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Reviewed: 04/04/06

What if they shrunk Metroid Prime?

What can I say about Metroid Prime Hunters? It made us laugh, it made us cry, and made us “Wonder what would happen if they shrunk all the epicness of Metroid Prime 1 and 2”. This game like its older brothers, (both now have gone down in gaming history as the first “First Person Adventures”), takes you behind Galactic Bounty Hunter Diva Samus Aran’s visor. This method has been getting positive feedback since the release of Metroid Prime 1’s in ’02. Almost 4 years, I know, shocking. Now this all leads to the final question of, does Metroid Prime Hunters live up to the “Prime” legacy of the originals? Now the review is based off 4 items (Gameplay, Sound, Graphics, and Miscellaneous). Now that my kinetic rambling is over, it’s time for the review!

Gameplay is a nearly perfect 9/10.

In terms of gameplay this game is nearly perfect, except for the fact that there is no real change in the flow of the game that separates it from the other Metroid Prime games. The scan visor makes a return which adds extra depth, but once again just copies its brothers. However this also adds replay value because scanning now counts toward your score of percentage. Now in the core of the gameplay (the shooting) is harder this time around. Guess what? A difference! This game lacks the conventional auto-aim which means you need to put more muscle into aiming. There is also various ways to control Samus which makes it much more playable comparable to other First-Person games on the Nintendo Duel Screen (I’m looking at you Goldeneye). The modes of control allow the lazy, the diligent, the softcore, and the hardcore to get complete and easy control. Overall gameplay is solid.

Sound is a perfect to the (extreme) max 10/10

Who can help, but love that crazy and creepy Metroid sound! All areas and tracks work well together. Also, when a rival hunter (or guardian) is in the room the music hit a tense pitch in which warns you to fight off the approaching enemy. Then there is my favorite Metroid song ever in the history of this expansive franchise. This is the Holy Grail known as the theme to Metroid Prime. This is one thing I’m glad that they didn’t change. Also there are the cutscene sounds (particularly the 2nd ending) have catchy tunes (songs for those of you who thinks “tune” is a geeky word). I just really hope the excellent sound passes on to the next Metroid Prime game.

Graphics are a beautiful yet oddly flawed 8/10.

Graphically this game is prettier then shiny diamonds (for a Dual Screen title anyway). The cutscenes are magnificent (they resemble that of Final Fantasy 8). Also the environments show the beautiful expansive environments that have been a constant in the ‘Prime’ franchise. Now you may want to know “why are you getting so happy over the graphics when you only gave them an 8 out of a possible 10?” Easy, the game at times (not frequently, thank goodness) can suffer from bad frame rate. In story mode when massive armies of enemies gather in one area the frame rate crashes under its own weight. Often, this is because you must kill off the bigger creatures to return to full speed. Also, during online play there have been reports of lagging. If Nintendo or NST had seen this prior to its release (they delayed the game a year, so this should have been caught before it went “gold” or ready to ship). So, don’t expect perfect graphics.

The miscellaneous items get a spick and span 9/10.

Lets face it, this game is chocked full of miscellaneous fun. The multiplayer is much improved compared to sister/brother game Metroid Prime 2. There is capture the flag, deathmatch, survival, and other fast paced games of death. There is download play which is the Dual Screen’s pride. You and 3 other friends (who don’t own the game) can hook up via your single game card. However, deathmatch is the only option in download play. Also (according to the website online play deathmatch is the only option (when playing someone not on your friend list). Now, here is my favorite part is most definitely is the fact you can view all the pretty cutscenes that you have unlocked. This makes it much easier because now you (or me) don’t have to play through the main story again. There are multiple (2) endings in this game (this is another constant in the Metroid franchise). The “good” ending all depends on if you perform a certain action in the last boss. The “bad” ending is when you neglect to perform the “good” ending action.

Okay, that’s it.

Final Score: (9+10+8+9)/4=9

So, does MPH live up to the hype? Enough to pass. Does it set its self apart from the other 2 Primes? Not by much. Is it good? I gave it a 9/10, do the math.

Hope this review was a help to you.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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