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Reviewed: 04/12/06

The BEST online DS game!

This is a review for Metroid Prime Hunters, a First Person Shooter for the Nintendo DS game console. This is an AWESOME game with great graphics, sound and gameplay! I believe this game deserves a 10/10.

The graphics in this game are amazing for a handheld gaming system! The complete 3-D enviroments are execellently done. The characters are very good. They are even better than some N-64 games. Overall, I would rate the graphics in this game a 10/10.

-------Single Player-
The single player in this game is some what lacking. It features 5 planets in which Samus Aran must travel to in order to find the "Ultimate Power." The levels are short and quick. Samus finds several new weapons in this game. She must aquire 8 Octolinths in order to obtain the Ultimate Power. 6 other hunters also want this Ultimate Power. You must visit each planet two times for its 2 Octolinths. I would not buy this game just for its single player. I rate the single player 6/10.

The multiplayer in this game is really what its all about. I would consider this game to be a multi-player based game. You can choose from a variety of 7 characters, 26 levels and 7 different gameplay modes. Up to 4 players can duke it out in a battle, survival, bounty, nodes, capture, prime hunter, or defender match. In battle, you must get a certain number of kills in order to win. In survivor, the last man/woman standing wins the match. In bounty, the first hunter to transport a certain number of Octolinths to a designate spot wins the match. In nodes, you sit in a ring and capture it, the more rings, the more points, you must get a number of poits to win the match. Capture is just like capture the flag. In prime hunter, the person who last killed another hunter has super defense, attack, and speed. You must be the prime hunter for a certain time. Your life decreases as long as you are the Prime Hunter, so you cant be it the whole time. In defender you must be the only one in a ring for a certaian time to win. The weapon arsenol in this game is pretty nice! There is a sniper, rocket launcher, reg. power beam, shotgun, grenade launcher, shocker, and electricity lobber. They are all affiliated with a certain hunter, and gain a boost when used with thier hunter. The hunters to choose from are: Kanden, Samus, Spire, Noxux, Trace, SYlux and Weavel. The all have a varition of Samus's morph ball. You can search for friends, and random. If you play random, you can add that person to rivals after the match so you can play again some time. The multiplayer in the wonderful game deserves a 10/10.

The sound and music in this game is good. It has good music and sound quality. You can even chat with other players via voice chat in online play. This can only be done with friends. The sound in this game is a 9/10.

The controls in this game are very easy to get used to. It is like the controls of a First Person Shoother. You use the D-Pad to move around, and the touch screen to look. L is used to shoot the weapons. You can change weapons by tapping an icon on the touch screen. The alt form button is also on the touch screen. For some reason, Nintendo Power says that the controls in the game are bad and hard to use and get used to. I disagree. They are very easy. I rate the contorls in this game 10/10.

Get wi-fi if you really want to enjoy this awesome game! Some call it the "HALO" of the Nintendo DS. Its rated "T" for Teen. It costs 34.99 at most stores.
--Single Player-6

Buy or Rent: BUY!!

Thanks for your time in reading this guide (If you did) and I hope you buy Metroid Prime Hunters if you havent!


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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