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Alternate Exits Guide by Douggie

Version: v1.3 | Updated: 05/24/2006

New Super Mario Bros. - Alternate (Hidden) Exits Guide v1.0
for the Nintendo DS
by Douggie AKA CyphR (Copyright (c) 2006 T.Y. Rusiyanadi, All rights reserved)
posted on GameFAQs.com

0.Table of Contents____________________________________________________________

1. Updates & Legal Blah Blah
2. Introduction
3. Tips on how to get Small or Shell Mario
4. Levels with Small Mushrooms
5. Levels leading to a Warp Cannon
6.Spoiler-Free List of Levels with Alternate Exits
7. List of Alternate Exits (per World)
8. Contact Author
9. Credits and Thank You's

1.Updates & Legal Blah Blah____________________________________________________

v1.3 May 24th 2006  Had an easier method for 7-5, 2 levels added in the mini
                    mushroom section + descriptions and made a list for the
                    people who don't want spoilers, but want to know in which
                    levels the exits are.
v1.2 May 18th 2006  Made some things clearer in the FAQ, thanks to some readers
                    and added an easier way to reach the alternate exit in
v1.1 May 17th 2006  Second version, checked up on things, seems complete.
                    Lay-Out changes.
v1.0 May 16th 2006  First Version, all alternate exits found (I think) and
                    some questions left at end.

This guide is written by Douggie (T.Y. Rusiyanadi) and all tips & secrets
found by himself and the ones credited at the end. This FAQ may be not be
reproduced and/or altered by anybody else but the author under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
web site or otherwise distributed publicly AT ALL. Use of this guide on any
other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
a violation of copyright. Do NOT ask me for permission as I will post it on
whatever site I want to myself and it just takes too much time to figure out
why and when and who to give permission.

Information of this FAQ and parts of this FAQ - only when quoting - can be
used without permission, but give credit where credit is due.


Alternate exits are secondary exits in levels. They're not the ordinary flag
poles with the black flags, but have a red flag instead. These alternate exits
lead to other levels and other paths. Sometimes these exits are easy to find,
other times, they're tricky to figure out and need Mario to be in a certain
state (Small Mario or Shell Mario). This guide will give you tips on how to get
to them and provide a full list with description of every level that has an
alternative/hidden exit. There's also a spoiler-free section for those who
don't want to hear about the methods, but want to knew which levels contains

3.Tips on how to get Small or Shell Mario______________________________________

Here are a few tips, if you're not Small Mario, Shell Mario or have not one of
these items in your inventory (yes, saving them can be a good idea too):
1. Just play further until you meet the required status, then return to the
2. Visit a Mushroom House, the normal small one and hope for the required
   item. If there are no Mushroom Houses, create one by touching the flag pole
   when the time is X11, X22 or X33 (where X can be any number). On a
   sidenote: touching the flag pole at X44, X55, X66 will let a Green Mushroom
   House appear on the map, wheras X77, X88, X99 will let a Mega Mushroom House
3. Visit a level with a flying red ?-block and hope you get the required item.
   If you get the wrong item and you've already finished the stage, press
   START, return to map and go to the level that has the red flying question
   mark box. Be sure to survive and finish the stage.
4. Same as 3., but visit a stage that has the Hammer Bros. (on map). When
   you've killed the Hammer Bros. you get an item.
5. Same as 3., but visit a stage with a random item block.
6. If you've already finished the game: save before 2., 3. or 4. and if you
   get the wrong item, soft reset (L+R+SELECT+START), load again and try again
   until you've got the right item. Of course this can be applied at any save
   point (so when you've finished Towers and such, if you haven't finished the
   game yet) - if you're lucky to have the next stage with situation 2.-5.
7. Visit a level where you can there's a ?-block or brick containing a blue
   shell or small mushroom.

4.Levels with Small Mushrooms__________________________________________________

The following levels contain a ?-block with a small mushroom. You can visit and
finish these levels to get a small mushroom with 100% certainty:

W1-4, W2-Castle, W3-A, W7-A.

I guess we all know where this one is! Shortly after you see the first mini
pipe (not far from the beginning) there are a two ?-blocks (just before you see
a flying green Koopa). The right one contains a mini mushroom.

Near the end of the level, just after you swung above a giant spike ball,
there's a platform with two ?-block you can swing at. The right one contains a
mini mushroom (thanks to 3000Ghosts for the tip).

A little past the checkpoint there's a ?-block after the first red Koopa you
see, under water. That one contains a mini mushroom (thanks to Beefy for the

Almost at the ending, let's say once you past the 3 "floating" pipes and have
gone through the one above the first one (from the left). Go all the way to
the right and there's a ?-block containing a mini mushroom. It's actually the
section below the pipe leading to the flag pole (if that makes it clearer!).

5.Levels leading to a Warp Cannon______________________________________________

Some levels lead to a Warp Cannon. A Warp Cannon is like a Warp Zone in the
previous Super Mario Bros, in a way that you skip levels to go to the
beginning of a world further on. Here's a list of the levels that lead to
Warp Cannons when using their alternate exits (how to get to them is described
in the next section):

W1-Tower       -- leads to Warp Cannon to World 5
W2-A           -- leads to Warp Cannon to World 5
W3-Ghost House -- leads to Warp Cannon to World 6
W4-Ghost House -- leads to Warp Cannon to World 7
W5-Ghost House -- leads to Warp Cannon to World 8

6.Spoiler-Free List of Levels with Alternate Exits_____________________________

Here's a spoiler-free list of levels that contains alternate exits. Thanks to
T.Templeton I'm aware of people who want to know in which levels the exits are,
but do not want to take away the challenge of getting to them. There's a total
of 18 levels with alternate exits, including 2 without red flag poles.

World 1: W1-2, W1-Tower
World 2: W2-3, W2-A, W2-4, W2-Castle
World 3: W3-2, W3-Ghost House
World 4: W4-1, W4-Ghost House
World 5: W5-2, W5-B, W5-Ghost House, W5-Castle
World 6: none
World 7: W7-Ghost House, W7-4, W7-5, W7-6
World 8: none

7.List of Alternate Exits (per World)__________________________________________

Here's a list of all the alternate/hidden exits in the game and a full
description of how to get to them. If a level isn't here, it means that it
hasn't got an alternative/hidden exit.

World 1

W1-2 -- to W1-Mushroom House and W1-Tower
(requirement: none)
Near the end of the level, use the last moving platform to jump on the top - so
you won't enter the pipe to the normal flag pole. If you go further to the
right, there's a pipe to the alternate exit. This is the classic SMB 1-2

W1-Tower -- to W1-Cannon (warp to World 5)
(requirement: blue shell)
In the middle of the level, when you've reached checkpoint and see the first
pipe that launches you upward, you see a door. Enter the door and you reach a
room with a Star Coin and moving blocks. There's a door to go back there, but
do NOT enter it. Instead go to the upper right and press right to go to
another room. There's a hidden one up on the left of the room (in case you
want to know). If you are Shell Mario, you can break the bricks that are one
the right and reach the section right to it. Go further and exit.

World 2

W2-3 -- to W2-A
(requirement: none)
In the section where water goes up (2nd part of the stage) by touching the
switch, swim up where the coins are, then hit the switch on the upper left to
raise the water again. Swim to the top and go to the right to exit to the red
flag pole.

W2-A -- to W2-Cannon (warp to World 5)
(requirement: none, but helps if you have a small mushroom)
Almost at the end of the first section , before you go into the pipe on the
right to exit-part of the stage, another yellow pipe is on above it. Go into
that one to go into the alternate exit. There are two ways to reach the pipe:
the hard way and easy way. The hard way is when you're everything but Small
Mario (and Big Mario), you need to take the last spin launcher (or whatever
it's called - the blue thingie) and land on the last Red Koopa, when he's
on the right side of the platform. It's quite tricky to do so, but when you
are able to jump on him you can spin float/jump right up to the yellow pipe.
If you're small Mario, just jump on the Green Koopa to get a jump boost and
walljump your way into the pipe.

W2-4 -- to W2-Mushroom House and W2-6
(requirement: small mushroom)
When you've reached the part where you see water for the first time (when you
go down), go to the left. Because you're small it's possible to enter the pipe
in the left. After entering it, there's a red flag pole.

W2-Castle -- to World 4
(requirement: small mushroom)
Go to the end of the castle and make sure when finishing off the boss you're
Mini Mario (use ground pounds). If you have a mini-mushroom in your stock,
you can take it just before you give him the last hit (gives you more room
for errors). Once defeated, you can take the bottom path and see the sign
change from W3" to "W4".

World 3

W3-2 -- to W3-B
(requirement: none)
Just after the first Star Coin there's a moving platform (with a mushroom
structure) and it moves below three pipes (red, yellow and green). Go into
the green one (3rd one). If it doesn't work out, don't worry, you have another
chance as the platform goes back again (it might be easier on the way back).
After you've entered the pipe continue the level and you reach the red flag
pole eventually.

W3-Ghost House -- to W3-Cannon (warp to World 6)
(requirement: none)
Go all the way to the right and when you've reached that part, there's a
brick. In that brick is an orange switch. If you jump on it a door will appear
on the upper left of you, as you can see. Do NOT enter that one. Instead, go
back to the previous switch and you'll see a door has appeared next to it
(inbetween the switch and the door). You'll need to be fast to reach that
door, because it'll dissappear when the song is over. Enter the door to reach
another alternate exit to a Warp Cannon.

World 4

W4-1 -- to W4-Green Mushroom House and W4-Tower
(requirement: none)
When you're on that moving blue dinosaur over water, you come across a set of
5 bricks with the left and right one being ?-blocks. Get on that platform
(easier to get on it from the right) and above the 3rd brick there's a secret
plant. Use it to get up and enter the pipe on the platform above. There's your
red flag pole.

W4-Ghost House -- W4-Cannon (warp to world 7)
(requirement: small mushroom)
When you've reached the second section (by going through the first section all
the way to the upper right and then enter the door), there's a switch all the
way to the left. Jump on it and the red blocks appear (it helps to have the
Boo on the left so he doesn't disturb you). Go the right and jump up to the
pipe above, but do NOT enter it. Instead jump on the pipe, then jump as high
as you can (vertical), wall jump and jump all the way to the right. There's a
narrow path you can wall jump through above you. Do that and enter the door to
go to last part of the stage with the red flag pole.

World 5

W5-2 -- to W5-3 (through W5-Pipe1)
(requirement: none)
Almost at the end, you can enter the last reversed pipe, just above an ice
part. It's that section where you can see a green and a yellow pipe next to
each other. Enter the pipe left above these two pipes to get to the red flag

W5-B -- to W5-Castle (through W5-Pipe2)
(requirement: blue shell)
Almost at the end, just before the black flag pole, there's big platform of
ice and left from it there is a wall. Use that wall (and the wall of the
ceiling on the upper right) to walljump to the top of the screen, so you
land above the ceiling on the left. Move left and use your shell to destroy
the bricks so you can enter the pipe left to it to get to the red flag pole.

W5-Ghost House -- W5-Cannon (warp to World 8)
(requirement: none)
There's a section with three bricks, above the first door you can see. Jump
on the three bricks and jump above all three to reveal the secret coin blocks.
Now jump on the middle secret coin block, duck and jump to reveal a hidden
beanstalk. Go up on the plant and wait until the Boxing Boo destroys all
the blocks to clear the path to the door (make sure you don't get hit). Once
you've entered it, there's a platform that moves up. Stay on it and keep going
up (to get the third Star Coin go to the right when the platform goes up real
fast). Go through the door once you're up and you're at the red flag pole!

W5-Castle -- to World 7
(requirement: small mushroom)
Go to the end of the castle and make sure when finishing off the boss you're
Mini Mario (use ground pounds). If you have a mini-mushroom in your stock,
you can take it just before you give him the last hit (gives you more room
for errors). Once defeated, you can now take the bottom path and see the sign
change from "W6" to "W7".

World 6


World 7

W7-Ghost House -- to W7-Green Mushroom House and W7-Tower
(requirement: none or small mushroom if you like walljumping)
From the beginning, hit the leftmost brick then the switch to make the doors
appear. Go through the door on the lower right. There's a hidden block
where the all the hands point (it moves) with a switch. Hit the switch (just
wait under a hand until it points right down to you and then jump) to make two
platforms appear. Use them to go up and through the door on the top. Once
you're in the next room, you see a P-switch. Hit it and go to the left. Once
the coins change into bricks go to the left. There's now a wall that's L-shaped
(the second long row of bricks that you'll come across) and you'll notice that
the 3rd brick from the right has a shiny glimmer. Hit it from below and a
beanstalk leading to a door will appear. Enter it and you're on the way to the
red flag pole. (thanks for James F'n X for the beanstalk-tip) You need to be
fast though, to do so, but if you don't feel like it, you can use a mini-
mushroom and use walljumps to get to the door (my way and the harder way).

W7-4 -- to W7-Green Mushroom House and W7-Castle
(requirement: small mushroom)
Go up and up and up and up, but stay on the left side. Eventually you see a
flying ?-block. Launch yourself on that, go into the gap in the wall, and make
a C-jump (a jump in the form of a C) to get above onto the cliff and then to
the left, where there's a pipe. Enter it to get to the red flag pole.

W7-5 -- to W7-A
(requirement: none or a mega mushroom to make it easier)
Near the end, just before the Banzai Bill, there's a pipe hidden under
stones. A way to destroy the stones is by using the two Bomb-Ombs that can be
found near there. I recommend putting the first Bomb-Omb on the fourth
stone and the second next to the pipe. Enter the pipe and continue until you
reach the red flag pole. An EASIER method does exists (thanks to Protesilaus),
and that's if you have a mega mushroom in your inventory. You can use it in
that section and just ground pound the blocks away to clear the path. Read the
tips section (tip 2.) on how to obtain a mega mushroom easily.

W7-6 -- to W7-7
(requirement: none)
Just after the checkpoint there are two rows of bricks. First destroy the 3rd
brick of the top row (use the ?-block to get a mushroom to be able to destroy
it). And then hit the brick below it (the third on the bottom row) from
below (not from the top!) to make a beastalk appear (that grows to the top).
Use the beanstalk to go up. Now continue the level from that point on to reach
the red flag pole. Thanks to calebwbrown for noticing that the brick above the
beanstalk stop the beanstalk from growing.

World 8


8.Contact Author_______________________________________________________________

Mail me if at mazuradaATyahooDOTcom if you can answer the following:
- If there's any I'm missing
- If you have any suggestions to make the content of this guide better

Do NOT e-mail me about the things already covered in this FAQ/Guide, so please
read carefully or use the FIND-function (CTRL-F) to search for things in this
guide before asking them to me.

9.Credits & Thank You's________________________________________________________

Thanks to James F'n X for the tip of the beanstalk in W7-Ghosthouse.
Thanks to lester for also noticing the same.
Thanks to calebwbrown for noticing that the brick above the beanstalk stop
the beanstalk from growing in W7-6.
Thanks to AJ DiPaolo for mentioning that WX-Cannon was confusing to read.
Thanks to CalmanMKDS and Giuliano for noticing I missed out on typing
W7-Green Mushroom House (yes, I didn't miss it!).
Thanks to Beefy for mentioning the mini mushroom in W3-A.
Thanks to Shadow_Link_92 for mentioning the same (a little later though).
Thanks to T.Templeton for giving me the idea of adding a spoiler-free section.
Thanks to Protesilaus for providing an easier method in W7-5 (why didn't I
think of that!).
Thanks to 3000Ghosts (nickname pending!) for the tip of the mini mushroom in
W2-Castle and suggesting I should add descriptions to the mini mushroom
FAQ written by Douggie AKA CyphR (T.Y.Rusiyanadi).
Thank you for reading!

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