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FAQ/Walkthrough by MajikHunta

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 06/01/05

TTTTTTTTT h                    U       U       b
    T     h                    U       U       b
    T     h                    U       U       b
    T     h hhh     eee        U       U  r rr b bbb   zzzzzzz
    T     hh   h   e   e       U       U  rr   bb   b       z
    T     h    h  e     e      U       U  r    b     b     z
    T     h    h  e     e      U       U  r    b     b     z
    T     h    h  eeeeeee      U       U  r    b     b    z
    T     h    h  e            U       U  r    b     b   z
    T     h    h  e     e      U       U  r    b     b   z
    T     h    h   e   e        U     U   r    bb   b   z
    T     h    h    eee          UUUUU    r    b bbb   zzzzzzz

              GAME: The Urbz: Sims in the City
          PLATFORM: Nintendo DS
             GENRE: Strategy
         DEVELOPER: Griptonite Games
         PUBLISHER: EA Games
      RELEASE DATE: NA - 11/17/04
                    JP - 12/02/04
                    EU - 03/11/05
            E-MAIL: MajikFAQs (at) Gmail (dot) com
         FAQ GENRE: FAQ/Walkthrough
       FAQ VERSION: 0.3

Be sure to press F5 to make sure you are viewing the most recent 
version of this FAQ/Walkthrough.


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


Table of Contents

        To go directly to a certain part of the walkthrough, press 	
        CTRL + F then type in the search code (the 4 letter code in 	
        the brackets)

Chapter One

Introduction                                   (ITRU)
Version History                                (VEHI)
Acknowledgements                               (AWLT)
Overview                                       (OVVW)
Game Controls                                  (GACO)
Creating Your Sim                              (CYSI)

Chapter Two

Mission 1                                      (MSN1)
      -Slave to the Grind                      (STTG)
      -Get Cleaned Up                          (GCLU)
      -Help Kris Thistle                       (HKTH)
      -Get the Key                             (GTKE)
      -Get out of Jail                         (GOOJ)
      -Find a Place to Live                    (FAPL)

Mission 2                                      (MSN2)
      -Work Study                              (WOST)
      -Gotta Finish the Riff                   (GTFR)
      -Race for Glory                          (RFGL)
      -Salesmanship                            (SLMP)
      -Club Xizzle                             (CLXI)
      -Road to the Sim Quarter                 (RTSQ)

Mission 3                                      (MSN3)
      -Mission for the Mann                    (MFTM)
      -Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle Factory   (DBXF)
      -None Shall Pass                         (NSPA)
      -Get on the "List"                       (GOTL)
      -High Society                            (HISO)
      -The Ballad of Pepper Pete               (TBPP)

Mission 4                                      (MSN4)
      -The Greatest Fear                       (TGRF)
      -Fiddle with the Red Man                 (FWRM)
      -Bye Bye Bayou                           (BBBA)
      -Running from the Law                    (RFTL)
      -Carnivale!                              (CAE!)
      -The Bigbucks Players                    (BIPL)

Mission 5                                      (MSN5)
      -Reality Show                            (RESH)
      -Back to the Drawing Board               (BTDB)
      -Interview with a Cajun Vampire          (IWCV)
      -Captured!                               (CAP!)
      -Atlantis Premiere Party                 (APPT)
      -Back in Time                            (BATM)

Mission S                                      (MSNS)
      -You're my Only Hope                     (YMOH)
      -Land Ho!                                (LAHO)
      -The Boys are Back in Town               (BBIT)
      -It's Alive                              (ITAL)
      -Dog and Dinosaur show?                  (DDIS)
      -Winky Weebucks                          (WIWE)

Mission R                                      (MSNR)
      -Streeties                               (ST14)
      -Nerdies                                 (NE19)
      -Artistes                                (AR24)
      -Richies                                 (RI29)

Chapter Three

Motives                                        (MTVS)
Errands                                        (ERND)
Characters                                     (PPLE)
Rep Groups                                     (REGR)
Mini Games                                     (MIGA)
Xizzles                                        (XZZE)
Places to Live                                 (PYTL)
House Upgrades                                 (UPGS)
Items                                          (ITMS)
Recipes                                        (RCPS)
FAQs                                           (FAQ0)
Secrets                                        (SCRT)
Glitches                                       (GLTC)

Chapter Four

Contact Information                            (CTIF)
Closing                                        (CLNG)

     CCCCC    h                                                   1
    C     C   h                         t                        11
   C       C  h                         t                       1 1
  C           h hhh     aaaa   p ppp   tttt   eee    r rr      1  1
  C           hh   h   a    a  pp   p   t    e   e   rr           1
  C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r            1
  C           h    h      aaa  p     p  t   e     e  r            1
  C           h    h   aaa  a  p     p  t   eeeeeee  r            1
  C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e        r            1
   C       C  h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r            1
    C     C   h    h  a    aa  pp   p   t    e   e   r            1
     CCCCC    h    h   aaaa a  p ppp    ttt   eee    r            1


|Introduction     (ITRU)|

Hello. Welcome to MajikHunta's FAQ/Walkthrough for The Urbz: Sims in 
the City for the Nintendo DS system. I hope you find this useful.

|Version History     (VEHI)|

Version 0.8 - 01/06/05 - Need to finish mission S & R, secrets,        
                         glitches, item list, house maps, xizzles and  
                         mini games. All other sections complete.

|Acknowledgements     (AWLT)|

This section contains credits to people who have helped with this

-Griptonite Games (for making this game) and EA Games (for publishing 
it, although being the money whores they are, had to charge $20 CDN 
more than every other DS game...)
-Alexander Davidson (Programmed metapad, which made writing this FAQ 
much easier)
-CJayC (Hosted this guide on GameFAQs)

|Overview     (OVVW)|

The Urbz is different to the typical Sims game. Instead of just taking 
care of your Sims, you take the role of one single Sim, so in a sense, 
its an RPG. However, it does keep the traditional sim motives / needs 
system and many other things found in your typical Sim game, thus 
classifying it as a strategy game.

|Game Controls     (GACO)|

Button          Action

Control Pad     Move character / Select Options
A Button        Talk / Confirm action
B Button        Run / Cancel action
Y Button        Goals Menu
X Button        Pocket Menu
L Button        Opens / Closes Needs Window
R Button        Changes Colour of Furniture
Start Button    Pauses Game
Select Button   Options Menu

|Creating Your Sim     (CYSI)|

When you start a new game in the Urbz you will have to create a Sim. 
First you name then, then pick a bunch of things listed below and then 
answer questions. Some of your choices may affect later parts in the 
game, mainly which Xizzles you can buy. See the Xizzles section for 
more information on what each Xizzle does. The first question also 
affects your rep group, see the rep group section for more information 
on rep groups Do choose options use D-Pad and to confirm choices, A, 
and to return to the previous step, press B.

Gender:   Male - Skater Dude Xizzle
        Female - Sale Siren Xizzle

Skin Tone: (has no affect later in the game)

Hair Style: (has no affect later in the game)

Hair Color: (has no affect later in the game)

Press Start once you've chosen all these, now to choose more things.

Shirt Style: (has no affect later in the game)

Shirt Color: (has no affect later in the game)

Sleeve Color: (has no affect later in the game)
        -Note: You may not be able to choose this varying on what      
          shirt style you chose

Overshirt: (has no affect later in the game)
        -Note: You may not be able to choose this varying on what      
          shirt style you chose

Pants: (has no affect later in the game)

Shoes: (has no affect later in the game)

Press Start again, now its time to answers some questions.

Question 1: What is the meaning of life?
A) Having the toughest rep - Rep Group: Streeties, Quick as a Flash 
B) Mad l33t computer skillz - Rep Group: Nerdies, Off the Grid Xizzle
C) Fat sacks of cash money - Rep Group: Richies, Genial Behavior 
D) Busting sweet rhymes - Rep Group: Artsies, Night Owl Xizzle

Question 2: Your perfect crib has...
A) A fully stocked fridge - Eager Eager Hippo Xizzle
B) A racercar shaped bed - Inzombiac Xizzle
C) A barbed wire fence - Nemesis Xizzle

Question 3: You won $10,00 in a breakdance competition. How do you 
spend it?
A) Buy a swimming pool - Little Piddly Diddle Xizzle
B) Buy up a sweet new cologne - Sweet Smell Xizzle
C) Buy some fancy bling - Sell Out Xizzle

Question 4: It's Friday Night! What do you and your crew do for fun?
A) Just chill - Play it off Xizzle
B) Shoot some hoops - Mantis Rapture Xizzle
C) Hit the skate park - All Up Ons Xizzle

Question 5: Your new song hit the top of the charts! What's it called?
A) Keepin' it on the D-L - G'd Up Xizzle
B) City Grammar - Jibba Jabba Xizzle
C) Sharp as ice - Nerd Level 5 Xizzle

Question 6: True or false: Money is everything!
A) Nah. "Love" is where it's at - Chillin' Like a Villain Xizzle
B) Gimme the cash! - Livin' Large

Once this is done, watch the short scene and then you're ready to 
begin Mission 1 (MSN1)!

    CCCCC    h                                                 2222
   C     C   h                         t                      2   2
  C       C  h                         t                     2     2
 C           h hhh     aaaa   p ppp   tttt   eee    r rr           2
 C           hh   h   a    a  pp   p   t    e   e   rr             2
 C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r             2
 C           h    h      aaa  p     p  t   e     e  r             2
 C           h    h   aaa  a  p     p  t   eeeeeee  r            2
 C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e        r           2
  C       C  h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r          2
   C     C   h    h  a    aa  pp   p   t    e   e   r         2
    CCCCC    h    h   aaaa a  p ppp    ttt   eee    r        2222222

|Mission 1     (MSN1)|

--Slave to the Grind-- (STTG)

First Kris Thristle will come up and talk to you. Choose either option 
to reply, it doesn't matter. After shes gone, head to the left and 
then a bit up.  You'll see an S-like sign. Press A when beside it. You 
will be given the choice to play Squeegee Clean, select Yes.

You'll now be in your first Urbz Mini Game. The objective of this game 
is to clean as many windows as you within the time limit. There are 
also A LOT of birds pooping on you, so if you get hit, you'll have to 
run back to either side of the platform to get a squeegee. Once the 
poop hits the windows, clean the window by pressing A. Its a pretty 
simple game. Try to earn as much money from it as you can... and don't 
get a bad impression of the Urbz from this lame mini game. Its a 
really shame that they put such a bad mini game at the very begining 
of this game.

So once you're done the game, Kris Thristle will come and talk to you 
again. Once again pick any of the choices, it doesn't make a 
difference to my knowledge. She can also teach you the basics of the 
Urbz. So if its your first time playing, you should definately talk to 

You now have two new objectives, "Befriend Kris Thistle (Relationship 
30) and "Give Kris Your Squeegee and Bucket". This building is fairly 
large, so finding Kris may be hard. But to avoid any troubles, as soon 
as your done the Squeegee Clean mini game, head directly down and a 
bit to the left. Then go into the elevator. Select "3: Executive 
Office". Head southeast, then a bit to the right. You should see Kris 
Thristle standing there. Talk to her. Select "Friendly Stuff" Then 
select "Give a Gift". Then select the Squeegee and Bucket item. Now 
you'll need to gain 5 "relationship points" with Kris in order to 
complete the other objective.

Heres some of the actions that Kris reacts positively or negatively.

Positive actions:
Cry (+1), Flirt (+3), Talk about Dancing (+2), Talk about Miniopolis 
(+2), Talk about Music (+3), Apologize (+1), Talk about Theatre (+1), 
Talk about Home (+1), Cheer up (+2), Compliment (+2), Talk about TV 

Negative actions:
Talk about the Lounge (-1), Tease (-2), Call Name (-3), Talk about the 
Bayou (-2), Talk about Graveyards (-1)

There are many many more actions that you may encounter, these are 
just the first couple that I got. Getting +5 should be no problem at 
all. Save before you talk Kris just in case you mess up and get some 
negative reactions from her. Now talk to Kris and select "Whats up?". 

--Get Cleaned Up-- (GCLU)

You've got 3 new goals availible. They're extremelly easy. First take 
the elevator to "4: Skyline Penthouse". Run towards the old ripped up 
brown sofa and sleep on it untill your sleep bar is fully re-filled. 
Wait untill your sim gets up or just press B. From the sofa, run left 
a bit and you'll see a shower. Take a shower untill your hygiene bar 
is fully re-filled. Continue left and go back to the elevator. Select 
"1: Tower's Lobby". Head right a tad bit and you'll be infront of a 
vending machine. Buy a snack from it. Now you have to go find Kris. 
But before doing that, head to "B: Water's Gym" from the elevator and 
go to the top right corner of the room and use the toilet. You'll need 
to since most likely your bladder bar is empty. Now head off to find 
Kris. Depending on what time it is, she could be anywhere. But what I 
do know for sure is that around 6am, she can be found in Water's Gym 
near the toilet.

--Help Kris Thristle-- (HKTH)

Now that you've finished that, you've got 3 new goals. Head to floor 2 
from the eleavtor. Repair the TV beside the bed. You'll be greeted by 
a short scene that will activate Mission S. You can't that mission 
just yet though. Once the repair is complete, go up to the bed right 
beside the TV and select "Put in Pocket". Yes, I know its odd, but you 
can put the bed and other large things in your pocket. Its the only 
way to move them...

With the bed in your possession, go up to floor 4 and select the bed 
from your pocket and place it anywhere you wish. Now head to floor B 
and fix the water fountain near the lockers. Now head back to floor 2 
and go pass the two closed doors to the second water fountain and 
repair it. With this complete, its time to find Kris again. Talk to 
her and choose "Whats up?"

You've now completed this part of the mission, but if you haven't 
already noticed, most of your bars at the bottom of the top screen are 
nearly empty. So its time to re-fill them.

Hunger - You can find a vending machine on Floor 1. The snacks are 
free so buy as many as you need to re-fill the bar.

Hygiene - Theres a shower on Floor 4. Alernately you could wash your 
hands from the sink in Floor B, but its much quicker to shower.

Sleep - Use the bed that you moved up floor 4. Take note that time 
goes A LOT faster when you're sleeping. Thats not important right now, 
but just thought I'd inform you if you haven't already noticed.

Social - Just talk to anybody in the building. Not hard to re-fill

Comfort - If you've already slept, this bar should be fine. If it for 
some odd reason isn't, just sit on the sofa on floor 4 for a bit.

Bladder - Use the toilet near the top right corner of Floor B

Entertainment - Watch some TV on Floor 2 where the bed use to be

Home - You can't really increase this motive right now, but it'll 
never go too low right now, so theres nothing to worry about.

Once you've re-filled your motives, its time to continue on...

--Get the Key-- (GTKE)

Head to floor 2. Go to the workbench beside the TV and "Study 
Mechanical". Once you've gained a mechanical point, head down and to 
the right a bit. Go up to the 2 big closed doors and pick the lock. 
Once thats done, go through the doors and go to a tad bit to the right 
of the chair behind the desk. Press A and you should find the key. It 
doesn't matter what options you pick with Daddy Bigbucks. After the 
scene talk to the detective just outside your cell.

--Get out of Jail-- (GOOJ)

First go talk to Detective Dan, you'll need to answer some questions. 
Heres the correct answers
Q1: "Yes"
Q2: (any answer works)
Q3: "The janitor told me I could stay!"
Q4: "Real food! I was tired of eating junk."
Q5: "No. He is finding legal ways to make people miserable."
Q6: (any answer works)

Now you need to get your relationship up to 30.

Detective Dan reactives positively:
Talk about Books (+1), Talk about Health (+3), Entertain (+2), Gossip 

Detective Dan reactives negatively:
Annoy (-2), Rude Gesture (-2), Talk about Politics (-3), Talk about 
Computers (-2), Talk about Graveyards (-2),

There are many many more actions that you may encounter, these are 
just the first couple that I got. Getting +20 shouldn't be too hard. 
Once thats done, Detective Dan will open up the jail cell door.

--Find a Place to Live-- (FAPL)

First, leave the jail cell and head to the left and up the stairs. 
Walk up the the S sign to play the Hoopz Mini Game. Shoot balls into 
the net by press A when the ball is in the middle. Even if its near 
the middle you should get it in. Get 3 in a row for a bonus.

Basically, you'll need to play some ball, re-fill your needs, then 
play some more ball untill you've got $150. On your spare time work 
out with the weights northeast of your cell. Press A rapidly to 
increase the skill faster.

You can re-fill your motives at the following places:

Hunger - Eat the food given to you on the tray in the cell. However, 
this isn't always enough, so if you're in need of food, and the trays 
empty, from your cell head up then right and out of the jail. Head 
northeast a bit then to the left then north again. You should see a 
barbeque. Grill some fish or burgers.

Hygiene - Slightly above the toilet you should see some pipes. Press A 
to shower.

Sleep - Sleep in the bed inside the jail cell

Social - Just talk to anybody

Comfort - You should regain all of it while sleeping, if not sleep 
some more or sit on the benches beside the Hoopz Mini Game.

Bladder - Right above the bed in the jail cell

Entertainment - Go on the trampoline slightly south of the Hoopz mini 
game, restores entertainment VERY fast. Or you can watch the TV inside 
your cell

Home - You shouldn't have a problem with this motive right now.

Also, another thing to take note of. If you plan on finishing all the 
rep missions, you're going to need to pick up all the trash you can 
right now.

So, once you've got $150, you can go buy a house. But personally I 
wouldn't recommend doing so just yet. I'd recommend weight lifting, 
play hoopz and re-filling your motives untill you've got all 10 body 
skill points and quite a bit of cash. May seem like a waste of time, 
but trust me its worth it.

Now its time to buy a house. From the jail head up, to the right a bit 
and up again. If you see any trash on the way, pick it up. When you 
come to an intersection, head left. Eventually you'll come to a house 
with a green sign infront of it. Thats the small brownstone house. To 
get it you need to pay $150 upfront and an additional $175 per week. 
Alternately, if you continue to the left a bit you can rent the large 
brownstone house for $200 upfront and an additional $195 per week. 
Once you buy your house you'll be given a crate containing:
-Biker Sofa
-The Savvy Shower
-HygeiaOmatic Toilet
-Spartan Special Bed

Unpack them into your new house and then head back to the Jail and 
talk to Detective Dan.

Mission 1 Complete!

|Mission 2     (MSN2)|

--Work Study-- (WOST)

To start of the Mission 2, You'll need to find Sue Pirnova. Once you 
talk to her, she'll tell you to talk Maximillian Moore. Find Max, he 
can usually be found in the hospital. Talk to him and get a 
relationship of 30 or more.

Next, go to the small brownstone house. From there, head south a bit, 
and then to the right. Continue on untill you reach some road blocks. 
Then go up a bit and you should find a dumpster. Near there is a 
plant, pick it up and give it to him. If you don't remember how to 
give items, select friendly stuff while talking to the person and then 
select give gift. Finally, select the item you wish to give.

Now its time to write a Thesis, well a Doctoral Thesis to be specific. 
Head to the Minipolis Chronichle. From the hospital head south and 
then left to find the Minipolis Chronichle. Head up the ramp and to 
the right to find a computer. First select "Do research" untill you 
gain a skill point. Next, on the computer, select "Write Thesis". Once 
your done, head back to Max and give him the Thesis. Also, you may 
notice that Berkeley Clodd is selling a thesis for $500. Don't buy it 
off him, Max won't accept it. Once this is done, you can take classes 
at the University and play a new mini-game, Doctor Max Stat. This mini 
game can be found in the hospital.

--Gotta Finish the Riff-- (GTFR)

To start this part of the mission, talk to Phoebe Twiddle. After this, 
you'll need to find Cannonball Coleman and get a relationship of 30 or 
more with him.

Next you need to get a Saxaphone Reed for Coleman. Head to the thrift 
shop (Head south directly from the University and you should find it 
no problem). They will have a Saxaphone Reed in stock for $50. Next 
head to either of the dumpsters, one is beside the university, the 
other is just north of the most eastern roadblock. Once infront of the 
dumpster, press A and select "Critique Graffiti". Now go back to 
Coleman and help him with his song. Pick the following options:
"...up to old tricks?"
"...so right?"
"...and chill as a lake?"
"...saxophone reed?"

You can now play the Comic Explosion mini-game inside the pizza place. 
See the mini-game section for more info.

--Race for Glory-- (RFGL)

To start this part of the mission, talk to Dusty Hogg. You'll need to 
give him $500. If you don't have $500, go play Hoopz, Doctor Max Stat 
or Comic Explosion. Next, you'll need to find Ewan Watahmee. Once 
you've found him talk to him. He tells you that you need to bring him 
lunch for 3 days, so head down to the pizza place between the large 
and small brownhouses. Buy 3 pieces of food. Anything works, although 
I'd suggest getting 3 Tub o' Sodas, as they are the cheapest, only $5. 
Once you've got your 3 pieces of food, head down to the thrift shop. 
Head south-west. You should pass a bus. Note that you want to go 
behind the fence, meaning that you'll be on a path with dirt and 
bushes, not the road. Keep heading south-east untill you come to a 
building. Head through the door. This is the Chopper Garage. For 3 
days you must bring lunch for Ewan between between 12-1PM. It doesn't 
have to be 3 days in a row.

Once you've given him lunch 3 times in a row, go find Dusty Hogg and 
talk to him. You can now play a new mini-game, Motocross Mayhem. You 
can also upgrade your bike in the garage. See the mini-game section 
for more info.

--Salesmanship-- (SLMP)

To start of this part of the mission, find Berkeley Clodd. He can 
usually be found outside the thrift store. After you're done talking 
to him, you'll need to attend an auction between 5-7pm at the thrift 
store. I'd recommend bringing atleast $400, although you probally 
won't end up using more than $250.

Once at the thrift store, select the shrunken head. Bid the highest to 
win the shrunken head. Now find Berkely again and give him the 
shrunken head by selecting friendly stuff then give gift. You'll now 
get the MJ Foxfire Gravboard wish allows you to travel faster. Press R 
to get on it. See the vechiles section for more info on the gravboard.

--Club Xizzle-- (CLXI)

First off, talk to Lottie Cash to start this part of the mission. 
Next, before continueing on, re-fill ALL your motives to as high as 
possible as if you plan on sleeping or anything during this mission, 
Crystal will get mad and you'll have to restart the mission. Due to 
the timing of certain places, you may be stuck outside waiting for a 
couple hours. If you don't have full motives, you won't be 
sucsessfully completing this mission. Also, don't talk to random 
people or anything during this mission, or crystal will ditch you and 
you'll have to restart the mission. Lastly, the ideal time to start 
this mission is around 3-4pm, as assuming you don't take super long, 
both the places you need to go will be open.

Once your motives are full, go and find Crystal. Talk to her and pick 
"Let's go". You now have 24 hours to take her out. First, head to the 
pizza place. Then talk to her again, she'll tell you she wants a slice 
ENCOUNTER!! SO SAVE YOUR GAME!! Once you've saved your game, go the 
guy in the corner, buy a slice of pizza (the $20 Cheesy Pizza will 
work, you don't need to buy the Slice o' Heaven Pizza) and then give 
the slice to Crystal. If you encounter the glitch just quit the game 
and re-load your file. Try again untill you get lucky.

She will then tell you she wants to play some games, so go the DDR 
machines beside the guy in the corner. Select "Boggie down!" and let 
them dance untill they both get off, so don't press B. Next, talk to 
Crystal again, she wants to go shopping now, so exit the pizza place 
and go to the thrift shop.

Once in the thrift shop, talk to Crystal again. Don't buy her a gift 
from the thrift shop, instead leave the thrift shop and go to were the 
pizza place is. Just to the right of the pizza place you should see a 
guy on a blanket. Buy anything from him and give it to Crystal. Give 
it to her and then you'll see a door appear.

Now head to the Minipolis Chronichle. To find the Minipolis 
Chronichle, head slightly south of the hospital and then to the left 
and through the double doors. Inside Minipolis Chronichle, head north 
a bit but don't go up the ramp. You should see a bulletin board. Tap 
the  lower purple note to find the Password for Club Xizzle. 
Alternately, you could just skip this paragraph, because the password 
is the same in everygame.

So then head to the door shown earlier, which is north-east of the 
Thrift shop. They will ask you to input a password, so input "BUCKET". 
You're now inside Club Xizzle!

Also, be sure to check the Xizzle section of this FAQ, as there are 
some beads that you can find that can be traded in for Xizzles.

--Road to the Sim Quarter-- (RTSQ)

To start this part of the mission, talk to Gramma Hattie. Now there is 
3 things you need to do.

1. Make 3 friends - Find any 3 people and get a relationship of 50 or 
more. You might as well get the relationship to 75 so you can get a 
bead to trade for Xizzles.

2. Raise $500 - Simple enough. Play Hoopz, Doctor Max Stat or Comic 
Explosion to earn $500 and then talk to Gramma Hattie again. Select "I 
have all you need!" 

3. Earn 2 Promotions in local jobs - Check the jobs menu to find out 
what skills you need to get promoted in a job. The easiest thing to do 
is to work out at the jail to earn enough body skills to get promoted 
in Hoopz twice.

Once all the 3 things are complete, leave whatever building your in 
and you'll see a short scene of people rioting. Grandma Hattie comes 
and talks to you. Daddy Bigbucks comes and now the way to Sim Quarter 
is open.

Mission 2 Complete!

Also, with the Sim Quarter open, be sure to check the Xizzle section, 
as there are more Xizzles Beads to be found!

|Mission 3     (MSN3)|

--Mission for the Mann-- (MFTM)

To start the mission, find Detective Dan. Once thats done, head the 
Sim Quarter. As soon as you enter Sim Quarter, head directly to the 
right along the dock. Follow the dock along untill you come to the 
ship, and then enter it. Then walk up the simoleons sign to play 
Moogoo Monkey. See the mini-game section for information on how to 
play Moogoo Monkey.

Guiseppi Mezoalto will come and talk to you after the game. Now you 
need to go check the bulletin board in Minipolos Chronichle. The 
yellow note in the top left corner should have a message telling you 
to search the shrubbery near the museum.

So head to the museum, from the entrance to Sim Quarter, head north 
and up the ramp and pass the painter. Then when you come to the two 
plants, go between them and then head up a bit. Look in the plants and 
you should find a slip of paper.

If you have already talked to Grandma Hattie to start the 3rd part of 
this mission (None Shall Pass), you'll be stalled for now, so come 
back to this section once you've completed the 3rd part. However, if 
you haven't talked to Grandma Hattie, then you are not stalled and can 
continue on.

You'll need to go the graveyard now. To get to the cemetry, from the 
entrance of Sim Quarter, head north up the ramp and then to the right 
at the first intersection. Continue right untill you reach a dead end 
then head north again. Then when you see some stairs head down. You 
are now at the cemetery. Continue along the cemetery's dirt path and 
check behind all the tombstones. One of them should have a slip of 

Next, go find Berkeley Clodd and give him the scrap of paper. He'll 
give you a "Mysterious Briefcase" so head over to Detective Dan and 
give it to him. Now find Giuseppi Mezoalto and give him the "
Mysterious Rigged Briefcase". 

--Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle Factory-- (DBXF)

To start this mission, you'll need to talk to Lily Gates. If you're 
having trouble finding her, go to Club Xizzle at around 6:30 AM, 
she'll be there. Once thats done, you need to earn creativity of 5. 
The easiest thing to do is attend university classes between 10am - 1
pm. Or you could buy a guitar and play it. Or you could do both to get 
5 creativity very fast.

Next you need to get a relationship of 50 or more with Ewan Whatahmee 
and once thats done select "Whats up?".

After thats done you'll need to beat Dusty Hogg in a race. Go to the 
garage between 6-7 PM. You'll get a motorcycle after you beat him! An 
actual motorcycle that you can ride around the city, not a motorcycle 
for the mini-game.

Now you need to find Polly Nomial. You can usually find her in the 
university. Get a relationship with 50 or more with her and select
"Whats up?"

--None Shall Pass-- (NSPA)

To start this part of the mission, talk to Grandma Hattie. After that, 
you'll nead to earn either a body skill of 5, or a charisma skill of 
5, if you haven't already. Its easiest just to head over to the jail 
and work out with the weight set to get a body skill of 5.

Next, go the cemetery between 11PM and 12PM. To get to the cemetry, 
from the entrance of Sim Quarter, head north up the ramp and then to 
the right at the first intersection. Continue right untill you reach a 
dead end then head north again. Then when you see some stairs head 
down. You are now at the cemetery.

Continue down into the cemetry untill you see a short scence of 
Grandma Hattie coming to the cemetery. Go back and talk to her. You 
now have to gaurd the cemetery.

Daddy Bigbucks is the first person to come. Say whatever you want, it 
doesn't matter. Next, if you got 5 body points, Darius will come, and 
if you got 5 charisma points, Lily gates will come

If you get Darius, tell him he cannot go through. After that, pick the 
3rd option ("I'm so strong I can deflect sunlight with my breath") and 
then the second option "And I'm so tough people call me "[Rep Name 
Here]". Next pick the 3rd option ("And I'm so crazy Detective Dan 
kicked me out of jail!").

If you get Lily, pick the following options.
"How many is a few?"
"Fine.  Ask whatever you like."
"Yes!  Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!"
"But code 23.48b makes exceptions for one-time jobs."
"But the graveyard is PRIVATELY owned by the people buried there."
"But I am wearing a uniform.  This is the new style."

Next Grandma Hattie comes. Say whatever you want and now you've 
completed this part of the mission! If you were stuck on the first 
part of this mission, you can now continue it.

--Get on the "List"-- (GOTL)

To start this mission, talk to Cannonball Coleman. Now you need to 
earn 2 rep points with your group. The easiest way to get 2 rep points 
is to find two people in your rep group and earn a relationship of 50 
or more with them.

Streeties: Darius (leader), Ewan Watahmee, Kris Thistle, Crystal
  Nerdies: Polly Nominal (leader), Lincoln Broadsheet, Sue Pirnova,    
         Maximillian Moore 
  Richies: Luthor L. Bigbucks (leader),  Lily Gates, Misty Waters,     
         Lottie Cash
  Artsies: Roxanna Moxie (leader), Theresa Bullhorn, Cannonball        
         Coleman, Pritchard Locksley

Next head to Club Zydeco between 2-5 AM. Coleman will tell you not to 
let any of a certain rep group in. See the above list. If the person 
is in the rep group that you aren't suppose to let in, don't let them 
in. Let everybody else in. Fairly self-explanitory. You'll get the 
golden fiddle for completing this mission. Don't sell it, its helpful 
later on.

--High Society-- (HISO)

To start this mission, talk to Luther L. Bigbucks. Next, you'll need 
to find a curator, so talk to Rxoanna Moxie. She can be found outside 
the museum most of the time. If you have $300, give it to her right 
now, if not go play some Hoopz then go back to her at give it to her. 
Next, head to the Museum, its just north of Crawfish Shack and the 
Fortune Teller's Shop and slightly south of the Townhouse.

Go in the museum, up the ramp to the right and then into the elevator. 
Go to floor 1. If you're low on cash, just buy the piece in the north 
left of the room. its only $500. And if you're looking for something 
expensive, head to floor 2 and buy the red piece in the center of the 
room, its the only thing you can buy on floor 2 and it costs $4150. 
Also, the old grandma in the lobby area is selling pieces of art, but 
don't buy from her, it doesn't count.

Finally, go and talk to Luthor again. He'll tell you about buying from 
the museum. You'll get a cheque in the mail every week for each item 
you buy. The more items you buy the more money you get in the mail. So 
its an investment to consider.

--The Ballad of Pepper Pete-- (TBPP)

To start this part of the mission, talk to Mambo Loa. You'll need to 
make a costume! Yay! The items you'll need to find are: Sailor's Coat, 
Fake Beard and Sailor's Cap.

To find a Sailor's Coat, go find Phoebe Twiddle and talk to her. Then 
head to thrift shop and check the left clothing racks in the back of 
the shop. The ones too the right will change your clothes. But the 
ones to the right have the Sailor's Coat.

Next up is the Fake Beard, talk to Pritchard Locksley. You can buy one 
off of him for $300, so do so.

Finally, we must find the Sailor's Cap, so head over to Cafe Z-Bach, 
its near the graveyard. Go in and use the computers there and go 
shopping online, where you can buy the Sailor's Cap. You'll have to 
wait 1 or 2 days to get the cap.

Now go and talk to Mambo Loa, who can usually be found in her store 
beside the museum, or the restaurant Crawfish Shack, which is right 
beside her shop. You're now wearing the sailor costume so go to 
Salty's Riverboat and a scene will commense. It doesn't matter what 
options you pick.

Mission 3 complete!!

|Mission 4     (MSN4)|

---The Greatest Fear--- (TGRF)

You'll start of this mission in the bayou. First Clem will come up and 
talk to you. He'll ask you some questions.

Here are the correct answers:

What's your favorite food?
-Garlic Ice Cream

What do you like to do on a nice sunny day?
-Sun Bathe on the beach

If you could have one eccentric pet, what would it be?
-A gnat

If you get them wrong, you'll have to wait a few days before Clem 
talks to you again, and then you will have to earn a relationship of 
30 or more with him.

You've now got some new goals, Find the "Dark Tree", Find a Light, 
Capture the Albino Aligator.

First things first, you'll need to find a light. (I realize this isn't 
the order listed in the game, but its more convient to do it in this 
order). From where you are, head right onto a new screen. Continue 
right untill you encounter a human-eating plant monster. When it tries 
to eat you, tap B repeatedly. Once you've defeated it, head southeast 
down the first bridge and then head north. You should see some rocks / 
wierd tree wall thing (not entirely sure what it is). You can go 
through it at the very right side. You should see another plant 
monster, so defeat it using the same method (repeatedly tapping B). 
Then go up and grab the shiny object, the light.

Now to find the tree. From where you are, head back to the first 
bridge, but don't cross it You should see a second bridge slightly 
south, so cross that one. Then head south east and then head right 
past some tires. Press A near the tires to find some money. Continue 
right and up a bit and you should see another bridge heading right, 
cross it. You should see some tree stumps. Remember this location 
because you'll need to come back here later. Head north up to the 
tree. Before going in, press A near the tires to find some Xizzle 
Beads. Then head in.

Once inside go up and talk to the aligator. He'll give you a piece of 
a trinket. Now head back to Bayou Boo. If you don't feel like 
navigating back, just get eaten by a monster plant. Not only will it 
take you back the Twins' Bayou Shack, but it will also restore all you 
needs to 2/3, and you don't lose any time! Bayou Boo should be inside 
the shack or near by.

---Fiddle with the Red Man--- (FWRM)

After talking to Crawdad Clem from the previos part of the mission, 
you'll give given a new goal. You'll need to go the the tree stump I 
mentioned you would need to remember in the previous part of the 
mission. If you don't remember, follow the instructions from the 
previous part of the mission. At midnight the red man will appear 
there. Talk to him and you'll get to play a new mini-game!

Its fairly self explanitory, press the right button to earn money. If 
you have the golden fiddle in your inventory, you'll earn more money. 
Once you've finished the mini-game, you'll get the other piece of the 

---Bye Bye Bayou--- (BBBA)

Go and talk to Crawdad Clem and give him the trinket. You'll now need 
to meet Boo at the Mausoleum Entrance. Before leaving, check the trees 
near the grill outside the Bayou's shack to find another Xizzle Bead.

Next head to the stump were you fiddled with the red man (that didn't 
sound right but whatever...). Head south and you should see a bridge 
going southwest, go across it. Then head left all the way untill you 
find Bayou Boo.

You'll now need to go through the Mausoleum. Its fairly straight 
foward. You'll loose Boo along the way but keep going untill you find 
the exit.

---Running from the Law--- (RFTL)

Once you're out of the Mausoleum, go and talk to Grandma Hattie, she 
should be waiting near the Mausoleum. WALK towards her. DO NOT RUN!! 
Once you talk to her, start running. You'll be sent to jail. Thats 
right, running is now against the law. Good thing theres the gravboard 
and motorcycle! Once in jail, talk to Detective Dan. You'll need to 
find someone to write a letter. Grandma Hattie is the person to write 
the letter, so talk to her (She should also be in jail with you).

You'll now need to find a messenger. Pay the $100 fine (or do you 
time) and then go the university. You see that guy whos always 
sleeping? Hes your messenger, so go talk to him.

The problem is, for Gordie (the sleeping guy) to deliver the letter, 
you'll need a popularity rating of 30% or more! Just talk to people 
and get the relationship as high as possible. I recommend getting it 
to at least 75 to earn Xizzle Beads while your at it.

Next you need to find a map of Paradise Island. Go to the top floor of 
Salty's Riverboat and then climb up the ladder. You should see 
something blue, so pick it up. Then head back to the university and 
give the map to Gordie. Then head back to Detective Dan and talk to 
him. You can run again!!

---Carnivale!--- (CAE!)

To start this mission, talk to Roxanna Moxie. You'll need to capture a 
"Dancing Nutria", so head to glasstown. To get the Glasstown, go from 
the entrance of SimQuarter directly north untill you see a traffic 
light and a hill going up. Go up that hill, you're now in Glasstown.

Now you need to get on Gordie's boat. As soon as you enter Glasstown 
(assuming you followed my directions and didn't take the entrance from 
 Urbania) you should notice some stairs going down directly to your 
right. Go down them. You should see a small fan boat, so climb aboard!

The boat is kind of hard to controll, so it may take some time to get 
use to it. From the dock head directly right untill you see some trees 
and a fence, then head down untill you see an island with little rat-
like things on and stop at the dock. Sneak up behind one of them and 
put it in your pocket. If you don't sneak up, they will burrow 
underground when you go near.

Now get back on the boat and head back to Roxanna. Give her the 
Dancing Nutria (the rodent thingy you picked up on the island). She'll 
also ask for $5000, so unfortunately you'll have to give it to her. If 
you don't the money go play some mini-games. Now you'll need to find 
her a tightrope walker. So go and talk to Misty. Use the phone if 
you're not sure where she is. Now Misty wants you to get her a date, 
and Luthor BigBucks is your man, so go and talk to him. Then head back 
to Misty and talk to her.

Finally go back to Roxanna and talk to her. You're done this part of 
the mission now!

---The Bigbucks Players--- (BIPL)

To start this part of the mission, talk to Theresa Bullhorn. You'll 
now need to gain a popularity of 40! So go around and talk to more 

Once thats done, you'll need to gain a relationship of 50 or more with 
Dusty Hogg and then select "Whats up". Do the same with Sue Pirnova, 
relationship of 50 and choose "Whats up".

Next you'll need to decorate the stage. Any five decorative items will 
work, wether they be paintings from the street artists in Sim Quarter 
(costs $100) or plants that you bought, or whatever. Any decorative 
items work. Note that you can only fit 2 paintings in the area. Once 
you've got your 5 items, go to the theatre and decorate the stage with 

Once you've fully decorated the stage, leave the cinema and re-enter 
and then you'll watch a short scene. Talk to Theresa after the scene.

Mission 4 complete!!

|Mission 5     (MSN5)|

---Reality Show--- (RESH)

To start this mission, talk to your rep group leader. For the richies, 
the leader is Luthor L. Bigbucks, Streeties; Darius, Nerdies; Polly 
Nomial, Artisies; Roxanna Moxie.

Now you'll need to travel to Paradise Island. Go to Glasstown from Sim 
Quarter entrance, and then take the stairs directly to your right down 
to Gordie's boat. Go right and then up as soon as theres no fence 
stopping you from going up. Once on the new screen, continue up untill 
you reach a dock. Get off your boat, now you're on paradise island.

Once on the island head right and talk to to Pritchard Locksley. (Hes 
wearing a costume, so you might no recognize him, but he should have a 
! ontop of his head). Now find the four palm trees and press A to find 
"question coconuts". Once you find all four, head back to Pritchard 
Locksley. Give the question coconuts to him. Each coconut should have 
a number on them, thats the question number.

Question 1: What color is Crystal's hair?

Question 2: Where is the old school bus located?
Correct Answer: Urbania

Question 3: Which of these people does NOT belong to a rep group?
-Dusty Hogg

Question 4: Where does the ninja, Heidi Shadows, hang out?
-At the Carnival

You'll get $2,000 for each question right!

For the remainder of the time, you must insult the other contestants 
as much as possible. If you can insult them enough you get $10,000. If 
you can't you'll still complete the mission.

---Back to the Drawing Board--- (BTDB)

Talk to Luthor L. Bigbucks to start this mission. Now talk to Polly 
Nomial and get a relationship of 70 or more then select "Whats up".

Now you should increase your logic to at least 6, if it already isn't 
6 or higher. Once thats done, head to King Tower. Go in and go to the 
elevator. Then go to level 3. Enter the office and go to the top right 
corner of the room. This should open a hole in the office. Go into the 

In the junk just below the cage in the right area of the room is an 
Xizzle Bead. On the table on the left side of the room is the 
blueprints you are looking for. Take both items and then walk up to 
the ladder and press A. You're back in the office again. Leave King 
Tower and give the documents to Luthor L. Bigbucks.

---Interview with a Cajun Vampire--- (IWCV)

To start this mission, talk to Crawdad Clem. Hes in the bayou, which 
you can get to from Gordie's boat or from the route through the 
graveyard and mausoleum. If you take Gordie's boat just keep going 
right untill you enter the Bayou then go up the boat. The graveyard 
route is self explanitory.

Now you need to get 7 mechanical skill points, so do so.

Next you need to find Bayou Boo. Go the the graveyard and enter the 
mausoleum, you'll see him chained up. Talk to him. And then walk over 
to were his chains end and pick the lock to free him.

Now you'll need to find a cure. Talk to Mambo Loa. She'll tell you to 
give him chocolate. So go talk to the guy who looks like hes selling 
fruits in SimQuarter and buy a mixer (if you don't already have one) 
and 3 pieces of chocolate. Mix them together in the mixer. If it 
doesn't work you need more cooking skill points. I needed 10 cooking 
skill points to get it to work, while others have claimed they got it 
to work with as little as 3 cooking skill points.

Well get as many cooking points as neccisary and mix all 3 pieces of 
chocolate. You'll recieve "Giant Chocolate Bunny Mix". Put it in the 
oven. Now you'll get a "Giant Chocolate Bunny". Head back into the 
mausoleum and give Bayou the "Giant Chocolate Bunny".

---Captured!--- (CAP!)

To start this mission, go to the carnival. Walk towards the ninja in 
the top right corner. Suddenly you'll be caught in a cage (the same 
cage you saw early in Daddy Bigbuck's secret lab earlier. Talk to the 
guy beside you Harlan King and get a relationship or 30 or more with 

Now Daddy Bigbucks will come and talk to you. Watch the short scene 
and leave King Tower. Mission complete!

---Atlantis Premiere Party--- (APPT)

If you're sim is a guy, talk to Crystal, if your sim is a girl, talk 
to Maximillian Moore to start this mission. Now talk to Lily Gates. 
You'll need to get a relationship or 70 or more with her AND have a 
popularity of at least 60%! Well just go around talking to people and 
getting you relationship. It'll take a while to do, but you've got no 

Once this is done go back and talk to Lily Gates to get your tickets. 
Now go the thrift shop and head to the clothes rack in the back and 
change to all black. Now go talk to Crystal or Maximillian Moore (
whoever you got the mission from).

Around 5pm-ish head to the cinema. Your rep group leader will be 
waiting there for you. Watch the scene. Now leave the cinema.

---Back in Time--- (BATM)

After you leave the cinema in the previous mission, Harlan King will 
talk to you. This starts of the mission. Now you'll need to find an 
inventor, so talk to Sue Pirnova. Now you need to find 10 Nuclear Fuel 
Rods. You can find these in the Bayou, Moonbase Zeta (buy the green 
meteorite from the computers online, put it in your pocket and use the 
phone booth in SimQuarter to go there) and the graveyard. Check all 3 

Next, you need to find a contractor. Talk to Ewan. He'll ask for
$10,000. So hand it over. Next talk to Guiseepi to find the date that 
Daddy B went back in time. Now go to the garage (bike shop) to recieve 
the time machine.

Go to King Tower and go to the roof (floor 5). Now go to your 
inventory and pick the time machien. Place it on the center of the 
raised platform in the roof. Go to the time machine and select "
December 1st 1870".

Walk up the guy in the blue, thats right its *SPOILERS* a living 
Ephram Earl!. Daddy Bigbucks and Detective Dan will talk you. Watch 
the scene and then Harlan King will talk to you.

Congradulations, you've beaten the main part of the game. Theres still 
2 extra missions to do though. Also, you'll notice a statue of 
yourself to the left of the Rep Group Clubhouse. This is your reward 
for beating the game...

|Mission S     (MSNS)|

--You're My Only Hope!-- (YMOH)

Go to the university. You should see a dumpster right beside it. Check 
inside the dumpster to find the Splicer Island plans.

Now go buy some food. So go in the pizza shop (or anywhere else that 
sells food) and buy a slice of pizza or whatever. Now go to Urbania 
Park and give it to Mokey.

Now go to SimQuarter and go on the dock. Talk to Sharon Faster. She'll 
ask for $500, so give it to her. 

--Land Ho!-- (LAHO)

Go to the dock in SimQuarter at 8AM and go up the boat and press A to 
go to Splicer Island. Go north a bit and you'll see Futo Maki, so talk 
to him. He'll ask for $5,000, so give it to him. Then, give him the 
splicer island plans (Friendly stuff and then give gift and then pick 
the plans).

Then walk up to the gate and pick the lock. If you don't have a 
mechanical skill of 4, go back to Urbania and study at the university 
between 6pm - 9pm.

Now you need to get a relationship of 50 or more with one of the 
monkeys on the island. They re-act positively and negatively to the 

Positive: Play, Scratch, Rubdown, Pull Tail, Hug

Negative: Scold, Pet, Baby Talk, Kiss, Tease

Once you've got a relationship of 50, talk to Futo Maki again. He'll 
then say it takes 10 days to complete the project, so wait 10 in-game 
days and then go back to Splicer Island.

--The Boys are Back in Town-- (BBIT)

--It's Alive-- (ITAL)

--Dog and Dinosaur show?-- (DDIS)

--Winky Weebucks-- (WIWE)

|Mission R     (MSNR)|

--Streeties-- (ST14)

First you need to get a relationship of -50 with Daddy Bigbucks. If 
you've beaten the game he can be found on the Nutria Island. Annoy, 
Insult, etc. He'll tell you to go away eventually. So just come back a 
bit later and continue to insult, annoy, etc. Eventually you'll get
-50 with him.

Now you've got to convince someone to join the streeties. Find Ewan 
and get a relationship of 50 or more with him and then ask him to 

Now head to the jail and play Hoopz and get more body skill if 
neccisary untill you are at level 5 hoopz.

--Nerdies-- (NE19)
--Artistes-- (AR24)
--Richies-- (RI29)

    CCCCC    h                                                 333
   C     C   h                         t                      3   3
  C       C  h                         t                     3    3
 C           h hhh     aaaa   p ppp   tttt   eee    r rr          3
 C           hh   h   a    a  pp   p   t    e   e   rr           33
 C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r          333
 C           h    h      aaa  p     p  t   e     e  r             3
 C           h    h   aaa  a  p     p  t   eeeeeee  r              3
 C           h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e        r              3
  C       C  h    h  a     a  p     p  t   e     e  r        3     3
   C     C   h    h  a    aa  pp   p   t    e   e   r        33   3
    CCCCC    h    h   aaaa a  p ppp    ttt   eee    r          333

|Motives     (MTVS)|

Motives are one of the most important parts of your Sims. Its what 
keeps track of wether you need to eat, sleep whatever. Failure to pay 
attention to these can result in your sim fainting, not being able to 
talk to people or other things.

Note: Throughout my FAQ/Walkthrough I may refer to motives as needs. 
They're the same thing..

Hunger - Just eat food and you'll be fine.

Hygiene - Take a shower or wash your hands

Sleep - Sleep and you'll be fine

Social - Talk to people to re-fill this motive

Comfort - This usually isn't a problem, because it re-fills when you   
        sleep. If it is though, just sit down

Bladder - Use the toilet

Entertainment - Watch TV, jump on a trampoline, etc.

House - Decorate you're house and stay inside it when this motive is   
      low to re-fill it. Also admiring things can increase this.

|House Upgrades     (UPGS)|

You can get the following upgrades for ALL living locations. You start 
with level 1 upgrades. You can directly upgrade to level 3 upgrades 
without getting level 2, in fact thats what I suggest you do, it saves 


Level 1 - Baseboard Heating
          Cost: $0
   Description: Will lower your bills by 0%

Level 2 - Central Heating
          Cost: $600
   Description: Will lower your bills by 20%

Level 3 - Double Pane Windows
          Cost: $2,000
   Description: Will lower your bills by 40%


Level 1 - Mild
          Cost: $0
   Description: Others will feel the vice off your crib 0% more!

Level 2 - Stylin'
          Cost: $750
   Description: Others will feel the vice off your crib 15% more!

Level 3 - Groovy
          Cost: $1,500
   Description: Others will feel the vice off your crib 40% more!

Security System

Level 1 - No Security
          Cost: $0
   Description: This will decrease robbery frequency by 0%

Level 2 - Stylin'
          Cost: $250
   Description: This will decrease robbery frequency by 50%

Level 3 - Groovy
          Cost: $1,500
   Description: This will decrease robbery frequency by 100%

Fire Alarm

Level 1 - No Fire Alarm
          Cost: $0
   Description: Nothing

Level 2 - Stylin'
          Cost: $50
   Description: This will automatically call the Fire Department!

Level 3 - Groovy
          Cost: $500
   Description: This will put out fires as soon as they start!

Suggested order of Upgrades
1. Security System Level 3 ($1,500)
2. Fire Alarm Level 3 ($500)
3. Utilities Level 3 ($2,000)
4. Domo-Mojo Level 3 ($1,500)

Total cost: $5,500

You don't have to follow the suggested list, its just the order that I 
find the most effective. Also, if you change houses, you'll have to 
re-buy all the upgrades, so I'd only recommend getting Security Level 
3 and Fire Alarm Level 3 (Total: $2,000) unless you are planning on 
living in the house for a while.

|Errands     (ERND)|

|Characters     (PPLE)|

This section contains a list of all the characters, which actions they 
reactive positively & negatively with.

**Bayou Boo**

Positive: Joke, Cheer up, Apologize, Entertain, Compliment, Tell Bad 
Pun, Give an Opinion, Talk about Jail, Talk about Work, Talk about 
Home, Talk about Books, Talk about Games, Talk about Music, Talk about 
Aliens, Talk about Sports, Talk about Health,  Talk about Ninjas, Talk 
about Cosmos, Talk about Hygiene, Talk about Hobbies, Talk about 
Sleeping, Talk about Shopping, Talk about the Bayou, Talk about the 
River, Talk about Computers, Talk about Simoleons, Talk about Home 
Decor, Talk about the Carnival, Talk about Construction

Negative: Cry, Brag, Annoy, Tease, Gossip, Insult, Complain, Call 
Name, Intimidate, Rude Gesture, Tell a Secret, Talk about TV, Talk 
about Art, Talk about Cars, Talk about Jobs, Talk about Crime, Talk 
about Movies, Talk about Travel, Talk about Nature, Talk about 
Cooking, Talk about Dancing, Talk about Weather, Talk about the Law, 
Talk about Theatre, Talk about Science, Talk about Exercise, Talk 
about Politics, Talk about the World, Talk about the Market, Talk 
about Rep Groups, Talk about the Museum, Talk about Newspapers, Talk 
about Graveyards, Talk about Miniopolis, Talk about the University, 
Talk about the Coffee Shop, Talk about the Supernatural

Random / Depends on relationship: Hug, Kiss, Flirt

**Berkeley Clodd**



Random / Depends on relationship:

**Busta Cruz**



Random / Depends on relationship:

**Cannonball Coleman**



Random / Depends on relationship:

**Monkey (on splicer island)**

Positive: Play, Scratch, Rubdown, Pull Tail, Hug

Negative: Scold, Pet, Baby Talk, Kiss, Tease

|Rep Groups     (REGR)|

|Mini Games     (MIGA)|

|Xizzles     (XZZE)|

|Places to Live     (PYTL)|

This section contains all the places to live.

Disclaimer: I'm not too great at ASCII drawings, so some of the 
drawings may not be 100% accurate, however they should give you a 
general idea of what the house set up is.

Layout Legend:
H = House Upgrades
S = Stairs
B = Balcony

Small Brownstone
         Down Payment: 150
                 Rent: 175
               Layout:  _____________________________
                       |H           |      |         |
                       |            |      |         |
                       |     -------+--  --+         |
                  exit              _________________|
                       |            |

Majik's Thoughts: Its nice and cheap but VERY small. Good for the 
begining of the game.

Large Brownstone
         Down Payment: 200
                 Rent: 195
               Layout:  _____________________________
            1st Floor  |H           |      |SSSSSSSSS|
                       |            |      |S        |
                       |     -------+--  --+S        |
                  exit               ________________|
                       |            |
            2nd Floor                             SSS|      |
                                                     |      |
                                                     |      |

Majik's Thoughts: Its slightly more than the Small Brownhouse, and 
only slightly bigger. Another good starter for the begining of the 

First Mate's Quarters
            IMPORTANT: You only get the second floor of the ship,      
                       thats all. You also do NOT get the  balcony on  
                       the second floor. Just the inside of floor 2. 
         Down Payment: 1350
                 Rent: 435                    Exit
               Layout: _______________________________
                      |         |        |    |SSS    |
                      |         |        |    |SSS    H
         leads to  <--          |___  ___|_  _|   ____|
          balcony  <--                            SSSS Leads to
                      |___________________________SSSS Floor 3

Majik's Thoughts: The location is GREAT is you like Moogoo Monkey. But 
considering it isn't that big, it is quite expensive. The Townhouse 
has a lower down payment and only a slightly higher rent and is 
significantly bigger. So unless you are a fan of Moogoo Monkey, you're 
better of at the Townhouse.

         Down Payment: 1000
                 Rent: 475
               Layout:  ____________
            1st Floor  |    |SSSS  |
                       |    |SSSS  |
                       |       |   |
                       |            \
                               |     |
                 exit          |     |
                       |             |
                       |            /
                       |__   __|____|
                        __/   \_____
           2nd floor BB|      |SSS  |
                     BB|      |SSS  |
                     BB             |
                     BB _   __|     H\
                     BB|      |       |
                     BB|      |       |
                     BB       |      /
                     BB       |      |
                     BB|_   __|_    _|

Majik's Thoughts: Nice size house for a decent price. However, its not 
the most ideal location.

|Items     (ITMS)|

This is a list of all the items you can find in The Urbz.


Barbecue Grill
          Cost: $375
  What it does: Cooks food
   Description: Sizzle your fish flesh and steer steaks on the heavy-  
              duty Light-My-Fire BBQ. Perfect for park picnickers      
           seeking gourmet tastes in the great outdoors.

Gagmia Simore Expresso
          Cost: $350
  What it does: Makes drinks
   Description: One pull on the ergonomically crafted side lever and   
              this hyper-efficient, automated espresso machine         
        grinds, brews, and servers your espresso all by its            

Smoothie Machine
          Cost: $505
  What it does: Makes Smoothies
   Description: Yes, its expensive. Yes, it requires more than 20      
           fruits to make a single serving. Yes, it' terribly          
       noisy..But our health is worth a little pain and                
 suffering. A smoothie a day keeps the money away!

Vending Machine
          Cost: $1,200
  What it does: Buy snack or drinks from it
   Description: Why walk to the store where prices are high and the    
                selection is modest when you can have the same         
                shopping experience in the comfort of your home?       
                Restocked only when you aren't looking.

Positive Potential Microwave
          Cost: $250
  What it does: Cooks snacks and meals
   Description: Perfect for popcorn and pot-roast alike, the Positive  
                Potential microwave is compact, safe, and easy to use. 
                (Some restrictions apply)

Arctechnology 2-Door Refrigerator
          Cost: $1,650
  What it does: Gets snacks
   Description: Arctechnology knows the value of space and style and   
                their new 2-door refrigerator proves it. More storage  
                space for less room, this unit also features an ice-   
                maker and easy-to-read LED temperature readouts.

Sno-Time Refrigerator
          Cost: $525
  What it does: Gets snacks
   Description: There's no time like Sno-Time! Their newest economy    
             class refrigerator features climate control, two          
       crispers, and ample door space large enough to fit a            
     whole turkey.

Dialectic Range and Stove
          Cost: $440
  What it does: Cook and Bake
   Description: Affordiability and class are typically opposing        
         forces. But the folks at Dialectic have managed to            
     synthesize these qualities in what could easily be                
 called the keenest range in town!

Epicurious Gourmet Stove
          Cost: $1,750
  What it does: Cook and Bake
   Description: For gourment epicureans, regular stoves jsut don't cut 
                the mustard. Now serving Epicurious.. the hottest      
           stove to spice up the home-appliance landscape in           
           nearly a year.

PyroInferno Atom Burner Oven
          Cost: $3,000
  What it does: Bake
   Description: Gourmet standards for domestic spaces. The PyroInferno 
                is perfect for an amateur cook eager to cross home-    
            basil and hit the big thyme. With extra wide gas           

Bovitron Z-36 Cheese Modulator
          Cost: $795
  What it does: Makes Cheese
   Description: The moon may not be made of cheese, but the Bovitron   
              Z-36 Cheese Modulator sure can make it! We don't know    
             how it does it, honestly, but it sure tastes great!       
          Available excusively on Moon Base Zeta.

Snowcone Machine
          Cost: $599
  What it does: Makes Snowcones
   Description: Has the Minipolis summertime swelter got you bummed?   
              Time to bring the snow home with Snowcone, everybody's   
              favourite cold, sweet treat. Now made with real frozen   

Popcorn Maker
          Cost: $400
  What it does: Makes Popcorn
   Description: Engineered by Polo Alto scientists to pop kernals      
                tasty with 99.9 percent accuracy, this Popcorn Popper  
                is the perfect marriage of science and sizzle.

|Recipes     (RCPS)|

In order to mix your own foods, you need a mixer, an oven and the 
ingrediants listed.

Apple Pie - 1 Apple, 1 sugar, 1 flour

Apple Strudel - 1 apple, 1 sugar, 1 nuts

Carmel Apples - 1 apple, 1 sugar, 1 vanilla

Chocolate Cake - 1 flour, 1 sugar, 1 chocolate

Chocolate Decadence - 2 chocolate, 1 flour

Cocoa-apple Cake - 1 chocolate, 1 apple, 1 nuts

Cupcakes - 1 sugar, 1 flour, 1 vanilla

Fudge Brownies - 2 chocolate, 1 nuts

Lemon tart - 1 lemon, 1 sugar, 1 vanilla

Lemon Meringue Pie - 2 sugar, 1 lemon

Low Carb Chocolate Cake - 2 chocolate, 1 sugar

Milk Chocolate Bunny - 3 chocolate

Pecan Pie - 1 Flour, 1 sugar, 1 nuts

Strawberry Shortcake - 1 strawberry, 1 sugar, 1 flour

Sugar Cookies - 2 sugar, 1 flour

Vanilla Swirl Tart - 1 chocolate, 1 sugar, 1 vanilla 

|FAQs     (FAQ0)|

This section contains the answers to many FAQs (Frequently Asked 

Q. I can't find _______

A. If you are looking for a building, check the map. If you tap a 
building on a map, it'll give you the name. Keep on tapping untill you 
find the name of the building you're looking for. If you're looking 
for a person, use any phone and call them. They may tell you were they 

Q. *Spoilers* When Bayou Boo dissappears during mission 4, does he 
ever come back?

A. Yes, in a later mission.

Q. Why can't I buy items from the catalog?

A. You don't buy items from the catalog, you buy them from the stores. 
The catalog is just a list of items.











|Secrets     (SCRT)|

|Glitches     (GLTC)|

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