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Reviewed: 12/06/04


Yes, yes, my title seems weird, huh? You go unlock Wario for a while, and trust me, it won't be so weird anymore.

Anywho, umm, I guess it's time for another review. So allow me to start my rambles and praise for this fitting remake. Any Mario fan will agree this is a great game.

Story -- 8/10

Well, this has a nice twist on the original N64 classic's plot to make it seem less bland. Mario goes for cake courtesy of the princess, but Luigi and Wario hear and crash the party! Many hours later, Yoshi (Who sat upon the castle in the original after recieving 120 Stars) wakes up and must save Mario and his motley crew, who've been trapped with Peach inside the paintings by Bowser. Now Yoshi takes the spotlight to save the gang!

Gameplay -- 10/10

C'mon, it's Super Mario 64! You expected a LOW score in gameplay? ...Ok, fine I'll tell you why it's so great.

The controls are solid, very easy to pick up and play. The touch screen is used to solve the original's biggest problem: the CAMERA. It's also a helpful map. The levels haven't changed much. They've done things to reduce the annoyance factor (Such as a slope in the black hole of Hazy Maze Cave) and changed the star placements a little bit to make it feel like a new game. Don't worry, the change isn't too dramatic. There's also tiny new levels, such as the Sunshine Isles, which bears *ahem* a remarkable similarity to Delfino Island of Super Mario Sunshine.

Also, notice I said "Luigi" farther above. You know what this means? L IS REAL IN THIS GAME! That automatically ups this game's score.

Speaking of characters, though, the new ones add a lot to the game. The original cap powers are divided between characters: Luigi gets Vanish, Wario gets Metal (That's gotta be heavy. o_O;;), and Mario gets the Wing Cap. There is also a few new abilities, such as Mario's ability to inflate and float around, and Yoshi's new ability to spit fire ala Super Mario World 2.

Graphics -- 10/10

Nintendo LIES. They said it was a a little more powerful than the N64. A LITTLE!? The characters look like they were ripped out of Mario Party 5. The levels are clean and superb. A HUGE improvement over the original, that's for sure.

Replayability -- 10/10

There are 150 Stars to collect in this game. That's 30 more than the original. There's also new mini-games in here that creatively use the touch screen. Yoshi has puzzle games, Mario's games involve touching on the stylus, Luigi has card games (And I must say, Luigi is awesome dressed as a card dealer), and Wario gets "arcade style" games, including the infamous Slingshot game. You'll learn too that the Slingshot game owns. Trust me, you'll always come back for more.

Overall -- 10/10

This is a fine start for the Nintendo DS. I'm sure there's better things to come, such as the upcoming Mario Bros. DS, Warioware Touched!, and Animal Crossing DS. But so far, not bad, Nintendo. Not bad at all.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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