Review by UberSweet

Reviewed: 09/01/05

Comprehensive Pac 'n Roll Review

Overview: You are Pac-Man. Golvis, an evil creature, has turned you into a ball, and captured you're friends and family. You must rescue them by controlling Pac-Man by sliding the your stylus on the Pac-Man on the bottom screen. All of the environments are 3-D, and look nice. The Pac-Man on the bottom screen is fully 3-D as well, which is a nice touch. It's just a fun game in short blasts.

Plot: There is no way I'm going to review the plot in this game. It will only bring the game down for a reason no one cares about. N/A

Gameplay: Sliding the stylus on the bottom screen to move works amazingly. The levels are made to complement the control as well. Although it does make the platforming elements in this game overly complicated, it is just a fun way to play. There are also different abilities in this game, well, there are 2. One is knight Pac-Man, which makes you heavy. With this you sink in water, aren't affect much by wind, and can break metal boxes. There is also wing Pac-Man. This lets you "glide" in the air, float higher on water, but you are affected dramatically by wind. It adds for good variation. 8.25

Sound: This game has all of the original Pac-Man sounds, but now with new, and well suited background music. Although it's not awesome, each environment sounds unique. The only complaint is the god-awful dialouge. It is really annoying; just skip these parts in the game. Save your ears! 6.75

Replayability: With the story mode, time trials for every level (except boss stages), challenges for each level, and the original Pac-Man all in this one game, this game will keep your interest for a while. The time trials are very hard, and the challenges are a blast to play. The sheer quantity of modes in this game is just the iceing on the cake. 9.0

Graphics: Good, but not great. It's easy to see the repeating block textures, but they are so far away that they don't look blurry or pixelated. Although each environment is varied, it doesn't really change the gameplay much; it's just there so you don't have to look at the same textures over and over again. What made me really mad is that this game doesn't run at 6o frames per second. The only remarkable thing is that the Pac-Man on the bottom screen is fully 3-D. Only problem is that is runs at less than 30 frames per second. 6.5

Innovation: Sliding the stylus to move isn't new; it was done in Pokemon Dash. But, in this game, it was done well. 7.5

Controls: Sliding the stylus to move works really well. It offers for more precise movement, but in turn, you must be very percise in some of the later levels. Moving the camera is also very easy. You just move it by hitting left or right on the D-Pad. It would have been nice if you could use L and R to move it, but it doesn't really matter to me. The only problem is that in some of the later levels, the platforming is really hard due to the stylus movement. 8.0

Difficulty: Story mode is fairly easy, but the time trials and challenge levels are hard. It's very well, so that your used to the level when you play it in story mode, and then you have to perfect it in these two other modes. Nicely done. 8.25

Tilt: Very easy to get into; almost too easy. After the first world, there isn't much variation, it just gets a little harder. 7.25

Overall Score: 7.7, C+

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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