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Reviewed: 05/23/05

Bringing good games and making them better is...really good

I played Super Mario 64 when I was around 9-10 years old. It was, back then, one of the best, if not the very best, plat former I had ever played. The game had so much variety in its worlds and what you had to do. You didn't just go from world to world, beating up random enemies then kill Bowser to save Peach. The game had a whole new meaning. Mario's transition to 3-D was a huge success, and now the old game nearly everyone probably grew up with is on the Nintendo DS.

Graphics:(9.3/10) The graphics are slightly better than what we all saw in Super Mario 64. They look much the same actually. However, several major things were improved. The character models were made much, much better. Mario looks excellent. Yoshi looks nothing like he did in the original, which is good because he looked god awful there. Luigi is...well he looks the same he always does (which is good) but Wario just doesn't look right. Wario kinda irks me. His face is kinda not made correctly. It looks more like a square block rather than a head, but that's no big deal. Also, Bowser looks much more up to date. He looks totally wonderful, rather than the mess we had before. Other than the updated character models and few other new workings, pretty much the rest of the game looks exactly like it did on the Nintendo 64. The game is still beautiful though. Its many worlds range from ice cold frigid mountains to a land filled with a sea of lava, and another world completely flooded with water. Its all beautiful. There is almost nothing wrong with the graphics of Super Mario 64 DS.

Story:(8.6/10) The story of Super Mario 64 DS is the same thing as it always has been. Bowser kidnaps Peach, same old, same old. Of course, were not about to go stomping over a few Goombas then kick out Bowser. Instead, Nintendo takes it one step further. Bowser kidnaps Peach in the comfort of her own Castle. Bowser has sealed off most of the Castle by taking away the main source of the Castle-its Power Stars. Bowser decided to be a meanie and scattered all of the Power Stars around the Castle, and hid them inside the paintings of the Castle. Bowser created worlds inside these paintings, and sent his baddies to head inside the worlds and guard all of the Power Stars so nobody could steal them back. Well, right before Peach and her kidnapping, Mario receives an invitation to have cake with Princess Peach. When Mario arrives at the Castle, he is surprised that Luigi and Wario have decided the crash their party. Or at least that's what the manual says which doesn't make much sense. Anyways, all three of them enter the Castle, and they never come back. Lakitu (the camera man for the game) becomes concerned and wakes Yoshi up, he has been sleeping like a baby the entire time. Lakitu tells Yoshi that Mario, Luigi, and Wario haven't returned at all from the Castle. Its up to Yoshi to explore the Castle and find out what happened. You soon find out that Mario, Luigi, and Wario have been captured by Bowser (Wait...Mario was captured? By Bowser!?) and he has sealed them behind locked doors. After a series of hints, Yoshi must collect Power Stars to restore Power to the Castle, and to unlock more doors and worlds to hopefully save Mario, who can save Wario and Wario can save...nobody. After unlocking Mario, the famed hero takes the job of defeating Bowser. But of course, if you ever played the original, he just keeps coming back and gets harder every time. The story is a bit better than the original. The only added thing is that you start out as Yoshi and have to rescue Mario, Luigi, and Wario from danger.

Game Play:(10/10) This game is completely perfect. There is hardly any flaws in it. The game itself is a true, 3-D plat former. Most of us should know that 3-D plat formers don't work out very well, but Super Mario 64 DS is one 3-D plat former that is perfect in every aspect. The game is very addicting. The worlds are vast and you will feel the effects in every world, depending on their environments. You will slip and slide around in worlds that are snow covered, and burn up and have your character scream loudly when you fall into boiling lava. Overall, I found the game to be very pleasing, just like the original was.

Music:(9.1/10) The music sounds exactly like what it was in the original Super Mario 64. There is hardly any differences. The only new music there is in the game would be a new Castle Secret Star taking place on some islands, with the Delfino Plaza music from Super Mario Sunshine playing. I must add that the remix is very good, and sounds excellent. The music from Super Mario 64 was awesome the way it already was, so I suspect they decided to not change to formula around. The snow worlds have really good sounds, and the lava and desert worlds have slow, but loud music. The boss battle music is pretty good to, much better than the goofy and bad Super Mario Sunshine boss music. The secret levels in the game have always had good music, and the DS changes the music of most worlds around a little to amplify their sounds, so they sound much better. You can also hear other parts of the music in the back round of the song too. Overall the music is excellent in this game, just like the music in Super Mario 64 was.

Controls:(7.6/10) The most noticeable difference between the DS and the N64 is that there is no Analog Stick. Seeing this, most people think that Super Mario 64 DS would be a pretty hard game to control. Actually, after about an hour of playing, using a D-Pad feels just fine. Of course, even with the D-Pad alone there are still problems. Its annoying that you must hold the Y button to dash. This was probably implemented so that when your not dashing, your moving tip toe over the worlds. Moving like this isn't useful in any way. I fail to see how being able to tip toe is useful at all. But, fans of Super Mario World should be used to holding down the run button (as is I) so I'm fine with it. But the main problem of the D-Pad is that you can easily move in an exact direction. It is hard to aim the direction you want to move with the D-Pad for reasons that are quite obvious. There are only a few places where this is a problem, but they aren't anything major.

Replay Value:(9.7/10) This game is very fun to play over and over again, and you, for sure, will be playing more than once to collect all of the Stars. Also, being a plat former, there are many "special" challenges you can create for yourself such as fewest amount of Jumps per Star, get as many Stars as possible using just Yoshi, and so much more. Its fun making up your own challenges and seeing how good you are at them. You also can't forget the new mini-games that are included with the game. You need to unlock them by catching various colored rabbits. They are pretty easy to find and catch, and when caught, hand over a mini-game. Some mini-games are boring, such as picking off petals in a "Loves me, Loves me not" mini-game. Other games can be really addicting, such as Luigi's Poker. There is a lot to do in this game, and you are bound to be playing for a while to get every un lockable, find every secret, and exploit every glitch.

Buy or Rent?
Definitely buy. There is no way such an awesome game can be passed up. the game, for Super Mario 64 veterans, will easily be beatable in a few days worth of playing time. For those who have never played the game, (let alone heard of it), you will be in for a great experience. Buy this game, you won't be disappointed.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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