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Reviewed: 11/28/04

The classic original updated, upgraded, and now rated

Super Mario 64 DS is a remake of the classic original Super Mario 64 except with more features, characters, stages, and many more objectives.

STORY: - 8.00 - / - 10.00
The storyline is almost the same as the original Super Mario 64, except it has been edited to include Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi. Mario, Luigi, and Wario are invited to Peach's cake party (as the original), but the fail to return, so Yoshi must now rescue the bros. This doesn't take too long, so the plot remains the same.

GRAPHICS: - 9.00 - / - 10.00
The graphics are barely better than the original, but it's mesmerizing to see three-dimensional graphics on a handheld. A few minor changes are Mario is skinnier, characters actually have fingers, and effects look a tad bit more realistic.

SOUND: - 9.00 - / - 10.00
The sound effects are the same as the original, however, the lack some of the sounds we remember like Mario swimming underwater sound. Some of the music has been recreated. It sounds basically the same, but has a little remix to it. For example, when you get a star, it does the "Doodle-a do de do do!" accompanied with a little jazz insert at the end.

DIFFICULTY: - 9.00 - / - 10.00
The game has changed quite a bit missionwise. Some of the old missions in courses are gone like the mission in the first stage in which you had to cannon onto that platform in the sky to get the star. Instead, they've replaced it along with other missions in the game with a mission titled "5 SILVER STARS!" in which you must collect five silver stars in that stage. A lot of extra rooms have been added to the castle like the rec-room (the mini-game room) and a few rooms have been recreated. For example, the room in which you had those three princess peach pictures with brick walls around them has become a giant character-room. You can still access that slide, though. Another hard feature is that Mario can't turn Invisible or Metal anymore. Characters have to obtain what's known as a 'power flower' which enables a special skill such as Wario's turning into metal and Yoshi's breathing fire. One last hard thing is that due to this inability of powers, only certain characters can do certain missions. For example, Yoshi can't race Koopa in the first stage. Instead, only Mario can. And basically the hardest yet most inspiring thing is that there is 150 stars to collect instead of 120.

SPECIALS: - 8.00 - / - 10.00
Specials are special features or levels in the game that surprise you and make the game a heck of a lot better. For example, one extra stage is based of off Mario Sunshine.

REPLAYABILITY: - 7:00 - / - 10.00
In terms of replaying the game after it's completed, there's a moderate chance of satisfaction the second time around.

EXCITABILITY(FUN): - 10.00 - / - 10.00
This game is even better than the original because of the added stages and rooms, not to mention features like mini-games.

STYLINATION: - 8.00 - / - 10.00
Stylination is the importance of the touch-screen. It doesn't not prove too useful in adventure mode, but in the numerous mini-games, everyone involves the touch screen.

DUAL SCREEN: - 8.00 - / - 10.00
The top screen basically shows the character and the environment. The bottom screen projects a map and any stars available there.

OVERALL: - 9.00 - / - 10.00
As I mentioned earlier, the game is a lot better than the original. With all the added features, and the classicness of the game, it's a must-buy for anyone who is both a Mario fan and owns a DS.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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