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Episode FAQ by Liquefy

Version: C | Updated: 09/14/2006
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A Specialized FAQ for Animal Crossing: Wild World
Working Villagers' Episodes

This is version C, created by Liquefy on September 14, 2006.  Version A was 
created on August 1, 2006.  If you have any questions, corrections, additions, 
suggestions, or comments, please contact me at jps5@hotmail.com.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, you can talk to working villagers to learn more 
about their lives starting on these dates:

2nd Wednesday of January - Mabel and Sable (7 episodes)
2nd Sunday of February - Tom Nook (6 episodes)
2nd Saturday of March - Pelly and Phyllis (6 episodes)
1st Sunday of April - Blathers (6 episodes)
4th Saturday of April - Mabel and Sable (3 episodes)
2nd Tuesday of May - Tom Nook (3 episodes)
4th Sunday of May - Blathers (4 episodes)
2nd Saturday of June - Pelly and Phyllis (4 episodes)
4th Friday of June - Pelly and Phyllis (4 episodes)
2nd Thursday of July - Blathers (3 episodes)
4th Sunday of July - Mabel and Sable (4 episodes)
2nd Saturday of August - Tom Nook (4 episodes)
4th Friday of August - Pelly and Phyllis (6 episodes)
3rd Saturday of September - Tom Nook (3 episodes)
1st Friday of October - Blathers (4 episodes)
3rd Thursday of October - Mabel and Sable (4 episodes)
1st Saturday of November - Tom Nook (5 episodes)
4th Thursday of November - Pelly and Phyllis (6 episodes)
3rd Saturday of December - Blathers (5 episodes)

You must have spoken with the involved characters at some point in the game in 
order to trigger the episodes.  You need to "befriend" Sable in order to 
trigger the Mabel and Sable episodes.  You need Nookington's (with Harriet, 
Timmy, and Tommy) in order to trigger the Tom Nook episodes.  You have to talk 
to Pete (after shooting him down with your Slingshot), at least once, in order 
to trigger the Pelly and Phyllis episodes.  Finally, you need to speak to 
Celeste and Brewster before triggering the Blathers episodes.

You must witness the first episode in order to trigger the subsequent episodes.

If you miss the day of the first episode, you may still hear the first episode 
on the immediately following day.  For example, if you do not play on the 2nd 
Wednesday of January, you may still catch what Mabel and Sable have to say on 
the next day, Thursday.

There are four days between each first and second episode, then three days 
between subsequent episodes.

The following is a transcript of these characters' "soap operas."

On the second Wednesday in January (episode 1):

Umm...  Well, I was just....
Thing is, my sister has been such a space cadet lately...
She always gets this way at this time of year...this part of winter.
Are there colds that hit people at the exact same time of year, every year?

[select What happened?]
Ohh, I'm sorry.  I really am.  I was spacing out a little bit, there.
Please forgive me.

Four days later (episode 2):

I just...wonder what's wrong.  My sister's been acting so WEIRD lately!
She sits there, staring out the window, sighing...
You don't think it could be exhaustion, do you?
[select No way.]
Not exhaustion, you think?  You're probably right...

[select What's up?]
Ohh, I was just thinking about something from my past...
My far and distant past...
Back when Tom Nook and I were much, much younger...
I used to look up to him as though he was my older brother, you know.
Now those days are just a faded memory for this old girl...

Three days later (episode 3):

Ohh, I was just...thinking about what to make for dinner tomorrow!
Looks like it'll be cold, and Sis has been acting kinda blue, so...
I'm gonna make stew!  Winter's the perfect time for comfort food!

How long?  How long does Tom Nook plan to cling to such ancient history...
[select What happened?]
Oh, haven't you heard me talking about my childhood, [name]?
About how Tom Nook and I were friends as kids...
[select You were?]
Ohh!  I guess I must never have told you, huh?
Oops...  I'm so sorry.  If I had known, I wouldn't have said anything...

Three days later (episode 4):

It's just...my sis said something to me the other day that weirded me out.
"You're lucky you're still young," she said...
I mean, part of me is like, sure, whatever, I seem like a kid to my sis, but...
There's something about her saying such a thing that...  Well, it worries me.

Ohh!  I'm so sorry!  I was just reminiscing about the past a bit.
Mm, a past that, when I was young, included Tom Nook...
[select Tell me!]
Well, ummm, OK...
Both of us were born here in [town], but...
Tom Nook had always said, "This town isn't big enough for me and my vision,
It had become like a catchphrase for him...
[select Sounds like him.]
Yes.  Tom Nook's dream was to get out of this town and hit it big in the city...
Once he left this town, I didn't hear anything from him for a while.
That is, until right around this time of year, I got a letter from a distant
When I think about the way Tom Nook was back then, it chills my heart.
I bet he was lonely in the cold January weather...and the cold, careless city.
There's something amazing about the passion of youth and its power to sustain.
If there's a more powerful energy source, I don't know about it...

Three days later (episode 5):

Well, so, there's this cedar box that my sis keeps all her treasures in, right?
And she's never showed me what was inside that thing.  Not even once!
But then, this one time, long ago, I saw the front of what looked like...
an important letter.  At least, that's what I THOUGHT it was...

You surely know that young Tom Nook left [town] for a while...
Well, the first letter I got from him arrived at just around this time of
The other day, before bed, I pulled that letter out...and just looked at it.
[select What'd it say?]
Tee hee!  It was adorable!  Sure, the handwriting was a little messy, but...
You could hear his determination in every word of that perfect letter...
Sweet, young Tom Nook...  His call to arms, his ethos, was "Dreams before
He was so pure that people wondered if he'd survive this crazy old world.
I did, too.  Every night, before falling asleep, I would wish for him...
"Please keep Tom Nook's pure spirit protected."  I'd whisper to the darkness.
"Keep him safe from the apathy that breeds in the alleys of the big city..."

Three days later (episode 6):

Yeah, so, there's this pair of scissors that my sis has been using forever,
When they got too dull to use, I said she should buy a new pair, but...
It was the weirdest thing!  When I did, she completely flipped out on me!
I know it's important to take care of your things, but...that's ridiculous!

[name], I don't know why I've told you so much about Tom Nook and I...
All those memories of our shared youth must bore you.  Please forgive me.
[select Tell me more!]
...Ohh, OK, if you insist.  The Tom Nook that left town for the big city...
He sent me letters quite frequently, actually.
One day, I received a wooden box, not a letter...
When I opened it, I was absolutely astonished!
[select A ring?!]
Ohhh, goodness, no!  Are you kidding?!
[name], I think you've been watching too many made-for-TV movies!
...Ohh, I'm so sorry.  Heh, I didn't mean to snap.  That just took me off guard.
No, inside the box, there was a pair of fancy, burnt-orange colored...
Scissors!  Incredibly strong and sharp scissors!
The finest scissors I'd ever laid eyes on...
[select Tell me more!]
The enclosed letter said, "Happy birthday, Sable!"  ...So...sweet.
At the time, I was so busy that I'd even forgotten it was my birthday.
To think that Tom Nook had remembered it...
I'm sure life was hard for Tom Nook in the city during that time...
I know his job paid poorly, so for him to buy those scissors for me...
When I think about it, well, it makes me so happy that I cry!

Three days later (episode 7):

Well, lately, at night, my sis has been sitting at the window, staring at the
She says that in winter, a certain constellation becomes visible...
It's kinda weird, the stuff my sis knows a lot about...
You know, constellations and the meanings of flowers, that kinda stuff...

...Ohhh, really, [name]?
You want to hear about my memories again?
I'm warning you, not all my memories are fond ones, you know...
[select Really?]
Well, we shared a lot of good times, Tom Nook and I.
Before there was an observatory in dear old [town]...
We used to climb up to the roof when we wanted to look at the stars...
Ohhh, yes!  We even made constellations together, I remember!
I made one that looked like a T-shirt that I called the "Star Shirt"...
Tom Nook's looked like one of those old-time markets.  He called it...
"The Farmer's Market Bargain Bin Constellation."  Ohh, that takes me back...
[select Nice story.]
Yes, it is...  Shortly after that, Tom Nook moved to the big city...
Yes, he left to chase his dreams...
When he returned to [town], he came back a totally different soul...
I still believe that...if he just clung to those sweet memories like I do...
he would have shaken off the heartsickness of those city years...
Memories can be sad, but sometimes they can also save you...

On the second Sunday in February (episode 1):

...Young [name]...  I bet you think...
...that all I think about is money and how to make more of it, hm?  Don't you?
[select Well, yeah.]
Well, perhaps you're right...
But I'm absolutely, 100% OK with that, hm?  Indeed!
I like to think that it's my job to show you young people how hard life is!
As an adult, it's my responsibility.  It's my TRUE job, if you will, hm?

Four days later (episode 2):

I know that I look like the very embodiment of a successful businessman...
In my youth, however, I had my share of terrible mistakes, you know!
[select Really?]
Yes, yes, that was a rough time for me...
Accidents and mistakes are difficult to get over, hm?
Yes, I lost more than just money.  I lost a friend...
Worst of all, my passion faded, and that is a thing no man can live without.
...Listen up, [name].  "Easy" moneymaking schemes are NEVER easy, hm?
If such a deal should present itself to you, I'd advise a quick retreat!

Three days later (episode 3):

My point is, [name]...  This town is laid-back and easy to live in.
Life in the city is completely different...  It's a scary place, yes?
It's a place where, unless you have money, no one will give you the time of
It's just as they say, hm?  A concrete jungle!
[select Really?]
Yes, yes, really.  Assuredly!  Take the big-city banks, for example...
They will deny a young man a loan, though they know nothing of his character!
But I'm smarter now, yes?  I know that you must take the branch manager out!
You must woo his financial instincts if you are to get him on your side, hm?
Yes, yes, sadly, I lacked that knowledge when I was a young, naive raccoon.
In fact, I got so upset that I went on a tirade to end all tirades, hm?
And the rest is history.  Yes, yes, sad history...
Back then, I was so very ignorant, hm?
But such is the price of the passion of youth...

Three days later (episode 4):

I told you about how, in my youth, I made that mistake in the city, yes?
Well, I tell you such things so you don't have to go through the same trials.
If you're going into business, be sure to do a little of everything, hm?
[select Why?]
Well, I'll tell you!  That way, you're diversified and risk less, yes?
Having a wider focus has a downside, of course...
Yes, yes, you've got a lot more to keep track of, hm?
But imagine the alternative!  When you're banking on one thing and it goes
You lose everything, hm?  A fate worse than death!
[select Oh, I get it.]
Do you truly, [name]?  Well, then, here's what you must do...
Expand your business only as far as you yourself can keep track of, yes?
Trust no one!  In this area, you can't hire someone to manage for you.
The city is very scary, hm?  Say you have someone you trust.  Why, they might...
They might be waiting for you to turn your back so they can take your assets!
So, remember my words, hm?  Expand your field only as far as you can manage...
Though it sounds easy, it's not!  And it's the crux of good business!

Three days later (episode 5):

I wonder, [name]...  Do you know...
...the number-one reason friends become enemies?
[select No, what?]
Well...  It all starts with a small loan between pals.
No matter how much you trust someone...
...you should never let a friend borrow money, hm?
Unless you're willing to loan it to them assuming you'll never get it back,
if a friend approaches you asking for help, you must be firm and say no!
[select All right, fine!]
It sounds callous, but no!  The longer you live, the more you'll understand...
Even the most solid friendships become fragile when money is involved, hm?
This is something that I learned firsthand when I was young.  It's the truth!

Three days later (episode 6):

...Yes, yes, well...
I told you about how I lost my dream in the cold heart of the big city, yes?
Well, I should admit that in point of fact, that dream still exists...
[select Really?]
Yes, yes, it lives on, but I know better now...
You can't live off of dreams alone, hm?
In the end, what really matters is money...
I know it's depressing, but it's the truth.
[select Uh...]
Oh, I'm so very sorry!  I started getting carried away, there, hm?
I should know that a youth like you doesn't want to hear about MY youth...
Yes, yes, I'm not going to talk about it anymore!
If you would, do me a personal favor and forget I ever said anything, hm?

On the second Saturday in March (episode 1):

[name], have you ever been in love?  I think love starts unexpectedly.
Yes, it always starts from some seemingly meaningless thing...
[select What happened?]
Oh, well...  This morning Pete came up to me and said, "Oh, hey!  Good
That's right!  He noticed me and said hi!  Usually all he says is "Mornin'."
So what do you think it means?  Could it be?  Maybe Pete...?

Well...  My younger sister Pelly has been driving me completely nuts!
She has absolutely no taste in men!  (No, I'm totally serious!)
But then again, all these stupid boys coming around might be my fault!
I'd spent so long swatting them away...  Now they're back like bees!  Pests!

Four days later (episode 2):

I'm talking about Pete...  Next time!  Next time, I'm sure he'll...
[select He's interested?]
Do you really think so?!  Well, if you think so, too, it could really be true!
Think about it!  The other day, I caught Pete staring at me...
And then, when I looked at him, he turned away as fast as he could!
This is the start of a romance!  I'm sure of it!

That idiot Pete asked me something.  (It really ticked me off!)
"Are you and Pelly really sisters?"  I can't believe he said that!
So I yelled back at him "Give me a break!  Everyone knows we're sisters!"
And he just turned his head in disbelief and flew away.  (Ugh, I swear...)
One look, and it's obvious!  We look exactly alike!

Three days later (episode 3):

Pete didn't say hi to me today...  What am I going to do...
Do you think I did something wrong?
Or maybe I DIDN'T do something, and that's why Pete hates me...

You're so nosy!  Nothing!  You get nothing!  (You're so nosy!)
Why do you bring those two up when I am at work and, you know, WORKING?!
There's just something so wrong with that...  (Stupid customers...)

Three days later (episode 4):

Yay!  I'm so happy because Pete said hi to me today!
I don't think he hated me at all.  I think that was just in my head.
Tee hee...  Well, I guess that's kind of obvious.
Because I haven't really done anything yet...

It's not that I want to interfere with Pelly's love life or anything.
But I just know that if she were to get together with that stupid guy...
there's no way that she would ever be happy!  (I'm looking out for her!)
[select You're right!]
But...I could never say anything that harsh to her.  (She's so darn sensitive!)
Ugh, I'm so tired of explaining!  Why don't they get it?!

Three days later (episode 5):

I don't think Phyllis is very fond of Pete.  I don't know why either,
because he's such a kind fellow...
Phyllis is one of those people who's even fiercer than she looks.
I don't care what people think, though.  We're birds of a feather, so...

Hypothetically, what do you think is the right thing for a gal to do?
She could either end up with her stupid, but beloved, man...
or choose option two, where the stupid guy continues to reject her...
[select I don't know.]
Ugh!  Why am I even asking you?  You're just a kid!  (You wouldn't get it!)

Three days later (episode 6):

I had a dream about Pete the other night...  In my dream, we were on a date.
But because the wind was so strong, I couldn't get to the top of the cloud.
See, I was going to meet him there.
[select Tragic!]
No, it's not!  Because in my dream, I could fly!
All I had to do was spread my wings, and there I was, on top of the cloud!
A rendezvous in the clouds, just the two of us.  Wow...
If I were only so bold in real life, my love wouldn't be just a one-way street.

Well, I've been thinking...  Even though I think he's stupid,
if she likes him that much, maybe I should just let it run its course... 
[select It's her life!]
Well...  Pelly's been talking in her sleep and she's all, like, "Pete!  Pete!"
Hearing her say that makes me feel kind of...  No, let me explain it another
There's a part of me, while I know it's wrong, that likes to believe that
as long as she's happy, that's all that matters...  (Ugh!  I'm such a sap!)

On the first Sunday in April (episode 1):

I should say, dear Brewster has provided me much amusement over the years...
It's not that the fellow is naive, per se, it's just...  Well...  How to put
That wonderful pigeon is just rather simple.
[select Really?]
Indeed, he is, though I don't mean to say he's daft...  He's just...innocent.
For instance, the other day, a sleazy business-type oozed into the cafe...
This wretch was trying to sell Brewster a counterfeit piece of art!
"Real coffee.  Real art.  Real profits.  You'd be CRAZY to pass up this deal!"
...Now, of course, most folk would see right through such a charlatan...
Not our pigeon, however.  Thank goodness I showed up when I did, eh wot!
Indeed, "FAKE!" I cried, and the cad fled from my pique-ruffled feathers!

Four days later (episode 2):

No, no, pay me no mind.  I believe I'm just a touch on the drowsy side...
If you think about it, I keep this place open day and night, 24 hours...
It's no lovely park stroll!  Rather a ferocious work schedule, eh wot?
[select Incredible!]
But, then, it is my duty, so I try not to admit fatigue or clamor for vacation.
And if you care to know a bit of a naughty secret, when the museum is empty...
I go downstairs for a cup of coffee and a wee break, hoo!  Oh, such
Ah.  Yes.  Hoo.  Indeed.  Delectable...
All this talking has got me thinking about how simply glorious a cup would
That bitter aroma that hits you as soon as you set foot in the shop...
Hoo!  Indeed, hootie hoo!  A cup of java would truly hit the spot, wot wot!

Three days later (episode 3):

Well, I've been dealing with a rather nasty bit of insomnia lately...
Could I perhaps have been drinking too much coffee?
[select Probably...]
Hoo.  Yes.  You have a point.  In coffee, there is a substance called
And in caffeine, there are stimulants which awaken your senses, wot wot!
That said, my usual is a heady blend which includes Brewster's special...
..."Pigeon Milk"!
Just brilliant stuff, that!  It counteracts stimulants and actually relaxes,
Yes.  Indeed.  Hoo.  Ultimately, the subtle yin and yang of the two give me
Hoo?  I beg your pardon?  You think that means...
They cancel each other out?  So it wouldn't matter if I drank it or not?
Hoo.  Yes.  Ah.  Hm.  Indeed.  Why on earth AM I drinking that stuff, anyway?

Three days later (episode 4):

Actually, I was just thinking about the very day that Brewster and I met...
[select Tell me!]
Well, Brewster and I met in a town far from here...in my hometown, in fact...
'Twas on the outskirts of downtown, in the shadows of its towering
He owned and operated a cafe, much like the one in this museum, wot wot!
[select Tell me more!]
Crave the details, do you?  Perhaps I should tell you what brought us
I was still very young at the time, just a spring owl attending university.
I was working toward a deadline on my thesis and having a rough time of it.
I went all over town, from cafe to cafe, writing in an absolute furor, but...
I still couldn't complete it.  With each passing day, I became more frustrated.
And then, as I descended into madness...the owner of a cafe said to me...
[select What?  WHAT?!]
"There's nothing more bitter or tragic than...a rushed cup of coffee."
Just a simple comment, really.  But it struck me to the very core, wot!
It cut through the pall of anger and opened my eyes to what I was doing.
Making coffee is more than just pouring hot water over grounds, you see.
It's about taking one's time to coax the flavor from the savory beans...
A thesis is the same way.  He taught me that my brain was like his coffee
Yes.  Hoo.  You've guessed it.  That barista was none other than Brewster
   himself, wot!
And that is how our long and deep-rooted friendship began!  Hootie hoo!

Three days later (episode 5):

Well...  To be quite honest, I was just revisiting my past a bit...
[select What part?]
Yes.  Hoo.  I was thinking about Brewster, who owns the cafe downstairs.
Well, when he lived in my hometown, he had a bit of a rough life, you see...
Compared to this town, it was a gargantuan city, and you know big-city life...
Land was savagely expensive, and taxes astronomical...
...and dear Brewster was having a hard time making ends meet at the shop!

Three days later (episode 6):

Well...  I was just mulling over how Brewster used to be, once upon a time.
It's in the past, so I think it's fine for me to share that he had it rough.
[select Really?]
Like Brewster himself, his shops have always been solely about the coffee...
But traditional coffee cafes don't draw customers like they once did...
And those in the city that try to attract hipsters have it even harder, wot!
Because he was having a hard time filling the seats, he was financially pressed.
At the time, he even considered closing up shop and turning in his apron...
[select Poor thing.]
Poor thing, indeed!  Hoo!  When I got wind of dear Brewster's predicament...
Why, I knew I had to do something!  I promptly dashed off a letter...
I offered him one of the museum's rooms, free of charge, of course...
But only if he agreed to move to [town], start a new shop and a new life!
[select He agreed?]
...Indeed!  You can see what he thought of the idea!  And business is booming!
Oh, you can't swing a net in the city without hitting a coffee shop nowadays...
...but in [town], it's still a bit of a rare treat, eh wot?  I should say so!
That pigeon loves coffee more than life itself, and he shares that love!
Indeed, Brewster is what I would call a luminary of luscious lattes, wot!

On the fourth Saturday in April (episode 1):

Ohh, it's just......
I wonder if anything can be done about what I call my sis's "city-folk
[select What is that?]
I'm not sure when she first started showing signs of it, but it's part of her
When it comes to people who moved here from the city, my sister can be COLD.
It's not like she's blatantly rude to them or anything...  It's her eyes...
   They're ice.

Ummm...  You know that owl Blathers who works in the museum?
I was just thinking, I'll bet he really did move here from the big city...
[select How come?]
I can just tell.  I can tell that YOU weren't raised here, either, you know...
I don't mean to offend you.  I really don't!  It's just in your mannerisms...
And not to be a pill, but something about city folk just rubs me wrong...
[select How come?]
Ohh!  Well, there's no real reason, to be completely honest...
I guess I just don't feel like I can trust them, do you know what I mean?
They seem charming, but I get this feeling they're always watching the angles.
Ummmm...  I'm sorry.
I know that I shouldn't say this because we live in the same town and all,

Four days later (episode 2):

Well, um...
The other night, Blathers, the museum guy, came running into the shop!
[select How come?]
Hey, I wish I could tell you, because I don't have the slightest clue!
One thing I can say, though, is that THAT was one seriously bugged-out owl!
He was totally flustered, and he picked out all these women's clothes...
I was all, like, WHOA!  Who knew that he was into, you know, playing dress-up?
Well, I, for one, had NO clue whatsoever!

...Ohh, speak of the devil!  Guess who came by the shop the other day?
Yes, it was none other than Blathers himself!
[select Really?]
I looked up from my work to see Blathers stagger in, looking all disheveled.
"Wings!  Legs!" he said, frothing at the mouth, "Ugh!  Oh, vileness!"
He was babbling about something, all in a tizzy.
It only took me a second to figure out what was up.
That owl must have run into a bug that he REALLY doesn't like...
and just happened to be in front of my shop...
[select Really?]
Yes, Blathers must've felt embarrassed because he began shopping feverishly!
I didn't know if I should speak or not, but I couldn't help myself...
"Excuse me, sir?" I said.  "Those are women's clothes."
[select Hee hee hee!]
You know, he was so mortified by the whole thing, it was adorable.
I started thinking how silly it was of me to think of him as city folk.
I must say, though, for anyone to fear bugs to the degree that he does...
He's not a bad fellow, clearly, but he is a little bit...off.

Three days later (episode 3):

You know, good things still DO happen in this world!
[select What?]
The other day Blathers came by the shop to buy some clothes, right?
Turns out, they weren't for him...  They were for his younger sister, as a
Isn't that so dreamy?  It'd be so cool to have an older bro like that...
Then I could have him buy me anything I ever wanted...and more!

Ohhh, it might interest you to know that yesterday...Blathers came by here.
[select Again?]
Ohhh, no no, he wasn't fleeing bugs this time!
No, he was shopping just like anyone else.
I don't know if you know, but Blathers has a sister much younger than himself.
He came here to buy a gift for her...
[select How nice!]
Yes, I thought it sweet.  Mabel and I put our heads together...
and we chose the biggest ribbon in the shop for that girl!
I thought to myself, ohh, how nice to have a big brother like that...
Up until then, I'd thought that all people from the city were just...different.
You know, like they were a different breed than us.  But now...
I realize how very wrong I was in thinking that...
No matter where you live, brothers are brothers, and sisters are sisters...
The bonds that keep family close are the same no matter where you are!

On the second Tuesday in May (episode 1):

...You know Harriet, the hairdresser who recently moved into my store, yes?
Well, just the other day, she said to me...
"Nook, sugar, have you ever thought about changing your hairstyle just a
[select AHHH ha ha ha!]
Well, I never!  How very rude of you!
You may not believe this, since it's not incredibly obvious to the naked eye...
But I trim my hair every day, hm?  Without fail!
And on top of that, depending on how I feel that day, I customize it!
Now, perhaps it might be a little too subtle for most people, but...
That's how I express myself!  It's where I let it all hang out, as they say,
Don't think I've not tried alternatives!  This is the only style that suits me!

Four days later (episode 2):

[name], it's all right to ask you something, yes?
Do you happen to know what a "petriperm" is?
[select Uh, a rock band?]
Uh, no, I don't believe so.  The other day, Harriet came up to me and said...
"Nook, I bet you'd look absolutely scrumptious in a petriperm!"
Well, [name]?  ...What do you think?  A "petriperm"???
[select No idea.]
I have no idea either, hm?  When she asked me, I got panicky and said...
"Oh, yes, yes, a petriperm.  I had those all the time when I was younger!"
...Yes, yes, a blatant lie.  I acted like I knew what it was, yes?
Harriet just laughed...
Petriperm!  Petriperm...  What in the world could that mean, hm?
Ugh...  Thinking about this is sure to steal sleep from me tonight!

Three days later (episode 3):

Well...  You remember that word that had us stumped, yes?
I finally figured it out!  I now know precisely what a "petriperm" is!
[select What?]
Yes, yes, I'll tell you!  A "petriperm" is...
...simply a shortened version of the term "petrified perm"!
[select Ah ha ha ha!]
It's no laughing matter, hm?  Do you even know what a petrified perm is?
They take a very skinny curling iron and give you very tight curls, yes?
The curls are firm as rock!  Why, if I did that, I'd look like a circus clown!
I'd be the laughing stock of town, hm?  They'd ask where my red nose was!
Ugh...  How mortifying, hm?  The very thought makes me feel such humiliation...
That Harriet...
She probably knew I'd feel this way.  That must be why she was laughing, hm?
Ugh!  I swear, I will never again play the fool for some big-city girl!

On the fourth Sunday in May (episode 1):

Ah.  Yes.  Were you aware that at this museum, we have our own coffeehouse?
[select I know!]
We weren't always so lucky to have that shop here, but I had a clear vision,
I desired to get more [town] residents to come to the museum...
So I called my good friend Brewster, and he moved with all speed!
Yes, hoo!  He opened his shop right here in this museum, wouldn't you know!
And ever since, even people who never knew where the museum was came in force!
Indeed, they became regulars, wot!  And now business rather booms!
I must say, for me, the whole experience has been most uplifting...
[select What's wrong?]
Well...  Sadly, we've noticed an increasing number of undesirables as well. 
In fact, just the other day we had a rather odd guest darken our door.
'Twas a Saturday, and yet this fellow wore a very hot-looking business suit.
Yes.  Yes, he was rather relentless with his queries, as well...
He even went so far as to ask me some quite personal questions, eh wot?
If I'm to be honest, I must admit I tired of these questions quickly.  Yes...
In the end, the cheeky chap asked if I had insurance and if I wanted to sigh
Why, that tore it!  I lost my temper and threw the lout out!  The nerve...
This is a museum, I said!  Why couldn't he glean that simple fact and be gone?!

Four days later (episode 2):

Yes.  Ah.  Well.  I believe I'd mentioned before that since opening the cafe...
we've seen an increase in the number of rather odd customers at the museum...
Yes, well, I believe we saw one of the more extreme cases the other day.
[select Tell me more!]
Yes.  Hoo.  Well.  At first glance, he appeared to be a driver or a pilot...
Ah, yes!  The fellow was with a woman, as well, I recall.
...Hoo, indeed, this fellow was of a rather arrogant bent, eh wot?
The type that might enjoy fisticuffs with other men.
[select Hmm...]
Yes.  Hm.  Well.  In any case, that livery-looking fellow roamed around...
He'd plant himself before each of the exhibits and start ranting, wot?
Such madness this chap spewed!  "This painting be o' the Chowder era."
"This be the ancestor o' the modern-day shrimp."  Filthy lies, all of them...
And in such a lowbrow dialect, as well!  Merely watching him pained me.
The truly sad part is, I suspect the cretin actually believed he was right...

Three days later (episode 3):

Hoo, mercy...  Another odd customer paid us a visit the other day...
[select Really?]
'Twas a lady, elegant and refined.  Almost certainly hailing from the big city.
Yes.  Hoo.  Rather more refined than anyone from [town], I thought...
Ah!  Hoo!  No, no!  Forgive me, please!
I would never insinuate that the residents of this town are uncouth!  Not at
Yes.  Hoo.  I just meant that this lady was refined like aged Stilton, you
[select I see...]
What...  What of it?!  Your accusing eyes strike me to the very core!
I assure you, I am NOT smitten with this lovely, bewitching older woman!
I meant not one word!  Yes!  You've tied my tongue!  This is all your fault!
Yes...  Anyhoo, to have a woman of such lofty, dare I say angelic, calibre...
To have such a creature visit our humble museum...
Well, hootie hoo, I say!  As curator of this museum, I was ever so honored!

Three days later (episode 4):

Yes.  Hm.  Hoo.  Well.  Indeed.  We had another unusual guest the other day...
[select How strange...]
Actually, I'm getting rather used to this strange bunch at this point...
Even so, it's safe to say that this last guest takes the cake, eh wot?
This chap had his helmet pulled down and his brow furrowed in consternation.
Apropos of nothing, he all of a sudden declared...  "Don't get a big head!"
Well, suffice to say, I had no idea what the bloke meant, so I merely stared.
The chap had not finished...  "There's but one reason you became curator," he
"You are curator because your parents worked their wings to the bone!"
"You know this!  And so you should at least write your parents once a week!"
...Hoo!  The audacity of some people!  Honestly!  It boggles the mind!
[select Did you write?]
Indeed, I did write them.  I wrote them that very same day, in fact.  Hoo!
But the identity of that unknown nagger remains a mystery to me...
Ah!  And, on his way out, he put his thumb betwixt my shoulder blades and said:
"And always brush before you go to bed!"
Rather bizarre, eh wot?  What wonders this world produces, hoo!

On the second Saturday in June (episode 1):

I just can't remember how it went...  What?  What went, you ask?
Oh dear.  I didn't mean to say that out loud.  This has nothing to do with my
which means I probably shouldn't be thinking about it while I'm on the clock...
I'm so very sorry!

Well, Pelly's been exploring her creative side, and writing all the time.
She comes up with these essays and poems that she wants to share with me.
Honestly, I really don't get her stuff at all.  (It's way too sentimental.)
Well...  Whatever makes her happy, I guess.

Four days later (episode 2):

Have you seen the poem "Talking to Myself" on the [town] bulletin board?
[select Talking to myself?]
I heard that it's become quite popular among the town's residents.
It's anonymous, so I think people like that feeling of mystery.  Hmm, mystery...
The style is so simple you'd think someone would figure out who wrote it...
Oh, but that's...  Why am I even bothering you with this?  I'm so very sorry!

Have you ever seen the "Talking to Myself" poems on the bulletin board?
[select What's that?]
Are you serious?  It's in the most visible place in town!  How have you missed
If you ask me, the reason people talk to themselves is because
they are saying things that should be kept secret!  (And you know I'm right!)
I mean, really!  If you want people to hear you so badly, just say it already!

Three days later (episode 3):

I've always been very shy and introverted.  Even when I wanted to say something,
I never could!  Then I'd go home and be frustrated at myself for not speaking
[select Poor thing.]
I'd do anything to stop being like this, but I was reading this book,
and it said that many writers are the same way.
While that made me feel better, at the same time, it made me really sad...

Pelly's always had her head in the clouds.  She's a dreamer, that one is.
She always carries a pad with her to write poetry.  (I'm totally serious here.)
Well, no, they're not exactly poems.  I guess they're more dreams or
[select Tell me more!]
It's all, "Oh, suffocated love!  I pine for you, but my scream is silent!"
and melodramatic stuff like that!  Oh, no!  I shouldn't have told you that...
Oh, no...  Oh, no!  (What have I done?!)  You can't tell Pelly what I
just said!  I'm warning you, you'll be sorry if you do!

Three days later (episode 4):

The other day, I was going to find a time when no one was at the bulletin board.
I was planning on writing something.  But when I got there, I ran into Pete...
[select Tell me more!]
My heart was racing, and I started pacing, not knowing what else to do!
"N-nice day isn't it?!"  That's all I could force myself to croak out!
And Pete just stared at me with a blank look on his face...
Oh, my.  I'm such an idiot...  Dumb, stupid Pelly strikes again...

Well, it's not like I get my jollies from butting into people's love lives, but
as her older sister, it's my responsibility and my right to look out for her!
I can't just let her fall for some stupid boy...  (His hat is stupid, too!)
Though I'm going to bet that it won't do any good...  (Fine, then!  It's her

On the fourth Friday in June (episode 1):

Before I come to work, I like to stop by the Roost in the museum.
I'll usually enjoy a nice cup of coffee to wake me up.
[select That's nice.]
It might be because I've been staying up later, but...
I've been having a really hard time getting up in the morning...
Some days I have to choose whether to swipe my time card or get coffee first.
It's like I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.
More often then not though, with me the devil usually doesn't win...

Are you a coffee drinker?  ('Cause I don't trust people who aren't!)
Well, you should go to the Roost, 'cause they pour the best cup in town!
They use only the purest water and the finest beans!  (No muddy sludge there!)
That way, the coffee always tastes rich and smells bold.
That coffee is the reason I can pull these late-night shifts all the time!

Four days later (episode 2):

You know in the movies how couples often meet in coffee shops?
I wish that would happen in real life.  It's one of my dreams.
I wonder if Pete doesn't like coffee or something?
I've never seen him at the Roost.  Not even once.

I can't believe the nerve of that Pete and his sweet tooth...
[select What happened?]
I mean, I've heard of a sweet tooth, but he takes it way too far!
I thought I would be nice and pour him a cup of instant coffee.
Then, grinning like a moron, he proceeded to pour ten sugar packets in it!
Ugh...  It was more like coffee syrup or something when he was done with it!
I felt sick just watching him.  (Ugh...  Total barf city.)

Three days later (episode 3):

The other day I asked Pete if he liked to drink coffee.  I had a plan, you see.
If he said yes, I thought I could ask him if he'd like to join me for a cup.
But before I could put my brilliant plan into effect, he said...
"Actually, I like hot cocoa better."  Oh, I felt so very foolish!
Even with his sweet tooth, Pete can be awfully unsweet sometimes...

The coffee I drank before my shift was a bit too bitter.
It was my own fault for telling Brewster, "Make mine the bitter blend!"
Because he went and did just that!
...But for the record, I drank the whole cup, without a drop of milk...
'Cause I don't want anyone lumping me together with that wimpy Pete!

Three days later (episode 4):

Ever since I found out that Pete doesn't like coffee, I don't go to the Roost
It's just not very fun for me anymore.
[select Chin up!]
But let me tell you, when I was feeling blue and sipping my coffee down there,
Brewster walked up and gave me some odd advice...  He said to me,
"Rushing matters of the heart is counter-productive...
"A good cup of coffee has the power to move men's hearts more than force..."
On one hand, those words made me feel better.  But on the other hand,
part of me felt like I'd just watched a commercial.  It was all very perplexing.

I don't get it!  Brewster said to me, "You two don't look alike at all..."
What the HECK did he mean by that?!  Cryptic weirdo.
Ugh...I've always hated the strong, silent type!  (Stupid flying rat!)

On the second Thursday in July (episode 1):

Ah.  Hoo.  I was just thinking about my hometown...
Not that this old bird is homesick, mind you...
But there are certain times when I yearn for the neon lights of the big city...
[select Really?]
Hoo?  What times, you ask?  Well, it all relates to my university years, you
At the behest of my professor, I often stayed late in the laboratory...
So, rather than find a flat as I worked on my master's, I lived with my parents.
Then I started working on my doctorate, of course...  Yes, STARTED, hoo...
[select Didn't finish?]
No, not as such...  You see, one day, my professor approached me with an idea.
He spoke of plans in the offing to build a museum in this town.
They were having a most difficult time filling the curator position...
'Twas my understanding that no one from the main Farway Museum would move...
And sadly, they were unable to fill the position with local talent...
So, they asked the person heading up the project to find a good fit, wot!
And that good fit was none other than yours truly!  And so it went, hoo!
[select So that means...]
Yes.  Well, the timing was perfect...  I'd just received my curator's license,
and before I knew it, I was the newest resident of dear old [town]!
And the rest, as they say, is history, wot wot!
Don't misunderstand, it's not as though I regret moving here!  Not one jot!
It's just that I can't help but get a wee bit nostalgic at times!

Four days later (episode 2):

Ah.  Yes.  Hoo.  I was...merely reminiscing again...
[select Tell me!]
I suppose I was still at university then.  Indeed, I was on summer holiday.
Yes.  Hoo.  As I recall, I was about to start my new part-time job.
You see, there was a bit of a mold problem with the library's books, wot.
So, it was my duty to lay them out on the windowsill to dry in the sunlight.
Hoo!  The horror of it all...  'Twas on that job that I made a grievous error...
[select What'd you do?]
Hoo.  Very well.  There are various specialized books in the university
...not to mention the reference books that rarely get read, eh wot?
These books tend to get eaten by book lice and the like, you see...
Now, bear in mind, I loathe insects.  I was holding a book by a page's corner,
but the weight of the tome proved too portly for the poor page...
RRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIP......  I looked up, aghast, and the librarians' eyes were on
Such shame...  Such shame...  I must say, I rather think the episode served
Well, I believe it exacerbated my fear of creepy-crawlies.  Hoo...

Three days later (episode 3):

Hoo.  To be quite honest...  I was just mulling a bitter recollection from my
[select Tell me!]
Hoo.  Yes.  Ah.  Indeed.  Well.  It happened back when I was still at
My professor asked me to do a spot of work for him.
He wished me to proctor the college entrance examination, eh wot?
Yes, in any case, it was my job to hand out the test forms...
And to foil cheaters, of course.  A crucial job, to be sure, but quite easy.
Or so I thought until, during the examination, something awful happened...
[select What?!]
Hoo.  Yes.  The exam had begun, and all the students were working away...
But the room began to get rather warm and stuffy, don't you know, so...
Thinking it a capital idea to let some air in, I opened a window a tad.
Hoo, what a tragic error!  A single fly flew into the exam room...  Vile thing.
Ugh.  I couldn't peel my eyes off the wretched creature as it flew around the
That suffocating room...  I stood, nearly molting, grinding my beak...
After an eternity, the bell rang, as scheduled, and the exam was over...
But the constant beak grinding had given me a cramp in my face muscles...
[select Long story!!!]
Hoo my!  My apologies!  I shan't bore you with my stories any longer...
I don't know what's gotten into me...
I don't think of myself as being prone to bouts of homesickness...

On the fourth Sunday in July (episode 1):

It's just...  I just can't BELIEVE the nerve of that Tom Nook!
All he ever thinks about is money, money, money...
[select Ah ha ha ha!]
Hey, what's your prob, [name]?  It's not funny!  Stop laughing!
That guy is such a total stickler when it comes to paying off your debt...
As soon as the deadline has passed, he starts with the "Time is money, hm?"
And he's such a miser that he won't even spare you a single, measly Bell...
I mean, we're his next-door neighbors here, not a pair of hobos!
And he's well aware of how busy we are, so you'd think he'd cut us some slack!

Ohhh...  That Tom Nook...  He's still hung up on what happened way back then...
If I could, I would absolutely try to help him, but...
I honestly have no idea what I could do...
[select You know him?]
Huh?  Ohhh, yes...
Tom Nook and I virtually grew up together.
I essentially know everything about him starting at childhood.
We've grown apart a little as of late, but...
When we were little, I used to think of Tom Nook...
...as though he were my real big brother...

Four days later (episode 2):

Ugh...  I am just SO annoyed with that Tom Nook.
I mean, I thought I understood his obsession with money, but wow!
Who knew that it was this serious?
[select What happened?]
Yeah, well, the other day my older sis and I baked a cake, right?
And we thought it might be nice to take a slice to ole Nook over there.
And Nook...  That killjoy.  What do you think he said?!
"How much do you expect for this slice of cake, hm?"  ...Can you BELIEVE it?!
I was just so disgusted that I didn't know what to say to him!

I told you that Tom Nook and I have known each other since we were kids, right?
Well, um...  Actually...that's not the half of it.
Since we were little, we've told each other our dreams and aspirations...
[select Really?]
Ohh, yes.  When we were small, Tom Nook used to say this all the time:
"I'm going to build the biggest store in the world!  See if I don't, hm?"
Tee hee!  It appears as though that part of him hasn't changed at all!
Huh?  Oh, stop, [name].  Why would you care about MY dreams?
Of course, I won't stop you from asking, but my reply will be pretty boring...
[select Tell me!]
...Ohhh...  Ummmm...
My dream is...ummmmmm... "to fill this town with the cutest clothes EVER!"
Oops!!!  ...I said it out loud!
Ohh, I'm so embarrassed...  Please don't tell anyone I told you that!

Three days later (episode 3):

Hey, [name], don't you think ol' Nook has kinda lost sight of his dreams?
[select How come?]
Well, it's like the other day, right?  I ran into him in front of his shop.
So we chatted a little bit, you know, just shooting the breeze about whatever.
Then I said something like, "You must be psyched that your shop's doing well!"
...And do you know what that guy said to me?
"Because my shop is as big as it is, I always knew it would do well, hm?
"In this world, those with money will always win in the end, yes?"  ...UGH!
I'm no airhead.  I know you can't live off of your dreams alone, but...
I know enough to know that money is NOT everything!

Ohhh, hi, [name]...   Listen, could you please forget what I told you?
[select About what?]
Ohh, then you already have!  It was the story of when Tom Nook and I were kids.
You know, when I think about it, that was when we were the most innocent...
[select What?]
Ummm...  Well, you see, when Tom Nook grew up...
...he left town and headed for the big city in pursuit of his dream.
My...  My parents passed away when I was young and...
Well, I didn't have the kind of freedom that he did...to expand my horizons.
I was too busy raising Mabel and taking care of the shop, you understand?
If I had a little more freedom during that period of my life...
...Well, never mind that.  It's pointless for me to think about it now.

Three days later (episode 4):

Well, I guess Tom Nook and my sis kinda have a history together...
[select Really?]
Yeah, they both grew up in this town, so I guess it's not all that strange,
Why do they act so distant all the time, then?
Oh, you think something happened to drive a wedge between the two of them?
I kinda wish my sis would stand up, look ol' Nook in the eye, and...
...just go OFF on him!  You know?  Just once...

Ohhh...  Um, [name]?  Remember what I told you about Tom Nook and me?
I only told you part of the story, so I should probably tell you the rest.
[select OK.]
Ummm...  Well, Tom Nook left [town] for the city, chasing his dream.
I believe a few years passed before his return...
I'd been busy raising my little sister, Mabel, of course...
...and making sure the shop stayed afloat.
Then one day...Tom Nook returned.  And he said not one word to anyone.
Poor, poor Tom Nook...  You could tell by looking at him how exhausted he was.
I did everything I could to cheer him up, but he said...
"Dreams are nothing in the face of money!"
Those words had become a mantra to poor Tom Nook...
[select Tell me more!]
...From that moment on, Tom Nook and I started to grow apart.
His smile started to return after a while, but...
Ohhh...  I just...
I think he puts on a brave face to seem like the old Nook, but I just feel...
I feel he still bears the scars of his time in the city, and they pain him...
Anyway, Mabel was so young at the time, she doesn't recall how he used to be.

On the second Saturday in August (episode 1):

...Well, actually, I was just thinking about the good old days, hm?
I know it seems that the world is my oyster, what with my fine shop...
But in my childhood, I lived the kind of life you couldn't even imagine!
[select Really?]
Yes, yes, but this was all some time ago, before I moved to this town, hm?
Of course, I was born in our lovely [town], but I moved away for a time...
Yes, yes, the city years, I like to call them.  I was a raccoon of action, hm?
The big city certainly had its charms...but it had its pitfalls, as well.
Indeed, I had to endure certain hardships that I've never spoken of, hm?
...Hard to believe, yes?
You're probably asking yourself, what the heck is Nook talking about, hm?
For now, [time], maybe it's best that we forget we ever talked about this.

Four days later (episode 2):

The other day, after I told you a little about my past, young [name]...
I started thinking more and more about the days of my youth, hm?
[select Nostalgic?]
...Actually, I think you hit the nail on the head!  Yes, yes, right on it!
I don't know what's come over me.  I'm a businessman first and foremost...
I shouldn't let my mind wander while working, hm?
Work is work, and Bells are Bells...  And the world can be a cold, cruel place!
[select Don't say that!]
Oh, an optimist, hm?
Well, well, [time]...  I expected you to be more cynical than that, hm?
Tell me, have you ever in your life joined the work force?
It's brutal!  The working world is a tough place...  Definitely dog eat dog,
Let your guard down, and before you know it, the Man's got you pinned!
No matter how grand your dreams are or how lofty your goals become...
In the end, in this world, money is everything, hm?
...Dreams alone aren't enough to make your belly full, no!

Three days later (episode 3):

[name], I'd like to apologize for acting so self-important days ago...
I think I may have eaten something that disagreed with me, yes?
[select Not to worry!]
...Yes, yes, [name]...
I already mentioned to you that I'd spent some of my youth in the city, yes?
To be honest, there's a bitter memory that I have of that time...
I haven't quite come to terms with it, you see...  May I tell you about it?
[select Sure.]
Yes, yes, thanks much!  You see, I had visions of success in the big city...
Such visions led me from [town] and into the cold arms of the city.
Soon after I arrived, I discovered metropolitan life to be difficult...
I was most unprepared, yes?  And soon, it was one error after another for me...
Yes, yes, I lost everything I gathered my few meager possessions and slunk home.
Yes, city life was rough...  Savage and wild...
But all was not dire, hm?  Because I experienced the despair of rock-bottom...
I was able to push myself to become the success that I am now, yes?

Three days later (episode 4):

Yes, yes, [name]...  I've already shared much with you already, hm?
At this point, I'd thank you much if you could hear me out to the end, yes?
[select Lay it on me!]
Yes, my big-city dreams shattered in its heartless streets, so I returned, hm?
Once back in [town], there was a period where I did absolutely nothing...
When I left, I was bragging to everyone about what a success I was going to
And then I returned without a thing, my tail between my legs...
I was so depressed that even the kind words of my friends hurt me, hm?
When they tried to console me, I would push them away and even yell at them!
Appalling.  When I think of my behavior, I'm mortified by the way I acted...
[select Take it easy.]
...No, I was wrong, and I got worse.  I had a friend who was my biggest
We grew up together, hm?  She wasn't what you would call a verbose girl, but...
She was the first to tell me that I could never give up on my dreams.
But I...  One day I...  I turned to her and said these words:
"Dreams are nothing in the face of money!"
She turned her back on me.  From that day on, we were never the same again, hm?
The strange thing is, her words of encouragement...are still with me today.

On the fourth Friday in August (episode 1):

Oh, Pete...  Can't you see how hard I'm trying to get you to notice me...
Why can't I get you to look my way?
[select Are you trying?]
Of course!  I straighten my wings when he's around and polish my beak daily...
Oh, goodness!  I'm at work!  What am I talking about?!

For some reason, I just feel like the pits lately!  (And you're not helping!)
Ugh, it's that Pete...  He's always standing around, all perky and stuff! 

Four days later (episode 2):

No matter how hard I try, or how long I wait, Pete...just doesn't notice me.
I think I have to be more up front and aggressive in my approach.
B-but I...  I just can't work up the courage to do it...  It's so pathetic.
If I were my sister, I'd be able to say whatever I wanted to...  From the hip!

I wasn't really thinking, and I said to the mayor...
"Yes, well, you are getting up there in age."
I got lucky, though, because I don't think he heard me.
But if he did...  Phew!  I bet he'd fire me in a heartbeat!
Telling the truth is something that you should really think twice about...

Three days later (episode 3):

I think about Pete all the time, and yet...  Do you think maybe...
Do you think maybe Pete has a crush on someone else already?
No.  It can't be...

Yeah, at work lately, I can't help but think about the environment...
[select Really?]
Oh!  I'm not talking about global warming here, so keep your pants on.
I'm talking about THIS environment.  Like, outside this building.
I feel like someone's watching me through the window...
I'd be relieved if it was just my paranoia, but I think I know who it is!
It's so creepy!  (Just the thought alone makes me heave!)

Three days later (episode 4):

I've been watching Pete's behavior lately for signs of a crush.
Do you think maybe, just maybe...his crush could be...
[select Oh, I know!]
No!  Pelly, stop!  Why do I always do this?
I jump to conclusions without any hard evidence!  I have to pull it together!
I'll go ask Pete myself!  Simple as that!

A little while ago, in the middle of the night, I was sure I saw something.
So I did what any thinking gal would do and went to the window to look outside.
I think I saw something white suddenly dive behind a bush to hide...
It's him...  I'm sure of it!  It's gotta be him!  Ugh!

Three days later (episode 5):

I'd decided that today was going to be the day.  The day that I confront Pete.
I was going to ask him if there was someone he was interested in...
But as soon as I looked at his downy face...
I forgot my courage and the question I was going to ask him.
[select Why?]
Because on Pete's cheek...  There was a red mark.  Like he'd been slapped!
He'd have to have gotten slapped really hard for it to leave a mark like that.
I think it's best...for us to just let him take it easy for now.

Well, remember that story I told you the other day?  I asked Pete about it...
"I've seen you standing outside the office window, staring in at me!"
Then, you won't believe what he said!  Just take a wild guess!
[select Tell me!]
The doofus has the nerve to come up with some cockamamy excuse, like,
"Oh, I was just standing guard in case something bad happened to you."
I gave him a look that could have frozen lava!  What a nutjob!
I should have told him that he was more dangerous than anything else out there!

Three days later (episode 6):

That slap mark on Pete's face the other day...
Do you think that maybe his girlfriend slapped him when he dumped her?
I asked my sister what she thought, and all I got from her were harsh words...
[select Like what?]
"Not to bad-mouth anyone, but I'd stay away from that fool if I were you!"
I know that my sister is stronger and a lot more mature than I am, but
she didn't have to be that mean...  Hrm...

The other day Pelly and I got into a nasty shouting match...
[select I'm sorry.]
No matter how often I tell her to stay away from that worthless, no-good guy,
all she ever does is protect him...
As her older sister, there's something about that I just can't accept!
...Ugh!  I could just peck his eyes out!  I just don't get what she sees in

On the third Saturday in September (episode 1):

Hmmph!  I cannot BELIEVE the audacity of Timmy and Tommy...
[select What happened?]
Do they honestly think I can't tell the two of them apart, I wonder?
The fact that they come to me individually for their paychecks makes me leery...
I think it's their way of challenging my intellect...  Testing me, hm?
[select Nah!]
Yes, yes, well, no way to be sure, of course.  But you should know, [name]...
I know how to tell Timmy and Tommy apart...
The one with the mole on his left wrist is young Tommy, yes?
And the one with the mole on his right wrist is little Timmy!
Hm?  Wait, that is, unless...  Maybe I have that reversed, hm?

Four days later (episode 2):

Timmy and Tommy are getting too sneaky for their own good!
[select What happened?]
Well...  Let me first say that every night, before I turn in...
I treat myself to a lick of sweet, sweet honey, yes?
An indulgence, yes, but in my line of work, you use your head all the time...
At the end of the day, all you want is something sweet to eat, hm?
[select And?]
And...that honey, MY honey, the delicious honey that I sample every night...
Timmy and Tommy went and ate the entire jar!  I was overcome with rage, yes?
...I consider myself a patient individual, but I just lost it!
I was so enraged, I even broke a vase on the show floor, hm?
But those crafty imps...  Their excuse pulled at my heartstrings...
"We want to become just like you, Mr. Nook, because we admire you so, hm?
"That's why, while we knew it was wrong, we ate all of your delicious honey!"
...How could I stay mad, hm?  I smiled at the scamps and sent them on their

Three days later (episode 3):

It's not that I want to live a life of solitude forever, hm?
[select You have kids!]
Hm?!  Oh ho ho ho!  No, no...[name], how old do you think I am, hm?
Tommy and Timmy are not my children!
Those two are just my employees, yes?  We're not related at all!
I like to think of them as my pupils and myself as their mentor, hm?
Haven't you heard them call me "Mr. Nook" before?
I don't know about you, but I've never seen a kid call his dad "Mr. Something"!
[select I see.]
I'm still just a swinging bachelor, yes?
People usually assume that I'm divorced or something, but I've never married,
What?  Oh...
Well, [name], I guess there's no need to explain then, is there, hm?

On the first Friday in October (episode 1):

I can't fathom why I'm telling you this but...
I really envy your youth, [name]...  Yes.  Hoo.
[select What's wrong?!]
Well, when I was a nestling youth, it was my dream to become an archaeologist...
I wished to travel the world in search of fossils that no one had ever
Hoo!  Especially dinosaur fossils.  To me, they were the ultimate find...
What's that?  I should be content looking at fossils here, you say?
Ah.  Hoo.  Well, [name]...  You see, to a true fossil connoisseur,
the joy of fossil hunting lies more in the search than in the find, eh wot?
[select Well, good luck!]
Hmmph!  ...Hoo, I say!  Indeed, hootie hoo, [name]!
I daresay I should take your comment just now...as a challenge, wot?
Yes.  Hoo.  Indeed...
Done!  Without further delay, starting today, and every day forthwith...
I shall find the time to do some fieldwork of my own!  Sound the trumpets, hoo!
You shall just have to wait and see what I can find, [name]!

Four days later (episode 2):

Remind me, [name]...  The other day, did I...
Did I declare to you that I would find time in my schedule...
to start my fossil-finding fieldwork again, with much bluster and fanfare?
[select Yes, you did.]
Such grandiose avowals...  Hoo!  What came over me?  This birdbrain is addled...
When I actually got out there and began digging...
I remembered how heavy a shovel is!  Hoo, yes!  Digging is quite exhausting...
'Twas a sad reminder that I am simply not made for manual labor...
Hoo.  Yes.  Indeed.  I shall never forget that bit of personal insight again...

Three days later (episode 3):

Hoo.  Well...it's my fossil hunting, actually.
Every day I'm out there, I'm savaged by how hard the physical trials are...
[select What's hard?]
Well, take this scenario as a for-instance...
You know when you really get in there with your shovel, wot wot?
And then you spot it!  There in the wet dirt!  A vile worm!  I can't stand
[select Wimp!]
Hoo?  I...beg your pardon?  Why, just think about it!  The horror!  The
That wriggly menace pokes its skinny, repellant head out of the dirt...
It writhes about like the very incarnation of all that is odious in the world!
Just thinking about it...makes my feathers crawl!
Ah.  Yes.  Hoo...  Well, of course, I am well aware of the fact that...
you must dig rather a bit deeper in order to find a fossil, but...

Three days later (episode 4):

Well...  The other night I went a touch overboard with my fossil hunting...
It reminded me of the fact that fieldwork is a real challenge, eh wot?
I'm rather not sure I'm up to it anymore, I must say.
[select Don't push it!]
I should be able to take it.  It may shock you, but I'm still in my twenties...
Well, it's beside the point.  Something rather uplifting occurred the other day.
As per my usual schedule, I took a break during a lapse in my day at the museum.
I grabbed my shovel, sallied forth, and began digging in odd-looking soil
I dug like a veritable mole, wot!  Until suddenly, the tip of my shovel
Indeed, I had hit something that felt very, very hard.
I was so invigorated at the thought of finding a fossil that I leapt for joy!
...But my vigor was soon dampened.  Hoo.  As I began pushing the dirt aside...
I found something that both looked just like a fossil...and NOTHING like one!
[select What was it?]
'Twas a round, plastic, manufactured doodad...  It appeared to be a ball.
I turned it to and fro, and as I examined it...
...that plastic ball suddenly cracked open!  Hoo!  My heart nearly burst
After my shock abated, I noticed a pair of letters in the plastic cocoon...
Ah-hoo!  The thing I had pulled from the earth was a sort of time capsule.
And though my conscience verily shrieked at me...
I...went ahead and read both letters with all speed and furtive pleasure!
[select Shame on you!]
Yes.  Hoo.  Well.  I'm awash in shame.  I quite assure you...  Regardless, one
   letter said:
"I want to own a shop so big that I can stock anything I want!"
The penmanship was squiggly and childlike, like worms on the paper.  Ugh.
The other letter was neat...though still rather childlike somehow...  It said:
"Even if it's small, I want to own a pretty shop."
...Yes.  That was it, then.  Two simple, yet heartfelt letters, eh wot!
I say, my heart gooified!  Such a warm, fuzzy glow welled up within me...
Smiling at the innocent beauty of youth, I put each letter back in the capsule.
And then, with a private smile, I put it back in the ground.  Quite uplifting,

On the third Thursday in October (episode 1):

Ohh no, PLEASE say I'm not catching a cold...

It's been getting cooler lately, hasn't it?
[select You think?]
Yes, I'm sure of it...because every year, around this time, I think to myself...
You know how Tom Nook wears nothing but that apron all year round?
I just have to figure that the autumn air must give him serious chills...

Four days later (episode 2):

Well, it's just......
I lost my dad when I was still very young, so I don't remember his face...
But beyond that, I just do NOT get what the deal is with men in general...
Honestly, they're like a different species...
[select Huh?]
OK, so, here's the deal.  You know that get-up that Tom Nook's always sporting?
Well, what do you think is up with that whole deal?
Oh!  What do I think?  Well, I went to his shop to deliver something and...
I saw ol' Nook standing in front of the mirror with that outfit on, posing...
Honestly, I don't get it...  Are all men like that?

Umm, even though I think this is the best time of year, weather-wise...
You shouldn't let your guard down and start wearing clothes that are too cold...
[select Darn skippy!]
Well, not everyone agrees!  There was this incident before you arrived here...
It was about this time of year, and Tom Nook caught a bad cold.  He was laid
Well, 'cause his normal body temperature is high, he didn't usually wear much...
So I suggested he wear more when it's colder.  His response to this was...
"Until I have enough money to make my shop bigger, I must endure, hm?"
I knew right then that there was no changing HIS mind, that's for sure.

Three days later (episode 3):

Well...  I was just thinking about something.
About those clothes that Tom Nook always wears...
[select What's up?]
Well, do you think he wears the same clothes every day or what?
And if so, how come they never get dirty?
Don't men usually have a problem with ring-around-the-collar or something?
Oh!  Maybe he has a bunch of them and, he changes them every day...
You know, open his closet and POW!  Just a bunch of those clothes in there!
Tee hee hee hee!  I bet that's it!  That would be SO Nook-ish!

Say, ummm...  Tom Nook...  Was he wearing that shirt again today?
[select Same as usual.]
Well, that certainly figures.  Between you and me, his clothes...
I made them just as Tom Nook ordered and finished them right here in my shop.
Ohh!  But please don't tell Mabel this part...
I made them when our shop was closed and gave them to him as a gift!
[select Really?]
Yes, well, actually, up until a while ago, Tom Nook's shop, right next door...
Let's just say it wasn't doing as well as its dedicated owner had hoped.
In order to keep the shop open, he began cutting back on expenses like clothes.
Interestingly enough, right around the time you moved here, [name]...
Business really started picking up for him!
Those clothes were my way of saying congratulations...
They might not look like anything special, but...
I sewed down into the lining so it retains head better than anything I've made.
Even on the coldest winter days, Nook should stay nice and warm...

Three days later (episode 4):

That Tom Nook just makes me FURIOUS sometimes!
[select What happened?]
This one morning, I was tidying up the front of the shop before opening, right?
Anyway, ol' Nook happened to come by...
So when I saw him, I gave him a "Good morning!"  You know, being neighborly.
From Nook?  Nothing.  Zilch.  He didn't even look at me!  Just walked into the
Ugh!  Don't you think neighbors should, you know, act...neighborly?!

Ohhh, that Tom Nook...
[select What's up?]
...Ohhh, well, it's just...  The other day, right before closing, I was
and I happened to run into Tom Nook.
At first, I didn't know whether to say "hi"...or even HOW to say "hi."
Still, I finally gathered my courage and asked how his clothes felt...
Tom Nook responded, "Why, same as always!  Best clothes ever, hm?"
Yes, he muttered those words, barely audible, and disappeared into his shop...
[select Really?]
Yes, now that I think about it, he's always been like that...
I've known him since he was little, so trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
When he's truly happy, Tom Nook doesn't show anyone how he's feeling...
He guards his feelings like a miser guards gold, rarely letting anyone see them.
But those words made me happy...  They made me so very happy...
Tom Nook loves the clothes that I made him, and he wears them all the time...

On the first Saturday in November (episode 1):

Yes, yes, [name]...  I'd like to ask you a slightly strange question.
What do you think about the way I dress, hm?
Do you think I command the respect that the owner of a shop ought to?
[select Uh, maybe?]
Are you trying to confuse me?  Does it please you to taunt me, hm?
I'm most certainly not trying to imitate those young hipsters, you know!
Yes, yes, I see how it is.  Your eyes betray your thoughts, [name].
These clothes just don't suit me...

Four days later (episode 2):

...Remember the other day, [name], when you said my clothes were ugly, hm?
...I was reminded of it when Mabel said the exact same thing to me...
[select Thought so!]
That Mabel!  Such insolence!  "Tom Nook!  You should really try to dress more
"I bet my sister would totally tailor a suit for you for free!"
...She was holding forth on subjects she clearly knows nothing about, hm?
Yes, yes, her conduct just goes to show that Mabel is still a child.
At her age, she shouldn't be expected to understand a man's aesthetics, yes?
It's no slight against the girl, I assure you.  It's just the way of things,

Three days later (episode 3):

...Well, a customer told me today that my clothes are too old-fashioned, hm?
She looked me square in the face when she said it, as well!  Unbelievable, yes?
It was a bit of a shock, actually...
[select Was she mean?]
Yes, yes, she was, at that!  Why, back when I lived in the city...
I was known as the famous "Off-the-Hook Nook"!
[select Why?]
Oh, some sort of slang, hm?  The point is, looks are part of business, [name]...
A businessman should never stand out more than his customers, yes?
His mannerisms, his clothes, everything about him...  Moderation is the key,
Besides, looking a bit outdated also puts older customers' minds at ease!

Three days later (episode 4):

...Well, I've been seriously considering a new business prospect lately, hm?
But the one who would be my partner is reluctant to agree, unfortunately.
If it goes well here, I know it will be a hit in the big city too, yes?
[select What is it?]
Yes, yes, it's novel!  It's...a select shop that carries clothes and sundries!
The shop would have a very distinct flavor and a stock of only items I like,
I've been exchanging letters with a friend who I knew when I lived in the
She's been sending me all kinds of incredibly valuable information, yes?
She said that shops of this sort are booming...even in the big city!
But while I'd be able to supply the sundries...I still need the clothes.
Ah well, I guess I'll have to go talk to the sisters again tomorrow, hm?

Three days later (episode 5):

Hm?!  Ah, yes, of course...  Are you talking about the select shop of mine?
Well, I've given up on that!  I've given up on that wholeheartedly, yes?
[select Why?]
I talked to Sable from the tailor shop, and she convinced me...
"Tom Nook...  Are you sure this shop will catch on?" she said.
And with those words...  I snapped out of it...
Yes, yes, I'm sure I seemed a little wild-eyed and reckless lately, hm?
I was very fortunate to have level-headed Sable there to set me straight...
What do I know about clothes and the big city?
Sable works hard every day, with her eye on one simple goal.  Commendable, hm?
[select Exactly!]
I'm glad you agree, hm?  I've got to keep my eyes on the prize, too!
Yesterday, I took those letters from the city and tore them all to shreds!
I truly have to say...  Hmmmmmph...
Sable is always the voice of reason, there to snap me back into reality...
We've been friends for a long time, but her wisdom occasionally frustrates me.

On the fourth Thursday in November (episode 1):

Phyllis has been really on edge lately...
She's always chewing gum to keep from grinding her teeth!
I ask her what's wrong, but she won't tell me...
I wonder what in the world is bothering her...  I'm really worried.

I'm sorry.  How rude of me to be chewing gum at work.  (But I'll do what I
I've just been so stressed out lately.
Chewing gum is the only way I can deal with it!  SNAP!  (Ugh, that stupid

Four days later (episode 2):

My sister has been chewing a lot of gum lately.
Even long after the flavor is gone, she still keeps chewing it...
[select Bad sign.]
If that was all, I wouldn't be so worried, but on top of that...
She doesn't spit her gum out when she's done.  She just swallows it every time!
I hate to be so indelicate, but at this rate, she's going to be blocked up...
For the next seven years!

Oh, it's my gum, isn't it?  I'll spit it out right away!  Ptwooie!
(Ugh, what a waste!)
[select What's wrong?!]
...What?  What do you want?!  Don't come in here acting like you're all
You just don't understand!  We adults have our own problems and concerns.
It's silly for me to think that you would understand!  (You're just a child...)

Three days later (episode 3):

My sister's been so stressed out that she chews gum all the time!
So I got her a present to make her feel better...
[select What was it?]
Sugarless peppermint gum!  This way, no matter how much she chews,
she won't gain weight, and more importantly, her teeth won't fall out of her

What?  Oh...  It's coffee-flavored gum.  That's right!
And it's sugarless!  Kids hate it!  Here, you want a piece or something?
Oh, yeah!  I forgot.  You're a kid and wouldn't like it!
(Ugh, kids...)

Three days later (episode 4):

Well, the other day I got in a fight with Phyllis because she bad-mouthed poor
I didn't think it was fair for her to call someone who is kind and honest
"simply stupid" without a reason, so I told her off!

Well, my sister, Pelly, is absolutely gaga over this stupid boy...
I've been trying to get her to change her mind, but she just won't listen.
The way that it's going now, I might just end up looking like the bad guy!
But it's not me!  It's that stupid little boy!  (Why, I oughta...)

Three days later (episode 5):

Well, the other day Phyllis and I got in a huge fight...
It was the same thing we always fight about.  She bad-mouthed Pete again.
I just couldn't keep it in any longer...
[select What happened?]
I shouted at her.  "Phyllis!  I know you're lonely because you don't have a
   love life!
"But that doesn't mean you should butt into mine!"  I didn't know I had it in
Then Phyllis looked so depressed...and I felt really bad.
I'm the worst sister in the world...  I have to make things OK between us

N-no!  I'm not crying!  I've got allergies, that's all!  (You're not helping
What?  My mascara is running, you say?  (Ugh!  Just leave me alone!)
Shoo already!  Don't you know it's rude to stare at people like that?

Three days later (episode 6):

The other day I made Phyllis so mad at me!
I wanted to make it up to her, so I baked her a cake!
[select How nice!]
I did it because she loves cake...  I know we were both really upset,
and we both said some harsh things, but in the end she said,
"Now everything is back to the way it should be!"  Like water under the
She's so mature...  She can face any kind of stress and stay cool as a
I could learn a lot from her.  And if I do that, maybe Pete will notice me!

Don't you think the whole romance thing is so complicated?
Bah, you wouldn't get it!  You're still just a kid...
[select I understand!!!]
Hmph!  Well, if you're such an expert, what would you do in this situation?
A stupid guy is after me, and I've had about as much as I can handle,
and my little sister is in "love" with this same dumb guy...
Doesn't thinking about that triangle make your head spin?
[select I feel dizzy!]
There's no way in the world that I could tell Pelly...
I honestly have no idea what I'm supposed to do!  Darn it all!
I wish he would just fly far away!  (His flying stinks, thought!)

On the third Saturday in December (episode 1):

Between you and me, I quite detest them.  All of them!  The bugs, I mean...
[select Conquer fear!]
Well.  Hm.  Hoo.  Indeed.  Easier said than done, of course.  Fear is rather
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, eh wot?
...But I do suppose you have a point, after all.  I'm making excuses.
After all, I am the curator of the [town] museum!  A noble office!
Such dread is irrational!  It's unprofessional!  Who fears bugs, really?
Well, to begin, I shall talk to my sister, Celeste, about this matter, wot?
Oddly enough, she is rather comfortable touching them.  Bugs, I mean...
I've seen her gazing at butterflies before, completely relaxed.
[select They're cute!]
They are most assuredly NOT cute!!!  Have you gone quite mad?!
Be truthful:  have you ever looked really closely at a butterfly's belly?
It appears quite squishy!  It looks like it's waiting to spew something on you!
Ugh!  Vile...

Four days later (episode 2):

You recall that I declared I'd work on conquering my fear of bugs, eh wot?
Yes.  Well, I've been doing my own special training!
[select Training?]
The means to which I have resorted are quite extreme, really...
Hoo.  Yes.  Indeed.  Just thinking about it makes my belly burble, but...
I lay my Giant Dictionary of Insects before me, fight my gag reflex, and...
...slowly run my talon over each of the foul images!
Ugh...  The thought alone of those furtive caresses makes my gorge rise!
The other day, I opened the book to a close-up of a green caterpillar's face...
I believe I may have pocket-retched a bit...  Ugh.  So very vile...

Three days later (episode 3):

Yes.  Hoo.  About the training I'm doing to get over my fear of insects...
Sadly, it's not working.  Yesterday, I reclined on the floor with my bug book...
The next thing I knew, my sister was waking me up!  Yes.  Hoo.  I'd fainted...
[select Pitiful.]
Yes...quite pitiful, indeed.  To try so hard and still fail to overcome my
Rather humiliating, really.  It reminds me of that night a few summers ago...
'Twas a moth, I believe, but a leviathan one about the size of your hand...
This netherworld beast stormed into the museum in the dead of night!
The flitting sound of its monstrous wings...  Ugh.  The very thought sickens me.
I'm none too proud of it, but I fled to Brewster's and sipped coffee...
Yes.  Indeed.  I sipped coffee until I was sure that flittering brute was
I stayed until morning!  Rather an eye-opening experience, eh wot!

Three days later (episode 4):

It's been some time since I began trying to conquer my fear of insects...
Indeed, TOO long!  I must say, the lack of results...has left me rather blue.
[select Really?]
No trifling matter, this!  I'll have you know, I have an important goal in
I'd very much like to take Celeste camping in the summertime, you see...
Youths her age still tend to enjoy such activities, do they not?
Yes.  Well.  In any case...  I believe a night of camping is just the thing!
I should think she'd rather enjoy that, wouldn't you say so?
[select Definitely!]
To be forthright, I owe her an enjoyable time.  I've been a substandard
We go to the beach, I see a sea louse, and soon I'm covered in nerve-hives...
We go hiking.  I glimpse a common butterfly and need a week of therapy...
...When I think of the scenes I've made, I'm simply horrified for Celeste!

Three days later (episode 5):

Hoo.  Yes.  Well, I don't know quite how to put this, but my bug-fear
Well, I'm calling it quits on the entire regimen.
[select Why?]
I shall tell you.  Last night, I was gingerly perusing my bug dictionary...
I imagine this will come as no surprise, but some vile image caused me to
When I came to, there was Celeste caring for me.  She said this to me:
"Big brother, I have had quite enough.  This madness must end this minute!"
"Why, everyone has certain fears, certain things that one cannot abide."
"You detest bugs, Brother!  And that is what makes you you!  Got it?"
...I daresay they were the nicest words I'd ever heard.  Hoo!  Indeed, hootie
[select How nice!]
It saddens me that I lack enough leisure time to dedicate to her, but...
Even without brotherly guidance, Celeste has grown into a fine young lady...
The pride I feel for my little sister...  Well, it cannot be quantified, wot!
You could scour the essays and dissertations of the world's academics,
and I'm quite certain you'd fail to find evidence of a superior sibling!

Here are the dialogs from Sable (and Mabel) as you talk to Sable daily, trying 
to befriend her:

Days 1, 2, 3:


If you have a question, would you mind asking the clerk over there?

I just can't let my claws stray from their work...  I'm sorry!

...Mabel, can you take care of this customer here?
What, Sis?!?  I'm busy, too, you know!

...Mabel, please!
Augh!  My sister always does that to people...
...Patience, Sable.

...I'm a little busy right now...

Day 4:

Umm...  I really do appreciate you coming in as often as you do, but...
I'm a little overloaded...  I'm sorry!

Mabel!  Hey, Sis, can you please take care of this customer?
Sis!  You always brush people off like that!

I'm sorry...  I can't take my claws away from my work right now...

Day 5:

Umm...  Your name is [name], isn't it?
Hey!  What gives, Sis?
You almost never remember a customer's name!
Don't say things you don't need to, Mabel.
Do feel free to take a look around, and don't mind us.

You're always busily running around, yet you always check in on us.
It really means a lot to me, [name].

Feel free to look around, [name].

Day 6:

Oh!  [name]!  You're looking happy and healthy.  I'm glad!
You're so sweet.  You always take the time to stop by and see us...
But I never even have time to make you any coffee!  ...Patience, Sable.
It's times like these that I really wish we had one more set of claws around.
Then I could take the time to sit and chat with you...
There you go again, Sis.  Why do you want to fight about stuff we don't have...
Don't you remember?  When we decided to do this together...
...you promised not to say stuff like that anymore!
Oh, that's right.  You're right, Mabel.
On that note, [name], I'll just leave you to yourself, then.
Take all the time you need to look around.

Tee hee hee!  [name]!  If you see anything you like, just let Mabel know!

Thank you, [name], as always.

Day 7:

Hi there, [name]!  Welcome!
Thanks so much for making our shop your favorite.
Tee hee...  Oh, Sis, I see you've become fast friends with [name].
"Oh, hey, Mabel...  What time are you expecting [name] to come by?"
...Tee hee hee hee hee!  It's not even noon, and you're thinking about that?
Ah hee hee hee!  Oh, come on!

[name]!  It's good to see you, as always!

All this detailed stitchwork sure does cramp up the shoulders...
But after we close up shop today, Mabel promised me a good massage...
Right, Mabel?
Ohh, I'm on my feet all day long!  This lower back of mine is always aching...
Ha!  Psych!
Unlike my ancient sister, I'm still young, so my back is still fine!
Oh, I'm just kidding!  Come on, now, Sis...  Loosen up!

Day 8:

Oh, [name]!  Welcome!
Um, I'm very busy, as usual.  They're all just ready-made patterns, but the
It's just so low!
No matter how much I work, I can't produce the volume I need to make much
Hold up, Sable!  What are you saying?
"Make something good, and make it on the cheap!"  Sound familiar?
Who says those words like they're going out of style?  Not me, that's for sure!
B-but, Mabel...
We take great pride in our work, and our hearts go into making our clothes.
Don't you want to be able to offer them at the best price possible?
Aaaaaaaaargh!  Customers are OK with it, but you aren't, Sis!
...Look, just forget it.  I love that worker-bee mentality of yours, Sis.
What?  Come again, Mabel?  Did you say something?
I was so into my sewing that I didn't hear you.
Tee hee hee...  Yes, Sis!

How are things, [name]?

Today, I've sped up my work pace!  The trick is, you just have to get in the
Tee hee!  Oh, my silly sister!  Ever since [name] started coming here...
You've been just FULL of energy, haven't you?
Ugh...  What would possess you to go and say such a thing...

Day 9:

Welcome, [name].
As you can see, I'm as busy as ever.
Hmm?  What's that?  How can I handle always being overloaded with work?
Well, you know, without this job, we wouldn't be able to survive...
Instead of thinking too much on it, I just accept that this is my life.
It's been like this ever since I was young.  It's all I've ever known.
Yes, I've been sitting in front of a sewing machine since I was a young girl.
The first thing I ever made was a pair of gloves.
Hey...  Maybe...
Tee hee hee hee hee!  How long ago did that happen, again?
It was a very cold winter, and Mabel's claws got a nasty case of frostbite...
I couldn't bear to see her suffer, so I made her some gloves.
I put Mabel's little claws on top of the cloth like this to make a pattern...
But it was my first time, so the gloves that I made were terribly misshapen!
Right, they were huge...
But they were oh-so warm!
Thanks again for making those for me, Sis!
No, no, it was nothing!
Do you remember what you did with those gloves?
You didn't wear them on your claws, but on your ears!  Remember?
I bet you thought they were earmuffs, didn't you?
Hee hee hee hee...  Not that story again!
I was so little back then that I don't really remember what happened...
But...I bet I thought I was going to get frostbitten ears or something.
OK, Sis, enough already!

In the end, I'm just happy to have a job...
And I have a number of people to thank for that.  I can't forget them.

[name], thank you so much for always coming by our shop.  It's so sweet!
I suppose I should thank you too.  So...thank you!

Day 10:

Oh, welcome!
What?  The couple in that photo?  Oh, stop it, [same], really.
I'm still single!  Of course that's not me.  That's my late mother.
I'm the young girl, there, and the smaller girl beside me is Mabel.
The two of us are ten years apart...
Both Mother and Father died when Mabel was still just a little girl.
But since she was so small, she doesn't remember a thing, the poor dear.
The only memory she has of our parents is this photo...
I never thought I'd be able to take the place of our parents for her...
So I just did what I had to and tried to look after her as best I could.
Somehow, thankfully, she grew up to be that bright bit of sunshine we all love.
It was a huge relief that she grew up so normal.
Her only fault is that she can sometimes be a bit too tomboyish...
Sis!  I hope you're not telling stories again, are you?
No, don't you worry!  Phew!  That was a close one.

It's so old, this sewing machine!  But it's like a part of me now.
It's almost like I couldn't work without it.  I have to take good care of it!

Oh, please pardon me!  I didn't mean to make you listen to our gloomy tale...
To be honest, I don't usually tell people that story.
But when you're around, [name], I feel so at ease, I just let it out.
Why, I wonder?  That's a little strange, huh?

Day 11:

Oh...  Hi there!
Um, [name], thank you so much for stopping by, as always...
But I'd rather you not look too closely at my face today, OK?
It's just that...  Well, I have this whopper of a zit on my nose...
I don't know why, but I get them so easily.  Yuck!  Stupid nose pimples!
Maybe that's why I've always had this bad habit of looking down...
Oh!  That reminds me!  I had a HUGE one when that picture was taken, too.
What?  Really?
I'm looking, but I don't see a pimple anywhere!
No, back then you were so small that you've probably forgotten.
Ironically, the day before, Father was planning to get a family portrait
I got a huge pimple on the tip of my nose and was so self-conscious...
I would look in the mirror over and over and wipe it with a wet towel...
I thought it would cool it off or something.  After a while, Father got mad.
"It's just a pimple!  Leave that thing alone!  Beauty is on the inside!"
He was right, of course, but I was just a kid...
I didn't understand the kindness behind those words and just cried and cried...
But before I went to bed, Mother whispered to me...
She said the photographer could erase the pimple and not to worry.
...It was just a zit, but it became such a big deal.  So silly in retrospect.
Still, when she said that, I was so happy, I thought I was going to cry.
Mother and Father were such sweethearts, huh?
That's right, Mabel.
You and I have that blood running through our veins...
We'd better not forget everything that Mother and Father did for us.

[name], whenever you come into the store, I always feel so...
N-no.  It's nothing.  Don't mind me.  Forget it.

I'm so glad you come by as often as you do, [name].
Thank you!

Day 12:

Oh!  Welcome!
I'm so glad I get to see your lovely face again, [name].
Actually, this is just between us, but when I see your eyes, [name]...
I remember this strong memory from my childhood.
Those perfectly round, sparkling glass marbles...
That's right.  It was back when Mother and Father were still alive.
They were both working happily in the shop back then...
Father bought Mabel some marbles to play with...
They were so pretty, so I asked, "Aren't there any for me, Daddy?"
Well, Father said, "Sable!  You're the eldest!  You're too old for toys!"
When he said it like that, I just started bawling like crazy.
...It's not that I was all that sad, but the tears kept coming anyway.
They wouldn't stop!  And I just got so frustrated and snapped all of a sudden!
Without thinking about it, I snatched away all of Mabel's marbles.
...And then everything just went to pieces!
Mabel started crying.  Father got really angry.  And I mean REALLY angry.
Then I ran out of the shop...in my bare feet, no less!
Aw, gee, Sis...  I didn't know about that.  I'm sorry.
Oh no, it's OK, Mabel.
Hey, even though we were always getting in trouble...
Remember how Father would crack open the bedroom door for us at night?
And how, after we'd gotten into bed, Mother would come in and lay down with us?
She'd hold our claws and say, "Let Sable's and Mabel's claws be kind."
She said that in the hopes that it would sustain us, you know, Mabel.
So, even when work is at its worst, I'm fine because my claws are special.
They hold Mother's love inside of them...
Aw, Sis...
Let's work together, huh, Sis!

My sewing machine is just purring along today!  I'm getting a lot of work done!

The tapestry hanging on that wall there is a memento from my mother.
Having it on that wall makes me feel like she's watching over me...

After Day 12:

It's always so good to see you, [name]!
Thank you!

[name], what kind of clothes do you like?
Um, using a white and green gingham plaid...
Ugh!  Yes, that's Mabel's taste, all right.

Whenever you drop by, [name]...
It makes all my work feel worthwhile!

Tee hee hee!  What could you be shopping for today?

[name], if you really like our shop...
You're welcome to spend all day here!


Welcome, [name].
It's Monday today, the start of a new week.
Here's hoping we both make it through all right!


Welcome, [name].
Did you know Tuesday is the day people are most likely to slack off?
Let's try to stay focused!
If a seamstress is going to make a mistake, you can bet it'll be on Tuesday!
Mother used to say that like it was going out of style...


Welcome, [name].
Well, it's Wednesday...  Or "hump day," as they call it.  Whoever "they" are.
I know it's not easy, but let's both try to get over that hump!


Welcome, [name].
You know, after we close up on Thursday every week, I like to relax and watch
Yesterday, Mabel recorded my favorite soap for me...  It's called "Pointed
It's all about porcupines in romantic relationships.  It's such a guilty
I wonder what happened this week...  Did Reginald survive that de-quilling
And who is Esther's mystery porcupine?  Oh, I can't wait to watch it tonight!
The main character is so darn indecisive...
She's always changing her mind!  It keeps me on pins and needles!


Welcome, [name]!
Thank goodness it's Friday!  So, [name], will you be able to rest up tomorrow?
What's that...?  You want to know what I'm doing tomorrow?
Nothing in particular...
I'll most likely be sewing and embroidering, you know...
Just like I do every weekend.


Hey, [name], welcome!
What!?  Are you telling me I should take Saturday off?
Tee hee hee hee!  Yeah, right, [name]!  I know that you know...
Saturdays are our busiest days!
We need to take advantage of the times when everyone else is relaxing.
The shortest route to getting something done is to just do it!
Dad used to say that when I was little...


Welcome, [name].
I'm so happy that you decided to pay us a visit...and on a Sunday, too!
What?  Who, me?  Tee hee hee!
I'm at my happiest here at work, don't you know?
Plus, I get to chitchat with our clients...

Here are the dialogs from Pete as you talk to him after shooting him down 
(after the first dialog, the others cycle randomly):

Dialog 1:

Owie...  Ugh...  Yow ow ow...
Hey!  What are you doing in a place like this?  My name is Pete!
I'm the only mail carrier in [town]!  You know those letters in your mailbox?
Well, I'm the one who flies through the sky and makes sure they get there.
Yep, at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., I make sure they're in your mailbox, safe and sound.
For some reason, something told me flying wasn't a good idea today...
I don't know what it was.  Something instinctual, I guess.
Well, hindsight really is 20/20 because...  Oh!  It was just terrible...
Who would just randomly shoot at the sky with a slingshot?
What, do I LOOK like a pigeon?!  Sheesh!

Dialog 2:

Owie...  Ugh...  Yow ow ow...
Hey!  We meet again!  I have to ask you, have you ever heard this saying?
"The postman always rings twice"?
I heard it's well known, but I only ring once...
And I've rung hundreds of bells!  Of course, I only ring when it's business.
I'd never ding-dong ditch!  You don't know me at all!

Dialog 3:

Owie...  Ugh...  Yow ow ow...
So we meet again!  Yeah, I heard the rumor about Pelly and me being close.
It's not true, and it's actually caused some trouble for me.
Sure, Pelly's a nice, sweet girl, and, sure, she brings me lunch and everything.
But how can I say this...  She's a bit young for me.
I'm looking for something that extends beyond lunch and into the evening.
I'm looking for a more mature relationship.

Dialog 4:

Owie...  Ugh...  Yow ow ow...
Huh?  You again!  Listen, I know a lot of girls who go through life very
But I prefer a more mature lady who knows how to take care of herself...
It's not that I don't like nice girls who bring me lunch.  They're fine.
But I LOVE those women who write "good-bye" on the mirror with their lipstick,
never to be seen again.  It's relationships like that that intrigue me.

Dialog 5:

Owie...  Ugh...  Yow ow ow...
Hey, you always look like you have all the time in the world.
Oh, me?  That's so rude!  It's not like I'm sitting at a desk eating bonbons
   all day!
I may not look like it, but I'm a professional mail carrier, you know!
I have to determine the best delivery route to take every day!
I was just visualizing today's route in my head!

Dialog 6:

Owie...  Ugh...  Yow ow ow...
Oh!  What'd I do with that letter...  Whew...thank goodness.
I thought maybe I'd dropped it.  See, this is a letter that Phyllis processed...
Well, this one smells like Phyllis's perfume, you see...  And so I just can't
   lose it.
There's just something about this scent...  I wonder if she changed her perfume.
Compared to the perfume that she normally wears, this one's more subtle...
There's just something about Phyllis...  She makes me dizzy!

Dialog 7:

Owie...  Ugh...  Yow ow ow...
Oh!  What are you doing here?  Just so you know, I'm all about delivering mail.
Don't even think about asking me to deliver a baby!
For one thing, those are storks!  I'm a pelican! 
Look at the shape of my bill before getting any stupid ideas, got it?!

Dialog 8:

Oh?  How interesting to see you here!  Well, since you're here...
Can I borrow your ear for a second?  It feels like Phyllis has been ignoring me
She's so cold.  Everything she says is so abrasive.  Even more so than usual.
Do you...think it's just me?  I've heard that gals sometimes act like that.
But only to men that they're interested in!  I think it's cute...
She's usually so stern, but Phyllis is a gal, after all.

Miscellaneous Dialog:

Sorry, but I'm still behind my quota for the day...
I'll catch you again later, and we'll talk.

Seriously, OW!
Who in their right mind...would shoot something into the sky with a slingshot?!
I said I'm not a pigeon!   [or]
It really hurt!            [or]
You know, if I really wanted to, I could shoot a little something back in

I'm in the middle of my deliveries, and I'm in a hurry!
If I'm even a little late, a certain someone gets upset.  But I won't tell you

Ugh, I'm so busy!  I'm just so busy!

I think a man looks his best when he's working.  I know I do, slacker.

What are you doing there?  Selling snake oil or something again?

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