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Gulliver FAQ by Myster Mask / MLBloomy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/21/07


By MysterMask and MLBloomy


1. Introduction

2. Gulliver FAQ
   1a. Who is Gulliver and the Special Visitors
   1b. How can you predict Gulliver's arrival
   1c. What to do after you hit the UFO
   1d. Gulliver Items and what to do with them

3. Bonus Tips and Secrets
   a. About Neighbours
      I. How Neighbours function
      II Help that Neighbour move out from your Town
      III. More about neighbours
   b. About Gifts and Mail
   c. Miscellaneous 

4. Credits and Contacts


Gulliver is one of the special characters that can visit your town in Animal 
Crossing Wild World. Since the Game Cube version Gulliver has been upgraded 
from small time sailor who occasionally washes on your shores to alien 
As in the Game Cube version, Gulliver gives away exclusive items as reward for 
helping him recover the parts of his spaceship. 
Gulliver is a rare special visitor, and due to his characteristics is usually 
missed by many players, and the mechanics of his presence in AC towns are 
largely misunderstood and wrongly presented in some of the guides posted to 
We looked into the possibility of predicting Gulliver's appearance in town, how 
to make sure that you are always able to shoot him down, and what are the items 
he gives away.
We also looked into the general statistics of special visitors, as well as in 
the way normal neighbours arrive and leave your town.
As a "bonus", we added a number of tips and secrets we found in our games, that 
have not been previously described in the other existing FAQs and Walkthroughs.


On certain days you will notice an UFO passing in the sky. It flies across the 
screen at the back of your town, similar to the balloons.  However, its speed 
is much faster, which makes it very difficult to catch and shoot down with your 
slingshot (particularly if you don't have the golden slingshot yet). The UFO 
will appear no matter the weather, and can come from 6 am to 6 am the next day.
This UFO is Gulliver's spaceship, and you will have to bring it down in order 
to meet him and receive one of his exclusive items.

1a. Who is Gulliver and the Special Visitors

Special visitors in your town can be classified in four main groups:

Group A
Every week visitors: They will be in your town every single week, except for 
festival weeks (such as the Acorn festival, or The Bright Nights Festival).
They will always come the same day of the week:
a) Joan (the Turnips trader) – On Sundays from 6.00 am to 12.00 pm

b) Lyle (the Insurance agent) – On Saturdays from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm

c) Redd (The Black Market seller) – On the day of the week that you decide when 
you talk to Lyle (but except Sundays and Saturdays).

d) KK Slider (the Guitar Player) – On Saturdays, from 7.00 pm to 12.00 am.
As a particularity, KK Slider will be present in town even during Festivals.

e) Pete (the flying Postman) – Usually flies over your town in two different 
days of the week (except for Sunday, Saturdays, and the "Redd" day). Though in 
a vast majority of cases he will come TWICE every week, I noticed that 
occasionally he will only show up once, and that a visitor from Group B will 
appear in town instead.
Pete will fly over your town at either 9.00 am OR 5.00 pm. He will always 
appear at the first available such time slot immediately after you start the 

Group B
Are random special visitors that will come any day of the week except for 
Saturdays, Sundays, the "Redd day", or the "Pete" days. You will therefore have 
in general 2 such visitors every week (except for the Festival weeks). Very 
occasionally, you will have three such visitors per week, as I mentioned above.
The Group B visitors are: Saharah, Wendell, Gracie, Katrina, Gulliver, Dr 
Shrunk, and Pascal.
All these visitors will be present in town from 6.00 am to midnight, as long as 
you didn't complete the visitor's task with each of your characters. If, for 
example, you spoke to Saharah and obtained a carpet/wall with each of your 
character, then switching off and on your game will make her leave the town, 
irrespective of the time of the day.

As a particularity, Gulliver is the only Group B special visitor that you will 
not be able to see with all your characters. The only character that will be 
able to talk to him and receive a special item is the one that initially shot 
down his UFO.
If after shooting down Gulliver you save and switch over your characters, your 
second character will be able to see the broken UFO, but Gulliver will be 
nowhere in town. Switching back to your first character will make Gulliver 
reappear. Also, Gulliver's UFO will not cross the sky again for your second (or 
third… etc) character.

An important thing to know about the visitors from this group is that you will 
NEVER have the same special visitor twice in the same week, and very rarely (or 
never) the same special visitor two weeks in a row.

Group C
Are "special" special visitors, that you can have in town only after playing 
online. This group includes: 

a) Blanca - obtainable after you connect on wi-fi and visit (receive visit 
from) someone in another town. Blanca will stay in your town only as long as 
you didn't talk to her and drew her another face. Another special visitor will 
be in your town before she comes (for example: Pete, group A visitors, or any 
group B visitor after accomplishing their task and switching off and on your 
game), or after she leaves (generally Pete or KK Slider).

b) Katie (the Lost Kitten) or her mother Kaitlin - obtainable after you connect 
on wi-fi or DS to DS and visit (receive visit from) someone in another town. 
One of them will be in your town for a whole week, or until you manage to 
reunite them. During this time no special visitor will be able to visit your 

Group D
Are people who normally live in your town and other people who visit the Café 
at the Museum. This group includes:

a) Resetti (who screams at you after you reset the game without saving). 

b) The "café people": Pelly, Phyllis, Harriet, Lyle, Rover, and Kapp'n. 
They count as "special visitors" only in the sense that no other visitor will 
be in your town the time they stay in the coffee shop. 

To be able to see another special visitor after seeing Resetti, you will need 
to enter a building and exit it, in order to reset the game program that does 
not allow two special characters to be in your town at the same time.
This is not applicable to the "Café People", since in order to speak to them 
you enter and exit the Museum building anyway.

1b. How can you predict Gulliver's arrival

You can obtain some information regarding your visitor of the day by asking 
Brooker (one of the Town Gate guards) "What's new". Brooker will know about the 
visitors from group A except for Pete, and about some of the visitors from 
group B: Saharah, Wendell, Gracie, Katrina, and Dr Shrunk.
He will also mention Blanca, but only if you didn't already meet her and draw 
her a new face, as well as the Lost Kitten and her Mother.
Brooker will be unable to tell you anything about Gulliver, Pascal, or Pete, 
nor about any of the Café People.

All this leads to the following "Prediction technique" for  Gulliver's arrival:
Each of four days of the week when you don't have Redd, rush to the Town gate 
and talk to Brooker.
If he tells you that he didn't notice anything that day, then you know that you 
will have either Gulliver, Pascal, or Pete. 

Gulliver ALWAYS comes immediately after starting the game.
He ALWAYS comes at the minute xx.x2 or xx.x7 of the hour (example: 12.02, OR 
12.07, OR 12.12, OR 12.17, OR 12.22, etc).
He will come at the very first available x2 or x7 spot, or he will not come at 
all. I can actually say that if you cannot hear the UFO in the first 20-30 
seconds after the clock changes to the x2 or x7, then it will not come that 

So how to make sure you get him: As soon as you start the game, rush to the 
Town gate and ask Brooker if there's something new. If he say "no", then arm 
your slingshot and wait by the gate (outside) the first xx.x2 (or xx.x7) time.
I'd recommend that you start your game at xx.x2 of any hour, so you can have 
plenty of time to go to the gate and talk to Brooker before the next available 
Gulliver time.
- Start the game at 8.32 or 8.33 am.
- Run to the gate, and talk to Brooker who says that he didn't see any visitor 
that day.
- Arm your slingshot and wait by the gate until the clock changes to 8.37.
- As soon as the clock strikes x7, you will be able to hear the UFO.

If the UFO does not come at this very first x7 time, then it will not come at 
all that day. This also means that you will either have Pete at 9.00 am (or 
later at 5.00 pm), or that Pascal is washed on your shores. 

I generally start my game at 08.52 am. If Brooker tells me that he didn't 
notice anything, then I wait by the town gate, watering flowers or pulling out 
weeds. At 08.56 I arm my slingshot and wait by the gate. Then either Gulliver 
comes at 08.57, or Pete flies at 9.00 am.
If none of these events happen, then I go to the shores, as Pascal will be 
there in 100% of cases.

Now suppose that despite all this you still miss Gulliver, and you see the UFO 
flying across your town when you are on the shore, fishing. There's no way 
you'll catch him on this occasion. But, considering that you couldn't have 
played more than 5 minutes of the game (he'll pop at the very first available 
xx.x2 or xx.x7 time, remember?), then switch off your console WITHOUT  SAVING, 
then switch it on again.
Start your game. You will have to face Resetti, obviously.
After Resetti finishes with you, you will need to ENTER A BUILDING (any will 
do) and exit that building before Gulliver will show up again (at the very next 
xx.x2 or xx.x7 time).
You need to enter a building, as a requirement for resetting the "no more than 
one special visitor at a time" game script. But be careful not to enter a 
building and exit it at the xx.x1 of the game, otherwise you will have not 
enough time to arm your slingshot, and run to the back town wall before the 
UFO's arrival.

Also, if you start the game on a day when Gulliver is due, and enter a building 
just before the first available xx.x2 or xx.x7 time, then Gulliver will not 
come. He will only come at the next available time, when you are outside in 
your town.

1c. What to do after you hit the UFO

Once you hit the UFO, it will crush somewhere in your town, but NOT randomly. 
so don't worry about your trees – they never grow there. 
Gulliver will be unconscious, and you need to talk to him to bring him back to 
his senses. Sometimes he will wake up immediately, but occasionally you will 
have to keep talking to him again and again, and again. The longest I had to 
talk to him before he woke up was 56 times (!!!!!). Generally it takes up to 10 
trials to "bring him back".

Once he wakes up, talk to him and he will ask you to help him retrieve the 
parts of his UFO which are scattered around your town. There are 5 parts, all 
identical, and resembling a grey dented wheel, the size of a fossil. They will 
only be scattered ON the ground (NOT buried as stated in another FAQ on this 
site). They can be anywhere around the town, including right on the sand on the 
shore, and on the pavement in front of the main buildings and town gate (which 
makes them more difficult to see), but never behind buildings, and very, very 
rarely behind a tree (I think that I had one part hidden behind a tree in over 
200 trials). 

When you find all five parts, bring them to Gulliver, talk to him and he will 
automatically thank you and give you a present. You can give him the parts one 
by one as you find them, and he'll tell you how many are left, or all together.
If you want to make sure you get the present you want, you can save your game 
after returning four parts, and then giving him the last part. When you talk to 
him to give him the last part (or all five parts together), you'll have no 
option to save your game.
If you are unhappy with the item Gulliver gives you as a reward for bringing 
all the parts to him, you can restart your game without saving. However: you 
will have to face Resetti. You will be unable to find Gulliver by his UFO 
before entering a building! This proves how strict the "only one visitor at a 
time" game script really is.

One last thing that you need to know is that Gulliver will disappear while 
waiting for his UFO parts if you open the town gates, whether you have a 
visitor or not, or if you switch characters before returning the parts with 
your first character. 
His UFO will still be there, but he won't be. He'll be visible again if you 
switch back to your first character, or close the town gates.
He will be gone at the end of the day (6.00 am the next day), whether or not 
you gave him back the parts.
If this happens you will have to throw the parts in the bin, or give them as 
trash to Nook as he will not pay anything for them.

If you played the day with one character, and got Gulliver's present by 
returning the UFO parts, when you switch characters, you will not find either 
Gulliver nor the UFO, and he will NOT cross the sky once more.

1d. Gulliver Items and what to do with them

The items that Gulliver gives are:
Arc de Triomphe        
Manekin Pis            
Mermaid Statue         
Moai Statue
Mouth of Truth
Plate Armor
Tower of Pisa
Tribal Mask

Each item will bring you 412 extra HRA points when displayed properly in your 
Gulliver items are part of the World Icons set. There is no such thing as 
"Gulliver set" as some people asked.
The World Icon set goes with the Ancient Wall and Ancient Tile (obtainable from 
Saharah), and the complete set is as follows:

Arc de Triomphe        
Broken Post (Nook)
Corinthian Post (Nook)
Ionian Post (Nook)
Manekin Pis            
Mermaid Statue         
Moai Statue
Mouth of Truth
Mummy's Casket (Nook – spot light)
Pantheon Post (Redd)
Plate Armor
Pyramid (Nook)
Spaceman (Redd)
Sphinx (Nook)
Tower of Pisa
Tribal Mask


a. About Neighbours

I. How Neighbours function
How many times did you ask yourself or on the AC: WW board: "How can I make 
that hated visitor to leave?" and you got the answer: "You can't. It's random".

Well no. It's not random.
First of all we need to understand how your neighbours behave (Credits to Drea 
from ACWW GameFAQs board for this classification of the hobbies):

Neighbours will at times exhibit what we could call "hobbies". They can start a 
new hobby after they move in your town, or will move in already having a hobby.
The hobbies we've noticed are as follows. 

1. Hiking: The villager randomly wanders around the town and makes comments on 
how much they like walking. When spoken to, he may ask you to deliver a letter 
or present for them. 
2. Fossil hunting: The villager walks around carrying a shovel all day and 
talks about looking for fossils. When spoken to, he'll ask you to find a fossil 
for him, or require the parts of a specific fossil. 
3. Furniture collecting: The villager talks non-stop about a certain kind of 
furniture, and asks you to give him pieces of the furniture in question. 
4. Seashell collecting: The villager will mention that he likes to collect 
seashells, but won't actually ask you to find them any. When outside, he will 
make his way down to the beach acres and spend his time wandering in that 
general area. When spoken to, he may ask you to deliver a letter or present. 
5. Bug catching: The villager will talk about catching bugs and will carry a 
net around. When spoken to, he will usually challenge you to catch a specific 
6. Fashion: The villager will constantly talk about clothes and will ask you to 
get him a specific shirt. 
7. Fishing: The villager will talk about catching fish and carry around a 
fishing rod. If spoken to, he will usually challenge you to catch a specific 
8. Gardening: The villager will talk about flowers and gardening. He'll plant 
two flowers a day next to their house until there's no longer any room left. He 
can be seen carrying a watering can, wandering usually near a flower patch. The 
random appearance of flowers around town seems to increase as long as at least 
one villager has this as his current hobby. When spoken to, he may ask you to 
deliver a letter or present for them. 

In between hobbies (I will call this stage "LATENCY"): The villagers will 
wander around town mumbling to themselves about what they should try next. This 
usually only lasts a day or two at the most, at which point they'll develop a 
new hobby. When spoken to, they may ask you to deliver a letter or present for 
If an villager is doing something unrelated to their current hobby (i.e. A 
fossil hunter carrying around a fishing rod.) then you won't be able to get 
them to talk about their hobby until they put the unrelated item away. While 
such a  villager is out, he may ask you to deliver something for him. 
Getting sick doesn't effect the current hobby, but trying to move out of the 
town makes the villagers forget what they were doing. In the event that they 
decide to stay, they'll start over with a new hobby, and this can happen the 
very next day, or after a couple of days.

II Help that Neighbour move out from your Town
Once you have eight villagers, one of them will attempt to move about every 2 
days. Because the moving process restarts an animal's hobby, it appears that 
the in-game "moving script" has been programmed to target villagers who just 
finished their current hobby, and therefore are in latency (the "in between 
hobbies stage"). That way the program avoids interrupting villagers who are in 
the middle of a hobby and whom you might currently be helping.

This leads to the conclusion that giving a neighbour all the items that he
requires to fulfil his hobby will rush him into "latency", and therefore
promote him moving away.
For example, if you hate a neighbour, and you noticed that he is in a "fishing"
hobby stage, ignoring him will make him pursue his hobby for at least a week.
But if you give him all the fishes he wants, the next day he will enter
latency, and has a high chance to move away.

For this to happen, you will need to have all 8 villagers in your town, with 
none being already "packed to leave". If (and only if) two or more villagers 
are in "latency", then the one among them selected by the program to pack and 
move away is random. Even so, the program appears to select the villager who 
was for longer time in town over the more "new" one, the one who already gave 
you his picture over the one who didn't, the one who has a "common personality" 
(there is at least another villager of the same sex, and with the same type of 
personality) over the one with an "unique personality" (the only one in town 
with that type of personality), and the villager that never tried to move 
before over the one who already attempted to move but you convinced him to 

Also, there is a "balance" in the sex and type of personality that neighbours 
in your town have. Generally there are 4 males and 4 females, with three of 
each having a different type of personality, while the fourth has a personality 
identical with one of the other main three. Occasionally, the balance is broken 
with a town having 3 males and 5 females, or 5 males and 3 females. I never saw 
a town having only males or only females, or 2 to 6 or 1 to 7 male to female 
ratios. If you have a situation with 5 males and 3 females, then the character 
who will be selected to move out has a much higher chance of being one of the 
males, than one of the females.

Therefore, I will push further the argument against the "random" way of the 
villagers moving by saying that if the selection was 100% random, then you 
would expect to see a villager moving in then immediately packing and moving 
out, or a villager whom you just convinced not to move to pack his stuff the 
next day and try to leave again, or have towns with only males, or 3-5 "lazy" 
characters, etc.
This events were never reported, nor observed in any of our games.

III. More about neighbours
If a neighbour is going to leave, they will leave at midnight. If you are 
playing at midnight, they will be gone the next time you save and restart. The 
good-bye letter is sent immediately. If you see that a neighbour is packed up 
one day, they'll generally wait a day before leaving. 

b. About Gifts and Mail

- For gifts related to your saving bank account : merely passing the amount 
threshold is not enough. You need to have that amount in your account at 
midnight, and the letter with the post-office gift is sent then. (Tested by 
putting enough money in the account, then removing 1 bell and waiting a day.)

- Like Boondox feathers, you can miss savings account gifts. (Credit to 
Eyedunno1, who transferred 10 million bells to a secondary character and got 
the piggy bank but no box of tissues.)

- If you earn a Nook model, the letter containing the model is part of the 
regular 9am/5pm mail, and can be forced like the normal mail (credit 
Eyedunno1). Snowman letters also fall into this category (credit to LingLing).

- Not all mail is delivered at 9am/5pm. Some letters are sent at midnight and 
Midnight - Redd's letter, savings account gifts (see above), neighbour's good-
bye letters (see above).
6am - Boondox letters (credit Explopyro), Wishing Star letters , HRA, letters 
from Mom 
Interest letters and trophies from Tortimer also come at 6am.

c. Miscellaneous Tips and Secrets

- Fossils are determined when Blathers examines them, not when they are dug up. 
If you save before entering the Museum and are unhappy about what fossils you 
got after talking to Blathers, then you can switch the game off and on again, 
and get a completely different result of the fossils examination.

- You can keep Joan in your town past noon on Sunday if you stay outside. If 
you save, enter a building, or a tournament starts, she will leave. 
You can do the same with Lyle, though I don't know why anyone would want to 
keep him around.

- If you insured all of your characters with Lyle (both the 3,000 and the 6,000 
bells premium), then Lyle will permanently fail to come to your town on 
Saturdays. As a consequence you will not be able to change Redd's day anymore, 
unless you delete one of your characters and create a new one.

- You can instantly cure sick villagers by opening your gates (linking by wi-fi 
or DS to DS), exiting the town gates back into your village, and closing back 
your gates. You don't need to specifically go and talk to your sick neighbour 
to cure him.

- When visiting another town, everyone sees the same bugs, but different fish 
and shooting stars.

- Anecdotal - if you see a shooting star as you're entering a building, be 
ready for one when you come back out. When you go back outside, you may get 
another shooting star very quickly (probably within 10 seconds or so).

- Pete doesn't fly by when it's raining (and perhaps snowing). He will come 
instead at the next available slot of 5.00 pm.

- The designers from Treehut are the people that translated the game into 
English. Nintendo's localization studio is named Treehouse (Google Nintendo and 
Treehouse and you'll find some interviews), but Treehouse is too long for a 
town name. You'll see some familiar names in the NOA Localization section of 
the game credits when K.K. is performing 
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N3W1cdCf4k – pause the video at the 1:43 

4. Credits and Contacts

Many thanks to Eyedunno1, Explopyro, and LingLing from the Animal Crossing Wild 
World Board, GameFAQs for their suggestions and observations, as credited 
within the FAQ text.

Special thanks to Drea from ACWW GameFAQs board for the classification of the 
neighbours' hobbies.

Version 1.0 of this FAQ was written by MysterMask and MLBloomy on the 21st of 
March 2007 and it belongs to its authors and to GameFAQs only.
For any right to republish this FAQ, please address your requests to GameFAQ 

Contacts (for any comment or reasonable request): myster.mask@gmail.com

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