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Reviewed: 02/22/05

Holy shiznit this game is off the hizzle fo' shizzle (its good)

Introduction-For those of you who have been living in a hole in Camp Green Lake somewhere, Super Mario 64 was the first 3D game ever made. It revolutionized the gaming industry and made Nintendo 64 famous. Super Mario 64 DS is the remake of this classic game, and makes it PERFECT! With 150 stars to find and more gameplay than you can shake a Super Smash Bros Mele at, you'll be begging your mom to buy you this game by the time your done with this review.

I have never seen a portable game look this good. The graphics are just about better than the original and can rival to most Dreamcast games. They are smooth and only very rarely get choppy. All the characters look good and fairly detailed and Mario looks a lot better this time around. The only problem is that some environments don't look as cool as the old game and Bowser doesn't look nearly as scary as the original either. But niether of those minor errors are nearly big enough problems to bring the score down to a nine. The graphics are remarkably sweet eye candy so I hope your eyes don't have diabetes, lol =).

Sound- 10/10
The sound is also incredible. The music perfectly fits the setting and it has all the old music (including some new ones) as the old game. The character voices sound pretty good too and all the many sound effects your going to hear sound pretty cool too. Its not the best in the world but theres nothing wrong with it and theres a lot of it so it deserves a 10.

Controls- 9/10
One thing before I telll you about the controls. The touch screen option of controls must be some kind of joke and I very strongly suggest you stick with normal. Anyway.......The controls are simple and easy to learn. There are a few combinations of buttons to have to remember but they really are simple. It will probably take about 10-20 mintues to fully get used to the controls depending on how used you are to the DS controls period. I once again say to keep it on normal controls unless your really good with the stylus.

The story is the ol' rescue a princess from a big evil monster plot. But its really fun. Princess Peach invites Mario over for cake. Him and his pals go to the castle to enjoy a nice meal. After they don't return that camera guy wakes up Yoshi whos sleeping on top the castle and tells him he has to go save Mario and everything that went wrong. Bowser trapped Peach and her friends in the walls of the castle. So you must go inside the paintings and the many worlds inside them to get power stars. There are 15 worlds with 7 missions each and a lot of secret worlds with a few different stars hiding in them. Its a lot more fun than it sounds and it sounds pretty fun anyway. The missions vary from collecting 8 red coins or 5 silver stars to racing Koopa the Quick up the mountain or pushing a giant frozen freak with a big mustache off a snowy mountain. There are a lot of different kinds of missions and they get to very challenging when you go deeper into the game. You'll have a lot fun struggling to find all the stars and to beat all the bosses and completing the many different types of missons.

Gameplay- 10/10
Wow. As if it wouldn't be good enough on its own as just a remake of the original, they added everything you could possibly want and a bag of chips. This time around you have Yoshi, Wario, and Luigi helping you. There is so much to do in this game its amazing. In addition to beating the game, you gotta collect 150 power stars. Thats 30 more than the N64 counter-part. Also, every character can collect rabbits jumping throughout the castle and the castle grounds. These rabbits have keys that you use to unlock minigames. These minigames are amazingly addictive and there are a lot of them to boot. Every charcter also has there strengths and weaknesses. For example, Luigi is the best jumper but hes not strong at all, and Wario is the strongest but he litterally can't jump for his life, lol. Another really fun thing about this game is the multiplayer. Its 2-4 players and you can actually use all those moves you got on your opponents. The objective of the multiplayer is too get to the stars before your oppenent does. You can do this in 5 different arenas including Princess's Secret Slide and the Battle Fort with all those annoying rolling ball things. This game is fun even from the menu because you can make Mario or Yoshi's face deformed with the stylus and you can even draw your own little picture adn than make that deformed when it givies you the option to screw around with it with your stylus. This game truly has a lot to offer and you will not be dissapointed with it whether you played through the first one or your a newcomer. All those great reviews can't be wrong and about 2 or 3 bad reviews can be wrong. Buy it!

Buy or Rent
If your reading this part of the review, I don't know why your not asking your mom to buy it for you right now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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