Review by WarriorLut

Reviewed: 03/24/06

This is a must own game!!

I bought the game on the release date knowing the game would be great. But I didn't know it'd be this good! For anyone that doesn't know of the Metroid series, this game is a futuristic FPS/Adventure game where you have to travel between planets collecting things to destroy the end boss.

Game play - 10/10
Anyone that likes a FPS game will love this! You basically see out of the eyes of the hunter, looking around for any enemies that you can blast into 1000 pieces, at the same time as hiding from the enemy so they can't do the same to you. One of the best things is the fact that you can use so many different things to kill your enemy. There are tons of upgrades available for you to pickup, as well as your Alt Form, which allows you to move around as a smaller object and attack them with other weapons. Another nice thing about this game, which you don't see in a lot of other games, is the fact that you don't have a huge arrow over your head pointing out your position to everyone (and thus allowing you to be more stealthy).

Story - 6/10
Although the story mode is good, it's a lot shorter than the other games and you feel like you enter a boss battle every half hour or so. The levels are also a little small and it only takes you a few minutes at the most to walk from one side to another. I'm not, however, saying it's not fun to play, and the game is ALMOST worth getting for just the story mode. For the last part (I saved this part for last to point it out more straightforward), the lack of alternate visors is very disappointing.

Controls - 8/10
The controls are really easy to use, however they are not easy to learn and even harder to master (especially the stylus part). Also it's somewhat easy to accidentally activate your Alt Form or Scan Visor if you’re not careful.

Graphics – 8/10
The graphics are actually very well done considering this is on the Nintendo DS. Things do get pixilated at times, but unless you plan to walk into walls and doors a lot, I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal. In fact, the cut scenes in the game are even a whole lot better than the actual game graphics, so I’m giving Nintendo 1-Up on this part!

Sound and Music – 8/10
Taking consideration that the DS has only two small speakers, and not a $500 surround sound multiplex, I think they did a really nice job. It doesn’t sound messy or muffled at all, and gives you more a feeling that you’re really there. It also has all the standard Metroid series music, with some remixes stuck in. And the audio chat feature works almost as perfect as a phone! (Depending on the condition of your DS mic)

Multiplayer – 10/10
The multiplayer mode on this game is awesome! You can earn up to seven characters (the seven hunters), and 26 arenas! The fact that you can only have up to four players in a game at a time kind of disappointed me at first, but after playing a game with four people, I realized that if you had any more, you’d be killed every time you re-spawned.

Replay Value – 10/10
I really doubt I’ll stop playing any time soon! Anyone that likes FPS games will play this every other day for at least a year! Enough said.

Overall – 8/10
This game is great, has been since the first Metroid game came out in the 80’s, and will continue to be forevermore!

Thank you for reading my very first Review! And happy hunting! =)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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