Review by Raven22

Reviewed: 11/23/04

I know what you're thinking, Super Mario 64 again?!

First of all, I would like to say that without a doubt, this is the first game you should pick up for the DS out of the launch titles. Even though this game is a remake from the N64 version, it is still awesome with new features such as multiplayer, mini-games, and 30 extra stars for you to collect.

Gameplay If you've played the original Super Mario 64, you'll know what this game has to offer, with collecting stars and defeating bowser. Unlike the original however, you start with Yoshi who is trying to find his friends after they are invited for cake with Peach. After you find Mario, Luigi, or Wario, you are able to switch between them to tackle levels with their unique abilities. Although gameplay is a blast, I love the mini-games. I believe there are 8 per character, but only 2 are available at the start. They include card games, rolling a snowball as fast as you can, slinging cannon balls to knock bomb-ombs out of the sky, as well as many other unique games. To unlock more of the games, you must find and capture rabbits in the adventure mode.

Graphics What can I say, graphics are clean and crisp. In my opinion, they look even better than the original game, and this is on a handheld! When I play I feel like I have my N64 along with me in my hands. I love this feeling =]

Sound Sounds are excellent. With the DS, the sounds come as if it were from a TV. Hearing Mario yelling "Mama Mia!" brings butterflies to my stomach. Ah what Mario can do to people...

Control Although I'm not too thrilled with the controls, I don't see them as a negative aspect of this games. You can switch between three different modes: Standard, Touch, and Dual Hand. I prefer Standard since using the touch pad isn't a must and I can concentrate on the game at hand more. Playing for the first time might fell a little weird with the controls, but it will become much easier with practice.

Multiplayer And finally we get to multiplayer. Love it. Love it. Love it. Basically what you do is you start out with Yoshi and you go around collecting starts while your friends do the same. There are different colored caps, each representing Mario, Luigi, or Wario, that will transform you into the respective character and allow you to bash other players to steal their stars. The thrill is when you have 2 second left and you steal somebody else's star. What a laugh at them that is.

Overall, this game is definitely a must-get and one that will become a favorite. Bringing back Mario from the N64 will bring back memories of playing the original more than 8 years ago.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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