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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 12/10/05 DBM11085 1.15 118K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/15/07 A I e x Final 222K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/04/06 bowser194 Final 201K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/19/05 Crazyreyn 1.0 161K
FAQ/Walkthrough 02/12/08 Mighty Oracle 1.2 195K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/25/05 NDS_Master 0.7 203K
FAQ/Walkthrough 02/22/06 TakerVersion1 1.2 73K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/08/06 CnucksGx 0.825 112K
FAQ/Walkthrough 11/22/05 Ketay 0.35 201K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/03/05 TheFanBoyDestroyer 0.30 59K

In-Depth FAQs

Battle Mode Guide 08/25/06 ShadowSlayerX 3.1 27K
Character/Kart Guide 07/29/08 wiichr97 1.45 18K
Item Guide 08/18/09 Stevewins123 1.45 23K
Mission Guide 12/10/05 DBM11085 1.15 63K
Short Cut Guide 02/08/07 Dragon Drake 0.40 25K
Wi-Fi Multiplayer Guide 08/13/08 Ratchet12345 1.00 21K

Maps and Charts

Airship Fortress Map (PNG) 01/07/06 SuperPhillip 37K
Block Fort Map (PNG) 04/09/06 ShadowSlayerX Final 13K
Bowser's Castle Map (PNG) 01/16/06 SuperPhillip 27K
Cheep Cheep Beach Map (PNG) 12/31/05 SuperPhillip 34K
DK Pass Map (PNG) 01/03/06 SuperPhillip 42K
Delfino Square Map (PNG) 12/16/05 SuperPhillip 59K
Desert Hills Map (PNG) 12/16/05 SuperPhillip 32K
Figure Eight Circuit Map (PNG) 12/31/05 SuperPhillip 18K
Frappe Snowland Map (GIF) 02/16/06 marc5third3 2.01 20K
GBA Bowser's Castle 2 Map (GIF) 01/25/06 marc5third3 25K
GBA Luigi Circuit Map (GIF) 04/16/06 King_Lueshi 27K
GBA Peach Circuit Map (PNG) 01/24/06 SuperPhillip 29K
GBA Sky Gardens Map (PNG) 02/18/06 Farshaft 2.00 30K
GCN Baby Park Map (PNG) 01/18/06 SuperPhillip 26K
GCN Luigi Circuit Map (PNG) 01/23/06 SuperPhillip 35K
GCN Mushroom Bridge Map (GIF) 02/17/06 marc5third3 2.00 26K
GCN Yoshi Circuit Map (PNG) 01/19/06 SuperPhillip 49K
Luigi's Mansion Map (PNG) 12/31/05 SuperPhillip 63K
Mario Circuit Map (PNG) 01/06/06 SuperPhillip 55K
Mission 3-8 Map (PNG) 12/19/05 Crazyreyn 15K
Moo Moo Farm Map (PNG) 01/15/06 Meotenks Final 56K
N64 Banshee Boardwalk Map (PNG) 01/20/06 Farshaft 20K
N64 Choco Mountain Map (PNG) 10/17/07 marc5third3 2.0 10K
Peach Gardens Map (PNG) 01/06/06 Farshaft 23K
Pipe Plaza (PNG) 04/13/06 ShadowSlayerX Final 10K
Rainbow Road Map (PNG) 01/17/06 SuperPhillip 22K
SNES Choco Island 2 Map (PNG) 01/25/06 SuperPhillip 28K
SNES Donut Plains 1 Map (GIF) 04/10/06 King_Lueshi 23K
SNES Koopa Beach 2 Map (PNG) 01/25/06 SuperPhillip 26K
SNES Mario Circuit 1 Map (PNG) 01/31/06 Farshaft 18K
Shroom Ridge Map (PNG) 12/20/05 SuperPhillip 62K
Tick Tock Clock Map (PNG) 01/07/06 SuperPhillip 34K
Twilight House Map (PNG) 04/14/06 ShadowSlayerX Final 13K
Waluigi Pinball Map (PNG) 12/16/05 SuperPhillip 51K
Wario Stadium Map (PNG) 01/10/06 SuperPhillip 43K
Yoshi Falls Map (PNG) 12/31/05 SuperPhillip 61K

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