How do you get past the last castle in world 8?

  1. In the last castle on world 8, i keep going in circles, how does one get past this?

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    lorijop - 11 years ago

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  1. PART 1

    Head right across the gaps while avoiding the Podoboos, reaching a door to
    pass through, finding three bricks. Punch the center one to reveal a
    ?-Switch, which will flip the room to let Mario pass through the door that
    was on ceiling (now on the ground), leading into a room to go up and to the
    right through, passing Flamethrowers and a Dry Bone, entering the door near
    a thin wall. In here Mario will find a Super Thwomp to pass underneath
    after he draws it into attacking, followed by hitting the bricks to reveal a
    ?-Switch. Collect the Power-Up on the right before hitting the ?-Switch, flipping the
    room again so Mario can go left underneath the Super Thwoimp again, passing
    through the door to find another long set of Flamethrowers and a Dry Bones
    to move past, fighting over to the left to find a solo brick that holds a
    ?-Switch. Now Mario will have to go back to the right, looking for a ledge
    above (it is located above the area with the Dry Bones) to go up past more
    Flamethrowers, entering the door. Head right past the three Thwomps,
    turning left to hop over the spikes above to go get the first Star Coin,
    followed by turning right to go down to get a Power-Up from a brick below a
    Dry Bones.Head left from here, continuing to go downwards while smacking bricks,
    revealing a ?-Switch to flip the room, allowing Mario to climb upwards to
    pass under the Thwomp to reach the top. Mario will find a choice in path,
    so go right and pass under another Thwomp to leap some spikes and a Dry
    Bones, reaching a door. Leap onto the platform on the left to get up to a
    door that leads to an empty room where running right along the floor will
    get Mario a second Star Coin, followed by going up the stairs to get into
    the door located at the top.
    Head right to pass the halfway marker and to snag an Item, which is followed
    by a set of platforms and such that have many routes across, but only one
    correct way will allow Mario to advance (a classic style from the original
    Super Mario Brothers castles in World 4, World 7, and World 8). So to
    advance through this area, start out by taking the bottom path to hear the
    success chime, followed by going along the top path in the next area, and
    finally taking the middle path to clear this area.
    Mario will have to leap across some small ledges ahead to find a couple
    bricks to Ground Pound to destroy, followed by going over the lava pit to
    take a running leap to the left underneath the ledge, attempting a Slide
    Duck to go under the short bricks, reaching the final Star Coin in the game!

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  1. PART 2

    Now head right, entering the massive red doors to enter into the final Boss
    Fight! Bowser Jr. will revive his destroyed father before the battle even begins,
    turning the bout into an unfair 2 vs. 1... if you were not the great Mario
    anyway! Start out by concentrating on Baby Bowser, jump his charges,
    forcing him to throw a Koopa shell for Mario to stomp and throw back,
    followed by jumping onto his exposed stomach (though Fireballs really work
    well here), getting three hits to finish him off. However, while taking
    down this wily foe, remember that Bowser will be attacking with his blue
    flames that will track Mario down, but luckily their range is very limited.
    Once Bowser Jr. has been dispatched, it is time to take care of Bowser.
    However, upon the defeat of scales and blood, Bowser will up the attacks,
    sending out multiple flames at a time, including three blue homing flames at
    once! Try to get in close to the monster, avoiding the flames (if the blue
    flames come out, back and off let them dissipate), waiting for Bowser to
    leap into the air to allow Mario to go underneath him and to hit the switch
    that rests on the right side of the room. Note it is far easier to go under
    him on the high leap, but it is possible to get under him on the small leap.
    Note you need to be Super Mario or better for this strategy to work. As an
    alternate strategy, it is possible to bounce off of Bowser Jr., flying right
    into Bowser, getting hit to become invulnerable, using that invulnerability
    to reach the switch, beating the level! Hit the switch to end the abduction, saving Princess Peach and ending the game!

    This is from a FAQ created by BSulpher

    User Info: getbuck21

    getbuck21 - 11 years ago 2   0

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