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Reviewed: 09/16/05

Still the Best DS Game on the Market

SM64DS is my first game on the DS and the game is the best port ever, period. This game was just as fun as when I played it on the Nintedo64, maybe even more fun than the Nintendo64 version, I don’t know, and I’m still contemplating. Beating Bowser three different times is really a great accomplishment. Getting all 150 stars is one of those times in a game where you want to pat yourself on the back and after beating Bowser you get rewarded with credits with awesome music. I have played this game for over fifty hours, (maybe more) because it is just that addicting. Now I will talk about the distinct points in the game and also tell you why this game is the best port.

Graphics 8-10
The graphics are a lot better than the Nintendo64 version, but are still chunky and blocky. It’s actually quite amazing to see a hand held game with such solid, grade “A” graphics. There are quite a few graphical glitches in the game that actually make the game a lot cooler, and it’s also very fun to hunt them down more and more of them. The characters' movements are very nicely done, they move very well around the environment. It would be a lie if I said these graphics are top notch because they just lack in this game. I have to keep telling myself this is on a hand held system and the graphics aren't going to be as good as a console game. Just remember that the game doesn’t have outstanding graphics that are really going to make you say, “Wow!” But graphics that won’t make you say, “Boo!” The graphics don’t make any game great, but they still should be good quality.

Game play 10-10
This game is really fun all the way to the end. One of my favorite gaming experiences of my life is beating Bowser the final time and saving Peach. This games game play is absolutely wonderful. Using the D-pad isn't so bad. The first thirty minutes or so you will have to get used to the controls, because they are very different from any other games on the DS. So don’t complain too soon. You have to hold down the "Y" button to run on Standard Mode. On Touch Mode you have to use the stylus which I never got used too. There is also a Dual Hand Mode which I find very awkward, but could fit someone's style. I said before, Standard Mode all the way for me, because it’s what I’m used to doing. It isn't as good as the analog on the Nintendo64, but it comes pretty darn close. Plus the DS doesn’t offer an analog. As for the mini games all of them require you to use a stylus. Most the mini games are very fun, many of them very different from each other. I like all the courses a lot. They differ from each other greatly. You can also wear caps. An example would be if you’re Mario you could pick up Luigi’s or Wario’s cap in the course and you will turn into them. You have to unlock the character to wear there cap, there is a few exceptions on this matter. If you’re Yoshi you can pick who you want to be before every course, unless you haven’t unlocked any of them. I really like the “cap” feature in this game. Some of the stars aren’t obtainable if you don’t switch caps throughout the level. The main objective is to beat Bowser three different times and obtain all one-hundred and fifty Power Stars. You have to use all the characters to get all of the Power Stars. There are eight stars in each course that you have to receive; in addition there are thirty Castle Secret Stars.

Multiplayer 7-10
For being Nintendo’s main release title for the DS, a system that is supposed to have a great wireless multiplayer feature, Super Mario 64 DS did not have a good wireless multiplayer game. It is very fair, maybe worse. The main goal in multiplayer is to collect the most of the five stars available. Multiplayer gets better when you have four players playing instead of just two. There are three courses available to play in. All the courses that are used, all ready are used in Adventure mode. That fact also brings the ratings down. I believe the producers could have put in some more thought. Wario has a swing move in multiplayer where you swing the opposing character and then throw them far away. It is a quite useful move, but Wario needs it because he is extremely slow. My final word on the wireless multiplayer feature is that the producers need to add a few different courses and maybe a different multiplayer game that goes along with the one they already have.

Sound 10-10
The sound is wonderful. When you hear Mario's feet stomping on the pavement then going on to the grass it makes me feel the producers tried very hard. Every sound is fine and timed down just right. There are a few minor mistakes, however. When you punch a hill, it sounds as though you are punching the wall. Another one would be when you fall from a distance whoever you are using will give out a yelp or a scream. All you have to do is dive and he should still be screaming when he is sliding on the ground. Not much could make this game have better sound. Throughout all the levels there is incredible sound.

Value 10-10
The value is great on this game because it will take you awhile to beat the adventure mode. After you do happen to beat it, you can play 28 different mini games; most of them are very addicting. I also challenge myself to do different quests such as the Block less and Cannon less quest, which you try to get as many stars as possible without using the "?" and the cannons. Another great quest is the Yoshi only Quest, which you try to get as many stars as possible using only the Yoshi character. This game is worth the money, believe me here. The only critics on this game are the people who think it is too difficult and don’t like to do much work to beat a game. They are in fact lazy, this games difficulty isn’t easy, but it certainly isn’t hard. If you try and have a little experience in the game, you should be able to beat it in six days. Getting all one-hundred fifty stars is different. That may take you up to three weeks to receive all of them.

Tilt 8-10
There might be a lot of tilt in this game if you never played the Nintendo64 version, but I did way back when I was a little boy. I did give the tilt an 8-10 because I wanted to see how the different characters (Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario) would play and hold up in this game. Luckily, they all had different moves and attributes to keep the game more interesting even if you have already played Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo64. All characters have different attributes which I will list. Mario has 2/3 power, 2/3 speed, and 2/3 jump. He is the overall best player in my mind, because he doesn’t have any weak points. When Mario hits a “?” box, he uses the wings to fly, or the balloon to float. Luigi has 1/3 power, 2/3 speed, 3/3 jump. I really like Luigi because of his precise jumping abilities; he is also by far the best swimmer. Luigi becomes invisible when he hits the “?” box. Yoshi has 0/3 power, 2/3 speed, and 3/3 jump. Yoshi is another great character because he has a flutter kick jump, which lets you hover for a second or two. Yoshi when he hits the “?” box can breathe fire out like a dragon, it isn’t very helpful. Then we have Wario… 3/3 power, 1/3 speed, and 1/3 jump. Wario is very powerful, but is the worst character hands down. He jumps like 3 inches and would run the forty yard dash in about three days. When Wario hits the “?” box he becomes metal and can walk under water.

What more can you ask in a hand held game? This game was a huge surprise to me. I never thought I would like a port so much. The producers did a fantastic job in keeping the same great sound very in the game. They also did a superb job in introducing the new characters. The new worlds were thoughtfully planned and executed just right. The old worlds which have new stars are equally brilliant. My only complaint is the last Bowser. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but if you played the Nintendo64 version and then played the DS version, look how much Bowser has changed. The DS version is also a lot more challenging than the Nintendo64 version. You now have to get 150 stars instead of 120 stars. I have four DS titles, but Super Mario 64 DS is the only one I come back to after I’ve beaten it. The port was successful, now Super Mario DS is being sold for free if you buy a blue DS. I advise you to take this offer, because this, in my opinion, is STILL the best DS game out on the market.

Pros: Sound and Game play. As I said before both the Sound and Game play are really outstanding. The Game play will take some getting used to; it won’t take too long to master the controls. There are three different control modes; they should fit most of the games needs. There are many quests to accomplish and glitches to discover.

Cons: Graphics, they aren’t bad, it’s just that the rest of the game is so great. Yet again I have to remember this is a hand held game that has better graphics than most or all of Nintendo64’s games. Really there aren’t too many cons in this game, if any. So actually this game doesn’t have cons, in my opinion, it just has a con.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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