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Perfect Town Guide by SEXYTRON

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/01/06

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Perfect Town Guide and FAQ
Version 1.1

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Table of Contents

Introduction to This Guide                                               [INT]
Versions                                                                 [VER]
Perfect Town Guide                                                       [PTG]
 - Weeds
 - Trash
 - Flowers
 - Trees
 - Fruit
 - Items
 - Villagers
 - Summary
Checklist                                                                [CHK]
Frequently Asked Questions                                               [FAQ]
Credits                                                                  [CRE]
Contact Information                                                      [CON]
Legal Information                                                        [LGL]

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Introduction                                                             [INT]

This is a complete, thorough, and correct guide to getting a Perfect Town
rating in Animal Crossing: Wild World. I made it in response to seeing several
message board topics asking for help in getting a perfect town. I have seen 
hints and tricks in a few of the guides that I have read, but I never came 
across a single complete guide. Getting a perfect town is tricky and there are
many things that can go wrong, so I decided to write a complete guide so that 
you will have a much easier time obtaining and maintaining your perfect town. 
The guide itself goes into detail about the specific requirements the game has
to judge your town as "perfect". The requirements are very picky and hard to 
maintain, so I hope that you will find this helpful.

The Checklist is simply a list of items that are easy to forget, but crucial 
to the maintenance of your perfect town. It is also a quick way to see why 
your town isn't perfect if the game isn't accepting it as perfect.

The Frequently Asked Questions are, well...just what they sound like. If you 
want to know what the benefits are to having a perfect town, how long it must 
be maintained, or what the problem is if you're getting a certain "error 
message" at the post office, the FAQ is the place to go.

You can use the contact section if you wish to submit a revision to this 
guide, correct a mistake (although I hope there aren't any of those!) or if 
you have a question or would like to see something else included. You will, of
course, be given credit for your information. Please, no flaming or spam 

Please enjoy this guide and use it as you wish!

Versions                                                                 [VER]

Version 1.0 - 1/25/06
Perfect Town Guide is complete!

Version 1.1 - 2/01/06
Corrections made to Trees, Fruit, and FAQ sections.

Perfect Town Guide                                                       [PTG]

There are several things to worry about when going for a Perfect Town rating.
The post office in your town can be of some help with telling you specifically
what needs to be done in your town (although with the subtraction of the 
"acres" from Animal Crossing on Gamecube this becomes somewhat more 
challenging), but after awhile you will begin getting the same cryptic message
over and over that tells you that your town is decent, but something 
is not quite right. To find out the status of your town, go to the post office
and talk to the clerk at the left window. Ask about the environment. If your 
town is perfect, Pelly will tell you that a resident has written "[Insert town
name] is a great place to be! It has really come a long way!" Phyllis gives 
you a similar message (adding that if you were to ask her how long it would
last, she'd be skeptical. If they say anything other than that, that means
that you are missing something. Here is where to begin:

 - WEEDS -

The first requirement is quite simple: WEED YOUR TOWN. This is one of the more
obvious components, but necessary nonetheless. It seems as though you can get
away with having a few weeds around (about 3 or 4) and still have a perfect 
rating, but why risk it? A good way to keep track of your weeds is to make 
sure you pluck 3 weeds a day (assuming your town has no weeds when you begin 
doing this). 3 new weeds will grow in your town each day, so as long as you 
pluck that many, weeds should not be a problem.

 - TRASH -

Don't drop trash on the ground! Trash counts against you. Trash includes all 
of the stuff you pull out of the ocean sometimes - tires, cans, or boots. You
can get rid or your trash by dropping it in the recycling bin, which is 
emptied at 6 AM Monday and Thursday, or by giving it to Tom Nook. He does not 
pay you for trash, but at least it will be out of the way.


Next, make sure you have lots of flowers around your town. If you are getting 
a message from Pelly that says "I think adding more green would really help!"
(or a similar but more sarcastic message from Phyllis), that POSSIBLY means
that you do not have enough flowers. Remember: You can never have too many
flowers. The flowers can be anywhere; next to trees, touching each other, etc.
but it is crucial to have the flowers arranged so that they are all over your
town. There are rumors everywhere online that you have to divide your town 
into 16 x 16 "acres" and make sure that there are 3 flowers per "acre" - this
is not necessarily true. While that is a decent way to make sure you have
enough flowers everywhere, there are some places in which it is almost
impossible to count out these acres because of barriers such as rivers and 
oceans. You do not have to spend an hour painstakingly counting out 16 x 16 
acres in your town to accomplish a perfect rating! A better way of making sure
that you have enough flowers is to buy all of the flowers in Tom Nook's shop
every day and plant them in different places around town.

If you have Nookington's, Tom Nook will sell 7 flower bags per day. If your 
friends are going to come into your town online, ask them if they can bring a 
few flowers with them to trade. Buy flowers from other towns. Don't forget to 
plant them by the ocean, by the town hall, around your house, and around your
villagers' houses. If your flowers die, water them instead of plucking them.
Basically, just judge it by sight - if you don't see a lot of flowers in a
particular area, plant them there. can also use this as an opportunity to try
to grow hybrid flowers, which are mentioned in other guides.

 - TREES -

At the post office, if you ask about the environment and trees are
SPECIFICALLY mentioned, that means that - you guessed it - one of your
problems is with the trees! Phyllis has a message where she says, "I think
the problem is with the trees! (We need more of 'em!)" Pelly, however, will
tell you that your town needs more green, which could either mean trees,
flowers, or that you need to pick fruit or items up off of the ground.

*** [Thanks to Gamefan15 and Tony Dickey for the corrections on the "need more
     green" message.]

Trees are perhaps the most tricky part of perfecting your town. It can get
quite frustrating when you go to the post office and are told that there are
not enough trees, so you plant one tree, go to the post office again, and
you're told that there are too many trees. That happens because of spacing.
Spacing is key when planting trees in your town. Sorry, but this may mean that
you have to get rid of your beloved "orchard." Again, there are rumors going
around that you should divide your town into 16 x 16 "acres", but there are
easier ways of doing it. First of all, make sure that no two trees are
touching each other. The rule is, if you can walk between two trees, they are
not touching. If you have trees in your town that are touching, chop one down
and dig up the stump. Pretty simple so far. Next, you need to make sure that
the trees are dispersed thoroughly throughout your town. Too many or too few
trees in a certain area will result in a non-perfect rating. A good method of
perfecting your trees is as follows:

 - Fill up your pockets with fruit or saplings. You can do this with your
   common fruit if you don't want to waste rare fruit. Since there is
   generally a lot of common fruit around, it is good to experiment using it.

 - Go to the post office and ask Pelly or Phyllis about the environment.

 - If Pelly or Phyllis say that there are too many trees: Look around town and
   find an area where it looks like there are a lot of trees around. If there
   isn't an area that looks like there are a lot of trees, pick a random area.
   Use a landmark (such as your house or Tom Nook's) to remember what area the
   tree is in. Chop down ONE tree in that area and go back to talk to Pelly or
   Phyllis. If they now tell you that the town is perfect, or that there
   aren't enough trees, or that you need more green, that means there are not
   too many trees in any one area. If they still say that there are too many
   trees, continue this procedure (chop down a tree in a crowded looking or
   random area then go talk to Pelly or Phyllis) until you don't get the "too
   many trees" message anymore. If you get the "not enough trees message,
   continue with the procedure below.

* Remember: Pelly and Phyllis will give you the "too many trees" message
  before they will give you the "not enough trees" message - In other words,
  "too many trees" takes precedence even if there are not enough trees in
  another area. You could have too many trees in one area and not enough trees
  in every single other area, and you would still get the message "too many
  trees." If you get the "too many trees" message, chop down a tree, and then
  get the "not enough trees" message, do NOT plant another tree in the same
  area - you will get the "too many trees" message again! Instead, plant
  trees in different areas.

 - If Pelly or Phyllis say that there are not enough trees: Go and plant a
   sapling or fruit in a random area, or an area that looks like it doesn't
   have a lot of trees. A good hint to remember is that baby trees (saplings)
   still count as trees! Remember where you planted your sapling. Go to the
   post office, and if Pelly or Phyllis say that there are too many trees,
   dig up the sapling you just planted and do not plant any others in that
   area. If they say that there are not enough trees/green, repeat the
   procedure. If Pelly or Phyllis tell you that your town is perfect or no
   longer mention trees/green, leave the trees alone, you are finally done
   with them! If any of your saplings die in the morning, replace them.

Once you get your trees perfect, it is a good idea to try to make sure that
none of your townspeople move throughout the duration of your perfect town.
Why? Because if any of your trees are within two spaces of a sign, there is a
chance that they will disappear if another villager moves in. Villagers put
their houses on top of signs, so be aware of that. If none of your trees are
within two spaces of a sign, you do not need to worry about your villagers

Now that you are finished with this somewhat exhausting and tedious process,
you can move on to easier things. Congratulations! You've finished the hardest
part of getting your perfect town.

 - FRUIT -

*** [Thanks to Astareal for the following correction] - There are some players
who have reported that they had lots of fruit on the ground but still kept a
perfect town. Therefore, I believe that if you have fruit on the ground and
your town is not perfect as a result, this may be a glitch. That being said,
if you want to ensure that your town stays perfect, you may want to keep your
fruit picked up.

If Pelly tells you that your town needs "more green", try picking up your
fruit. This may be a glitch (the fruit affecting your rating), but why risk

 - ITEMS -

The same thing can happen if you have too many items on the ground - you may
get the "more green would really help" message. Your dressers hold six
pocketfuls of stuff, so there is no reason why you should need to store items
outside anyway.


You should have all eight villagers in your town (the highest number
possible), which you should have after a week or so of starting your game
anyway. No problem, right?


In a nutshell, keep your stuff off the ground, weed your town, plant flowers,
and make your trees all nice and pretty. This should earn you a perfect town!

Checklist                                                                [CHK]

If your town is not perfect, did you try...

 * Picking up all your items off the ground?
 * Picking up all of your fruit off the ground?
 * Picking up all of your trash off the ground?
 * Making sure your trees are correctly placed?
 * Replacing saplings that may have died if your town was perfect the day
 * Making sure you have all 8 villagers in your town?
 * Pulling your weeds?
 * Making sure that there are enough flowers everywhere?
 * Watering your flowers instead of leaving them dead?
 * Seeing whether the last person who entered your town changed something?
 * Seeing whether a new villager has moved in and trees disappeared?

Frequently Asked Questions                                               [FAQ]

Here are some questions I tend to see a lot on message boards (You may email
me with additional questions):

Q. What does having a perfect town do?
A. Maintaining a perfect town eventually gets you the golden watering can.
   Also, when your town is perfect, you have a much higher chance of a Jacob's
   Ladder growing than if your town is not perfect.

Q. How long do I have to maintain a perfect town to get a golden watering can?
A. Sixteen days.

Q. My town is perfect. Why haven't I gotten a Jacob's Ladder?
A. You won't necessarily get a Jacob's Ladder every day your town is perfect
   - it simply increases your chances.

Q. What is a Jacob's Ladder and what is it for?
A. A Jacob's Ladder is a unique flower that grows randomly in your town by
   itself. You'll know it when you see it - it's light blue and looks nothing
   like your other flowers. It can be used to help increase your chances of
   getting hybrid flowers.

Q. Pelly (or Phyllis) told me that I needed more trees. I planted one, and
   then they told me there were too many trees (or vice versa)! Why?
A. It's a spacing problem. See my trees section in the guide for more

Q. Pelly told me that I needed to add more "green" to the town. What does this
A. It means that you need more flowers, or more trees. It could also mean
   that you have too much fruit or too many items on the ground.

Q. ***[Thanks to Hallie Ramsdell for this question] During the day, Pelly told
   me that I needed to add more green to the town, but at night, Phyllis told
   me that I needed more trees. Why?
A. "Green" can refer to flowers or trees. If you are getting both of these
   messages, try fixing your trees first, and if that doesn't work, keep
   planting flowers all over the place. You can never have too many flowers.

Q. SEXYTRON, why are you so cool?
A. I don't know. I was born that way.

Credits                                                                  [CRE]

Thank you to...

 - Astareal (keyla42@NOSPAMyahoo.com) for the information on fruit. (1/30/06)
   [Take out the NOSPAM to email.]

 - Gamefan15 and Tony Dickey for the corrections on the trees section.

Contact Information                                                      [CON]

***Please check the FAQ section of this guide before you email me!!***

You can email me with questions, comments (no flaming please), corrections or
concerns. You will, of course, be given due credit if your work makes it into
this guide.

My email is: kdrummond@NOSPAMradford.edu
[Take out the "NOSPAM."]

Please no spam email. Put something to do with Animal Crossing in the subject
line or your email could get trashed accidentally!

Legal Information                                                        [LGL]

*DISCLAIMER* I did not use anything from other guides or other people as
information in this guide. My source was a combination of my personal trial 
and error in the game, and common knowledge of the game (among the AC:WW 
gaming community). Any similarity to another guide or person's information is
purely coincidental.

You may use this guide where and how you want to. You can copy it, put it on 
your websites, whatever, as long as you give me credit for my work. This guide
is simply for gamers to enjoy and I will not sue you for taking it and using

~SEXYTRON, 1/25/06

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