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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A I e x / Crazyreyn

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/15/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          N E W  S U P E R  M A R I O  B R O S
                                      Nintendo DS
                              FAQ/Walkthrough, Version 1.1
                                Last Updated - 31/7/2006
                        By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
                                      And A I e x 
                Copyright (c)2006 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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    Hello and welcome to the New Super Mario Bros FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide will
    provide you with a full walkthrough from beginning to end, basics, minigames
    and a level checklist. Although not quite as good as the old 2D Mario titles,
    it's extremely playable and a great adventure to play on the move!
    I hope that you enjoy this game, and using this FAQ!
    - Reyn
    - Alex
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Version History
    2. Game Overview
      2.01. Story
      2.02. Basics
      2.03. Controls and Moves
      2.04. Power-Ups
    3. Walkthrough
      3.01. World 1
      3.02. World 2
      3.03. World 3
      3.04. World 4
      3.05. World 5
      3.06. World 6
      3.07. World 7
      3.08. World 8
    4. Multiplayer
    5. Minigames
    6. Level Checklist
    7. Secrets and Tips
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
    9. Conclusion and Special Thanks
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                                  1. VERSION HISTORY
    | Version 1.1 - 31/7/2006 |
    Added a Level Checklist, Secrets and FAQ section at the end of the guide and
    fixed a few formatting problems and typos.
    | Version 1.0 - 25/7/2006 |
    The first version of the FAQ, everything is complete!
                                   2. GAME OVERVIEW
    This section provides you with an overview to playing the game, with the
    controls, game basics and items.
     2.01. Story
    Here is the story of the game, lifted straight from the game's manual. 
    Emergency Newsflash!
    Princess Peach has been kidnapped! Whilst enjoying a nice walk with Mario, the
    beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom was whisked away by an unknown
    assailant. How could this happen with Mario around?
    According to eyewitnesses, the walk was going swimmingly when Mario and the
    princess spotted smoke billowing out of Peach's Castle. The mustachioed
    marvel immediately jumped into action and sped off toward the fire. The
    moment he left her side, the princess vanished!
    Who's behind Princess Peach's disappearance?
    Who's behind the attack on Peach's Castle?
    Are the two incidents related?
    Didn't Bowser Jr. once think Princess Peach might be his mother?
    Looks like Mario's going to need all the Mega Mushrooms he can find to get to
    the bottom of this mess!
     2.02. Basics
    Game Screen
        1 |C x ##                    T### |  2
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
       3  | W #-#                   M x # |  4
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          | .---------------------------H |  5
          |                               |
          |                        Touch! |
       6  | SCORE#######            /--\  |
          |                        |    | |  8
       7  |  O - O - O              \--/  |
    1 - Coin Count
        This tells you how many coins you have collected so far. Once it reaches
        100, it resets and you gain a 1-Up.
    2 - Time Remaining
        Lets you know how much time you have left to complete the level. If it
        reaches 0, you die. Yep.
    3 - Level
        Tells you what level you are playing.
    4 - Lives Remaining
        The amount of lives you have left.
    5 - Progress Bar
        Shows how far into the level you are. Also shows the checkpoint level (if
        you've passed through it), although on certain levels such as Ghost Houses
        this will be hidden from you.
    6 - Score Count
        Killing enemies, collecting items and jumping high up the exit flagpole
        nets you points. Useless.
    7 - Star Coin Count
        Shows you how many of the three star coins you have, plus which exact ones
        you have missed so you know exactly what one is missing.
    8 - Saved Item
        Touching this will drop the saved item into play for you to collect. Note
        that it can drop down onto the above platforms and such, so ensure it has
        a clear route down before hitting the screen.
    World Map
    You access each level from the World Map. After completing a level it unlocks
    the path to the next one. There are also secret exits, meaning some levels
    can unlock other paths to other levels, as well as paying for the new routes
    to other levels with Star Coins. Each item on the map has a dot underneath,
    with is either red (open), blue (cleared) and black (unopen, locked) levels.
    There are also Houses on the map, which are discussed in more detail below.
    Also on the map is a flying ? block and a Hammer Bro; these change location
    from level to level, and if they are in the level you select they will be
    near the start. You can strategically avoid or meet with either by going to
    a different level, exiting and letting them move elsewhere. This is handy
    if you need a certain item, of if you are low on lives / patience and can't be
    bothered with a Hammer Bro on your case.
    Toad Houses
    There are three types of houses on the map. Item Houses are where an item box
    cycles various power-ups, and hitting it will give you a random item. Life
    Houses play a game where several boxes contain either 1-Up Green Mushrooms plus
    one Bowser Card; if you select the latter then the game is over and you
    stop playing, put get to keep the winnings to far. The Mega House gives you
    a Mega Mushroom. Once you have used the House then it cannot be used again.
    You can create a new House on the starting space of each world by getting
    fireworks on a level within that World.
    Note there is also a Background House in World 1 when you complete the game.
    This allows you to purchase extra backgrounds for the bottom touch screen,  
    costing 20 Star Coins each.
    Star Coins
    Each level, Tower, Castle and Ghost House contains three Star Coins. They
    are mostly hidden or hard to get to, and can unlock new courses and houses on
    the map.
     2.03. Controls and Moves
    Here are the controls for the game.
    D-Pad        -  Move Mario
    A            -  Jump
    B            -  Jump
    Y            -  Dash / Throw Fireball
    X            -  Dash / Throw Fireball
    L            -  View left
    R            -  View right
    SELECT       -  N/A
    START        -  Pause Game 
    Touchscreen  -  Use item
    Mic          -  N/A
    - Note that you can change around the controls for jumping and dashing around
      in the options menu.
    - You may not move the screen to look left or right in certain levels.
    - While the main adventure doesn't really use the touchscreen or mic, the
      minigames do.
    Jump [A / B]
    Pressing B makes Mario jump. Holding B after jumping on an enemy makes Mario
    jump up higher.
    Running [D-PAD + Y / X]
    Pressing on the D-Pad makes Mario move, and holding Y when moving makes Mario
    Holding an item [HOLD Y / X]
    Stand next to an item and press and hold Y. As long as you hold Y you hold the
    item, meaning you can run around and also swim. Let go of Y to drop the item.
    Pressing a direction on the D-Pad when letting go throws the item. Note that
    in this game you cannot throw items up, which sucks.
    Swimming [D-PAD + B]
    In water, using the D-Pad and B (or A) you can swim. To get out of the water,
    at the surface press Up on the D-Pad and B (or A).
    Crouch [DOWN]
    Pressing Down on the D-Pad makes Mario crouch, which is good for dodging enemy
    fire or the enemy themselves. Crouching on a pipe sometimes makes Mario travel
    down it.
    Ground Pound [JUMP + DOWN]
    Whilst in the air, pressing DOWN will cause Mario to Ground Pound below. This
    can destroy bricks and injure enemies.
    Wall Slide [LEFT / RIGHT ON WALL]
    If you are falling next to wall, pressing the direction toward it will make
    Mario slide down. This is also required to do the Wall Jump, seen below.
    Wall Jump [WALL SLIDE + JUMP]
    When you are sliding down a wall, or simply connecting to it, press the
    direction of the wall and jump to jump away. To clarify, if you are sliding
    down a right wall and wish to jump away to the left, hold right and press jump.
    Climbing onto a Fence / Rope [UP]
    At a fence or rope, jump to it then press Up to hang onto it. You can punch the
    fence by pressing the Y / X button where you can knock enemies off on the other
    side, or rotate a door.
    Opening doors [UP]
    Pressing Up at a door opens it, and Mario travels through it.
    Throwing fireballs [FIRE FLOWER REQUIRED]
    Press Y to throw a fireball ahead of you. See section 2.04 Power-ups for more
    details on this.
    If you are Shell Mario then pressing down until retreat Mario into the shell.
    If you run while doing this, you can spin onward and smash bricks and take
    out enemies.
     2.04. Power-Ups, Blocks and Gimmicks
    This is the standard power-up cycle.
                          MUSHROOM             FIRE FLOWER
                      /---------------\      /--------------\
                     |                 V    |                V
                 Small Mario ------> Super Mario ------> Fire Mario
                     ^                 |    ^                |
                      \---------------/      \--------------/
                           DAMAGE                 DAMAGE
    Small Mario
    This is the default Mario status. You start as Small Mario, and you will 
    probably die as Small Mario (seeing as one touch of an enemy or something
    harmful means you lose a life). In this state, it is advised you collected
    a powerup to gain better abilities. You cannot Ground Pound to destroy blocks
    Super Mario
    This is the mostly preferred status. When you collect a Mushroom you turn into
    Super Mario (if you are Small Mario, otherwise you might get the mushroom
    stored in the Item Stock). Super Mario can jump and hit better, and Ground
    Pound to destroy bricks.
    Fire Mario
    Same as Super Mario, apart from a more reddish appearance and the ability to
    shoot fireballs at will. To become Fire Mario, collect the Fire Flower.
    Pressing Y / X fires a fireball, which can defeat certain enemies.
    Mega Mario
    Collecting a Mega Mushroom turns Mario from any status he is into Mega Mario.
    For a short time you'll fill the screen and can destroy anything on the screen,
    so feel free to charge across the screen. This includes pipes, which is handy
    for collecting certain Star Coins (wink). You also get a Meter at the top of
    the screen which keeps track of damage; the more things you destroy the
    more it fills, and after every thick bar you collect a 1-Up Green Mushroom
    once the status is over.
    Mini Mario
    A Mini Mushroom will turn Mario into Mini Mario (makes sense) that allows him
    to go through tiny passages and Mini Pipes. You can also run across the
    surface of water and jump higher and further than any other Mario status.
    However like Small Mario, one touch and you're toast.
    Shell Mario
    Collecting a blue shell decks Mario out in a shell, that allows him to swim
    amazingly well in water. You can also duck in the shell and shell dash by
    running and ducking to slide across the screen and destroy enemies, and bricks.
    Various Blocks and Gimmicks
    Here is a list of various blocks and gimmicks that you'll find through out the
    game, what they are and how to use them.
    Brick - A standard brick; as the larger statuses of Mario you can destroy these
            and perhaps find things hidden in them, use as coins or vines.
    ? Block - Yellow blocks with ? on them. Will give you coins or a power-up.
    Coin    - Adds a coin to your total.
    Red Rings / Red Coins - Jump through a red ring to make 8 red coins appear in
                            the level. Find them before the time runs out (listen
                            to the jingle) and you'll get a power-up or 1-Up
                            green mushroom.
    Shadow Coins - These are hollow ovals and once touched will turn in to normal
    1-Up Mushroom - Mario will gain a life.
    Star - Makes Mario invincible for a certain amount of time, and make him run
           faster and jump higher and do cool flips in the air.
    Spin Blocks - Jumping from these spins projects Mario high up in to the air
                  and makes him fall slowly. You can also press down whilst falling
                  to corkscrew down and act as a Ground Pound style move.
    Switch Blocks - There are three types; blue P switches turn coins into bricks
                    and vice versa; red ! switches fill in outlined blocks and 
                    yellow ? blocks have various effects.
                                   3. WALKTHROUGH
     3.01. World 1
         BH*     LH          MH     /--5-----\            Key
          |       |           |     |  |     |            ---
      S---1---2---3--+--T-----4-----+   \-LH +--CA        S          = Start
          |          |  |           |        |            1,2,A etc  = Levels
           \--IH-----/  +--W   IH---A--------/            BH         = Background
                                                          IH         = Item House
          *This only appears once you've                  LH         = 1-Up House
           completed the main adventure.                  MH         = Mega House
                                                          T          = Tower
                                                          CA         = Castle
                                                          W          = Warp Cannon
    Level 1-1
    Run right, stomp the Goomba and hit all of the ? blocks for some coins and
    a Power-Up. Head up the steps, drop down, ignore the blocks (they just contain
    coins or nothing) and onward past a pipe and a gap to a stationary ? block.
    This contains a Mega Mushroom, making Mario huge enough to fill the screen
    and smash anything out of his way. Feel free to use this to stroll straight
    through the vast majority of the level, however if you want to get the second
    Star Coin then you might consider leaving it. Once it's finished with you'll
    end up by a ditch with the first Star Coin in; see below on how to get it.
    From where the Mega Mushroom was found, go onward and smash the bricks for
    a few coins, over a gap and use the pipe as a stepping stone to the upper
    blocks where STAR COIN 1 is located. Drop down to the ground and next up
    are three lines of blocks, in a triangle formation with a Red Koopa on. If you
    jump in between the bottom who lines you reveal the hidden Bricks that join
    the two up. After doing this, head on top and start bashing the upper line
    of bricks where a stalk appears. If you head up here then you get the chance
    to collect 8 red coins for a power-up or 1-Up Green Mushroom. Drop down the
    line of coins to appear where Star Coin 3 is.
    To find STAR COIN 2, then straight after the blocks mentioned is pipe. Go down
    it to reach a cavern. Use the bricks to jump over the gap and avoid the Goombas
    where the Star Coin is at the upper right of the area (use the pipe to reach 
    it). The right ? block here also has a power-up. Head up the pipe to go back to
    the end of the level... backtrack a short distance to see STAR COIN 3 in a
    ditch blocked off my standard bricks. Ground Pound to get them. Now continue
    right, past various enemies, pipes and gaps until you reach some block stairs
    that leads you to the exit flagpole.
    Level 1-2
    After dropping down, go right and toward the first ? block for a power-up. Butt
    Stomp the bricks here to get the coins underneath if you wish, plus there is
    a secret stash of coins under the third ditch by Ground Pounding all the way
    down. Either way continue right past various bricks where the level shifts
    down a little, with an upper niche containing STAR COIN 1. Use the bricks to
    get up to it. Carrying on the ? block contains a power-up and progress past the
    Koopas and Goombas until you reach a wall of bricks toward the top, rock in
    the middle and a small path underneath. No problem to progress past as Small
    Mario, otherwise run and slide underneath or smash the bricks and jump over
    the rock. Head over the gap (the right brick directly above contains an item)
    to see a house of bricks surrounding STAR COIN 2. Ground Pound down directly
    from the top to get it.
    Next comes a see-saw platform, just stay on the left side for a few moments
    and run across it to access the upper bricks at the other side. Drop down
    (CHECKPOINT) and wait until the Piranha in the pipe retreats and head down the
    pipe yourself for some coins. You'll pop up at the pipe after next, where a ?
    block in-between them contains a power-up. Progress onward and use the Pipes
    to get across the wide gap and use the Bricks to avoid the enemies below and
    to gain direct access the see-saw platform. Head across the bricks, up the
    steps and to the exit flagpole.
    SECRET EXIT - Unlocks Item House / 1-Tower
    When you get to the second see-saw platform, tilt it so the far end is really
    high and run across and jump onto the very top of the level. Head right, past
    the normal exit pipe to find STAR COIN 3 and a pipe taking you to the
    secret flagpole exit.
    Level 1-3
    Jump on to the upper mushroom platforms and across the rocking mushrooms to
    a ? block containing a powerup. Drop down, over the gap and jump on the
    Spin Block to be bounced high up in to the air. Land on the long green
    platform, up another Spin Block and off the bouncy mushroom platform where
    STAR COIN 1 is at the top. Drift right and follow the line of coins through
    the air to reach a ledge below with STAR COIN 2 on. The ? block below contains
    a power-up if you need it, otherwise continue right (CHECKPOINT) across
    the platforms and rocking mushrooms. Between the last two high up is
    STAR COIN 3, so wait until it rises to it's highest point and leap up to
    collect it.
    Onward to some more rocking mushroom platforms with a Red ring; the eight red
    coins are located across the following moving platforms, and if timed right
    you can easily collect all eight as the platforms move up and down. To finish,
    there is a long slow rocking mushroom platform that can allow you to get high
    up the exit flagpole.
    Level 1-Tower
    Jump up the side and up to the left ? block for a power-up (the one opposite
    just has a coin). Wait until the blocks above are separated and jump between
    them to the ledge above. The blocks straight after are very quick so make sure
    they don't catch you out and crush you. Migrate your way upward past each
    pair of blocks until you reach the ledges on the left side. Go up, and run
    right, up and left around the central formation of blocks. After make your
    way right across the fat block, jump on the Dry Bones to collapse him and
    grab STAR COIN 1 at the far right. Head back left and continue up the side
    ledges to some blocks that slide out from the right wall creating steps.
    Climb up them when they move across left. (CHECKPOINT)
    The level now splits up and left. Go left to the Cannon Pipe that will blast
    you upward; as you fall hold left to slide down the wall and collect the
    Shadow Coins (these are hollow ovals and once touched will turn in to normal
    coins). Jump across to the right and enter the door midway down. Here blocks
    move around constantly around the edges, so take your time getting across to
    the door on the right, ensuring you collect STAR COIN 2 above as you go.
    Enter the door to return right over the Pipe Cannon. Head straight up and go
    up the blocks as they come from the right. Collect STAR COIN 3 and with the
    blocks above, be sure to jump on top as they come across to avoid getting
    crushed. Continue up the another Cannon Pipe with huge blocks above. When they
    come together, wait about a second and enter the pipe. If done right they'll
    open as you cannon out, leading you to the top where the boss door is located.
    BOSS - BOWSER JR. #1
    He will run toward you constantly, so when he gets close jump on his head to
    injure him. Straight after doing this he will get into his spiny shell, so
    avoid contact until he gets up again and runs toward you. Do this three times
    to finish him. You can shorten this by Ground Pounding on top of him instead,
    meaning you only have to go this twice.
    SECRET EXIT - Unlocks Warp Pipe (World 5)
    You'll need the Shell power-up for this exit. Head all the way to where Star
    Coin 2 is, i.e. after the checkpoint, up the cannon pipe and into the door to
    the room with the moving blocks around the edge of the screen. If you go to the
    door, there are two blocks directly right that shift a little horizontally.
    The gap is always clear, so jump on to the upper block and go right out of the
    screen to a secret area. There are bricks blocking the lower path onward, so
    as Shell Mario run and spin through the blocks. After the pipe is guarded
    by more blocks, so you'll have to jump up in shell mode to destroy them, taking
    you to the secret exit flagpole.
    Level 1-4
    Slide down the hill to take out all the enemies, and use Koopa to make a shell
    to hit the ? block on the ground for a power-up. Past the blocks and up the
    hill, where there is a mini pipe underneath. You can get in there using the
    Mini Mushroom from the ? block on the right, to reach a room where STAR COIN 1
    is located. Run across the water, wall jump off the wall to collect the Star
    Coin in the niche, then head back and jump up to the normal pipe back to where
    you were. Head onward, down the hill watching out for the Goomba's flooding
    from the pipe, over the gap and get the shell from the Koopa on the blocks for
    this next section. Jump on to the high stack of blocks and throw the shell
    down, ripping apart the bricks until the they are all gone so you can enter the
    pipe. Otherwise you could have just Ground Pounded the entrance.. but what was
    cooler, eh?
    Inside the pipe run right and don't collect the coins in the air, and head
    to the blocks by the pipe to find a P switch in the right one. Turning the
    coins into bricks, it allows you across to the upper left and to collect
    STAR COIN 2. Exit via the pipe, and backtrack left and you'll see STAR COIN 3
    underneath in the niche. Run around to the left, and run under and press
    down to slide underneath (or just run across the tiny gap if you are Small
    Mario anyway) to get it. Head back and over, past the Goomba's and just the
    yellow pipe to gain height for the exit flagpole.
    Level 1-5
    Head right on to the bouncy platforms and hit the centre ? block for a power-up
    and continue. Bounce high to grab STAR COIN 1 and go over the platform,
    and take the upper route of bouncy platforms avoiding the Koopa's that walk
    across the bottom. Keep going until you reach the first pulley platform;
    stand on the left one and jump across at a lower point on to the right 
    platform and quickly to the upper ledge to get STAR COIN 2. Onward to some
    more pulley platforms, where a pipe comes from above over the latter one.
    Make it so you can reach it and head up to a cloud area. Ride the rocking
    platform right and collect STAR COIN 3 in the middle of the coins shaped like
    a mushroom, and drop down at the end where the three coins are. (CHECKPOINT)
    Head right, avoiding the Flying Koopas in between platforms and hit the 
    left central ? block following for a power-up. After is a Red Ring, where the
    coins are locally placed; it's probably easier to deal with the four at the
    bottom, then collect the top set. The rest of the level is rather linear,
    just bounce across the platforms all the way to the exit flagpole.
    Level 1-Castle
    Go right, up the step and on to the tightrope. Collect the coins, under,
    across another tightrope and use the block at it's highest to get a power-up
    out of the ? block. More blocks and gaps follow, and be sure to jump high
    over each gap to avoid any fireballs that come out (they only travel halfway
    up the screen). Take out Dry Bones and wait until the spiked block travels
    up so you can progress, being sure to stop at the point where a brick in the
    rest point. When you can progress do so until you see where STAR COIN 1 is
    at the top of the screen, so wait until the blocks come down and wall jump up
    to get it. Head on out of the block section. CHECKPOINT.
    Use the tightrope to get a power-up from the ? block, and go across the top
    of the set of tightropes to avoid any potential fireballs from the lava.
    Next is a block with STAR COIN 2 next to it; if you wait until this is very
    low to the lava, another block springs up under the Star Coin allowing you to
    get it. Quickly head on to the tightrope before it retreats back under, 
    and on the final tightrope before the last two blocks (it's really long) if you
    spring up high you can reach an out of view pipe at the top of the level. Go up
    and collect STAR COIN 3 in this hidden area. Head back down, across the final
    blocks and enter the boss door. Head all the way right to fight...
    Surprised to see him so early? If you are Fire Mario then this guy is literally
    toast, just spray him with fireballs until he dies. Otherwise, wait until he
    advances close to you and just the left hovering platform as a means to jump
    high enough over to the switch after the bridge. He also jumps high in to the
    air, and if you time it right you can run underneath and press the switch.
    You could be real sneaky if you are any variant of Super Mario, and just walk
    straight through him to the switch... loads of ways of doing this boss, just
    up to you which.
    Level 1-A
    Enter the pipe. Swim across and hit the ? block to get a power-up; if you
    are Fire Mario in this level it helps a lot, allowing you to kill any marine
    life you come across. As you swim right, the screen will automatically move
    for you. Sharks will come in pairs onward at a random position on the screen,
    just ensure that you head past them without touching. You'll come to a P
    switch, showing coins ahead that you can collect. Avoid hitting the spheres
    as you go, otherwise you'll bounce off and have a hard time recovering control.
    Onward slightly more with nothing but a blank screen, STAR COIN 1 will be
    located at the top. Head up the following pipe to an area on the surface, where
    getting on top of the bricks gets you STAR COIN 2. Head back down the right
    pipe to return below.
    Swim to the very bottom (CHECKPOINT) and grab a random power-up from the box.
    A red ring follows it at the top of the screen, although the red coins are
    hard to reach due to swimming is slow and sharks litter the place; be sure
    to drop straight down after collecting coin 7 if you want to finish the lot.
    The next area consists of various pipes emitting water currents, with sharks
    patrolling from the right. Be sure that the coast is clear before you head
    through the current (you can drift through two thirds up it). Another P-Switch
    shortly comes, with a horde of coins to collect. After the orange pipe
    STAR COIN 3 is at the top of the stage behind a rock, which can be obtained
    from quickly swimming round (or straight over as Small Mario). Swim carefully
    to the end, avoiding the sharks as you go, to reach the ending pipe that
    takes you to the ending flagpole.
     3.02. World 2
               IH         MH    LH     IH                Key
                |          |     |      |                ---
        S---1---2----3-----4--T--+---5--+--6---CA        S          = Start
                     |     |               |   |         1,2,A etc  = Levels
                  W--A--P   \-----IH-------/   P         IH         = Item House
                                                         LH         = 1-Up House
                                                         MH         = Mega House
                                                         T          = Tower
                                                         CA         = Castle
                                                         W          = Warp Cannon
                                                         P          = Pipe
    Level 2-1
    Run right, hit the ? blocks (powerup in second from left) and jump on top
    and over the Pokey. Use the Extension blocks to get over the next Pokey
    and wait until the following Pokey goes down the hill, and grab STAR COIN 1
    in the air. The next few you need to use the platforms to progress past the
    Pokeys; for the first get on the platform and at it's highest jump over
    and the following two has the Pokeys on the platforms, so wait until they
    are low to get past. Next you'll be above a sinking sand pit; wait until the
    platform and Pokey in the middle are off the top of the screen and grab
    STAR COIN 2 in the air, and head on. Use the small platform over the next
    Pokey. (CHECKPOINT)
    Grab a power-up from one of the ? blocks, and the following section involves
    thin platforms to get around Pokeys. In all cases just get the timing right
    and jump over and on ward. STAR COIN 3 will be on a low down ledge between
    two Pokeys. After this are platforms constantly going vertically, like
    from World 1-2 in SMB, so use the second line to get over the Pokey and
    into the pipe. Hit the ? blocks for a P switch to turn the coins above the
    Pokey into bricks allowing you to get high up the exit flagpole.
    Level 2-2
    Captain annoying himself, Lakitu, will appear in this level. He rides a cloud
    at the top of the screen and throws Spiny's down to you. Don't get too high
    up as touching him will injure you, although you can fireball him and steal
    his cloud and allow you to fly through the level for a short time. Of course
    this walkthrough won't provide for that, with just directions on the ground.
    Anyway when you start, head right and stick the ground and grab the ? block
    in the middle for a power-up. Over the gap (ignore the brick in the corner,
    just contains a coin), over the ledge and on to bricks and ? blocks (upper left
    ? block has a power-up). Continue going right until you reach some orange
    platforms with red Koopa's on. If you are Fire Mario, then get on here and
    fireball Lakitu to leave his cloud behind. Jump in and ride straight up for
    STAR COIN 1. Drop back down the ground and continue right, over the gap and
    pipe. Break the bricks in the ground and collect STAR COIN 2. Exit out the
    right, past the red pipe to a group of bricks; all are coins bar the left brick
    above the gap which contains a power-up. Continue right. (CHECKPOINT).
    After a strange formation of bricks are yellow and green pipes; enter the
    green pipe to be blasted up to a yellow pipe at the top of the level (hold Up
    to enter). Here you use the Cannon Pipes to get coins and activate shadow coins
    as well as collecting STAR COIN 3 above them all. When done, exit out the
    red pipe on the right and use the rocking mushroom platform on to the
    exit flagpole.
    Level 2-3
    For a great map detailing how to complete this level check out StarFighters76'
    image at http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/game/920787.html
    Enter the pipe and slide down the passage taking out the Koopa's as you go.
    The three ? blocks contain coins, and instead of heading down at the end
    wall jump to the area above to get STAR COIN 1. Head back down and Ground
    Pound the grate and head left, pushing through the barrier. The ? block
    contains a power-up, then down the hill and duck to avoid the oncoming bat
    and jump over the ground barrier to avoid getting taken down. On the far left
    Ground Pound down, and head straight right avoiding all the passages above;
    the bricks and blocks just contain coins. In this next area of barriers
    around the Piranha and star coin, push right, up, left and all the way around
    to the right side, in to the left barrier in the centre and grab STAR COIN 2.
    Drop down through the barriers on the right side and in to the next area.
    Head right and slide down the slope, and head into the left area where a
    ? block is; there is a hidden 1-Up Green Mushroom on the upper left ledge if
    you jump around and hit the brick. Drop down to the bottom passage and up
    the passage and activate the ? switch to raise the water level. Head up and
    swim right, following the line of coins (the above area takes you to the
    secret exit; see below) and enter the next area on the right. Run right
    and jump over the giant Piranha to come to a split. The lower path leads to
    ? blocks, one with a power-up, then head back and go up. Head left, up the
    ledge and take the right path up where you can jump right and get STAR COIN 3.
    Drop down to the bottom again and go up the far right path. Ignore the left
    turn off (the ? block just has a coin) and pop up the grate. Going left and
    up leads to a ? block with a power-up. To finish the level head right, up
    and activate the ! block to fill in the red blocks above the piranha. Drop
    down through the two barriers, back round left and across right to finish.
    SECRET EXIT: Unlocks Level 2-A
    When you come to the first ? switch that heightens the water level, swim
    up to the area above, where there is a group of coins and shadow coins.
    Above the left platform is an upside down ? switch; hit it and quickly swim
    up to the top where a passage leads out right to the secret exit flagpole.
    Level 2-4
    Run right and activate the P Switch on the platform to raise the ground
    left, allowing you to get to the bricks and blocks (one ? block containing a
    power-up). Head right and over to more bricks and blocks, all containing
    just coins. Over the gap and head under the pipe, wait for the piranha to
    retreat and jump on top to get STAR COIN 1. Head back left and over and start
    descending down, waiting for the piranhas to retreat into the pipes so you
    can continue. At the bottom enter the water, and if you are Mini Mario you
    can enter the pipe over the left. Otherwise continue right, where the P switch
    will show up an arch of coins. Drop in to the water and go under the ground
    right, where two pipes are. Enter the red one and in the cavern swim straight
    across the other side and up.
    You'll appear at the surface, so run left to the far side to collect
    STAR COIN 2, then hit the ? switch to raise the ground allowing you to get
    on the bridge. Right and drop down hitting both the brick and ? block for a
    power-up and ? switch. Hit the switch to raise mounds ahead, so use them to
    get over the piranhas and up the high ledge at the far side. Next are two
    rows of bricks and two Hammer Bros; wait until they are at the top and centre
    and run across the bottom and knock the middle one off by hitting a brick,
    and same with the other when he drops down. Collect STAR COIN 3 in the middle
    of the rows. Over the gap and up the steps to reach the exit flagpole.
    Level 2-Tower
    Go right and across the rotating platforms to the second set, riding it up
    where there are three ? blocks; the centre has a power-up, and get on top to
    get on another set of rotating platforms. Get off left and across the rope,
    up and onto another set of rotating platforms. Get off at the upper right,
    across the rope and through the red ring, where the coins will be located round
    the rotating platforms below. STAR COIN 1 is located at the bottom right corner
    here. Back on the platforms, and back across the rope left to the rotating
    platforms; get off at the upper left and wall jump to the door. At this
    strange orange arch platform, wall jump between the walls constantly until it
    takes you to the right ledge. Drop down, up the right and get on top of the
    ledge for STAR COIN 2 and to get to the upper left area. Wall jump in the
    ledge orange arch to reach a door.
    When you drop down hit the red block to make the red square platforms appear.
    Ignore these two and go left to another. Use this to get up the left ledge.
    STAR COIN 3 is located at the top of this area, and you have to wall jump off
    the left wall and up to grab it. You have to run from the lower red square
    platform, off the ledge and wall jump up to gain enough height. It's really
    hard to reach, so make sure you go at full speed and get as high up as you
    can to get it. Keep trying and trying until you get it; as it might take a 
    while then you might want to do this on a separate playthrough so you don't
    run out of time. If you are really struggling then you might want to try it
    with Mini Mario instead. Anyway, head back across right and use the other two
    red square platforms up the pipe which takes you to the boss door.
    Isaac van Egmond sent in an easier method of getting Star Coin 3; Thanks man!
    "If you walljump between the red tube, that brings you to the big doors, and
    the wall you will see another block. When you hit this block two other
    platforms will appear nearby the starcoin and then it is easy to get the third
    BOSS - BOWSER JR. #1
    This is the same as the first Tower battle, except sinking sand surrounds you.
    He will run toward you constantly, so when he gets close jump on his head to
    injure him. Straight after doing this he will get into his spiny shell, so
    avoid contact until he gets up again and runs toward you. Do this three times
    to finish him. You can shorten this by Ground Pounding on top of him instead,
    meaning you only have to go this twice.
    Level 2-5
    Run right and Ground Pound the ? blocks; the second from the left contains
    a powerup. Further on is a ? block that will shack and jump around, these
    are Bouncing Block enemies. If you Ground Pound this one you'll get a power-up.
    There are a few more following, and a bit further is a formation of blocks
    that look like an upside down fat T. There are two Block enemies either side,
    so get on top of one of them and wait until he jumps in the middle so you
    can jump and collect STAR COIN 1 above. Continue right across the long arch
    area, passing the block enemies until reach some grey blocks with a
    ? block (power-up). (CHECKPOINT).
    Head right, across the gap and up the grey blocks where there are rows of
    coins above. Don't collect these, but hit the P-Switch out of the bricks 
    further up and use a Brick Enemy to get on top so you can activate it. Coins
    become bricks, allowing you to go along them left to get STAR COIN 2. Head
    right, over the gap and up the moving platform where a Boomerang Bro sits
    in front of the exit pipe. Wait until he throws out both boomerangs and then
    jump on his back to dispose of him. Instead of entering the pipe, drop down
    into the sand on the right, sink down and start jumping and moving across
    right under the pipe and off the screen to reach the area underneath the
    exit flagpole. Head down the grey blocks, across the gap and use the Block
    Enemy to help you get STAR COIN 3 at the ceiling. Head back up the grey blocks
    to the surface, and use the Block Enemy to gain height on the exit flagpole
    and net you an easy 1-Up.
    Level 2-6
    Head right across to the red pipe to end up on a moving platform. Collect
    the coins until you reach three ? blocks, the right of which contains a 
    power-up. Now remain in the middle of the platform as piranhas are added onto
    the edges, so just stay there and they won't harm out. After passing a pipe
    and one of the piranhas being taken away, jump up to get STAR COIN 1. The
    ? blocks after, the lower right one has a power-up, and soon after a 1-Up
    Green Mushroom is the middle of three ? blocks. Another piranha is added, then
    another long platform appears above you. Get on and hit the ? block for a 
    power-up then get on the right side, as the piranha below is brought up to
    this upper ledge. Soon after both of them are taken away, now drop down to
    the lower platform as two more are added above.
    Stay on the left and if you are a variant of Super Mario then you can jump
    high enough to grab STAR COIN 2 as it passes high above. Now quickly move
    to the right side to avoid the piranhas bite that comes from the below.
    Now both of these long platforms will move off the screen right and you have
    to jump down onto smaller hovering platforms below. Make your way right
    across them; a piranha will appear above to fire fireballs down on you, just
    they are slow enough to easily avoid. STAR COIN 3 rests just to the right
    of the piranha. You'll head lower down and right on to land, where you have
    to jump on a pump to blast a piranha out of a pipe. Enter, across the
    final platforms and on to the exit flagpole.
    Level 2-Castle
    Wait where you are so the giant spikeball rolls in front of you, and slowly
    down the gap. Continue and make your way up the steps, jumping the spikeballs
    as you go. Bypass the one in the ditch, across the rope over another (grab the
    end so get a better swing) and over the gap down, where a power-up lies in
    the central ? block. Duck down each hole to avoid the oncoming spike balls
    then quickly over onto the grey blocks to avoid the last, then right, wall
    jump up and quickly into the niche where STAR COIN 1 is to avoid another
    spikeball. Back down and right and jump across to the bottom step and over
    the spikeball as it comes and enter the door at the top. (CHECKPOINT)
    Right and grab a power-up from the right ? block, over the Bullet Bill
    machine and run and duck down the next ledge to the ground level to avoid
    oncoming Bills. Use a Bullet Bill to bounce up the higher ledge to get
    STAR COIN 2, then head up the stairs. As you head through the passage duck
    the Bullet Bill and duck as you exit, then over and activate the ? switch
    to make the ground below dip. Head down and right over the spike ball and
    grab a power-up from the following ? block. Drop down and use the rope to get
    over the giant spikeball rolling in this pit, and on to the upper ledge
    opposite. Get the Mini Mushroom out of the right ? block and head through
    the tiny passage, over the gap and through the passage into the area below
    where STAR COIN 3 is. If you wish to return to normal, grab the Mushroom
    from the right ? block, otherwise continue as you are (required for the
    secret exit). For the last part, jump over the spikeball, activate the ? switch
    on the right and as the ball rolls right jump over and enter the door.
    Double meaning in the boss name, it looks like it's bandaged and if it isn't...
    then it's the mummy of all Pokeys. >_> Anyway he will come out of the
    ground at different heights, so when he is low down to the ground (a few
    segments deep) jump on his head. Do this three times to finish him off.
    However you can it in two if you Ground Pound, but if you do that and he
    moves toward you, you'll get hit and take damage. Plus sometimes he'll
    pop out and retreat just as quick, so look out for the sand of where he will
    come out and get him quick.
    Level 2-A
    Here water rests at the bottom of the level, with a large fish that will
    jump out and try and bite you now and again. Just keep an eye on him and be
    sure to jump out of the way if you need to. Anyway head up the ledge and
    collect a power-up from the left ? block, onward to a single ? block further
    on with another power-up in. Now wait until the fish jumps out of the water,
    then quickly run down the lower route right, jump low across the water and
    at the end jump up to the top collecting STAR COIN 1 as you go.
    Head right and use the spin block to be bounced up, and follow the line of
    coins right to another spin block. Head up again, right, and land at the
    base of the tree. Head along the ground now right, and use the spin block
    on the water (CHECKPOINT) up to the blocks above. Go right and drop down the
    line of shadow coins, and back up again to collect them, and fall down right
    following the zig zag of shadow coins to the next spin block. Head right over
    the two flying Koopa's in the air, where to the right there are several log
    platforms. STAR COIN 2 is underneath these, so don't land on them and drift
    down the left side and cut underneath and collect it, landing on the log
    on the water with the Red Koopa on. Enter the green pipe to reach the last
    area; use the spin block up and right, bounce off the flying Red Koopa and
    on top of the exit flagpole.
    SECRET EXIT: To Warp Pipe to World 5
    On the last part of the level you'll use a star block, over two flying Red
    Koopas and to some log platforms (where Star Coin 2 is underneath). Drift
    to the left of here, and underneath, and bounce off the Red Koopa on the
    log in the water and up to the right ledge where the yellow pipe is. You are
    taken to STAR COIN 3, as well as the secret exit flagpole (note that there
    are two hidden blocks to the right of those by the flagpole, so you can run
    over all four and jump high enough for a 1-Up).
     3.03. World 3
            /--1----\      MH--3----G------\             Key
           |    IH  |          |    |      |             ---
        S--+     |  +--2--T----/ LH  \--W  +---CA        S          = Start
            \----A--/  |          |        |             1,2,A etc  = Levels
                        \----B----C--------/             IH         = Item House
                                                         LH         = 1-Up House
                                                         MH         = Mega House
                                                         G          = Ghost House
                                                         T          = Tower
                                                         CA         = Castle
                                                         W          = Warp Cannon
    World 3-1
    Jump into the pipe and descend into the water.  Watch out for the large Cheep 
    Cheep enemies as Mario swims along, collecting the coins and attempting the Red 
    Coin Ring.  There is a random item box, and just beyond that, a large purple 
    fish who will attempt to eat Mario.  Fire Mario can shoot a fireball and 
    quickly eliminate this monstrosity.  
    Soon after there will be three pipes in a row, with only two of them spewing 
    bubbles.  Enter the pipe in the middle to reach a small bonus room with many 
    coins and the stage's first Star Coin.  When Mario returns to the main area he 
    can obtain the second Star Coin by swimming up between the pipes.  This is 
    difficult without Fire Mario since the purple fish will be attacking the entire 
    To the right there is a P button which turns all the blocks into coins.  Swim 
    quickly to reach the third Star Coin before they revert back into blocks 
    (though in box form they can easily be broken.)  There is a second Red Coin 
    Ring Mario can attempt before going up the tube to reach the flagpole.
    World 3-2
    Grab the Mushroom / Flower from the box at the beginning and take the shell 
    from the Koopa Troopa.  The only way to get the 1-Up from the box on the right 
    is to throw the shell at it; a Ground Pound will simply send the green mushroom 
    straight down.  Keep jumping across the moving mushroom platforms until Mario 
    comes to a yellow pipe.  Hit the box to the right of the pipe for a Mushroom / 
    Flower and then enter it.
    In this small bonus area Mario can easily reach the first Star Coin when the 
    mushroom rises up.  The same applies for the pipe on the right.  Back on the 
    surface again, jump carefully across the suspended platforms without falling to 
    maintain enough height so that Mario can reach the second Star Coin.
    SECRET EXIT - When Mario lands on the moving mushroom platform, there are three 
    pipes above.  Jump to enter the green one.  Hit the P button and jump off the 
    spinning jump device to get as many coins as possible.  Through the next pipe 
    Mario needs to be extremely careful when jumping here due to the unpredictable 
    movements of the platforms.  The alternate exit flagpole is on the far right 
    NORMAL EXIT - Ignore the three pipes on the moving mushroom and ride it 
    carefully along.  Jump often to avoid being thrown off the side.  On the next 
    moving mushroom Mario must bounce off the flying Koopa Troopas in order to 
    reach the third Star Coin.  The mushroom platform will keep moving until it 
    drops him off by the flag at the end of the stage.
    World 3-Tower
    There are three pipes at the entrance to the tower.  Enter the middle one and 
    launch Mario into the air.  Don't grab the fence at the top, allow Mario to 
    drop down and grab the lower fence.  Climb left and then all the way up to 
    locate the first Star Coin.  Once obtained, use the middle pipe again to launch 
    Mario to the higher fence.
    Just above there is a fence being guarded by four electric traps.  Press the Y 
    button to knock the inner fence around and Mario will appear on the back side.  
    Now instead of going up, climb left again (behind) either the top or bottom 
    ball of electricity and hit the fence again so that Mario swings around to the 
    right side, but is on the front of the fence.  Now when he jumps up he'll be on 
    the correct side to collect Star Coin number two.
    Either climb up the first fence or throw a Koopa Troopa shell to break the 
    block leading to a Mushroom / Flower box.  Just above is where the second Star 
    Coin is located.  Once Mario has the coin, go back down a little and to the far 
    right side, then go up from there.  Here Mario will find another fence with 
    electric traps on it.  Jump up the right side to reach a door.
    Hit the ! button to phase in some red blocks and begin jumping up the fences as 
    fast as possible.  If Mario can reach the top before the timer runs out then he 
    will find the third Star Coin.  Just outside of this room the door to the boss 
    is located on the left side.  
    BOSS - Bowser Jr. is no different that any other time.  Three jumps, two Ground 
    Pounds or a number of fireballs will be enough to take him down.  Just make 
    sure not to fall off either of the sides.
    World 3 - 3
    Enter the green pipe and Mario will appear in an underwater area.  Be careful 
    of the Blooper (squid) enemies which swim toward Mario.  Just beyond the first 
    two pipes in the level there is a large gap in the floor where Mario can sink 
    down.  At the bottom, collect the first Star Coin on the left side and then hit 
    the ? button on the right.  This button turns off the water jets from the pipes 
    so that Mario can swim up and go down again just a little to the right before 
    the streams turn back on.
    Attempt the Red Coin Ring challenge and then swim to the right.  Of the many 
    pipes only the second green one can be entered.  In the middle of the large 
    area filled with coins there is a random item box.  The second Star Coin can be 
    found down at the lower left corner, and the exit at the top right.
    When Mario reemerges from the pipe, swim to the right and drop down to the 
    bottom.  Collecting the third Star Coin will trigger the appearance of four 
    Blooper enemies that are extremely difficult to get past.  The pipe on the 
    ceiling here leads to the ending flagpole.
    World 3-Ghost House
    Get the Mushroom / Flower from the first box and hit the ? button that turns 
    the slope into stairs.  Climb the stairs and slide down the other side.  Soon 
    Mario will come to a door leading to a small room with two boxes.  The one on 
    the left has a Mushroom / Flower while the one on the right hides a Boo enemy.
    Continue to the right and go through the door beside the ? button.  Jump on the 
    heads of the pumpkins and hold the jump button to bounce and reach the first 
    Star Coin.  Leave the room and hit the ? button.  Jump on the platform and from 
    there to the stairs.  Jump to the stairs on the left before the timer runs out 
    and collect the second Star Coin.  Hit the ? button again, but this time jump 
    to the stairs on the right and keep climbing to the top.  Run to the right and 
    slide down the slope.  At what seems to be a dead end, there is a lone block 
    revealing a ? button.  
    SECRET EXIT - Mario must be extremely fast for this.  Hit the ? button and then 
    Wall Kick off the wall to the right to save time jumping up the steps.  Rather 
    than dropping down to the default door, keep going left and down the big slope.
    Before the timer runs out there is a secret door beside the preexisting door at 
    the bottom.  Through this door is the Ghost House's secret exit.  Wall Kick off 
    the right side of the vertical blocks to reach the platform beside the 
    NORMAL EXIT - Hit the button and climb back up to reach the door that just 
    appeared.  Jump to the left and up on the platforms to find a random item box.  
    Attempt to time it so that Mario receives a Blue Shell.  Now over on the right 
    side, hit the ? button to create the stairs.  Climb the stairs as fast as 
    possible to reach the top.  Assuming Mario was able to get the Blue Shell, 
    Shell Mario can break through the blocks on the right side and acquire the 
    third Star Coin.  Through the door is the default flagpole for the stage.
    World 3-Castle
    Be careful of the large spiked pillars which slam down into the ground.  To get 
    the first Star Coin, drop down after the pillar raises and remain in the small 
    covered area left of the coin while it comes down again before going back up.  
    Have Mario jump repeatedly on the floating platform to keep it from collapsing 
    under him while he waits for the pillars.
    Jump to avoid the falling Whomps.  Wait for the third one to drop on the spikes 
    so that Mario has a platform to jump across.  Ignore the second Star Coin for 
    now and climb the pole.  Jump across the water and grab the rope.  Swing over 
    to the left and jump across the top.  Wait for the Whomp to go down and then 
    drop to get the Star Coin. 
    The next section of the castle is a long stretch of platforms and spiked 
    pillars.  Time Mario's jumps carefully and know when to go, and when not to.  
    Before going through the double doors leading to the boss, have Mario run right 
    and duck to slide under the gap into the water.  Wait for the pillar to come 
    down then jump out of the water onto the left ledge, then from there up to the 
    third Star Coin.  Mario can now safely drop back down and go through the doors.
    BOSS - The boss is a large fish which swims around in the water and jumps 
    periodically.  To defeat the fish Mario simply needs to jump on its head when 
    the fish leaps out of the water.  Make sure to hit the top rather than the 
    mouth section.  A number of normal Cheep Cheeps will also jump out of the 
    water, but they only serve as minor enemies for Mario to avoid.
    World 3-A
    Jump into the water and attempt to hit the boxes before the water striders 
    destroy them with depth charges.  On top of the barrel is a box with a Mushroom 
    / Flower inside of it.  Jump into the water and attempt the Red Coin Ring down 
    at the bottom.  Continue left to reach an area with some block outlines.  When 
    Mario hits the ! button they will temporarily phase into existence.  Move 
    quickly and run along them to reach the upper ledge.
    Jump down into the water and swim around with the water strider drops Depth 
    Charges through the blocks, including the ones protecting the first Star Coin.  
    Proceed to the right and bounce off the Koopa Troopa on the barrel to reach the 
    second Star Coin.  The box underwater here has a Mini Mushroom inside of it.  
    Grab the item and jump across to the pip on the right.
    As Mini Mario, drop below the surface of the water and swim to the right side.  
    Let the water strider drop a depth charge and break the blocks to open the 
    small pipe.  This pipe leads to a bonus room with a umber of coins and a box.  
    The box has a Mushroom inside which is best NOT to obtain since Mario still 
    needs to remain small.  Crush the mini Goombas and go back up.
    Jump up from this pipe to the pipe in the ceiling and enter that one.  Mini 
    Mario can run across the surface of the water here and reach Star Coin number 
    three with ease.  After this it is simply a matter of going back and jumping 
    into the pipe on the right side.  This will bring Mario to the final platforms 
    before the flag at the end of the stage.  
    World 3-B
    Mario must perform a running leap to clear the first pipe.  Get the Mushroom / 
    Flower from the second of two boxes.  The Piranha Plants up ahead will spit 
    fireballs at Mario, so watch out!  Jump over and duck under the next few plants 
    Mario encounters and stop when he reaches the first Star Coin.  To acquire the 
    coin, Mario must go a little ways to the right and enter the short red pipe 
    with no Piranha Plant coming out of it.  Head left at the bottom and jump into 
    the first red pipe coming down from above to get the coin.
    Down at the bottom there is a random item box on the left.  Head back to the 
    first pipe and return to the top.  Jump to the right across the dangerous gaps 
    and carnivorous plants until Star Coin number two comes into view.  To get this 
    coin Mario must Wall Kick between the pipes just to the left and come down on 
    it from above.  Drop down and continue moving right.
    No special techniques are necessary to obtain Star Coin number three.  Simply 
    drop down from the left and go under the Piranha Plant to pick it up.  From 
    here it is only a short trek right to reach the flagpole.
    World 3-C
    The giant piranha fish is back in this stage.  Additionally, there are 
    platforms which will drop when Mario stands on them.  Run to the right while 
    attempting to avoid the small platforms.  When the first Star Coin becomes 
    visible, simply stand on the platforms above to be dropped right down on top of 
    it.  Keep moving to the right while avoiding the jumping Cheep Cheeps.
    Just beyond this section lies the second Star Coin.  Mario must reach it by 
    jumping up from the water.  There is a Koopa Troopa just to the right; its 
    shell can be thrown to eliminate the large fish.  Mario has just enough time to 
    jump in the water and collect the coin before it comes back.
    Hit the P button on your right and get ready to run.  The box above the newly-
    formed blocks contains a Star, but there may not be enough time to get it.  
    Mario must jump quickly from platform to platform in order to reach the block 
    platform below the red pipe before the P timer runs out.  If he can reach it in 
    time, the pipe will take him to a platform above the exit area which drops him 
    onto the third Star Coin.  From here Mario can simply jump to reach the 
     3.04. World 4
             IH        MH---A---\      LH IH             Key
              |             |   |       |  |             ---
        S--1--2----3---T----+   +--G----5--6--CA         S          = Start
           |           |    |   |  |                     1,2,A etc  = Levels
           \----LH-----/    \---4  \--W                  IH         = Item House
                                                         LH         = 1-Up House
                                                         MH         = Mega House
                                                         G          = Ghost House
                                                         T          = Tower
                                                         CA         = Castle
                                                         W          = Warp Cannon
    World 4-1
    Grab the Mushroom / Flower from the first boxes.  The spiders in this level 
    work great for Mario to bounce across and collect points / coins.  When he 
    reaches two spiders next to one another he must bounce off their backs to reach 
    the first Star Coin.  Keep moving until Mario reaches the Nessie creature in 
    the water.  Note also that it is possible for Mario to bounce off the backs of 
    enemies from the beginning of this stage until this point, garnering many 1-Ups 
    in the process.
    While standing on Nessie's head, jump on top of the first three blocks that 
    Mario passes.  From here, bounce off the head of the first spider to reach the 
    second Star Coin.  Mario can either land back on Nessie or keep bouncing to the 
    right.  It's not actually necessary to use Nessie here at all.  
    SECRET EXIT - While riding on Nessie, Mario will pass under a row of five 
    boxes.  Jump on top of these boxes and stand in the middle.  Jump to reveal a 
    hidden box with a beanstalk that grows out of it.  This beanstalk leads to a 
    pipe and a succession of three spiders to bounce across to reach the flag.
    NORMAL EXIT - Land back on Nessie's head or keep jumping to reach the side.  
    Hop across the spiders to find the third Star Coin down below a set of blocks.  
    Slide down the side of the wall and Mario will land cautiously on the platform 
    to get the coin.  After that it's only a few jumps to reach the end.  Jump from 
    the edge of the ledge and bounce off the spider to hit the top of the 
    World 4-2
    This stage introduces the purple mushroom platforms which will tip under the 
    weight of Mario.  Jump quickly across them or bounce off the heads' of enemies 
    to avoid being dumped over the edge.  If Mario must remain on one then constant 
    jumping or standing in the centre will work just as well.  The first Star Coin 
    can be obtained by Wall Kicking off the left wall in such a way that Mario 
    collects all the coins (and the Star Coin) in a single leap.
    To reach the second Star Coin, Mario must stand on the edge of the right side 
    and remain there until he collects the coin.  Jump immediately at that point to 
    avoid falling.  There's a Red Coin Ring just up ahead that can be attempted.  A 
    little beyond that make sure NOT to do a Ground Pound and hit the box at ground 
    level.  Mario must instead jump down onto the purple mushroom platform and jump 
    left.  Hit the box to reveal a beanstalk, then stand on the purple mushroom and 
    leap back up.
    The beanstalk leads to a cloudy bonus area with another beanstalk up to the 
    level's third Star Coin.  When Mario returns he will be deposited onto a 
    platform where he can simply hop, jump, and leap to the right to hit the 
    highest point on the flagpole.  
    World 4-3
    It's another automatic scrolling underwater level.  What's new is the enormous 
    ell that swims across the top of the screen only seconds after the level 
    begins.  Be sure to remain as low as possible.  After that, Mario must swim as 
    far ass possible to the right so that he has time to collect the first Star 
    Coin before the screen scrolls past.
    Attempt the Red Coin Ring and watch out for small eels that try to bit toward 
    both their left and right sides.  For the second Star Coin, come right down 
    directly on top of it to avoid the eels.
    Before long Mario will come to a ? button on the ceiling.  Hit the button 
    quickly before the eel appears and them swim down to the bottom.  If the timing 
    is right, Mario should be able to reach the last pipe (green) before the 
    bubbles come back on.  Down this pipe is a secret room with the third Star 
    Coin.  Swim across the top to reach it.  
    Back in the water again it's only a short distance further before Mario reaches 
    the final green pipe that takes him to the stage's flag.
    World 4-Tower
    Mario can begin the tower stage by waiting for the blocks to slide closed and 
    jump up them, however it is much easier to simply use Wall Kicks.  Take the 
    Mushroom / Flower from the box at the top and proceed through the door.  
    In this area there is lava flowing upward quickly.  The fastest way to climb is 
    to repeatedly jump while holding up on the D-Pad.  When Mario reaches a point 
    where he can go either up or left (under a block moving up and down) go left.  
    Mario must be on the back of the fence to find Star Coin number one hidden in 
    the corner.  
    The second Star Coin is located at the upper right hand corner of a large wide 
    fence with some electric traps above it.  Jump from the fence to reach the coin 
    in the air.  From here Mario needs to keep climbing further up as fast as 
    possible.  Stay on the right side and go up those fences.  The third Star Coin 
    is found at the top above a moving block.  Grab the coin and then land on the 
    block.  Duck down (if big Mario) in order to fit underneath and continue up the 
    left side.  There is a Red Coin Ring to attempt before reaching the boss door 
    at the top.
    BOSS - Bowser Jr. has changed a little since the last encounter.  It is no 
    longer possible to jump on his head when he charges.  After he does however, he 
    will throw a green shell.  Jump on the shell to stop it and then pick it up to 
    throw at Bowser Jr.  He will flip over and reveal his stomach allowing Mario to 
    jump.  Three normal jumps, or a jump and a Ground Pound are enough to finish 
    him off.
    World 4-4
    The Wigglers in this stage will move slowly (until their heads are jumped on) 
    after which they will enter an "angry" state.  Grab the Mushroom / Flower from 
    the box and then jump across until the first Star Coin is visible.  To make 
    things easier Mario may want to throw a Koopa Troopa shell down to eliminate 
    the Wiggler.  After that he can slide on the left wall and Wall Kick to reach 
    the coin (then do the same to get back up.)  
    On the other side of the long bridge there are two boxes (one sprouts a 
    beanstalk) and a random item box.  Climb the beanstalk and go left.  One of the 
    boxes here also sprouts a beanstalk and it leads up to the second Star Coin at 
    the top.  
    Over to the right from here Mario must jump across a number of closely-spaced 
    gaps.  The third Star Coin can be obtained by sliding down the left wall and 
    Wall Kicking before Mario meets his doom.  Bounce across the Wigglers and 
    flying Koopa Troopas to reach a vertical line of them at the end (enough to 
    yield a single 1-Up if all of them are bounced.)  The yellow pipe leads to the 
    flagpole at the end of the level.
    World 4-Ghost House
    Get the Mushroom / Flower from the first box and jump across the platforms 
    until Mario reaches a door.  Go through it and hit the ? button to make a 
    number of boxes fall down.  It matters little whether the boxes are actually 
    hit, what Mario must make sure to do is jump on top of any one of them and wait 
    until the timer runs out.  The boxes will shoot back up, bringing Mario with 
    Run to the right and grab the first Star Coin then jump on the platform to be 
    swung around to the other side.  Run and duck underneath the Big Boo then hop 
    up the platforms on the other side to reach a ! button.  This that button to 
    phase in some blocks that Mario can use to reach the door at the upper right.  
    Turn left and hit the ! button here as well.  Wall Kick between the vertical 
    blocks to reach the second Star Coin at the top.  Hit the ! button once more 
    and it will create a small platform Mario can stand on to enter the pipe on the 
    right side.  
    SECRET EXIT - Requires Mini Mario.  Hit the ! button and run to the right.  
    Instead of going into the pipe, jump on top of it then jump again and Wall Kick 
    to the right.  A secret platform is here that Mario can land on.  Wall Kick 
    further up.  Ignore the door and keep Wall Kicking to reach the third Star 
    Coin, then go through the door to find the level's secret exit
    NORMAL EXIT - At the top, go left and jump up the platforms.  There is a door 
    on the right, make sure NOT to take it as it will send Mario backward in the 
    level.  Instead, jump on the box to the left and from there up to an area t the 
    top with another door; the real door leading to the stage's flagpole.
    World 4-5
    Enter the pipe at the beginning and jump to the right until Mario reaches a 
    pipe with Bob-ombs coming out.  Grab one of these and drop it again the wall to 
    blast a hole.  Continue across the boxes (being careful of spike-shelled 
    enemies crawling across the ceiling) until the first Star Coin is visible.  
    It's hidden behind a couple of blocks, but dropping a Bob-omb beside them will 
    allow Mario to access it.
    The second Star Coin can be seen above the moving bridges.  To acquire this 
    coin Mario must hit the Bob-omb walking beside it from below.  Hit the box that 
    the Bob-omb is standing on to explode it and reveal a hole that Mario can jump 
    through to reach the coin.
    A few bridges later a pipe can be seen at the top of the screen dropping bombs.
    Under the bridge beside it there is another pipe with blocks above it blocking 
    the entrance.  Grab one of the Bob-ombs and drop it on this covered pipe to 
    open it up.  The pipe leads to a secret area with many Bob-ombs.  Jump on their 
    heads to blow them up, just make sure there is at least one left to place 
    carefully in case none of the other blow open a hole to the third Star Coin.
    A final spike-shelled enemy is all that remains in Mario's way between this 
    point and the flagpole at the end of the stage.
    World 4-6
    A much larger version of the previous Nessie will take Mario through most of 
    this level.  Remember that a Ground Pound on the creature's back will cause it 
    to lower its head and move quite a bit faster.  Go under the first platform 
    above, but make sure to jump on the second to get the first Star Coin.  
    Jump off Nessie's head when Mario reaches the area with the Piranha Plants.  
    Wait on the other side until Nessie comes back out of the water before jumping.
    Jump to a platform with the P button and wait until Nessie catches up before 
    hitting it.  Mario can jump to the second Star Coin as well as hit the box with 
    a Mushroom / Flower in it from here.
    The next section of the level is a long stretch of Piranha Plants Mario can 
    typically avoid by crouching down.  Make sure to remain on the creature's head 
    so that when it raises back up, Mario is able to hit the ! button and jump to 
    the pipe before it's too late.  The pipe leads to a secret area with many 
    coins, the third Star Coin and a 1-Up.  Return to the main area and go right 
    into the pipe.  Before the exit there is an invisible block Mario can hit while 
    standing on the green pipe which allows him to get on top of the high one and 
    reach the top of the flagpole.
    World 4-Castle
    Mario has to jump across large swinging platforms to avoid falling in the lava 
    here.  On the last one before he reaches solid ground again, wait until it 
    swings all the way to the right and leap off to reach the first Star Coin.  
    Drop back down and proceed to the right.  Either wait for the Thwomps to drop 
    down or run quickly to avoid them entirely.
    In this area Mario can Wall Kick up the left side (with the coins) to avoid the 
    Thwomp here.  Go right at the top and wait for the giant Thwomp to smash 
    through the blocks below, revealing a hole leading to the second Star Coin.  
    After obtaining it, go back left a little bit to the two ? boxes.  Just up a 
    left of these boxes is a small platform.  Stand on this platform to jump and 
    reveal a hidden box with a Star inside of it.  Use this Star to blaze through 
    all of the enemies to the right and likely yield a 1-Up.
    Hop over the magma gaps at the bottom until Mario reaches another swinging 
    platform with a box above it.  Wait until the platform swings toward him and 
    hit the box.  Grab the 1-Up while jumping onto the platform and then drop down 
    to grab the third Star Coin.  The remainder of the castle is just a bunch of 
    swinging platforms leading to the boss door.
    BOSS - The boss of this castle is a Giant Goomba!  He can be damaged in one of 
    two ways: fireballs or Ground Pounds.  The gaps in the floor allow Mario to 
    hide and duck while the boss is going overhead.  The ? button will make two 
    platforms appear on either side that raise Mario above the ground and give him 
    enough height to Wall Kick and Ground Pound the Goomba.  It's not actually 
    necessary to hit the ? button.  Mario can Wall Kick normally, bounce off the 
    creatures head high into the air and then Ground Pound from there. 
    World 4-A
    A good tip to remember for this level is that the lower Mario grabs hold of the 
    vines, the further he can swing.  Get hold of the vines and start swinging 
    across the level.  In addition to the vines, this level also introduces the 
    rolling contraption which moves on water when Mario stands on the platforms to 
    roll it in either direction.
    Use the Koopa Troopas and flying Koopa Troopas in order to reach the higher 
    ledges and coins.  The first Star Coin (somewhat late in the level) can be 
    reached with a normal jump from the wheel platform.  Just beyond this point 
    however, there is a flying Koopa Troopa above the next wheel platform.  Bounce 
    on its head and grab the vine so that Mario can swing to the secret pipe on the 
    Jump on top of the blocks and hit the P button to turn them into coins.  Grab 
    the second Star Coin and then take a single Koopa Troopa shell and throw it to 
    eliminate every last Koopa Troopa in an instant (likely netting a 1-Up too.)  
    After that take the pipe on the right side to return to the main stage.  Much 
    of the level is bypassed by taking this shortcut, but nothing essential is 
    Wait for the Piranha Plants to come up and then jump over to the pipes.  There 
    are three pipes on the right and Mario can enter the lowest one.  Be careful 
    when he pops out as the Piranha Plants will bite downward as well.  Wall Kick 
    to reach the third and final Star Coin before going back up.  The pipe on the 
    right takes Mario to the finish.  Swing on the vine and jump to the platform to 
    reach the highest point on the flagpole.  
     3.05. World 5
             /--1--\    PA--3----------G--+-------\       Key
             |  |  |        |          |  |       |       ---
       S--1--+  PA +--T-----+  PB   W--/  C   LH--4--CA   S          = Start
             |     |  |     |  |          |          |    1,2,A etc  = Levels
             \--A--/  \-IH  \--B----------+--MH     PB    IH         = Item House
                                                          LH         = 1-Up House
                                                          MH         = Mega House
                                                          G          = Ghost House
                                                          T          = Tower
                                                          CA         = Castle
                                                          PA         = Pipe A to A
                                                          PB         = Pipe B to B
                                                          W          = Warp Cannon
    World 5-1
    Head off to the right at the beginning and watch out for snowballs and falling 
    snow.  In order to reach the boxes above the deep snow, simply jump across them 
    and use the Ground Pound to get the items / coins.  When the first Star Coin 
    becomes visible all Mario has to do is jump off the box on the right to reach 
    it.  The second Star Coin can be reached either by bouncing off the back of 
    the jumping Koopa Troopa or leaping off the floating item box.
    Keep going right and hit the yellow block to raise its height, giving Mario the 
    ability to jump on the enemy's head and reach the third Star Coin.  From here 
    there is only a short distance remaining until the flagpole.
    World 5-2
    Enter the pipe and head right at the bottom in the underground area.  At the 
    first box containing a Mushroom / Flower, make a running jump to the left and 
    Wall Kick twice to land on top of the mass of bricks with he spiked enemies 
    inside.  There is a very long hidden row of coins up here.
    Keep going right to the area with the many pipes and Piranha Plants.  Ground 
    Pound the first block in the floor to set loose a 1-Up which Mario can follow 
    along with.  Super Mario is required to break the blocks along the way and take 
    the third Star Coin.  Now Mario needs to grab the trampoline and bring it back 
    left again to a yellow pipe in the ceiling.  Use the trampoline to jump and 
    reach that pipe.
    There is a coin bandit here to follow along to the end.  From there either 
    bounce off its head or jump from the green pipe to reach the second Star Coin.  
    Go down the pipe and continue to the right.  
    SECRET EXIT - Just a little bit further there is a green pipe in the ceiling 
    with a Piranha Plant coming out of it.  Jump up there and wait for the Piranha 
    Plant to disappear, then enter the pipe.  This brings Mario to the flagpole of 
    the stage's secret exit.
    NORMAL EXIT - Beyond the Piranha Plant are a few platforms leading to the 
    default pipe and the stage's normal exit flagpole.
    World 5-Tower
    The platform will automatically ascend while spiked balls are dropped.  Simply 
    dodge the balls and hit whatever boxes Mario can while going up.  The first 
    Star Coin is on the right side and quite easy to obtain.  Avoid jumping on the 
    Dry Bones and the spiked balls will take care of them permanently.  The second 
    Star Coin is located in a similar fashion right in the middle.
    When a very large spiked ball comes out it become necessary to remain as high 
    as possible using the new ledges that come down.  Try to stick to he right side 
    as much as possible so that Mario is in a good position to grab the third Star 
    Coin when it appears.  Given a bad position it may be necessary for Mario to 
    repeatedly Wall Kick in order to avoid being smushed.
    BOSS - Bowser Jr. has been downgraded to just running back and forth again.  
    Bounce on his head three times to defeat him.  Sometimes you can even defeat 
    Bowser jr. simply by jumping three times in rapid succession before he is able 
    to get back on his feet again.
    World 5-3
    Very quickly grab the Mushroom / Flower at the start and then slide down the 
    hill.  Keep holding down on the D-Pad until Mario virtually comes to a stop.  
    Best case scenario it will result in two 1-Ups.  From the point where Mario 
    stops, leap to the right (on top of the ice blocks) and jump to reach the first 
    Star Coin.  Drop straight down from the coin and fall down the gap.  There are 
    two pipes here, a small one and a big one.
    The small pipe (requires Mini Mario) leads to a bonus room with a box 
    containing a Star.  While in Star mode, everywhere Mario moves is followed by a 
    trail of coins.  Jump around like crazy and don't worry about collecting the 
    coins until the time is up.  There are plenty of coins here, but ultimately not 
    much else.  The bigger pipe simply shoots Mario into the air and out of that 
    little area.
    When Mario comes back out of the pipe, hit the ? box on the left for a Mushroom 
    / Flower and go to the right.  Duck and slide under the small ceiling and (as 
    Super Mario) break the boxes and take the second Star Coin.  Slide back under 
    to the left and stop on the other side.  While standing directly beside the low 
    ceiling area, jump once to reveal an invisible block.  Stand on this block and 
    Wall Kick to reach an area above (there is also a beanstalk that leads here, 
    but this way works just as well.)
    Jump across to the right until Mario finds a line of coins going straight down.
    Drop down and Wall Kick to reach the third Star Coin.  Keep going to the right 
    and slide down the final hill, then jump to grab the flagpole.
    World 5-Ghost House
    A crazy punching ghost greets Mario at the beginning of the Ghost House.  It 
    requires three jumps to be defeated.  Avoid killing the first one you see; 
    instead run to the right (while jumping up the stairs) and allow him to follow 
    Mario while punching away the blocks that guard the two boxes.  Keep going up 
    and lure the next creature through the blocks.  After he drops, jump up above 
    him so that he moves right and destroys the blocks below.  Take that path and 
    Wall Kick up to the top to get the first Star Coin.
    As Mario keeps going up, notice there is a door at the upper left corner of a 
    stairway.  It can be reached with a running leap, or by bouncing off the head 
    of one of the punching enemies.  In this room there are many punchers.  Jump up 
    on the blocks beside Mario and then Wall Kick from there to reach the second 
    Star Coin.  Exit the room quickly before any harm comes to Mario.
    SECRET EXIT - Head up to a large set of stairs with a row of three normal 
    bricks on the left.  Stand on these bricks and jump to reveal three more 
    blocks.  Jump onto these blacks and jump in the middle to reveal a beanstalk.  
    The beanstalk leads up to a secret door.  Stay on the platform as it goes up 
    and tilts.  When the platform drops to the bottom, run to the right side and 
    hold right on the D-Pad.  As it goes up again Mario will drop down to an area 
    with the third Star Coin and another beanstalk box leading up to a door.  This 
    door leads to the Ghost House's secret exit.
    NORMAL EXIT - Back in the main area, keep jumping up and up and... up.  Before 
    long Mario will come to a coloured platform with a mind of its own.  The 
    platforms moves wildly.  Just stay in the middle to avoid being thrown off and 
    be care of the Boo enemies when it drops back down.  At the top there is a door 
    that leads to the Ghost House's default exit.
    World 5-4
    The "new mushroom platform of the week" is a yellow type which lowers as Mario 
    stands on it.  The more reddish-orange type works in the opposite direction.  
    Watch out for Bullet Bills being fired in Mario's direction as he jumps across 
    these platforms.  Note also that this is an automatic scrolling level, meaning 
    that Mario must maintain a certain pace in order to stay alive.  
    The first Star Coin is obtained by jumping from a yellow mushroom platform high 
    up to the right.  One might think the second impossible to get without Mini 
    Mario (as there is a small path right beside the first coin), however if Mario 
    moves quickly below he can stand on the red mushroom platform and reach it from 
    the right side.  
    Keep going to the right and throw the green Koopa Troopa shell to knock a 1-Up 
    Mushroom out of the nearby box.  The third and final Star Coin looks as though 
    it is positioned in such a way that it can be grabbed from any direction, 
    however it's actually only possible to get by running off the edge of the red 
    mushroom platform to the right.
    World 5-Castle
    Conveyer belts and Piranha Plants are the hot ticket item in this castle.  Fire 
    Mario helps out immensely here.  Once Mario has nabbed the first Star Coin he 
    needs to quickly jump to the belt on the right in order to avoid the Piranha 
    Plant which will inevitably drop from above.  
    Bounce across the heads' of the Dry Bones as Mario makes his way right.  Just 
    past the three conveyor belts the second Star Coin can be seen at the top.  An 
    infinite number of Dry Bones and trampolines will appear from the right.  Only 
    the trampolines and the large Dry Bones have enough bounce power to get Mario 
    up to the coin at the top.
    It may be a good idea to grab one of these trampolines and bring it along for 
    now.  Keep going right to reach a random item box and a large Piranha Plant.  
    When Mario comes to a ? box high in the air with a gap above it, there are two 
    ways of reaching it: use the trampoline or make a running jump from the right.  
    After landing on the box, jump and Wall Kick to land up above.  Run all the 
    way to the right and drop down.  The third Star Coin is found on the left side.
    After this Wall Kick back up and drop down through the gap again.  Keep running 
    right until Mario reaches the door to the boss.
    BOSS - The boss is a giant Piranha Plant which flies around and drops down to 
    the group (attempting to land on Mario's head).  When it drops it will slip and 
    fall on the ice, allowing Mario to jump on the plant and do damage.  After it 
    gets up the Piranha Plant will bounce around and then fly back up again to 
    repeat the process.  Three jumps or two Ground Pounds are all it takes to 
    defeat the boss.
    In order to reach World 7, Mario must do one of two things: either beat this 
    boss as Mini Mario (which is a fairly difficult task) or simply take one of the 
    cannons from an earlier world (which is a much easier task).  It makes 
    absolutely no difference and remains up to the player to choose.
    World 5-A
    The new kind of platforms; extending and retracting.  Grab the Mushroom / 
    Flower from the box and jump across.  Keep in mind that not every one is in the 
    same state at the same time.  Just past the Red Coin Ring there is a platform 
    near the bottom which leads to the first Star Coin and a ! button.  Grab the 
    coin and hit the button to give Mario a platform he can use to get back up.
    Next Mario will find a box hover alone in the sky.  The best way to hit it is 
    to bounce off a Koopa Troopa.  If that's not possible then jumping left from 
    the higher extended platform, hitting the box, and landing on the lower 
    retracted platform is possible (albeit difficult).  A beanstalk pops out that 
    Mario is able to climb.  
    Hit the P button at the top and launch off the jumping platform.  Land on the 
    platform at the top and jump to reach the second Star Coin.  To get back to the 
    level, simply drop off the right side.  Jump onto the platforms to the right 
    and keep an eye out for the third Star Coin down near the bottom which can be 
    reached while all the platforms are retracting.  Jump back up and head right to 
    find the flagpole almost immediately.
    World 5-B
    Proceed to the right and slide down the first hill.  Jump at the bottom to get 
    enough height in order to land on the platforms above.  The first Star Coin is 
    found just a little bit further and is not difficult to get.  Left of it there 
    is a 1-Up Mushroom inside the box.
    The second Star Coin is visible just a little bit further on.  To obtain it, go 
    to the right side and jump up to the P button.  Jump across the ice before the 
    time runs out in order to get it before it gets barricaded again.  The third 
    Star Coin is only a tiny bit further along, down a few ice steps and over one 
    of those snail things.
    SECRET EXIT - Just before the end there is an area where a Wall Kick will get 
    Mario up on an ice slope before the flag.  Keep Wall Kicking up to the left and 
    he will reach a secret area.  Go left to find a green pipe blocked by two 
    boxes.  Shell Mario is required to break through here.  The pipe leads to a 
    secret exit and creates a path to the second warp pipe.
    NORMAL EXIT - Wall Kick up to the sloping part and use it to gain speed in 
    order to reach the highest point on the default flagpole.
    World 5-C
    The puncher is back in this stage as well.  Drop through the pipe and run to 
    the right.  Mario can kill the first puncher, but allow the second one to pass.
    He is required in order to punch through the blocks below the second Star Coin 
    (it's not possible to Ground Pound through the top).
    When Mario reaches the area with platforms scrolling upwards and downwards, 
    stay on the downward scrolling ones toward the bottom and go right.  When the 
    shelled enemy drops from the roof, jump on it and throw it in the other 
    direction to have it obtain the second Star Coin automatically.  Worth noting 
    is that the first block on the long row of blocks on the right at the top has a 
    1-Up Mushroom inside.
    Super Mario is required for this next part.  Avoid the puncher when he comes 
    down the hill.  Note that the back on the far right of the four in a row here 
    has a beanstalk in it.  The blocks at the top will prevent the beanstalk from 
    growing properly so Mario must first break the block above it before releasing 
    the beanstalk.
    Be careful up here since it's possible to mess this if when moving too quickly.
    Do NOT kill the puncher, rather jump over him and hit the P button on the other 
    side.  Be careful on the lower level since Mario cannot jump as high due to the 
    invisible boxes above.  Jump over the puncher and stand on the blocks above the 
    third Star Coin so he will break them and allow Mario to pick it up.  From here 
    it's only a straight drop down to the platform beside the flagpole.
    Assuming this exit isn't taken Mario must make a perilous journey across some 
    red blocks after hitting the ? button.  Stay on top of the highest vertical 
    block stakes to avoid being punched to death.  The pipe to the exit is just on 
    that right side of this stretch.
     3.06. World 6
          1------\  LH     MH   IH      5-----\           Key
          |      |   |      |    |      |     |           ---
       S--+  IH  +---2--T1--3----4--T2--+ LH  6--CA       S          = Start
          |  |   |                      |  |  |           1,2,A etc  = Levels
          \--A---/                      \--B--/           IH         = Item House
                                                          LH         = 1-Up House
                                                          MH         = Mega House
                                                          T1         = Tower 1
                                                          T2         = Tower 2
                                                          CA         = Castle
    World 6-1
    Well on the way to the end.  This level is filled with all kinds of rotating 
    cannons.  Head off to the right until Mario comes to a thin ledge.  While 
    walking across the ledge he can jump as well as alternate between standing and 
    hanging positions by pressing up/down on the D-Pad.  On the other side, jump up 
    toward the wall on the right and Wall Kick to get the first Star Coin.
    Go down below and Wall Kick again to find another box with a Mushroom / Flower 
    inside.  Up the other side Mario can easily reach the second Star Coin at the 
    top.  Keep going right to a tall stack of cannons that consists of at least 
    four.  Make a running jump to the right and bounce off a Bullet Bill to land on 
    the platform above the cannons and keep going right to find a small pipe that 
    only Mini Mario an fit through.
    The small pipe just leads to another Mini Mario bonus room with coins and small 
    Goombas and a big spinning square.  After dropping down the right side, go back 
    left a little bit to find the third Star Coin floating just below the ledge.  
    Press down to hang and grab it then run to the right to reach the flagpole.
    World 6-A
    Proceed right across the blocks above the quicksand to a very large whirlwind.  
    Jump into the whirlwind to launch Mario high into the air.  The first Star Coin 
    can be obtained by floating right while spinning in the air.  Continue to the 
    right and eliminate the Lakitu enemies floating in the air if possible 
    (although taking their clouds is unnecessary).  Keep an eye out for a tall pool 
    of quicksand between two blocks.  If Mario sinks down into this he will enter a 
    hidden room below.
    Wall Kick up the left side (somewhat difficult) to grab the stage's second Star 
    Coin.  After that be careful of the spiked creatures as Mario jumps up the 
    right side and into the pipe at the top.  After coming out of the pipe, head to 
    the right to find a ? box below a short bridge above.  Sink below the sand and 
    go under the rock to reach this box which contains a Star.
    Upon reaching the numerous pipes, drop down to the short yellow one and go 
    through the find the third Star Coin above a large Piranha Plant.  Go back up 
    and enter the green pipe to be launched over the gap.  This is necessary 
    because once Mario drops down there are invisible boxes preventing him from 
    going back up again.  Keep going to the right and enter the pipe that leads to 
    the exit flag.  There is an invisible box above the small hill that will help 
    Mario reach high on the pole.
    World 6-2
    A rising and falling water level will make things difficult in this stage.  
    Head across to the right and through the red pipe without being hit by any 
    spiked foes.  The water level goes even higher in this area.  Locate the first 
    ? box (with a coin in it) and just to the right there is an invisible box.  
    Above those two there are two more invisible boxes and one of them sprouts a 
    beanstalk.  Climb this beanstalk to the platform above.
    Hit the box here and stomp the P button.  Quickly jump across the boxes and 
    platforms to reach the first Star Coin. Drop down a little to the left and 
    attempt the Red Coin Ring.  Further to the right there is a tall green pipe.  
    Enter it and the pipe will shoot Mario high into the sky to reach a cloudy 
    bonus area.  Hundreds of ? boxes will begin floating by.  The best way to hit 
    as many as possible is to position Mario below the lowest point on the curve 
    and time the jumps to hit every second box.  Some of them will even yield 1-Up 
    Mushrooms.  After dropping back down make sure to go back a little to the left 
    and swim up to the second Star Coin.
    Continue right and hit the box above the spiked enemies to get a Star.  Use 
    this Star to run along the bottom safely and grab the third Star Coin on the 
    left side.  From here it's a quick and simple trip to the yellow exit pipe 
    leading to the flagpole.
    World 6-Tower
    Large spiked pillars are the primary kill force Mario will encounter here.  Nab 
    the Mushroom / Flower from the first ? box and time jumps to avoid being hit.  
    At times it may be necessary to duck down in small holes and wait.  Just up a 
    little ways the first STAR COIN is found on the left side.  
    Keep jumping up further while avoiding the spikes.  Eventually Mario will reach 
    a door at the top (with a number of invisible blocks just to the right.)  
    Through the door is a room with a number of spiked pillars that wait for a 
    short while to give Mario the chance to reach the top.  On the way up the 
    second STAR COIN is found, but it's best to actually reach the top and drop 
    back down before attempting to pick it up.
    Through the door the final double doors leading to the boss can be found.  
    Above these doors is a secret pipe.  Mini Mario can Wall Kick easily to reach 
    the top, however so can normal Mario.   It's quite difficult, but by wall 
    kicking the exact instant Mario hits the wall (no sliding down) it's possible 
    to get a bit of extra height each time and reach the ledge above.  
    Go through the pipe and grab the third STAR COIN at the top (be careful, as the 
    wall are also spiked.)  The only safe spot after grabbing the coin is the ledge 
    on the middle of the room (ducking down).  Return to the previous room and jump 
    just right of the pipe to reveal a block with a 1-Up mushroom inside.  Now head 
    through the door.
    BOSS - Same Bowser Jr. now with a tilting platform.  Use the Ground Pound to 
    nail him for double damage and then simply jump on his head once to end the 
    battle quickly and painlessly.
    World 6-3
    Weird and wonderful ? boxes are prevalent in this stage.  Snag the Mushroom / 
    Flower and use the bouncing block to reach the first STAR COIN.  Take the red 
    pipe at the dead end and run along the log-like platforms.  The Red Coin Ring 
    here is quite easy to complete.  
    When Mario pops back up, the two green pipes on the immediate right lead to 
    some coins and the second STAR COIN respectively.  Take the pipe on the far 
    right to reach an underground area again.  Just keep running and spitting 
    fireballs to avoid the plants.  It's important to move quickly before the 
    cylinders start spinning too fast.
    Up the pipe on the other end, Mario can use the spike block (after hitting it) 
    to run and jump over the tall green pipe on the left.  The third STAR COIN is 
    located in this area.  From here it's little more than a series of gaps and 
    platforms before the stage's flag.  Use the bouncing block to reach as high on 
    the flag as possible.
    World 6-4
    Following the box with a Mushroom / Flower inside, there is a spinning fire 
    pillar.  The game gives the impression that some special bonus lies above it, 
    but it's just as easy to continue a little to the right and Wall Kick up there.
    That way Mario can reach the first STAR COIN with minimal risk.
    While shimmying across the wall, the majority of the fire pillars above Mario 
    aren't long enough to reach him if he hangs.  Cross this area while hanging and 
    be ready to jump over any dangers below.  In the next area there is a red 
    button on the right side which creates a platform, allowing Mario to reach the 
    ledge above.
    Be weary of a large fire pillar coming soon after.  The best way to avoid it is 
    to run underneath, then duck in the corner for it to pass by a second time.  
    Make sure to jump up toward the left side, that's where the second STAR COIN is 
    Through the red tube Mario must climb across a number of small ledges.  Make 
    sure to jump to the top of these ledges near the end to reach the upper 
    platform.  There is an optional green tube here that leads to the third STAR 
    COIN.  Simply jump over the spinning fire pillars and grab the coin.  On the 
    return trip they can all be avoided easily by hanging.  Jump into the green 
    tube in the previous area which leads to the stage's ending flag.
    World 6-Tower
    Be extremely careful of the conveyer belts and their tendency to maneuver Mario 
    into both enemies and spiked walls.  It's a relatively easy climb to start.  
    Always be sure to check the right side of the screen.  A few "screen heights" 
    up from the bottom the first STAR COIN can be found on a belt inching ever so 
    close to a pair of spikes.
    Take the green pipe on the right (of the two parallel to each other).  The one 
    on the left only fires Mario into the line on coins.  Fall for a few seconds 
    before angling to the left.  There is a belt which leads under some blocks 
    (requires ducking) to the second STAR COIN.  Jump while ducking to break these 
    blocks and collect it.  
    To obtain the third STAR COIN, jump up from this point and look to the right of 
    the green pipe.  Just shimmy across the robe and it's right there.  There are 
    quite a few coins to collect regardless of which path is chosen leading to the 
    final door.
    BOSS - Bowser Jr. is back with his shell slides, meaning that it's going to 
    take a hit from a Green Shell to knock him on his back.  After throwing one 
    back in his direction, use the Ground Pound attack two times to end this battle 
    with little hassle.
    World 6-5
    Hop into the pipe and descend into the depths of the underground waterways.  
    The first STAR COIN is located very conspicuously, the only difficulty is 
    avoiding the heat-seeking green fish.  Watch out for the large vortexes which 
    will attempt to suck Mario down, killing him instantly.
    Following soon thereafter is a single block with a Star inside of it.  Continue 
    to hit every subsequent block to get more and more of them.  Enter the yellow 
    pipe that eventually appears and grab the second STAR COIN before any of the 
    green fish are able to catch up.  Having Fire Mario for this makes it quite a 
    bit easier.
    The final vortex that appears from between some breakable blocks actually leads 
    to a secret area.  Get sucked down by this vortex and grab the third STAR COIN 
    before proceeding into the final pipe leading to the flagpole.
    World 6-B
    Jump into the pipe on the right side and it will boost Mario right up to the 
    ledge at the top.  There are a number of hanging poles in this level that Mario 
    can swing across.  Always make sure to get enough momentum before jumping each 
    Figuring out how to get the first STAR COIN can be difficult.  Throw a shell 
    off the edge of the cliff to hit the coin in mid-air.  That will claim it 
    automatically.  After this, jump across the tilting mushroom platforms and 
    enter the green pipe.  At the top of this area, Mario can bounce off the flying 
    Koopa Troopa to reach the second STAR COIN.
    Past the checkpoint, slide across the numerous icy hills until an area with 
    more of those swinging poles.  Swing from the bottom of the second one and jump 
    high to reach the third STAR COIN.  Slide down the final hill and keep sliding 
    across the small gaps to reach the flagpole.
    World 6-6
    Hop onto the spinning platform and hit the block above.  The Chomp tied to the 
    post can be freed 9for little reward) by Ground Pounding it.  Use the second 
    spinning platform and drill down through all the blocks on the right to get a 
    Mushroom / Flower.
    Acquiring the first STAR COIN poses an interesting dilemma.  The solution is to 
    hit the lowest block (revealing the P button) and then drill through the blocks 
    above it to hit the button and grab the coin on the left.  From here head to 
    the right and use the next spinning platform.  Launch up and to the left to 
    find the second STAR COIN just above a Chomp.
    This next area requires a little bit of effort.  Jump all the way down to the 
    bottom, then use the spinning platform on the lower left side to bounce into 
    the air and land on the ledge (on the right side.)  Hit the block for a 
    Mushroom / Flower and eliminate the Koopa Troopa.  Ground pound through all of 
    the blocks here to land on a spinning platform near the bottom in the middle.
    Mario must launch off this platform into the air, glide to the right, bounce 
    off the winged Koopa Troopa into the P button, then bounce up through the coins 
    (previously blocks) to the green pipe on the right side.  This leads to a 
    hidden room with the third STAR COIN.
    In the next area, take every single pipe possible to eventually get launched to 
    the very top.  At this point there are four pipes back-to-back.  Take the 
    second to last pipe which will launch Mario right to the top of the flagpole.
    World 6-Castle
    Wait for the moving slab to extend before jumping across the lava.  Do the same 
    for all the forthcoming sections as well.  Hit one of the Koopa Troopas and 
    grab its shell.  Mario will need it in order to grab the first STAR COIN 
    located down near the magma's surface.
    The second STAR COIN is a little easier to get.  Just jump down onto the lowest 
    platform and wait for it to move.  After this it's fairly simple to jump back 
    up to the ledge above and continue to the right.  
    Right around the checkpoint there is a block containing a Mushroom / Flower.  
    Wall kick up to the ledge above and bounce off the Koopa Troopa to land on top 
    of the ceiling.  This is a secret path bypassing the main level and leading to 
    the third STAR COIN.  Unfortunately Mario must go back and take the normal path 
    in order to reach the boss.
    The moving blocks down below will attempt to crush Mario between the spikes.  
    Move only when they're descending.  The final room is just a repetitive climb 
    up some moving slabs.
    BOSS - An increasingly large tank piloted by a mole is Mario's adversary in 
    this castle.  Each time the boss is hit another turret appears.  To start Mario 
    can just stand on the tank and hit the boss' head automatically when he comes 
    out.  From that point on it will require careful jumping and using the bullets 
    in order to land on the head of the mole when he pops out.  Hit the boss three 
    times and the stage is complete.
     3.07. World 7
              MH    IH  LH       /--LH----\               Key
               |     |  |        |        |               ---
            S--1--G--2--3-----T--4--5--A--+--CA           S          = Start
                  |           |  |  |     |               1,2,A etc  = Levels
                  \-------LH--/  \--6--7--/               IH         = Item House
                                                          LH         = 1-Up House
                                                          MH         = Mega House
                                                          G          = Ghost House
                                                          T          = Tower 
                                                          CA         = Castle
    Level 7-1
    Head up the steps and down on to the wire platform. These first three bricks
    contain coins, and after the dip the ? block has a power-up inside. Jump on to
    the next platform when you have to, and you'll go above STAR COIN 1. Remain
    on the platform as it drops to be taken onto a wire left, enabling you to get
    the coin, and heads back right where you can jump up to the cloud. Head right,
    across the various wire platforms until you reach the upper right cloud and
    enter the green pipe. Note that if you want STAR COIN 2, you would have noticed
    a flying ? block going right. Ride on top of it over to the far right, where
    there is a pipe taking you to an area with moving poles. Use them to get to the
    cloud above for the Star Coin, as well as a 1-Up Green Mushroom to the right
    of here. If you drop down and enter the pipe you'll come out at where
    the red ring (see walkthrough later). (CHECKPOINT)
    From the normal route where you take the platforms up to that green pipe -
    the left of the two ? blocks above you has a power-up. Next are two wire
    platforms to choose from; choose the top one to be taken to STAR COIN 3. But,
    start off the lower one before you progress so when the higher route
    discontinues you can leap down below to the next cloud. If you don't do this
    then don't worry, as you can use a fireball chain as a stepping stone over. The
    fireball chain is a bit of a pain, but avoid it's fireballs and if you can
    manage it bounce off it's head to destroy it. There is a red ring on the next
    wire platform, then take the following wire platform (? block has a power-up)
    avoiding the fireball chains as you go. Quickly over the final wire platforms
    to the exit pipe taking you to the flagpole.
    Ahead are some bricks and blocks; the ? block contains a power-up and the
    far left brick has a ? switch, revealing five doors around you.
      2   3
       4 5
    Door 1 - In here is a layer of yellow slime and STAR COIN 2. Ground Pound down
             the left side for the coin, then down the right to activate the ?
             switch. Head through the door that appears to return to the starting
    Door 2 - Jump over the Pumpkins and collect STAR COIN 1 in the air. Go through
             the right door to return to the starting room.
    Door 3 - Avoid hitting the right ? block as it has a Boo inside, and head right
             to the pointing hands. When it starts pointing at where you are, jump
             up to hit a hidden block containing a power-up. Leave out of the door
             to the right to return to the starting room.
    Door 4 - A pointless room with coins and Boos in. To exit, hit the ? switch
             and head out of the top right door back to the starting room.
    Door 5 - Go to the pointing hands and jump when they are pointing towards you
             to reveal the hidden ? switch block. Activate, and use the trampoline
             to get up the right moving platforms and up to the door above.
             Continue the walkthrough below.
    After doing Door 5 you'll come to an area with a P switch above you and coins
    everywhere. Hit the P switch to turn the coins into bricks. If you run right
    and go as fast as you can, you'll reach solid ground (well, wood) and a door
    on the far right that leads to the exit flagpole. If you are even quicker,
    then above here are blocks that take you up to the ledge above where   
    STAR COIN 3 is.
    SECRET EXIT: To Life House and 7-Tower
    When you reach the section with the coins and the P-Switch, go left and
    across the gap where above you is a long line of blocks. The fourth one in from
    the right is shiny; hit it for a vine to appear. Climb it to be taken to a door
    that leads to the secret exit flagpole.
    Level 7-2
    Head into the pipe and get on the platform. This platform follows your place-
    ment on it; so standing left will move it in that direction, right for right
    and the centre for keeping it steady, all the while as it goes up the stage.
    Also note that you can go off one side of the screen and back on to the other.
    Anyway, you can use the red Koopa here and if timed right, throw it right and
    take out all of the green Koopas in one go to get a 1-Up Green Mushroom. The
    left ? block that comes next has a power-up and head up the centre of the
    walls above. When past them drift right and bash the bricks to get STAR COIN 1.
    Drift to the left side of the screen (either go left or right round to the 
    other side) for a red ring. Hit it, and drift right for the four and back round
    to the left to get the last four in time for the reward. The ledges on the
    right and left have walking red Koopas on, and with a shell make easy work of
    as it'll go round the other side anyway. (CHECKPOINT). The ? block on the 
    ground left contains a power-up, use either a shell or Ground Pound to retrieve
    it. Continue up to some bricks on the right and a few ? blocks in the air; if
    you want STAR COIN 2 then get a shell from one of the flying Koopas and as
    soon as you get jump up to the ledges above, throw the shell left to make it
    bounce off the bricks on the left and also round the right. Stop it and go
    round the screen for the Star Coin, and quickly back to the rising platform.
    Now head up where green flying Koopas appear either side of you and retrieve
    STAR COIN 3 from the left side and enter the right pipe to be taken to the
    Exit Flagpole (use the flying Koopas here to gain more height).
    World 7-3
    Avoid the Wrigglers and get the power-up from the ? block and down the green
    pipe. Drop down on to the giant Wriggler (!) and enjoy the ride. Collect the
    coins and shadow coins until you reach the red ring - wait a second or two
    to jump through then run to the front, catching up on coins you have missed.
    This means those red coins on the bricks are attainable, time wise. After some
    more coins beware of the Goombas that drop out of the pipe overhead. Soon are
    a line of bricks, with STAR COIN 1 and a Boomerang Brother on. Try and get it
    and avoid him as it might take too long to hit him from underneath and going
    round. The following ? block contains a Star, which leaves blue coins in your
    wake. Keep getting the stars from the ? blocks as you go to keep it going -
    note that this is a great chance to get easy 1-Ups as hitting enemies in this
    state adds them to a combo, so try and run into them all and you should soon
    get a few lives.
    Keep getting the stars and you'll reach a line of bricks above with STAR COIN 2
    on it. When the giant Wriggler ripples, use this to gain enough height to
    reach on top. At the end is a Boomerang Brother but if you are invincible he
    shouldn't even bother you. Enter the pipe. Before the Exit Flagpole are a set
    of steps made of bricks; if you Ground Pound the top one it'll create a vine
    leading to the area below. Destroy one of the other blocks and climb down,
    where STAR COIN 3 resides in the alcove on the right. Drop down, enter the
    yellow pipe and use the flagpole to complete the level.
    The central brick contains a power-up, up the right ledges and up the red pipe
    to the left. Make your way round these ledges up, up the centre and drop down
    the right where STAR COIN 1 is. Up to the ? blocks - time it right and collect
    the power-up from the second ? block from the left and continue up. Get on the
    centre of the left block so when it moves right you can jump to the clear
    space on the above block, and same again as it moves to get to the ledges on
    the left side. On the moving 'U' set of blocks, get on the lip and up the
    alcove, hit the ? block and drop down when it moves again, and up the right.
    Get the power-up, up, and up the steps when all the blocks are extended and
    jump up the top and to the door. (CHECKPOINT)
    The central brick contains a power-up, through the door up and on to the
    small block. Hit the ? brick above this stone block for a power-up and head
    left when it's safe to. STAR COIN 2 is on the right now, so get on the left
    block and drop down right at it's highest, up and drop across to get it and
    same again back. Up the five spike blocks and when it 'resets' - i.e. when you
    can get on the left one, as soon as you can get to the right one do so, other
    wise you'll get crushed if you are too slow. Head up to the final area at the
    top with the Boss Door and STAR COIN 3 to the right - wait until the blocks
    move away and get to the door, and when the blocks clear away again jump right
    and get the star coin, back and enter to face to the boss.
    What makes this version of the Bowser Jr. battle different are the moving 
    blocks that you are fighting on so watch where you jump as you go.
    When he runs toward you jump over him as he'll retreat into his shell. Do this
    until he throws a shell at you; jump on it and kick it back at him to knock
    him over. Jump on him to injure him, and it'll restart. Three hits and he is
    done for - or better yet, two Ground Pounds. Either that just deploy a shed
    load of fireballs on him!
    Level 7-4
    Run to the far right side and use the Spin Block up to STAR COIN 1 above the
    ledge. Use another Spin Block, bounce off the bouncy platform left to
    STAR COIN 2. Land, jump left and up the two bouncy platforms and land on the
    platform just to the left. (CHECKPOINT). Head up the ledge, off the bouncy
    platform and onto the spin block right, drop down to the bouncy platform
    left and up again so you can collect STAR COIN 3 in the air just to the right
    (note the secret exit is left here, only as Mini Mario though) and just
    drift right to reach a ledge against the wall with a pipe. Enter. Use the
    Spin Blocks here to the top and go right to the Exit Flagpole.
    SECRET EXIT: To Life House / 7-Castle
    As Mini Mario, to the left of where you find Star Coin 3 get in the mini
    alcove in the left wall, jump out and in to the top, drop down left and enter
    the pipe to lead to the Secret Exit Flagpole.
    Level 7-5
    Right, up the hill and avoid the Bullet Bills to the three ? blocks, the middle
    of which has a power-up inside. Over the next Bullet Bill machine, over a gap
    and a Double Bullet Bill Machine to where you can see STAR COIN 1 on the
    ledge above you. To get up, go right to under the edge of the above area and
    jump off a Bullet Bill as it passes. On past several Bob-ombs and over a
    Bullet Bill Machine. If you want STAR COIN 2, as Mini Mario Ground Pound a
    Bob-Omb and kick it to the wooden block over the mini pipe and enter. Jump over
    the top of the ledges to the other side, drop down the pit and dispose of the
    mini Goombas and get the Mega Mushroom from the ? block. Use this to go right,
    and hit the pipe from the left to get the star coin underneath it.
    (CHECKPOINT). Run under the mass of bricks blocks and such, where at the top
    left ? block above has a power-up. Use a Bullet Bill to get over the tall green
    pipe, and on the line of bricks and blocks below Ground Pound the far end ?
    block for a 1-Up Green Mushroom. On onward, up and down the hill and past the
    two Machines to a rectangle of blocks (bottom ? block has a power-up) to
    in-between two sets of mass Bullet Bill machines, where STAR COIN 3 is found in
    the middle, so watch as you go avoiding the Bullet Bills. Just after this is a
    mass of wooden blocks with a green pipe underneath (the secret exit) otherwise
    wait until a giant Bullet Bill passes and run and jump over it's machine and
    to the exit flagpole.
    SECRET EXIT: To Level 7-A
    At the end of the level is a mass of wooden blocks with a green pipe underneath
    them. There are two ways of getting here; either use the surrounding Bob-Ombs
    to open it up (I find there isn't enough) or easier still use a Mega Mushroom
    in reserve to Ground Pound the way down to the pipe.
    Level 7-6
    Get the power-up from the ? block and up the steps, avoiding the bouncing
    Koopas as you go. Get on the rows of bricks to avoid the Koopas for a short
    while, over the gap right to where bricks are on the lower platforms. If you
    throw a shell down right, it'll bounce from right to left, down along the 
    bottom and hit a ? block over the gap for a 1-Up Green Mushroom, if you can
    catch before it falls out of the stage that is. Continue to reach pipes with
    piranhas coming from them; make your way onward to the rocking platform and
    either run under or jump over the three advancing bouncing piranhas. Get on to
    the upper ledge. (CHECKPOINT).
    For STAR COIN 1 and the Secret Exit, you'll be investigating the two rows of
    blocks here. Otherwise, drop down the next ledge and up in the middle where
    STAR COIN 2 and two bouncing Koopas are. Run under the Koopas and get the star
    coin and back up to the top. Continue until you reach a yellow pipe, enter
    to be taken to a hidden area. Going left takes you back to a green pipe earlier
    in the level, whereas bouncing across the three Koopas to the right and up
    the pipe leads you to STAR COIN 3. When the coast is clear, jump up to the 
    bridge, up the hill and down underneath the blocks and red Koopas and up the
    final hill to the exit flagpole. Note that completing this level takes you
    back to Level 7-4; if you want to progress to Level 7-7, then read below...
    SECRET EXIT: To Level 7-7
    From the checkpoint are two rows of blocks, containing the following -
                         BCB?B          B = Empty Block
                                        C = Coin
                         BCVCB          V = Vine            ? = Power-Up
    Dispose of the two bouncing Koopas at the bottom and get the goods; make sure
    you destroy the central block on the top row and hit the central bottom row
    block from underneath so the vine reaches the top of the screen to be taken
    to the clouds. Ride the rocking platform right, where STAR COIN 1 is at the
    end and enter the pipe to reach the secret exit flagpole. 
    Level 7-7
    This level automatically scrolls the screen right. Jump up the top and drop
    down to where the bricks are, and get the power-up from the ? block. Use the
    windmill platform right (take out the Koopa on it first) to STAR COIN 1 at the
    end of the wire. Get off and up to the top ledge where there are two bricks
    below - if you are quick enough get the Red Koopa shell right and hit the left
    one for a power-up. Otherwise take the moving platforms right to the wire
    platform taking you up to the next area. When you get off, drop down to the
    falling stones and jump back up as soon as you touch STAR COIN 2. Get to
    the cloud left and jump up (CHECKPOINT) and hit the ? block for a power-up.
    Get on top of the pyramid of falling stones, jump to ensure they stay where 
    they are until the screen pans high enough so you can see and collect
    STAR COIN 3 in the air to the left. Quickly get on the moving platform now
    and keep jumping on the falling stones after until you can get onto the next
    moving platform. Between the yellow and green pipes are two bricks under the
    stones, the right of which contains a power-up if you need it, otherwise ignore
    as it'll waste your time. Get on the windmill platforms and keep jump up and
    up on the right side to take you up the wire vertically, and at the top wait
    until the screen pans right enough so you can jump straight over to the land
    by the exit flagpole.
    Level 7-Castle
    Over the two gaps, up the steps and drop down to the moving platform below.
    Keep up with it, over the electrode and collect STAR COIN 1 just as it turns
    down and back left. Hop round the Electrode, get the power-up from the ? block
    and over the spike block to a Thwomp. Easiest way to pass it is to get to the
    front of the platform so it drops early, allowing you to drop back and jump
    over it. Do the same again after another spike block to where it terminates.
    The ? block has a power-up, and get on the next moving platform. Avoid the
    first ball and chain and for the second just stand on the base as the 
    platform moves around you and back underneath. Past another, and when you can
    drop down to the bottom ball and chain base and get STAR COIN 2 while you are
    there, and wait for the platform to come round from the left (it will bump up
    slightly just before, so don't get that you off guard). Another power-up
    awaits you in the ? block, and time yourself to get past the flames for a
    while (note the midair one toward the end - you don't have to get on it at
    any point, the platform is easy enough to stay on so do so). At the end you'll
    reach the Boss Door and STAR COIN 3 below. This is a real pain in the arse to
    get; as the platform falls you have to run right and jump, collect it and
    land on the ledge. 
    He has two main forms of attack; his lightning and spinys. Now and again he'll
    bolt down three blasts of lightning directly below him, aiming to land it right
    on your head. As he moves toward you, either run away or if he is just charging
    up go past him back so it avoids you that way. He'll also throw down spinys
    like normal Lakitu's tend to do, so jump over them and hopefully they'll just
    fall down one of the side holes, otherwise just ignore. If you are Fire Mario
    then just fireball them. To injure him, he'll swoop down between these attacks,
    so jump before he gets to the lowest point and jump on his head. Do this three
    times to defeat him!
    Level 7-A
    I've created a map for this stage which may help you out here, otherwise
    following the walkthrough -
    Enter the pipe to reach the main level and go right. Jump up in the space 
    between the ledge and pipe to reveal hidden bricks so you can go up and right
    through the pipe for STAR COIN 1. Head back and go up the pipe. The two ? 
    blocks on the small pipe to the right contain a power-up and coin (in that
    order) then head into the right pipe to come out just close to where you are.
    If you jump right on to the vertical pipe by the wall it'll cannon you up the
    side of the level; slide down the right wall and wall jump left and enter the
    pipe to be taken to a side room and STAR COIN 2. Head back to be dropped down
    back to the cannon pipe. Get on the left ledge and enter the left of the two
    pipes above you, go far right and up and up again through the gap (CHECKPOINT).
    The mini pipe to your left just takes you to a random item box so ignore it,
    and instead go right and on to the midair horizontal pipe and across the
    three vertical pipes left watching out for the mini Wrigglers as you go. At the
    end watch out for the Piranha left and enter the pipe directly above you.
    Go right when the piranha isn't out where there is a ? block containing a
    Mini Mushroom. Get it and head back left to the pipe you came up in and wall
    jump up to reach a mini pipe. Enter to come out to a group of coins and
    STAR COIN 3. Head back down and right to the ? block again, heading left up
    the pipes to the top ledge watching out for the piranhas as you go. Drop down
    right and hit the extending block a few times so you can enter the pipe and
    exit the level.
     3.08. World 8
          /--MH   IH                                        Key
          |       |                                         ---
    S--1--2---T1--3-----4--CA1--------5--6--7--8--T2   FCA  S          = Start
                        |                         |     |   1,2,A etc  = Levels
                    LH--/                          \----/   IH         = Item House
                                                            LH         = 1-Up House
                                                            MH         = Mega House
                                                            T1         = Tower 1
                                                            T2         = Tower 2
                                                            CA1        = Castle 1
                                                            FCA        = Final
    Level 8-1
    Run right, over the gap and get the power-up from the ? block. Note that
    throughout this level crows will swoop down and aim for you, so watch out
    for these all the time. Watch the Bullet Bills and continue right, where
    after several gaps on a lower ledge are blocks, the ? block of which containing
    a power-up. Soon after are two blocks and a ? block above and between them; 
    this contains a springboard. Grab it and take it to the two wooden blocks in
    the air and bounce upward (or just bounce off a crow) off the screen, where
    you'll collect STAR COIN 1. Continue, past the Boo (slide down the ramp under
    him) and over the gap. (CHECKPOINT).
    Power-up in the ? block and right past several Bullet Bill machines until you
    reach steps with STAR COIN 2 above. Bounce off a Bullet Bill to get it. After
    is a giant Bullet Bill machine with STAR COIN 3 just next it. Drop down and get
    and when the giant Bill passes either wall jump off the machine and right back
    to the upper ledge, or bounce off a passing Bullet Bill to get back up. Now
    just head right to the exit flagpole.
    Level 8-2
    The bricks contain coins, and enter the pipe. Swim right and hit the ? switch
    to raise the water level, so swim up as fast as you can and get onto the ledge
    above and enter the pipe on the left. In the next area, run and jump across
    the barrels to the other side, hit the ? switch and swim up to the above
    ledge and back across to the pipe on the far side. Next you have to ground
    pound through bricks; head down the first two main lots and in the third,
    go down the third column of bricks from the right to get STAR COIN 1. Land
    below (CHECKPOINT) and enter the pipe. Swim right, hit the ? switch and swim to
    the top - to get STAR COIN 2 in the air above jump and bounce off one of the
    water enemies to gain enough height. Swim down and right to the lower of the
    green pipes and enter. Hit the ? switch in the middle and swim up the right
    area for STAR COIN 3, back down, hit the switch again and up the left to the
    pipe that'll take you to the exit flagpole.
    Level 8-Tower 1
    Wait a moment for the elongated block to come from the right, hit the ? block
    for a power-up then get on top. Wait for another block to arrive above, jump
    on and get STAR COIN 1 above you. Go up now over the real long block, up the
    spike steps and hit the Dry Bones. Use the moving blocks to get to the far
    right side, up, take out the Dry Bones and to the far left. Get on the fat
    block and hit the ? block for a power-up and use the niche and duck so the
    next block pushes you right. Up and left, wait until the thin block comes out
    and use it to go up; you need to be Small or Mini Mario here to get through
    a thin passage to get STAR COIN 2 on the left. Continue right and up the
    big block. (CHECKPOINT).
    Left past Dry Bones, past the two blocks clashing and up to a Springboard and
    a Dry Bones. Leave the springboard as you won't need it, instead use the
    Dry Bones or wall jump up to the area above. STAR COIN 3 is next to the ceiling
    here; there are two hidden blocks just down and right of the coin, so reveal
    them and wait until the flying ? block comes to use it as a stepping stone up.
    Enter the Boss Door when done.
    What makes this version of the Bowser Jr. battle different are the moving 
    blocks that you are fighting on so watch where you jump as you go.
    When he runs toward you jump over him as he'll retreat into his shell. Do this
    until he throws a shell at you; jump on it and kick it back at him to knock
    him over. Jump on him to injure him, and it'll restart. Three hits and he is
    done for - or better yet, two Ground Pounds. Either that just deploy a shed
    load of fireballs on him!
    Level 8-3
    Grab the coins from the ? blocks and enter the pipe to reach an underwater
    stage... hee-ray! Get the power-up from the ? block in-between the two orange
    bubbles and swim up and avoid the Eels in the walls; easiest way is to move
    toward them so they come out and bite, and then pass them by. After a few of
    these is one swimming to the right, then a red ring which is pretty hard to
    attain, plus if you take too long you may get ambushed by a group of Eels that
    swim in from the right. Continue swimming up until you reach a ? block with
    a power-up (CHECKPOINT) and up to the above area where a Giant Eel comes from
    the left wall. Start swimming!
    Just swim as fast as you can right, low down to the bed avoiding the various
    pipes and orange bubbles as you go. After a while at the bottom is STAR COIN 1.
    Now swim up to the ceiling where STAR COIN 2 can be found above two bricks; if
    you are quick enough smash grab and go before the Giant Eel gets you. Now keep
    swimming as fast as possible at around the centre of this water passage until
    STAR COIN 3 appears behind a wall, with bricks above and below quickly get it
    and drop down to avoid the Giant Eel and swim right to the green pipe at the
    end wall to reach the Exit Flagpole. If you are having trouble with getting
    any of these Star Coins in time, then perhaps trying this level as Shell Mario
    might give you an edge on the Eel.
    Level 8-4
    Man this level is a small nightmare... as you play through Yellow Spiders drop
    from above and try and get you. Try and run past the right one to avoid them
    both, otherwise let them drop and just avoid and continue the level as best as
    you can. Anyway, get the power-up from the ? block and past several moving
    platforms until you reach some bricks and blocks. STAR COIN 1 is in the passage
    up to the right; get on the bricks and three Yellow Spiders will drop between
    here and the Star Coin, so let them drop then run and jump up to the passage
    and collect the coin. Drop down (CHECKPOINT) and get the power-up from the ?
    block up the ledge.
    Continue to some moving platforms where STAR COIN 2 is up in the air at the
    latter end. After in the ? block is a Star, so grab and go reasonably quick
    to ensure you don't waste it. Speed over the moving platforms where the
    Exit Flagpole is after them. If you want STAR COIN 3, then you'll need to be
    Mini Mario and access the mini pipe in the last section of moving platforms.
    Inside go left and get the Star from the ? block, and make your way to the
    far right ? block on the other side for another Star. Head across left
    through the passage of Goombas and collect the Star Coin. Head back up 
    and just go right to the Exit Flagpole.
    Level 8-Castle 1
    Head over the wire platform and hit the Red Block and head over the wire
    platform. Hit the Red Block on the other side to make the upper left
    wire platform become activate, allowing you to get STAR COIN 1 on the upper
    ledge. After another wire platform is a Red Block with several routes ahead;
    hit the Red Block so that the closed off N shaped wire and the upper route
    ahead are activate, and use the nearest one to get to the upper wire route.
    This will drop down to the lower route so you can get STAR COIN 2, and onward
    to the stone ledge. Ignore the next Red Block and take it right, jump up over
    and use the rope to the next ledge where the two ? blocks are (right
    having a power-up). (CHECKPOINT).
    Wait until the triangle platform moves then head across them; the ? block above
    the rectangle platform has a power-up then rope it across to the Boss Door.
    If you want STAR COIN 3 then take the wire platform below over to the right,
    where three rectangle platforms in the lava help you get to it (there is a
    third, you'll just have to wait for it to show up). Head back and enter the
    Boss Door to face...
    No fireballs this time, and he has a few new attacks since you last saw him
    alive. He can throw bones at you now, so the easiest way to play this battle
    is to stand right in front of him so any bones he throws will just go straight
    over your head. He'll spit fireballs too, where he'll either jump and spit or
    do it on the spot; if you are standing next to him his head jerks back just 
    before he does it, so duck when he does. Standing next to him makes it easy
    to dash for the button when he jumps really high too.
    Level 8-5
    Over the gap, hit the three ? blocks for coins and on to the platform for a
    power-up in the ? block above it. Continue right where the rock platforms
    are on a small ledge, and tilting them to one side will cause them to fall over
    so run and jump across quickly and try and land as close to the centre as you
    can. Drop down when you see STAR COIN 1 and back up before a fireball gets you.
    If you want a 1-Up Green Mushroom, then get the shell from the Koopa and throw
    it at the ? block on the tilt platform, but ensure it's level otherwise it'll
    miss the block. Keep going over more tilt platforms and rocks until you drop
    down on a tilt platform with STAR COIN 2 to the right. Grab a Koopa shell from
    one of the Koopas here and throw it at the star coin to get it. The rest of
    the level is a case of running and jump quickly over the tilt rocks in the
    lava, and be sure to get on the high up one at the end to get STAR COIN 3 in
    the air. Enter the pipe and latch on to Exit Flagpole.
    Level 8-6
    Here the edges continue round, so run left to come out on the right side; lava
    also advances slowly up the stage so you have to ensure you keep going up the
    level. Jump up and get the ? block from the right side of the screen for a
    power-up and go up the next level. To get STAR COIN 1, enter the green cannon
    pipe to be launched over to the left, so run round the screen to get the coin
    and back round up to the above level. Head up the hill and keep running right
    and around to the other side, over the pipe and get a power-up from the ?
    block. (CHECKPOINT).
    Use the right Spin Block then the left one up, use another and as you fall
    borrow down into the bricks to get STAR COIN 2. Quickly get up and go left
    through the screen to the right and use the spin block to the red lined area
    above. You cannot jump through these so you have to run round the screen edges
    to the gaps to progress up. STAR COIN 3 is just to the right and below of
    the green pipe, and use it to be taken to the surface. If you use the left
    spin block and drift right straight away, you can get an easy 1-Up from the
    Exit Flagpole.
    Level 8-7
    Use the flying Koopas to get to the ledge with the ? block (power-up inside)
    and bounce on the flying Koopas to get further in to the level. Soon you'll
    drop down to reach a fat Hammer Bro; quickly dispose of him and run underneath
    and just run left over the small gaps to get STAR COIN 1, being sure to stop
    in time so you don't run off the edge. Carry on to a wall section, where you
    have to either shimmy or hang on the cliffs to the other side. The stand and
    start shimming on a ledge press Up, enabling you to jump up to a ledge above.
    Over the gap (CHECKPOINT) and bounce off the lower flying Koopa to get the
    power-up from the upper ? block.
    Head past the red pipe and up to the next area to face two Fireball Bros.
    Wait until they fire, jump over and head stomp the bottom one and just bash
    the block underneath the one on the bricks to get the other. The far right ?
    block has a Star. Quickly proceed over the moving platforms to where a 
    Boomerang Bro is guarding STAR COIN 2; wait until both boomerangs are thrown
    then take him out and get the star coin. After is another Fat Hammer Bro;
    wait until he Ground Pounds through the stone blocks and again through the 
    layer of bricks, then head stop and collect STAR COIN 3 underneath. After is
    a Boomerang Bro, then hit the red ring and enter the pipe to get the remaining
    red coins and to reach the Exit Flagpole.
    Level 8-8
    Volcanoes erupt and send rocks and debris to this level, so when one goes off
    hide under some blocks or a ledge if you can; if not try and move out of the
    way and dodge what you can. If you having REAL trouble with avoiding these,
    then I found using Mini Mario to avoid them makes it a lot easier, but remember
    with him it's a one hit kill. Anyway, run right and use the bricks to get to
    the left ledge and get STAR COIN 1. Drop down and get the power-up from the
    ? block below, and just go onward over the gaps and hiding under bricks until
    you reach the (CHECKPOINT).
    Below you now are stone block bridges over gaps, and under the central one is
    a mini pipe. Let the rocks destroy the blocks and enter the pipe and Mini 
    Mario. Here is a maze to STAR COIN 2. Head down the second opening, take the
    first right and down the bottom left corner getting the coins, left, ignore
    the first path up but go up the second, up and around and down the get the
    star coin. To exit, go left and remain at the bottom to the corner, and head
    up and right a little to the top and go out of the mini pipe to come out
    a little left of where you went in. Return back to where you were.
    Just after this is STAR COIN 3 encased in blocks; wait until the rocks destroy
    the bottom layers so you can jump in and get the last star coin. Continue right
    over the gaps and on the long stone bridge be quick as the rocks will destroy
    the bridge quite quickly. At the Exit Flagpole, be sure to wait until it erupts
    as any items on the screen will add more points to your score as you finish.
    Level 8-Tower 2
    Another moving platform one this; head right to get on and hit the ? block for
    a power-up if you need it. Stay near the front as it steps up and past the
    fire lines to the spiked area above, timing your location on the platform
    to where the fire lines come down. When it goes vertically at the end remain
    on the very tip to stay on. It'll go through another spiked area; stay in the
    middle and grab STAR COIN 1 in the alcove above as you past, and stay on the
    tip as it goes vertically up at the end. (CHECKPOINT). The platform will
    move left and right around for a while, and when you see the red ring try and
    get it as soon as you can, along with the three coins on this left side as the
    other six are on the right soon after.
    Remain near the front of the platform as it goes up and left, and hit the ?
    block for a power-up. Run and jump to the passage above now to get STAR COIN 2;
    go to the end and wait until the spike ball comes through the brick wall and
    goes off the end before quickly getting on to the tip of the platform. Sorta
    tricky I know, plus chances are you'll get hit by a line of fire here, so if
    you have a power-up in reserve use it. Jump up at the next area to force the
    screen up, and when the spike ball comes from the left stay at the front of
    the platform to avoid it. It'll go up now, and stay on the tip and it goes
    up sharply - watch out for the last spike ball to come from the left real quick
    so stay at the back end of the platform and jump over it. Jump left to get
    STAR COIN 3, back on and get on the tip as it goes vertically up to the Boss
    What makes this version of the Bowser Jr. battle different is the lava and
    fireballs either side of the arena, but this is the same sort of deal mind.
    When he runs toward you jump over him as he'll retreat into his shell. Do this
    until he throws a shell at you; jump on it and kick it back at him to knock
    him over. Jump on him to injure him, and it'll restart. Three hits and he is
    done for - or better yet, two Ground Pounds. Either that just deploy a shed
    load of fireballs on him!
    Level 8-Final Castle
    If you run straight right, you'll time it so that you'll avoid all the
    fireballs so you can enter the door at the end straight away. The right brick
    has a power-up and the central one a P-Switch that will turn the room upside
    down. Either the door on the right. In this area, go right past the three
    burners and take out the Dry Bones. Drop down and past another two burners,
    and across the brick when the burner is inactive. Jump across by the edge of
    the next burner to avoid the last one, and continue past the others to the
    door on the right. Run right and trick the giant Thwomp into falling, then
    run back and run and jump underneath him as he rises. Hit the third brick
    from the left for the P-Switch, then right and up (? block has a power-up and
    activate to rotate the room. Trick the Thwomp again and enter the door left.
    Head all the way to the far left past various burners until you reach a wide
    spike pit. Run and jump across it and hit the brick for a ? switch, which will
    make a moving platform appear in the area next door. Now head all the way
    back left to where the Dry Bones was, but instead head up the ledge and
    run and duck under the small burner by the door and enter. Ahead are there
    Thwomps, their positions indicated by the gold blocks underneath. Like with the
    giant one trick them and then progress past. After the third, make it drop then
    jump left and to the end for STAR COIN 1. Go back now, past that third
    Thwomp and drop down on to the bricks below. Head left and get the P-Switch
    from the second row of bricks and rotate the room. Go up, right and past the
    other Thwomp as it rises, over the gap, past the Dry Bones and into the door.
    If you activated the moving platform earlier, it'll be on the left so you
    can get to the door, where STAR COIN 2 is along the bottom passage. Enter
    the door above to reach the next area (same as the normal route by the way).
    Head over the gap and get a power-up from the ? block; here you have to go in
    the right route to make the next route appear. Firstly run straight across the
    bottom under the ledges. Jump over the various gaps and the second is across
    the top of the ledges (run across under the spike pit) then go through the
    middle of the ledges to progress. Over the gaps and you'll see STAR COIN 3
    behind some bricks, then the Last Boss Door follows!
    You'll face both Bowser and his son at the same time! To begin with run left
    and concentrate just on taking out Bowser Jr. The same old thing applies here;
    avoid his runs and ducks into the shell, get the shell he throws, kick it at
    him then Ground Pound him (twice in total) to get rid of him. You'll just have
    to avoid the blue homing fireballs as you go, but they move slow enough anyway.
    Once he is done it's Bowsers turn. His attacks include red fireballs spread
    out, which are easy enough to dodge and multiple blue homing fireballs.
    Stand about two Mario's lengths away; if he spits out any fireballs it'll
    go straight over your head, plus it gives you an easier chance to run past
    him as he jumps high. Just hit the red switch at the of the bridge to finish
    him off!
    Congratulations on completing the game! Be sure to tap all the letters in the
    credits for various sounds, and to get the remaining Star Coins and routes to
    get all three stars on your save file!
                                  4. Multiplayer
    New Super Mario Bros. offers an addictively fun multiplayer game for two 
    friends looking to duke it out.  The goal of the game is to be the first to 
    collect five stars.  
    Players choose from a number of options including how many lives each person 
    gets, how many stars are included, how many rounds and whether or not to 
    randomize the stages.  
    Each player begins with no stars.  Initially, one will appear in the level (and 
    on the map) to be collected.  Each level loops forever keeping the two players 
    constantly in close proximity.  Once a star has been picked up, the other 
    player can steal it by jumping on the first player's head or hitting them with 
    a projectile.  Jumping and fire spitting will simply knock the star away, while 
    using any sort of shell will knock out every star (and kill / shrink them 
    depending on their current state).  
    In addition to this, for every eight coins that a player collects they will 
    receive a special item.  This can be anything from a basic mushroom to a giant 
    There are five levels, each presenting a different unique challenge.
    The first stage is a typical "World 1" Mario environment with very few dangers 
    aside from cliffs and Koopa Troopas.
    The second stage is an underground area.  The blocks can be broken to create 
    pitfalls for your opponent.  Note also that you can get on top of the ceiling 
    using the elevating platforms.  Giant Mushrooms should be avoided here as the 
    player will instantly break through the floor and die.
    The third stage is a slippery icy world.  Many of the stars spawn in the sky so 
    it becomes necessary to use the spinning platform in order to obtain them.  
    Also, there is a blue-shelled Koopa Troopa above that always drops a Blue Shell 
    The fourth stage is a castle stage with a large crushing ceiling that moves up 
    and down.  Bombs can be thrown (and caught) by both players.  
    The final stage is the slowest of the five.  In fact, I have never even seen 
    this stage chosen when "Random" is selected.  The premise is simple, pipes 
    everywhere that require Wall Kicks to reach higher areas.  The problem is that 
    you have to go through the pipes constantly which slows down gameplay quite a 
    bit.  Still a fun stage nonetheless.
                                  5. Minigames
    Snowball Slalom
    In-Game Description - Rub the Touch Screen to roll the snowman's head to the
                          goal before the time runs out! Rocks will slow you down,
                          as will touching his head!
    How to Play - Strike the screen upward and keep repeating to roll the snowball
                  up the course. Keep an eye out on the top screen as you go for
                  on coming edges or rocks, as hitting one will stop you dead.
                  If you want to do a perfect run, then you want a bit of luck that
                  the course generated for you isn't that choc-a-bloc.
    Lakitu Launch
    In-Game Description - Shoot as many balls as you can into the tubs within the
                          allotted time.
    How to Play - Slingshot the balls in to the floating tubs; remember to aim
                  in front due to the lag time of the slingshot, and that the
                  tubs are moving around. If you concentrate on one tub it will
                  fall, allowing you to quickly get more in there as it is
    Danger, Bob-omb!  Danger!
    In-Game Description - Slide over the Touch Screen to guide the Bob-omb out of 
                          the way of the incoming fireballs.  Watch out for 
                          Bowser's flame breath too.  How long can you survive?
    How to Play - Hold the stylus over the bomb and move it to avoid the little 
                  balls that float in from the side of the screen.  In addition to 
                  this there will be a large burst of fire coming from the top.  
                  You can determine its location by looking to see where Bowser is.
                  The main difficult comes just from the stylus obstructing your 
                  view of things.
    In-Game Description - Whack Monty Mole whenever he pops out of a hole!  WHACKITY
                          WHACK!!!  You'll lose points if you hit poor Luigi by 
                          mistake.  Be careful!  How many Monty Moles can you whack?
    How to Play - A relatively simple game.  you goal is simply to poke the moles as
                  they come out of the holes, while avoiding Luigi's head.  they'll 
                  get progressively faster as the game goes on, eventually reaching 
                  the point where you're poking so fast you aren't even looking.
    Balloon Racing
    In-Game Description - Blow into the Mic to send Yoshi flying skyward.  Yoshi's 
                          balloons will burst if he hits a Shy Guy.  If all the 
                          balloons pop, Yoshi will fall.  Can you reach the goal 
                          before the time runs out?
    How to Play - Start blowing into the mic, but hold off whenever the Shy Guys 
                  above you get too close.  Since you can't go back down it's all a 
                  matter of moving when you have the chance, but waiting if it's 
                  dangerous.  Your goal is to get to the top as fast as you can.
    In-Game Description - It's easy to get lost in a crowd! Find the one who
                          disappeared and touch him. There he is!
    How to Play - You have to find either Yoshi, Mario, Luigi or Wario out of the
                  crowd of faces on display. The top screen shows who you are
                  looking for, while the display is on the bottom touch screen.
                  Analyze carefully the character you are looking for, and touch
                  them when you think you've spotted them. You get 5 seconds for
                  locating correctly and minus 10 seconds for guessing incorrectly!
                  As you go on more and more faces are added, and they being to
                  move around the screen making your work even tougher. Try and
                  look for really distinguishing features, such as cap colour, eyes,
                  face shape and so on.
    Which Wiggler?
    In-Game Description - Touch the Wiggler on the Touch screen that matches
                          the one on the top screen. Choose carefully, though;
                          he has a terrible temper.
    How to Play - On the top screen is the Wriggler you are trying to find - make
                  a mental note on the patterns on it's body. I find it easiest to
                  remember the circle location in order; like left centre twin and
                  then finding it, or just concentrating on one segment and finding
                  the only Wrigglers with that segment in the same place to narrow
                  down the search. You get an additional 5 seconds each time
                  you correctly find the Wriggler and minus 10 seconds when you
                  make a mistaken choice, so be sure before you pick. Later the
                  Wriggler's move around the screen, so concentrate more; I find
                  it better to take your time and make the right choice then to
                  half guess and risk losing a stack of seconds.
    Hide and Boo Seek
    In-Game Description - Rub the Touch Screen where the Boos are hiding! For the
                          15 levels, you get 3 seconds to find them. After that,
                          you only get 3 seconds.
    How to Play - The Boos will be shown on screen, start moving and the screen
                  will fade to black. Rub away to show their location; if any
                  remain undetected then you lose! For the first few just trace
                  their movements with the stylus, and for the later ones unless
                  you are sure exactly where they are, rub madly across the segment
                  of the screen where you think they are. Quite tough!
    Puzzle Panel
    In-Game Description - Match the Touch Screen picture to the top screen. Touch
                          a panel to turn over the surrounding panels. Harder
                          levels will take more turns to solve.
    How to Play - On the top screen is the completed grid, while on the bottom
                  is the grid with a move missing. Touching a panel will rotate
                  that panel and all those touching it, so that it matches the
                  top screen grid. Remember that if you touch an edge panel it'll
                  only rotate those around it (sometimes I get a brain block and
                  forget this, so I better pass this information on to you ;P).
                  You have as much time as required, so mentally work out what
                  happens when you rotate the panels before actually doing so.
    In-Game Description - Pay attention to where the falling coins land. Touch the
                          blocks to retrieve the coins. But if you choose the
                          wrong block, your game will end.
    How to Play - As the name suggests, concentrate on where the coins sink in,
                  especially those that hide several coins. If you can remember
                  several blocks containing 3 coins then you'll get a decent score
                  here, otherwise lots of guessing will work once you are all out
                  of ideas.
    Memory Match
    In-Game Description - Pick two matching cards to make them disappear. Clear all
                          cards to win.
    How to Play - Luck and memory is required here. Pick the left two and in your
                  mind remember what they sound like, then move on to the next row.
                  Find a match, match them up. Do this until all are done. As it's
                  to eight cards, luck comes more into play and be sure to match
                  when you get the chance.
    Picture Poker
    In-Game Description - Get a better hand than Luigi to win! If you're confident
                          your hand is best, increase the number of coins you bet!
    How to Play - First off, whatever you select is taken away, and not held (which
                  confused me on my first few goes). Anyway this is standard 5
                  card poker, with the values and winnings as so -
                  5 of a Kind - 16x                     HIGHEST VALUE - Star
                  4 of a Kind - 8x                                      Mario
                  Full House (3 of a Kind & Pair) - 6x                  Luigi
                  3 of a Kind - 4x                                      Flower
                  2 pair - 3x                                           Mushroom
                  Pair - 2x                             LOWEST VALUE -  Cloud
                  It's most likely best to hold any matching cards, hoping that
                  you can get more of the same, getting more of a kind. If you
                  have 5 individual cards, then either pick the highest value
                  or two of the highest value and hope for the best. Of course
                  the more confident you are, the more you can bet. If it's a draw
                  then you get your bet back.
    In-Game Description - Touch 2 identical cards that are connected vertically,
                          horizontally, or diagonally to make them disappear.
                          Clear them all to win!
    How to Play - Seems rather easy, but you gotta think about this all the way
                  through. As you pick off pairs the rows shift around, meaning
                  you could isolate the last two types of a card so they can never
                  meet; usually this occurs on the top line. Make sure that you
                  try and deal with those cards on the top line, as well as any
                  directly next to one another, and try and manually move rows
                  so pairs meet. You have an unlimited amount of time to make your
                  moves, so take your time.
    Mario's Slides
    In-Game Description - Guide Mario down the slides to the Star. Draw lines on
                          the Touch Screen to create new routes for him. Collect 5
                          Stars to move up a stage.
    How to Play - Have a quick second to see what line Mario will go down on the
                  touch screen then draw lines across so it reaches the Star.
                  As more come down, they will end up in different places and thus
                  the lines you have drawn will lead them in different places, so
                  quickly correct them as they arrive. By the end you'll have lines
                  everywhere, but as long as they are correct and that Mario does
                  not end up face first at a piranha then you'll be alright.
    Sort or 'Splode
    In-Game Description - Guide Bob-ombs to the black carpet and Bob-omb Buddies
                          to the red carpet. If you bring in a wrong-coloured
                          Bob-Omb, it will blow up!
    How to Play - Very simple, yet stupidly insane as it goes on. Sort the black
                  Bob-Ombs to their den, the red to theirs. Do it as quick as you
                  can otherwise they'll explode anyway and destroy everything.
                  Early on you can afford to just sort out one colour at a time,
                  later you really got to concentrate as it is so easy to
                  put them in the wrong one.
    Bounce and Trounce
    In-Game Description - Mario's surrounded by Fly Guys to trounce. Touch him on
                          his left, right or centre to make him bounce in that
    How to Play - Same as Bounce and Pounce, expect you keep going with the Shy Guy
                  bounces being totted up and they appear on the top screen.
                  Concentrate on the Mario's as they fall, as if they don't end up
                  going on a Shy Guy then tap them to bounce up again until they
                  do. Know that depending on where you tap Mario you can direct
                  him, so tapping the left side will make him go up to the right.
                  Just keep an eye out on the bottom screen and hit the Mario's
                  before they drop out completely to stay in the clear.
    Bob-omb Squad
    In-Game Description - The parachuting Bob-ombs are destroying your flowers!
                          Use your slingshot to knock them out of the air. Hit
                          Lakitu to blow them all up.
    How to Play - Here you have to spring back the ball to hit the falling Bob-ombs
                  before they hit the flowers. You can easily pick them off to
                  begin with, but later hordes and hordes come and it gets really
                  tough; use the Lakitu when ever you can to clear the screen,
                  and remember you can fire horizontally and down if you need to
                  get some below the slingshot. Also, you don't have to stretch it
                  back fully, just a small tug will send it at a reasonable speed.
    Trampoline Time
    In-Game Description - Draw a line on the Touch Screen to turn it in to a
                          trampoline. You can draw up to 3 lines at a time. Help
                          Mario bounce to safety!
    How to Play - Draw a line that Mario can bounce off to the exit on the right
                  side of the screen. The smaller the line, the higher Mario will
                  bounce. At first, as you can imagine is easy, as long as you
                  get Mario anywhere up the top right he'll drop down and exit.
                  Later more Mario's arrive at once, and you have to get them in
                  the bottom exit. When it gets tough, bounce them high up so you
                  can manage them slower, and draw a few lines as your own
                  safety nets. There is also one at the bottom of the screen anyway
                  that will save you a few times.
                                   6. LEVEL CHECKLIST
    This is a checklist that will help you keep track of what levels you have done
    and what ones you need to do, including secret exits.
    World 1
      [  ]  World 1-1
      [  ]  World 1-2             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 1-3
      [  ]  World 1-Tower         [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 1-4
      [  ]  World 1-5
      [  ]  World 1-Castle
      [  ]  World 1-A
    World 2
      [  ]  World 2-1
      [  ]  World 2-2
      [  ]  World 2-3             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 2-4
      [  ]  World 2-Tower
      [  ]  World 2-5
      [  ]  World 2-6
      [  ]  World 2-Castle
      [  ]  World 2-A             [  ]  Secret Exit
    World 3
      [  ]  World 3-1
      [  ]  World 3-2             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 3-Tower
      [  ]  World 3 - 3
      [  ]  World 3-Ghost House   [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 3-Castle
      [  ]  World 3-A
      [  ]  World 3-B
      [  ]  World 3-C
    World 4
      [  ]  World 4-1             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 4-2
      [  ]  World 4-3
      [  ]  World 4-Tower
      [  ]  World 4-4
      [  ]  World 4-Ghost House   [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 4-5
      [  ]  World 4-6
      [  ]  World 4-Castle
      [  ]  World 4-A
    World 5
      [  ]  World 5-1
      [  ]  World 5-2             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 5-Tower
      [  ]  World 5-3
      [  ]  World 5-Ghost House   [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 5-4
      [  ]  World 5-Castle
      [  ]  World 5-A
      [  ]  World 5-B             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 5-C
    World 6
      [  ]  World 6-1
      [  ]  World 6-2
      [  ]  World 6-Tower 1
      [  ]  World 6-3
      [  ]  World 6-4
      [  ]  World 6-Tower 2
      [  ]  World 6-5
      [  ]  World 6-6
      [  ]  World 6-Castle
      [  ]  World 6-A
      [  ]  World 6-B
    World 7
      [  ]  World 7-1
      [  ]  World 7-Ghost House   [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 7-2
      [  ]  World 7-3
      [  ]  7-Tower
      [  ]  World 7-4             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 7-5             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 7-6             [  ]  Secret Exit
      [  ]  World 7-7
      [  ]  World 7-Castle
      [  ]  World 7-A
    World 8
      [  ]  World 8-1
      [  ]  World 8-2
      [  ]  World 8-Tower 1
      [  ]  World 8-3
      [  ]  World 8-4
      [  ]  World 8-Castle 1
      [  ]  World 8-5
      [  ]  World 8-6
      [  ]  World 8-7
      [  ]  World 8-8
      [  ]  World 8-Tower 2
      [  ]  World 8-Final Castle
    For best results, try copying and pasting the list into Word or another text
    editing program so you can adjust the size, and so you can print it off easier.
    Oh, and I case you didn't know, the [ ] box is to tick or mark when you have
    completed the level or exit.
                                  7. SECRETS AND TIPS
    This is a general list of secrets and tips in the game. Most of these are from
    the GameFAQs Codes and Secrets page, so thanks goes out to the site and it's
    various contributors.
    Save File Stars
    You may notice that you can get 'Stars' for your save game. You can get a total
    of three, by doing the following -
     1 - Completing the Main Adventure.
     2 - Find and complete all the Secret Exits (also includes using Warp Cannons)
     3 - Collect and spend all the Star Coins
    You don't get anything for these, but it's just something extra to do and shows
    you have fully completed the game.
    Background House
    Once you complete the main adventure check out the first world, where the
    Background House will appear. Here you can purchase skins for the touch screen
    status screen, such as retro wallpapers. Pretty funky, eh? Remember you'll
    have to get all these in order to get the 'Collect and spend all Star Coins'
    star for your save file.
    Save Anywhere
    Once you have completed the main adventure, you can save anywhere you like.
    This is very handy for when you are trying to get the other stars. For example
    you need to be Mini Mario for a Star Coin, so have it as your secondary item
    and save so if you die you can reload the same and try again without going all
    the way back and getting another.
    Play as Luigi
    When selecting your save file, press L+R and A to select it to play as Luigi.
    He is exactly the same as Mario apart from how he looks, so it won't improve
    your game in any way.
    Challenge Mode
    One of the cooler secrets in the game, on the map screen press the following -
    L, R, L, R, X, X, Y, Y. This turns Challenge Mode on, which means you cannot
    go back through the stage like the first SMB game. Note this doesn't apply to
    all the levels in the game, and can only be activated when you complete the
    Flagpole Points and Lives
    At the Exit Flagpole, the higher you reach the more points you get. The highest
    amount of points you can get is 8000 which is at the top, and any higher nets
    you a 1-Up life. In most levels there are platforms or enemies that will help
    you get above the flagpole, so use them to do so.
    Fireworks and Extra Mushroom Houses
    If you time your Exit Flagpole exodus right, you can get fireworks and also
    create another Mushroom house on the map (the empty space where you first
    begin it). This is done by having matching second figures on the Time Remaining
    counter; the numbers represent how many fireworks as well as what type of
    Mushroom house is created. So -
    x11 - One Firework + Item House
    x22 - Two Fireworks + Item House
    x33 - Three Fireworks + Item House
    x44 - Four Firework + Life House
    x55 - Five Firework + Life House
    x66 - Six Firework + Life House
    x77 - Seven Firework + Mega House
    x88 - Eight Firework + Mega House
    x99 - Nine Firework + Mega House
                                        8. FAQ'S
    Q. I heard you can play as Luigi; this true?
    A. Press L+R together as you select your file!
    Q. Why are some of the Star Coins come across blue?
    A. It means you already have them. You can see which ones you have by checking
       the touch screen when playing that level, or from the level status on the
       overworld map.
    Q. Can you unlock any more minigames?
    A. Nope, sadly not, especially as pretty much all of them are recycled from
       Super Mario 64 DS... oh well.
    Any other questions, feel free to give me an email.
                            9. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS
    That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
    one form or another, and that it has been easy to use. If you could, please
    either ask me questions, suggestions, comments or contributions at 
    crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com (Reyn). Thank you for reading.
     | Special Thanks to these who have contributed to the guide in some way... |
    CJayC (Gamefaqs) -      For accepting this guide and for creating the best site
                            on the internet. Thanks! http://www.gamefaqs.com
                            The site also supplied most of the cheats and
                            unlockables, so thanks to them and their contributors.
    IGN -                   For accepting this guide and for creating an awesome
                            video games site. Thanks! http://www.ign.com
    Nintendo  -             For creating what is possibly the best Mario Kart yet!
    ASCII Generator -       For producing the text ASCII for my Crazyreyn sig.
                            Thanks, and is a great site if you need any ASCII text.
    Mees van de Kerkhof -   For spotting a mistake in enemy names. Thanks man!
    Isaac van Egmond -      For an easier way to get Star Coin3 in 2-Tower. Thanks!
             | Special Thanks to these who are my good GameFAQS friends... |
    Robert Lane        (Lanerobertlane)
    Richard Arnett     (Guitarfreak86)
    Ryan Harrison      (RHarrison0987)
    Thomas Carter      (Carter12)
    Duncan Hardy       (Super Nova)
    Rebecca Skinner    (Karpah)
    Martin Dale-Hench  (Fox)
    Brian Sulpher      (BSulpher)
    Trace Jackson      (Meowthnum1)
    Richard B.         (Gbness)
    Steve McFadden     (Psycho Penguin)
    Chris Noonan       (Merca)
    Colin Scully       (me frog)
    Tom Hayes          (THayes)
    And everyone else at the FAQ Contributors board! Also a nod to the GameFAQs
    UK board and v3, for being so damn funny and cool. :)
    If I have forgotten you, then please contact me and I'll fix your name up here!
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                      |__/         |__/      
    By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com) & A I e x (StarOceanDC@gmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2005 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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