Review by DrollTroll

Reviewed: 04/13/06

Samus will hunt YOU if you dont buy this killer-app!

I have waited for this title ever since I got [First Hunt] way back on December 1, 2004. This game was all I expected it to be, and much, MUCH more!
Graphics 10/10
Easily the best I have EVER seen on the DS. CGI cut scenes are absolutely gorgeous to look at. Samus' interface looks very good, and changed around a little. The way to change sub-weapons is very cool and stylish looking. The levels are very detailed, and fully 3-d. Speaking of which, when you pause the game, the 3-D level map is there and ready to go. All of the enemies look very well done, the Hunters are very good looking, and so is Samus. Power beam shots look beautiful, as they did in Metroid Prime on the GameCube. The Planet-Select interface is very good and futuristic looking. Easy ten here. Thumbs WAY up for Nintendo using Actimagine for the video technology.

Sound 9/10
Sound... Very well done, I give the big N that. Gunshots sound like they should. All of our favorite Metroid tunes are back, from the classic beeping tune after you beat a boss, to the Christian-quire sounding tune when you go into Samus. The music fits every level, and in the opening Cut scene the music is beautiful to my ears. Slipping in headphones and I feel like I'm in there shooting up Zoomers and War Wasps. The DS limits the sound, so that is one point. I know it's harsh, and they can't change the DS technology, but sorry, N.

Story 7/10
This, for me, is the ONLY place Hunters disappoints. *SPOILERS!!!* Someone sends out a message, 7 bounty hunters go to a galaxy to find the 'Ultimate Power', blah blah blah. Not really that original, but still an entrancing story once you get into it. As the story goes on, Hunters try to steal your artifacts from you. Win, they go away for awhile. Lose, they take the artifact and you must hunt them down and take it right out of there greedy hands.

Gameplay 10/10 Nintendo, I love you. *sends a valentine*. Anyway... I love this. The controls are almost perfect. Well, as perfect as it can get on the DS. You track down the hunters to various planets and find Alimbic Artifacts. Fight the Hunters as you go on. Oh, but they come back! I LOVE YOU NINTENDO! Sorry. The good old Scan visor is here, and still working well. The only bad thing is that if you press start, you can't look at lore, enemies, and objects. Nope, got to be at your ship for that. But... The morph ball is here, Missiles, and 6... Yes, 6 sub-weapons. I myself only have 1 at the moment, but still.... I love it already.

Multiplayer 11... Ok FINE!! 10/10
This is where Hunters shines. Single card Multiplayer. Multi-card multiplayer. Nintendo Wi-Fi. It's. All. Here. I don’t have Wi-fi, but it doesn't matter. Why? BOT MULTIPLAYER! You can pick from 7 modes, including Battle, Bounty, Capture (CTF), and Prime Hunter (think Juggernaut from Halo). Also, there are tons of maps. The further you go in the game, the more maps you get. Oh, right, and you can play as Samus, or any of the 6 Hunters. However, you must kill them in Single Player to play them here. Each person has a different Alternate Mode, and an Affinity Weapon. There are 3 difficulty levels for the bots, and up to 4 players can play (You and 3 others).Sounds low, but in the heat of a match it seems like many more.

Buy or Rent?
There is no competition. Buy it. No DS? Sell your PSP, you Sony Lover, buy a DS, and get it.
Kirby: CC? Meteos? Screw them. Metroid is the new Killer App for the DS. Nintendo, this easily is one of the best games to have graced your hands. THANK YOU!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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