Answered Questions

Level Help Answers
Blast away the wall? 5
cool cool mountain after the switch? B & R ground pounds but don't work 1
Finding Luigi? 1
How do I find 5 secrets in the shallows & sky in wet - dry world? 1
How do I findlugie's key? 6
How do I get mario unlocked and get star ? 2
How do I get Mario? 1
How do I get Metal-Headed Wario can Move in Hazy Maze Cave? 1
How do I get past (Mezzanine? 1
How do I get past "make wiggler squirm"? 1
How do I get past "Pluck the Piranha?" 1
How do I get past 5 secrets in the shallows and sky? 1
How do I get past Big Bob-omb on the summit?! 3
How do I get past eye to eye in the secret room? 3
How do I get past Luigi In The Cage on Tick--tock Clock ? 1
How do I get past Mario Wings To The Sky? 3
How do I get past Mario's Super Wall Kick in course 4? 1
How do I get past Marios super wall kick? 3
How do I get past Red-hot log rolling? 1
How do I get past Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round in Big Boos Haunt? 1
How do I get Pole-Jumping for red coins in dire dire docks? 1
How do I get Rematch with Koopa the Quick in Tiny-Huge Island? 1
How do I get Snowman's Big Head in Snowman's Land? 1
How do I get the big star outside by the boos? 4
How do I get the key to get in the room in the middle? (Read this to figure out what the heck I'm trying to say) 2
How do I get the Soaked Silver Stars in Wet-Dry World? 1
How do I get the star in haze maze emergency exit? 1
How do I get the Tox Box Switch Star in Shifting Sand Land? 1
How do I get these stars ? 3
How do I get through the jet stream? 3
How do i get up to the floating isle in coarse 2 whomps Fortress? 3
How do i get w-7 level 2 & 3? 1
How do I getthe star on the ledge in Big Boos Hunt? 2
How do i open the gate in bob-omb battlefield ???? 3
How do i pluck the piranha flower ? 3
How do i stop the clock for 8 red coins? 2
How do I whirl from the freezing pond? 1
How do you get to the 3rd Floor in Big Boo's Haunt? 2
How do you pass mysterious mountainside in tall, tall mountain? 2
How i can punch pluck the piranha flower without get hurt in the water? 2
I am in Jolly Rodger Bay and i need help? 2
I need help with level 4 blast to the stone pilliar in Jolly rodger bay? 2
Mario's Super Wall kick: Wheres the ledge with the tree?? 1
No,w how do I find Wario? 6
Rainbow road. Somewhere over the rainbow help? 1
Shifting Sand Land : Red Coins? 1
Shifting sand land stand tall on four pillars-I don't know what grey thing? 3
Shifting sand land stand tall on the four pillars? 1
Shifting Sand Land: Pyramid Puzzle ? 2
Stand on the Four Tall pillars on the shifting sand land level ??????? 2
Switch Star ? 1
Tall, tall Mountain: Can someone help me with 5 secrets of the Mountain? 1
What's there at the castle's roof? 3
Where is the Big Boos haunt course? 8
Where is the switch star in the Hazy Maze Cave? 1
Where is wing? 2

Other Help Answers
Are there any new game plus features or continuity? 1
Can I download a played game onto my DS? 2
Can I get the water level back as it was at the front courtyard? 3
Can I post any action replay code FAQs? 3
Can I retrieve stars that I have accidently deleted? 2
Can Yoshi enter Big Boo's Haunt? 5
Can you play as peach? 1
Cap losers? 2
Does anybody know this answer? 2
Does anyone have thorough information about how to get Luigi? 4
Early Bowser glitch, how? 3
How are you suppose to find a rabbit in the ghost-infested backyard? 4
How can hack in beta levels? 1
How can I delete all the game data? 2
How can I get another character other than Mario to go to Bowser in the sky? 1
How do i ? 1
How do I drain the moat? 2
How do I find Lugi and get Star? 1
How do I free Wario? 1
how do I get luigi's hat back from a snowman? 2
How do I get on the islands? 1
How do i get rid of the cheat? 7
How do I get snowman's silver stars in snowman's land? 1
How do I get the door to open? 1
How do I get the Frosty Slide for 8 red coins on Cool Cool Mountain? 1
How do i get the last five stars? 2
How do I get the last red coin? 2
How do I get the Switch Star of the Bay in Jolly Rodger Bay? 1
How do I get the Switch Star of the Fortress in Whomp's Fortress? 1
How do i get the third key? 1
How do I get this star? 2
How do I get to third floor in Big Boo's Haunt? 3
How do i get to world 7-7..? 1
How do I get Wario up to the attic in Big Boos Haunt? 1
How do i lose my hat? 3
How do I play this, "Multiplayer story mode"? 3
How do I switch characters? 8
How do I write my own FAQ for this game? 1
How do I write my own FAQ for this game?? (Part 2) 1
How do you do this? 2
How do you get Luigi? 5
How do you get past the invisible wall? 1
How do you get to the mirror room? 1
How do you slide kick? 3
How do you type in codes? 1
How do you unlock Level 4? 2
How do you unlock Warrio? 3
How does you fly at the game? 1
How doi get to the lobby of big boos haunt? 1
How many courses are in the game and what are their names? 2
How many stars are there? 4
How much mini games character have? 1
How to unlock Mario? 2
I cant find the large boo in backyard.Help? 6
I cant get on the roof?! 1
I dont know where the third floor door is.does anyone know? 3
I forgot where dire dire docks is...where is it? 2
I have 121 stars but the cannon in the front of the castle wont open? 6
I need help?! (Read defenition) 3
I've heard Waluigi is in the game but is very hard to get, is it true or false? 1
In multiplayer player can i play all the game types with ds download play? 1
Is it really true that the ds comes out in 2004? 4
Is it worth buying? 2
Is there a 40 star door? If not, what do you do after you`ve obtained 40 stars? 2
Is there a glitch star? 1
Is there a way you could use, like Action Replay, to change the player skin to an Animal Crossing Villager? 1
luigi yoshi WARIO???? 1
Lukita in the mirror room? 1
Mini-games need to be reset but how? 3
Moonjump? 2
Need help with statement on note? 1
Old Version? 2
Red bricks? 2
Secret Message? 2
Tall Tall Mountain glitches? 1
The Plot? 2
The sub has gone in DDD? 1
Waluigi? 3
What are some AR dsi codes for this game? 1
What do i do with the cannon in front of the castle? 2
What do the power stars do? 1
What in the white door room? 1
What is the action replay code for this game? plz help!!! 4
What is the highest number of stars possible to get? 4
What is the point of the roof? 2
What is this? 3
What's the Alternate Route? 1
When do glowing rabbits start to appear? 1
Whenever i beat the first boss it freezes? 4
Where are all 8 red coins in jolly rancher bay? 3
Where are the glowing rabbit of yoshi and luigi? 1
Where are the stars? 3
Where can i find all of luigis rabbits? 2
Where can i find luigis picture? 3
Where Do I find Dire, Dire Dock? 1
Where do you find wario? 4
Where do you find water town? 1
Where is Luigis painting at? 3
Where is Rainbow Ride? 1
Where is the basement door? 2
Where is the Luigi pic in the castle? 1
Where is Tick Tock Clock? 1
Where is warior's painting? 7
Where's Snowmans Land ? 1
Why isn't there any rabbits? 1

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