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FAQ/Walkthrough by Orange_Wave

Version: 3.5 | Updated: 01/31/05

 _________  __   __   ______       ___   ___  _____     _____   _______
/___  ___/ /  / /  / /   ___/     /  /  /  / /     \   /     \ /___   /
   / /    /  /_/  / /   /__      /  /  /  / /      /  /      /    /  /
  / /    /   _   / /   ___/     /   \_/  / /     \   /    ---    /  /
 / /    /  / /  / /   /__       \       / /  / \  \ /       \   /  /___
/_/    /__/ /__/ /______/        \_____/ /__/  |__|/________/  /______/

   _____     __  _  _     _____         _____   __ _______ __   ___
  /   __/   / / / \/ \   /   __/       / ____/ / //__  __//  / /  /
  \__ \_   / / /      \  \__ \_  IN   / /     / /   / /   \_ \/ _/
   __/  \ / / / /\  /\ \  __/  \ THE / /___  / /   / /      /  /
  /_____//_/ /_/  \/  \_\/_____/    /______//_/   /_/      /__/

Nintendo DS
By: Orange_Wave
|                             Contents                                |
|             Name            | Code |           Percentage           |
|1) Introduction              | Int5 |          100% Complete         |
|2) Version Hist.             | Vht6 |              N/A               |
|3) Controls                  | Con4 |          100% Complete         |
|4) Creating a Character      | Cac2 |          100% Complete         |
|5) Characters                | Chr9 |           10% Complete         |
|6) Faq                       | Faq7 |              N/A               |
|7) Motives                   | Mot1 |          100% Complete         |
|8) Walkthrough               | Wtm0 |          100% Complete         |
|               |6.a) Mission 1       | Wtm1 |     100% Complete      |
|               |6.b) Mission 2       | Wtm2 |     100% Complete      |
|               |6.c) Mission 3       | Wtm3 |     100% Complete      |
|               |6.d) Mission 4       | Wtm4 |     100% Complete      |
|               |6.e) Mission 5       | Wtm5 |     100% Complete      |
|               |6.f) Mission S       | Wtm6 |     100% Complete      |
|               |6.g) Rep Mission     | Wtm7 |     100% Complete      |
|9) Money/Games               | Mon4 |           20% Complete         |
|10)Recipes                   | Rec3 |          100% Complete         |
|11)Xizzles                   | Xiz7 |           80% Complete         |
|12)Secrets                   | Scr5 |          100% Complete         |
|13)Tips/Hints/Other          | Tho2 |          100% Complete         |
|14)Glitches                  | Gli5 |          100% Complete         |
|15)Legal info.               | Lgi7 |          100% Complete         |
|16)Contact info.             | Coi2 |          100% Complete         |
|17)Credits                   | Crd8 |               N/A              |

|                            Introduction                       (Int5)|

  Welcome to my Faq/Walkthrough for The Urbz: Sims in the City for DS.
When I first got the sims for DS I was really addicted to it and when I
beat it, I thought, what the hay, why not make a walkthrough so that
others can beat it too. This is my first Faq/Walkthrough so don't
expect it to be really good.

  I have always liked Sims games. I have The Sims, Livin' Large, House
Party and Unleashed for PC. I also have The Sims GC and I beat The
Sims: Bustin' Out for GBA. Just before I got The Urbz: Sims in the
City, I got the new and improved game for the PC: The Sims 2. All these
games are really fun and if you ever have the chance, get these games.

  I've also tried to write guides for other games (Harvest Moon: BTN
and AWL) but in the end, I didn't. If you are looking for a challenging
game, this game may not be what you're looking for. The Urbz: Sims in
the City can be tricky and confusing but if you know what you're doing,
its not hard at all, just lots and lots of waiting (e.g. when you're
waiting for the 10 days in Mission S). But if you enjoy games like
Animal Crossing and/or Harvest Moon(GC), or The Sims for PC, I
recommend this game.

|                             Version History                   (Vht6)|

  First, I'd like you to know how I do my Version History. Each section
I update counts as 0.1. So lets say I updated the characters section,
the walkthrough section and the secrets section. Then I will add 0.3 to
my current version, which we will pretend is 0.5. There for the version
will then be 0.8. If I update three more sections, it will then be 1.1.
Version history does not count as a section.

|Version 0.3 |12.03.04|  I started the Faq/Walkthrough. I |
|---------------------/ typed up the legal information and|
|contact information. I also did the table of contents and|
|introduction.                                            |

|Version 0.8 |12.05.04| I have started and finished       |
|---------------------/ Mission S. I also started         |
|Mission 1. I finished the controls section and started   |
|the Money/Games section and the Characters section.      |

|Version 1.0 |12.07.04| I finished both Missions 1 and 2. |
|---------------------/ I also added another character to |
|the characters section. I won't be updating Bayou Boo's  |
|likes and dislikes for a while now.                      |

|Version 1.6 |12.08.04| I completed another characters    |
|---------------------/ likes and dislikes (Busta Cruz's) |
|and I started on Mission 3. I'm hoping on finishing the  |
|games section soon too. I have added a Recipes Section   |
|and a Motives Section and a Tips/Hints/Others section.   |
|And now there is a section on glitches too.              |

|Version 1.9 |12.11.04| I just finished all of Mission 3. |
|---------------------/ I also did Cannonball Coleman's   |
|part of the characters section. And I put in an Xizzles  |
|section.                                                 |

|Version 2.2 |12.13.04| I just did 50% of Mission 4.      |
|---------------------/ I also added a glitch and some    |
|recipes. I'll be adding some more in the games too.      |

|Version 2.3 |12.27.04| I finished with Mission 4 and I   |
|---------------------/ started with Mission 5. I added   |
|some stuff in Xizzles section too. I won't be working on |
|characters until I finish all the missions including rep.|

|Version 3.0 |12.29.04| I've been getting a lot of emails |
|---------------------/ lately and they have been a lot of|
|help. I've added some people into my credits section. I  |
|have added some beads, a glitch, fixed some spelling     |
|errors and added a question in the FAQ section. I know I |
|said that I won't be working on the characters until I   |
|finish working on the walkthrough but I just added Det.  |
|Dan D. Mann. I have also finished Mission 5.2. I have    |
|also added a new section "Creating a Character".         |

|Version 3.4 |12.30.04| I have worked on the Xizzles      |
|---------------------/ section and the Character section |
|which now has Lottie Cash, Guiseppi, Gamma Hattie, Harlan|
|King, and Daddy Bigbucks which comes to a total of 10.   |
|I've also added the Rep Missions section. I have also    |
|been working on Mission 5.                               |

|Version 3.1 |12.31.04| I have added four more people to  |
|---------------------/ the conversations section (thanks |
|to Emily for that). I have also been working on Mission 5|
|which is finished.                                       |

|Version 3.3 |01.03.05| I am proud to announce that every-|
|---------------------/ thing in the missions section is  |
|finished. I will be working on the money/games section   |
|more now too.                                            |

|Version 3.5 |01.31.05| I just checked some emails. I'm   |
|---------------------/ really sorry for the delay in     |
|updating. I've been busy. I updated the xizzles section. |

|                                Controls                       (Con4)|

Control Pad-     To move your character around/choose options
Start Button-    To pause game
Select Button-   Leads to options
A Button-        Confirm/Talk/Accelerate Motorbike
B Button-        Cancel/Run/Get off Motorbike
Y Button-        Leads to Goals
X Button-        Leads to Pocket
L Button-        Opens/Closes Needs Window
R Button-        Changes Color of Furniture

|                         Creating a Character                  (Cac2)|
Thanks a bunch to Matt Poxson for this information.

  At the beginning, when you first create an Urb, you will be asked to
choose the name of your character. Next you will be asked to choose the
Gender, Skin Tone, Hair Style and Hair Color. According to Matt Poxson,
the gender will determine whether you get the Skater Dude Xizzle (Boys)
or the Sale Siren Xizzle (Girls). I have later confirmed that this is

  Next you get to choose the clothes for your Urb which does nothing to
affect the game.

  Now you have to answer some questions. Each question that you answer
grants you access to a different Xizzle that you can purchase latter on
in the game.

Question 1:
A)	Rep Group: Streeties, Xizzle: Quick as a Flash
B)	Rep Group: Nerdies, Xizzle: Off the Grid
C)	Rep Group: Richies, Xizzle: Genial Behavior
D)	Rep Group: Artsies, Xizzle: Night Owl

Question 2:
A)	Xizzle: Eager Eager Hippo
B)	Xizzle: Inzombiac
C)	Xizzle: Nemesis

Question 3:
A)	Xizzle: Little Piddly Diddle
B)	Xizzle: Sweet Smell
C)	Xizzle: Sell Out

Question 4:
A)	Xizzle: Play it off
B)	Xizzle: Mantis Rapture
C)	Xizzle: All Up Ons

Question 5:
A)	Xizzle: G'd Up
B)	Xizzle: Jibba Jabba
C)	Xizzle: Nerd Level 5

Question 6:
A)	Xizzle: Chillin' Like a Villain
B)	Xizzle: Livin' Large

For more info on Xizzles, check the Xizzles section (Xiz7).
|                               Characters                      (Chr9)|

You will notice the numbers below with the options. I have listed the
names and their number.

So remember:
Y: They like it.
N: They hate it/ They don't care.
<: Need higher relationship/random
Empty space: I don't know (email me if you do, but I will get to it)

Scroll down some more for other characters, as there are 35 of them.
Please note that I have not finished all of them. And if I have false
information, please email me. Also, if you are of the same
 gender, you can not flirt or kiss.

|1|Bayou Boo           |8|Darius
|2|Berkeley Clodd      |9|Det. Dan D. Mann
|3|Busta Cruz          |10|Dusty Hogg
|4|Cannonball Coleman  |11|Daddy Bigbucks
|5|Crawdad Clem        |12|Ephram Earl
|6|Crystal             |13|Ewan Watahmee
|7|Cynthia Braintrust  |14|Futo Maki

          Options          |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|
Cry                        |N|N|N|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Hug                        |<|<|<|<| | | | |<|  |< |
Brag                       |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Kiss                       |<|<|<|<| | | | |<|  |< |
Joke                       |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Flirt                      |<|<|<|<| | | | |<|  |< |
Annoy                      |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Cheer Up                   |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Tease                      |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Gossip                     |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Insult                     |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Complain                   |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Apologize                  |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Entertain                  |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Call Name                  |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Intimidate                 |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Compliment                 |Y|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Rude Gesture               |N|N|Y|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Tell Bad Pun               |Y|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Tell a Secret              |N|N|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about TV              |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about Art             |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about Cars            |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Give an Opinion            |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Jobs            |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Jail            |Y|N|N|N| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Work            |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Home            |Y|N|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Books           |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Crime           |N|Y|N|N| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Games           |Y|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Music           |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about Aliens          |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Sports          |Y|N|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Health          |Y|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Ninjas          |Y|N|N|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Movies          |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Travel          |N|Y|Y|N| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Cosmos          |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Nature          |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Hygiene         |Y|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Cooking         |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Dancing         |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Weather         |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about Hobbies         |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about the Law         |N|Y|N|N| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Theatre         |N|N|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Science         |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Sleeping        |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Exercise        |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Shopping        |Y|Y|N|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about Politics        |N|Y|N|N| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about the Bayou       |Y|Y|Y|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about the River       |Y|N|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Computers       |Y|Y|N|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about Simoleons       |Y|Y|Y|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about the World       |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about the Market      |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about Rep Groups      |N|N|N|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about the Museum      |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about the Lounge      |N|Y|N|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about Home Décor      |Y|Y|Y|N| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Newspapers      |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about Graveyards      |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Miniopolis      |N|Y|Y|N| | | | |Y|  |Y |
Talk about the Carnival    |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |N |
Talk about Construction    |Y|N|N|N| | | | |N|  |Y |
Talk about the University  |N|N|Y|N| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about the Coffee Shop |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|  |N |
Talk about the Supernatural|Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|  |Y |

|1|Gary Geezer          |8|Lincoln Broadsheet
|2|Guiseppi Mezzoalto   |9|Lottie Cash
|3|Gramma Hattie        |10|Luthor L. Bigbucks
|4|Harlan King          |11|Mambo Loa
|5|Jack I. Deal         |12|Maximillian Moore
|6|Kris Thistle         |13|Misty Waters
|7|Lily Gates           |14|Dr.Mauricio Keyes

          Options          |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|
Cry                        |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|N |
Hug                        |<|<|<|<| | | | |<|< |
Brag                       |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |N|Y |
Kiss                       |<|<|<|<| | | | |<|< |
Joke                       |Y|N|N|Y| | | | |Y|N |
Flirt                      |<|<|<|<| | | | |<|< |
Annoy                      |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|N |
Cheer Up                   |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|Y |
Tease                      |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |N|N |
Gossip                     |Y|Y|N|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Insult                     |Y|Y|N|N| | | | |N|N |
Complain                   |N|N|Y|N| | | | |N|N |
Apologize                  |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|N |
Entertain                  |Y|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Call Name                  |N|Y|N|N| | | | |N|N |
Intimidate                 |N|Y|N|N| | | | |N|N |
Compliment                 |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Rude Gesture               |N|Y|N|N| | | | |N|N |
Tell Bad Pun               |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Tell a Secret              |Y|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about TV              |N|Y|N|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Art             |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|N |
Talk about Cars            |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |N|Y |
Give an Opinion            |Y|Y|Y|N| | | | |Y|N |
Talk about Jobs            |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Jail            |N|N|N|Y| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Work            |Y|Y|Y|N| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Home            |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Books           |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|N |
Talk about Crime           |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Games           |N|Y|N|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Music           |N|Y|Y|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Aliens          |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Sports          |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Health          |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Ninjas          |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Movies          |N|Y|Y|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Travel          |N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|N |
Talk about Cosmos          |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Nature          |Y|N|Y|N| | | | |N|Y |
Talk about Hygiene         |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Cooking         |Y|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Dancing         |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Weather         |Y|N|Y|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Hobbies         |N|N|Y|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about the Law         |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|Y |
Talk about Theatre         |N|N|N|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Science         |N|Y|N|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Sleeping        |Y|N|Y|N| | | | |Y|N |
Talk about Exercise        |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Shopping        |Y|Y|N|N| | | | |N|Y |
Talk about Politics        |N|N|Y|N| | | | |N|Y |
Talk about the Bayou       |Y|N|Y|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about the River       |N|N|N|N| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Computers       |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |N|Y |
Talk about Simoleons       |N|Y|N|N| | | | |N|Y |
Talk about the World       |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|Y |
Talk about the Market      |N|N|Y|Y| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Rep Groups      |N|N|N|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about the Museum      |Y|N|N|N| | | | |N|N |
Talk about the Lounge      |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Home Décor      |N|Y|Y|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Newspapers      |Y|N|N|Y| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Graveyards      |N|Y|Y|N| | | | |N|N |
Talk about Miniopolis      |Y|Y|N|N| | | | |N|Y |
Talk about the Carnival    |Y|N|N|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about Construction    |N|Y|N|Y| | | | |Y|N |
Talk about the University  |Y|N|Y|Y| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about the Coffee Shop |N|N|Y|N| | | | |Y|Y |
Talk about the Supernatural|N|Y|Y|Y| | | | |Y|N |

|1|Olde Salty            |5|Roxanna Moxie
|2|Phoebe Twiddle        |6|Sharona Faster
|3|Polly Nomial          |7|Sue Pirnova
|4|Pritchard Locksley    |8|Theresa Bullhorn

          Options          |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|-|--|--|--|--|--|
Cry                        | |Y| | |N| | |N|
Hug                        | |<| | |<| | |<|
Brag                       | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Kiss                       | |<| | |<| | |<|
Joke                       | |Y| | |N| | |N|
Flirt                      | |<| | |<| | |<|
Annoy                      | |N| | |N| | |N|
Cheer Up                   | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Tease                      | |N| | |N| | |N|
Gossip                     | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Insult                     | |N| | |Y| | |N|
Complain                   | |N| | |N| | |N|
Apologize                  | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Entertain                  | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Call Name                  | |N| | |N| | |N|
Intimidate                 | |N| | |N| | |N|
Compliment                 | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Rude Gesture               | |Y| | |N| | |N|
Tell Bad Pun               | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Tell a Secret              | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about TV              | |N| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Art             | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Cars            | |N| | |N| | |N|
Give an Opinion            | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about Jobs            | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Jail            | |N| | |N| | |N|
Talk about Work            | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Home            | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Books           | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about Crime           | |N| | |N| | |N|
Talk about Games           | |N| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Music           | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Aliens          | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Sports          | |N| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Health          | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Ninjas          | |N| | |N| | |N|
Talk about Movies          | |N| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Travel          | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Cosmos          | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Nature          | |Y| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Hygiene         | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about Cooking         | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Dancing         | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Weather         | |N| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about Hobbies         | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about the Law         | |N| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Theatre         | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Science         | |N| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Sleeping        | |N| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about Exercise        | |N| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Shopping        | |Y| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Politics        | |N| | |N| | |N|
Talk about the Bayou       | |N| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about the River       | |Y| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Computers       | |N| | |N| | |N|
Talk about Simoleons       | |Y| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about the World       | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about the Market      | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Rep Groups      | |N| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about the Museum      | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about the Lounge      | |N| | |N| | |N|
Talk about Home Décor      | |N| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Newspapers      | |Y| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Graveyards      | |N| | |Y| | |N|
Talk about Miniopolis      | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about the Carnival    | |Y| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about Construction    | |N| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about the University  | |N| | |Y| | |Y|
Talk about the Coffee Shop | |Y| | |N| | |Y|
Talk about the Supernatural| |Y| | |N| | |N|

If you get an Xizzle called Jibba Jabba, all the characters will like
it, except Daddy Bigbucks of all I know of.

More coming soon... This will take a really long time to complete so
please be patient.

|                                  Faq                          (Faq7)|

Q: How do I buy stuff out of the catalog?
A: You can't buy anything out of the catalog. You can only buy from the
stores or with a computer.

Q: I didn't get the cut scene after I got the flag for the Splicer
island mission. What do I do?
A: I am not quite sure about this but I think you need to beat all 5
missions before you will get the cut scene.

Q: Is there a live mode?
A: Well, you can do what ever you want after you beat the game, but
otherwise no.

Q: How do you get someone to move in with you?
A: Get a really high relationship. Only certain people can move in with
you. Dusty Hogg, Ewan Watahmee, Misty Waters, Sue Pirnova, Cannonball
Coleman, Kris Thistle and Phoebe Twiddle can move in with you.

Q: Can you build a house?
A: No, but you can buy furniture and furnish your house.

Q: I'm getting really tired of being robbed, what can I do about it?
A: There's a machine in every house where you can buy a security
system. Just look against the walls.

Q: Can you have pets?
A: Yes, you must complete Mission S first though.

Q: At the beginning of the game, I sold all the trash for money. Now I
need them for the Artistes Rep Mission and I can't find any. Where are
A: I'm afraid that's a mistake almost everyone went through. You have
to restart the whole game.

Q: I want some beads, how do you get them?
A: Get a relationship of 75 to get 1 bead. You can only get 1 per

Q: What are beads for?
A: After you beat mission 2.5, you can go to club Xizzle and exchange
them for like slowing down your sleepiness etc.

Q: After you beat the game, I heard that you can still use the Time
Machine. What places can you go to?
A: November 29, 1984 – It's a really bad graphical place that looks a
bit like the Game Boy Color.
   December 31, 1870 - This place doesn't really have anything.
   1,000,000 B.C     - You'll see some dinosaurs, get scared and leave.
   December 2, 2003  - If you ever played The Sims: Bustin' Out, for
GBA, well, this is the place.
   3978 A.D          - You'll see an ape, get scared and run away.
|                               Motives                         (Mot1)|

Motives are very important in the Sims. If you do not watch your
motives, you will faint and end up in the hospital. There is a way to
reduce how fast your motives drop. This way requires beads. You can buy
Xizzles which will slow down your motives. I have a list of all the

  Food is very important. If you don't fill up this need, you will
faint. To fill up this need, you can buy food from the various shops,
or you can buy a fridge or a vending machine. There are also vending
machines in different places like the Hospital.

  You should buy a shower for this. You won't faint for this but you
can't talk to people.

  Buy a bed to gain energy. The double beds are best. If you are
starting out and don't have enough money, use the bed at the hospital.

  There are lots of people around, just talk to them for a while and
get your social up.

  Most of the time you don't need this. Seeing as when you sleep, your
comfort goes up too. But there are chairs, couches etc. so use them.

  But a toilette, or find a place with a toilette. There's one in the
pizza place and crab shack.

  The best place to go for this is the trampoline near the Hoopz game.
You gain fun really fast too!

  Just decorate your house well and you won't have problems with this

|                              Walkthrough                      (Wtm0)|

Because so many people are already on Mission S, I thought I'd do that
first seeing as there are no walkthroughs on it yet. But now that I am
finished it, I can start on Missions 1-5.

When you start the game, you can choose what your character looks like.
You can make it a boy or a girl. You can choose the hair color, the
color of the clothes etc. After you will be asked some questions which
will determine your rep group.

QUEST AND TALK TO THAT PERSON. (There is none for Mission 1 though).

|Mission 1/                                                      (Wtm1)

1.1 – Slave to the Grind

  -Play "Squeegee Clean"
When you first play, you will meet Kris Thistle. After, go to the large
simoleon sign and play Squeegee Clean. In this game you need to clean
the bird poop. If you get hit by the poop, go left or right and touh
the bucket to get a new squeegee. Then clean the poop again by pressing
A. After you finish, Kris will talk to you again and tell you that
you're fired.

  -Befriend Kris Thistle (Relationship 30)
Talk to Kris until your relationship is 30 or more.

  -Give Kris Your Squeegee and Bucket
Talk to her again and click on Friendly Stuff, then Give a Gift. Give
her the Squeegee and Bucket. Then when you talk to her, choose 'what's


1.2 – Get cleaned up

  -Take a Shower
Go to the elevator and go up to the pent house. You will see a shower
there, so take a shower.

  -Take a Nap
Go to the couch in the same room and sleep.

  -Eat something from the vending machine
Go to the Lobby and you will see a vending machine, so start eating.
Now talk to Kris again. You may have to find her.


1.3 – Help Kris Thistle

  -Move the Bed to the Suite
Go to the elevator and go to the Law Offices. You will see a bed there.
Put it in your pocket. Now bring it up to the pent house and put if

  -Repair the Television
Go back to the Law Offices and fix the TV there. Harlan King, your old
boss, will then show up. Well, not really, it's only an artificially
intelligent prerecorded message of him.

  -Repair TWO Drinking Fountains
You can find one on the same floor your on now, which is more to the
right elevator. The other one is in Water's Gym near the left elevator.
Now you need to talk to Kris Thistle.


1.4 – Get the Key

  -Earn One Mechanical Skill Point
Go to the Law Offices and check the shelf near the TV. You can start
studying there.

  -Pick the Lock to Lily Gates' Office
On the same floor go right a bit and pick the lock on the door.

  -Find the Key
Check the desk and you will find the key. But wait, you got caught!
Daddy Bigbucks and Lily Gates will come walking in and talk to you. And
now you're in jail, goodie! Talk to Det. Dan D. Mann now.


1.5 – Get out of Jail

  -Befriend Detective Dan (Rel 30)
Talk to Det. Dan until your relationship is 30 or more.

  -Answer Detective Dan's Questions
If you answer the questions wrong, you will have to do them all over
When he asks if your ready say 'Yes'.
Then next question doesn't matter what you say.
For the next one, choose 'The janitor told me I could stay!'
Then choose 'Real food! I was tired of eating junk.'
Now choose 'No. He is finding legal ways to make people miserable.'
The next one doesn't matter what you choose.


1.6 – Find a Place to Live

  -Play the Hoopz Minigame
Leave the jail cell and go left. Then head up the stairs and play the
Hoopz Minigame. To play, press A when the hoop is in the middle and
again when the ball is in the middle. It's okay if it's not exactly in
the middle. If you get 3 balls in, you will get a simoleon ball which
will double your points.

I'd like you to know this. If you want to fully complete the game, pick
up as much trash as you can. DO NOT SELL THEM! In the rep missions, if
you want to complete the Artistes Rep Mission, you need 100 Trash which
you can not get later in the game. If you don't know what an Artistes
Rep Mission is, then just save the Trash you get anyway.

And from here on, save before any mission. There have been some
problems with games so save. If one of the quests doesn't work, you can
just restart that mission. If you didn't save or you saved after that
quest, you're going to have to start the WHOLE GAME all over again.

  -Earn $150 for Rent and Taxes
By playing Hoopz, you should get enough money.

  -Buy a House
There are only two houses you can buy for now; Small Brownstone and
Large Brownstone. I bought Large Brownstone. You may find some days
where you don't have enough money to pay for the house. Don't worry; I
had a bill of 11,000 dollars. Then, later on, I got promotions from
hoopz, and I could pay all my bills. Right now, you may find that you
can only buy small Brownstone. Well if you just wait till the next day
when you can play Hoopz again, you can buy large brownstone, like I
did. Just so you know... you can use the toilet, shower, etc. in the
jail still. So if you want to save a lot of money before you buy a
house, the jail is there for you (sounds odd eh?). Not talk to Det. Dan
D. Mann

|Mission 2/                                                      (Wtm2)

2.1 – Work Study
    - Sue Pirnova

  -Befriend Maximillian Moore (Rel 30)
Go find him and talk to him till he is in a relationship of 30 or more.

  -Give the Artemisia Plant to Max
Go to the dumpster that is farther to the right (NOT the one near the
university) and you will see a plant you can pick up. Take it and bring
it to Max.

  -Write a Doctoral Thesis
DO NOT buy the Doctoral Thesis off of Berkeley Clodd. Max won't accept
it and it cost 500 simoleons. Instead go to Miniopolis Chroncicle and
go to the computer. Choose the 'Do Research' option. When you get a
skill point try choosing the Write Thesis option. If it doesn't work,
research again.


2.2 – Gotta Finish the Riff
    - Phoebe Twiddle.

  -Befriend "Cannonball" Coleman (Rel 30)
Go find Cannonball Coleman and talk to him till your relationship is 30
or more.

  -Give a Saxophone Reed to "Cannonball" Coleman
Go to the thrift store and buy a reed. It should be there and it's only
50 simoleons.

  -Earn Creativity 1
Go to one of the dumpsters and select "Critique Graffiti".

  -Finish "Cannonball's" Song
Go talk to Cannonball Coleman.
When you help him with the song...
"...up to old tricks?"
"...so right?"
"...and chill as a lake?"
"...saxophone reed?"


2.3 – Race for Glory
    - Talk to Dusty Hogg

  -Give Dusty $500 for Renovations
Keep playing Hoopz until you get 500 simoleons. Then find Dusty Hogg
and give it to him.

  -Talk to Ewan Watahmee
Go find him and talk to him.

  -Bring Ewan Lunch for 3 Days (12-1 PM)
Go to the Pizza place between the two houses and buy 3 pieces of food.
Go to the garage down the pathway from the thrift store between 12-1PM
and give it to Ewan. It doesn't have to be 3 days in a row. Just any 3
days. After talk to Dusty Hogg.


2.4 – Salesmanship
    - Talk to Berkeley Clodd

  -Attend an Auction between 5PM and 7PM
Go to the thrift store and attend the auction.

  -Acquire the Shrunken Head
Bring as much money as you can to win the shrunken head.

  -Give the Shrunken Head to Berkeley
Find Berkeley, and talk to him. Click on Friendly Stuff, Give a Gift
and then give him the Shrunken Head.


2.5 – Club Xizzle
    - Talk to Lottie Cash

  -Take Crystal out on the Town
Go find Crystal and talk to her. She says you have 24 hours to take her
out around the town but you can finish it before 24 hours. First go to
the pizza place between the two houses you can buy. You finished the
first goal. Now talk to Crystal.

  -Get a Bite to Eat
Go to the guy in the corner and buy a piece of pizza and give it to

  -Play a game
Go over to the dance pad and play the game. Talk to Crystal.

  -Go Shopping
Exit the pizza place and go down to the thrift shop. Now talk to her

  -Buy Crystal a Gift
Go to the guy on a blanket near the two houses you can buy. Buy what
ever you want and give it to Crystal. Now you'll see a door appear.
That's club Xizzle. To enter, the secret password is BUCKET which you
can find by reading the board in Miniopolis Chronicle.


2.6 – Road to the Sim Quarter
    - Gramma Hattie

  -Make 3 Friends
Choose anyone you want and talk to them until your relationship is 50
or more.

  -Raise $500 for the Cause
Play the games, for money and then talk to Gramma Hattie.

  -Earn 2 Promotions in LOCAL jobs
Play the only 3 available games, get skill points and earn 2

Congratulations! You've cleared the way to Sim Quarter.

|Mission 3/                                                      (Wtm3)

3.1 – Mission for the Mann
    - Det. Dan D. Mann

  -Play Moogoo Monkey
Go to the dock in Sim Quarter and onto the boat. Wait until its past 4
and play Moogoo Monkey.

  -Follow the Directions on the Bulletin Board
Go to Miniopolis Chronicle. Check the bulletin board and it should have
a letter telling you to search the shrubbery near the Museum. So head
over to the museum and check the bushes in the corner where there is
that tall plant. You will find a slip of paper. Now you are stalled
until you finish 3.3 first. The reason is you need to go to the grave
yard and get another piece of paper but you can't do that until you
beat it. Unless you didn't talk to Gramma Hattie yet then you are not
stalled. So now, head over to the grave yard and get the other piece of
paper. It's behind a tombstone. No go talk to Berkeley Clodd. You will
then get a Briefcase.

  -Give the "Mysterious Briefcase" to Det. Dan
Go find Det. Dan D. Mann and give him the briefcase.

  -Give the "Rigged Briefcase" to Giuseppi
Go find Giuseppi and give the Briefcase to him.


3.2 – Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle Factory
    - Lily Gates

  - Earn Creativity 5
Go to the university between 10am – 1pm to get creativity points. Or
you can buy a guitar and play that.

  -Convince Ewan to Fix the Factory (Rel 50)
Go find Ewan and talk to him till your relationship with him is 50 or
more. Then choose 'Whats up?'

  -Challenge and Beat Dusty Hogg (6-7 PM)
Go to the Garage and talk to Dusty Hogg. Then, in between 6-7 PM, play
the game. If you can't beat him, buy some parts. If the game doesn't
work, exit the garage and enter again. Once you beat him, you get a
motorcycle. (To beat him easier, by the high chassis and the strongest

  -Convince Polly to Help at the Factory (Rel 50)
Find Polly and talk to her.


3.3 – None Shall Pass
    - Gramma Hattie

  -Earn Body 5 OR Charisma 5
Go to the Jail and use the Weight set to get Body 5 or go to the Thrift
shop and use the mirror to get Charisma.

  -Meet at the Cemetery between 11PM and 12PM
Go to the cemetery and talk to Gramma Hattie. She will want you to
guard the cemetery.

  -Guard the Cemetery for 4 Hours
The first person to arrive is Daddy Bigbucks. You can say what ever you
want to him and he'll leave. Then Darius comes. After you tell him that
he is not aloud in (before that you can say anything) say the

"I'm so strong I can deflect sunlight with my breath"
"And I'm so tough people call me "[Rep Name Here}" (Second option)
"And I'm so crazy Detective Dan kicked me out of jail!"

I have also been told (from Lewy) that you may come across Lily gates
instead of Darius:

Whatever you like
Whatever you want
"...one time jobs"
"...owned publicly by the dead"
"...new uniform, new style"


3.4 – Get on the "List"
    - Cannonball Coleman

  -Earn REP 2 with your Group
Go find any two people in your group and talk to them until you get a
rep point (usually over 50).

  -Take Tickets: 2 – 5 AM (Club Zydeco)
Go to Club Zydeco at 2-5 AM and don't let any Richies in. The first
person to come is Roxanna Moxie, let her in. Next is Lottie Cash, don't
let her in. Maximillian Moore will come next, let him in. Now Crystal
will come, let her in. Let Sue Pirnova in too. Don't let Luthor L.
Bigbucks in.


3.5 – High Society
    - Luther L. Bigbucks

  -Find a Curator
Go talk to Cannonball Coleman and he will tell you that Roxie has a
friend who can help. So now go find Roxie.

  -Purchase one Museum Exhibit
Go to the Museum and buy an Exhibit.

  -Give $300 to Roxie for Travel Expenses
Get the money and give it to Roxie.

Now talk to Luthor L. Bigbucks.


3.6 – The Ballad of Pepper Pete
    - Mambo Loa

  -Find a Sailors Coat
Go to the Thrift store and look on the coat rack to the right.

  -Find a Fake Beard
Talk to Pritchard Locksley and buy a Beard. The only one you can buy is
the White Beard.

  -Find a Sailor's Cap
Go to the Café Z-Bach and look on the internet. Start shopping on line
and buy the Sailor's Cap.

  -Give Costume Items to Mambo Loa
Go find Mambo Loa and talk to her. She will then make you the costume.

  -Talk to Olde Salty
Go find him on the Riverboat and talk to him. Make sure you're dressed
up as Pepper Pete. Daddy Bigbucks will get angry at you and throw you
off into the water. Now you'll meet Crawdad Clem.

|Mission 4/                                                      (Wtm4)

4.1 – The Greatest Fear
    - Crawdad Clem

  - Prove to Clem You Aren't a Vampire (Rel 30)
After you are found lying on the ground Crawdad Clem will talk to you.
After he asks you what you eat, choose the following:
"Garlic ice cream"
"Sun bathe on the beach"
"A Gnat"
The rest doesn't matter. If you did not choose the following, you will
have to do this quest the hard way. Talk to Crawdad Clem until your
relationship is 30 or more.

  -Find the "Dark Tree"
Leave right, then continue until you see a plant monster. If you get
caught, keep pressing B until it lets go. Continue past it and then
down, now continue walking right. When you see some large stumps, you
are in the right place. Now head up. If you walk forward, you will run
into a giant Daddy B.

  -Find a Light
By now, you are probably really tired. So head back left. So go back
down to the stump and cross the bridge, then do down and to the left.
And cross the bridge, but don't cross the bridge beside it. Instead
head up. You will see a plant monster. Get caught by it and press B
until it is stuck and grab the yellow glowing stick. Now cross the
bridge to the left. Walk all the way to the left side. Now you are back
at the house. You can sleep there, go to the bath room, and the shower
is kind of hidden. It's the small gray stick under the stairs. If your
looking for food, you to the left side of the house (outside) and there
will be a grill.

  -Capture the Albino Alligator
When you're ready, leave the house and head back to the Dark Tree. Now
when you walk in, you won't faint because you have the glow stick. Then
you will find the Albino Alligator. Now talk to Bayou Boo.


4.2 – Fiddle with the Red Man
    - Bayou Boo

  -Meet at the Hickory Stump at Midnight
At 12:00 Am, go to the large stump.

  -Fiddle the Red Man
You will see a guy sitting on the stump, talk to him to start the game.
Now talk to Crawdad Clem.


4.3 - Bye Bye Bayou
    - Crawdad Clem

  -Convince Clem to Show You Out
Give the Antique Locket to Crawdad Clem.

  -Meet Boo at the Mausoleum Entrance
Go back to the stump and then head down. Now go left and you will be at
the Mausoleum Entrance.
  -Traverse the Mausoleum
Walk through the Mausoleum and Boo will get caught when walking by the
clock. Continue and exit the Mausoleum. Now talk to Gramma Hattie. Now
you get to go to Glasstown. Now start running (you need to press B).
After running a bit, you will get caught and put into jail. Now talk to
Det. Dan D. Mann. Now running is illegal!


4.4 – Running from the Law
    - Det. Dan D. Mann

  -Find Someone to Write a Letter
Talk to Gramma Hattie, she will write the letter.

  -Find a Messenger to Paradise Island
Go to the University and talk to the guy in the top left corner that is
always sleeping. He will deliver the message. His name is Gordie Puck.
Now you need to prove that you're popular so he will deliver the

  -Gain Popularity of 30
Talk to lots of people and get them to have a relation of 75 or more
(so you can also get xizzles). Or you can get EVERY except 3-4 people
to have a relation of 30 and you will get a popularity of 30. Now go
back and talk to Gordie.

  -Find a Map to Paradise Island
Go to the Riverboat and go to the very top and you will find the map

  -Bring the Map to Gordie
Go talk to Gordie and give him the map. Now talk to Det. Dan D. Mann.
Not you can run, and you get the Fan boat if you go down the stairs
beside the apartment.


4.5 – Carnivale!
    - Roxanna Moxie

  -Capture the Dancing Nutria
Use the fan boat you get from Det. Dan D. Mann to get the Nutria. So
head to the apartment and down the stairs and got onto the fan boat.
Now go down a bit and follow the path until it turns right. You should
see some rope with a cut in it. That leads to the deck near the
riverboat. Ignore that and continue right until you get to the next
screen. Now you will see an island with animals popping out. Pick the
one that's dancing and put it in your pocket.

  -Give the Dancing Nutria to Roxie
Go find her and give her the Nutria.

  -Give $5000 to Roxie Moxie
Get the money from playing games or whatever and then give it to her.

  -Find a Tightrope Walker
Go find Misty Waters and talk to her. She needs a date so...

  -Find Misty Waters a Date
Go talk to Luthor L. Bigbucks. Now got back and talk to Misty. Now you
need to talk to Roxie, so go find her (usually at the carnival) and you
will be finished with this quest.


4.6 – The Bigbucks Players
    - Theresa Bullhorn

  -Gain Popularity 40
Talk to as many people as you can and get them to have a relationship
above 40. Or, if you want to talk to less people, get as many as you
can around relation 100.

  -Convince Dusty Hogg to Perform (Rel 50)
Go find Dusty Hogg and talk to him until you get a relationship of
about 50 or over.

  -Convince Sue Pirnova to Perform (Rel 50)
Go find Sue Pirnova and talk to her until you get a relationship of
about 50 or over.

  -Decorate the Stage
This is pretty easy. You can paint your own picture buy going to the
guy in Sim Quarter and you can also buy some cheap stuff like plants to
put on the stage. The funny thing is that if you put a picture up,
you'll be covering the screen.

  -Attend the Play
Head to the theatre about around 5pm and attend the play. When it is
over, talk to Theresa Bullhorn.

|Mission 5/                                                      (Wtm5)

5.1 – Reality Show
    - Your Rep Group Leader

Richies- Luthor L. Bigbucks
Streeties- Darius
Nerdies- Polly Nomial
Artsies- Roxanna Moxie

  -Travel to Paradise Island
Head towards your fan boat and travel as far up as you can. If you end
up at the Twins Bayou Shack, head back down a bit and then left some
more and then back up. Then, you should be somewhere with blue water.
Head up, if you end up where there is a lady selling furniture, well
leave that island and head up some more. Now talk to Pritchard

  -Play the Trivia Contest
Go find four palm trees and press A to find a question coconut. Now
talk to Pritchard Locksley again. Now give him the coconuts to be asked
a question. Each question you get right gives you 2000 simoleons.

Question 1: What color is Crystal's hair?
Answers: Blue, Red or Green
Correct Answer: Red

Question 2: Where is the old school bus located?
Answers: Urbania, Glasstown or Sim Quarter
Correct Answer: Urbania

Question 3: Which of these people does NOT belong to a rep group?
Answers: "Cannonball" Coleman, Lincoln Broadsheet or Dusty Hogg
Correct Answer: Dusty Hogg

Question 4: Where does the ninja, Heidi Shadows, hang out?
Answers: On the Basketball court, At the Carnival, On Salty's Riverboat
Correct Answer: At the Carnival

  -Insult the Other Contestants
So try to insult them as much you can. If you don't insult them, you
lose the contest.


5.2 – Back to the Drawing Board
    - Luthor L. Bigbucks

  -Convince Polly to Talk (Rel 70)
Go find Polly and talk to her until your relationship is 70 or above.
She will tell you that you need to enter the lab between 3AM and 4AM.

  -Find the Secret Lab
First get Logic of 6. Then head to King's tower between 3AM to 4AM,
then go to the Executive Office. Head to the top corner and you will
find that the bookshelf has a switch. Head down the hole in the ground.

  -Find the Correct Document (Logic 6)
Look to the left and you will see a table. Press A there to find the
Correct Document. But you need Logic of 6 first, so if you listened to
me earlier and got it before you went down, you will not have any
problems. If you didn't, exit and get logic of 6 and then come back the
next day in-between 3AM to 4AM.

  -Return the Blueprints to Luthor
Go find Luthor and give him the blueprints.


5.3 – Interview with a Cajun Vampire
    - Crawdad Clem

  -Find Bayou Boo
Head through the Mausoleum, where you lost saw Boo getting caught
behind the clock thing. Boo should be there.

  -Free Bayou Boo (Mechanical 7)
Head to the University and learn some mechanics.

  -Find a Cure for Vampirism
Go talk to Mambo Loa. She will explain that you need to mix up

  -Feed Boo Chocolate
Buy a mixer, from the guy in Sim Quarter, an oven and three pieces of
chocolate. No head of and use the mixer. Mix three pieces of chocolate
together. If that doesn't work, you need to get more cooking skill
points. Now put your new Giant Chocolate Bunny Mix into the oven. If it
doesn't work, you need more cooking skill. Now you have a Giant
Chocolate Bunny. Now head back to where Boo is. Check at the very end,
there is a lock. Choose pick a lock. Now head over to Boo and give him
the chocolate.


5.4 – Captured!
    - Ninja (She will be at the Carnival at anytime)

  -Befriend Harlan King (Rel 30)
Talk to him until your relationship with him is 30 or above. You will
then go through a cut scene.

  -Escape the Cell
Just leave the place, simple as that.


5.5 – Atlantis Premiere Party
    - Crystal or Maximillian Moore (Go to the one opposite your gender)

  -Find a Premiere Ticket
Go talk to Lily Gates. She has the tickets. After you talk to her, this
quest won't check off until you do the next quest.

  -Impress Lily (Rel 70 and Pop 60)
Talk to Lily until you get a relationship of 70 or more. Then go around
talking to everyone and make them have a relationship of 60 or more or
some more people with 100. This is the last time you need to raise your
popularity. Now go back and talk to Lily again to get the tickets.

  -Dress in all Black
Head to the thrift shop and go to the clothes rack near the bottom
right corner and change your clothes to black. Now go talk to whoever
got you this mission (Crystal or Maximillian).

  -Attend the Premiere
Around 5PM, head to the theatre. Someone will be waiting for you there
so enter the theatre. Soon, Daddy Bigbucks will show up and talk to
you. After he explains that he created a time machine, he will leave.
Now leave the theatre.


5.6 – Back in Time
    - Harlan King

  -Find an Inventor
Automatically when you leave the Premiere, Harlan King will talk to you
and then you will get the last quest. So now, go find Sue Pirnova. She
needs 10 nuclear power rods and a person to help her.

  -Give Sue 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods
Head to the bayou, there are plenty of rods there. You may have to stay
a couple of days at the bayou to get enough but you should find 10 or
more. Now go fine Sue and give her the rods.

  -Find a Contractor
Talk to Ewan Watahmee. He will help Sue build the time machine but,
sadly, you have to pay him 10,000 simoleons. Now head down to the
garage in Urbania. Sue will talk to you and tell you that you need to
know the date in which Daddy Bigbucks traveled back in time. Go fine
Giusseppi Mezzoalto and he will tell you when Daddy B. Traveled back in

  -Use the Time Machine from the Highest Point
Head to King Tower and use the elevator to the roof. Go to the middle
and put the Time Machine down. Press A on the Time Machine and choose
December 31, 1870. Walk right and talk to Ewan, he's not a ghost
though. After your talk with him, you will automatically head back to
the time machine. When you're back, Daddy Bigbucks will talk to you.
Soon, Det. Dan will come and then later, everyone will be standing
outside. And then you'll see Daddy Bigbucks with the Nutria's.

Congratulations, you have beaten the game. And you get a statue of your
self too.
|Mission S/                                                      (Wtm6)

S.1 - You're my Only Hope

  -Find the Plans to Splicer Isle
Go to the dumpster in Urbania (Check both, the one beside the club
Xizzle or the University). It is random, as I played the game two times
and it was in a different spot. Search it to find the Plans. It's a
blue print. You may have come across this near the begging of the game
so if you don't have it, check your pocket.

  -Uncover the Details of Splicer Isle
Go talk to Mokey. He is the one that's always in Urbania Park. Give him
some food. It doesn't matter what kind, you can get him pizza or what

  - Talk to Sharona Faster
Sharona is always at the dock in Sim Quarter. Talk to her.

  -Give Sharona $500 for the Water Taxi
Talk to Sharona again and give her the money. If you don't have enough
go play some hoopz or a game you're really good at.


S.2 – Land Ho!

  -Give the Plans to Futo Maki
Enter the Water Taxi and it will automatically take you to the Isle.
Talk to Futo Maki, the only guy there with a ! on his head. Click on
Friendly Stuff and then Give a Gift. Give Futo Maki the plans.

  -Pick the Lock on the Gate (Mechanical 4)
If you don't have Mechanical 4, head towards the University in Urbania
between 6pm – 9pm to study Mechanical. Once you have Mechanical 4, go
to the Gate and press A to pick the lock.

  -Donate $5000 to start Construction
Talk to Futo Maki and pay him the money.

  -Find some Helpers
Go inside the gate and talk to a monkey. Pick stuff like Scratch or
Play. Get a relationship of 100 and then talk to Futo Maki again.


S.3 – The Boys are Back in Town

You must have a relationship of 40 or more before they will accept
(thanks to Blink for this information).

  -Find a Smoothie Operator
Go to the Riverboat and ask Jack I. Deal to be the Smoothie Operator.

  -Find an Entertainment Manager
Go to the Crawfish Shack and talk to Busta Cruz (who is in the
washroom) to be the Entertainment Manager.

  -Find the Long Lost Dr. Mauricio Keyes
It's Mokey! Notice how all of them are people who hang around in one
place? Anyway, talk to Mokey. Now he wants a shower.

  -Get Mokey a shower
Go to the Jail and Mokey will be waiting there. He will enter and take
a shower. Now he is Dr. Mauricio Keyes.


S.4 – It's Alive

  -Find some Amber
Go around town looking for small round gold things on the ground and
press A to pick it up. You may have come across these earlier in the
game. To see if you have some go to your pockets and click on
collectibles. The round yellow thing is the Amber.

  -Create a Pet
Go to the Isle and before you enter the Gate, turn right and you will
see a building. Enter it and talk to Dr. Mauricio Keyes. Go down the
elevator and talk to Cynthia Braintrust. Then go to the big simoleon
sign and create a pet.
You have to follow the line and try not to go out side of it. You only
have a limited amount of time to be fast. For the second game, you have
to press the round blue things when they reach the line. Try to make
them pop instead of shrinking.


S.5 – Dog and Dinosaur show?

  -Convince 3 people to Compete in the Pet Show
This is an easy one. First talk to Busta Cruz. He may be at the Pet
Show, so enter the gate and walk to the top left corner. That is the
Entertainment Center. Walk through it and exit on the other end. This
is the Pet show. Talk to Busta Cruz if he's there. Now you need to find
3 people to enter. Go to talk Cynthia Braintrust. Now talk to
Maximillian Moore the Doctor. Next talk to Gary Geezer, he's the guy
that's kind of deaf.

  -Train a Pet for the Show (Rel 50)
Talk to your pet. Depending on what kind it is, it will like different,
things. But I think all of them like the Play option.

  -Win a Pet Show.
Save before you play the game. This game is actually really easy. The
blue cards you can only put on your pet which will give you points. The
red cards you can only put on other pets so it will slow them down.
Green cards you can only put on your pet if it has a red card on it.
Let's say you put a blue card down, you will get some points. Then it's
the next pets turn, and they put a red card on your pet, which just
happens to be a sleep card. When it is your turn, you can't do anything
because you don't have any green cards which will get rid of the red
card you have on your pet. So it will let you discard some cards. Now,
if you have the green energy card, you can put it on your pet and it
won't be sleepy anymore. And you can keep adding blue cards. To win,
you need to get 100 points.


S.6 – Winky Weebucks

  -Investigate the Lab
After you win the Pet Show, when you leave, take the red flag by the
gate. You will get a cut scene where Cynthia Braintrust is calling for
help. Go to the Lab and up the elevator. You will see Berkeley Clodd.
Watch the cut scene and you will see Winky Weebucks.

  -Find Winky Weebucks
I think it is better if you do the next mission first.

  -Find Someone to Stop Winky Weebucks
Go talk to Olde Salty. He will suggest talk to the parrot. So go to the
top of the riverboat and talk to the parrot.

  -Give a sail to the Parrot
Give the parrot the flag I told you to take earlier. He will then fly

  -Distract Winky Weebucks
Go to the Carnival and meet Pepper Pete there. Now you have to go
through the maze. Go to the left end and walk towards Winky Twice. Then
walk right twice. Now go forward and you're through. Talk to Winky and
you have distracted him.

Congratulations, you have beaten Mission S. You will now see the

|Rep Mission/                                                    (Wtm7)

  Rep Missions are gained by getting rep points. Some require 3 rep
points and others require more. To see how many points you have, click
on Urb Info, in the menu on the touch screen, and choose Rep Group.
Some ways to get rep points are by lowering your points with that
group's rival. For example, if you want more points in the Richies
group, you will need to lower your points with the Streeties group.

Rivals: Richies – Streeties
        Artsies – Nerdies

  Another way to get more points if by finding the group trophy and
giving it to the leader.

Leaders: Richies- Luthor L. Bigbucks
         Streeties- Darius
         Artsies- Roxanna Moxie
         Nerdies- Polly Nomial

Trophy Locations:
Head over to Glasstown Mega-Mall 2 (Upstairs). Check to the right of
the large white computers at the end.

Head to the grave, then go to the other side that leads to the
Mausoleum. You should see two graves. Check to the right of the
rightmost grave.

Head to the Bayou. When you reach the stump, turn left and go all the
way until you reach two plants. Distract them using "B" and then search
the tree behind them.

Head to the Carnival but don't enter in. Instead head strait up, you
should see a trash can and a tree. Search the tree.

Here are more ways to get Rep Points:


Befriend Leader (Rep 100) – Luthor L. Bigbucks
Befriend other group members (Rep 50) – Lily Gates
                                      - Lottie Cash
                                      - Misty Waters
Have anyone but a Streetie as a roommate
Live in the Penthouse in King Tower
Have low relationship with rival leader (Rep -5) – Darius
Have all 10 Charisma Skill Points


Befriend Leader (Rep 100) – Darius
Befriend other group members (Rep 50) – Crystal
                                      - Ewan Watahmee
                                      - Kris Thistle
Have anyone but a Richie as a roommate
Live in either of the two houses in Urbania
Have low relationship with rival leader (Rep -5) – Luthor L. Bigbucks
Have all 10 Mechanical Skill Points


Befriend Leader (Rep 100) – Roxanna Moxie
Befriend other group members (Rep 50) – Cannonball Coleman
                                      - Pritchard Locksley
                                      - Theresa Bullhorn
Have anyone but a Nerdie as a roommate
Live in the Townhouse in Sim Quarter
Have low relationship with rival leader (Rep -5) – Polly Nomial
Have all 10 Creativity Skill Points


Befriend Leader (Rep 100) – Polly Nomial
Befriend other group members (Rep 50) – Lincoln Broadsheet
                                      - Maximillian Moore
                                      - Sue Pirnova
Have anyone but a Artsie as a roommate
Live in the Apartment in Glasstown
Have low relationship with rival leader (Rep -5) – Roxanna Moxie
Have all 10 Logic Skill Points


  When you get the Rep Points, talk to the leader, and he/she should
mention about the Rep Mission. By completing the Rep Mission itself,
you gain a Rep Point.

                             REP MISSIONS


  -Seriously annoy Daddy Bigbucks (Rel -50)
Find Daddy Bigbucks and annoy him a lot. You can find Daddy Bigbucks at
the end of the same, where you got the Nutria for Roxanna. Another way
to get him over, if it is not the end of the game, is to call him
through the phone. Keep trying and he will eventually come over.

  -Convince someone to join the Streeties
Find and become friends with Ewan and he will join the Streeties.

  -Get the highest promotion in Basketball
Play the Hoopz game and get the highest promotion.



  -Get best promotion in Dr. Max Stat Minigame
Play the game until you get all 5 promotions.

  -Create a Petrified Wood Chess Piece
If you got the 100 Relationship with Det. Dan D. Mann (Check secrets
section), you will find the hidden short cut to the bayou. The short
cut sometimes has petrified wood. If not, head to the bayou, and look
behind those plants that try to attack you. Take that wood and buy a
Woodcarving Table, Craftmaestro Pro Bench OR a Craftmaestro Mini-Bench
and carve a piece of wood, then carve it again and you should have
created a Chess Piece. If you didn't, try again or get your creativity

  -Sell 15 Giant Bog Frogs to the Deputy
Get 15 Giant Bog frogs and head into the jail. Give the guy that buys
all the junk off you the 15 Giant Bog frogs.



  -Get beset promotion in Comedy Club Minigame
Play the game until you get all 5 promotions.

  -Bake a Strawberry Tiramisu
Look in the recipe section for how to bake a Strawberry Tiramisu.

  -Clean up the city! Recycle 100 piles of trash
If you didn't keep all the 100 piles of trash before, you won't be able
to complete this mission. After you get this Rep Mission, and you have
100 piles of trash all at once, then go and recycle it.



  -Get best promotion in Moogoo Monkey Minigame
Play the game until you get all 5 promotions.

  -Own $30,000 of items
Keep buying items and put them in your house. Sooner or later you will
have $30,000 worth of items.

  -Have $10,000 in cash
You just have to have the money with you. Once this quest has been
checked off, you can use the money and it won't uncheck.

|                             Money/Games                       (Mon4)|

  You can make money with many different ways. You can play games, for
one. Games can get you a lot of money, especially the mini game Hoopz.
If you get the highest promotion, and you're really good at it, you can
get 2,000 simoleons. So if you're planning on playing only one game a
day, make it hoopz.

  You can also do other things to get money like sell trash, cans etc.
But if you want to fully complete the game, save the trash for the
artistes rep mission (you need about 100 of them).

  A good way to make money is if you talk to someone and ask them for
an errand, and you complete it, you will get lots of money. If you ask
someone and they want you to deliver to Luther or Daddy Bigbucks, you
will get about 800 simoleons.

  You can also find wood all over the place and sell them for money.
And you can carve them in to sculptures and sell those.

Squeegee Clean
-Press A where the Bird poop is to clean it. If the bird poop falls on
your head, go to the left or right to get a new squeegee to clean with.

Level 1- Bird Watcher-
Each poop you clean gives you a dollar.

-Press A when the hoop is in the middle. Press A again when the ball is
in the middle. Try to get 3 balls in the hoop to get a 'simoleon ball'
which will double your points.

Level 1- Got No Game-
Each ball you get in the hoop will get you 4 simoleons.

Level 2- Granny Styler-
Each ball you get in the hoop will get you 8 simoleons.

Level 3- Sure Shot-
Each ball you get in the hoop will get you 25 simoleons.

Level 4- Hoop Master-
Each ball you get in the hoop will get you 30 simoleons.

Level 5- En Fuego-
This one is much faster and you need to get the Hoop and Ball exactly
in the middle. Other wise you won't get the money. You get 70 simoleons
for each hoop.

|                               Recipes                         (Rec3)|
  If you ever want to bake, you need a mixer, and an oven. You can get
the ingredients in Sim quarter.

Apple Cocoa Cake Mix: 1 Apple, 1 Chocolate, 1 Nuts
Apple Pie Mix: 1 Flour, 1 Sugar, 1 Apple
Apple Strudel Mix: 1 Apple, 1 Sugar, Nuts
Birthday Cupcakes: 1 Flour, 1 Sugar, 1 Vanilla
Biscotti Chocolate Mix: 1 Chocolate, 1 Flour, 1 Nuts
Caramel Apples Mix: 1 Apple, 1 Sugar, 1 Vanilla
Chocolate Cake Mix: 1 Chocolate, 1 Flour, 1 Sugar
Chocolate Decadence: 2 Chocolate, 1 Flour
Fudge Brownies: 2 Chocolates, 1 Nut
Giant Chocolate Bunny Mix: 3 Chocolate
Glazed Fruit Salad: 1 Apple, 1 Lemon, 1 Strawberry
Lemon Tart Mix: 1 Lemon, 1 Sugar, 1 Vanilla
Low-Carb Cake Mix: 2 Chocolate, 1 Sugar
Pecan Pie: 1 Flour, 1 Nut, 1 Sugar
Strawberry Short Mix: 1 Flour, 1 Sugar, 1 Strawberry
Strawberry Tiramatsu: 1 Strawberry, 1 Flour, 1 Vanilla
Sugar Cookies: 2 Sugars, 1 Flour.
Vanilla Swirl Tart Mix: 1 Chocolate, 1 Sugar, 1 Vanilla

Thanks to Fuzzy for emailing me these recipes.
|                               Xizzles                         (Xiz7)|

Beads can be used for decreasing your motives, for getting friends, or
even money. These are called, Xizzles, which you can get from Club

Here are some of the Xizzles you can get:
(Thanks to Matt Poxson)

Quick as a Flash              - Increases speed 10%
Off the Grid                  - All bills 75% cheaper
Genial Behavior               - Reduce chance of passing out by 75%
Night Owl                     - Energy erosion slows 50% at night
Eager Eager Hippo             - Hunger erosion slows 30%
Inzombiac                     - Sleep erosion slows 30%
Nemesis                       - Everyone's relationship score goes up
                                +6, one person's goes down -100
Little Piddly Diddle          - Bladder erosion slows 30%
Sweet Smell                   - Hygiene degradation slows 30%
Sell Out                      - $10,000 in cold hard cash
Play it off                   - Comfort erosion slows 30%
Mantis Rapture                - Fun erosion slows 30%
All Up Ons                    - Opposite sex reacts at +1 relationship
G'd Up                        - Reduces social degradation by +1
Jibba Jabba                   - New Conversation option
Nerd Level 5                  - One free point in each skill
Chillin' Like a Villain       - All motives decrease 10% less
Livin' Large                  - Earn 20% more at all minigames
Skater Dude                   - Increase speed by 10% on Gravboard
Sale Siren                    - Get 20% off all store items

  To find out which beads you get at the start of the game, check the
Create a Character section (Cac2).

Here is where you can find beads:

-Getting 75 Relationships
-Plant near couch in Miniopolis Hospital
-Coat rack in the Pizza place
-Near the door on the Junked School bus
-The ramp that goes up to the Riverboat
-Highest level on Riverboat, on the bed
-Cemetery with the high walls that is near the entrance that leads to
the Bayou
-Tire near the Dark Tree, in the Bayou
-In the Bayou, near the entrance that leads to the graveyard, you will
see a bunch of weird rock stick things, it will have a bead
-Near the Bayou Brother's house is a grill, search the trees behind it
-On Paradise Island, beside a palm tree to the bottom right is a bush,
search it to find another bead
-In the university, next to the schedule is a desk with a book, search
the book for a bead
-Head to the basketball court above the jail and go to the ventilator
shaft farthest to the bottom
-Beside Small Brownstone in Urbania is a fence (leading south). Check
the bush with white flowers
-In the Crab Shack, you should see some red chairs and behind those
chairs are some, what looks to be like, trashcans
-Plant in King's Tower Lobby on the right side near the door
-In front of the Townhouse in Sim Quarter
-Lockers in Water's Gym
-Right of the giant cage in Daddy Bigbucks secret lab

   Email me if you know some more places. Also, thanks much to Andy,
who has given me lots of bead locations.
|                               Secrets                         (Scr5)|

  If you want more places to put your stuff, here are some ways to get
them. If you get a 100 relationship with the following people, you can
get hidden places:

Phoebe- A trashcan will appear beside club Xizzle and King Tower. Click
A on it and you can enter.

Guiseppi- You can enter the bus in Urbania. It's near the store where
you first buy furniture.

Ewan- If you go to the dock, there will be a new place.

Theresa Bullhorn- Projection booth behind the counter at the cinema.

  If you open up Splicer Island, you can get a new place to live there

  If you get 100 relation ship with Det. Dan, there will be a short cut
where the poster is beside the jail cell that leads to the Bayou. You
will also see the cheat ninja escaping for a second.

  Also, if you buy the green meteorite from the computers (online) you
will get access to the moon base using the phone. You can also live


  At 2-3:00 Am, head over to the carnival and go to the top corner
visit the cheat ninja. He will sell drinks which will give you a skill
point. The rosebud gives you extra money! super.cyber.kid@rcn.com has
informed me that the paper does do something (which I thought doesn't).
Your home has a fire-code, or a limit of items. The paper increases the
amount of items you can have in your home before the fire-code
restricts you.

  You can also find the ninja at the following places:

6 am- Hidden tunnel between jail and bayou.(Need Rel 100 with Det. Dan)
10am- Moon Base
?   - Time machine year 1984

|                           Tips/Hints/Other                    (Tho2)|


-When you first come to Urbania, you should stay at the jail for a
couple of days. It has everything you need and you can play Hoopz for
lots of money so that when you get a house you can pay your bills
easily and buy some nice furniture, and maybe a house alarm so you
don't get robbed so much.

-Sell all the cans you find and license plates for money. Don't sell
any trash, though, if you want to complete the Artistes Rep Mission.

-Collect some wood to sell it. And when you get to Sim Quarter, buy the
carving table and make the wood into sculptures and sell them for more

-If you need more money, ask people for errands to do, you can get a
lot of money this way.

-Try to get Xizzles early in the game, so that it's a lot easier to
play the game.

-If you want to find people, use the phone booths or pay phones to call
them and find out where they are. Or you can go to Club Xizzles to find
people. You can also use the phone in your house to invite someone over
and if they like your house, they will give you something.

-When you unlock paradise island and can be eaten by a plant – DO get
eaten by the plants – when you return you are 2/3 full of everything!
It saves lots of time and costs nothing. However, once you find 3
workers and the money, the plants will be gone. (Thanks to Jared)



Gravboard- This board you get from Berkeley Clodd when you complete
           Mission 2.4. Berkeley laughs at you because it doesn't have
           wheels but you don't need them because it's a hover board!
           Just make sure you have it in your pockets and press R to
           start using it. Keep tapping A to go faster.

Motorcycle- This you get by completing the mission with Dusty Hogg. You
            can change the color of your motorcycle if you want to.
            Just press A to accelerate.

Fan boat- You can get the fan boat from Gordie in mission 4.4. Just
          press A to accelerate.

|                               Glitches                        (Gli5)|

-Many people have had this problem. After getting the people for the
pet show, the quest does not check off.

-I have been told about this glitch. Some people can't trigger the cut
scene with Winky Weebucks when they find him in the carnival. This is
what you do; start on the farthest to the left. Then walk forward
twice, right twice and up once. When you go up once though, move a bit
more to the right. And then walk forward and you should get the cut
scene. If you do not, go back through the maze and try again.

-When you are your own pet in Mission S, don't try the hover board as
it will freeze your game.

-When you need to dress up as Pepper Pete, if you forget to dress up,
Olde Salty will block the way, if there is an empty can near him, you
can try to get it, and you may get stuck. If this happens, you can't
choose any options on the touch screen, so you have to start over from
your recent save point.

-During the mission when you need to talk to the Albino Alligator, the
game will freeze if you try to talk to him immediately after you two
stop talking. This will force you to turn off the game and restart from
the last save point. (Thanks to Andy for this glitch)

-Out side the Mega-Mall, if you ride your motorbike right where the
door is, get off and enter the Mega-Mall and then leave again, you
can't get the bike back, you will just enter the mall. The only way to
get the bike back is to get caught in jail, (either running if your on
that mission or trying to enter the lab in King's tower at the wrong
time- if your on that mission).

-If your walking your pet and you enter the time machine, your game
will freeze and you will have to turn your game off and start over from
the last save point.

|                           Legal information                   (Lgi7)|

  This walkthrough is ©2004 Vicky Hoang. You can not take this
Faq/Walkthrough and sell it, put it on your website, or change it
without my permission. You may, however, print this guide for your own,
personal use.

The only site aloud to have this Faq/Walkthrough on their site is:


If you see this guide on anyone's site (beside the above), please email me
about it.
|                        Contact information                    (Coi2)|

  Do not email me asking to work with me on this Faq/Walkthrough
because I prefer working alone. You may email me if you have
information to give to me or if I have false information. I may also
accept emails telling me about spelling errors but note that you will
not be credited by that. You can send me an email at
tropical_alliance@hotmail.com. It may take a couple of days before you
are replied, and you may not even get a reply.

  If you have any questions, you can email me but note that if the
question or information you are looking for is in this guide, you will
not get a reply.


-You do not put the topic as TU: Question (if you have a question), TU:
Information (if you have information for me or correcting my false
information), or TU: Spelling (for correcting my spelling).

-The question or information you are looking for is in this guide

-You do not put your name in the email. The reason being is, I need
your name to give you credit, and I don't want to be accused of
stealing. If you wish not to put your name or gamefaq username, put
"from anonymous".

-Your email is really hard to read. You may shorten your words like
your:ur and are:r but not i:1 and a:@!

|                               Credits                         (Crd8)|

To Ea Games and Maxis for making an awesome game.
And to the cool new game system: Nintendo DS.
And also to the boards, because so many people helped me out there.

Nivrae- For finding an error in my Faq.
Fuzzy- For getting all the recipes! Thanks a bunch!
Darktef- For telling me that Sue Pirnova can move in with you.
Andy- For telling locations too some beads and for telling me about a
Carson Lam- For telling me that Cannonball Coleman can move in with
Super.cyber.kid@rcn.com- For telling me that the paper you get from the
ninja increases the amount of furniture you can put in your house and
for helping with an xizzle.
Matt Poxson- For everything in the Create a Character section.
Blink- For telling me that in Mission S, you need a relationship of 40
before you can ask the three people to work on the island.
Emily- For helping with the Characters section.
Chibiko- For the Ninja sightings.
Roger B.- For finding locations for beads.
Jared- For telling me a hint.
Nesplaya- For finding an error in my guide and for helping with
Fireonyx312- For the definitions of some xizzles.
Austin- For telling me another place you can live and a glitch.
Goldfishest13@yahoo.com- For telling me what Genial Behavior was.

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