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Metroid for the masses. Long time fans: Beware. 03/27/06 Captain_Sack
A Great Game Dented by a Few Unnecessary Faults 01/16/07 _Bones_Zero_
A decent entry, worth playing through at least twice (7.5). 02/25/15 Aegis_Runestone
An EXCELLENT multiplayer game with lacking single-player 10/16/06 Arcanaville
Metroid Sub-Prime Hunters 11/26/07 bluej33
So much hype, such little results 07/31/06 Deathborn 668
A must have. Become the hunter or become the hunted! 08/17/07 Desulated
A must have if you're into FPS multiplayer games. 04/10/06 fabio1021
As a multiplayer FPS, this game succeeds. As a Metroid game, it's terrible. 08/08/06 Gaming King
Underwhelming, really. 10/06/09 Gilgamesh1317
Samus is up and at it again, and probably nothing can stop her. 01/03/07 Jetski10
Does not live up to its name 04/11/07 Mageknight
A sub-par Metroid game 10/15/07 mattchan02
Simply Amazing... 03/06/08 Metroidude477
DS Killer App? Maybe - are you patient? 11/20/07 mikaa
Neither Ridley nor Kraid 02/08/10 Mysmatoria
Slaying Samus the Slayer 05/08/06 NDS_Master
A Prime Example Of Awful Games That Earn Rave Reviews By Being Part Of A Popular Series 07/23/07 OutOfRange
Game makes me sad, I liked the primes 04/02/07 peabody
My first Review 11/05/07 Pikachu34
Another Annoying Metroid Game? One way to find out 05/07/07 Ripper
The only thing that should be hunted are the creators of this game 01/02/07 Shivan Reincarnated
Not as great of a game as it's said to be, Wi-Fi or not. 08/31/07 TyphlosionIsMe
Comprehensive Metroid Prime: Hunters Review 04/24/06 UberSweet
What could have been a halfway decent title is ruined by bad controls. 09/15/06 wolverinefan

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
No one should miss out on this awesome game. 03/27/06 benthekid22
An Impressive Shrinking of a Great Console Series 06/18/12 buruburu1
Samus has some competition nowadays... NOT! 03/24/06 chunkyliver1204
The top Metroid game 04/03/06 Compuman
Best portable FPS of all time, stunning visuals, great multi-player and single player. 03/27/06 corrax8
You haven't experienced Wifi until you see the business end of a blaster 03/24/06 DarkRoninCrono
Samus still has what it takes 03/27/06 darksoulpriest
Samus will hunt YOU if you dont buy this killer-app! 04/13/06 DrollTroll
Touching is good, Shooting is better... 03/27/06 Foxarwing42
No, seriously you guys, this could be the next Halo! 03/24/06 jenovaproject
Too bad I don't have wi-fi... 04/17/06 JonWood007
I'd hate to be an enemy in this game... 03/24/06 Marioface5
Insert overexaggerated hype here 03/27/06 Meloman
Samus is in her Prime as a Hunter! 03/27/06 Nidtendofreak
Hunt down Hunters before it's too late! 03/27/06 PKMNRULES
Nintendo DS's best in multiplayer action 03/28/06 PlasmaTrooper99
A must-have for those with wifi. Without wifi, it's still pretty good 04/03/06 pyroman93
Impressive Single Player, but astounding multiplayer 04/03/06 ReploidProtoman
Excellent WiFi, single player can be worked on a bit 03/27/06 Riphamilton32
Single Player is all that stands between this game and a 10 04/12/06 SageOfTheWise
A Must Buy! 04/14/06 Shrimpcracker89
A Metroid in a league of its own. 03/27/06 stantherobot
The BEST online DS game! 04/12/06 TridentWizard
A good FPS multiplayer with a very condensed single player "Metroid" on the side 09/08/09 videogamer1030
This is a must own game!! 03/24/06 WarriorLut

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