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Reviewed: 01/05/09

A potentially great game absolutely ruined by control issues.

I had a Nintendo 64 when I was little, but for some reason Super Mario 64 was not a part of my gaming collection. The DS version was the first chance I had at the game, and after playing a fair share of platformer and adventure games (even SM64 successors Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy), I still can't bring myself to have an enjoyable gaming session. All the fun and magic of the game that everyone seems to love is absolutely overshadowed by the awful controls and camera issues.

SM64DS follows the basic story outline from previous games - Princess Peach is kidnapped and you must traverse through a wide variety of stages in order to face off against Bowser and save the day. The formula remains the same and is hardly in need of a touch up - but let's be honest for a minute. If you're playing SM64 for its story, you might as well just beat yourself in the head with a hammer.

The worlds look great on the DS screen - I'm told the graphics are touched up slightly, and other than looking like an early 3D game (which it is) it's immersive and entertaining in all the details that a gameplay world should be. The worlds are colorful with various enemies to fight and paths to traverse.

The sound effects and music are great as they come out of the DS speakers. I don't use headphones much and never had reason to during the gameplay.

The gameplay itself is fine (excluding the absolutely abysmal camera and control issues) and downright enjoyable while you travel around searching for power stars.

Unfortunately, all of these are nullified because the controls and camera - two facets wholly necessary in adventure/platforming gameplay - are horrendous. I found myself constantly attempting to tweak the camera in order to see my goals, or even the enemies around me. There were a number of times when I found myself stuck in a narrow hallway near a hole, and because of my inability to change directions/camera angles, I find myself losing a life (another complaint about the series in general - resetting life stock is no excuse!) and shutting off my DS.

Needless to say, I was disappointed in the game that was hailed as one of the best of its generation. Don't get me wrong - I can appreciate what it did for the video game industry when it was first released. But the few faults are simply too exceedingly bad that any and all enjoyment is negated. Skip this game.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Super Mario 64 DS (US, 11/20/04)

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