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Reviewed: 03/27/06

A Metroid in a league of its own.

Metroid Prime: Hunters features a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. Single player is great, but is lacking when compared to the other Metroid games. If you are a hardcore fan of the series you may find yourself a little disappointed. Although if you are just picking up this game to kill things, you’re in luck, Metroid Prime: Hunters is all about shooting and less about story and puzzles, unlike the other Metroids. Single player is sure fun, but don’t go into this game expecting an epic story.

The controls of Metroid Prime: Hunters is amazing. They really did great with using the touch screen capabilities. You can change the control scheme between four different options. You can also change how responsive the touch screen is. The learning curve is about an hour. There are buttons on the touch screen that you may accidentally tap from time to time, but you soon learn where your boundaries are. Even if you do have to look down to see where a button is in the middle of game play, it is absolutely no problem. It only takes a fraction of a second to look down, tap, and look back up and get into the action.

The sound and music are great. Everything you would expect from Metroid Prime. The tracks remain trippy, and give you the feeling of isolation, like you really are this bounty hunter on a Godforsaken planet. The sound effects are wonderful, ranging from blasting guns to screaming monsters to flowing lava to the moving of machines. Every sound and song track is well placed and does its job. It can startle you, soothe you, or just get you in the mood to fight.

The game play is great. It is everything you would expect from a great first person shooter. Occasionally you will experience some slow down at really action heavy parts, but nothing to bad. The creatures in the game act as they did in previous Metroid titles. They move around and attack. The bosses range from other hunters to gigantic bosses. Both are great and alternating between the two really keeps things fresh.

Metroid Prime Hunters has amazing graphics. No other way to put it. Everything is clear and crisp. This is undoubtedly the best looking DS game of its caliber. At times, you really feel like you are playing Metroid on a console. The cut scenes look like something the Gamecube would put out. They are absolutely gorgeous.
Playing Metroid Prime: Hunters online is probably the single best thing you can do on this game. If you have ever played a DS game online before you will know that the online system has been lackluster. Metroid Prime: Hunters changes all that. It gives you stats that you can look at, ranks, and many other options. The system still works with the friend codes, but a new feature is added. If you play someone over the Wi-Fi connection you can add them as a rival. After a match you have the choice of adding them, and when you do, you can see when they are online and set matches up with them. There are fewer limits on this game then any other Wi-Fi game currently out there. You have plenty of different gaming modes to choose from such as death match and capture the flag. There are also many arenas to choose from, ranging from a small size to medium to large.

Although Metroid Prime: Hunters has a great online mode, don’t let that keep you from getting the game if you cannot go online. The single player story is great, and if you have a friend with a DS, you can play together on a single cart mode, which is just as fun. If you like first person shooters, the Metroid games, or can go online, get this game. It has so much to offer, and at $35 it is a steal.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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