Review by Meloman

Reviewed: 03/27/06

Insert overexaggerated hype here

For most people, this game was THE reason to get the DS. Great graphics mimicking the GCN's, wifi, etc. Can't say I blame them.

So Nintendo's been working on this for awhile, and the effort shows...most of the time.

Single Player was actually better than I expected, although if you personally are expecting something along the lines of the other Metroid Prime games, you're gonna be disappointed. The game involves planet hopping between 4 different planets, searching for powerups and such so that you can collect the 8 Ocoliths and unlock "The Ultimate Power." You have the scan visor and combat visor, and for the first time, you start off with the charge beam, missles, and morph ball, and keep them throught the game.

Exploring is fun, albiet tedious when you already got 1 ocolith in the planet you're in. This is because you'll constantly encournter annoying Guardians and other Hunters, which aren't as fun as playing against them in multiplayer.

Also, the only upgrades you get are lasers, so you're not gonna get, say, the spider ball or space jump boots or anything that doesn't involve your gun.

The bosses in this game are pretty lame. There's really only 4 bosses: 2 are repeated 4 times each, and the other 2 are at the very end. The repeated bosses have some variation, but nothing that really "wows" you, except for saying "wow, I'm fighting this jerk again..."

But this game was NOT made for single player. It's all about the multiplayer, and it shows.

If you play locally, you can have 1-4 (bots can be added if there's less than 4 players) friends in single card or multicard, with multicard offering more. The game modes range from deathmatch to capture the flag to king of the hill (different names, of course.) There's a lot of levels (25 in all) and a lot of customization.

Wifi is a mixed bag. First, there's finding random people online. To be blunt, finding people is a pain. You sit there listening to the same boring menu music while you wait for 3 people. Oh! You found a guy! 2 guys! Now 3! FINALLY! AND THEN....

you have 0 opponents...and you wait again.

At this point, you either get an error code or one guy connects and now it's just a boring one on one match. If you get an error code, usually you have to shut off the DS, cause you won't be able to connect again. This happens a lot, even though I never had problems with other games on Wifi.

If you do play a random player on wifi, you're limited to battle(deathmatch). At the end of the match, you can choose to add your opponents to your "rivals" list. Rivals are like friends, except you can't voice chat, because they could be creepy old guys looking for some fun with some little boys.

Friends are people you add via friend code, which is, AGAIN, a totally different set of random numbers. You can look at the stats of all your friends and rivals anytime.

Playing a game with friends and rivals is much cooler. You have an actual lobby, and you can host or join games. You get all the game modes, PLUS, if your friends are connected, voice chat or text chat, although this is limited to the game room, and only before and after matches. So if someone si searching for random opponents, and you want them to join your game, you can't just send them a message. And the chances of friends being the the Friends and Rivals lobby are pretty slim.

The controls take some getting used to, but you can customize it fairly well. The touch screen gets annoying, though, since you can be aiming and accidentally tap a button and change your weapon instead. Or you could tap the weapon button 12 times and not do anything. Now imagine facing people and having this happen.

Overall, the game is fun for multiplayer, but don;t play single player for any other reason than to unlock stuff.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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