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Snowman FAQ by LingLing777

Version: v.4 | Updated: 07/03/2007

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Snowman Guide
By LingLing777 (Alexander Mak)

[1.00] Introduction

Hello all you people reading my guide; this is the first guide I have ever 
written, so I’d love to have anybody at all to help me out in any way possible,
especially FAQ-writing tips. Please leave a name of some sort like a GameFAQs 
username so that I can give you credit! ^_^

If you are reading this FAQ, it is probably winter in your town, or maybe 
you’re just curious about the Snowmen. I will gather as much information into 
this FAQ as possible to help you build the perfect Snowman every time you try.

One more thing. I'd really like some ASCII Art of a Snowman. If you can make 
one, send it to me! If I use it, I'll give full credit.

[2.00] Table of Contents

In this FAQ, I made it so that you can use a “QuickSearch” First, use the 
CTRL+F command on the keyboard. This will open a search box. It is on the 
bottom of your window if you are using the FireFox browser. After getting the 
search box, input the code numbers next to the title of the section in the 
Table of Contents. Press Enter to have it take you directly to the section!

[1.00] Introduction
[2.00] Table of Contents
[3.00] Update History
[4.00] Contact Information
.................... [4.01] You may contact me to...
.................... [4.02] You may NOT contact me to...
[5.00] Frequently asked Questions 
.................... [5.01] How do I make a Snowman?
.................... [5.02] I destroyed/lost a snowball! What do I do?
.................... [5.03] How many Snowmen can I make a day?
.................... [5.04] Where can I make a Snowman?
.................... [5.05] What makes a Snowman "perfect"?
.................... [5.06] My Snowman disappeared!!
.................... [5.07] How long do the Snowmen stay?
.................... [5.08] What are the Snowman items?
.................... [5.09] When will I be getting my present?
.................... [5.10] Will I get duplicates before completing the set?
.................... [5.11] When will snowballs start/stop appearing?
.................... [5.12] How do I make a Snowlady? PLZHELP!!
.................... [5.13] How do I make more than 2 sections on a Snowman?
.................... [5.14] Where can I find dung beetles?
.................... [5.15] My question isn't in this topic.
.................... [5.16] You haven't updated in forever! What's up with 
[6.00] Perfect Snowman Phrases
[7.00] Imperfect Snowman Phrases
[8.00] Legal Information
[9.00] Credits

[3.00] Update History
Original FAQ submitted............................................... 12/29/06
FAQ v.2 submitted.................................................... 01/04/06
	........ a few corrected spelling mistakes
	........ added precompleted picture of snowballs
	........ corrected error of being able to make Snowmen ANYWHERE
	........ two new imperfect phrases
FAQ v.3 submitted.................................................... 01/09/06
	........ Legal Information added
	........ [5.10]updated
FAQ v.4 submitted.................................................... 07/03/07
	........ edited [4.00] a bit
	........ added a bit to [5.02]
	........ mentioned force mailing in [5.09]
	........ expanded on the duplicate Snowmen items glitch in [5.10]
	........ updated [8.00]
	........ added [5.16]

[4.00] Contact Information

Make sure to read ALL of this section before contacting me. Your message could
be deleted when it could’ve been something to contribute.

You can contact me at doublezer0aym@hotmail.com

open messages without titles. They need a title like “I found an error in your 
FAQ!” or “FAQ Contribution!” They will be deleted on sight if I see no title. 
Also, if I know you by a different alias (i.e. GameFAQs username), include that 
in your message.

[4.01] You may contact me to:
1. contribute to the FAQ. Know something I don’t? Tell me! I’ll give credit to 
you too!
2. tell me of any errors. I’m one of those guys who absolutely HATE making 
errors no matter how minor they may be, so tell me so that I can correct it as 
soon as possible. Credit is awarded for this too.
3. comment on the FAQ. If you have anything to say about the FAQ, I’d be happy 
to hear about it. Constructional criticism is accepted too.

[4.02] You may NOT contact me to:
1. spam. I hate spam and junk mail. Don’t even joke about it. If the title 
makes it seem like junk mail(i.e. “Your FAQ SUCKS!!”), I’ll delete the message. 
If the first few sentences make it seem like junk mail, it will also be deleted 
without being completely read.
2. send viruses/Trojans. My ThunderBird e-mail application can detect them, but 
I really would prefer if you don’t do it at all. It means fewer e-mails to 
delete. It’d also suck if ThunderBird missed one. It’d be a hassle to remove.
3. advertisements to your website, message board, or for your products. Sorry, 
not interested. It will be deleted on sight.
4. flame me or start arguments. If you want to argue or debate about something,
then I am sorry. I have no time to spend on you for that.
5. give false information. I don’t care if it was an accident or on purpose. 
Either way, you will be blocked because I need you to be 100% sure on your 
information. If you are not 100% sure, at least tell me that so that I can test 
it out. Don’t tell me to test obviously bogus information though. You’ll get 
blocked for that.
6. ask if you could visit my town. The only people I let visit my town through 
WiFi are the people on this forum: 
Join ONLY if you have read and agreed to their rules.


[5.00] Frequently Asked Questions

[5.01] How do I make a Snowman? 
First, you need to find the two snowballs in your town. When you push these 
two together, they will form a Snowman. When you start rolling, you'll just be
kicking it around for a bit. Roll a snowball in snow to make it larger, and 
roll it in dirt to make it smaller. As it gets larger, the snowball will go 
onto the second stage where you can actually push and guide the snowball. It 
is important to know that only snowballs in the second stage can be used to 
make a Snowman. Many people also have trouble because of trees in the way 
breaking stage one snowballs and blocking large snowballs, so you may want 
to prepare for the snow season by clearing out some trees. Making one 
correctly will cause the Snowman to send you a rare gift from the Snowman 
Series! Read further down for details on how to make it perfect.

[5.02] I destroyed/lost a snowball! What do I do? 
No worries. Just enter and exit a building to reset the snowball(s) you lost. 
They might not be in the same place, so you'll have to go look again. Also,
if you seriously cannot find the other snowball, then you can save, reset, 
and come back to look again.

[5.03] How many Snowmen can I make a day? 
You can make ONE Snowman a day, not one for each character. Also, a day is the 
time from 6:00 AM and 5:59 AM the next day. Snowballs will respawn at 6:00 AM.

[5.04] Where can I make a Snowman? 
You can make a Snowman anywhere you want outside and still get the present if 
he is perfect as long as you're not trying to build one on the cement such as 
in front of the stores, town hall, the bridges, and so on. Also, making one on 
top of a pattern will erase that pattern, making one on top of a flower will 
kill it, and making it too close to solid objects will make it disappear once 
you go in and out of a building.

[5.05] What makes a Snowman "perfect"?
Size does not matter when making a Snowman, only proportion. Here are some 
examples of me standing next to my "perfect" Snowmen:


That first Snowman is quite large, but it doesn't need to be that big since 
only proportion counts. Just make the head slightly smaller(about 3/4) of the 
body. Also, many suggest that rolling the body snowball until it seems it won't 
get any bigger makes things easier. After that, you would just make the second 
snowball slightly smaller than the body like you'd usually do. Another method 
is to make the body snowball as large as your head and then roll the head 
snowball until you start rolling with your hands and then a little more. One 
more method is to roll a snowball until it just reaches guidable size. At this 
point, just roll the other snowball slightly larger. I prefer the "body as 
large as head" or "just reached guidable size" methods, but you can do what 
works for you.

Also, a request from Eyedunno1 was for me to also take a picture of what 
snowballs looked like before completion. You can compare the two sizes in this 
picture I took:


[5.06] My Snowman disappeared!! 
If your Snowman disappears after you enter and exit a building, you most likely 
made the Snowman too close to a building, tree, rock, river, bridge and so on. 
Don't worry. If you built the Snowman right, he will still give you the present.

[5.07] How long do the Snowmen stay? 
They'll stay a couple of days (three to four on average) and melt a bit each 

[5.08] What are the Snowman items? 
1. Snowman Bed
2. Snowman Dresser
3. Snowman Wardrobe
4. Snowman Chair
5. Snowman Sofa
6. Snowman Table
7. Snowman Fridge
8. Snowman TV
9. Snowman Clock
10. Snowman Lamp
11. Snowman
12. Snowman Carpet
13. Snowman Wall 

[5.09] When will I be getting my present? 
You will receive your present at 9:00 AM if you built the Snowman between 
5:00 PM and 8:59 AM. You will receive your present at 5:00 PM if you built the 
Snowman between 9:00 AM and 4:59 PM. Also, you can force your mail by 
having someone come over your town. It does matter if it is DS to DS or Wifi.
If anyone comes into your town, your incoming mail will be forced into your 

[5.10] Will I get duplicates before completing the set? 
You will only start getting duplicates once all the Snowman items have been put 
into your catalog. However, there have been reports of people not getting the 
whole set in the catalog before duplicates. These can either just be rumours 
or actual glitches. However, the majority of people catalog all items first.

I have an email that may explain this glitch sent to me by someone named Ryan 
Turowski. Here's the part of his email on the topic:

"So, it seems when you complete two snowmen within a given mailing cycle 
(between 5 PM and 9 AM the next day), the Snowman will send two of the same 
item. For instance, I completed a snowman on 1/22 at approximately 8 PM. Then, 
early this morning (8 AM or so) I completed the day's snowman. I checked my 
mail after it arrived at 9 AM, and I had two Snowman letters, both containing 
clocks. It could be a fluke, but that may explain some of the rumors. That 
doesn't explain non-consecutive duplicates, but that's what happened to me."

I would like to confirm whether this is the reason or not. When winter comes 
again, I want as many people as possible to use a character who does not have 
any Snowmen items cataloged to make snowmen. Email me your results. If I do not
get any emails about non-consecutive duplicates, then I will confirm this as the
reason why people have been getting duplicates.

[5.11] When will snowballs start/stop appearing? 
Snowballs appear and disappear with the snow. These days are from 
December 11th to February 24th.

[5.12] My Snowman keeps asking for a Snowlady? How do I make one? 
You can’t make a Snowlady… That’s just some dialogue they put in to make it 
interesting. You can’t actually make a Snowlady.

[5.13] How do I make more than 2 sections on a Snowman?
You can't. You can only make 2 sections: a body and a head.

[5.14] Where can I find dung beetles? 
A little off-topic, but it gets asked a lot too. Find a moving snowball, and 
you'll know you've found the dung beetle. According to Liquefy's FAQ, their 
times are 5pm to 8am, so you might want to make your Snowman a little later. 
Just enter and exit buildings until you've found one. Also, this insect won't 
appear when the gate is open.

[5.15] My question isn't in this FAQ. 
Just ask me. Check my contact info to know how. This FAQ is made of questions 
asked by several people, so ask so I can add it to the next version. 
I'll probably add the question to the FAQ and give credit for it.

[5.16] You haven't updated in forever! What's up with that?
I have a life too and can be quite lazy at times. ~_~
Just wait. Updates will be made more often when Snowmen are in-season.

[6.00] Perfect Snowman Phrases

These are all the phrases that a perfect Snowman will say that I have gotten so
far. Each line is shown as one line as the Snowman says it.
By Jack Frost's beard!
L-look at me! LOOK AT ME!
Body round, but not fat...
Head cleverly balanced...
Snow cold and sticky...
And my face! Oh, this face
is a true work of art! You,
little flake, are a genius!
I shall hereby dub thee...
"the Snowmaster"!

Say hey! Nice work putting
me together like that.
It seems like I've been
waiting in this brutal
winter cold forever!
Just waiting and waiting for
a nice kid like you to come
along and finish me.
I didn't know what was
gonna come first...
You or spring!
I felt like one of them
hamsters in a wheel! Just
rolling in place...
Aw, but seriously! I'm real
happy you came along

I'm... I'm... I'm...
Oh, rhapsodic, glorious day!
This color!
This shine!
This shape!
All flawlessly executed!
And my face... Perfection!
You have molded me a body
of the gods! I thank you!

[7.00] Imperfect Snowman Phrases

These are all the phrases that an imperfect Snowman will say that I have gotten
so far. Each line is shown as one line as the Snowman says it.

Huh? What in the...
How did this happen?
Hey, look, I'm thankful that
you built me and all, but...
Boy, do I look goofy!
There's no way some nice
Snowlady will ever date
me now!

What?! What happened?! By
the frosty beard of Old Man
Winter, LOOK AT ME!
I don't think I could make a
shape like this if I TRIED!
Does it even have a name?
Squarcle? Rectanglyuck?
You musta really wanted to
mess me up, kid.
Bah! I knew I shoulda fallen
in the next town over...

Happy Snowman Day!
Ho Ho Ho
Yes, today is an auspicious
occasion indeed...
It's my birthday!
Now,if you'd paid a little
mor attention to my
overall shape and balance,
it would be the happiest
birthday ever...Oh well!
I'm alive, right?
Yep, I'm just happy to be here!
Thanks again, kid!

Phew! Aw, hey! Thanks so
much for building me!
Hmmm... Hmmmmmm...
Well, you did a pretty good
job for a beginner! Thanks
again, kid!

...Y'know, if I could express
my current feelings in one
word, it would be...
Sums it up perfectly.
I look ridiculous.

Oh no! ... OH NO! Look at me!
I'm all lumpy and weird!
But like my pappy used to
say, a snowman can't choose
his builder!
This is my fate, and I'll
have to steel myself and
accept it! Sigh.

Um… kid… you sort of goofed me up…
Oh, well. Maybe I can still get a 
nice snowlady to date me. Thanks, kid.
(this last message still need to be formatted)

[8.00] Legal Information

Ok, I had a few people send me e-mails to use my guide on their website. In 
this section, I will give information on how you may and may not use this 

This guide is property of me and GameFAQs only. You may also use my 
guide on your website ONLY if you send me an e-mail requesting it. I will 
check it out and see if it's an alright website for the guide to be put on.
Please wait one week for a response. If I give you the "ok" to use the 
guide on your website, then you can only post the guide in its original 
form. You may NOT change anything in the guide. If you see an error, just 
notify me so that I can fix it. If you violate any of this, legal action 
can and will be taken.

Also, you may not use this guide as a way to make profits. You may not sell 
any copies of this guide. It is a free guide for everyone to use.

This does not apply to modification for personal use such as saving a piece 
of the FAQ for YOUR USE ONLY.

So far, the following may use my FAQ:

[9.00] Credits

This is everyone who contributed. Thanks. I couldn't have done this without 

MLBloomy ~ bringing up that Snowman items not yet cataloged will be given 
before duplicates
bobby190 ~ bringing up a question that pointed out an error; contributing 2 
imperfect phrases; formatting phrases
dragonfire1026 ~ contributing an imperfect phrase
ffl2and3rocks ~ pointing out an error, suggesting a question
Hyper_Metal_Sonic_X ~ telling me how to better use the QuickSearch codes
PSO_2 ~ converting the FAQ for me(You kick so much ass for that!); 
contributing a perfect phrase
Liquefy ~ I refer to his FAQ a lot, but I think the only thing I got from him 
this time is the dung beetle times.
masterchaud007 ~ formatting a phrase, contributing an imperfect phrase
Eyedunno1 ~ suggesting a precompletion picture of a Snowman for reference
krazyman34 ~ pointing out an error about Snowmen being made on concrete
manicgiraffe ~ pointing out spelling error, expanding on [5.01], contributing a
Snowman making technique.
supermariogirl ~ contributing an imperfect phrase
WafflE_KnighT14 ~ for being the first to notify me of this duplicate glitch.
		  Sorry for not thinking it was a real problem sooner.
Ryan Turowski ~ for giving information on a glitch where the 
Snowman sends the same items before getting the whole set

...and everyone who helped bump my Snowman topics!
...and everyone who asked questions who I was unable to record names from.
Sorry. ^_^;
...and of course, Nintendo for making the game itself.

This document is copyright of LingLing777 (C) 2006.

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