How do i get past second to last castle in world 8?

  1. How do i get past second to last castle in World 8?

    User Info: venathea

    venathea - 11 years ago
  2. Do you mean the castle where you fight Skeleton Bowser? If so, what exactly are you having trouble with?

    User Info: WiiKyle

    WiiKyle - 11 years ago
  3. that's a very generic question. Can you give us a little more information on what part you're stuck on? Also, are you talking the second mini castle or the usual boss castle with the blue roof?

    User Info: untuxable

    untuxable - 11 years ago
  4. If you tell me what part you're stuck on I can tell you how to do it.

    User Info: FAQMan_12

    FAQMan_12 - 11 years ago
  5. Can you please tell us what castle it is because we are all confused? Thank you.

    User Info: smashbrosbar21

    smashbrosbar21 - 10 years ago
  6. I have the same problem the one with green that is so hard they give so little time when you need a hour so we both need help so thanks.

    User Info: gabe99982

    gabe99982 - 10 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If your talking about the VERY last castle you need to fly by the big maze part. Some time in the level, a part where you hit this part where you have to jump and then run and then probably have to jump again is extremely hard. You can't walk because it will start you over from the start of that obstacle. But after you get past that you run some more enemy's then you run into the door to the boss. if you want to win quick you would have to be fire mario. But if you can't do that wait for baby bowser to dive and jump over him then he will throw a green shell at you. You then would have to throw the shell back then he'll die. Then Big Bowser will jump. Then you will have to run under him before he lands and hit the button. Then you beat the game. THE END

    User Info: Allstar12345

    Allstar12345 - 10 years ago 3   0


  1. If this the mini castle no.2 Then heres a walkthruogh 1st get on the mad green squares then only hit the question mark box and then wait for the mushroom then jump on to the lv2 squares well im bored if you want help go on

    User Info: stickmin

    stickmin - 10 years ago 0   0
  2. Beat the boss?lol

    User Info: Anthoni

    Anthoni - 9 years ago 0   0
  3. there r 4 castles but i will try to help.
    Bowser Jr castle 1. get through everything then beat him as usual
    normal castle#1 get through it extremely cautiosly. boss is invincible except for with a
    mega mushroom
    b.j. castle # 2 this one ****** me off. try to stay on the green squares as much as possible
    beat b.j. as normal.
    final castle - first half is a very easy puzzle. dont get flamed or smashed though.
    secolnd half is pretty veasy ( spoiler alert ) when u get to the areas that make noises as
    u go through them this is the combo 1st area bottom
    2nd top
    3rd middle platform
    beat B.J. and Bowser with a mega mushroom.< big orange ones that make u huge.>
    hope that helps

    User Info: iamdsplayer

    iamdsplayer - 11 years ago 2   4
  4. If you mean the 3rd one use action replay,turn on;big jumps(hold it and it makes you fly)and invincible.

    User Info: RAPdawg530

    RAPdawg530 - 10 years ago 1   3
  5. Play through it.

    Be moar specxific pl0x.

    User Info: Neoconkers

    Neoconkers - 10 years ago 2   4
  6. And turn on invincible

    User Info: RAPdawg530

    RAPdawg530 - 10 years ago 0   3
  7. okay if its the ver llast cstle the huge on that scares the crap out of you. Then put a mega mushroom in the bottom right circle.(by going to a mega mushroom house).Then use it in the boss fight and just jump on both of them. OR if your at the mini castle. At the boss fight just be flower or any other form of mario tht doesnt get killed on one shot from an enemy, and just smash into the skeleton bowser and continue to the button at the back and jump on it. hope that hepled.

    User Info: i_am_humungo

    i_am_humungo - 11 years ago 1   5
  8. The last castle of the game is simple. Beat Bowser Jr. as usual, then when you do all you have to do is wait for the big dragon to jump up and run underneith him and jump on that thing at the end of the bridge and he will fall in the lava.

    User Info: connorkristie

    connorkristie - 11 years ago 0   6

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