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Item List by discoinferno84

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/04/2006

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Item Checklist
Version 1.4

Version 1.4: Added Feng Shui colors for the Item Index, updated Special 
             Item info, as well as a few things that I was missing. Also
             Included a brief FAQ questions to answer a few things that I
             keep seeing around. Still more stuff to come, so stay tuned

Version 1.3: Added HRA Guidelines and the basic arrangement to attain the
             ideal Feng Shui. The Item Index will be updated accordingly at
             a later date. Some facts gathered about the Special Items, but
             I've gotten conflicting reports. See the Special Items in the
             index for details. Keep a lookout for Wishy the Star as well.
             More coming soon! 

Version 1.2: Added the Clothing Section, as well as a few Secret Items 
             rumored to be in the game. I need evidence, folks. See the 
             index for details. Feng Shui and HRA Scoring requirements 
             coming soon!

Version 1.1: Added a ton of stuff, including Item prices, and special notes
             about certain items and characters. Give me some time on the 
             clothing patterns; there's a lot to list. Stay tuned, folks.
             Things are just getting started.

Version 1.0: Furniture Lists, Beastiary, Gyroids, and Gardening Sections 
             outlined. Clothing Lists, Item Explanations are coming soon,
             so bear with me, please.

Copyright 2005 Justin "discoinferno84" Boot. Any unauthorized use of this 
guide is a violation of copyright law. This guide is to be used exclusively on 
Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) and may not be publicly distributed otherwise. See 
the end of this FAQ for further explanation.


I.    Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions
II.   Important Characters and Terminology
       A) Fundamental Items and The Great Tradeoff
       B) Feng Shui
       C) The HRA
III.  Item Index
       A)Furniture Series
         1) Exotic Series
         2) Lovely Series
         3) Classic Series
         4) Ranch Series
         5) Cabana Series
         6) Blue Series
         7) Modern Series
         8) Regal Series
         9) Green Series
        10) Cabin Series
        11) Kiddie Series
        12) Robo Series
        13) Snowman Series
        14) Mushroom Series
       B) Furniture Themes
         1) Western Theme
         2) Space Theme
         3) Construction Theme
         4) Boxing Theme
         5) Mossy Garden Theme
         6) Mad Scientist Theme
         7) Nursery Theme
         8) Pirate Theme
       C) Furniture Sets
         1) White Chess Set
         2) Black Chess Set
         3) Study Set
         4) Oil Drum Set
         5) Office Set
         6) Cactus Set
         7) Teddy Bear Set
         8) Panda Bear Set
         9) Dharma Set
        10) Backyard Set
        11) Golf Set
        12) Classroom Set
        13) Lava Lamp Set
        14) Red Furniture Set
        15) Hospital Set
        16) Japanese Set
        17) Totem Pole Set
        18) Cafe Set
        19) Pear Set
        20) Apple Set
        21) Watermelon Set
        22) Citrus Set
        23) Bonsai Set
        24) Welcome Kitty Set
        25) Yellow Flower Set
        26) Tulip Set
        27) Iris Set
        28) Froggy Set
        29) Pine Set
        30) Pine Bonsai Set
        31) Vase Set
        32) Guitar Set
        33) Drum Set
        34) String Set
        35) House Plant Set
      D) Other Stuff
        1) Paintings
        2) Musical Instruments
        3) Household Items
        4) Televisions
        5) Stereos
        6) Flowers
        7) Chairs & Sofas
        8) Sports Items
        9) Trophies
        10) Worldly Items
       11) Holiday Specialties
       12) Clocks
       13) Camping Gear
       14) Beds
       15) Storage Units
       16) Beach Items
       17) Arcade Games
       18) Town Models
       19) Lights
       20) Miscellaneous Items
       21) Special Items
      E) Wallpaper & Flooring
      F) Tools and Other Stuff
      G) Clothing
      H) Personal Accessories
        1) Umbrellas
        2) Hats
        3) Wigs 
        4) Masks
      I) Paper 
IV.   Beastiary
       A) Insects
       B) Fish
       C) Fossils
V.   Gyroids
VI.  Outdoor Gardening
       A) Flowers
       B) Trees, Fruits and Turnips
VII. Conclusion
VIII.Copyrights and other Legal Stuff
IX.  Contact Information
X.   Special Thanks

I. Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions

Hey folks! Welcome to my Animal Crossing: Wild World Items FAQ. There are 
hundreds of items to collect in this game. Clothes, furniture, wild animals, 
and tons of other stuff are ripe for the picking. It's amazing that it could be 
all packed into that one little DS cart. In any case, I hope this guide helps 
you develop your town to your liking. Hopefully you'll come up with something 


A lot of people have been emailing me the same questions, so I think it'd be
Best if I answer them all in one shot. Here are a few of the big ones that
keep popping up:

Dude! How do I get a Coconut?

Normally, a coconut will randomly wash up on shore. Pick it up, BUT DO NOT 
SELL IT. Instead, plant it near the beach. Not on the sand itself, but near 
the ocean. Within a few days, you'll be able to harvest two more coconuts,
which can be used to grow more trees, and so forth. When you finally sell them
is up to you. Otherwise, get on WiFi and do some trading with someone who is
willing to spare a coconut.

Um, what's a Pitfall Seed, and what do I do with it?

Okay, so you're looking for fossils, right? You dig into a crack, but instead
Of finding a fossil, you find this weird white ball with a red ! on it. This
is a Pitfall Seed. Bury it back into the ground, then lure your neighbors or
friends to walk over it. They'll fall into the hole that the Pitfall Seed has
made. In the end, Pitfall Seeds serve only as a light form of humor in case you
get bored.

Okay, I made a Snowman. Why didn't he give me anything?

First off: If you make a Snowman perfectly, he'll send you a gift in the mail. 
The way to make a perfect Snowman revolves around the proportions of the 
Snowballs you roll. The body must by slightly larger than the head. Roll one
ball up to a certain height, then find the other ball and make it just smaller
than the first one. You'll be able to gauge your work based on what the 
Snowman will say. A happy Snowman is a good sign; creating one with a large
head and small body will get you nothing but angst.

Don't these feathers do ANYTHING?!

Nope, sorry. The feathers you get for donating to Boondox reflect the old
Concept of "having a feather in your cap" meaning that you've done something
remarkable or praiseworthy. If anything, feathers are just a way to show off
that you can fork over so much cash.

What does the Golden -------- do?

Golden Axe: Never breaks.
Golden Fishing Rod: Lures fish faster.
Golden Slingshot: Fires three pellets instead of one.
Golden Net: Can cover twice the amount of airspace as the regular Net.
Golden Watering Can: Preserves flowers.

One of my neighbors gave me their picture! How'd that happen?

Okay, so you've got a little portrait of one of the locals. This means that
you've established an excellent relationship with them; you've done a few
favors for them, talk to them on a regular basis, and wave to them when you see
them passing by, etc. There are dozens of potential neighbors that can 
eventually move into your town; see how many pictures you can collect! 

II. Important Characters and Terminology

If you want to get every single item out there, you'll have to quite bit before
everything is said and done. However, there are plenty of townspeople that can 
give you a hand.

-Tom Nook-
Easily the biggest player on the Animal Crossing financial market, this guy
Wields dominance of most of the major buying and selling of items in the game.
Appearances of items in his shops aren't fixed; you'll have to come back every 
day to find something new.


Need to make some quick cash, but don't have right equipment? The beach is
usually littered with shells to pick up and cash in with Tom Nook.

Name          Selling Value

Conch             350
Coral             250
Dall's Top         90
Pearl Oyster     1200
Porceletta         30
Sand Dollar        60
Scallop           600
Venus Comb        150
White Scallop     450     

Tom Nook's Point System
For every 100 Bells you spend inside Tom Nook's shops, you'll be granted one
point. Once you've obtained enough membership points, you'll be rewarded with
some rare items.

Points                       Rewards

300         Nook's Cranny Model/Store Membership 
3000        Nook'n Go Model/ 5% Store Discount
10000       Nookway Model/ 10% Store Discount
20000       Nookington's Model/ 20% Store Discount

Spotlight Items

Once in a while, tom nook will have a special sale in the store. He'll put an 
Item under a spotlight. Such items are available only when it's on the spotlight

Turnip Prices

Go and visit Tom Nook about the Turnips rates for that day. Turnips operate 
like a stock market; if you purchase them from Joan at a certain price, 
you'll want to make sure that Tom Nook will buy them from you at a better 
price, thus earning you a profit. However, Turnip rates fluctuate on a daily 
basis, so take note of Tom Nook's requests.


Need rare items? Check out Redd's Tent, which comes on a randomly chosen 
weekday. However, you'll need to obtain a password to gain entry to the tent
Speak to your neighbors to figure it out. Be careful, though. Some of Redd's
Paintings are counterfits. They can be appraised by Blathers over at the
Museum. consider getting insurance for them as well.

Redd's Items
***Note*** The prices listed here are Tom Nook's buying value.

Name                  Price     Name               Price     Name          Price

Amazing Machine        900      Lucky Black Cat     425      White Katana   9200
Amazing Painting*      490      Mama Panda          120      White Knight    700
Baby Bed               725      Medicine Chest      570      White Rook      700
Backyard Pool          247      Merry-Go-Round      160      Wide-Screen TV  550
Basketball Hoop        530      Modern End Table    475      Worthy Painting*490
Black Katana          3000      Modern Wardrobe     640      Speed Bag       ???
Black Knight           700      Moving Painting*    490
Black Rook             700      Nice Painting*      490
Blue Bed               525      Opulent Painting*   490
Blue Table             450      Pantheon Post       900
Cabana Bed             550      Perfect Painting*   490
Cabin Bed              600      Screen              ???
Cabin Chair            425      Pothos              325
Cabin Dresser          540      Quaint Painting*    490
Calm Painting*         490      Raccoon Figurine*   500
Classic Vanity         640      Ranch Chair         350
Classic Wardrobe       640      Ranch Dresser       680
Clear Model            840      Rare Painting*      490
Common Painting*       490      Red Corner         1700
Dainty Painting*       490      Regal Bed           780
Deer Scare             450      Regal Chair         525
Dice Stereo            537      Robo-Closet         600
Exotic Bed             635      Robo-Lamp           400
Exotic Table           575      Rocket              600
Famous Painting*       490      Saddle Fence        545
Flowery Painting*      490      Saw Horse           300
Frog Woman Pole        350      Scary Painting*     490
Green Dresser          580      Snake Plant         300
Green Wardrobe         575      Solemn Painting*    490
High-End Stereo        687      Space Shuttle       695
Hospital Bed           900      Spaceman            360
Judge's Bell           447      Steam Roller       1125
Kiddie Bed             525      Strange Painting*   490
Kiddie Clock           370      Super Toilet        495
Lawn Mower             690      Tabletop Game       620
Lefty Lucky Cat        425      Timpano Drum        525
Lovely Armoire         560      Turntable           645
Lovely End Table       450      Warm Painting*      490
Lovely Painting*       490      Well                675

*These items are available only through Redd.


Every Sunday morning, Joan will appear in town to sell Turnips. She sells two
types: White Turnips and Red Turnips. White Turnips can be sold to Tom Nook 
for varying prices; make sure you get a good deal from him before selling. 
Also, the Turnips will rot by the following Saturday, so you should make some 
money with them before that time. Red Turnips, on the other hand, can be 
planted and grown. These require tons of attention and watering to grow big; 
the bigger they are, the more Tom Nook will pay for them. 

-K.K. Slider-

Check out The Roost (the cafe in the basement of the Museum) every Saturday
night from 8PM-12AM. You'll find K.K. Slider, a dog that plays music tunes 
(and the game's credits) by request. If you request a specific title, he'll 
grant you a recording of the song that can be played in your radio at home 
for later enjoyment:

Agent K.K.      K.K. Gumbo          King K.K.
Aloha K.K.      K.K. Jazz           Lucky K.K.
Cafe K.K.       K.K. Lament         Marine Song 2001
Comrade K.K.    K.K. Love Song      Mountain Song
DJ K.K.         K.K. Lullaby        Mr. K.K.
Forest Life     K.K. Mambo          My Place
Go K.K. Rider!  K.K. Marathon       Neapolitan
I Love You      K.K. March          Only Me
Imperial K.K.   K.K. Metal          Pondering
K.K. Aria       K.K. Ragtime        Rockin' K.K.
K.K. Ballad     K.K. Rally          Senor K.K.
K.K. Blues      K.K. Reggae         Soulful K.K.
K.K. Bossa      K.K. Rock           Steep Hill
K.K. Calypso    K.K. Rockabilly     Surfin' K.K.
K.K. Casbah     K.K. Safari         The K. Funk
K.K. Chorale    K.K. Salsa          To the Edge
K.K. Condor     K.K. Samba          Two Days Ago
K.K. Country    K.K. Ska
K.K. Cruisin'   K.K. Song
K.K. D & B      K.K. Soul
K.K. Dirge      K.K. Steppe
K.K. Dixie      K.K. Swing
K.K. Etude      K.K. Tango
K.K. Faire      K.K. Technopop
K.K. Folk       K.K. Waltz
K.K. Fusion     K.K. Western

-The Able Sisters-

Furniture and tools aside, the majority of your dealings with clothing items 
Will take place with Sable and Mabel. They'll sell you different clothes, and
Allow you to create your own designs via the DS Touch Screen.

-Booker and Copper-

Go to the main gate. Booker will be standing toward your left when you walk in.
Not only does he allow you to change the town's flag, but he also runs the 
Lost and Found; visit him to see if you can find anything rare laying around.

If you want to start up wireless play over WiFi, speak with Copper, the guard 
On your right. He'll grant you access to the Nintendo WFC, which will allow 
you to trade items with other Animal Crossers around the world. If you choose 
to do so, you can get downloads from Nintendo, as well as see some other 
characters that only appear during WiFi play.

-Pelly and Phyllis-

Pelly runs the Civic Center and Post Office in the daytime hours. Speak to her
To learn how to help the town's environment, move out, change the town's tune,
mail a letter, view your Town Hall savings account, and send loan payments to
Tom Nook. However, you can also speak with her to donate Bells to Boondocks. 
The more Bells you donate, the rarer your prizes will be:

Donation             Prize

10000            Green Feather
200000           Blue Feather
500000           Yellow Feather
800000           Red Feather
1100000          Purple Feather
1400000          White Feather
6400000          Rainbow Feather

Account Balance

You've got a savings account over at the Post Office. Rack up enough Bells to
get some sweet prizes.

Balance            Prize

1000000          Box of Tissues
10000000         Piggy Bank
100000000        Pelly's Pic
500000000        Phyllis's Pic
999999999        Town Hal Model  


Keep a look out for this guy during the Acorn Festival every October. He'll
trade the nuts you've gathered for pieces of a furniture set. Don't give him 
rotten acorns, though.

***Note*** All prices listed are based on Tom Nook's buying prices.

Name            Price

Mush Bed        3000
Mush Closet     2450
Mush Chair      1900
Mush Dresser    2450
Mush End Table  2200
Mush Lamp       2400
Mush Stand      2400
Mush Stool      1800
Mush Table      2500
Mush TV         2500


Pascal is a furry philosopher that will show up randomly between 6AM-12AM on a
weekday. If you see him on the beach, talk to him. After listening to his rants,
he'll award you with a piece of furniture from the Pirate Theme.

***Note***Prices listed are based on Tom Nook's buying price.

Name            Price

Anchor           475
Barrel           200
Helm             280
Keg              200
Sea Deck        1000
Sea View        1000
Ship Cannon      455
Ship Compass     400


Saharah will show up in town from 6-12AM on a random weekday. She has rare
wallpaper and flooring. Help her out with her deliveries, and she'll give you
a reward in return.

***NOTE***Prices listed are based on Tom Nook's buying prices.

Wallpaper       Price           Flooring        Price

Ancient Wall     2300           Ancient Tile     2400
Blue Tarp        1400           Boxing Ring Mat  2500
Desert Vista     2250           Closed Road      1625
Industrial Wall  1875           Concrete Floor   1600
Lunar Horizon    1900           Daisy Meadow     1800
Music Room Wall  1600           Lunar Surface    2000
Meadow Vista     2000           Music Room Floor 1800
Ringside Seating 2250           Saharah's Desert 1800
Shoji Screen     1875           Sandlot          1700
Tropical Vista   2300           Tatami Floor     2125
Western Vista    1500           Tropical Floor   2050
                                Western Desert   1700


There's no one more stylish than this character. She'll show up on a random
Weekday. Take her quiz to get a shirt design. If you keep talking to her after
the quiz, she'll offer to make you a special design. Also, keep a lookout for 
a Moldy Shirt that can be attached to her evaluation.

***NOTE***Prices listed are based on Tom Nook's buying prices.

Name             Price   Name             Price   Name            Price

Barber Shirt      1600   Flan Shirt        1600   Melon Shirt      1600
Butterfly Shirt   1800   Giraffe Shirt     1550   Orange Pinstripe 1250
Caterpillar Tee   1700   Grape Shirt       1600   Sandwich Shirt   1600
Citrus Shirt      1600   Grass Shirt       1450   Snow Shirt       1700
Cool Shirt        1600   Gracie's Top      1550   Splendid Shirt   1550
Coral Shirt       1550   Groovy Shirt      1600   Strawberry Shirt 1600
Cow Shirt         1600   Hot Dog Shirt     1500   Tiger Shirt      1600
Crossing Shirt    1550   Kiwi Shirt        1600   Tin Shirt        1600
Fiendish Shirt    1700   Ladybug Shirt     1350   Watermelon Shirt 1600
                                                  Zebra Shirt      1600

-The Lost Kitten-

When you're visiting another town over WiFi, keep a lookout for Kaitlin or her
daughter Katie. If you find one of them, you must reunite the two. If you do
the good deed, you'll be granted with special items:

***NOTE***Prices are based on Tom Nook's buying prices.

Name          Price

Apple TV       400
Lily-Pad Table 400
Lovely Phone  2600
Music Box     1050
Papa Bear      550
Papa Panda     120
Portrait        50


Keep a lookout for a UFO that will fly around on the top DS screen. Shoot him
down with a slingshot, then help him fix his broken ship. He'll reward you

***NOTE***Prices based on Tom Nook's buying price.

Name            Price

Arc de Triomphe 2300
Chocolates       680
Compass          320
Manekin Pis     1300
Matryoshka       980
Merlion         2300
Mermaid Statue  1900
Moai Statue     1900
Mouth of Truth  1900
Pagoda          1280
Plate Armor     1850
Tower of Pisa   2300
Tribal Mask     1100 


Just like in various parts of the real world, it snows in the winter months of
Animal Crossing. Once the snow has piled on the ground, you'll be able to locate
two small snowballs somewhere in town. Roll them in the snow to get them bigger,
then connect them to make a snowman. If proportioned correctly, the snowman will
gratefully give you some pieces of the rare Snowman furniture series.

***NOTE***Prices are based on Tom Nook's buying price.

Name            Price

Snowman Bed      8888
Snowman Chair    8888
Snowman Clock    8888
Snowman Dresser  8888
Snowman Fridge   8888
Snowman Lamp     8888
Snowman Sofa     8888
Snowman Table    8888
Snowman TV       8888
Snowman Wall     8888
Snowman Carpet   8888
Snowman Wardrobe 8888

-The Wishy the Star-

Ever wish on a star? Maybe it doesn't do you any good in the real world, but 
in this game, it can bring you good stuff. Walk around town on a late, clear 
night. While you go about your daily business, keep a look out on the top 
screen of your DS. Occasionally, a shooting star will flash briefly across the 
screenalong with a sound effect. Press A immediately; if done properly, you'll 
receivea letter from Wishy the Star the following day. There will usually be 
some coolitem attached to the letter as well, so keep your eyes sharp and your 
button finger at the ready.  

A) Fundamental Items and The Great Tradeoff 

Okay, so you've got a bunch of items. But it's what you do with those items 
that really counts. Here are a few things that your everyday items can be used 

Fishing Rod: You use it to catch fish. Big deal. However, said fish can net 
             You thousands of Bells when you've caught enough.

Golden Rod:  Catch every fish available in the game to get this awesome reward.

Fish Trophy: Think you're a fishing guru? Put your mad skills to the test at the
             Fishing Tourney every third week of December, January, March, May, 
             November, and every fourth week of February, April, and October.If
             you win the contest, you'll get this excellent reward.

Net:         Like catching bugs? Give this baby a shot; you'll be nabbing the
             little pests in no time, allowing you to trade them in for Bells or
             donating them to the Museum.

Golden Net:  Snag every bug in the game to be rewarded with this. It's twice the
             size of the Net, allowing for twice the bug-catching potential.
             Gotta catch'em all!

Bug Trophy:  Having fun catching the critters? Enter The Bug-Off. This contest
             takes place every third Sunday of June-September. Catch the biggest
             bug to claim the prize.

Slingshot:   Need to get your gun off? This thing may not shoot bullets, but it
             Can shoot items out of the sky. Keep an eye on the top screen of 
             your DS to see rare items attached to balloons. Shoot them down to
             claim them.

Golden Slingshot: Mastered the mystical art of slingshooting? After you've 
                  shot down 15 Items from the sky, you'll be rewarded with 
                  this nifty little piece of mass destruction. It fires 3 
                  shots in a spread pattern, which makes sniping floating 
                  Items a lot easier.

Shovel:      There are few things more handy than a Shovel in this game. It
             allows you to plant fruit trees, dig up Fossils and Gyroids, and
             keep your gardens looking tidy. This item is the cornerstone for 
             starting up your fruit-picking dynasty and ultimate fortune.

Golden Shovel: Obtain two Shovels. Bury one Shovel, then dig it up with the
               other after 24 hours. This Item allows you to grow money trees;
               simply bury a bag of cash with the Golden Shovel, then wait a
               week-You'll find some cash waiting to be picked.

Watering Can:  Planting stuff is one thing. But keeping it alive is a whole
               other matter. Water your plants diligently, lest they wither 
               and die, thus costing your plenty of Bells. 

Golden Can:    Keep the environment of the town perfect for 16 days, then have 
               a chat with Pelly or Phyllis.

Flower Trophy: Got a green thumb? Try the Flower Fest. During this contest in
               the second week of April, you'll get the chance to create the
               perfect garden. If you win the contest you'll be justly 

Axe:           Sick of having trees everywhere? Vent your frustrations with
               This bad boy. Don't get too overzealous, though; it'll 
               eventually break after enough uses.

Golden Axe:    Unlike its predecessor, this mighty weapon will never break 
               From usage. Obtaining it, however, requires a few extra steps. 
               See below for details.

The Great Tradeoff

Don't throw away all your stuff just yet. There might be something in your
Inventory that serves a greater, higher purpose: netting you some seriously
rare stuff. The trick is knowing to who, what and when to give.

Purchase a Red Turnip from Joan
Give the Red Turnip to Wendell           
       |                     |
       |                     |
    (Turban)              (Country Guitar)
       |                     |
       |                     |
    Saharah-----------     K.K. Slider (Obtain K. K. Slider pic)
       |              |
       |              |
(Massage Chair)    (Red Vase)
       |              |
       |              |
   Tortimer          Redd
       |              |
       |              |
   (Scallop)        (Safe)
       |              |
       |              -----------Tom Nook (Obtain Tom Nook's pic)
    Pascal (Obtain Golden Axe) 

B) Feng Shui

Keep catching worthless fish? Never see any shooting stars? Bland items showing
Up? Chances are that your luck in this game is low. However you can get luckier
once you've learned the mystical art of Feng Shui. The philosophy of Feng Shui
basically states that the arrangement of your home will affect life of its 
inhabitant. Animal Crossing takes this concept and simplifies it, breaking it
down into three colors: Yellow, Green, and Red. That means that furniture of
these colors must be placed next to certain walls to maximize your luck, thus
allowing for rarer items, fish, and other things to appear. The arrangement is 
done as such:

KEY: Y = Yellow    X = Yellow/Green
     R = Red       Z = Green/Red
     G = Green     - = Blank

Each letter represents a space inside your room. You'll start off with a tiny
16-space room, but you'll eventually be able to expand, thus allowing more 
room for more items. Spaces of only one color should have only items of that
corresponding color. Spaces of two colors can have items that are of either
color. The following map shows the perspective of your room when you first enter
it (Yellow on the West side, Green on the South, and Red on the East). 

Y Y R R       Y Y - - R R            Y Y - - - - R R   
Y Y R R       Y Y - - R R            Y Y - - - - R R
X X Z Z       Y Y - - R R            Y Y - - - - R R
X X Z Z       Y Y - - R R            Y Y - - - - R R
1st Floor     X X G G Z Z            Y Y - - - - R R
              X X G G Z Z            Y Y - - - - R R
              1st Expansion           X X G G G G Z Z
                                     X X G G G G Z Z
                                      2nd Expansion

Also, there are some Items that will greatly boost your luck:

Big Festive Tree      Garden Gnome        Lucky Gold Cat
Birthday Cake         Ivory Piano         Music Box
Bug Trophy            Jack-in-the-Box     Piggy Bank
Dracaena              Lefty Lucky Cat     Portrait
Festive Tree          Lovely Phone        Raccoon Figurine
Fish Trophy           Lucky Black Cat     Samurai Suit
Flower Trophy         Lucky Cat           Treasure Chest

C) The HRA

You think you have style? You think you have mad decorating skills? Put them 
to the test with the Happy Room Academy (HRA). These folks live for only one
purpose: to rate and score the style of your home. Sad, no? But scoring big
with these folks doesn't just make for bragging rights; they'll give you some
awesome prizes if you make the grade. Here's how they score you:

Items                         Description                               Points

Accessory                Bought from the Able Sisters                      3
Aquatic Creatures        Caught with the Fishing Rod                       3
Bug Trophy               Award for winning the Bug-Off                   800
Clothing                 Bought from the Able Sisters                      3
Custom Pattern           Own design somewhere in the house                 3
Digital Distribution     Items downloaded from WiFi                      210
Fishing Trophy           Win the Fishing Tourney                         800
Flower Trophy            Win the Flower Fest                             800
Flowers                  Picked up or grown                                5
Gracie Pattern           Bought from Gracie                                3
Group A Item             Item marked as A                                 51
Group B Item             Item marked as B                                 51
Group C Item             Item marked as C                                 51
Gulliver Gift            Item obtained from Gulliver                     412
Gyroids                  Dug up with the Shovel                          818
Hats                     Bought from the Able Sisters                      3
House Models             Presents from the HRA                          1111
Insects                  Caught with a Net                                 3
Lost Kitten Gifts        Gifts from Katie                               1280
Lovely Fossil            Fossil appraised by Blathers (skeletons)       1000
Neighbor Gift            Handed to you as a gift                        1000
Normal Fossil            Fossil appraised by Blathers (others)           300
Pascal Gift              Item from Pascal                               1543
Picture                  Picture received from a neighbor               3200
Redd's Famous Painting   Painting from Redd                              151
Redd's Items Only        All Redd's Items except Counterfits             412
Saharah's Gift           Item from Saharah                                 3
Savings Sccount Prize    Gift when you've saved enough in account        912
Seasonal Event 1         Limited Time Item (Festive Tree)                151
Seasonal Event 2         Limited Time Item (Festival Banner, etc)        151
Shell                    Picked up from the beach                          3
Snowman Gift             Item received from the Snowman                  888
Special Furniture        Acorn Festival Items                            412
Special Present          Completing certain tasks or events             1111
Spotlight Item           Bought from Tom Nook's at specific times        151
Store Models             A reward for collecting points at Tom Nook's   1111
Traded Furniture         Traded from and by special visitors             325
Umbrella                 Bought from the Able Sisters                      3


Description                                          Points

Completed Furniture Series                           48000
Both wallpaper and flooring match a series           10000
Either wallpaper or flooring match a series           4800
Complete Necessities of Life from the same series    16000
Complete Necessities of Life from different series    4800
Theme Furniture                (# of Items X 7000) + 15000
Wallpaper and flooring that match a theme            10000
Complete furniture set                   # of Items X 3000

***Note*** The Necessities of Life refer to a bed, table, chair, wardrobe, and


Name             Points Required

One-Story Model        70000
Two-Story Model       100000
Mansion Model         150000

***Note*** Your HRA scores will come on Academy Paper. This is the only way 
you'll ever see that particular type of paper.


-Don't mix your Series and Themes Items. If you do, the HRA will take off 4000
points per misplaced Item.
-Turn your furniture to face the right way as if they were real; no one can open
a dresser if the drawer is pressed against a wall.
-Finish furniture sets, but don't mix them with others.
-Get matching wallpaper and flooring.
-Pick up Items that are lying on the floor; the HRA will deduct points for each
misplaced Item.
-If you leave the house for a long time, take care of the roaches when you get
-Get Rare Items to boost your overall score.

III. Item Index

Okay, here's the basic layout: Name, Price, and Shop Location are all pretty
straightforward. However, that "Group" category refers to the likelihood of
the appearance of an Item in your town. (Ex: If you get a lot of C Grouped
Items, chance are that your town has been designated C. A towns will get A 
Grouped Items, and likewise for B Group.) Feng Shui refers to the colors
attributed to these items and in-house to maximize your luck/Feng Shui. 
Y = Yellow, R = Red, and G = Green. See the Feng Shui section for more

A) Furniture Series

Name                        Price  Feng Shui  Group              Shop

1) Exotic Series:
     -Exotic Lamp            1800      Y        B               Tom Nook
     -Exotic Bench           1900      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Exotic Bureau          2400      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Exotic Chair           1400      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Exotic End Table       1600      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Exotic Chest           1800      -        -            Spotlight Item*
     -Exotic Table           2300      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Exotic Bed             2540      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Exotic Screen          2250      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Exotic Wardrobe        2180      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Exotic Wall            1420      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Exotic Rug             1820      -        B               Tom Nook

2) Lovely Series:
     -Lovely Lamp            1600      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Lovely Loveseat        2000      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Lovely Vanity          2200      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Lovely Chair           1600      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Lovely End Table      1800       -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Lovely Dresser         2160      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Lovely Table           1800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Lovely Bed             2000      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Lovely Kitchen         2280      -        -            Spotlight Item*
     -Lovely Armoire         2240      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Lovely Wall            1880      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Lovely Carpet          1980      -        A               Tom Nook

3) Classic Series:
     -Classic Table          1600      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Classic Sofa           2240      Y(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Classic Chair          1800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Classic Desk           2200      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Classic Buffet         3360      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Classic Clock          2180      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Classic Vanity         2560      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Classic Bed            2520      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Classic Bookcase       2560      -        -            Spotlight Item*
     -Classic Wardrobe       2560      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Classic Wall           2100      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Classic Carpet         2300      -        B               Tom Nook

4) Ranch Series:
     -Ranch Armchair         2000      G        A               Tom Nook
     -Ranch Couch            2400      G        C               Tom Nook
     -Ranch Chair            1400      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Ranch Dresser          2720      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Ranch Tea Table        1800      G        B               Tom Nook
     -Ranch Hutch            2560      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Ranch Table            1700      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Ranch Bed              2300      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Ranch Bookcase         2000      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Ranch Wardrobe         3050      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Ranch Wall             1450      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Ranch Flooring         1750      -        A               Tom Nook

5) Cabana Series:
     -Cabana Armchair        1800      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Cabana Vanity          1800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Cabana Chair           1600      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Cabana Dresser         2400      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Cabana Table           1800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cabana Lamp            1700      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Cabana Screen          2000      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cabana Bed             2200      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Cabana Bookcase        2400      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Cabana Wardrobe        2240      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Cabana Wall            1480      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cabana Flooring        1680      -        C               Tom Nook

6) Blue Series:
     -Blue Cabinet           2400      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Blue Bench             1900      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Blue Chair             1200      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Blue Dresser           2100      -                      Spotlight Item
     -Blue Bureau            2160      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Blue Clock             1600      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Blue Table             1800      Y        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Blue Bed               2100      Y        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Blue Bookcase          1900      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Blue Wardrobe          1920      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Blue Wall              1260      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Blue Flooring          1580      -        B               Tom Nook

7) Modern Series:
     -Modern Lamp            1400      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Modern Sofa            2620      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Modern End Table       1900      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Modern Table           1800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Modern Chair           1500      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Modern Desk            2480      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Modern Dresser         2250      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Modern Bed             2320      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Modern Cabinet         2580      -        -           Spotlight Item
     -Modern Wardrobe        2560      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Modern Wall            1450      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Modern Tile            1540      -        B               Tom Nook

8) Regal Series:
     -Regal Lamp             2400      Y        A               Tom Nook
     -Regal Sofa             3100      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Regal Chair            2100      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Regal Table            2450      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Regal Clock            3360      -                     Spotlight Item
     -Regal Vanity           3200      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Regal Dresser          3520      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Regal Bed              3120      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Regal Bookcase         3120      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Regal Armoire          3820      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Regal Wall             2420      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Regal Carpet           2850      -        C               Tom Nook

9) Green Series:
     -Green Lamp             1800      G        C               Tom Nook
     -Green Bench            1800      G(x2)    A               Tom Nook
     -Green Chair            1200      G(x2)    A               Tom Nook
     -Green Desk             2000      G(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Green Dresser          2320      G        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Green Pantry           2290      G(x2)    -             Spotlight Item
     -Green Table            1700      G(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Green Bed              2160      G        B               Tom Nook
     -Green Counter          2400      G(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Green Wardrobe         2300      G(x2)    -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Green Wall             1050      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Green Rug              1540      -        A               Tom Nook

10) Cabin Series:
     -Cabin Armchair         2280      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Cabin Couch            2480      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cabin Chair            1700      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Cabin Low Table        2100      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Cabin Dresser          2160      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Cabin Clock            2000      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cabin Table            2100      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Cabin Bed              2400      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Cabin Bookcase         2300      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Cabin Wardrobe         2480      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cabin Wall             1200      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Cabin Rug              1540      -        A               Tom Nook

11) Kiddie Series
     -Kiddie Stereo          1900      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Kiddie Couch           2200      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Kiddie Dresser         2150      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Kiddie Chair           1400      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Kiddie Bureau          2200      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Kiddie Clock           1480      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Kiddie Table           2200      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Kiddie Bed             2100      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Kiddie Bookcase        1800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Kiddie Wardrobe        2180      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Kiddie Wall            1500      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Kiddie Carpet          1630      -        B               Tom Nook

12) Robo Series:
     -Robo-Clock             1400      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Robo-Sofa              2000      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Robo-Chair             1600      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Robo-Dresser           2560      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Robo-Stereo            2200      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Robo-Lamp              1800      G        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Robo-Table             2200      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Robo-Bed               2000      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Robo-TV                2360      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Robo-Closet            2400      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Robo Wall              1780      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Robo Floor             2400      -        A               Tom Nook

13) Snowman Series**
     -Snowman                3000      -        -               Snowman
     -Snowman Lamp           8888      -        -               Snowman
     -Snowman Sofa           8888      -        -               Snowman
     -Snowman Dresser        8888      -        -               Snowman
     -Snowman Chair          8888      -        -               Snowman
     -Snowman Clock          8888      -        -               Snowman
     -Snowman Fridge         8888      -        -               Snowman
     -Snowman Table          8888      -        -               Snowman 
     -Snowman Bed            8888      -        -               Snowman 
     -Snowman TV             8888      Y        -               Snowman 
     -Snowman Wardrobe       8888      -        -               Snowman 
     -Snowman Wall           8888      -        -               Snowman 
     -Snowman Carpet         8888      -        -               Snowman 

14) Mushroom Series***
     -Mush Lamp              2400      -        -               Cornimer
     -Mush End Table         2200      -        -               Cornimer
     -Mush Dresser           2450      -        -               Cornimer
     -Mush Chair             1900      -        -               Cornimer
     -Mush Stool             1800      -        -               Cornimer
     -Mush Stand             2400      R        -               Cornimer
     -Mush Table             2500      R        -               Cornimer
     -Mush Bed               3000      R(x2)    -               Cornimer
     -Mush TV                2500      R        -               Cornimer
     -Mush Closet            2450      -        -               Cornimer
     -Forest Wall             -        -        -               Cornimer
     -Forest Floor            -        -        -               Cornimer

*Spotlight Items are certain items that Tom Nook will put on display under a
 spotlight. These items are only available when Tom Nook puts them in the
 spotlight, so keep an eye out for them!

**The Snowman Series can only be obtained by building a Snowman.You must 
proportion the snowman perfectly (large body, slightly smaller head) 
or it won't reward you with one of the items from The Snowman Series. 
The prices listed are Tom Nook's buying prices.

***The Mushroom Series can only be obtained during the Acorn Festival in
 October. During this time, Cornimer will appear near the Town Hall. You can
 exchange the acorns you've collected for pieces of the Mushroom Series. Don't
 give him rotten acorns, or he'll take everything for himself. The prices 
 listed are Tom Nook's buying prices.

B) Furniture Themes

Name                         Price Feng Shui  Group            Shop 

1) Western Theme
     -Western Fence           880      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Storefront             3680      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cow Skull              1020      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Tumbleweed              520      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Saddle Fence           2180      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Wagon Wheel            1230      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Water Trough           1100      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Well                   2700      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Desert Cactus           890      G(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Covered Wagon          3800      -        -              Spotlight Item
     -Western Vista          1500      -        -               Saharah
     -Western Desert         1700      -        -               Saharah

2) Space Theme
     -Flying Saucer          2400      Y        C               Tom Nook 
     -Satellite              2600      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Lunar Rover            2560      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Asteroid               1800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Space Station          2800      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Moon                  32000      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Rocket                 2400      R        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Space Shuttle          2780      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Spaceman Sam           2800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Lunar Lander           3200      Y        -               Tom Nook
     -Lunar Horizon          1900      -        -               Saharah
     -Lunar Surface          2000      -        -               Saharah

3) Construction Theme
     -Iron Frame             1200      R(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Wet Roadway Sign        850      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Orange Cone             600      R(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Traffic Cone            800      R(x2)    A               Tom Nook
     -Striped Cone            800      Y        B               Tom Nook
     -Jackhammer             1880      R        C               Tom Nook
     -Saw Horse              1200      R        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Detour Arrow            600      R(x2)    A               Tom Nook        
     -Handcart                800      R(x2)    A               Tom Nook
     -Manhole Cover          1000      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Cement Mixer           1600      Y(x2)    -            Spotlight Item
     -Steam Roller           4500      Y        -               Tom Nook
     -Blue Tarp              1400      -        -               Saharah
     -Closed Road            1625      -        -               Saharah

4) Boxing Theme
     -Ringside Table         1320      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Boxing Barricade       1050      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Judge's Bell           1790      Y        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Weight Bench           3590      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Red Corner             6800      R        -           Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Blue Corner            6800      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Neutral Corner         5500      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Boxing Mat             1180      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Speed Bag              2990      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Sandbag                3190      R(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Ringside Seating       2250      -        -               Saharah
     -Boxing Ring Mat        2500      -        -               Saharah

5) Mossy Garden Theme
     -Bird Feeder            1260      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Bug Zapper             1200      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Picnic Table           1390      Y(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Birdhouse              1620      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Hammock                1320      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Tiki Torch              870      R        B               Tom Nook
     -Backyard Pool           990      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Barbecue               1760      R(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Lawn Chair             1180      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Mr. Flamingo           1530      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Mrs. Flamingo          1530      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Garden Gnome           3380      R        -            Spotlight Item
     -Lawn Mower             2760      R(x2)    -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Bird Bath              1450      G(x2)    A               Tom Nook
     -Sprinkler              1640      Y(x2)    C               Tom Nook 
     -Backyard Fence          800      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Backyard Lawn           880      -        B               Tom Nook

6) Mad Scientist Theme
     -Medicine Chest         2280      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Lab Chair               220      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Amazing Machine        3600      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Complex Machine        3840      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Unknown Machine        4800      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Lab Bench              4800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Florence Flask         1600      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Lab Wall               1460      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Lab Floor              1280      -        B               Tom Nook

7) Nursery Theme
     -Rocking Horse           600      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Cradle                 3800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Wobbelina               700      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Elephant Slide         1200      Y        C               Tom Nook
     -Baby Bed               2900      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Dolly                  6800      R(x2)    -            Spotlight Item
     -Train Set              1600      G(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Clackercart            1380      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Merry-Go-Round          640      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Stroller               1960      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Playroom Wall          1320      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Playroom Rug           1360      -        C               Tom Nook

8) Pirate Theme
     -Helm                    475      -        -               Pascal
     -Ship Compass            400      -        -               Pascal
     -Ship Cannon             455      G        -               Pascal
     -Barrel                  200      -        -               Pascal
     -Anchor                  475      -        -               Pascal
     -Keg                     200      -        -               Pascal
     -Sea View               1000      -        -               Pascal
     -Sea Deck               1000      -        -               Pascal

C) Furniture Sets

Name                         Price Feng Shui  Group            Shop 

1) White Chess Set
     -White Bishop           2800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -White King             8000      -        A             Spotlight Item
     -White Knight           2800      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -White Pawn             1100      -        A               Tom Nook
     -White Queen            8000      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -White Rook             2800      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent

2) Black Chess Set
     -Black Bishop           2800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Black King             8000      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Black Knight           2800      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Black Pawn             1100      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Black Queen            8000      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Black Rook             2800      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent

3) Study Set
     -Writing Desk           1900      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Writing Chair          1000      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Globe                  1200      -        A               Tom Nook

4) Oil Drum Set
     -Brown Drum              800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Green Drum              800      G(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Red Drum                800      R(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Haz-Mat Barrel          830      R(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Oil Drum                840      Y(x2)    A               Tom Nook

5) Office Set
     -Office Desk             1600     -        C               Tom Nook
     -Office Chair            1100     -        A               Tom Nook
     -Officer Locker          1200     -        B               Tom Nook

6) Cactus Set
     -Tall Cactus             1700     G        B               Tom Nook
     -Cactus                  1700     G        A               Tom Nook
     -Round Cactus            1700     G        C               Tom Nook

7) Teddy Bear Set
     -Papa Bear                550     -        -               Lost Kitten
     -Mama Bear               1600     Y(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Baby Bear                800     -        C               Tom Nook

8) Panda Bear Set
     -Papa Panda              120      -        -               Lost Kitten
     -Mama Panda              480      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Baby Panda              480      G        -            Spotlight Item

9) Dharma Set
     -Giant Dharma           1600      R(x2)    A               Tom Nook
     -Dharma                 1200      R(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Mini-Dharma             800      R(x2)    C               Tom Nook

10) Backyard Set
     -Deer Scare             1800      G        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Tall Lantern           1980      -        B               Tom Nook

11) Golf Set
     -Blue Golf Bag          1600      -        C               Tom Nook
     -White Golf Bag         1600      R        B               Tom Nook
     -Green Golf Bag         1600      G        A               Tom Nook

12) Classroom Set
     -Hamster Cage           2290      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Mop                     900      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Skeleton               3360      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Anatomical Model       3360      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Clear Model            3360      R        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
13) Lava Lamp Set
     -Blue Lava Lamp         1800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Purple Lava Lamp       1800      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Green Lava Lamp        1800      G(x2)    C               Tom Nook

14) Red Furniture Set
     -Red Armchair           1800      R(x2)    A               Tom Nook
     -Red Sofa               2050      R(x2)    C               Tom Nook
15) Hospital Set
     -Hospital Bed          3600       G        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Vision Tester         2280       -        A               Tom Nook
     -Scale                 1200       -        B               Tom Nook
     -Stadiometer           1680       -        C               Tom Nook
     -Trunk Measure         1680       -        B               Tom Nook

16) Japanese Set
     -Samurai Suit          4500       Y        -            Spotlight Item
     -Black Katana         12000       -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Bow                   1400       Y        B               Tom Nook
     -Hearth                1600       -        B               Tom Nook
     -Ninja Sword           9600       -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Screen                1650       Y(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Sword                 1400       Y        A               Tom Nook
     -Tea Table             1000       -        A               Tom Nook
     -White Katana         36800       -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent 

17) Totem Pole Set
     -Bear Pole             1400       -        C               Tom Nook 
     -Eagle Pole            1400       -        A               Tom Nook
     -Frog Woman Pole       1400       -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Raven Pole            1400       -        B               Tom Nook
18) Cafe Set
     -Coffee Maker           800       -        A               Tom Nook     
     -Checkout Counter      3480       -        B               Tom Nook
     -Jukebox               3200       Y        -            Spotlight Item
     -Cash Register         6480       Y        C               Tom Nook
     -Siphon                1780       -        A               Tom Nook

19) Pear Set
     -Pear Wardrobe         1400       G        B               Tom Nook
     -Pear Dresser          1600       G        A               Tom Nook

20) Apple Set
     -Apple Clock           1200       R/Y      C               Tom Nook
     -Apple TV               400       -        -               Lost Kitten

21) Watermelon Set
     -Watermelon Chair      1300       R/G      A               Tom Nook
     -Watermelon Table      1800       R/G      C               Tom Nook
     -Melon Chair           1300       Y/G      B               Tom Nook

22) Citrus Set
     -Grapefruit Table      1500       G        C               Tom Nook
     -Lemon Table           1500       Y/G      B               Tom Nook
     -Lime Chair            1300       G(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Orange Chair          1300       -        A               Tom Nook

23) Bonsai Set
     -Azalea Bonsai         1500       G        B               Tom Nook
     -Hawthorn Bonsai       1800       G        C               Tom Nook
     -Holly Bonsai          1600       G        B               Tom Nook
     -Jasmine Bonsai        1700       Y        A               Tom Nook
     -Maple Bonsai          1700       R        C               Tom Nook
     -Plum Bonsai           1900       -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Quince Bonsai         1600       R        A               Tom Nook

24) Welcome Kitty Set
     -Lucky Black Cat       1700       -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Lucky Gold Cat        6200       Y(x2)    -            Spotlight Item
     -Lefty Lucky Cat       1700       Y        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Lucky Cat             1700       Y        A               Tom Nook
25) Yellow Flower Set
     -Daffodil Chair        1400       Y/G      C               Tom Nook
     -Daffodil Table        1900       Y/G      B               Tom Nook

26) Tulip Set
     -Tulip Chair           1400       R/G      B               Tom Nook
     -Tulip Table           1900       R/G      A               Tom Nook

27) Iris Set
     -Iris Chair            1400       G        A               Tom Nook
     -Iris Table            1900       G        C               Tom Nook

28) Froggy Set
     -Froggy Chair          1200       G(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Lily-Pad Table         400       G(x2)    -               Lost Kitten

29) Pine Set
     -Pine Chair            1800       -        A               Tom Nook
     -Pine Table            2280       -        C               Tom Nook

30) Pine Bonsai Set
     -Mugho Bonsai          1800       G        B               Tom Nook
     -Ponderosa Bonsai      1800       G        C               Tom Nook
     -Pine Bonsai           1800       G        A               Tom Nook
31) Vase Set
     -Blue Vase             2500       -        A               Tom Nook
     -Red Vase              ----       R        -               Saharah
     -Tea Vase              2400       Y(x2)    B               Tom Nook

32) Guitar Set
     -Country Guitar        ----       -        -               Wendell
     -Folk Guitar           1600       -        A               Tom Nook
     -Metal Guitar          1900       R(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Rock Guitar           1800       G        C               Tom Nook
33) Drum Set
     -Conga Drum            1600       -        A               Tom Nook
     -Djimbe Drum           1900       -        C               Tom Nook
     -Timpano Drum          2100       -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent

34) String Set
     -Bass                  2400       -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cello                 1800       -        B               Tom Nook
     -Violin                2200       -        A               Tom Nook

35) House Plant Set
     -Aloe                  1200       G        B               Tom Nook
     -Bromeliaceae          1300       G/R      B               Tom Nook
     -Caladium              1300       G        A               Tom Nook
     -Coconut Palm          1200       G        B               Tom Nook
     -Corn Plant            1300       G        C               Tom Nook
     -Croton                1300       -        C               Tom Nook
     -Dracaena              2000       G        -            Spotlight Items
     -Weeping Fig           1200       G        C               Tom Nook
     -Lady Palm             1200       G        A               Tom Nook
     -Pachira               1200       G        C               Tom Nook
     -Fan Palm              1300       G        C               Tom Nook
     -Pothos                1300       G        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Rubber Tree           1300       G        A               Tom Nook
     -Snake Plant           1200       G        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent

D) Other Stuff

Name                         Price Feng Shui  Group            Shop

1) Paintings
     -Amazing Painting       3920      -        -               Redd's Tent
     -Basic Painting         3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Calm Painting          3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Common Painting        3920      Y        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Dainty Painting        3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Famous Painting        1960      -        -             Spotlight Item
     -Fine Painting          1960      -        -             Spotlight Item
     -Flowery Painting       3920      Y        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Lovely Painting        3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Moving Painting        3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Nice Painting          3920      R        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Opulent Painting       3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Perfect Painting       3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Quaint Painting        3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Rare Painting          3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Scary Painting         3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Solemn Painting        3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Strange Painting       3920      -        -               Redd's Tent
     -Warm Painting          3920      -        -               Redd's Tent 
     -Worthy Painting        3920      -        -               Redd's Tent

2) Musical Instruments
     -Metronome              1000      R(x2)    B               Tom Nook 
     -Ukulele                1600      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Biwa Lute              1800      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Harp                   1700      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Ivory Piano            3500      -        -            Spotlight Item
     -Ebony Piano            3800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Vibraphone             1900      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Japanese Drum          1300      -        C               Tom Nook

3) Household Items
     -Shower                  880      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Toilet                 1800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Men's Toilet           1600      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Super Toilet           1980      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Claw-Foot Tub          1280      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Refrigerator           1200      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Retro Fridge           2300      G        B               Tom Nook
     -Trash Bin               400      R        C               Tom Nook
     -Garbage Can             500      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Trash Can              1400      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Garbage Pail           1100      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Microwave              2300      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Mixer                  1000      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Toaster                 720      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Kitchen Sink           2400      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Sink                   1960      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Stove                  1980      R        B               Tom Nook
     -Deluxe Range           3200      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Kitchen Corner         1800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Range                  1800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Fireplace              2200      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Space Heater           1700      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Radiator               2380      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Potbelly Stove         2000      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Washer/Dryer           1800      G        A               Tom Nook
     -Automatic Washer       4800      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Deluxe Washer          5200      -                      Spotlight Item

4) Televisions
     -Retro TV               1600      -        B               Tom Nook
     -TV with VCR            2000      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Wide-Screen TV         2200      -                   Tom Nook/Redd's Tent

5) Stereos
     -CD Player              1600      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Dice Stereo            2150      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Gold Stereo            2640      Y        B               Tom Nook
     -Hi-Fi Stereo           5400      Y        -            Spotlight Item
     -High-End Stereo        2750      -        -               Redd's Tent
     -Phonograph             1840      Y        A               Tom Nook
     -Red Boom Box           1500      R(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Reel-To-Reel           2000      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Retro Stereo           5500      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Tape Deck               700      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Turntable              2580      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -White Boom Box         1500      -        B               Tom Nook

6) Flowers
     -Daffodil                680      R        C               Tom Nook
     -Gerbera                 780      R        A               Tom Nook
     -Sunflower               980      Y/G      B               Tom Nook

7) Chairs & Sofas
     -Jade Econo-Chair        800      G(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Ruby Econo-Chair        800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Gold Econo-Chair        800      Y(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Rocking Chair          1400      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Massage Chair          ----      -        -               Saharah
     -Throne               800000      R/Y      -               Spotlight Item
     -Cream Sofa             2000      -        B               Tom Nook

8) Sports Items
     -Basketball Hoop        2120      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Billiard Table         1800      G        C               Tom Nook
     -Ball Return            6200      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Bowling Pins           1200      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Dart Board             1520      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Mahjong Table          4200      G        C               Tom Nook
     -Mountain Bike          3380      Y        C               Tom Nook
     -Tennis Table           1800      G(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Snowboard              1400      R(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Surfboard              1400      -        C               Tom Nook

9) Trophies
     -Bug Trophy             ----      Y(x2)    -              The Bug-Off
     -Fish Trophy            ----      Y(x2)    -              Fishing Tourney
     -Flower Trophy          ----      Y(x2)    -              Flower Fest

10) Worldly Items
     -Broken Post            1800      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Corinthian Post        3600      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Ionian Post            3600      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Pantheon Post          3600      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Plate Armor            1850      -        -               Gulliver
     -Manekin Pis            1300      -        -               Gulliver
     -Tribal Mask            1100      -        -               Gulliver
     -Merlion                2300      -        -               Gulliver
     -Mermaid Statue         1900      -        -               Gulliver
     -Moai Statue            1900      -        -               Gulliver
     -Mouth of Truth         1900      -        -               Gulliver
     -Mummy's Casket         4400      Y        -            Spotlight Item
     -Pagoda                 1280      R        -               Gulliver
     -Tower of Pisa          2300      -        -               Gulliver
     -Pyramid                3800      Y        C               Tom Nook
     -Spaceman               1440      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Sphinx                 3200      Y        A               Tom nook
     -Arc de Triomphe        2300      -        -               Gulliver

11) Holiday Items
     -Festive Tree           1300      G        -               Tom Nook*
     -Big Festive Tree       2480      G        -               Tom Nook*
     -Birthday Cake          ----      -        -               Neighbor
     -Festive Candle         1600      -        -               Tom Nook*
     -Festive Flag            680      -        -               Tom Nook*
     -Jack-In-The-Box        4124      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Snowman                 -        -        -          Build in the snow

12) Clocks
     -Alarm Clock            1000      Y(x2)    B               Tom Nook
     -Antique Clock          2350      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Cube Clock             1100      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Glow Clock             1500      G/Y      B               Tom Nook
     -Kitschy Clock          1800      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Odd Clock              1800      Y(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Owl Clock              1300      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Red Clock              1300      R        C               Tom Nook
13) Camping Gear
     -Backpack               1980      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Compass                 320      -        -               Gulliver
     -Cooler                 1300      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Campfire               1360      R        B               Tom Nook
     -Kayak                  3460      Y(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Lantern                1180      R        A               Tom Nook
     -Sleeping Bag           1960      G(x2)    -            Spotlight Item
     -Propane Stove          1470      -        B               Tom Nook

14) Beds
     -Basic Red Bed           200      R        B               Tom Nook
     -Basic Blue Bed          200      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Basic Green Bed         200      G        B               Tom Nook
     -Basic Yellow Bed        200      Y        A               Tom Nook
     -Pineapple Bed          1990      Y(x2)    A               Tom Nook

15) Storage
     -Pink Box                980      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Blue Box                980      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Beige Box               980      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Cardboard Box           100      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Clothes Closet         1340      Y(x2)    C               Tom Nook
     -Wooden Box              200      -        C               Tom Nook
     -Safe                     -       -        -               Redd's Tent
     -Storage Case            980      -        B               Tom Nook

16) Beach Items
     -Wave Breaker           1760      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Bonfire                2240      R        A               Tom Nook
     -Beach Chair            1850      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Diver Dan              3200      Y        A               Tom Nook
     -Life Ring              1250      R        A               Tom Nook
     -Beach Table            1600      -        B               Tom Nook
     -Treasure Chest         8600      Y/G      -            Spotlight Item

17) Arcade Games
     -Arcade Machine         4400      -        B                Tom Nook
     -Pinball Machine        1960      -        B                Tom Nook
     -Tabletop Game          2480      -        -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent

18) Town Models
     -One-Story Model        ----      G/R     Earn 70000 Points for the HRA
     -Two-Story Model        ----      G/R     Earn 100000 Points from the HRA
     -Mansion Model          ----      G/R     Earn 150000 Points from the HRA
     -Nook's Cranny          ----      G       Earn 300 Points for shopping at
                                               Tom Nook's
     -Nook 'n Go             ----      -       Earn 3000 Points for shopping
                                               at Tom Nook's
     -Nookway                ----      G       Earn 10000 Points for shopping
                                               at Tom Nook's
     -Nookington's           ----      -       Earn 20000 Points for Shopping
                                               at Tom Nooks's
     -Museum Model           ----      G       Donate more exhibits to the
                                               Museum than anyone else
     -Town Hall Model        ----      -       Have a balance of 999,999,999
                                               in your Town Hall account

19) Lights
     -Candle                 1280      Y        C               Tom Nook
     -Desk Light             1280      -        A               Tom Nook
     -Table Lamp              640      G        B               Tom Nook
     -Mini-Lamp              1280      -        B               Tom Nook

20) Miscellaneous Items
     -Portrait                 50       Y       -               Lost Kitten
     -Fire Hydrant            960       R       B               Tom Nook
     -Extinguisher           1300       R(x2)   B               Tom Nook
     -Barber's Pole          1600       -       C               Tom Nook
     -Outdoor Bath           4900       -       C               Tom Nook
     -Nintendo Bench          120       -       A               Tom Nook
     -Birdcage               1700       -       B               Tom Nook
     -Bottled Ship           3360       -       C               Tom Nook
     -Mochi Pestle           1400       -       C               Tom Nook
     -Candy Machine           980       R       A               Tom Nook
     -Chocolates              680       -       -               Gulliver
     -Clothesline Pole        960       G       B               Tom Nook
     -Computer               1720       -       A               Tom Nook
     -Racoon Figurine        2000       -       -         Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
     -Doghouse               1200       R       C               Tom Nook
     -Fan                    1200       G(x2)   C               Tom Nook
     -Gas Pump               1280       R(x2)   C               Tom Nook
     -Lovely Phone           2600       -       -               Lost Kitten
     -Matryoshka              980       -       -               Gulliver
     -Miniature Car         10000       R(x2)   C               Tom Nook
     -Music Box              1050       R/Y     -               Lost Kitten
     -Piggy Bank             Have a balance of 10 million in Town Hall account
     -Scarecrow               420       -       C               Tom Nook
     -Telescope              5800       -       C               Tom Nook
     -Sewing Machine         1350       -       A               Tom Nook
     -Sleigh                 1200       R       C               Tom Nook
     -Stool                  1360       R(x2)   B               Tom Nook
     -Glass-Top Table        2200       -       B               Tom Nook
     -Tea Set                 300       Y/G     A               Tom Nook
     -Box of Tissues         Have a balance  of 1 million in Town Hall account
     -Executive Toy          1100       R       A               Tom Nook
     -Water Bird             1400       -       B               Tom Nook
     -Vacuum Cleaner         1200       R       A               Tom Nook

21) Special Items
    -Arwing***               7200              -            Spotlight Item
    -Master Sword**          2800              -            Spotlight Item
    -Metroid                  ?                -               Gulliver
    -Tri-Force*               ?                -          Tom Nook/Redd's Tent

***UPDATE*** It's been confirmed by several people that the Tri-Force can be 
bought from Tom Nook's catalog for 10000, and from Redd for 20000.

Also, others have received notices on the bulletin board that reads:

Date          Message
 **Emergency Notice**

Today we have a very 
special item in stock!
The Master Sword!
Come and get it! 

When you face the Tri-Force and press A, the individual triangles move and a 
Zelda theme plays briefly.

**The Master Sword looks like a smaller version of its Ocarina of Time counter
part; if you press A next to it, it makes a sound.

***The Arwing costs 7200 to order, but has anyone actually seen this in the
store? It makes noises when you press A near it. 


E) Wallpaper & Flooring

All Items are available from Tom Nook unless otherwise indicated: (S=Saharah,
P=Pascal, SM= Snowman, C=Cornimer)

Name         Group    Price       Name          Group     Price

Wallpaper                         Flooring

Classic Wall    B       2100     Classic Carpet  B        2300
Cabana Wall     C       1480     Cabana Flooring C        1680
Modern Wall     B       1450     Modern Tile     B        1540
Green Wall      A       1050     Green Rug       A        1540
Exotic Wall     B       1420     Exotic Rug      B        1820
Lovely Wall     A       1880     Lovely Carpet   A        1980
Ranch Wall      A       1450     Ranch Flooring  A        1750
Blue Wall       B       1260     Blue Flooring   B        1580
Regal Wall      C       2240     Regal Carpet    C        2850
Cabin Wall      A       1200     Cabin Rug       A        1540
Kiddie Wall     B       1500     Kiddie Carpet   B        1630
Snowman Wall    -       8888 SM  Snowman Carpet  -        8888 SM
Western Vista   -       1500 S   Western Desert  -        1700 S
Blue Tarp       -       1400 S   Closed Road     -        1625 S
Backyard Fence  B        800     Backyard Lawn   B         880
Playroom Wall   C       1320     Playroom Rug    C        1630
Pastel Dot Wall C       1480     Pastel Dot Rug  B        1300
Robo-Wall       B       1780     Robo-Floor      A        2400
Forest Wall     -         -  C   Forest Floor    -          -  C
Lunar Horizon   -       1900 S   Lunar Surface   -        2000 S
Ringside Seating-       2250 S   Boxing Ring Mat -        2500 S
Lab Wall        C       1460     Lab Floor       B        1280
Sea View        -       1000 P   Ship Deck       -        1000 P
Parlor Wall     C       1120     Checkered Tile  C        1680
Mod Wall        A       1200     Ceramic Tile    A        1390
Mosaic Wall     B       2100     Mosaic Tile     B        2300
Plaster Wall    C        880     Birch Flooring  C         800
Ornate Wall     C       1580     Ornate Rug      C        2100
Rose Wall       B       2240     Fancy Carpet    B        2980
Shoji Screen    -       1875 S   Tatami Floor    -        2125 S
Concrete Wall   A        800     Steel Flooring  A        1480
Groovy Wall     B       1280     Diner Tile      B        1300
Blue-Trim Wall  B       1420     Red Tile        B        1680
Chic Wall       A       1960     Plush Carpet    A        2160
Citrus Wall     C       1120     Citrus Carpet   C        1330
Old Brick Wall  B       1200     Charcoal Tile   B         800
Stone Wall      A        800     Old Flooring    A         800
Shanty Wall     C        800     Shanty Mat      C         720
Wood Paneling   C       1320     Cowhide Rug     C        1540
Music Room Wall -       1600 S   Music Room Floor-        1800 S
Plaza Wall      A       1960     Plaza Tile      A        2180
Stately Wall    C       2450     Round Carpet    C        1080
Arched Window   C       2150     Parquet Floor   C        2350
Ivy Wall        C       1250     Slate Flooring  C        1380
Exquisite Wall  C       1470     Exquisite Rug   C        1960
Floral Wall     A       2250     Palace Tile     A        3200
Manor Wall      B       1050     Opulent Rug     B        1230
Lattice Wall    B       1780     Kitchen Tile    B        1890
Imperial Wall   A       2660     Imperial Tile   A        2980
Bamboo Wall     A       1150     Bamboo Flooring A        1360
Ancient Wall    -       2300 S   Ancient Tile    -        2400 S
Persian Wall    B       1480     Persian Rug     A        1280
Industrial Wall -       1875 S   Concrete Floor  -        1800 S
Fairy Tale Wall C       2400     Fairy Tale FloorB        2400
Meadow Vista    -       2000 S   Daisy Meadow    -        1800 S
Desert Vista    -       2250 S   Saharah's Desert-        1800 S
Sky Wall        B       1200     Cloud Flooring  A        1480
Cityscape Wall  A       1600     Stone Tile      C        2750
Common Wall     A       1240     Common Floor    A        1280
Library Wall    C       1680     Tartan Rug      C        1820
Illusion Wall   A       1360     Illusion Floor  C        1600
Tropical Vista  -       2300 S   Tropical Floor  -        2050 S
Chainlink Fence A       2400     Sandlot         -        1700 S

F) Tools and Other Stuff

Name               Price           How to Obtain


-Axe                400      Tom Nook
-Golden Axe          -       Talk to Pascal. Trade a scallop seashell to get it
-Fishing Rod        500      Tom Nook
-Golden Rod          -       Catch every fish. Tortimer will give it to you.
-Net                500      Tom Nook
-Golden Net          -       Catch every bug. Tortimer will give it to you.
-Slingshot          500      Tom Nook
-Golden Slingshot    -       Shoot 15 items out of the sky
-Shovel             500      Tom Nook
-Golden Shovel       -       Bury a shovel. Dig it up with another shovel after
                             one day has passed.
-Watering Can       500      Tom Nook
-Golden Watering Can -       Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row.
                             Pelly or Phyllis will give it to you.

Other Stuff:

-Timer              500      Tom Nook
-Medicine           400      Tom Nook
-Note in a Bottle   200      Tom Nook
-Party Popper        -       Speak to Tortimer sometime during New Year's Eve
-Sparkler            -       Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show
-Roman Candle        -       Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show
-Pitfall Seed        -       Must be found underground,Recycling Bin,Lost
                             and Found, or given as a gift.
-Paint              980      Nookington's

G) Clothing

Okay, you've got the furniture and the collectibles. But do you have style?
Visit the Able Sisters to find out. However, wearing threads isn't just about
personal preference; some clothes are more likely to be found during certain
seasons than in others. Item Groupings also apply.

Name                         Price         Group        Shop [Season]
A Shirt                      370           A            Able Sisters [All]
Airy Shirt                   420           C            Able Sisters [All]
Amethyst Shirt               360           B            Able Sisters [Fall]
Aqua Polka Shirt             360           A            Able Sisters [Fall]
Arctic Camo                  320           C            Able Sisters [All]
Argyle Knit                  460           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Armor Suit                   400           B            Able Sisters [All]
Asian Shirt                  380           B            Able Sisters [All]
Aurora Knit                  380           B            Able Sisters [Winter]
Bad Plaid Shirt              420           B            Able Sisters [All]
Barber Shirt                 ---           -            Gracie [All]
Baseball Shirt               320           B            Able Sisters [All]
BB Shirt                     350           A            Able Sisters [All]
Beaded Shirt                 420           C            Able Sisters [All]
Bear Shirt                   390           A            Able Sisters [All]
Beatnik Shirt                360           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Beige Knit                   320           A            Able Sisters [Winter]
Big Bro's Shirt              320           B            Able Sisters [Fall]
Big Dot Shirt                340           C            Able Sisters [All]
Big Star Shirt               400           B            Able Sisters [All]
Blossom Shirt                370           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Blue Check Print             360           A            Able Sisters [Fall]
Blue Check Shirt             380           B            Able Sisters [All]
Blue Diamond Top             370           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Blue Grid Shirt              340           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Blue Pinstripe               380           C            Able Sisters [Fall]
Blue Retro Shirt             380           C            Able Sisters [All]
Blue Stripe Knit             340           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Blue Tartan                  390           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Blue Tie-Dye                 380           B            Able Sisters [Summer]
Bodice                       400           A            Able Sisters [All]
Bold Check Shirt             360           B            Able Sisters [All]
Bone Shirt                   280           C            Able Sisters [All]
Bright Shirt                 320           B            Able Sisters [Spring]
Bubble Gum Shirt             380           B            Able Sisters [Fall]
Bubble Shirt                 410           B            Able Sisters [Summer]
Bunny Shirt                  360           C            Able Sisters [All]
Burglar's Shirt              420           A            Able Sisters [All]
Butterfly Shirt              ---           -            Gracie [All]
Cafe Shirt                   420           A            Able Sisters [Winter]
Cake Shirt                   600           A            Able Sisters [All]
Camel Shirt                  280           C            Able Sisters [All]
Candy Gingham                320           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Captain's Shirt              340           C            Able Sisters [All]
Caterpillar Tee              ---           -            Gracie [All]
Caveman Tunic                380           C            Able Sisters [All]
Chain-Gang Shirt             260           C            Able Sisters [All]
Checkerboard Tee             340           B            Able Sisters [All]
Checkered Shirt              390           B            Able Sisters [All]
Cherry Shirt                 360           B            Able Sisters [Fall]
Chevron Shirt                320           C            Able Sisters [All]
Chichi Print                 180           A            Able Sisters [All]
Chinese Shirt                320           B            Able Sisters [All]
Chocomint Shirt              340           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Circus Shirt                 370           C            Able Sisters [All]
Citrus Gingham               360           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Citrus Shirt                 ---           -            Gracie [All]
Cloudy Shirt                 320           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Club Shirt                   360           C            Able Sisters [All]
Comfy Sweater                360           B            Able Sisters [Winter]
Concierge Shirt              350           A            Able Sisters [Fall]
Cool Shirt                   ---           -            Gracie [All]
Coral Shirt                  ---           -            Gracie [All]
Cow Shirt                    ---           -            Gracie [All]
Crewel Shirt                 380           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Crossing Shirt               ---           -            Gracie [All]
Daisy Shirt                  380           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Danger Shirt                 340           B            Able Sisters [All]
Dapper Shirt                 350           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Dark Polka Shirt             350           B            Able Sisters [Winter]
Dawn Shirt                   380           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Dazed Shirt                  350           C            Able Sisters [Summer]
Deep Blue Tee                380           B            Able Sisters [All]
Desert Camo                  320           B            Able Sisters [All]
Diamond Shirt                380           A            Able Sisters [All]
Dice Shirt                   340           A            Able Sisters [All]
Dragon Suit                  340           C            Able Sisters [Summer]
Dreamy Shirt                 400           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Dutch Shirt                  280           C            Able Sisters [All]
Earthy Knit                  390           B            Able Sisters [Winter]
Eight-Ball Shirt             340           A            Able Sisters [All]
Elephant Shirt               260           A            Able Sisters [All]
Explorer Shirt               400           B            Able Sisters [All]
Fairy Tale Shirt             320           A            Able Sisters [All]
Fall Leaf Shirt              280           B            Able Sisters [Fall]
Fall Plaid Shirt             370           A            Able Sisters [Fall]
Fern Shirt                   300           C            Able Sisters [All]
Fiendish Shirt               ---           -            Gracie [All]
Firefighter Tee              320           C            Able Sisters [All]
Five-Ball Shirt              340           A            Able Sisters [All]
Flame Shirt                  360           A            Able Sisters [All]
Flan Shirt                   ---           -            Gracie [Fall]
Floral Knit                  420           B            Able Sisters [Spring]
Flowery Shirt                400           B            Able Sisters [Summer]
Fluffy Shirt                 400           C            Able Sisters [All]
Folk Shirt                   380           A            Able Sisters [Winter]
Four-Ball Shirt              340           C            Able Sisters [All]
Fresh Shirt                  380           A            Able Sisters [All]
Frock Coat                   290           C            Able Sisters [Summer]
Frog Shirt                   340           B            Able Sisters [Summer]
Funky Dot Shirt              430           B            Able Sisters [All]
Future Shirt                 390           A            Able Sisters [All]
Gaudy Sweater                330           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Gelato Shirt                 330           C            Able Sisters [All]
Giraffe Shirt                ---           -            Gracie [All]
Go-Go Shirt                  360           C            Able Sisters [Fall]
Gold Armor Suit              540           C            Able Sisters [All]
Gracie's Top                 ---           -            Gracie [All]
Graduation Gown              320           B            Able Sisters [All]
Grape Shirt                  ---           -            Gracie [All]
Grape Stripe Shirt           320           A            Able Sisters [All]
Grass Shirt                  ---           -            Gracie [All]
Gray Tartan                  420           C            Able Sisters [All]
Green Bar Shirt              320           B            Able Sisters [Summer]
Green Tie-Dye                380           C            Able Sisters [All]
Green Vest                   380           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Groovy Shirt                 ---           -            Gracie [All]
Gumdrop Shirt                390           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Heart Shirt                  360           A            Able Sisters [All]
Hot Dog Shirt                ---           -            Gracie [All]
Hot Spring Shirt             520           B            Able Sisters [Spring]
Icy Shirt                    390           C            Able Sisters [Summer]
Jade Check Print             360           A            Able Sisters [All]
Jagged Shirt                 360           B            Able Sisters [All]
Jester Shirt                 420           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Jungle Camo                  320           A            Able Sisters [All]
Kiddie Shirt                 340           B            Able Sisters [All]
Kimono                       520           B            Able Sisters [All]
Kiwi Shirt                   ---           -            Gracie [All]
Laced Shirt                  370           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Ladybug Shirt                ---           -            Gracie [All]
Latin Uniform                320           B            Able Sisters [All]
Leaf Shirt                   260           C            Able Sisters [All]
Leather Jerkin               380           A            Able Sisters [Winter]
Lemon Gingham                340           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Leopard Shirt                320           C            Able Sisters [All]
Li'l Bro's Shirt             320           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Lightning Shirt              380           C            Able Sisters [Summer]
Lite Polka Shirt             380           B            Able Sisters [All]
Lotus Shirt                  400           B            Able Sisters [Summer]
Loud Bloom Shirt             360           B            Able Sisters [Summer]
Lovely Shirt                 400           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Melon Gingham                340           B            Able Sisters [Spring]
Melon Shirt                  ---           -            Gracie [All]
Military Uniform             380           C            Able Sisters [All]
Mint Gingham Top             330           C            Able Sisters [All]
Misty Shirt                  380           B            Able Sisters [All]
Moldy Shirt                  ---           -            Gracie [Summer]
Molecule Tee                 360           B            Able Sisters [All]
Mummy Shirt                  180           A            Able Sisters [All]
MVP Shirt                    370           B            Able Sisters [All]
Natty Shirt                  380           C            Able Sisters [Summer]
Nebula Shirt                 390           A            Able Sisters [All]
New Spring Shirt             520           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Night Sky Tee                420           A            Able Sisters [All]
Nile Shirt                   400           A            Able Sisters [All]
Nine-Ball Shirt              340           B            Able Sisters [All]
No. 1 Shirt                  250           C            Able Sisters [All]
No. 2 Shirt                  250           A            Able Sisters [All]
No. 23 Shirt                 250           B            Able Sisters [All]
No. 3 Shirt                  250           B            Able Sisters [All]
No. 4 Shirt                  250           C            Able Sisters [All]
No. 5 Shirt                  250           A            Able Sisters [All]
No. 67 Shirt                 250           C            Able Sisters [All]
Noble Shirt                  380           C            Able Sisters [All]
Nurse's Uniform              300           A            Able Sisters [All]
One-Ball Shirt               340           C            Able Sisters [All]
One-Way Tee                  420           A            Able Sisters [All]
Optical Shirt                430           B            Able Sisters [All]
Orange Check Tee             280           A            Able Sisters [All]
Orange Jumpsuit              200           A            Able Sisters [All]
Orange Pinstripe             ---           -            Gracie [All]
Orange Tie-Dye               380           A            Able Sisters [All]
Paw Shirt                    360           C            Able Sisters [All]
Peachy Shirt                 390           B            Able Sisters [Spring]
Pep Squad Shirt              280           C            Able Sisters [All]
Picnic Shirt                 330           A            Able Sisters [Fall]
Pink Tartan                  420           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Pink Wave Shirt              420           A            Able Sisters [All]
Polar Fleece                 360           C            Able Sisters [All]
Poncho                       320           B            Able Sisters [All]
Pop Bloom Shirt              360           A            Able Sisters [All]
Princess Shirt               480           C            Able Sisters [All]
Prism Shirt                  370           C            Able Sisters [All]
Purple Tie-Dye               380           B            Able Sisters [All]
Racer Shirt                  380           A            Able Sisters [All]
Racing Shirt                 460           B            Able Sisters [All]
Rainbow Shirt                777           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Red Bar Shirt                360           C            Able Sisters [All]
Red Check Shirt              330           B            Able Sisters [Spring]
Red Down Vest                380           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Red Grid Shirt               360           B            Able Sisters [All]
Red Riding Hoody             350           A            Able Sisters [Fall]
Red Tie-Dye                  380           B            Able Sisters [All]
Red Warmup Suit              260           B            Able Sisters [Winter]
Reggae Shirt                 240           B            Able Sisters [All]
Ribbon Shirt                 370           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Rose Shirt                   480           A            Able Sisters [All]
Rose Sky Shirt               320           B            Able Sisters [All]
Royal Shirt                  380           A            Able Sisters [All]
Rugby Shirt                  360           A            Able Sisters [All]
Sailor's Uniform             320           A            Able Sisters [All]
Sandwich Shirt               ---           -            Gracie [All]
Scale Armor Suit             480           A            Able Sisters [All]
Security Shirt               420           A            Able Sisters [All]
Seven-Ball Shirt             340           C            Able Sisters [All]
Sharp Outfit                 280           A            Able Sisters [Winter]
Silk Bloom Shirt             480           A            Able Sisters [Spring]
Six-Ball Shirt               340           B            Able Sisters [All]
Skull Shirt                  320           C            Able Sisters [All]
Sky Shirt                    360           B            Able Sisters [All]
Snow Shirt                   ---           -            Gracie [All]
Snowcone Shirt               420           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Space Suit                   360           B            Able Sisters [All]
Spade Shirt                  340           C            Able Sisters [All]
Spanish Shirt                360           B            Able Sisters [All]
Spiderweb Shirt              320           B            Able Sisters [Summer]
Splendid Shirt               ---           -            Gracie [All]
Spring Shirt                 320           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Star Shirt                   370           A            Able Sisters [All]
Strawberry Shirt             ---           -            Gracie [All]
Subdued Print                320           B            Able Sisters [Fall]
Sunset Top                   290           B            Able Sisters [All]
Swell Shirt                  400           B            Able Sisters [All]
Three-Ball Shirt             340           B            Able Sisters [All]
Tiger Shirt                  ---           -            Gracie [All]
Tin Shirt                    ---           -            Gracie [All]
Toad Shirt                   340           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Toga                         280           C            Able Sisters [All]
Tropical Shirt               370           C            Able Sisters [Summer]
Tulip Shirt                  280           C            Able Sisters [Spring]
Turnip Top                   350           B            Able Sisters [All]
Tuxedo                       380           C            Able Sisters [All]
Twinkle Shirt                480           A            Able Sisters [Summer]
Two-Ball Shirt               340           A            Able Sisters [All]
U R Here Shirt               350           C            Able Sisters [All]
Uncommon Shirt               360           B            Able Sisters [Winter]
Vegetarian Shirt             280           A            Able Sisters [All]
Vertigo Shirt                380           A            Able Sisters [All]
Vogue Top                    380           B            Able Sisters [Spring]
Waffle Shirt                 430           C            Able Sisters [Fall]
Waitress Shirt               320           B            Able Sisters [All]
Watermelon Shirt             ---           -            Gracie [All]
Western Shirt                350           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Winter Sweater               290           C            Able Sisters [Winter]
Witch Shirt                  360           B            Able Sisters [All]
Work Uniform                 ---           -            ---
Wrap Shirt                   320           B            Able Sisters [All]
Wrestler Shirt               280           C            Able Sisters [All]
Yellow Bar Shirt             320           A            Able Sisters [All]
Yellow Bolero                430           B            Able Sisters [All]
Yellow Pinstripe             360           B            Able Sisters [Winter]
Yellow Tartan                430           B            Able Sisters [Spring]
Yodel Shirt                  350           A            Able Sisters [All]
Zebra Shirt                  ---           -            Gracie [All]
Zipper Shirt                 320           C            Able Sisters [All]

H) Personal Accessories
***NOTE*** All accessories can be bought from the Able Sisters unless otherwise

Name               Price         Name               Price

1) Umbrellas

-Gelato Umbrella   160         -Eggy Parasol        160
-Bat Umbrella      160         -Blue Dot Parasol    160
-Lacy Parasol      160         -Daisy Umbrella      160
-Leaf Umbrella     160         -Paw Umbrella        160
-Paper Parasol     160         -Petal Parasol       160
-Ribbon Umbrella   160         -Busted Umbrella     160
-Red Umbrella      160         -Sunny Parasol       160
-Blue Umbrella     160         -Beach Umbrella      160
-Yellow Umbrella   160         -Elegant Umbrella    160
-Green Umbrella    160         -Modern Umbrella     160
-Candy Umbrella    160         -Leopard Umbrella    160
-Melon Umbrella    160         -Zebra Umbrella      160
-Mint Umbrella     160         -Forest Umbrella     160
-Picnic Umbrella   160         -Flame Umbrella      160
-Lemon Umbrella    160         -Camo Umbrella       160
-Toad Parasol      160         -Spider Umbrella     160

2) Hats

-White Cap         160         -Scholar's Hat       420
-Red Cap           160         -Safety Helmet       300
-Yellow Cap        160         -Police Cap          480
-Light Blue Cap    160         -Explorer's Hat      160
-Green Cap         160         -Captain's Hat       360
-Star Cap          160         -Sailor's Hat        300
-1-Up Cap          160         -Silk Hat            120
-Purple Cap        160         -Outback Hat         160
-Blue Knit Hat     160         -Dutch Hat           320
-Orange Knit Hat   160         -Sombrero            240
-Pink Knit Hat     160         -Tyrolean Hat        160
-Purple Knit Hat   160         -Viking Helmet       540
-Red Pom-Pom Hat   160         -Cavalier Hat        360
-Badge Hat         160         -Pirate's Hat        240
-Straw Hat         160         -Jester's Cap        360
-Grandpa Hat       240         -Witch's Hat         160
-Paperboy Cap      280         -Red Ribbon          160
-Beret             160         -Blue Ribbon         160
-Dandy Hat         160         -Yellow Ribbon       160
-Hunter's Cap      300         -Heart Hairpin       160
-Detective Hat     240         -Star Hairpin        160        
-Top Hat           400         -Moon Hairpin        160
-Puffy Hat         240         -Green Feather        -*
-Bandana            80         -Blue Feather         -*
-Swimming Cap       80         -Yellow Feather       -*
-Wizard's Cap       80         -Red Feather          -*
-Big Bro's Hat     320         -Purple Feather       -*
-Li'l Bro's Hat    320         -Rainbow Feather      -*
-Bicycle Helmet    400         -Halo               2400
-Chef's Hat        160         -Royal Crown     1200000
-Combat Helmet     960         -Crown           1000000

*The Feathers are special gifts that you'll receive if you donate enough money
 to the town of Boondox.

Green Feather:     10000
Blue Feather:     200000
Yellow Feather:   500000
Red Feather:      800000
Purple Feather:  1100000
White Feather:   1400000
Rainbow Feather: 6400000

3) Wigs

-Pilot's Cap       720         -Mowhawk Wig         160
-Fireman's Hat     960         -Pig Tail            120
-Baby's Hat        160         -Bunny Hood         1600
-White Veil        400         -Racing Helmet      1200
-Turban             -*         -Motocross Helmet   1400
-Warbonnet        1000         -Football Helmet    1200
-Kaffiyeh          160         -Knight's Helmet    1000
-Cow Bone          160         -Roman Helmet       1200
-Samurai Wig      1200         -Diving Mask        2200
-Geisha Wig       1600         -Space Helmet       2400
-Ninja Hood        240         -Ski Mask            600
-Powdered Wig      160         -Wrestling Mask      900
-Afro Wig          160         -Dressing            120
-Regent Wig        160         -King Tut Wig      12000

4) Masks

-Blue Frames       120         -Hero's Mask        1200
-Red Glasses       120         -Goggles             280
-Yellow Glasses    120         -Snorkel Mask        320
-Mint Glasses      120         -Eye Mask            160
-Purple Glasses    120         -HMD                1800
-Green Glasses     120         -Monocle             240
-Brown Glasses     120         -Doctor's Mirror     160
-Pink Glasses      120         -Eye Patch           120
-Thick Glasses     120         -Post-Op Patch       120
-Silver Frames     120         -Gas Mask            240
-Rimmed Glasses    120         -Hockey Mask         200
-Funky Glasses     120         -Red Nose             80
-Pilot Shades     2400         -Stache & Glasses    240
-Sporty Shades     160         -Big Bro Mustache    600
-Huge Shades       160         -Curly Mustache      160
-Triangle Shades   120         -Mini-Mustache       160
-Tiny Shades       120         -King's Beard       8000
-3-D Glasses       120         -Mask                 80
-Masquerade Mask   120         -Pacifier            120

I) Paper
***NOTE*** All paper can be bought from Tom Nook for 160 Bells, unless otherwise

Name              Group        Name               Group    

-Butterfly Paper    A       -Lovely Paper          A    
-Airmail Paper      B       -Rainbow Paper         B
-New Year's Cards   C       -Egyptian Paper        C
-Lacy Paper         A       -Lotus Paper           A
-Cloudy Paper       B       -Tile Paper            B
-Petal Paper        C       -Mosaic Paper          C
-Snowy Paper        A       -Elegant Paper         A
-Maple-Leaf Paper   B       -Town View Paper       B 
-Lined Paper        C       -Chinese Paper         C
-Notebook Paper     A       -Ocean Paper           A
-Flowery Paper      B       -Industrial Paper      B
-Polka-Dot Paper    C       -Fireworks Paper       C
-Bottle Paper       -*      -Floral Paper          A
-Ribbon Paper       B       -Mushroom Paper        B
-Sparkly Paper      C       -Star Paper            C
-Vine Paper         A       -Composer Paper        C
-Formal Paper       -*      -Bathtub Paper         A
-Snowman Paper      -*      -SMB3 Paper            B
-Card Paper         A       -Cool Paper            C
-Leopard Paper      B       -Forest Paper          A
-Cow Paper          C       -Bubble Paper          B
-Camouflage Paper   A       -Buttercup Paper       C
-Hamburger Paper    B       -Tartan Paper          A
-Piano Paper        C       -Plaid Paper           B
-Nook Paper         -*      -Lemon-Lime Paper      C
-Fox Paper          -*      -Crater Paper          A
-Birthday Cards     B       -Bejeweled Paper       B
-Four-Leaf Paper    A       -Geometric Paper       C
-Town-Hall Paper    -*      -Southwest Paper       A
-Tortimer Paper     -*      -Night Sky Paper       B
-Insurance Paper    -*      -Chic Paper            C
-Academy Paper      -*      -Goldfish Paper        A

*These items can only be obtained after doing certain tasks or talking to
 certain people on specific days:

Bottle Paper:    Can only be seen when you purchase a Note in a Bottle.
Formal Paper:    Win an event (The Fishing Tourney, etc) and it will arrive with
                 your prize.
Snowman Paper:   Obtain a prize from the snowman; you will see the paper with
                 the gift. 
Nook Paper:      Can only be seen when something from your Personal Catalog is
                 is mailed to you.
Fox Paper:       Join Redd's membership. He'll send the password written on this
Town-Hall Paper: Your Town Hall Account statements will be sent to you on this
Tortimer Paper:  Obtain as many acorns as possible during the Acorn Festival.

IV. Beastiary

A) Insects

Name                Place               Month/Time            Peak Times

Common Butterfly   Flowers            Mar-Sept/Morn-Noon     Apr-June/Noon 
Yellow Butterfly   Flowers            Mar-Sept/Morn=Noon     Apr-June/Noon
Tiger Butterfly    Red/Pink Flowers   Mar-Sept/Morn-Noon     May-June/Noon
Peacock            Blue/Blk. Flowers  Mar-Sept/Morn-Noon     May-June/Noon
Monarch            Flowers            Sept-Nov/Noon
Emperor            Flowers (Rare)     June-Sept/Noon           
Agrias Butterfly   Flowers (Rare)     June-Sept/Noon
Birdwing           Flowers (Rare)     June-Sept/Noon
Moth               Outdoor Lights     May-Sept/Night         June-Aug/Night
Oak Silk Moth      Trees (Rare)       June-Sept/Night
Honeybee           Flowers            Mar-Aug/Noon           Mar-June/Noon
Bee                Trees              All Year/Morn-Night       
Long Locust        Grass              Aug-Nov/Noon           Sept-Oct/Noon
Migratory Locust   Grass              Sept-Nov/Noon          Sept-Oct/Noon
Mantis             Flowers            Aug-Nov/Noon           Sept-Nov/Noon
Orchid Mantis      Flowers            Aug-Nov/Noon           Sept-Nov/Noon
Brown Cicada       Trees              July-Aug/Noon
Robust Cicada      Trees              July-Aug/Noon
Walker Cicada      Trees (Rare)       July-Aug/Noon
Evening Cicada     Trees              July-Aug/Morn,Eve      
Lantern Fly        Trees (Rare)       June-Sept/Eve-Night
Red Dragonfly      Air                Sept-Oct/Eve
Darner Dragonfly   Air                June-Aug/Noon          June/Noon
Banded Dragonfly   Air (Rare)         July-Aug/Noon
Ant                Ground/Rotten Turnip All Year/Morn-Night
Pondskater         Ponds (Rare)       June-Sept/Noon
Snail              Flowers (Rare)     Apr-Sept/All Day
Cricket            Grass              Sept-Nov/Eve-Night     Sept-Oct/Eve-Night
Bell Cricket       Grass              Sept-Oct/Eve-Night
Grasshopper        Grass              July-Sept/Noon         Sept/Noon
Mole Cricket       Underground (Rare) Nov-May/Morn-Night
Walkingstick       Trees (Rare)       July-Nov/Morn-Noon
Ladybug            Flowers            Mar-June,Oct/Noon      Mar-May/Noon
Fruit Beetle       Trees              July-Sept/Morn-Night   July-Aug/Night
Scarab Beetle      Trees (Rare)       July-Aug/Night
Dung Beetle        Snowballs (Rare)   Dec-Feb/Eve-Night
Goliath Beetle     CoconutPalms(Rare) June-Aug/Night 
Firefly            Fresh Water        June/Night
Jewel Beetle       Trees (Rare)       July-Aug/Noon
Longhorn Beetle    Trees (Rare)       June-Aug/Noon
Saw Stag Beetle    Trees (Rare)       July-Aug/Morn-Night    July-Aug/Night
Stag Beetle        Trees (Rare)       June-Aug/Night         July-Aug/Night
Giant Beetle       Trees (Rare)       July-Aug/Night
Rainbow Stag       Trees (Rare)       June-Sept/Night
Dynastid Beetle    Trees              July-Aug/Night
Atlas Beetle       CoconutPalms(Rare) July-Aug/Night
Elephant Beetle    CoconutPalms(Rare) July-Aug/Night
Hercules Beetle    CoconutPalms(Rare) July-Aug/Night
Flea               Neighbor (Rare)    Mar-Nov/Morn-Night
Pillbug            Under Rocks        All Year/Morn-Night
Mosquito           Air                June-Sept/Eve-Night     June-Aug/Eve-Night
Fly                Rotten Turnips/Garbage All Year/Morn-Night
Cockroach          Trees (Rare)       All Year/Morn-Night 
Spider             Trees              Mar-Nov/Morn-Night
Tarantula          Ground (Rare)      June-Aug/Night
Scorpion           Ground (Rare)      July-Sept/Night

B) Fish

Name                Place          Month/Time            Peak Times

Bitterling         River       Nov-Feb/All Day
Pale Chub          River       All Year/Noon       Apr-June,Sept-Oct/Noon
Crucian Carp       River       All Year/All Day    Mar-May,Sept-Nov/All Day
Dace               River       All Year/Morn,Night Dec-Feb/Morn,Eve,Night
Barbel Steed       River       All Year/All Day    Oct-Apr/Night
Carp               River       All Year/All Day   Apr-May,Oct-Nov/Morn,Eve,Night
Koi              River (Rare)  All Year/Morn,Eve,Night
Goldfish         River (Rare)  All Year/All Day
Popeyed Goldfish River (Rare)  All Year/Noon
Killifish    Holding Pond (Rare) Apr-Aug/All Day
Crawfish        Holding Pond   Apr-Sept
Frog            Holding Pond   May-Aug/All Day
Freshwater Goby  River (Rare)  All Year/Morn,Eve,Night
Loach              River       Mar-May/All Day         Mar-Apr/All Day
Catfish            Pond        May-Oct/Morn,Eve,Night  June-Sept/Night
Eel               River        June-Sept/Morn,Eve,Night July-Aug/Night
Giant Snakehead    Pond        July-Aug/Noon
Bluegill           River       All Year/Noon            May-Nov/Noon
Yellow Perch       River       Oct-Mar/All Day          Nov-Feb/Morn,Eve,Night
Black Bass         River       All Year/All Day         May-Nov/Morn,Eve,Night
Pond Smelt         Pond        Dec-Feb/All Day
Sweetfish          River       July-Sept/All Day        July-Aug/Morn,Noon,Eve
Cherry Salmon   River       Mar-June,Sept-Nov/Morn,Eve Mar,Apr,Sept,Oct/Morn,Eve
Char             Waterfall  Mar-June,Sept-Nov/Morn,Eve
Rainbow Trout   River       Mar-June,Sept-Nov/Morn,Eve Mar,Apr,Oct/Morn,Eve
Stringfish       River (Rare) Dec-Feb/Morn,Eve,Night
Salmon             River       Sept/All Day
King Salmon      River (Rare)  Sept/All Day
Guppy            River (Rare)  Apr-Nov/Noon
Angelfish        River (Rare)  May-Oct/Morn,Eve,Night
Piranha          River (Rare)  June-Sept/Noon,Night
Arowana          River (Rare)  June-Sept/Morn,Eve,Night
Dorado           River (Rare)  June-Sept/Morn,Noon,Eve
Gar              Pond (Rare)   June-Sept/Morn,Eve,Night
Arapaima         River (Rare)  July-Sept/Morn,Eve,Night
Sea Butterfly    Ocean         Dec-Feb/All Day
Jellyfish        Ocean         Aug/All Day
Seahorse         Ocean         Apr-Nov/All Day          May-Sept/Noon
Clownfish        Ocean         Apr-Sept/All Day         May-Aug/Noon
Zebra Turkeyfish Ocean         Apr-Nov/All Day          May-Sept/Noon
Puffer Fish      Ocean         July-Sept/All Day        Aug/All Day
Horse Mackerel   Ocean         All Year/All Day
Barred Knifejaw  Ocean (Rare)  Mar-Nov/All Day
Sea Bass         Ocean         All Year/All Day
Red Snapper      Ocean         All Year/All Day         Apr-July/All Day
Dab              Ocean         Oct-Apr/All Day
Olive Flounder   Ocean         All Year/All Day         Dec-Feb/All Day
Squid            Ocean         Dec-Aug/All Day          Feb-June/Night
Octopus          Ocean Sept-Jan,Mar-July/All Day  Oct-Dec,Apr-June/Morn,Noon,Eve
Football Fish    Ocean (Rare)  Nov-Mar/Morn,Eve,Night
Tuna             Ocean (Rare)  Nov-Mar/All Day
Blue Marlin      Ocean (Rare)  July-Sept/All Day
Ocean Sunfish    Ocean (Rare)  Apr-Sept/Morn,Noon,Eve
Hammerhead Shark Ocean (Rare)  June-Sept/All Day
Shark            Ocean (Rare)  June-Sept/Morn,Eve,Night
Coelacanth       Ocean during rain/snow All Year/Morn,Eve,Night (Rare)

C) Fossils

  Ptera:                 Seismo:               Ankylo:           Apato:

Ptera Skull            Seismo Skull          Anklyo Skull      Apato Skull
Ptera Right Wing       Seismo Chest          Anklyo Torso      Apato Torso
Ptera Left Wings       Seismo Hip            Anklyo Tail       Apato Tail 
Ptera Body             Seismo Tail

  Dimetrodon:           Iguanodon:             Mammoth:          Pachy:
Dimetrodon Skull       Iguanodon Skull       Mammoth Skull     Pachy Skull
Dimetrodon Torso       Iguanodon Torso       Mammoth Torso     Pachy Torso
Dimetrodon Tail        Iguanodon Tail                          Pachy Tail

  Parasaur:              Sabertooh:            Stego:            Plesio:

Parasaur Skull         Sabertooth Skull      Stego Skull       Plesio Skull
Parasaur Torso         Sabertooh Torso       Stego Torso       Plesio Neck
Parasaur Tail                                Stego Tail        Plesio Torso

  T-Rex:                 Tricera:                      Miscellaneous:

T-Rex Skull            Tricera Skull         Amber             Dinosaur Track
T-Rex Torso            Tricera Torso         Ammonite          Archaeopteryx
T-Rex Tail             Tricera Tail          Dino Droppings    Peking Man
                                             Dinosaur Eggs     Shark Tooth
                                             Fern Fossil       Trilobite

V. Gyroids

-Clankoid-          -Dingloid-          -Percoloid-         -Oombloid-

Mini Clankoid      Wee Dingloid       Mega Percoloid     Mini Oombloid
Clankoid           Mini Dingloid      Tall Percoloid     Oombloid
Mega Clankoid      Dingloid                              Mega Oombloid
Tall Clankoid      Squat Dingloid                        Tall Oombloid

-Rhythmoid-         -Puffoid-           -Lullaboid-        -Sproid-

Mini Rhythmoid     Mini Puffoid       Mini Lullaboid     Mini Sproid
Rhythmoid          Mega Puffoid       Lullaboid          Sproid
                   Tall Puffoid       Mega Lullaboid     Mega Sproid
                                      Tall Lullaboid     Tall Sproid

-Bowtoid-           -Tootoid-           -Plinkoid-         -Dekkoid-

Mini Bowtoid       Mini Tootoid       Mini Plinkoid      Mini Dekkoid
Bowtoid            Tootoid            Plinkoid           Dekkoid
Mega Bowtoid       Mega Tootoid       Mega Plinkoid      Mega Dekkoid
Tall Bowtoid

-Buzzoid-           -Drilloid-          -Echoid-            -Lamentoid-
Mini Buzzoid       Mini Drilloid      Mini Echoid        Mini Lamentoid
Buzzoid            Drilloid           Mega Echoid        Lamentoid
Mega Buzzoid       Mega Drilloid      Tall Echoid        Mega Lamentoid
Tall Buzzoid                                             Tall Lamentoid

-Strumboid-         -Croakoid-           -Fizzoid-           -Squelchoid-

Mini Strumboid    Mini Croakoid       Mini Fizzoid       Mini Squelchoid
Strumboid         Croakoid            Mega Fizzoid       Squelchoid
Mega Strumboid    Mega Croakoid                          Mega Squelchoid
Tall Strumboid    Tall Croakoid

-Howloid-          -Nebuloid-           -Gongoid-           -Poltergoid-

Mini Howloid      Mini Nebuloid       Mini Gongoid       Mini Poltergoid
Howloid           Nebuloid            Gongoid            Poltergoid
Mega Howloid      Squat Nebuloid      Mega Gongoid       Mega Poltergoid
                  Mega Nebuloid       Tall Gongoid       Tall Poltergoid
                  Slim Nebuloid
                  Tall Nebuloid

-Metatoid-         -Bovoid-             -Oboid-             -Dinkoid-

Mini Metatoid     Mega Bovoid         Oboid              Mini Dinkoid
Metatoid          Tall Bovoid         Mega Oboid         Mega Dinkoid
                                      Tall Oboid

-Harmonoid-        -Droploid-           -Sputnoid-          -Alloid-

Mini Harmonoid    Tall Droploid       Mini Sputnoid      Mini Alloid 
Harmonoid                             Sputnoid           Alloid
Mega Harmonoid                        Mega Sputnoid      Tall Alloid
Tall Harmonoid                        Tall Sputnoid

-Timpanoid-        -Gargloid-           -Warbloid-         -Freakoid-

Mini Timpanoid    Mini Gargloid       Mini Warbloid      Mini Freakoid
Timpanoid         Gargloid            Warbloid           Mega Freakoid
Mega Timpanoid    Tall Gargloid       Tall Warbloid
Tall Timpanoid

-Quazoid-          -Rustoid-

Mini Quazoid      Mini Rustoid
Quazoid           Rustoid
Mega Quazoid      Mega Rustoid
Slim Quazoid
Tall Quazoid

VI. Outdoor Gardening

A) Flowers

Black Tulips         Blue Pansies          Black Cosmos
Pink Tulips          Orange Pansies        Orange Cosmos
Purple Tulips        Purple Pansies        Pink Cosmos
Red Tulips           Red Pansies           Red Cosmos
White Tulips         White Pansies         White Cosmos
Yellow Tulips        Yellow Pansies        Yellow Cosmos

Black Roses          Dandelions
Blue Roses           Dandelion Puffs
Gold Roses           Jacob's Ladder
Orange Roses         Lucky Clovers
Purple Roses
Red Roses
White Roses
Yellow Roses

B) Trees, Fruits and Turnips

-Trees-              -Fruits-             -Turnips-   

Sapling              Acorn*               White Turnips**
Cedar Sapling        Apple                Red Turnips***

*Acorns are available during the Acorn Festival.
**Speak with Joan to get Turnips. White Turnips can be sold for varying prices.
***Red Turnips can be planted to harvest more.

VII. Conclusion

Well folks, there you have it. This game is filled to the brim with tons of 
items. Will you find them all? Maybe. With so many items that can be found, it's
a fair bet that you'll be spending some serious time with this game. Good luck 
on your search for the perfect collection! In the meantime, keep that DS charged
and firmly in your grasp, and may your gaming sessions be long and enjoyable. 
Later, folks!

VIII. Copyrights and other Legal Stuff

Look folks, plagiarizing someone's stuff isn't a very nice or smart thing to
do. In fact, it's illegal! That being said, this document is an electronically
published work under full copyright protection. If for some unbeknownst reason
that you want to use this FAQ, permission is granted ONLY as a private and 
personal reference copy.

(c) discoinferno84 All Rights Reserved

IX. Contact Information

People who send me useless emails tick me off. Thus:

-I will gladly take suggestions and/or constructive criticism for making this 
guide better. Be sure to include "Animal Crossing Item FAQ" somewhere in 
the title of the email.

-I will accept any information that I may have missed in this version.

-Do NOT send me spam/chain letters/ whatever other junk that might seem funny.

-Given the fact that I'm dealing with a full college workload as well as a part
time job, it might take a while for me to get back to you quickly. I will reply
to you as soon as I get the time. ^_^;

-You can reach me at: discoinferno84<at>gmail.com 

X. Credits and Special Thanks

-Nintendo, for giving us a truly awesome game for the DS, as well as providing 
the excellent Player's Guide which was used as a reference for this guide
-Gamefaqs, for hosting this FAQ and providing information for gamers like us.
-Michelle Croyle (aka pixelblues) for her truly awesome work on compiling the
Clothing List for me, thus helping to get this guide quickly closer to 
completion, and her excellent Special Visitors FAQ. Many thanks and kudos
to you!
-Ethan Laisure, Kevin Colburn, Kekleon, Brian Goycochea, Grant Clail,
smallredbox, Patrik uTASON, Eric Testroete, Ryan Silk, Trey LeViness, John 
Bergquist, NeoKirby7, sinteres, Andrew Gackowski, yoshiman3984, Mike Mason, 
Matt Baer, Sam Allen, Qwant, uriah yates, Ana Q and Daniel De Kruyf for 
providing information regarding the Special Items.
-Edward Roberts, Latias3, Matthew Laplante Dan and Joe Bottiglieri for 
noticing my mistakes on the Snowman Series.
-Ari Zirulnik, Liz and Eddie for noticing missing stuff from Redd's list.
-Matt Baer for noticing my typos on Gracie's list.
-XeroRestraint, Corndoghogger1, and Sweet Pinkette for noticing my typos.
-EightHree for correcting one of K. K. Slider's song titles.
-You, for reading this FAQ.

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