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Reviewed: 06/16/09

A Launch Title as a remake of a Launch Title 8 years later!

This game is a Launch Title for the revolutionary Nintendo DS, however it is really a remake of another Launch Title for the also revolutionary (for 1996-2001) Nintendo 64! Both veteran gamers to the N64 version and newer ones for this will absolutely love this game!

~Story~ 10/10
Princess Toadstool Peach is inviting Mario, Luigi, Wario for a party at her castle, with cake!! Who could resist this wonderful chance for some awesome cake and a tour of her Peach's massive castle! So the trio set out for this party, while Yoshi is snoozing atop the castle, unaware what is going on or is going to happen! Later, Yoshi awakens, and Lakitu informs him that Mario and his friends have been missing for a long time. This is not good! It's up to Yoshi (for now) to investigate the castle and save his buddies!

~Gameplay~ 7/10
The 4 heroes explore a fully 3-D world. Their home base-where they begin at and enter different worlds, is of course, The Princess' Castle. They enter worlds in a quite unique fashion-by jumping into paintings! Each world has several Power Stars, which the heroes use to open new doors and areas. There are 150 in all, however they don't need all of them to finish the game. Now for the bad parts: the controls and the camera. You see, since the game was developed for the N64, which uses a Control Stick, when they ported this to the DS, it's the same world alright, in full 3-D, but the DS uses a Control Pad, and my fingers have been hurting by trying too hard to move around, since the stick is a light. push or pull, the pad is a press, however this has been fixed by adding a dash button. You can also use the Touch Screen to be original. I also hated the camera. A lot of the time, when I tried to move the camera via L, it would go "bibib" which means I can't do it, so the camera would always end up in the wrong place and I would die or get hurt!

~Graphics~ 9/10
The graphics are a giant leap from the N64 version. They are very beautiful, but some DS games have better graphics, but since this is the first one, it deserves to get a 9 for graphics.

~Sound~ 10/10
Beautiful revamped sound from the N64 version, and now there are even more sounds with 3 more characters and abilities. Some of the sounds have been edited to include the sound for a game that updated a sound from the N64 version.

~Version Differences~ 10/10
There are many differences, and I plan on including a lot of the major ones. First of all, we have 3 more characters and the story is gigantically changed from the N64. The Touch Screen is available for use as one of the game modes. Now that there are 4 characters, they all have a special ability from special flowers: Mario can inflate to a balloon and float, Luigi can be invisible, Wario can be metal, and Yoshi can breathe fire. Each character also has an ability they have without the boxes: Luigi can float on a back flip, Yoshi can swallow and flutter jump, Wario can break heavy things, and Mario can wall jump. Since the game has a pad, you use Y to dash. There are 150 Stars, 30 more than the original's 120. In the N64, after getting all stars you could go on the roof where Yoshi is, and he would give you 100 lives and a special triple jump, but since Yoshi is now playable, it has been deleted. Each character except Yoshi also has a cap in stages. Anyone can get any cap except their own and have all of the cap owner's characteristics except their voice. One room has 4 doors in it, 3 are character rooms, where the characters switch out if they have the key for the door. The last one is a special door opened with a key from some rabbits, it has a star the first time you enter, the second and beyond times, it has a bunch of boos and they chase you out. To enter the castle, Yoshi has to catch a rabbit, which has the key to the castle. There are now 36 mini-games which you get keys for from rabbits. There is DS Download Play, which is a highly updated version of link Play on the GBA, DS Download Play is the Multiplayer aspect of the game.

~Lasting Appeal~ 10/10
This game will last a long time for you, with 150 stars, you'll get a great kick out of the game. With the Mutiplayer function, you'll also want to keep playing, now with friends!

This game is nothing less than the original, but everything more! Anybody will get to love this game, and yet, with the minor flaws, everything overrules them, and so it deserves a 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Mario 64 DS (US, 11/20/04)

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