: The Carnival
      - insult the other contestants
    After that, you go on to round 2. Insult the other contestants! Say stuff that
    would make them mad, like insult, brag, intimidate, complain. If one of those
    is not listed as one of the options, touch friendly stuff then back to get a
    new set of options. Do this until the contestants say they won't talk to you
    anymore. (usually when you get them about 20 rel less than they had when you
    started out.)
    If you manage to insult them enough before your bladder bursts, you will win
    and be awarded $10,000. If you don't at least you have the $8,000 from the
    | Goal 2: Back to the Drawing Board
      - convince Polly to talk (rel 70)
    Talk to Luthor Bigbucks. He thinks "daddy" hasn't been himself lately, but he
    was spotted near the Nerdies last. So you have to talk to Polly. It's not too
    hard getting her rel up. You should already have it part-way.
    She tells you about a lab that she built for Daddy Bigbucks. She says you can
    get in if you hit the switch in his office between 3 and 4 a.m., but the switch
    constantly changes locations.
      - find the secret lab
    Go to Sim Tower in Glasstown, then take the elevator up to the executive office
    and go in Bigbucks office. WHen it is between 3-4 a.m., look around for one of
    those yellow arrows that signifies an item. Press A when you see it to be
    transported to his secret lab. If you push the switch before or after the time
    limit, you will be sent to jail.
      - find the correct document (logic 6)
    When you get in the lab, to the left is a table with some papers on it. If you
    are at logic 6 or more, you will get the correct document. Also make sure to
    check the machinery at the far right of the lab for a xizzle bead.
    If you are not logic 6, go to the university at the right time to study and
    gain a logic point, or see section 16.f for details on finding heidi the cheat
    ninja, whose smoothies give you a skill point.
      - return the blueprints to Luthor
    Call Luthor on the telephone to find where he is, then go there and give the
    blueprints to him.
    | Goal 3: Interview With a Cajun Vampire
      - find Bayou Boo
    Go talk to Crawdad Clem. He is in the Bayou Shack. You can get there by fan-
    boat, the cemetery, or by the secret passageway in the jail. (must have Det.
    Dan at rel 100)
    Talk to Clem and he will say that Boo has gone missing. The clock ate him,
    remember? Now go to the Mausoleum where Boo was eaten at. He will be chained up
    to a wall. Talk to him. He has been turned into a vampire! You have to find
    some way to free him and cure him of his vampirism.
      - free Bayou Boo (mechanical 7)
    If you have mechanical 7, go to the lock near Boo and select "pick."
    If not, you can get you mechanical up through heidi the cheat ninja, (section
    13.f) or the university.
      - find a cure for vampirism
    Talk to Mambo Loa. She says you need a heavy chocolate dish.
      - feed boo chocolate
    You have to make a chocolate bunny to feed Boo. To be on the safe side, I
    suggest being at 5 or more cooking skill.
    To make the chocolate bunny, you need to have a mixer and an oven. You can get
    a mixer from the food vendor in the farmers market, and you can gat an oven
    from the Glasstown Mega-mall. Once you have those things, mix three chocolates
    together in the mixer to make a Bunny batter. (you can get chocolate from the
    food vendor in the farmers market) Then bake it in the oven.
    Take the chocolate bunny to Boo and give it to him. Yay he is not a vampire
    | Goal 4: Captured!
      - befriend Harlan King (rel 30)
    Go to the to left corner in the Carnival to see the ninja. She will capture you
    and you appear in the cage in Bigbucks' lab with Harlan King.
    Bigbucks will appear and then fly off in his time machine.
    Talk to Harlan and get his rel up to 30.
      - escape the cell
    Stuff will blow up and the door will swing open. Easy enough.
    | Goal 5: Atlantis Premiere Party
      - find a ticket
    Talk to Crystal. (Maximillian Moore if you are a girl) He/she wants to go to
    this Premiere Party and needs tickets.
      - impress Lily (rel 70 and pop. 60)
    This is by far the hardest thing to do in all of Urbz. Talk to Lily. She will
    give you the tickets if you get her rel at 70 or higher, and get a popularity
    of 60. See the last part of section 4 for info on popularity.
    Once you have done that, talk to Lily for the tickets. Then give them to
    Crystal or Max.
      - dress in all black
    Before you go to the party, you have to look nice. Go to the thrift store, and
    in one of the racks, change you clothes to all black.
      - attend the premiere
    Go to the Party at around 8 p.m. Show up at the Theater a little before, then
    you will go in to see everyone there. Then Bigbucks will appear and everybody
    else will get all transparent. Bigbucks tells you his evil plan, monologues
    some, then is off to do more evil.
    Walk outside and talk to Harlan King. You have to make a Time Machine to
    "unclaim" all of future miniopolis from Daddy B.
    | Goal 6 : Back in Tome
      - find an inventor
    Find Sue and talk to her. She will make you a time machine, but she needs 10
    nuclear fuel rods.
      - give Sue 10 nuclear fuel rods
    Remember those green glowing sticks that you see sometimes in the bayou? Yea,
    it's those that you need. They can be found also in the cemetery, moon base
    zeta, and glasstown. (near the statues)
    Once you have 10, talk to Sue again and give them to her.
      - find a contractor
    Talk to Ewan. To build the time machine, he needs $10,000. Do jobs and save up.
    Then give him the cash.
    After you have done those, go to the Mechanical shop where the Motocross
    minigame is located. Dan and Sue will be there with a big shiny time machine
    for you. But you still need to know what date to go to in order to stop Daddy
    Bigbucks evil plan.
      - find the correct date
    Talk to Guiseppi Mezzoalto. He says Bigbucks went to December 31, 1870.
      - use the time machine from the highest point
    Take it up to the top of Sim Tower and place it where the spaceship sculpture
    used to be. Then go to the first option, Dec. 31, 1870.
    Once you get there, you will be greeted by... Ephraim Earl? Thats right, the
    living form of Earl. After some small talk he gives you Daddy B's flag that he
    left there. Take it back to the present day.
    Daddy B. is there. He informs you that his diabolical plan is in full effect
    and he now owns all of Miniopolis. Yea right! You tell him otherwise and in his
    rage he... gets arrested.
    Daddy Bigbucks has been stopped and life can now go on like normal for Sim
    Valley residents.
    Now sit back, relax and watch everyone cheer for you. You even get your own
    | 10. MISSION S       /
    | Goal 1: You're My Only Hope
      - find plans to Splicer Isle
    They are in the dumpster near the University in Urbania.
      - uncover details of Splicer Isle
    Talk to Mokey. He wants food. Give him a hot dog or something and he will tell
    you about a woman that runs a ferry to splicer island, Sharona Faster.
      - talk to Sharona Faster
    She is always at the docks leading to the Riverboat. Talk to her. She will
    reopen the ferry service for $500.
      - give Sharona $500 for the water taxi
    Do jobs if you need to. Then give her the money and come back at 8 a.m. the
    next day.
    | Goal 2: Land Ho!
      - give the plans to Futo Maki
    When you get there, you'll see a big Japanese guy. Talk to him and give him the
      - pick the lock on the gate (mechanical 4)
    For some mechanical points, go to the university or see heidi the cheat ninja.
    (see section 13.f)
      - donate $5000 to start construction
    Do some jobs, sell some stuff, the usual. When you have it, talk to Maki and
    give him the mulah.
      - find some helpers
    Past the gate there are some monkeys. Talk to them and get their rel up to 50.
    They like it when you pull tail, scratch, and play.
    Then talk to Futo Maki. It will take 10 days for the Maki to construct the
    island, so work on the rep missions to pass the time.
    | Goal 3: The Boys are Back in Town
      - find a smoothie operator
    Jack I. Deal is your man. He hangs out in Salty's Riverboat. You have to get
    him up to rel 40 or higher for him to agree to be the smoothie operator.
      - find an entertainment manager
    Remember that crazy dude who hangs out in the back of the Lobster Shack? Go and
    talk to him, he's your entertainment manager. He has to be at rel 40 before he
    will agree.
      - find the long lost Dr. Mauricio Keyes
    It's Mokey! Go and talk to him. He will be your Genetic Scientist. But first he
    needs a shower.
      - get Mokey a shower
    Go to the jail and Mokey will be there. A cutscene shows him going in and
    taking a (magical?) shower, then turn into "Dr. Mauricio Keys."
    Now go talk to Futo Maki, and Splicer Island is officially open for business.
    | Goal 4: It's Alive!
     - find some amber
    Go to the lab on Splicer Island (it's at the far left of the island) and talk
    to Dr. Mauricio. To make your pet you need some amber which may contain
    preserved animal DNA.
    It's that stuff that looks like yellow chalk that you should have millions of
    by now. If you need more, you can find them lying around on the streets of
     - create a pet
    Go through the little game by following the instructions to the best of your
    ability. Depending on how good you do, you will get a certain pet of a certain
    Now go talk to Busta Cruz.
    | Goal 5: Dog and Dinosaur Show?
      - convince 3 people to compete in the pet show (rel 50)
    Busta is having a bit of trouble with publicity for Splicer Island. So he needs
    you to go get 3 people to compete in the pet show with you. Talk to Cynthia
    Braintrust, Gary Geezer, and Maximillian Moore.
      - train a pet for the show (rel 50)
    All pets are different in what they like. Remember that you can have up to
    three pets, so if you don't like your first pet, or you screw up trying to get
    them at rel 50, just make a new one.
      - win a pet show
    Play the game in the Entertainment building in Splicer Island. Follow the rules
    an it won't be too hard to beat. By the way, I like this game especially
    because you can play it as many times as you want to in a row. You don't have
    to wait for a certain time and only play it once per day.
    Once you are done, you receive a distress signal from the Splicer Lab. Go there
    immediately without dropping your pet off.
    | Goal 6: Winky Weebucks
      - investigate the lab
    Go to the Slicer Lab and you will see Cynthia standing there by the door in
    distress. Someone has broken into the lab but she is too scared to go in. So
    you have to go and see who it is. Once you get down there, it is Berkley Clodd
    up to some mayhem. Suddenly a strange and short figure appears and knocks you,
    Cynthia, and Berkley out and puts you in a cage.
    You send your pet out to find help.
      - Find Winky Weebucks
    You, as your pet, have to go find the evil Winky Weebucks and stop him. So
    leave the island, but on your way out, grab the splicer island flag that you
    saw by the entrance.
    Before you go directly to Winky, stop by the riverboat and talk to Salty.
      - Find someone to stop Winky Weebucks
    Stop by the riverboat and talk to Salty. He says you need Pepper Pete. So you
    need to talk to his parrot to locate him.
    The parrot needs a sail to give to Pepper Pete so he can sail back to Sim City.
      - give a sail to the parrot
    Give him that flag that was at the entrance to Splicer Island that appeared
    once you completed Goal 6.
    Now go to the Carnival and you will be greeted by the real Pepper Pete! You
    need to go in and distract Winky while Pepper takes him out.
      - distract Winky Weebucks
    First you have to get past the invisible maze leading to Winky. there are 15
    squares marked by a pole on each corner. To get to Winky, start at the square
    closest to the leftmost tent and go two squares up. Then turn right and go two
    more squares right. Then go up through the last square and Winky will talk to
    *Glitch warning! If winky doesn't talk to you, walk around the carnival and
    around by the trees where the ninja appears until he talks to you. The game may
    freeze or it may just not work, in which case you will have to start over.*
    After you talk to him he will surround you with nutria and Pepper Pete will
    come out of nowhere and save the day. Then you and he will go to the lab and
    free your human self. You saved the day once again. Then you can watch a
    cutscene of Pepper and Salty meeting up again and doing a little dance
    Now watch the credits roll for the last time. You beat the game!
    | 11. REP MISSIONS    /
    Rep Missions are bonus missions that, once completed, will give you a rep point
    for the group whose mission you complete. You can complete them at any time
    during the game as the story allows. (once you have unlocked it) Once you get 4
    points with a rep group, you will unlock their rep mission.
    | a. Streeties
      - seriously annoy Daddy B. (rel -50)
    This one is pretty easy since he should already be at a low rel. You may have
    to wait until you have beaten the regular missions so you can go to Paradise
    Island to talk to him.
      - convince someone to join the streeties
    Befriend Ewan Watamhamee and he will agree to join the Streeties.
      - get the highest promotion in the Basketball minigame.
    Get your body skill to 9 by pumping iron or through Heidi the cheat ninja.
    (13.f) Then simply play Hoopz good enough to get promoted to lv. 5.
    | b. Nerdies
      - get the best promotion in Dr.Max Stat minigame
    Earn logic 9 from from the university, chess game, or heidi the cheat ninja
      - carve a petrified wood chess piece
    Every day go look in the secret tunnel in the jail for a petrified wood log.
    (see section 13.e) Once you find one, carve it, and you may get a chess piece.
    I recommend being at full creativity to do this.
      - sell 15 giant bog frogs
    They can be found in the bayou, carnival, and glasstown. (near the statues)
    | c. Artsies
      - get the best promo in comedy club minigame
    Avoid the tomaters and get the roses.
      - bake a strawberry tiramisu
    1 strawberry, 1 vanilla, 1 flour (you have to be at 10 cooking skill)
      - clean up the city! recycle 100 piles of trash.
    Glitch. Unless you have saved all of your piles of trash throughout the game,
    you can't complete this one.
    | d. Richies
      - get the best promotion in the Moogoo Monkey minigame
    Bet on the dead monkey. He's my favorite.
      - own $30,000 of items
    First do the below goal. Then use it all to buy stuff. If you need more storage
    space, you can unlock the storage rooms. (see section 13.e)
      - have $10,000 of cash in your pocket
    See section 13.d for some ways to earn easy cash.
    | 12. Xizzles         /
    |a. List of Xizzles
    These are the Xizzle that you may be able to buy during the game.
    You can buy them at the door to club xizzle with xizzle beads. You can get
    xizzle beads by getting someone's rel up to 75, and by finding them in places
    that they are hidden. (see section b. below for a list of locations.)
    All Up Ons: opposite sex reacts at +1 relationship.
    Jibba Jabba: new conversation option that everyone reacts well to.
    Chillin Like a Villan: all motives decrease 10% less
    Skater Dude: increase speed on gravboard by 10%
    Eager Eager Hippo: hunger erosion slows 30%
    Sell Out: $10,000 in cold hard cash
    Inzombiac: sleep erosion slows 30%
    Nemesis: everyone's relationship score goes up +6, one person's goes down -100
    Little Piddly Diddle: bladder erosion slows 30%
    Sweet Smell: hygiene degradation slows 30%
    Play it off: comfort erosion slows 30%
    Mantis Rapture: fun erosion slows 30%
    G'd Up: reduces social degradation by +1
    Nerd Level 5: one free point in each skill
    Livin' Large: earn 20% more at all minigames
    Sale Siren: get 20% off all store items
    Rep Group Xizzles. These xizzles are only obtainable if you are a member of the
    rep group listed.
    Genial Behavior: less chance of passing out by 75% (only available to Richies)
    Night Owl: energy erosion slows 50% at night (only available to Artsies)
    Quick as a Flash: increases speed 10% (only available to Streeties)
    Off the Grid: all bills 75% cheaper (only available to Nerdies)
    Street Signs: any rep group member reacts +1 rel (only available to streeties)
    Djinn Genius: unlocks the magic lamp (only available to Artsies)
    Spell Champ Xizzle: unlocks spelling bee minigame (only available to Nerdies)
    Gratis Baby: trust fund pays $400 monthly stipend (only available to Richies)
    | b. Hidden Xizzles
    Press A when the arrow pops up at these places to claim a xizzle bead.
    The bushes near the small Brownstone apartment in Urbania.
    The school bus (back tire) in Urbania.
    The plant in the Hospital in Urbania.
    The coat rack in the Pizza place in Urbania.
    In the big desk in The University in Urbania.
    The lowest vent in the basketball court in Urbania.
    The bushes near the Museum in Sim Quarter.
    The ramp that goes up to the Riverboat near Sim Quarter.
    The trash in the Crabshack in Sim Quarter.
    Salty's room in the  Riverboat, on the bed near Sim Quarter.
    The second part of the cemetery on one of the headstones in Sim Quarter.
    The tire near the Dark Tree, in the Bayou
    In the bushes near the entrance to the Cemetery in the Bayou.
    In the trees near the grill at the Bayou Bros house in the Bayou.
    The bush near a palm tree on Paradise Island.
    The lockers in Water's Gym in King Tower.
    The plant in the lobby in King Tower.
    Right of the cage in Daddy Bigbucks secret lab in King Tower.
    | 13. SECRETS         /
    | a. Rep Group Items
    Rep group items are super-cool items that do special things that cant be done
    any other way. You get them by getting the rep points of the corresponding rep
    group with the item you want on max, (10 rep points) then talking to them and
    becoming a member of their rep group.
    fills up all of your motives. The best item in the game.
    allows you to change your hair and skin color.
    when you sit in it, it will raise one skill point each day.
    plays any tune that is on urbz. even the awesome song from the beginning.
    | b. Rep Group Trophies
    For an extra rep point, you can find the trophy of a rep group and give it to
    the leader. Here are the locations.
    Richies trophy: Search to the left of the second salesman's desk on the second
    floor in the Glasstown Mega mall.
    Artsies trophy: After you complete the Bayou missions, the dead tree in the
    bottom left corner near the mausoleum entrance will have two man eater plants
    guarding it. Defeat them and then go to the tree and there is the trophy.
    Streeties trophy: In the second part of the cemetery, check right between one
    of the tombstones and a hedge.
    Nerdies trophy: Search the tree in the parking lot near the Carnival.
    | c. Non Purchasable Items
    These items cannot be purchased. They are only obtainable by inviting a certain
    urb over, and them liking your pad enough to give you something. They way you
    make them like your house more, is by going to the machine in you house that
    lets you get stuff like heating and security, and buy "3. Groovy" on the Domo
    Mojo options.
    Magic Lamp              Invite Crystal over
    '98 Adder Bumper        Invite Luthor L. Bigbucks over
    3-Card Monte Table      Invite Berkeley Clodd over
    Blind Justice Statue    Invite Lily Gates over
    Burning Spoke Sign      Invite Dusty Hogg over
    Comedy & Tragedy Masks  Invite Prichard Locksley over
    Flaming Hoop            Invite Roxanna Moxie over
    Go Board                Invite Futo Maki over
    Golden Mop Award        Invite Kris Thistle over
    Key to the City         Invite Daddy Bigbucks over
    Khroniton Reactor	Invite Polly Nomial over
    Lawn Flamingo           Invite Phoebe Twiddle over
    Lottie Cash Statue      Invite Lottie Cash over
    Megalodon Tooth         Invite Sharona Faster over
    Miss Urbverse Trophy    Invite Misty Waters over
    Movie Standee           Invite Theresa Bullhorn over
    Music Stand             Invite Cannonball Coleman over
    Orange Pedestal         Invite Giuseppi Mezzoalto over
    Periodic Table of       Invite Dr. Maximillian Moore over
    Prehistoric Ficus       Invite Mokey/Dr. Mauricio Keyes over
    Punk T-Shirt            Invite Busta Cruz over
    Safe                    Invite Detective Dan D. Mann over
    Traffic Light           Invite Ewan Watahmee over
    Typewriter              Invite Lincoln Broadsheet over
    Uncle Suede's Cane      Invite Darius over
    Voodoo Dan Doll         Invite Mambo Loa over
    | d. Easy Money
    Some ways to get a lot of money fast are :
    - Do errands for people. If you do it fast enough, you can get $200-500.
    - Do any jobs that are on level 5 and you can get a ton of money
    - If you get promoted to level 5 in the "Soul Music" game and have the golden
    fiddle, you can get $7488 for a perfect game.
    - Sell any crap that you hate. simple.
    - buy an easel and paint masterpieces (must be 10 creativity)
    - buy the rosebud smoothie from heidi the cheat ninja
    | e. Storage Rooms
    If you get certain people at max relationship, you will unlock a hidden ares
    that you can put your stuff in, or, if you get enough of them, you won't need a
    house  anymore. Just live in one or two of these places.
    Garbage can. (near entrance to Club Xizzle in Glasstown) 100% relationship with
    Phoebe Twiddle.
    Lost cave in Sim quarter. (on the docks) 100% relationship with Ewan Watahmee
    Old broken down school bus. (near thrift shop) 100% relationship with Giuseppi
    Projection booth. (door behind the snack counter in cinema in Glasstown) 100%
    relationship with Theresa Bullhorn.
    | f. Heidi the Cheat Ninja
    All cheats are purchased from the Heidi Shadows, the Cheat Ninja.
    You may have noticed a ninja in certain areas who disappears as soon as you see
    her. Those places are the places where she will appear. The times are the times
    that if you go and see her during that time in that place, she won't disappear
    and you can buy stuff from her.
    1 a.m. - 2 a.m. Use the time machine and travel back to Nov. 28 1984
    2 a.m. - 3 a.m. Carnival
    4 a.m. - 5 a.m. Paradise Island
    6 a.m. - 7 a.m. Secret tunnel from jail to dark tree
    10 a.m - 11 a.m. Moonbase Zeta
    Items you can purchase from Heidi Shadows.
    Rosebud: $100 - $2,222 in cash
    Silver-Tongue Berry Smoothie $500: - 1 Charisma point
    Gourmet Berry Smoothie: $500 - 1 Cooking point
    Clock Berry Smoothie: $500 - 1 Mechanical point
    Buff Berry Smoothie: $500 - 1 Body point
    Mind Berry Smoothie: $500 - 1 Logic point
    Da Vinci Smoothie: $500 - 1 Creative point
    Slip of Paper: $813 - Password for Club Xizzle and recipe for Strawberry
    Tiramisu (needed to complete the Artsies rep mission)
    Also, when you buy the slip of paper, it will be stuck in your pockets and you
    may wonder how to get rid of it. You can sell it back to Heidi.
    | g. Moon Base Zeta
    Purchase a green meteorite off of the internet. Then with the meteorite in you
    pocket, go to Sim Quarter and use the telephone booth. You will be transported
    to the moon base where you can buy the Rocket Bed and Cheese Modulator. And to
    go back again afterwards, you don't need the meteorite.
    | 14. CHARACTERS      /
    These are the people in The Urbz that you will encounter at some time. I will
    include what rep group that they are in and a tip to use when trying to get
    them to a higher relationship.
    Bayou Boo
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: ninjas, the bayou, just nothing to do with the city.
    Berkley Clodd
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: he likes money and miniopolis.
    Busta Cruz
    rep group: streeties
    rel. tips: don't be uppity or posh. Or a git.
    Cannonball Coleman
    rep group: Artsies
    rel. tips: talk about art, nature, home decor, and music.
    Crawdad Clem
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: Talk about mostly anything that is not related to the city. Or
    civilization for that matter.
    rep group: Streeties
    rel. tips: be hip.
    Cynthia Braintrust
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: talk about animals and nature. Never flirt, kiss, hug, or tease.
    rep group: Streeties
    rel. tips: be cool. Just don't hug him.
    Detective Dan D. Mann
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: talk about the bayou and miniopolis, but not anything that could get
    stolen like art or money.
    Dusty Hogg
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: talk about tough-guy things.
    Daddy Bigbucks
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: during the game you only need to get him at a lower rel, so insult
    him a lot.
    Ephram Earl
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: there is a specific trick to this guy. Talk about real things that
    physically exist and not anything verbal, mental, or psychological. For
    example, talk about sports and the bayou, but don't compliment him, or brag.
    Ewan Watahamee
    rep group: Streeties
    rel. tips: he is a little strange. You kinda have to find out for yourself what
    he likes.
    Futo Maki
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: he is pretty nice. You probably won't upset him unless you try to.
    Gary Geezer
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: this guy is pretty much random. Anything you say could be taken the
    other way.
    Guiseppi Mezzoalto
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: Talk about shady type things, like stuff that had to do with his
    "former life." And don't compliment him.
    Gramma Hattie
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: talk about miniopolis and old people stuff and don't brag.
    Harlan King
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: pretty much anything will make him like you except insulting or
    teasing him.
    Jack I. Deal
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: talk about him and anything directly related to him. And especially
    do not brag.
    Kris Thistle
    rep group: Streeties
    rel. tips: Don't insult, brag, or tease. She is pretty easy to get along with.
    Lily Gates
    rep group: Richies
    rel. tips: Talk about money and jobs, but not anything she could sue you for.
    Lincoln Broadsheet
    rep group: Nerdies
    rel. tips: talk about anything that could be related to a newspaper, not stuff
    like apologizing, entertain, and home.
    Lottie Cash
    rep group: Richies
    rel. tips: money, travel, jobs, and home decor are all plusses for her.
    Luthor L. Bigbucks
    rep group: Richies
    rel. tips: talk about money, sports, miniopolis, and the coffee shop. It is
    pretty hard to get him to hate you.
    Mambo Loa
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: she is pretty much like Gramma Hattie.
    Maximillian Moore
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: don't talk about anything dirty.
    Misty Waters
    rep group: Richies
    rel. tips: talk about sleep, exercise, and compliment her a lot. Do not brag.
    Mokey (Dr Mauricio Keys)
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: just don't talk about money or insult him.
    Olde Salty
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: he is pretty random. As long as you don't insult or tease him, it
    should be cool.
    Phoebe Twiddle
    rep group: nerdies
    rel. tips: Talk about shopping and nature.
    Polly Normial
    rep group: Nerdies
    rel. tips: be nice to her and act intelligent.
    Pritchard Locksley
    rep group: Artsies
    rel. tips: Talk about art and nature and stuff like that.
    Roxanne Moxie
    rep group: Artsies
    rel. tips: Talk about aliens, the carnival, and art.
    Sharona Faster
    rep group: none
    rel. tips: compliment her, talk about miniopolis, but don't talk about jobs.
    Sue Pirnova
    rep group: Nerdies
    rel. tips: talk about the university, but not art.
    Theresa Bullhorn
    rep group: Artsies
    rel. tips: talk about art and theatre.
    | 15. RECIPES         /
    This section includes recipes to make various edible items as well as how much
    the ingredients cost and the net gain for selling them to the food vendor. (the
    total cost of the purchasable ingredients is the number in parenthesis.) Note
    that some ingredients cannot be bought. You have to find them lying around Sim
    Valley. At the bottom I have a little section that will show how to obtain each
    Note that many of these recipes will not turn out right unless you have the
    necessary cooking skills. I recommend being at least 7 cooking before
    attempting to do these so you do not waste money. And even when you have 10
    cooking skill, your creations may still fail on occasion.
    - thanks to DroppedStitch for this section-
    | Recipes
    Apple Pie - 1 Apple, 1 flour, 1 sugar ($10) -                   $12 net
    Strawberry Tiramisu - 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla, 1 flour ($14) Ð  $88 net
    Cocoa Apple Cake Ð 1 apple, 1 chocolate, 1 nuts ($30) Ð         $82 net
    Chocolate Cake Ð 1 flour, 1 sugar, 1 chocolate ($33) Ð          $62 net
    Sugar Cookies Ð 2 sugar, 1 flour ($15) Ð                        $30 net
    Pecan Pie Ð 1 flour, 1 nuts, 1 sugar ($17) Ð                    $25 net
    Lemon Meringue Pie Ð 2 sugar, 1 lemon ($14) Ð                   $23 net
    Chocolate Decadence - 2 chocolate, 1 flour ($49) -              $16 net
    Brownies Ð 2 chocolate, 1 nuts ($53) Ð                          $22 net
    Giant Chocolate Bunny - three chocolates ($69) Ð          loss -$14
    Vanilla Swirl Tart - 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla, 1 sugar ($31) -    $19 net
    Apple Strudel - 1 apple, 1 nuts, 1 sugar ($14) -                $46 net
    Chocolate Biscotti - 1 chocolate, 1 nuts, 1 flour ($87) -       $54 net
    Carmel Apples - 1 apple, 1 sugar, 1 vanilla ($18) -             $62 net
    Lemon tart - 1 lemon, 1 sugar, 1 vanilla ($18) -                $62 net
    Birthday Cupcakes - 1 vanilla, 1 sugar, 1 flour ($21) -         $39 net
    Low Carb Chocolate Cake - 2 chocolate, 1 sugar ($53) -          $57 net
    Strawberry Shortcake - 1 strawberry, 1 flour, 1 sugar ($10) -   $32 net
    | How to get the ingredients:
    Some of the ingredients can be bought from the food vendor in Sim Quarter. But
    some can only be found in certain places.
    From the food vendor:
    Chocolate Ð $23
    Flour - $3
    Nuts - $7
    Sugar Ð $7
    Vanilla - $11
    Lemons - can be found on Paradise Island (they are pretty rare)
    Apples - can be found in Urbania Park
    Strawberries - can be found in the Bayou
    This section includes all of the questions I have heard been asked more than
    once, whether it be on the message boards on GameFAQs.com, or from emails I
    have received. If you have a question that is not covered in this section,
    email it to me and I will answer you and possibly put in.
    Q. What is a Dancing Nutria and where do I find one?
    A. The dancing nutria is an oversized rodent that dances. It can be found on
    Nutria Island with all his non-dancing nutria buddies. Go to Glasstown, and
    next to the Glasstown apartment are some stairs that lead to a dock with a fan-
    boat. Use the fan boat to travel to nutria island. It is strait right from the
    dock and then a little down. Stop at the little island that has the weird
    little critters on it. Pick up the one that is dancing and go back. Keep in
    mind that if you stare strait at them, they will go down in their little holes.
    So to catch him, you have to kinda walk sideways and the grab him when the
    little yellow arrow appears.
    Q. What is the rep group clubhouse and how do I get permission to go inside?
    A. The clubhouses are just storage space - decorated to fit your rep group. To
    get permission, you have to get up to full rep points with your group. Then
    talk to your leader and he/she will give you the key.
    Q. Is it possible to have pets in this game?
    A. Yes, after you beat mission S. But they stay in a pen on Splicer Island.
    Q. How do I buy stuff out of the catalog?
    A. The catalog is merely a list of all of the items available in this game. You
    cannot buy directly from there, you have to get the stuff somewhere else. And
    some of it is non-purchaseable.
    Q. I sold all my trash at the beginning of the game, now I can't complete the
       Artsies rep mission. What do I do?
    A. Nothing. The only way to do that is to restart the whole game. Major glitch.
    Q. How do I stop people from robbing me?
    A. There's a machine in every house where you can buy utilities, including a
    security system. Just look against the walls.
    Q. How do get the spell champ xizzle?
    A. You have to become a Nerdie if you aren't already and get 6 rep points then
    talk to Polly Normial. She will then make the xizzle available for purchase.
    Q. How do I change rep groups?
    A. You have to get full rep points with the group you want to become, then talk
    to the leader of that group. It is hard.
    | 17. GLITCHES        /
    This is stuff that is not supposed to happen in the game, but it does.
    1. Richie clubhouse. When you get the clubhouse key from Luthor, after a while,
    it wont work anymore. Sell it and get an new one the same way as the first.
    2. The game will freeze if you try and ride your hoverboard as your pet.
    3. The albino squirrel that is visible from the steps leading to the cemetery
    will get all glitchified if you look at it long enough. Not a game affecting
    glitch, but kind of funny.
    4. DO NOT sell your trash until you have completed the Artsie rep mission.
    5. If you can't trigger the cutscene after getting through Winky Weebucks'
    maze, just try walking around him and the carnival and eventually it will
    6. The game will freeze if you attempt to enter the time machine as your pet
    and you will have to shut the game off to get out of it.
    7. The game will freeze if you try to talk to the Albino Alligator immediately
    after talking to him for the first time.
    | 18. COPYRIGHT       /
    This entire document is (C) 2006 1337mangamaster. All trademarks are property
    of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my
    permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website,
    making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making
    reference to any material contained within.
    All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me
    at 1337FAQs@gmail(dot)com to enquire about gaining permission to use this
    | 19. CREDITS         /
    These people have contributed to my guide in some way.
    Michael Sarich for the copyright section,
    DroppedStitch for the recipes section,
    Puppylover for Bod Mod Booth info,
    Coby Lamanno for a hidden xizzle that I missed,
    The_Game_Noob for finding a big typo,
    Julia Bourke for correcting me on Mission 2 Goal 1,
    Heidi_Nowotny for letting me use the computer,
    Electronic Arts, and
    Nintendo of America.
    And special thanks to GOD for the divine inspiration.
                                                   _  _-.__
                                               __.' `'     '-.
                                             _|              '-.
      T H E  E N D                         ,/                   \_
                                           \       _---._         \
                                          /       /       `-.      /
                                          \    _ /__         \     \
                                           |  / /_._`-_  __   |    |
                                           |  \/ \()\   '__`-/    /
                                            | /       / /()|/    |
                                             -\    -_/,    //  _/
                                               \ `-___,   / .-'
                                               |\  `-'_,-'-'
                                               | `--~` |_
                                          ___,-|_____.-' |`.__
                                         /  /,'/   .'`.,'  ,- `-.
                                        |     /    |'      /     \
                                             |     |'     |       \

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