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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zero_Hero789

Version: Final | Updated: 09/30/06

Super Mario 64 DS
GameMatrix Guide Version 2.2
By Zero_Hero789
Copyright Billy Kirby 2006
The unofficial guide

And thanks to Nintendo for increasing the gameplay of an already
awesome game ;)

And of course, my family and "Santa Claus" ;) for without them, this
wouldn't exist.

Who else? I dunno, but hey! If you want to submit something or correct
an error, e me!

And thank you evolution for giving us thumbs. Yay!


The guide isn't THAT big, but you can use the find option for what
you're looking for. It just SEEMS big. So stop complaining already.
Look at the bar thingy at the right. Some guides have bar thingies
MUCH smaller, and some can't get small enough. This bar thingy is 
nice. (okay, maybe not...)

Version 1.0
1.1 = Yay! I started! I got all the way to the first bowser battle
coverage. August 13, 2005
1.2 = I fixed an error in my Walkthru. Couldn't get much done for all
it's worth; added two more star walktrhus (13 and 14) started #15. 
August 14, 2005
1.3 = Um, I finished the 15* Walthru, And fixed a huge error I found! 
I also decided to play with the walkthru. I may find ever more errors!
August 15 2005
1.4 = Woah, I got al the way to Star 51! From Star 19. August 25, 2005
1.5 = Score! After getting even more stars, I made it to Star 80!
Eventually, I got all the way to starting the walkthru for star 100!
August 28, 2005
1.6 = I finished the walkthru! Now I just have to finish the secrets
and Stuff to Find sections! August 29, 2005
1.7 = This is not the final version, I need a questions section! But
otherwise, the guide is complete! Yay. Woohoo. Party. August 30, 2005
1.8 = Yay I added more stuff, including this! August 31, 2005
1.9 = It has been formattedso it can be read on a small Notepad
window. It took forever, but it was worth it folks! I also added a
credits section. October 2, 2005
1.10 = By the way, the FAQ
section has pre-print questions. Check these before asking me anything
please. I also made the Legal Info less threatening. December 5, 2005
1.11 = Got rid of the pre-prints, figured people can ask by themselves
as they are not that amazingly stupid. December 20, 2005
1.12 = Switched the 4,5, and 6 stars around so it's 6, 4, 5. December
21, 2005
1.13 = Changed the font to something cool, will be very weird. January 3, 2005.
2.1 = moved my e-ddress to the back so people can see the Friend Code
thingy. Also added my first question! January 26, 2006
2.2 = added a Yahoo! server notice. January 31, 2005

SPOILER WARNING: I will keep secrets submerged until you MUST exploit
them, and a list is at the bottom of the file. Do not use this file if
you want no secrets revealed. And skip the Stuff to Find section; it
is a huge spoiler.


Legal Info
Now, this is very important. Please, do not copy this guide, print
this guide for other than personal use, sell this guide, or put this
guide on another site without my permission.
Please, check with me before you do anything with this guide.



Q: Will more stages be unlocked by beating the third/final Bowser?
A: Nope, sorry! But by beating Apacolypse Bowser, you unlock the
outside cannon and the lame secret ending (not so lame, just is a
minor change. sucks >:()

Q: Hey, why didn't you make a stage guide?
A: My path through the game is proven to work. It's really easy.
Besides, a stage guide would only make this thing even bigger. And
we all know we don't want that.


Stuff to find

Coins: Collect fifty for a life. Collect em to recover health. Collect
100 for a star.

Power Star: These babies are the reason you're playing this game to
win. These stars don't turn you invincible, but you should collect
them anyway to get even one thing unlocked. There are 150; that's 30
more than last time! Collect them all to beat the game 100%!

Red Coins: Collect all eight in a level to make a star appear!

Crystal Case: These are the globes you see floating. Stars appear in
them when you collect five Silver Stars, or press the Star Switch.
Smash it to automatically collect the star.

Star Switch: Usually you press these in Switch Star levels. Press it
to make the star appear in the Crystal Case. It lasts a limited time,
so hurry!

Silver Star: These only appear in Silver Star hunt levels or stars.
Collect all five to make the star appear in the Crystal Case. There is
a catch; get hit and you lose one. You can recollect it though.

Koopa Shell: Get it to surf until you hit an obstacle.

Super Mushroom: Yes your eyes aren't fooled! These mushrooms make you
grow big. Smash items to get 1-ups!

1-up mushroom: These are hidden everywhere. They aren't that hard to

Switch: These red ! switches activate something nearby. They are
usually along the path.

Warp Pipe: These have been around forever. But in the Big Tiny
Mountain Level, jump in to switch between big or small. Bowser levels
just warp you to Bowser.

Blocks: These obstacles are just in the way. Yoshi can't break them.
They can be hiding anything apart from enemies.

Black Blocks: Just like Blocks, but it takes a Wario Whack to smash
these sturdy things. They usually hide things important to getting a
star, such as red coins, Silver Stars, or Star Switches.

Blue Coins: These bad boys recover 5 health points and are 5 coins!
Find these if you want that 100 coin star. Hit a switch to reveal

Yellow Block: Hit these to reveal an item!

? Block: Hit these to reveal a wing as Mario, Power Flowers, or
Bob-Omb without a cap!

Wings: Mario uses these like Wing Caps from the 64 version. It's just
like flying an airplane.

Power Flower: These give each character a unique ability.

? Switch: At the Rainbow Tower level, this is the big thing in the
center. Hit it to activate the ? Blocks.

Painting: No really. These are the entrances to most of the levels.
Some are pits, some are walls, one is even inside a Boo!

Caps: These? Oh these turn you into the character they represent. Red
caps turn into Mario, Green is Luigi, Yellow is Wario.

Red Bob-Ombs: They can detect Red Coins. They show you the locations
on the map.

Pink Bob-Ombs: They unlock cannons. They are the same color as a Red
Bob-Omb, but I gave them different names for clarification.

Rabbits: These guys have keys to the rec room where you can play
mini-games. There are 28 rabbits, 7 for each character.

Keys: These are castle keys, character keys, or rec room keys. You get
two castle keys from a rabbit and the glowing rabbits, the other
castle and character keys come from bosses and Bowser. Rec room keys
are found by catching rabbits.

Cannons: Activate these by talking to Pink Bob-Ombs. These blast you
to new areas!

Big Star: This is your goal: to get the Big Star! Collect it to win
the game!

Super Star: These are the stars in Multiplayer. Collect the most to be
the SuperStar!

Toad: These guys hang out in the castle, giving you hints on what you
can do to make things easier, and three will give a star each!

Firepit: In the Cold Cold Mountain level, these are just trouble if
your not Yoshi. Yoshi has to swallow and spit fire to uncover two red

Faker Coins: These enemies pose as coins in the Giant Snowman level.

Penguin: Race, help, or even ride these friendly creatures in the
Winter levels!

Bullies: These guys just shove you around, trying to knock you into
some harmful thing. Wario is the best against them, Yoshi has a

Goomba: Don't be intimidated. These small fries are easy to beat. Just 
hop on their heads.

Bob-Omb: The trio of plumbers can just throw em away, Yoshi has to
spit them away.

Tiny Box: Use these as eggs, break them for coins, or throw em at

Koopa Troopa: Jump on em to get the shell. Kill em for a shiny Blue

Chain Chomp: He only appears at the Battlefield, but this guy dishes
out 3 ticks of ouch. Get rid of the stake holding him in place for a

King Bob-Omb: The main boss of the Battlefield. Spit bombs or pick him
up and throw him to damage him.

Pihrana Plant: Either these guys sleep, or they pop out of nowhere to
hurt you. At two tick a hit, I'd avoid them if only it weren't for the
blue coin you get for killing them... but some won't give you a blue
coin, so it might be more trouble than it's worth. In the tower
levels, they breathe fire for 3 ticks.

Thwomp: These guys have certainly changed from the last game! They now
look like the old ones. Still avoid them; two ticks a squash isn't

Whomp: These don't float in the air. They try to squish you by taking
two ticks. Make them fall and avoid the hit. Ground Pound their back.

King Whomp: Just the same as a Whomp, but much, MUCH bigger.

Bullet Bill: These guys can'tbe destroyed, and they hurt like three

Clam: These guys live underwater, and they open when you get close.
Get what is inside, and get out of the way.

Eel: This guy should be pretty much ignored unless you are doing the
second star of Jolly Roger Bay.

Boo: You must use a capped hero to beat these guys back to the grave.
They can do two ticks of damage.

Big Boo: This guy will hurt you for a three ticker, but he's just a
strong Boo.

Mr. I: This guy should never be able to hit you. Just run around in
circles to beat him and geta shiny Blue Coin.

Pider: These guys you jusst jump on em for three coins. One tick they
will take.

Block Crazy: This block has a face and is hopping up and down. Pick it
up to go up, up, and away!

Snifit: These guys float around, shooting at you to take a tick. Turn
metal and backflip into.

Monty Mole: These guys can be stopped, but not destroyed. They take a

Gas: Yeah, the purple stuff will take a tick for however long you're
in it.

Water: You swim in it doofus.

Wiggler: This odd ball will do random damage. Beat him for a star.

Fly Guy: This guy will either ram you, or breath fire at you. Damage
is random.

Tornado: This will whirl you up in the air.

Tox Box: This enemy is undestroyable. You must make sure that if it's
about to fallon you, the hollow side will fall on you. Otherwise, that
two less ticks to worry about.

Quicksand: This will either kill you, or slowly pull you down. If it
is slowly pulling you down, jump repeadeately to live.

Sea Creatures: These will hurt you underwater.

Whirlpool: This will kill you should you get too close.

Snowies: These guys are like the Mr. I for winter, but you have to be
closer for the desired effect, and they hurt more.

Ice water: This is underneath the Icee Bully, and it's like lava; 3
ticks for falling into it.

Frezzing water: Don't swim in this stuff! Only appearing in the Wario
and Snowman levels, this will quickly sap your health even if you're
on the surface. Stay away form it!

Twirly: These guys are to be punched or jumped on; do the latter to be
sent up in the air twirling to new platforms. They take 2, give 3.

Ice Block Shooter: You oughta Triple Jump over this, or it will push
you into the freezing water in the snowman level.

Mega Goomba: If you're on the Big Mountain part of Big-Tiny Mountain,
the Goomba will deal twice as much damage, and must be jumped on to
destroy, therefore Luigi is your best bet.

Lakitu: This guy is really annoying. He throws Spikers at you, so get
rid of him with a Jump Kick. He gives five yellow coins.

Fire Ball: This indestructable little ball with a face will shoot fire
at you.

Mini-Goomba: If you're on Tiny Mountain, the goomba will not deal
damage! Time the jump or punch just right to get his coin.

Mini-Koopa: Just squash him to get his blue coin.

Monkey: This guy won't hurt you, but if you pick him up, he will steal
your cap.

Your Character's Cap: That's not good if you see it. If you don't get
it back, you'll take more damage, and [?] produce Bob-Ombs!

Recovery Heart: The faster you run through these, the more health you

Ancient Beast: The boss of the pyramid.

Dorrie: The dragon at the Hazy Maze Cave.

Snowman: The giant one will blow your cap off. The small one lost his

Clouder: This annoying guy will blow your cap off.

King Goomba: Remember this guy from Paper Mario? Beat him to unlock

King Boo: Remember this guy from Luigi's Mansion? Beat him to unlock

Chief Chilly: I don't remember this guy. Beat this unknown to unlock

Bowser: This is the final boss in each level of the castle. You fight
him at the foyer, basement, and tower top. Each fight is tougher than
the last.

Odd ball: Occasionally on Tiny Mountain start, this will show up and
do damage.



Our Heroes and Villain

Mario: Yay! This is our favorite Koopa smushing character. And Goomba
smushing. He is the average joe in just about every Mario game, but
unlike other Mario games, he can't do everything. So don't always use
him or you won't get all 150 stars.

Yoshi: Actually, this is prtty funny, but he is the main hero of the
game in a weird twisted way. He is the savior of the plumbers two and
plunderer one. He has the best possible position, but is not that fun
to play as. You can select everyone you unlocked if you jump into a
painting as Yoshi, which is his best ability. He can't destroy squat
when it comes to blocks.

Luigi: This guy is one of the funnest characters to play as because of
his awsome abilities. He can do almost anything but bully bullies, and
break Black Blocks.

Wario: This guy is weird. He is fun to play as mainly because Toads
talk funny to him. He's the only character who can break Black Blocks.

Princess Toadstool: You may know her better as Peach? Nevertheless,
she has been kidnapped by Bowser (again, you'd think she'd learn) so
your mission is to save her and the castle.

Toad: This guy is the little guy with a mushroom for a head. He gives
you advice depending on who you are, and three of em give you stars!

Koopa the Quick: This guy. He's not as annoying as Piantasimo from
Super Mario Sunshine, but he's still annoying. Race him twice to get
two stars.

Bowser: Well DUH. This is the main villain (again, DUH) of the game.
He has a bunch of painful attacks. Strangely, his tail is smaller than
it was in the last game, so you may have a tougher time getting a hold 
of him.


Story Line - The beginning.
One day, Mario gets a letter from his fine maiden, the princess:

"Dear Mario,

Please come to the castle. I've baked a cake for you.

Yours Truly,
Princess Toadstool

Yum, Peach had cake! Mario tells Luigi to dress for the castle.
Meanwhile, Wario hides in the bushes. "Oho! A cake! And the Power
Stars at the castle. I've hit a gold mine! Ahahahahahah! I just trick
Mario into inviting me!"

Wario gets to tag along, and the three head for the castle.

Yoshi snoozes on top of the castle. A news Lakitu shows up to film the
occasion. Soon, the couple of plumbers and the plunderer show up and
head inside the castle. The noise inside wakes up Yoshi. He walks
somewhere else to sleep, wondering what all the screaming was about.

Lakitu wakes him up a couple of hours later.

"Yoshi! Mario and the others haven't come out! They should have left
30 minutes ago! Find out what's going on!"

Yoshi, with a little worry in his half-closed eyes, set off for the
catsle. And thus, the adventure unfolds!


Walkthru Part 1 - Detective Yoshi in the Case of the Missing Plumbers!

-You now can control Yoshi-
First things first: learn the controls! Make sure they are set to
standard, the default. Move towards the sign in front of you. Face the
sign while touching it, and press A. You will read the sign. It
teaches you the basic controls. To learn advanced manuvers, read the
other signs (or find that instruction manual, bum). Head back to where
you started to begin a makeshift tutorial I invented.

-Tutorial: Yoshi's basic controls-
First, move around with the control pad. Move in all four directions
for 10 seconds.
Next, jump three times with B.
Double jump (B,B) three times.
Tounge (A) Four times.

Now, run for the castle. You can hold Y while walking to run, or hold
Y only to charge up, then push the control pad to charge. Touch the
door to find it's locked. Yippie! Our second change from the original.
Lakitu will tell you he saw the key. Use your handy map (finally! we
got our map we wanted SO much!) to find it. Instead, however, you'll
see a yellow (?) bunny. Eat it (or attempt to) and it will plead you
to release it. It will give you both a breif lesson on manners and how
bunnies are NOT dino food, and a key to the catsle. You haven't seen
the last of the bunnies. Unlock that castle door and head in.

It seems the castle got one of those talkative security systems (like
at Westfield mall where it goes "welcome blahblahbalh") and they wired
it to laugh at Yoshis and give fake information that no one is home.
That's not very nice, discriminating dinosaurs (not to mention PETA
would not like it very much), but Yoshi has more important matters to
attend to. Talk to the Toad in the left corner, and enter the door
with a blank star on it. If you played the old game, you know what to
do, but for new comers, run at the painting, don't jump on it. The
painting will act like water after you splash it (very cool, yet very,
VERY gross). Now jump in it. Yes, i said IN the painting. You will be
warped to an alternate dimension (that castle must have a lot of bill
in the mail about installation of these thing.) that reflects what the
painting depicts. In this case, you end up in level 1 the Bob-Omb
Star 1 - War is chess; topple the king with the knight (or his dino)

You land next to a pair of pink Bob-Ombs. They won't blow up in your
face, but rather, talk to you. They are in the middle of a war with
the black side, and need your help; their number are dwindling FAST.
Head toward the bridge on the path from the cannon. You see a Goomba.
Don't be intimidated; eat him or jump on him. if you eat him, press
the button again to spit him, or crouch (L) to turn him into an egg.
Eggs are shot wiht A and home in on enemies. Head up the bridge and
follow the path. You see a Chain Chomp. This guy cannot be killed, so
ignore and avoid him. He has a hurt rating of 3. Ya. Follow the path
(more) and climb the stairs. Bob-Ombs and Water Bombs are here.
Bob-Ombs, when they see you, will light the fuse and track you until
BOOM! Water Bombs are shot from the cannon on the mountain. They track
you (if you see the shadow, run) until they pop. They are not harmless
(it's real war here!). Run thru the gate. Obviosly, you see a red coin
and try to run up to it. No, that's stupid and wastes time. You can
get to the same place in half the time by goin' into the trenche to
your right. Avoid the giant balls and follow the path. Keep goin
(jumping over balls along the way) until you reach a crevice where
balls come from (that sounds...wrong). Jump in and stand in the
middle. Voila! You are transported to the one up at the top. Climb up
and talk to the King Bob-Omb.

*Boss Battle for Stars - King Bob-Omb*
You can't pick him up like last time, so how do you beat him? Well, he
trows bombs at you. Eat em and spit em at him to do damage. Do this 3
times, and his fuse is put out. He give you a Power Star. Grab it!

Star Count (SC) = *1
Yoshi is on a roll! or you are. Whatever. But you have conquered your
fist boss being relativly inexperienced! (you do get used to the weird
controls eventually) But you still have a mystery on your hands; what
happened to the others? for now, head back to the foyer. Go up the
stairs to the door with a star with a one in it. Open the door, and go
inside (the door didn't slowly open now did it?). You see doors. One
with and M, one with an L, one in the middle, one with a W, and one
blank one. For fun, touch the big ones on the sides. M cries for help,
L is screaming, W is grumbling angrily, and blank is quiet. You'll
learn a bout the doors later; for now, jump in the tinted glass on the
W door side.

Star #2 - Slidin' till your butt catches fire
This is easy. Just stay in the middleof the slide, hit the block at
the end, grab the star. Piece of the cake!

SC = *2
Jump back in.
Star #3 - Jump off the slide onto the slide below
This is more difficult. I reccomend Luigi or Yoshi, but not Wario.
When you reach the part where the slide crisscrosses and your on the
top part, jump down to the lower part. Grond Pound (L in midair) to
shave time. Get the race done in 20'99"99 or less to win another Star!

SC = *3
Go back to the Battlefield to learn something neat! Oh, and get
another star, but that's not as neat.
Star #4 - Meet Koopa the Quick (and persistent)
When you begin, first talk to a Pink Bob-Omb to unlock the cannons.
Then go see the Koopa. He will introduce him self as, um, let's call
him Quick, and ask you to find Mario. Well, you're already lookin for
him, but Quick wants to race MARIO. Yoshi doesn't quite cut the
mustard (even if life, he just eats rather than cuts), so you'll have
to come back when you find Mario...or will you? Talk to the Pink
Bob-Omb on the path to reveal the location of a red hat. That hat is
impotant to the mission. Find it on the head of a Goomba. Squash it
and grab the hat. Ta-DA! You are now playing as Yoshi...under the
guise of Mario! (Now that is just weird.) You look just like Mario,
but sound like Yoshi. And with this hat, Marios abilties are yours to
use. You now can perform the punch and punch combo with A! The
Legendary Wall Jump is also available! Jump at the wall, and while
mario is sliding down, jump to reach new hieghts! You can also slide,
roundhouse kick, and much more, so turn to the instruction manual to
learn all the new moves! Yoshis unique abilites are canceled though,
and if you're hit, you turn back to normal (but you can snatch back
the hat!). Now talk with Quick. He will question your fitness (Mario's 
Italian, of course he eats pasta, especially lasgna(see Super Mario
Bros 3 the cartoon episode where they babysit the Brooklin Brat for
the nfo)), then agree the race you. Follow the path you used to get to
the king Bob-Omb, but don't warp! He'll call you a cheater and you'll
have to restart. If you beat him, he'll give you a Power Star.

SC = *4
Guess what? You're half way to unlocking somesthing! Unlock the other
1* door to find another painting. Jump in!
Star #5 - Topple the next king!
You land in a level where one mis-timed jump, or a single misstep,
leads to a lost life. No fun. but for now, climb that mountain! if you
see a Pirahna Plant, take it s.l.o.o.o.w. If you wake it up, it will
try to grab a nice bite dino for a midnight snack. And since Yoshi
can't fight back, avoid waking them up. Now climb the mountain
avoiding Thwomps. Thwomps are the blue ones that float in air. Whomps
are the gray ones that try to fall on you and can't float. At the top, 
you'll see one BIG,BIG,BIG, Whomp.

Boss Battle for a Star - Whomp King
Fight him like you would a Whomp. Make him try to squish you, avoid
the squash, and Pound the Ground on his back. 3 times will do him in.
Grab that star!

SC = *5
Jump back in for a super easy star!
Star #6 - Patheticly Easy HUH?
This is just that. Climb to the top, climb the tower, get the star.
simple? Hah! you bet.

SC = *6
You're getting close to solving the case, just two more stars! Want
another easy peazy lemon squeezy one? Then open the 3* door across
from the Blank* door. Jump into the crvice to your right, it's by the
Star #7 - Wet Ears
You end up in a giant aquarium. Swim thru the coin rings by the
windows, taking the red coins. In a level, grab all 8 red coins for a
star to appear! After grabbing the four in the rings, go to the bottom 
of the room and swim to the corners for the rest of the red coins. Get
the star that appears in the middle of the room!

SC= *7
One more star! Now open the other 3* door and jump in the middle
Star #8 - Slip Slidin Away!
This is an actual star title. Jump down the chimminy of the fort to
enter a new area.

Hey another slide! Slide down the slide, but when you reach the
striped wall, hug it to find a secret passage (theres a part two where
you can't use it). at the end, simply exit thru the door and the star

SC = *8
That's 8 stars! The big star door still won't let you in; you need 12
stars, and even then, it will open only for Mario. But there are no
caps within the castle. So how do you enter with Mario? That's coming
up. Head back to the door room. Go thru the middle door and talk to
Toad to start the key hunt. When you see a rabbit, get it to earn a
rec room key which unlocks a minigame! Each character has 7 keys to
find, and start with 2 minigames, making 36 minigames total! 28 must
be unlocked. Go thru the new 8* door to find a painting with Mario's
face on it. Jump in!
M door Key - Goomboss's match

In this level, all you have to do is make your way to the big red X:
 XXX          XXX
  XXX        XXX
   XXX      XXX
    XXX    XXX
    XXX    XXX
   XXX      XXX
  XXX        XXX
 XXX          XXX

It Kinda looks like that. 'Cept seketchier, and it's not made up of a
bunch of little X's. Anyway, find a green vine, climb it, cross the
bridge and platforms, and jump in the hole in the stump.

Big Boss Battle! Fight Goomboss for the red cap key!
Goomboss doesn't know when to quit! (reference to Paper Mario) He's
back, and got his revenge on Mario by locking him up! He's not telling
you where (you probably figured it out anyway), so you'll have to
rough 'im up! Run around to his back, where a trail of goombas follow
him. Turn one into an egg, run in front of Goomboss, and fire! He's
faster each round, but still pretty slow, and more goombas follow him
through out the rounds. Hitting him 3 times earns you the Red Cap M
Key! Quick! Find the door Mario's hidden behind!
Head to the door room and unlock the M room. Yoshi heads in...and
Mario pops out and performs a hat trick! You will be given a review on 
is moves, and can switch back to Yoshi by going back into Mario's
Switching Room. But keep Mario out; it's his adventure now. Yoshi is
now a character that if you want to play as EVERYONE in a level, you
pick him. Otherwise, he's exhausted his trick.

-Mario is now playable!-

-When you jump thru a painting as Yoshi, you can touch Mario's hat to
start with his hat on!-

Take Mario to the aquarium room (not the level) and jump thru the
painting. Let's-a go!

Star #9 - The true treasure of the deep...
YAY! Now you don't have to fumble for a hat to play as the one and
only Mario. And no, there are no plastic snouts to turn into Yoshi,
but that would be neat...Anyway, this level is just like the one in
the game before, but there are the newbies, so...
Get wet. In this level, you can learn a cool trick that they didn't
change - Oxygen is Energy in water. If you're low on energy and theres 
a pool nearby, hop in and tread the water. You'll quickly regain
energy. Diving below the surface will drain energy very slowly, but
you'll have to dive just to get one star here. Swim out to the middle
of lake (The really big part.) Dive down, down, down. You'll see a
ship. Go BY the window, DO NOT TOUCH THE EEL. Enemies underwater are
extremely dangerous, as they can be hard to avoid, and if they are
deep, you better hope there are air bubbles around. Watch out for the
eel! It really hurts. As it scans the area for the intruder (a red
capped pudgy plumber lookin' guy with a really big nose, kinda looks
like Thanta Clawth according to a Giant Crab by the name of Hermie III
(reference to Superstar Saga)) You can sneak into his home. Go thru
the window of the ship.

Oboy, treasure! Let's get his prized possession: the Power Star! Open
the treasure chest and the ship will sail again! Then it's time for
Mario to do what he does best: platform jump. Get to the top, hit the
Yellow ? Block (From now on, the symbol for a Yellow ? Block is [y])
and grab that star baby! (In the 64 version there were 4 chests you
had to open in a specific order.)
SC = *9
Nothing can be better than another easy star. Go to the snowy area!
Star #10 - Save the lost penguin!
This star is easy. Just climb to the cliff above the chimminy, grab
the penguin, then run to the left, off the cliff,and eventually, you
slide. Keep following the path the camera shows, drop the pengiun by
the big penguin, and grab the star (or, take the baby and get shoved
around by the mom.)
SC = *10
More easiness! Jump on back!
Star #11 - The big race
Jump into the chimminy.

Hey theres a penguin! Run to him to chat, then race! You must get
ahead of him, and no shortcuts! But he's easy, especially if you belly
slide. Win, and you get a star!
SC = 11*
Okay, 11 stars. You now must go to...Battlefield!
Star #12 - Silver Star Stumper!
Use the map to locate 5 Silver Stars. A star will appear in the
crystal case!


Story Line - Case Closed!

Yoshi has found Mario, and now they must free the others from their
prisons. They know where Luigi and Wario are; it's just a matter of
finding their keys. But Peach in nowhere to be seen...Bowser must have
her somewhere! But is he behind the big star door? Only Mario can find
out. So let's go...


Bowser Battle of the Dark World!

Open the big star door and run torwards the painting as if you would
jump into it. It will turn into Bowser and you will fall into it. Go
ahead. You'll have the last laugh.

Follow the path thru the level. The red coin star and switch star are
not important, but I'll cover them later. Jump down the pipe at the
end to face Bowser!

Bowser! Part 1...
This is easy, but he's tougher than he was last time around (not to
mention he looks better now.) You can't get to his tail easily unless
he stops, not to mention it's smaller than last time, but when you get 
it, throw him at a bomb to hurt him. Do small throws, but you'll need
to practice big throws for the final bout. He can only take one hit
(WIMP! No wonder Mario wipes the floor with Bowser's butt when they
tango...) so it shouldn't take long. Grab the Basement Key!


Story Line - Dead End?

Peach is still missing, and the L and W keys are nowhere to be found.
Bowser may have gotten away, but Mario has a key to the basement...in
all his visits to the castle, he had never been to the basement. What
secrets await Mario and Yoshi? And does Mario have any idea of where
Luigi's key is since they were captured at the same time? I don't
know. So how about we find out? Get the basement key and let's go
discover the dark secrets Peach (and Bowser) have hidden...


Walkthru Part 2 - Luigi's Worst Enemy Resides in the Dark

Yep, in Mario's chapter of the quest, you'll find his bro, Luigi. The
place you find him is totally unexpected; and by the time you have 35
stars, Wario's girth is yours to control. Anyway, hop back into the
trap and let's get more stars!
Star #13 - Sale on Stars! 8 red coins!

Easy. Grab the red coins and get the star by the warp. I will now
produce a red coin walkthru:

Coin 1: Hit the first switch and walk out onto the brick that appears.
Coin 2: Walk back to the start and walk out on the bricks.
Coin 3: Along the path of crystals.
Coin 4: On the yellow sliding platform, after the [y].
Coin 5: In the corner; reach it with a tram platform.
Coin 6: After the 4 trams, go left and follow the path.
Coin 7: By the Crystal Case.
Coin 8: On the ledge behind the last seesaw; it's hard to reach.

The star appears by the warp pipe. Grab it!
There's one more star to get here.
Star #14 - The Crystal Case
You remember the star switch by the warp pipe? Hit it and break open
the Crystal Case by the Bob-Omb Buddy. You'll snatch the star!
Now you should see a light in the foyer. Look into it as Mario to be
transported to a magical tower.
Star #15 - Over the pretty rainbow...
Follow the handy line of coins to grab 8 red coins. Don't grab the
star; hit the switch first and then grab the star!
SC = 15*
The ? Switch you hit has activated all the ? Blocks in the game, so
now you can use Power Flowers and Wings. Go to the rec room and jump
in the exotic painting on the left wall.
Star #16 - Silver Ripoff Stars. Gotta catch em all!
Heheh! This star is easy and accompanied by some nice music! Remember
Super Mario Sunshine? Delfino Plaza's theme plays here. In this level,
you must collect 5 Silver Stars.

  /  \
-- !! --
\      /
 \    /
 / /\ \
/_/  \_\

And you don't need to find a silver Bob-Omb to locate them! For some
weird reason, everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom has a sixth sense that
allows them to see where stars (of all kinds) are. So use the map. By
the way, Klepto has a star; hit him to drop it. If you get hurt, a
star flies out of your pocket and you'll have to chase it. (Speaking
of, where did Mario put the key for the Basement? And Yoshi doesn't
have pockets. Why is this so?)
Next up, let's go to the hallway. Go down it and follow the Boo!
Star 17 - The Boo Clue
This star is right here in the courtyard! Punch all the Boos with a
red coin (Yoshi cannot eat Boos; therefore, do not take Yoshi to the
courtyard) and collect all eight. Grab that star!
SC = 17*
Punch the blocks in one corner to reval a hole. Jump in and get ready!
Star #18 - The secrets in the castle stronghold
This castle is way too weird. Does anyone know of a castle with a fort
underneath the courtyard? And a bunch of Power Stars to keep things in
order? Anyway, this is just another Silver Star hunt. Buckle up and
move out!
Boos will reappear (no red coins from now on) whenever you leave the
courtyard. But punch the one with a cage and enter a level where no
Yoshi will ever go.
Star #19 - Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Who's better than em all?
Mario Brothers!
Ghostbusting is nothing new for Mario, just exterminate all the ghosts
on the first floor. Then beat the Big Boo, which will take three
thwoks to exterminate. Get the star at the top of the steps that
Jump back into the level. Make your way to the top floor. (Okay now
that's weird. He's not giving us a star review? What the hecks going
on?) In the room before the balcony, look for a picture of...ah, you
know who it is. (Hint: He beat the boss you're about to face.) Jump
Big Boo Boss Battle!
This level in a level is more of a maze than a level! (huh?) Follow
the laughter to the doors, where it is loudest. The wrong door takes
you back to the beginning (and the correct door never changes;
probably because test runs of the maze resulted in a lot of DS
casualties and opened up a DS chapter of PETA if the maze was that
way). Use the platforms on the side of the wall in the last room and
jump down a hole (this level is way too weird; come to think of it,
the game is weird).

Boss Battle: King Boo
Guess who? Walk up to the mirror. Your reflection turns into Luigi!
King Boo is back and wants revenge. He's trapped Luigi, the one with
the Poltergeist 3000, and now he's targeting Mario. He's just like the
big Boo, but when he warps to the mirror, you must act like you
control Luigi, not Mario. Mario cannot hurt him, so Luigi must save
the day. (do I make sense?) Beat him to get the Green Cap L Key. You
know what to do.
Take the key to the L door and...Ta-da! Luigi bounces out with a hat
trick! His moves are awesome! When he back-flips, he twirls around to
descend at a slower rate. He can also skedaddle in the air to fall
slower; this will ruin triple jumps though. He can't wall jump, but
the Power Flower...wait! I didn't explain that yet!
Power Flowers and Wings
The red switch activated [?], so now you can pop them open for
Mario Wings: Wing Cap ahoy! Only Mario can enjoy the wing cap fun.
Triple Jump or shoot out of a cannon to fly!
Mario Power Flower: "He can inflate himself, just like a balloon,"
(reference to DK Rap) and it's better than Wings as you have more
control as to where you go. Landing is same; ground pound.
Yoshi Power Flower: We longed to throw fireballs last time, but
breathing fire like a dragon as a dragon is fun too!
Luigi Power Flower: Luigi hates ghosts, but he will become invisible
and walk thru certain walls like ghosts.
Wario Power Flower: Out of all this excitement, wheres the Metal Cap?
Wario turns metal to become invincible and walk underwater and thru
dangerous environments like that of the Hazy Maze Cave.
Now, take Luigi to the Ghost Realm. Get him to the maze area.
Star #20 - Easy as pie!
Just get the power flower as Luigi, then rust back to the painting of
a shy boo and jump in to find the star!
SC = 20*
Go ahead and fight the King Boo if you want. But now you've reached a
milestone in your adventure. Just ten more stars! Right up to now
you've had to follow my directions or not, but now I'm gonna let you
go...not! Otherwise this wouldn't be a walkthru! Now come on! Let's
get more stars in the Ghost Realm.
Star #21 - Skip to my lou...or skip some stars!
Piece of cake. You know the bookcase room where you reach the balcony?
Well let's go there, but instead of going to the balcony, let's follow
the bookcase to another door. Go thru, and grab the power flower as
Luigi (you should be Luigi; I tell you when to switch.) Now head up to
the balcony and look for a Boo Wall (pictures of shy Boos) and jump
thru. Beat Mr. I and grab the star! You will notice you skipped some
stars but oh well!
I'll tell you when we leave the Ghost Realm but now let's clean it
Star #22 - The Not-so-Merry-Go-Round
Get to the basement by falling into a pit and go into the central
room. Beat the Boos then the Big Boo. Grab the star!

Star #23 - The Bookcase of doom.
Enter the NorthWest door on the second floor left wall and dodge the
books that shoot out. Then you must jump on the books popping out out
the wall in this order: middle right left. Grab the star in the next

Star #24 - More Star Discounts. 8 red coins!

Coin 1: On the ceiling in the foyer, backflip to it.
Coin 2: in the giant pit room.
Coin 3: Behind the piano; careful it bites!
Coin 4 and 5: On bookcases in the room with a Boo Wall.
Coin 6: Enter the left door on the second floor North wall and walk on
the girders to reach it.
Coin 7: Next room on the right, beneath a coffin.
Coin 8: in the third floor access room, go to the door which leads to
a [?]; the coin is on the left.

The star appears on the second floor of the foyer.

Star #25 - Battle Big Boo again!
He doesn't give up does he? Add a third humiliating defeat to his
reputation. However, it's on the balcony. The balcony is a small
arena, so be careful. The star appears on the roof. Oh, and if you
fall off during the battle, Big Boo regenerates his health. Get the
Power flower, and face away from him. When you are in his middle,

Star #26 - Secrets...
Nope, I am not joking there is one more star here. Get it on star 7
The switch star one. Just collect one hundred coins and the star pops
up above your head. Boos spit out Blue Coins when defeated; worth 5
coins. I'll cover the switch star when you get some more muscle.
You don't leave the level with a 100 coin star, so choose leave in the
pause menu. Well, that brings the star count to 26. Pretty nice, huh?
Just 4 more stars and one place you don't have to go for a while!
Leave. Now where to? How about unlocking the basement? Sound good? Now
follow the hallway. Check with the Toad in the oil room. The oil room
is behind the Blank* door. He gives you a star! That should bring you
to 27. One of the Toads gives you a hint: don't break a [?] block as
Mario, Luigi, or Wario if your hat is missing. A Bob-Omb will pop out!
Jump into the oil.
Star 28 - Too weird! Too easy!

For starter star collectors, read the sign in front of the map. "Both
ways frought with danger! Watch your feet! Those who can't do the long
jump tsk tsk." If you can do the long jump, go to the left. If you
can't, shame on you, you should be able, so take the hard way right.
To learn the long jump, go left and read the sign, or fish out the
instruction manual in that jungle you call a room. (By the by, if you
read the second sign, it says to crouch and walk to, but they don't
tell you. It's a secret they say. Last time they only said never mind.
But what is the secret?) Learn the long jump; otherwise, you're on
your own man... not! I'm gonna do the long way, the left way you just
long jump over the gap and follow the girder path to the rolling rock.
But for those on the right path, you must dodge the flames in the
pits. then go thru the door. Jump down the pole and head down the
cave. Jump on the platform and have it take you up and go thru the
door. You will be at the rolling rock. follow the path right and dodge
the rocks. Enter the next room and jump on the platform. Go down, then 
follow the path. Get on the dry land and read the funny sign there. Te
dragon won't really eat you. Ground pound on his back and grab the W
cap. You are now in control of wario! He's kinda slow, and his jumps
aren't that hot either, but he can break the black blocks you've seen,
and he has a unique move in multiplayer! face the giant rock in the
middle or swim to it, break it and grab the star!
Get back to the dragon and have it take you to the door on the ledge,
open it, and enter the oil pit!
Star #29 - The metal cave!
This star is easy! Just grab the M cap (You are Luigi! You should be
Luigi!) and the power flower, then float above where the Metal Cap
switch would've been to get the star!
The rushing water there inhibits your red coin hunt, but for now, go
past the flaming ball picture to what seems to be a dead end. Jump in
the wall to the desert level!
Star #30 - This Big Bird isn't as friendly as that yellow one!
Yes, this star is the last one you need to open that door! This star
isn't easy, but you can get it with a little pestering! To start, get
on top of the little building near where you start. Get the koopa
shell inside the [y]. Then you are doing the coolest feature; you are
shell surfing! You can jump, but stopping is a problem, and hit an
obstacle, you lose the shell, and possibly your life. Now if you don't
like that, you can use the path by making it so that if you get hit by 
a block, you are in the hollow side, and unharmed. Get on top of one
of the pillars, and wait for the bird to come. Hit the Klepto bird and
grab that star!
SC = *30
Now you get a recap of events. Let's take care of the two pillar one!
Enter the last door in the basement, right of the oil room door. Then
you have to swim down, forward to the next opening, then up. Pound the
two pillars, then go back to the door room. Get Mario, go to the
basement entrance, and open the big star door. There is a watery wall.
Go in. But before you get Mario and unlock the door, touch the big
star door as Luigi for a funny line from Bowser himself.
Star #31 - Now talk about weird.
Yes. You must board Bowser's submarine to get to the fire sea, where
he is going to hide next. First, swim down to an opening. That
whirlpool is not harmless, so stay away. Swim thru the opening,
collecting coins to prevent from drowning. Then swim up and break the
surface. Swim forward. See the sub? You should also see the star. Yep,
that is your target! Swim to the dock and hit the switch. Climb (don't
break) the blocks and get to the star. Watch out for the bullet bill
Now we can get to Bowser himself. The level is accessable behind the
fire sea entrance. Jump down the hole to the fire sea (don't enter the
water level.).


Storyline - Luigi's Rescue

Now Luigi has been freed, and got quite a few stars and quite a few
steps to Bowser. But only Mario can get to Bowser, so Mario entered
the next big star room, boarded Bowser's sub, and got to the fire sea
where Bowser took off to. Can Mario keep his cool in the land of hot
fire and lava? Well, it depends on you...


Bowser in the Fire Sea
This is the level name. While you cannot fall to your doom, it is
likely you will burn your butt to your doom. Follow the nice path to
the giant swirly hole. Jump on in to face Bowser. Grab any extra lives
you see; you'll need em. When cimbing poles, get to the tip top to
perhaps earn a life. When you get to a suspended grating, jump and
hold the button to monkey bar your way across.

Bowser Battle for the Key!
This battle is harder. Don't make him jump. If he jumps, the place
will totter around, and falling in the lava will kill you. Same as
last in terms of beating him though; grab the tail and swing him to a
mine! One hit oughta do it! Get the key. You're about to enter the
toughest levels yet.


Storyline - The ultimate challenge
Now Bowser has fled to the tower where he has Peach. Yoshi, Mario, and
Luigi are hot on his heels, until they realize the levels ahead need
more brawn then any of them. They need Wario. But where is his key? Is
it up in the tower? Luigi goes up to see if he can find what secrets
await up in the tower...


This is it. The final frontier? Do I know? No! Actually yes, but the
spoiler warning said I won't give till I must. But you do need 50
stars now. That's right, 19 more stars. So unlock the tower with Luigi
and go up.
Star #32 - The winner of the weirdest star contest! Only Luigi may
Yes, the star is in the castle. Go to the mirror room. It's on the
right of the tower entrance. Once there you see a great many power
flowers; take one and enter the mirror, go thru the door and grab the
weirdest star you will ever collect.
Now you may or may not have seen the Wario picture in the mirror. Jump
in and help the big guy!
Big Bully Battle for the W cap Key!
Only Luigi can enter this level. That's right. So the boss isn't that
easy. Make your way to the X and jump in the hole. And stay out of the
water! It's cold and it hurts.

Cheif Chilly Chill-amity!
Okay bad pun. But this guy is hard. You have to hit him before he hits
you. Hit him off the side 3 times for victory and the Yellow Cap W
Key! You know what's next.
Hang on. I need food.........mmm, those brownies hit the spot! Yum.
Now head to the W door, unlock it and...out pops Wario, who promptly
flexes his muscles. Now just Peach remains! Get Yoshi out; you want
instant access to everyone. Go to the Mario stage and grab some stars!
Star #33 - The Legendary Wall Jump
Get the Mario cap, then go to the big cage tower in a corner. There is
a star switch. Hit it, then Wall Jump up the tower to the crystal

Star #34 - Everyone pulls together for the 8 red coins.
That's true; everyone must do their part to get the red coins. Luigi
is last since he grabs the star.

Coin 1: Monkey bar grating, get to it with Yoshi!
Coin 2: Tottering platform near the red cap; use yoshi then get the
Coin 3: At the end of a series of moving stumps; use Mario because of
the Pirhana Plant!
Coin 4: Climb the vine and walk out onto the growth for the coin as
Coin 5: At the end of the maze like platform, get on the stump and
jump at the top to get the coin as Mario.
Coin 6: As Mario, go to the end of a series of tottering platforms and
use the power flower to get on top of the giant stump.
Coin 7: Break the Black Block near where you should get the yellow
Coin 8: As Luigi, get a power flower, then backflip into the grating
by the goomba where you got the green cap.

Nab the star and leave. The reason I made you do this star is because
it is very easy to think you already got it; that happened to me, and
I got stuck at 149 stars for a looooooong time.
Now, take Luigi to the Ghost Realm.
Star #35 - Grabbin' the switch star finale!
This is the second-to-last time you have to come to the Ghost Realm.
I'm cleaning it out now because it's annoying to get in. Go to the
basement, get the yellow cap, break the black block, lose the cap, hit
the switch, run all the way around to the star. Easy? Sure.
Hey, here's a little fun fact; after you get the star, look at the
screen at a certain angle to see Luigi in Waluigi clothes. It's kinda
neat. Now get to Luigi's painting.
Star #36 - The last hurrah for ghosts
This is the red coin hunt. Actually, you don't need my help, since
they are all in plain sight, except for the one under the black block.
This is one of the easiest red coin hunts ever.
By now you're wondering what the pillars did? Well take Wario to the
pillars and head thru the door for a surprise; the moat dried up! Now
you can reach the Black Block and get to the Vanishing Cap level!
Check your secret star count; you have half of them!
Star #37 - This is new!
Can you see the map? There's a new platform! Use Balloon Mario to
reach it, hit the switch and balloon your way to the star!

Star #38 - Old thing don't change...much. 8 red coins is the ticket!
Alright. This coin hunt may be difficult, but it is possible.

This is a walkthru for the level, since the coins are not collectable
in any order. If you missed the coin, you missed it. For good.

Slide down on the left and stop on the platform. Get the coin. Jump to
your right to another platform. Get the second coin. Jump right to
another platform with a [y]. Break it for a sweet 1-up mushroom. Jump
left to another platform with a [?]. Hit it if you want, then jump
down to a platform with a red coin. Jump right to another red coin,
then follow the path. Grab the red cap (Wario is no graceful guy) and
continue. Talk to the red Bob-Omb. Use the platforms, and be
careful.Grab both coins on the teeter-totter. On the next platform,
you'll have to jump on the other one in the pair as it already
flipped. Jump to the next one. Jump on the next one to get the red
coin. Jump on the platform and turn into Luigi. Grab the last coin,
and turn invisible. go thru the fence and get that star!
Go to the last switch place to get the final Switch Palace star!
To the Metal Cave!
Star #39 - The Metal Red Coins!

Yet another easy coin hunt! This is just too easy. Turn metal, then
grab the red coins around the platform that would have the green
switch. Then go to the platform with the red Bob-Omb, collect those
red coins, collect the coins on the platform with the red cap, turn
metal again, then fall off the side to find the star.
This game has been pretty easy up to now, huh? Well, that's OK. But
the game is getting harder as you continue, so first, go back to the
Battlefield as Mario, since this is practically his stage. 
Star #40 - Fight of the Century! Big Bob-Omb returns!

Oh boy. This guy again. This time, though, the battle is the same as
from Super Mario 64. Just grab him from behind and toss him. Don't
throw him off the mountain, as it's a waste of time! Three strikes and
he's out! For good. He'll also congrat you and say he's always wanted
a servant like Mario.
Hop in and clean out.
Star #41 - I believe I can fly...

You know, they got rid of a star here. The one on the floating island.
You just bust open a [y] and presto! A star! But no more. Lets stop
hanging in the past. This you just get wings and get to the floating
island cannon. Shoot out to the coin rings. Get all five of the middle
coins for a star to appear!

Star #42 - The great red coin hunt...again.

Why? This kind of star is annoying. Lets get it over with.

Coin 1: Above the little elevator on the path.
Coin 2: In the first meadow, on a rock.
Coin 3: On the stump that holds chain chomp in place.
Coins 4 and 5: By the Star Shadow. (Star Shadows are where red coin
stars appear)
Coin 6: On the bridge leading to the pit where some balls roll, fall
to the left to see a 1-up, a switch, and a coin.
Coin 7: On the steep uphill by the pit with rolling balls.
Coin 8: On the floating island, in the tree.

Star #43 - 100 dollar star!

Collect 100 coins. Big whoop.

Star #44 - Be free! Be free Chompy!

The reason I made you do this after the coin star is because it would
save a jump into the painting. As far as easyiness, just pound the
stump hold the Chain Chomp in place 3 times and he'll reveal a star.
If you ever get a shortage on extra lives, come back and find the red
mushroom. After killing 7 things by ramming them, every thing you kill
gets you a 1-up! nice huh? Now where should we go? Let's see... how
about the Whomp Fortress? Sound good? I knew you would think so too.
But first, talk to a toad in the tower to earn tadaa! a star! By the
way, did YOU see the invisible man?
SC = 45*
Star #46 - Aim well or die!

This star is all bout luck and aim. Go to the blue coin switch and
nearby there is a pink Bob-Omb who will activate the cannon. Use the
cannon to get to the platform with the star. It will take a few
chances to get it.Aim a little left to the pole. The bottom arrow
shoud be in the platform, and the right arrow point should touch the
pole. That will get you to the platform.

Star #47 - another coin hunt. yay.

Do I even bother? The coin hunts are really tame this early on. E-mail
me if you must have the coin hunt. Besides, the red Bob-ombs help a
lot, so use them from now on, cause I'm tired of these, and you are
too I bet.

Star #48 - Hoo? The owl that's who!

The owl is in the tree right behind you when you start. Climb it, and
when the owl appears, jump out, grab and hold the jump button. When
you're above the island with the star, let go. Grab the star!

Star #49 - Um, OW! That smarts!

This is a pretty deprived star. Use the cannon to blow away the wall
above the shallow water. It took me a while, but then I saw the line
in the wall. You can see it too if you look hard enough. Hey, if you
get the star right, Mario will be floating!

Star #50 - The switch star? Yes of course!

These stars are fun. The switch? In the grass, in a small crevice
under a block. The star? Keep following the path.
Now you get a little recap of what you should've done by now. Of
course, you've hit the switch! Now let's continue the tale...


Storyline - To the top of the tower!
Everyone is here. Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario. They are pumped with
their adventures and are ready to head up...to the top of the tower,
where Bowser is making a final stand. This battle isn't over, not
until Mario says, and not until the 150 Power Stars are retreived. But
if Bowser is just behind the door, shurly he must be up to somethng?
Only a third of the stars are in their grasp! Is this the end

Bowser is just ahead...perhaps! (reference to Superstar Saga) But to
find out, you must open the door. Touch it with Luigi to get a rude
response from Bowser, whom think that the castle belongs to him! Open
it to enter a room...where another star door is. I'll kill that crafty
Koopa King! Darn that coward...he's afraid that this is the end for
his reign! He's hiding behind his toughest traps and puzzles yet! This
star door will let you in though...but will tell you that to solve the 
mystery of the endless stairs, you need 80 stars. Hey, stairs. Let's
climb...but the map will ruin it. Last time, you could get to thinking
that the end was there, but when you quit you were barely up the
stairs! But now you know that you loop back a bit. But only enough to
give the illusion that you're still running at the pace! Wow. So we
need 80 stars. Ok! But instead of getting 30 more, how about a
hundred! By the way, the early Toads don't trust Wario, the Basement
are warming up to him, and the tower Toads really seem to like him!
The early Toads are kinda funny. It's pretty good for a laugh talking
to Toads as Wario. Anyway, stars. You need a hundred more? Yup. So
pack your bags as Mario and head to the Fortress for the hundred coin
star. Get it and leave.
SC = 51*
Now we gonna clean out the Jolly Roger Bay level. The one with the
ship, of course.
Star 52 - Eel? AAAAAAAA! EEL!
Yes, the eel. You must go next to his new home, wait for his tail. Hey
a star. Lets grab it. If you time it right, you'll get it when it
comes out. Otherwise, you're chasing it around the lake. Even when
you catch it, you must swim back to the eel cave. Grab it and go!

Star #53 - Arr! Treasure!
You've seen the underwater cave, right? Well, go there and break into
the opening. The music will change to accompany more instuments. Go to
the end of the cave and open the treasure in this order: up left right 
down. You'll get a star!

Star #54 - Boom! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
This star isn't apparant at first. Open the cannon, then use it to hit
one of the pilliars in the water. Hit the top! You'll see a ledge with 
the star. You know what to do with that star, don'tcha?

Star #55 - Yay. More red coins.
Arrgh. Why does every level have one of these hunts? Get the coins and 
grab the star, okay?

Star #56 - Yay! Switch Stars!

Yippie! These are fun. The switch? The underwater cave. The star? Just
an invisibility away!

Star #57 - Wario's gonna win!

Wario's mission is to get the star in that jet stream (perhaps you saw
it?). You need to turn metal and get to the lake bottom. Go in the jet
stream and grab the star.

Star #58 - Coins coins coins!
100 coin star!
SC = 58*
Now that is a lot of stars, am I right? Let's go to the Winter stage
and clean house. Take Yoshi.
Star #59 - More Red Coins.
This is why Yoshi; there are coins in ice. Eat a fire and breath it on
ice to melt it. That is pretty much it for toughness.

Star #60 - Aaaagh! Avalanche!

Not really. Jump to the ledge above the chimminy. Look for a snowball
on a platform. Talk to it, then go on the slide. Make sure the
snowball is behind you, and don't fall off the slide, or you'll have
to start over. Lead it to the snowman head and they will collide,
creating a snowman who gives you a star!

Star #61 - Jump jump jump it!

Break break breakdance! Sorry, Code Lyoko thing goin on. That part was
actually funny, and it gave me a way to bug my bro. Anyway, activate
the cannon, get a red cap, then aim for the platform across from Mama
Penguin. Follow the path, then use the wall jump stratigically to get
your star.

Star #62 - Wario is Number 1!

Wario is forcing me to make all his stars "Wario is" titles, so sorry.
Hit the switch as Wario, then get to Mama Penguin's pool, smash it
with a ground pound, and get the star.

Star #63 - Coins are free! Stars are 100 coins!
Get this during the first star, cause then you don't have the penguin
race to deal with.
SC = 63*
You know the Hazy Maze Cave? I've affectionately called it a Wario
Stage. So take Wario there and clean house.
Star #64 - No really! This is easier!

No red coin hunt right now, we're saving that for last. But go to the
work elevator anyway, and smash that Black Block after reading the
funny sign next to it. Get the Luigi cap and hit the switch. Run to
the stairs, climb them and jump off the elevator to grab the star!

Star #65 - Wario Smash!

That pretty much sums it up for this star yep. Just go to the rolling
rock and follow the girder path to a Black Block. Smash it to get a
Super Mushroom. Get it and smash the three rolling rocks to reveal the

Stars #66 and #67 - Great alternatives to the red coins.

Get to the work elevator and find the hazy maze. Get metal, then work
your way to the door you have to backflip to. One will take you to an
elevator which leads to the star behind the cage and the lake
elevator, the other takes you to the rolling rock where you must
backflip and monkey bar the right path to another star.

Star #68 - Metalization is good...

Get the Power Flower at the lake elevator as Wario to trun metal, then
follow the path to a submerged switch. Hit it, then go thru the new
door. Long jump across the gaps and grab the star.

Star #69 - Red Coin hunt? More like a collect.

The work elevator will get you three red coins. Two under floating
blocks, one on a platform. Then you must get the Mario cap and Wall
Jump to a pole that is purple. Climb it and use the moving platform to
scoop up the last coins.

Star #70 - 100 Coin Star!
SC = 70*
This is impressive, no? But wait theres more! Go to the Tower top,
talk to the Toad and get a star!
SC = 71*
Now get into the left crevice as Mario to go to a special stage to
scoop up two more stars.
Star #72 = Mario and Wario team up!

Get the Wings, then go to a red platform, the one with a Wario cap.
Activate the cannon, then get the Wario cap and fire at the cloud with 
a tree and a Black Block. Break the block for a star!

Star #73 - Yey. More red coins.

Fly around, shooting out of cannons to find all the coins. It's not
THAT hard.
SC = 73*
Holy cannoli! 73 stars! just seven more. Oh, you may have seen glowing
rabbits. Grab all 8 of them for a key, but don't use it until I tell
you to. Otherwise everything will be thrown out of balance, and you
game is erased if you use it! I'm not kidding. That is true. Trust me,
I did it. Now get Wario out and go jump in the fire picture in the
basement and let's clean out the new stage.
Star #74 - Shoving contest part 1!

The screen will present an introduction to Lethal Lava Land. It's
right; if you're a pushover you'll die. Bullies don't hurt; the little
Bob-Omb looking guys with horns just shove you around. Wario can knock
em away with ease. The BIG one is what you're worried about right now.
Get to the star on the map and kick the big guy off your new
territory. You're tougher than him! You have ARMS! But that's not the
last obstacle! Climb the stairs quickly; they will fall!

Star #75 - Shoving Contest Part 2!

Make your way to the star and beat all the small fries, then take care
of the big fry. Get the star!

Star #76 - The easiest coin hunt in the game!

This is WAY too easy. See the giant Bowser picture on the map? Collect
all 8 of the red coins on it while avoiding shaking pieces. Get the
star, and stop shaking in your boots already!

Star #77 - Lumberjack Wario!

Make your way to the big log, and make it roll towards the next
platform to get the star.

Star #78 - Uh, is that SAFE?

Jump in the volcano after the eruption.

Get the Mario hat on the right path, and keep following it. Avoid the
numerous obstacles, climb the poles, and get the star!

Star #79 - Again, is that SAFE?
Jump in the volcano.

Follow the left path and get the Luigi cap. Jump on the moving
platform, then the next, climb the poles, and jump across the
platforms for the star!

Star #80 - Silver Stars to Bowser!

Get the Koopa Shell in the [y] near the start and get the silver
stars. If you get hurt, you're gonna have lots of fun trying to get
the stars back over LAVA.
Get Mario and let's take this battle to Bowser himself!


Storyline - To Bowser!
That Koopa King used his trickiest traps to protect the last stars in
the tower, but Mario and friends are going to clean the basement
first! With 80 Stars, Mario is ready to go toe-to-toe with Bowser.
Their Star Power is greater than Bowser's. But the endless stairs
won't relent for Yoshi, Luigi, or Wario, so they wish Mario good luck,
and with Star Power in his very pockets, Mario climbs the stairs, and
prepares for the toughest challenge of his life.


That's right; only Mario can climb the stairs wether you like it or
not. So climb them and let's face the toughest challenge Bowser has...
or is it?
Bowser's Final(?) Stand in the Sky!

Bowser has really made this level tough. Follow the path, run up
special walls, avoid Amps, Bob-Ombs, Flamers and more on your way to
the Warp Pipe. On pillairs at the end you can see Bowser roasting
Mario. Anyway, Bowser's trickiest traps get all the tougher as you
ascend to the top. The final obstacle is a wind that slows you down,
but it won't stop you. Behind the top left pillar is a 1-up that
regenerates after you jump down the warp pipe.

Bowser Battle for the Princess!

This is it. You've gotten through traps of all sorts, and now you're
up with the Koopa King himself, Bowser. He's gotten tougher; now it
takes 3 bombs to put him out. He also when he jumps, sends out
shockwaves that will hurt, he makes rains of fire, charges if you keep
your distance, and after you hurt him twice, he'll rage and the field
will be constricted to the star shape on the map, as pieces will fall
off the platform. When that happens, some distance will be put between
you and the bombs, and it will be harder to hurt him and avoid his
attacks. He's also faster, so it may help to wait until Bowser stops
for a attack to grab his tail. After you hurt him three times, you
win! But it's not the end...
My story is different than the game one; in the game, peace is
restored, but in mine...


Storyline - Not the end... Not yet.

Mario got the big star! The big star which controls Star Power, and
the Big Star that holds Peach prisoner. Just as Peach is about to
reward our heroes, Bowser swoops out of the sky! He snatches Peach and

"I was right to trap Peach in the fake star! I still have the big
star, and until you take all my troops' stars, you'll never get it!
Never! You will never see Peach again! Bwa

Bowser holds the Big Star and powers up! Now it will take all the Star
Power the castle has to offer to even scratch Bowser... but what can
they do?

"We have to find all the stars!" Wario exclaims. "Otherwise, Mario,
you lazy bum, will never scratch that ugly turtle freak!"

"As much as I hate to admit it, Wario is right bro," Luigi says.
"Bowser is too powerful unless you have all the Star Power!"

"We got your back Mario!" Yoshi says. "We help any way we can!"

"Then let's-a go! And teach that Bowser a lesson!" Mario exclaims.

And everyone heads back into the castle to get back all the stars...
and get back Peach, Star Power, and the castle itself.


All right, that's my version of the story. Cool huh? Well, now we've
gotta clean out all the stages! Get the 100 coin star at the Lethal
Lava Land right away for your 81st star!
SC = 81*
Now to the Shifting Sand Land to get more stars! Hurry!
Star #82 - Really Easy if you be Mario!

Get on top of the structure near the start. Get the Wings and fly
toward the star. It's in the cove on the pyramid.

Star #83 - The pyramidal problem!

Get in the pyramid.

Wow, it's big in here. You have to make it to the very top! Jump and
balloon your way up! Get that star baby!

Star #84 - Four for one star!

Get Wings and land on all of the pillars. Then jump down the hole on
top of the pyramid.

You'll land in a cage that's goin down. Punch the block to reach a new
boss battle!

Ancient Hands Protectors of Star of Power

When a hand opens its eye, you must dive into it. After one is
destroyed, the other one will try to push you off while its eye is
open. Punch the eye to stop it. Hit both eyes three times for victory!
Grab the star now!

Star #85 - More Fun Switch Starrin'!

Heck, this is easy! Get the Wario Cap, then make your way to the Pink
Bob-Omb and activate the cannons. Get to the platform in the corner
that is surrounded by quicksand. Break the Black Block and shoot
yourself in the direction the cannon points. Get hit, then get the
Wings. Fly back to the Switch, hit it, and blast to the star. Break
the Crystal Case to get the star!

Star #86 - Catch 'em all! Silver Stars!

Go into the pyramid.

This is a collect the stars star. Yes, that wasn't supposed to make
sense. Duh. Just get the Silver Stars already!

Star #87 - Is there a reason the hunt was last?

Nope, no pyramid. You just have to get the red coins. Fortunately,
this level isn't very big, so it won't take long. Get the star!

Star #88 - 100 Coin Star yet again!

Get all the coins outside, then go in the pyramid to collect more!
SC = 88*
Wow! We've gotten a lot of stars! Let's go to the Cheif Chilly stage
to get some more stars!
Star #89 - Too easy!

Yep, this star is just that! Get the Wario Het and turn metal. Go left
and break the block to get a star!

Star #90 - Red coin it up. More.

Get the red coins. Simple.
Hey, where now? To the Fire sea to scoop the stars up!
Star #91 - More Red Coins? Ugh.

Get the coins and let's get on with our lives, okay?

Star #92 - Switch that Star like Ca-razy!

Fun these stars are, boring the red coin ones are. Hit the switch that
is near the area the red coin star appeared. Then backflip twirl back
to the Crystal Case.
Now get Mario out and go to the Bowser in the Sky level.
Star #93 - Switch Star!

The switch is underneath the first seesaw. Hit it and go back to the
first rotating platform. That is where the star is!

Star #94 - You knew this was coming huh?

The red coin hunt. Get the coins, the star, and let's leave by pause
SC = 94*
Hey! One more Secret Star left! Savin' it for last though; it's hard
kinda. Now go to the level where you boarded Bowser's Sub. It's behind 
the entrance to the Fire Sea.
Star #95 - Danger! Danger! Whirpool Treasure!

This is hard. The chests are hard to put in an easily understood
order, so you're really on your own. Stay away from the whirlpool, it
will kill you.

Star #96 - Yes, another coin hunt.

This is actually pretty easy if you know waht you're doing. It's a
little confusing sometimes though.

Star #97 - Wait, didn't this already show up?

Through the Jet Stream... Huh? This showed up in Jolly Roger Bay
didn't it? Just turn metal, then jup through the rings that project
from the jet stream in the dock.

Star #98 - This is easier! Really it is a lot!

You know the manta ray, right? Follow it through the rings it projects
to reveal a star! Of course, you know what to do.
It is at this time I advise you to get Wario out to get the last
Star #99 - One weird Switch Star.

Break the Black Blocks (all of them buddy) to reveal a Star Switch.
Hit it and get the Koopa Shell to reach the Star in time. It's not
that easy, but it is possible.

Star #100 - Wario turns into Luigi? Are you okay?

This star, you get the Luigi cap, turn invisible, and swim back to the
cage to get inside it. Get the star right away!

Star #101 - Final! 100 coins? Yeah that's right.
SC = 101*
You can leave this level by going through the new hole that opened up
underwater. Weird huh? Now you've completed all the stages you've been
to! Let's go to the new frontier, the Snowman's Land! It's in the
tower, the room with the mirror. Take Luigi. Go left and jump in the
wall to reach the new level.
Star #102 - The tip top! Use a head!

You have to climb the giant snowman in the center of the level. To get
to the head, you have to ride a penguin. (Thank you riding the Penguin
Express. Next stop, the snowman head.) Or, you can backflip over the
wind. Both ways work!

Star #103 - Cheif Chilly's Baby Brother!

Yeah it seems that way. Get the Wario Cap and baet the chilly Bully.
But, if you fall, you get frostbite and lose three ticks. And the
battleground is very slippery. This is a very easy battle though.
Get Yoshi out and go back to the level.
Star #104 - Flower Power Power Flower!

Get Fire Breath and jump up to the ice. Get on the stack of two and
breath at the three stack. Jump on the new two stack, and breath at
the ice with the star.

Star #105 - Whirly Girly!

When you see the star select screen, pick the green cap to become
Luigi! Go to the freezing pool. Backflip over to the platform on the
other side, and get the star in one of the [y]! Or jump on one of the

Star #106 - Silver Stars! (Luigi Cap)

The Luigi Cap in parenthesees means touch th Luigi cap on the Star
Selection screen. Get those silver stars! It's not too difficult. Get
a Koopa Shell to get some.
Get Luigi out.
Star #107 - Igloo? What Igloo?

Find the igloo and get inside.

Turn invisible and go to the cage and get inside with the star!

Star #108 - Coins in an Igloo!

Get in the igloo.

Get the Red Coins.

Star #109 - Collect 100 coins yet again!
SC = 109*
Guess what? You have a bunch of stars. Pretty cool huh? Anyway, the
next level is the water town. It's the painting with a Water Pider on
it. Go there and conquer!
Star #110 - Arrows and Amps!

To start, low jump in the painting. Get on the platform to the left,
and hit the ? Switch. Follow the platforms to a multi-colored crystal,
and hit it to raise the water. Get to the bilding, and jump on the
small tower being circled by an Amp. Backflip over to the other tower
over the water. Break the [y] and get the star! Easy right?

Star #111 - To the top! Don't ever stop!

Just make it to the top of town, on the floating platform. It's really
easy. And find the Pink Bob-Omb while your at it. You'll need that
cannon soon.
Get Mario out for a good stretch. He's the best character next to
Luigi, and he has better abilities that will certainly help in the
future. Go back to the Water Town.
Star #112 - Secrets of the Deep... and not so deep.

They are not apparant, but if you search everywhere, and break every
block, you'll find all 5.

Secret 1: Lower the Water Level to it's lowest. Push the box to the
left on the bottom floor (toward the [y]) and you'll pass through.
Secret 2: The [y] that the box should now be under.
Secret 3: On the second floor, push the box in to reach the secret.
Secret 4: On the tower you used to get the first star, break the [y].
Secret 5: Find the ? Switch and hit it. Climb the blocks and hit the
[y] at the top.

Star #113 - Rushed

Lower the Water to it's lowest point. Get on top of the cage where you
found the 5th secret. Get on the elevator, then when it stops, you
must jump off, go through the opening, and wall jump back on the other
side of the platform. It will take a few tries.

Star #114 - To the town! Red Coins.

Get the water as high as possible, then blast out of the cannon to the
opposite corner. Swim thru the passage, then lower the water to get
the red coins easier.

Star #115 - Mario and Luigi! The double trouble superstar!

Get to the town. Find the L cap, and get a Power Flower. Get to the
cage in the corner, then climb the structure. Get that star!

Star #116 - More Silver Starrin' Mario!

A fun thing to do is to get the water as high as possible, and just
swim around to grab the stars. Easy? You Bet! After you get the four
visible ones, lower the water level all the way down and destroy the
blocks where you see the star.

Star #117 - 100 Coins for 1 Star? What a ripoff.
Now we've almost completed all the stages! 11 down... 4 to go. Let's
go thru the tower and find the picture of a mountain with a giant
mushroom next to it. Jump into get to the Tall, Tall, Mountain.
Star #118 - Never stop or drop cuz we're goin to the top!

This mission you simply have to get to the mountain top! Oh, and don't
play with the monkey. He likes your hat, and he will take it.

Star #119 - No more monkeyin around!

This you have to catch the monkey on top of the mountain. Catch him to 
get the star!

Star #120 - Red Coins. Yippie.

You know what to do.

Star #121 - Now that is VERY weird.

You may have seen a cloud, and it tried to blow you off. Jump in the
wall the coins lead to. And on the way up, activate the cannon.

Hey a slide. Be careful though, if you take the wrong path at the fork
you'll lose a life.

Star #122 - Bombs (or at least Mario) Away!

This is why I made you activate the cannon. Find it and blast to the
star! Or you can get to the top and use the wings. Works too, but it's
not as fun.

Star #123 - More and more secrets. Whee. Wait... WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

This time get to the top, and get the Wings. Fly though the coin rings
and get the center coins. 5 and you get the star! And hey. 1...2...3!
Star 123! Cool. ABC?

Star #124 - Wario Whack time!

You saw the Wario cap, right? Well, get it, and go back to the
waterfall part where you see a Black Block. Give it a good Wario Whack
and get the star that pops out.

Star #125 - Last but not Least: 100 coins!

Don't go on the slide. You don't have to. Really! = o
There is one more level before the 50 star levels. This is the
biggest, and most confusing level yet.......................... Go
thru the final door in the circular room to see three paintings. jump
in the left one.
Wait, you're huge! If you go jump in the one on the right, you will be
tiny! Now let's get some stars! And it's huge because it has like
three parts. That is a lot.

Star #126 - Huge to Tiny!

Get to the warp pipe and get tiny.

Woah the pirhana plants grew! Beat em all to get a star!

Star #127 - Once again, to the top! While tiny.

You know what is up. You should be. Get to the top. Or at least to the

Star #128 - Running of the Koopas and humans.

Go back to where the sign with the Koopa the Quick remark, and Koopa
is there! Race Quick to the flag! It's in the Windswept Valley (the
windy area). Don't keep following the path at the second Warp Pipe, or 
you'll run right past it.

Star #129 - Get the star from Klepto again.

You must be BIG. Find the star path and wait for it. Get the star by
hitting Klepto.

Star #130 - More red coins. Whee.

Get big, find the L cap, and go into the warp pipe near it after
putting it on. Then Backflip over to the bridge-like thing. Go into
the opening.

Find the red coins.

Star #131 - Kill Wiggler. NOW.

Get to top as a giant. Ground pound in the tiny pool, and then get
tiny and fall in the new hole.

Boss Battle: Wiggler!
Hit his head. He'll get mad and you have to stomp on it again. He'll
turn red and will be really mad. Hit his head again for victory.

Star #132 - The Switchie-Starry!

Get to the red coin area.

Remember where the switch was? Well hit it and get to the star
quickly, it doesn't last long. If you activated the outside cannon,
you can get to the red coins as Mario and Balloon to the star.

Star #133 - Get your 100 coins to get your star here!
This is a little tough. Get coins outside, then go in the red coin
area for more, leave through the door, then fight wiggler for more
SC = 133*
That is the end for the first tower levels! Amazing huh? Yes that's
right, you only have 17 stars left! 16 are in the stages, the other is
somewhere hidden in the castle... Let's go jump in the clock, OK?
This level is a LOT easier than in the last version. Now there isn't
a giant gap at the bottom; most of it is covered by a nice floor. Now
let's start the level walkthrough. Shall we? Okey-dokey!

Star #134 - Introduction to Tick Tock Clocks first puzzle.

This level has puzzles galore. The first isn't too hard. Just get the
L cap, get the Power Flower, and get to the star. Simple in a way.

Star #135 - Pendulum Pandemonium! Switch it around!

This is a switch star. Get to the first pole and climb it. Go away
from the moving platforms. Hit the Star Switch, then keep going in the
same direstion to get to the star! It may take a few tries to get it.

Star #136 - Easyier than spitting in someones soda!

Get to the revolving hand, and jump on it. Avoid the Amp to get to the
star. And I better mention: depending on where the big hand poins time
will either

12 = stop
3 = normal
6 = mixed
9 = fast

Star #137 - Thanks Thwomp!

Climb up to the top of the clock. When you see the second [?], use it
to balloon over to the Thwomp (over right over him for the star!)

Star #138 - Jump! Don't. Jump!

Get the W cap, thn get to where the Goomba with the L cap is. Continue
right till you see Moving Bars. Jump on them to a Black Block. OR! You
can go right and not fall after you get the W cap, and when you see
the [y], the Black Block is very close by. Ground Pound on it to reach 
the star!

Star #139 - Stop time? Nice. Red Coins? Awww...

This star is easy. Jump in at 12. Then go right. Climb the cogs to
reach the red coins. And you know what? This is the second to last red
coin hunt you have to do!
Star #140 - Silver Stars? This is gonna be messy...

This is too easy! They will bounce down to your level. They will still
be bouncing, but you can scoop them up easily. Get the star before you 
get hurt.

Star #141 - 100 coins? Puh-leeze. Just don't stop time.
SC = 141*
Wow! Just one more stage to clean out! Let's go. The hole across from
the Over the Rainbow secret stage. That is the entrance to the final
stage stars. Let's rock.
Wow this stage is huge. The puzzles: tough. The ground? Nada. The fun
factor? Zippo. Let's beat the near-unbeatable, and get the toughest
stars you will ever collect. This is the Rainbow Ride.

Star #142 - That is a flying ship. Cool.

Make your way to the giant ship. Get the star that is on it! You're
gonna have to turn metal to get past the wind.

Star #143 - A house? This game is too weird!

At the carpet crossroads, go right instead of left this time. Avoid
the numerous obstacles in the house to get the star! OR! You can get
the Power Flower and Balloon to the star.

Star #144 - That final Red Coin hunt...ahhh...

At the rotating platforms go straight to the maze. Get through it and
get all the red coins. Collect the final red coin star! YAYYYY!

Star 145 - The swing to bling!

At the rotating platforms, go left, do some platformin, then go left
at the fork. Do some more platforming, then get the star!
Coundown to 150! 5!

Star #146 - More platform madness!

Take the sam eroute as last, but at the fork, go right. Hit the ?
switch, and do the fastest platforming you can do to get the star.
Countdown to 150! 4!

Star #147 - Get to the Flying ship, and Balloon to the star.

That's it plain and simple.
Countdown to 150! 3!

Star #148 - The house part two: Balloon Switchin!

Get back to the hose and hit the Star Switch, and then Balloon to the

Star #149 - 100 coin it up some more!
Coundown to 150! 1!
Can't beleive it can you? We made it to 149 stars! Now for the final
star. You know how I told you the key that the glowing rabbits give
you will erase your data if you use it? Well I lied. I did that
because if you opened the door, you would be thrown off track. Now,
open the blank door in the door room after catching all 8 glowing
rabbits to get the final Secret Star and the final star in general.
Let's take the fight to Bowser again, and show him true Star Power!
SC = The Grand Total of 150! You did it!


Storyline - True Star Power!
Mario has done it! He got all 150 stars! And if it weren't for Yoshi,
Luigi, and even Wario's brave efforts as well, Mario wouldn't have
done it. Now Bowser is really upset; he can't use Star Power anymore!
But with the Big Star, he has all the power of the 150 Stars and much
more. He powers up and takes complete control of the castle. Now,
Mario must ascend to the stairs to the sky yet again, and now it's
time to show Bowser true Star Power!


Final Battle with the Apacolypse Bowser!
This is just a cool name I gave him. Cool huh? He just the same as the
last Bowser, but he is faster at attacking, and even stronger I
believe! He may be strong, but you can beat his extreme power! It's
possible. He can take 3 hits before crying uncle. Now you can see the
true ending, seemingly the same as the first, but with a key funny
difference. Look for it. Now enjoy the credits, and look for more
secrets that are now available.


Storyline - The End?
Peach and the Big Star are safe yet again. But Peach says that some
secrets remain in the castle. Like the bunnies who took the rec room
keys. And the mysterious cannon outside? Looks like the adventure is
over, but the game is not. And as everyone is ready to search for the
secrets, you have a lot more to do. Let's-a go!



Castle of Secrets!
The castle has amazing secrets for you to find!

Big Penguin: Beat the game with 150 stars to make the racing penguin
fatter. (As if he weren't fat enough)

Castle Cannon: The cannon is open outside! Blast to the roof for three
1-ups, a [?], and a rabbit as Luigi.

Rabbits: There are seven rabbits for everyone to find.

Rabbit one is in front of the castle door outside.
Rabbit two is next to him.
Rabbit three is also next to him.
Rabbit four is in the maze where you caught the first rabbit.
Rabbit five is in the moat.
Rabbit six is in the flowerbush by the crouch tactics sign.
Rabbit seven is in the basement.

Rabbit one is in the overlook by the waterfall.
Rabbit two is in the moat.
Rabbits three and four are in the basement.
Rabbit five is in the aquarium.
Rabbit six is in the tower.
Rabbit seven is in the mirror room.

Rabbit one is in the room with Mario's picture.
Rabbit two is in the room that has the Battlefield portal.
Rabbit three is in the courtyard in the crevice above the door.
Rabbit four is in the pillar room.
Rabbit five is in the tower.
Rabbit six in the maze bush.
Rabbit seven is on top of the castle, you must have all stars.

Rabbit one is in the room with the Fortress portal.
Rabbit two is in the courtyard.
Rabbit three is in the basement.
Rabbit four is in the room with the three Goomba pictures.
Rabbit five is in the clock room.
Rabbit six is in the clock room.
Rabbit seven is in the front yard.

Infinite 1-ups: Do mission seven in the Bob-Omb Battlefield, and get
the Super Mushroom and keep crushing enemies signs and posts. Then
leave and come back. Keep doing this to rapidly level up.

Cap Loss Cons: You take more damage, and [?] will produce Bob-Ombs.
Some [?] do that anyway if you're a certain character.

64 version secret: In Super Mario 64, you could get all 120 stars and
blast to the roof to meet Yoshi! Talk to him and he gives you 100
extra lives and the Golden Triple Jump. The Golden Triple Jump is like
the original, but if you hold the button, Mario will bounce into the
air! It doesn't work with the wing cap, and I havent found why it's in
the game, so if you can tell me if it unlocks something, kudos to you.
PleasepleasePLEASE E-mail me at once with the info. And if you found a
Golden Triple Jump in Super Mario 64 DS, I would like info on that
too. The GTJ will only bounce Mario as high as a single jump, so try
not to get over gaps with it.

64 secret? I once played a Super Mario 64 demo where Mario was in a
hallway with a pool, and going down the corridor lead to a locked
door. And if you followed the water passage, there was a normal door.
If this is part of the original version, or you have played it too, I
want to know. If you found it in your game, and you got it for a
couple of friends in their games, please tell me how. It must have
something to do with the GTJ, but I don't know. You can also ask
Nintendo Power themselves, but i can't.

Blank door: After collecting the star behind the blank door, go back
in to find a bunch of boos, after which the character will come back

Free fall: As anyone but Mario, go to the Rainbow Tower stage to enter
a free fall in which you can't control the character.

Signer: If signs are in your way, Wario can pick them up to save the

Wild Swing Ding: In Multiplayer, Wario can use the Wild Swing Ding
from Wario World on other players! It's hard to use though.

Well, that's where I stop. If you have more info, or really want Red
Coin walkthrus, E-mail me. And questions are also okay. I need
questions for an FAQ section. And any questions asked will be printed
ONLY if I get it a lot, or it is a very good one, or if I don't know
the answer, I'll print it and let other people answer it. Oh wait I'm
missing something... oh yeah. I was going to print Multiplayer hints!


Multiplayer Tips and Tricks! Be the SuperStar!

You want to play multiplayer huh? Well I'd reccomend it! It's fun.
First up are some basics:

You can't play MULTIPLAYER without friends.
That is very true, and you need to know how to link up anyway.

Don't all go to VS in your game.
If everyone just goes to the VS option in the Main Menu, no one can

You don't need a game, the host does.
Yes! This is a DS Download game. If only one of you has the game, you
are in perfect condition. You can have a game in the DS, but you have
to download form the host system, the guy in the game's VS mode.

Find a cap.
You start as a Yoshi, and there are three caps, one for each plumber
or plunderer. Only three people can have a cap on. You can knock caps
off other Yoshis.

If stuck as Yoshi, use the Ground Pound.
The Ground Pound does damage to other characters.

If hit, keep going.
You have unlimited health.

Find the star and get it first.
Your first priority is not caps, but Super Stars. The person with the
most wins. 3 is a garenteed win in 2p, 3 is again in 3p, and 2 is for
4p. There are five Super Stars available.

Don't stop after hitting the Crystal Case.
You don't get the star just by breaking the Crystal Case! You have to
chase after it like a Silver Star!

Avoid getting hit.
If you're hit, a star will fly out of your pockets, much like a Silver

Get a cap after getting at least one star.
This way you have a good chance of winning, cause everyone else will
be after the next star.

Attack the person you don't want to win.
It doesn't matter if he has the least stars, if you specificly don't
care who wins but that guy, don't let him have stars.

If you have a garenteed win count, avoid confrontation.
This will prevent you from getting pasted, as everyone will be after
you, and you don't want to lose stars. Triple Jump, Backflip, Side
Somersault, whatever, just don't get hurt.

Now you know basics, let's check out some tips.

Wario is powerful, but slow.
Wario is fun just because he has a Wild Swing Ding, but when he hits
someone, they get flung away far from the star, giving Wario a chance
of stealing the star! Don't expect to be the first to a new star.

Luigi is fast, agile, but weak.
Luigi can get to a star very quickly, but when he hits someone, it
more than likely the vicitm will have jus as good a chance as Luigi
for taking the released star.

Mario is the best possible character.
Mario is that because he is average in all areas, and can Wall Jump
out of danger.

Yoshi should get a cap.
Yoshi is the last character you want to be, mainly because attacking
others is very difficult. Find a cap as soon as possible after getting
a star.

Triple Jump and Long Jumps are very fast.
Using these technuiques, you can quickly get to a star, even as Wario.

Practicing helps.
You can self-practice VS stages too! If you play VS by yourself, you
can practice the stages.
VS stage one: Castle Grounds
This is a big stage, and the Chain Chomp patrolling the area will
evenually have a star. It's the perfect hit-and-run level!

VS stage two: Sunshine Isle
This small level is just a grab stars, and run around like crazy
level. That's pretty much it.

VS stage three: Princess's Secret Slide
This level you want to be first down the slide and you want to be fast
so you can grab a bunch of coins and a few stars before everyone else.
At the bottom, it turns into a free-for-all, as caps and stars fly
around creating chaos! Sounds fun huh?

VS stage four: Battle Fort
This fun level has [y] with wings in em. As any character, you can fly
around scanning for stars and victims. And the rolling balls will hurt
people, causing even more chaos. There are two wings at any given

That's the end of my guide. Don't forget; I will take questions and
tips and also things I don't know. I may print some! Comments are also
nice. So see ya later, and I hope you liked this guide. Oh, and if you 
want longer walkthrus for the stars, ask. But I think they are okay as 
is. Do you?



Nintendo: They created the DS and this wonderful game.

Nintendo Power: For being just plain funny.

Dad: For letting me put this on the air. Thanks!

You: For checking out this guide.

GameFAQ's: Cool site, fellas!

My friend at school: Testing my guide. (You can keep it for free)
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Here in the fantastical hall of shame you can laugh at the people who
made my job even harder.

The law: Age discrimination! ONE MONTH DOESN'T MATTER, CONGRESS!!!
How come I was allowed on RuneScape? *grumble grumble*

My memory: Having a bad memory sucks.

My computer: Why doesn't it have a WordPad save?

The game is never over. Reach me at:
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If I get three hate mails from one person, their mail gets a one-way
ticket to the trash heap before I even read it. Nice, huh?

Oh, and please, if you are using a Yahoo! server, it would help if you
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Hey, I play Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World too! If you
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