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Reviewed: 11/27/04

Mario 64 plus Mario Party combined

Mario 64, the N64 classic is relived on the Nintendo DS to an incredible display of graphics for portability. Sound is nearly as you remember it as N64 with slight different that wont even bother you at all. Solid title, its something that everyone could own if they are in to platformers or wish to relive their memories of N64. Its not without some control flaws, you'll miss the analog and the C buttons but I'm sure most of us will find a way around it. Time for the break down.

Graphics 10

What can I say, its an N64 in your hand. One thing I notice is the graphics aren't as sharp as it is in the original yet you can see so far away. I hardly see any polygon breakup which is all good. Its still amazing to have a high graphic game like this "to go."

Sound 10

Yes, all your favorite music is back, all the songs you remember in Mario 64 is here. Sound effects is all good too, not a single one out of order. There has been slight differences from the original but its not disturbing at all, you'll hardly notice it at all. In fact, maybe its an improvement, its is traditional mario sound effects from the previous games.

Story 8

You don't know the story? Guess you haven't played Mario 64. Well Mario is invited to Princess Peach's castle for some cake. Now here's the twist from the original, along with Mario he invites Luigi and Wario too. The three go to the castle while a sleepy Yoshi sleeps on the castle. A few hours later, Lakitu wakes Yoshi and says that Mario and friends haven't returned yet and its up to Yoshi to find them. That's right, you DONT use Mario from the start but his green companion Yoshi.

Gameplay 9

If ya love platformers but with a slight twist this is worth it. You'll be playing for hours trying to collect the stars that big bad bowser have hidden through out the castle. It'll be frustrating to get some of the stars if its too difficult or perhaps with control problems. Get over it. Throw in enough mini games to make it into a small Mario Party and ya got yourself a solid title with hours among hours of gameplay. Multiplayer is very nice too as other DS players only need you to host. Up to 4 players on a single cartridge of play, everyone gets to play Mario 64. Can it get any better? Well if someone ya can add on a analog and C buttons then it can. Well . . . just get use to using the stylus. Once ya get use to it, you'll have perfect analog control, it'll just take some time though.

Replay 10
Not without some control flaws which can easily be overlooked and adjusted, Mario 64 DS offers so much for a little cartridge. There's a lot more content in this version of Mario 64 which will keep you busy, mini games also to keep you very busy, and multiplayer to keep you and your friends busy. For the first few weeks of the launch of the DS, this game will be the one that stays in your DS mostly. Now once someone gets a tunneling thing working for DS, the replay will no longer be a 10 but a remarkable 20!

Get this game, yes, get it. Not a fan of Mario? Perhaps you will be after playing. The future of some DS games may require you to be more stylus skilled and Mario 64 is the game that offers to practice and work you over till you are a pro using it. You'll be busy for a long while playing Mario 64. In your group of friends that you play games with, this is a title that perhaps everyone should own but is made so that only one person is needed to play multi. The reason why I say everyone should own it is simply because no one may wanna give up their copy to lend in a good long while. As far as future online prospects of Mario 64 being tunneled, very possible. Play without a cartridge, just download it off someone who's hosting on the network, its all very possible. Enjoy and play the great game of Mario 64.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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