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FAQ/Walkthrough by AC Fanatic

Version: .8 | Updated: 01/06/05


_________          _______             _______  ______   _______ 
\__   __/|\     /|(  ____ \  |\     /|(  ____ )(  ___ \ / ___   )
   ) (   | )   ( || (    \/  | )   ( || (    )|| (   ) )\/   )  |
   | |   | (___) || (__      | |   | || (____)|| (__/ /     /   )
   | |   |  ___  ||  __)     | |   | ||     __)|  __ (     /   / 
   | |   | (   ) || (        | |   | || (\ (   | (  \ \   /   /  
   | |   | )   ( || (____/\  | (___) || ) \ \__| )___) ) /   (_/\
   )_(   |/     \|(_______/  (_______)|/   \__/|/ \___/ (_______/

      ___ _            _        _   _           ___ _ _        
     / __(_)_ __  ___ (_)_ _   | |_| |_  ___   / __(_) |_ _  _ 
     \__ \ | '  \(_-< | | ' \  |  _| ' \/ -_) | (__| |  _| || |
     |___/_|_|_|_/__/ |_|_||_|  \__|_||_\___|  \___|_|\__|\_, |
                             ____  _____
                            / __ \/ ___/
                           / / / /\__ \ 
                          / /_/ /___/ / 

               Thanks to bryantmnm for the Text Art

The Urbz: Sims In The City

For: Nintendo DS

By: AC Fanatic

Version: .8


November 26, 2004
Finished Intro, Controls, Motives, Characters, Most of the items, and
up to Mission 2 in the walkthrough.

November 28, 2004
Completed up to 3-4, and added a list of sites allowed to use the FAQ. 


December 5, 2004
Finished from 3-5 to 4-3, sorry about not having much done, I've been
kind of busy, also more sites were added to the list, and added new
recipies Section it is empty but expect them soon.

December 7, 2004
Recipes were added thanks to thomas1987, added a Tips, Hints, and
Glitches Section, that I will add stuff to. I also finished all the
way up to 4-6 in the walkthrough. 

December 9, 2004
Finshed the main storyline! More coming soon.

Decmber 10, 2004
Nothing much except for the awesome Text art done by bryantmnm, also
I will add a Minigame Section soon.

December 14, 2004
Just spelling corrections. I know im getting lazy, but the S mission will
be done by Sunday.



1. Intro To The World Of Urbz                          (GT1)
2. Controls                                            (GT2)
3. Motives                                             (GT3)
4. Characters                                          (GT4)
5. Items                                               (GT5)
6. Walkthrough                                         (GT6)
7. Recipies                                            (GT7)
8. Tips, Hints, and Glitches                           (GT8)
9. Legal Stuff, Credits, Acknowledgements…             (GT9)


1. Intro To The World Of Urbz                          (GT1)

	Welcome to Miniopolis, a city filled with Rough Riders and Smooth
Talkers. Create your own Virtual Urb, and guide Him or Her through
the wild and wacky ways of your own choice.

	Who will you represent, will it be the Nerdies, the Streeties,
the Richies, or the Artsies. Which ever one it is, it will greatly
affect the way you play the game of life. How will you play? Only 
you can decide.


2. Controls                                            (GT2)

The Directional pad is used to Highlight different options, and move
your Urb around.

The A button is used to select Options, use objects, pick up objects,
or talk to people.

The B button is used to either stop what your Urb is currently doing
or go to the Previous Screen. It also allows you to run.

The Select button is used to Access the Options Menu.

The Start button is used to Pause you game.

The Power Button will allow you to turn off your Game and DS.

The X button will display your Pocket on the lower screen of your
Nintendo DS.

The Y button will display your Goals on the lower screen of your
Nintendo DS.

The L button will display or hide your Motives.

The R button will alow you to pull out your scooter(when you get it),
or change the directions of the way the items are facing.

The Nintendo Ds Stylus is used to create your Urb, access your PDA
system and inventory screens, tap your way through conversations, and
play the exclusive Nintendo DS minigames, to earn some cash.


3. Motives                                             (GT3)

Hunger- Your Hunger can be satisfied by a number of things, it could be
cooking food at a park, Buying food from a restaraunt, getting food
from the fridge, making food on the oven, and even in the Microwave.

Cleanliness- Can be achived by simply taking a shower, but if you dont
have time to take a shower or are not near one you may wash your hands
in a sink but it will take a while.

Sleep- To get some rest either go to a bed or a couch and select sleep
from the menu, the bed will make the meter go up faster so that should
be the obvious pick if you're always on the get go.

People- To get your person to person action going on just start a
conversation and talk to them for a couple of minutes.

Chair- To rest up and just take a break go to a chair or a couch and
select sit from the menu, you may also got to sleep to fill you chair
meter up, hey you're killing two birds with one stone.

Toilet- There is only one way to do this and that is to actually do it,
in the toilet, so find a toilet, and do your business.

Entertainment- Having a bad day? Then watch TV, play computer games,
arcade games or jump on a trampoline, just do F-U-N things.

Home- Home on the range...Sorry; For this one you just need to stay at
home thats pretty much the only thing that works, I could be wrong


4. Characters                                          (GT4)

Polly Nomial- Research assistant and part time think-tank pundit. Polly
Nomial is geeky, pretentious, and nauseatingly  brilliant.

Phoebe Twiddle- Erstwhile SimValley knick-knack maven Phoebe Twiddle 
come to Miniopolis to play her trade and sell her awesome junk.

Sue Pirnova- Is a college student struggling to find her path? This 
she's majoring in physics. What will next year bring?

Mokey- 'Mokey' has a strange way about him, a confidence you can't 
put you finger on. And he's pretty cool too.

Theresa Bullhorn- Once an actor, now a part-time director and manager
of the cinema. Theresa is 100 percent old-school class.

Maximillian Moore- Dr. Moore is the handsome hypochondriac in charge of
Miniopolis University's medical center. Approach with Gloves.

Mambo Loa- Mystic sage Mambo Lao always has some wisdom to share with
the aimless traveler in time of great confusion.

Roxanna Moxie- You'd be hard pressed to find another person as
talented, fearless, and crazy as this local carnie, Roxanna Moxie.

Lincoln Broadsheet- If there is a conspiracy to unearth, you can bet
journalist Lincoln Broadsheet will be there, shovel in hand.

Det. Dan D. Mann- Detective Mann is a no-nonsense cop with a nose
for facts and figures. He's kind but a little humorless.

Cannonball Coleman- There is no sweeter sound thaan Mr. Coleman's
sax playing. He's an artist, through and through.

Berkley Clodd- If you think Berkley is the model of human honesty and
decency, he's got some swamp land to sell you.

Luthor L. Bigbucks- Luthor is the handsome, talented, and arrogant son
of Daddy Bigbucks. Easy to hate, but impossible to ignore.

Harlan King- Kind, doddering Harlan King is your old boss. Just where
he's disappeared to, no one can say.

Crystal- A fashionist from out of town. Crystal has come to Miniopolis
to check out the scene and steal some good ideas.

Gramma Hattie- Outspoken firebound and social activist, Gramma Hattie
gets more done in a day than you could in three lives.

Dusty Hogg- Dusty has a mean streak much longer than his patience, but
if you can prove you're tough, he just might like you.

Ephram Earl- Driven to near madness by almost two centuries of lonely
wanderings, Ephram is a ghost looking for some rest.

Sharona Faster- Sharona hasn't got time to waste, certainly not for
you. So say what you have to say, and make it snappy.

Bayou Boo- Boo is one of your strong, silent types. A gentle man
with a mind running riot with fanciful ideas.

Pritchard Locksley- Pritchard is an actor temporarily waiting tables
at a restaraunt outside of Miniopolis. Or is it the other way around?

Darious- Uses his size and cool composure to stop fights before they
begin. A good guy to have in your corner.

Kris Thistle- Kris is a smart and sassy dreamer, currently working
as King Tower's lead custodian.

Crawdad Clem- Clem is the more talkative of the two bayou brothers,
though they share an insatiable thirst for invention.

Misty Waters- One-time lifeguard. Misty Waters is now a fitness guru
and the manager of King Tower's state-of-the-art fitness center.

Daddy Bigbucks- Most people call him Daddy B. It's the only resistance
possible against the miser and his money.

Lottie Cash- Lottie's move to the big city has shown her things her
mother and step-father never taught her... like how to work.

Ewan Whatahmee- Ewan is a builder for whom every project, no matter
how minor, is an opportunity for artistic enlightenment.

Olde Salty- Sunshine, open ocean, and briny saltwater have warped
dear Olde Salty into a confused and crazy ex-captain.

Busta Cruz- Busta is from a strange land just across the pond from
Miniopolis. He's busy doing nothing much.

Giuseppi Mezzoalto- Since moving here from the SimValley, Giuseppi
has ditched his black-market dealings. Now he's just a shady guy.

Gary Geezer- Gary's just a kind old gentlemen, but just touch
hard of hearing. Speak up when you talk to him or he'll miss
the gist completely.

Jack I. Deal- Is he Mister Right? Or Mister Not-Know-Now-Ever?
Yes, okay, Jack is full of himself, but so is ice.

Lily Gates- Lily is Daddy B's attorney and business partner. She 
means well, but is a terrible judge of character.

Futo Maki- Stern but affable, the multi-talented Futo Maki is
one of the city's legendary luminaries.


5. Items                                               (GT5)


Barbecue Grill - $375 - Cooks Food

Gagmia Simore Espresso - $350 - Makes Drink

Smoothie Machine - $505 - Makes Smoothie

Vending Machine - $1,200 - Lets buy Drink or Snack

Positive Potential Microwave - $250 - Cooks Meal or Snack

Archtechnology 2-Door Fridge - $1,650 - Gets Snack

Sno-Time Fridge - $525 - Gets Snack

Dialectic Range and Stove - $440 - Cook and Bake

Epicous Gourmet Stove - $1,750 - Cook and Bake

PyroInferno Atom Burner Oven - $3,000 - Bake

Bovitron Z-36 Cheese Modulator - $795 - Makes Cheese

Snowcone Machine - $599 - Makes Snowcones

Popcorn Maker - $400 - Makes Popcorn



Viva Lost Wages Home Casino - $899 - Wastes Money

Brahama  5000 Behemoth Computer - $2,500 - Plays Games

Video Arcade Machine - $1,250 - Plays Games

Newton's Apple Pinball Machine - Plays Pinball

Sky Diving Machine - $3,785 - Just for Fun

Robot Monkey Butler - $3,999 - Does Chores

Robot Vacuum Cleaner - $375 - Cleans Floors

String Theory Super System - $1,700 - Plays Music

Zimantz unity Stero - $650 - Changes Music (FUN)

Monochrome Television - $99 - Watch TV

Soma Electronics Plasma TV - $2,400 - Watch TV

Troctto RGB ultra TV - $500 - Watch TV

Robot Pet - $850 - Dances and Jumps

Skratch N' Spin DJ starter pack - $650 - Plays Music



Max Matewell's Pro-Chess Board - $375 - Play Chess

Hot-Trot Dance Tiles - $1,365 - Lets you Dance

Dilly Taunt's Portable Easel Kit - $290 - Lets you paint

Free Weight System - $350 - Lets you Lift Weights 

Offender Guitar and Amplifier - $600 - Lets you play Music

GalleLayman Backyard Telescope - $999 - For Fun

Virtual Hogg Motorcycle Pepair Ride - $4,000 - For Fun

Light-Up Teddy Bear - $175 - It lights Up!

Trampolines - $700 - For Fun


The Savvy Shower - $230 - Cleans You

SaniQueen Luxury Shower - $1,500 - Cleans You

Mr. Andersonville Sink - $105 - Washes Hands

Hanging telephone - $75 - Calls People/Services

HygeiaOmatic Toilet - $120 - Go To the bathroom

Pee-K-Boo Mfc. Toilet - $380 - Go to the bathroom

The Mix Whizzard - $250 - Mixes Food

The Mix Whizzard Deluxe - $750 - Mixes food

Woodcarving Table - $100 - Carves Wood

Craftmaestro Pro Bench - $950 - Carves Wood

Craftmaestro Mini-Bench - $100 - Carves Wood


Deorative: Coming Soon!


Furniture: Coming Soon!


6. Walkthrough                                         (GT6)

Mission #1*

1-1 Slave to the Grind

You start the game off on top of King Tower, you are approached by 
Kris Thistle (your janitor buddy). She tells you to play the Mini
Game "Squeegee Clean", do so and earn a couple of bucks.

Now that, that is done its time to go find Kris and befriend her
you must walk up to her and start a conversation, you will see a 
little red and green bar with a number in the center, you want to
get that number up to thirty by talking about things that intrest her.

Once you have done that give Kris your Squeegee and Bucket by starting
a conversation and selecting "Friendly things" and click "Give Gift, 
click the squeege and bucket and presto, 1-1 is over.

1-2 Get Cleaned Up 

Now talk to Kris again and she will give you a couple of things to do,
they are as follows: Take a Shower, Take a Nap, and eat something from
the Vending Machine. So simply do these things. Firstly go to the Gym
and go to the upper right corner and take a shower until the little
motive bar on the bottom of the top screen is fully green. Next go to
the Law Offices and go to the upper left corner and you will see a
bed, simply click on the bad with the a button and go to bed. Finally
after you wake up go down to the lobby and in the upper left corner
and get something from the Vending Machine keep eating until you are
entirely full. Now go back to Kris and get some new goals.

1-3 Help Kris Thistle

Kris will tell you that she needs some help to do some things cause she
is kinda busy(sweeping). She will ask that you move the bed to the
suite,repair the TV, and repair 2 drinking fountains.

You know where the bed so just go up to the Law Offices and select it
with the A button and choose "Put in Pocket", then go to the suite and
press the X button, select the Bed with your stylus and place the bed
somewhere in the room.

Go back to where the bed was and you will see a TV all haywire and 
so click on the TV and select repair, you will receive a secret message
from the former owner of the Building who is somewhere on an uncharted
Island[DS Version Exclusive] he will tell you to find the plans to
Spicer Island, but we will save that for another time.

After you have done that find the broken Drinking Fountains. You won't
be able to tell if they are broken by just looking at them, so you need
to click on them. Once that is done go back to Kris yet again.

1-4 Get the Key

When you get back to Kris she will tell you about the little dilemma 
having, and you have to help. She lost the keys to get out of the
building, so you have to go steal some from the Law Office, but first
you need to know how to pick a lock.

Go to where the bed used to and click on the work bench to the left of
the TV, you will see a little meter above your characters head, wait
until the meter is full and a little message will come up
saying that you earned a skill point.

Now go to the now locked door of the Law Office and pick the lock,
another meter will appear wait for it to reach the top then the doors
will open. Go over to the computer desk and click on it until you find
the keys.

Uh Oh. Looks like you got company, the bad guy himself caught you 
and entering, looks like you are going to jail.

1-5 Get out of Jail

First things first. If you notice that any of your motives have 
use the utilities that the jail cell has supplied you with, because 
it wont be so easy to fill your motives up. After you have done that 
to the man in the trench coat, his name is Det. Dan D. Mann, but for 
sake of punctuation I will just refer to him as Detective Dan. He will 
you a series of questions, answer them in this order.
#1 (Anything you say works)
#2 The janitor told me I could stay
#3 Real food, I was tired of eating junk
#4 No, He is finding legal ways to make people miserable
#5 (Anything you say works)
After that just simply befriend him by getting relationship points with
him up to thirty. After you have done that you get out of jail for 

1-6 Find a Place to Live

Detective Dan will tell you to do a couple of things so he can start
cleaning off your record. Firstly you need to play the Hoopz MiniGame.
Then you need to earn $150 Simoleans for rent and taxes on your new
house that you will soon be buying.

The Hoopz minigame is located on the second floor of the police 
after you have played its time to head out on the streets, but 
your motives in the jail cell if needed.

Now you are finally on the streets, Oh Joy. You are cut off to a small
portion of the city, so go to the far left side. You may see a couple 
green signs so go inside of those houses and look around choose which
one fits you best, and buy it. If you cant then wait another day play
Hoopz again to get some more cash then buy the house, when all of that
is said and done talk to Detective Dan and you will be able to move on
to the next mission. Hoorah!

Mission #2*

2-1 Work Study

Go find Sue Pirnova, she will tell you to do a couple of things, so 
you will be able to take classes at the University. When you are 
talking to her she will tell you to befreind Maximillian Moore, once
again simply get your relationship up to thirty.

Max will ask of you to do two things: Find and give him the Artemisa
plant, and write a doctoral thesis. You can find the plant near the
dumpster in the lower right corner of Urbania, but their is a catch you
can only find it around midnight and you only have 1 hour to get it
back to him, so dont waste anytime.

After you have finished that you need to find Lincoln Broadsheet, he
usually hangs around the Newspaper Building find him there and get a
relationship with him up to 30 and he will let you use his computer
to write your doctoral thesis. After you have done that, go give it to
Max, and now you can take classes at the University.

2-2 Gotta Finish the Riff

This time you need to find Cannonball Coleman and befriend him by
getting your relationship up to thirty with him. After that you will
need to get one skill point in creativity, you can do that by either
taking a class or critiquing the grafitii on the trash can near where
you found the poisonious plant. After that, Buy the Saxophone reed from
the peddler outside of the pizza parlor and give it to Coleman. When
you have done those things he will ask you to help him finish his song,
now its not really that hard. Just say things that sound "cool", and 
say things that show that you are goofing off and you will be fine.

2-3 Race for Glory

Now this goal is gonna take some time. You need to talk to Dusty Hogg,
he usually hangs around the Old School Bus and the Bike Shop, so thats
where you will find him. You want to join the biker club, you have to
give Dusty $500 smackers for renovations to the bike shop.

You then have to find Ewan Watahmee and talk to him, in order for you
to prove to him that you can join the club you have to bring him Lunch
for Three days from 12PM-1PM, you can do this by simply going to the
Pizza Parlor buy a pizza and bring it to him, and thats it.

2-4 Salesmanship

You must now locate Berkely Clodd, he usually hangs out around the
Thrift Store around the late PM hours and the early AM hours. He
will give you $200 bucks to go to the auction held nightly at the
Thrift Store and get him the Shrunken Head. Give him the Shrunken
Head, and be done with him(for now).

2-5 Club Xizzle

Yes. I know by now you must be tired of finding people but you must
do it yet again. You need to find Crystal, you can find her regularly
around the Police Station. You will ask her about Club Xizzle and
see if you can gain entry to the place. She will tell you that you
need to take her out on the town for 24 hours. I must tell you
this while she is with you talk to NO ONE else otherwise she
will just leave you and you will have to find her another time.

First, take her to the Pizza Parlor, and play the video games to
get her excited about it.

She will then ask you to get her something to eat. For this one just
go over to the man who sells pizza and buy a slice, and then give it
to her.

Then go take her shopping to the thrift store. When you get their she
will tell you she doesn't like these clothes so she wants you to take
her to a place more "street". So go down to your local neighborhood
peddler and buy something from him and give it to her. She will then
let you have access to the Club (while showing you a cut scene of
where the club is located). Good Job if you did it right the first
time, and shame on you if you did it wrong(Joking)[I dont want to get
a lawsuit].

2-6 Road to the Sim Quarter

This one is pretty easy, but costly. You need to find Gramma Hattie,
she will tell you that she is planning a revolt against the Ever
Evil Daddy B. So you need to get three friends by getting their
relationships with you up to thirty, you should already have this
one done, and you need to give Gramma Hattie $500 bucks just for
the cause. After you have done that just get a promotion in just
two of the Minigame Jobs that you have unlocked, such as Hoopz,
Doctor Max Stat, and Comic Explosion, to find out what you need
to do in order to get promoted just Access 'Urb Info' on your
PDA and the click on with your Nintendo DS stylus
(I love to rub it in) 'Jobs' and then click on which job you
want to get info on how to get promoted. After all of that is said
and done talk to Gramma Hattie, watch the Revolt and Welcome to

Mission #3*

3-1 Mission for The Mann

For this mission head over to Det. Dan and see whats up, after
you have finished talking to him you should now know that you need
to find go to Salty's Riverboat, and play a game of Moogoo Monkey.

After you have done that you be approached by Giuseppi Mezzoalto,
and he will give you a note talking about the Bulletin Board and
that you will find another note there. *STOP* If you have not yet
completed mission 3-3 than you will not be able to do anthing else
in this specific set of Goals *END STOPPING* When you check the
bulletin board you will read a note about the graveyard, and that
that is where ou will find the final clue. Click on the Tombstones
in the grave yard and eventually you will find the final clue, it
talks about a hat with a feather, now the only person with a hat
and feather is Berkley Clodd. Now find him and he will give you a
breifcase, then take the briefcase to Det. Dan. And he will Rig
it for you he will then ask that you bring it back to Giuseppi
Mezzoalto, and thats it for this one.

3-2 Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle factory

Time for some more Xizzles! Firstly go find Lily Gates, she hangs
around the docks in the day time. She will tell you how Daddy B. wants
to completly destroy the Xizzle Factory, but she wants you to fix it
up so it cant be destroyed.

So now go search for Ewan who hangs around the streets of urbania and
the biker shop. You need get Ewans help, so get relationship with him
up to 50, he says he will do it but he need some cash to get the job
done, so prepare to part with some paper. He also needs a little help
so go get Dusty...

Dusty will tell you that he that he will help you out but you have to
beat him in a biking race. You can race Dusty between 6PM and 7PM, now
it wont be an easy task to accomplish so don't just think your the 
cause 85% of you arent. Here are the best upgrades for the Cycle. 
 _______________________________  _____
(Chassis: Heavy-----------------)($950*)
(Suspension: Sport--------------)($900*)
(Engine: Dragster---------------)($895*)
(Nitrous Tank: Large------------)($475*)
(Tires: Racing------------------)($825*)
(Accessory: Super Nitro---------)($800*)

When you have finished that you can now cruise around on your new pair
of wheels!

Now go find Polly Nomial she is usually in the university or in
Simquarter, get a relationship with her up to 50.

After that talk to Lily again, and factory is saved and you can get
some more Xizzles.

3-3 None Shall Pass

Now this one is a tricky one. Go find Gramma Hatie, and she will tell
you about the secret meetings they are going to be having in order to
put an end to Daddy B's evil Plans. You will need to get either five
skill points in either Body or Charisma. Then you will need to meet
Gramma at the Cemetery between 11Pm and 12AM, you will stand guard 
at the cemetery while the meeting is going on. The first person
that approaches you is Daddy B, just say stuff that would tick him
off and dont let him in. Next up is Darius (this one is the tuffy).
Depending on your Rep group their are different ways to make him go
away but their is no real definite one. So I highly recommend before
you even begin this goal, so that you may restart and use the
process of elimination to find out what you need to say. When you
finished that Gramma will come up to you and tell you the good news.

3-4 Get on the "List"

This one is simple, go find "Cannonball" Coleman, he will tell you
that he need your help at Zeke's Zydeco Club. But first you will need
to earn 2 Rep point with your Group, you will need to be at the club
at 2AM so be well rested. Coleman will tell you not to let any
'Richies, Artsies, Streeties, Nerdies' in so, thats exactly what you
do. So no admittance to people of that Rep Group. After that Coleman
will approach you and give you a nice trophy for your 'crib' as
you streeties call it.

3-5 High Society

Go find Luthor Bigbucks, he usually hangs around SimQuarter, he will
inform you about the museum, and how it needs a little help from you.
You need to find a curator and buy at least one exhibit. So the
easiest one is buying an exhibit, so just go up to one of the other
floors and buy anyone of the exhibit, I highly recommend buying all
of the exhibits, cause if you do than every week you will receive
$1000 smackers in the mail. So thats a nice bonus.

Now go find Roxanna Moxie, she will tell you that her cousin would
be willing to be the curator at the museum. So just pay the travel
expenses, and Presto Alaminki! Your done! (Ok, that was pretty lame)

3-6 The Ballad of Pepper Pete

Once again go find Mambo Loa, she will inform you of the tragic
matter that is troubling Olde Salty. You will need to find these
three things in order to save the Riverboat and once again thwart
the plans of Daddy B. 

The Sailors Coat can be found after talking with Phoebe Twiddle,
she is usually in the Thrift Store all day long. When you are
done talking to her she will tell you to look into the upper coat
rack in her store to find the Coat.

The Fake Beard can be bought from Pritchcard Locksley, who is usually
in SimQuarter, buy if from him for $300 Simoleans.

And finally, get the sailors cap online from SimBay, by ordering it
from the computer in the Coffe Shop. It will take around 3-5 days
for it to arrive though.

Now take all of the items to Mambo Loa and she will dress you up
as Pepper Pete, now go to the RiverBoat and find Olde Salty.
Talk to him and convince him not sell to Daddy B. After that cut-
scene is over Daddy B. will approach you and throw you all the way
to the Bayou...

Mission #4*

4-1 The Greatest Fear

So you land on the Bayou, and are unwarmly welcomed by two so called
'Hillbillys'. They will think that you are a vampire, so you will
need to convince Clem that you are indeed not a Vampire. So simply
get a relationship up with him to thirty. 

Now Clem will send you on a, so to say "quest" to do a couple of 
firstly you will need to find the "Dark Tree" (ohh spooky). It is
located in the top right corner of the bayou, dont worry you will
recognize it. When you get inside you will see a hologram of Daddy B.
I have no idea why it's their but it is. Then go farther back into the
tree and you will meet the Albino Alligator. Just convince him that
not everybody is mean and he will give a half of their mother's locket
and then he will go away.

The final part of this goal is to find a light, these are the nuclear
fuel rods, they are glowing green sticks. Then go back to Boo, and he
will tell you what to do next. ( You must get the light before you 
the tree, or else you won't be able to get past the hologram. )

4-2 Fiddle with the Red Man

Next, Boo will tell you about the Red Man. He sits on the stump near
of the "Dark Tree", at about 12AM is when you can find him. Simply
challenge him, play the minigame, earn some cash and get the second
half of the locket. Go back to Clem to find out what's next.

4-3 Bye Bye Bayou

Show Clem the whole Locket and he will tell you to show the locket to
Boo who is at the Mausoleum Entrance which is in the lower left corner
of the Bayou. Then show Boo the locket and he will get you about half
way though the graves, and then you will have to do the rest on your
own, it isnt hard though so just keep going through until your out.
Boy are you in for a suprise...

4-4 Running from the Law

If you havent found out what the big suprise is, just run around for a
minute. So I'm sure you have an idea of whats going on by now, oh you
don't? Then listen up. Daddy B. has made it illegal to RUN, yes you
heard me correct, RUN, so if you arent in jail you need to be, so
just run around. 

Now that you are in jail go up to Detective Dan, he will tell you the
whole story and that you need to somehow get a message to the Governor,
who is currently relaxing on Paradise Island. You can find a messenger
in the University, you may have noticed a person who is always asleep,
that's your messenger, Gordie Puck. Gordie will tell you that he will
only do it for if you are more popular, so you need to get your
popularity up to 30%(If you think this is hard just wait till later!).
So Get Talkin!

After you have done that, Gordie will tell you that he will but he 
a Map to Paradise Island. You can find this map on the very top floor 
the River Boat. So get there and come back and give it to him, and go 
to Detective Dan and your free to RUN!

4-5 Carnivale!

Now find Roxie Moxie, you can usually find her in Sim Quarter 
She will tell you about the carnival that she is planning to re-open, 
will tell you that she needs a Dancing Nutria, $5000, and a Tightrope

To find the Dancing Nutria, you will need to go to the upper left of 
Quarter and into Glass City (Yup this is the final piece of the city).
When you get inside look over to your right and go north a little, you
should see a stairway going into the ground, go down and you will see a
fan boat, Hop On! The fan boat is a rather slippery ride to work out, 
be fast while controlling it otherwise you will never get anywhere; Go
north just a little be sure not to go to Paradise Island yet. The go to
your right for a while then south, and you should reach a small little 
with creatures popping out of holes take the one that is dancing, and 
it to Roxie.

If you haven't given the $5000 to Roxie yet then do so now.

Now we need to find a tightrope walker who is...Misty Waters, so go 
her, she usually hang out around her Gym, in the Basement of Kings 
She will tell you that she will do it if you help her out(why do they
always do that?). She needs you to find her a date to a Movie, so now
go find Luthor Bigbucks, and he will say yes to bringing her to the 
now tell Misty and the deal is set. Go find Roxie and tell her the good
news, and enjoy the Carnival!

4-6 The Bigbucks Players

Go find Theresa Bullhorn, she will tell you that she is planning to 
a play based on what people really think about Daddy B. and she needs 
help (whats new). She needs you to find an Actor to play Daddy B. and 
actress to play Lily Gates, and she needs you decorate the stage with 5
objects. *NOTE* You may not be able to do any of the above because you 
to have your popularity up to 40% before you can do anything for her.

So go to Dusty Hogg and ask him if he wants to be in the Play, he will 
do it
but you need to become better friends with him, so get your 
up to 50 with him, and that is done.

Next find Sue Pirnova, and do the same thing that you did for Dusty, 
your relationship up with her to 50 and she will accept.

Go inform Theresa of your accomplishments, and she will tell you to 
come to
the play at night, and then enjoy the show!

Mission #5*

5-1 Reality Show

Go find the leader of your rep group, He/She will tell you about the
reality show they are fiming on the larger potion of paradise island.
You will need to get to paradise island by taking the Fan Boat,
(Refer to your map for directions). *NOTE* Before Going to the island
be sure that you motives are as full as you can get them all.

You will get onto the island to be greeted by a few other contestants,
and Mr. Locksley, he will inform you that you are to find the four
coconuts, which are hidden under the four palm trees which, you can
access on the larger portion of the island. Each coconut will have a
number written on it, and for each number there is a question that
Mr. Locksley will ask you about, here are the answers...
(Coconut #1: RED-------------)
(Coconut #2: URBANIA---------)
(Coconut #3: DUSTY HOGG------)
(Coconut #4: AT THE CARNIVAL-)

Mr. Locksley will then tell you to annoy the contestants as much as
you can until the time runs out. You annoy them by simply ticking
off. Once you are done you are done.

5-2 Back to the Drawing Board

Go Luthor, he will explain to you whats going on with his Daddy B.

Now go find Polly Nomial, you can ask her to help you, but unless
you are good friends with her (Relationship 70) she aint saying
anything. She will then tell you where the secret Lab is and what
time you can access it. But inorder for you to find the right
documents for Luthor you need to have 6 Skill Points in the area
of Logic.

So when you are ready do Polly told you to do, get the blueprints
and give them to Luthor Bigbucks. And thats a wrap.

5-3 Interview with a Cajun Vampire

Go Find Crawdad Clem, he will tell you that Boo has been missing, and
he needs your help to find him. To find Boo go into the crypt where
you got off the bayou when you were stuck their the first time.
Traverse your way through the Crypt, and you will eventually come
across Boo in vampire form talk to him to find out what you can do to
help, and he will tell you to pick the lock that he is attached to
and he will tell you to find a Cure for Vampirism.

To pick the Lock get your Mechanical Skill up to 7, I recomend simply
taking classes every day to get the skill up.

To find the cure go talk to Mamboa Loa, she will tell you that you need
a lot of Chocolate to cure the diesease. So you need a mixer and an 
oven so buy them if you dont have them yet, also buy three chocolate 
Take the chocolates and mix them you should get a giant chocolate bunny
mix, if you ruined the mix then your cooking skilss weren't high 
so get it higher. Then bake the mix in your oven, and give the final
project to Boo to heal him.

5-4 Captured

Go to the carnival(you may have to go during the early AM hours(im not
quite sure, e-mail me if you know), go up to the Ninja and he will poof
you into a birdcage and guess who is down there with you; He can be 
other then Harlan King. Daddy B. will appear and talk to you for a bit,
he will then get onto his time machine, and disapear into who knows 

Harlan King will think you are someone evil so you need to befriend 
so get your relationship with him up to 30.

Next you just need to get out of the cage so just click on the door to
get out, and then leave the area. And continue on with the game.

5-5 Atlantis Premiere Party

This by far has to be the hardest of all goals, and you with find out 
Now go find Maximillian Moore or Crysatl (go to the person who is the
opposite of your Urbz Gender). They will tell you that they need 
tickets to The Movie event of the year. So now you need to head over to
Lily Gates...

By the way, this is the really really hard part.
Lily Gates will give you the tickets but you need to impress her a bit.
You will need need to get your relationship with her up to 70, and your
overall poularity with everyone up to 60 PERCENT! Now if you haven't 
working on your popularity, then you might have some trouble, so have 

When you get the Tickets from Lily bring them back to whoever started 
goal for you. There will be one ticket for yourself, you will need to
dress in all black, so go to the Thrift Shop and go to the clothing 
and change the color of your clothes to black.

Now go to the Theater around 5PM or 6PM and go up to the person who is
in front of the theater, and watch the cutscene go by.

5-6 Back in Time

Go find Sue Pirnova she will help you build the Time Machine, but
you will need to do a couple of things for her. Firstly you will need 
find 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods(they are the green sticks that you find 
around the bayou, then bring them to her. Next you will need to find a
Contractor, who is Ewen, he will need 10G's so handem over. Next you
will need to get the Date of which you will travel back to, so now go 
Guiseppi and he will tell you the date. Now go to the Bike shop pick up 
Time machine, take it to the top of King Tower and drop it in the 
get on it, enter the correct date welcome to the Past!

WHAT THE! Earl is alive, Im sure that one got your attention, talk to 
and have a conversation, he will put the Daddy B.'s falg ( I don't know 
what this word is ) were it belongs,
go back at watch as everyone worships you and Enjoy the Credits!

-----Thats all Folks... Or is it?-----



Recipes                                                (GT7)

In order to create these food, you need to purchase a mixer, an oven
and ingredients. Choose the food you want to create and follow its
recipe. Mix the ingredients with the mixer and then bake it with an

Apple Pie - 1 Apple, 1 flour, 1 sugar

Apple Strudel - 1 apple, 1 nuts, 1 sugar

Carmel Apples - 1 apple, 1 sugar, 1 vanilla

Chocolate Cake - 1 flour, 1 sugar, 1 chocolate

Chocolate Decadence - 2 chocolate, 1 flour

Cocoa-apple Cake - 1 chocolate, 1 nuts, 1 apple

Cupcakes - 1 vanilla, 1 sugar, 1 flour

Fudge Brownies - 2 chocolate, 1 nuts

Lemon tart - 1 lemon, 1 sugar, 1 vanilla

Lemon Meringue Pie - 2 sugar, 1 lemon

Low Carb Chocolate Cake - 2 chocolate, 1 sugar

Milk Chocolate Bunny - 3 chocolate

Pecan Pie - 1 Flour, 1 nuts, 1 sugar

Strawberry Shortcake - 1 strawberry, 1 flour, 1 sugar

Sugar Cookies - 2 sugar, 1 flour

Vanilla Swirl Tart - 1 chocolate, 1 sugar, 1 vanilla 


8. Tips, Hints, and Glitches                           (GT8)

Glitch Warnings-

Do Not Take out your Hover Board wile you are your pet wile
on the S Mission.

Do Not sell your Trash until you have completed the Artsie
Rep Mission.



9. Legal Stuff, Credits, Acknowledgements              (GT9)

This was written by me, you can take it, steal it, print it, 
put it on your web site as long as you ask me first and get 
a positive response by emailing me at tgreene15@gmail.com
EA Games and Maxis own the rights to all thing "Sims" related.
Nintendo own all right to the Nintendo DS.

Also if you have anything to contribute to my FAQ also e-mail
me at the address above, I will give you credit in my FAQ.

This guide can be used on the following sites...

Lets Give around of applause to...

EA Games and Maxis for making such an addicting game that I could
enjoy, along with many others.
Nintendo, for creating the coolest handheld ever.
GameFAQS, for letting fellow gamers help each other.
thomas1987@gmail.com, for giving me the recipe info.
skullman7, for telling me something important.
Another big thanks to bryantmnm for the text art.
Cr4zyBr4dy, for the spelling corrections.
And me AC Fanatic for creating this simple, but informational
GameFAQ. (C) 2004 Taylor Greene.

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