Where are all the Castle Stars?

  1. I got all the level stars, now I just need the castle stars!

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    Maelstrom97 - 9 years ago

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  1. And yet another correction: You have to complete it in less than 21 seconds and not in less than 20 seconds.

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  1. As there are 30 "Castle Stars" Hidden in the game I couldn't put them all down in this little box.

    Some of them require you to use the abilities of all the characters you've unlocked and are hidden in some of the levels you have already been in.

    The best thing to do is to read Mother Shabubu's Castle Star FAQ on here as a point of reference. It really helped me find the last few stars.

    User Info: Ordinary_Gamer

    Ordinary_Gamer - 9 years ago 1 1
  2. I won't list them all in specific, but i'll dial up some general strategies to keep in mind when hunting for the castle's secret stars. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Read at your own risk. You have been warned.

    ---SPARE CHANGE--- Gaining 100 yellow coins in a course activates a power star at the point at which you collect the 100th coin. These specific power stars count as a "hidden power star" and calculate to roughly half of the hidden stars you need.

    ---A FISHY SECRET-- 1st floor, the door on the right wall in the lobby area which requires 3 power stars. This area houses the fish aquariums and Jolly Roger Bay. There are two holes in the wall on the left and right side of the doorway. One of them springs a 1-up mushroom, the other leads to a secret level where you have to collect 8 red coins under water to produce the hidden power star.

    ---SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW--- When you collect enough power stars over the course of the game, a sun beam penetrates the sun emblem on the floor of the castle lobby. Have Mario peer into the sunlight to wisp away to a secret area with the ? block switch. You must skillfully soar through the air with wing cap Mario and claim all 8 red coins before your wings fade away.

    ---TIMING IS EVERYTHING--- Look for the grandfather clock room on floor 3, then leap to a balcony with a hole in the upper window (on the left wall) another red coin challenge for a power star yet awaits.

    --- POWER AND GREED--- Two assets that can only summarize one hero....or anti-hero if you will. You'll need to bring along the might of Wario under the castle moat after you've drained the area by pounding the pillars in the basement area. Break the black bricks near the waterfall area and hop on in the hole. There are actually 2 power stars tucked away in here and you'll need to don a green Luigi cap and a red Mario cap to claim them.

    ---LOOSE LIPS--- On a couple occasions, simply talking to one of the toads around the castle can produce free power stars which also count as hidden stars.

    ---BOWSER BROWSER--- Thorough investigation of each of the Bowser courses can produce 2 hidden power stars. There is always a red coin challenge worth one star each time you take on a Bowser course. and one more star by releasing a star switch and racing to the star sphere before the timer runs out.

    ---ORDER IN THE COURT--- Head out to the castle courtyard (down the corridor just beyond the wooden doors near the stairs in the lobby). Defeat all of the boos in the area to claim 8 red coins and a star. Bash the bricks in the area and access the secret for another.

    ---I CAN'T BE LATE FOR TEA!--- As you claim power stars throughout the course of the game you'll no doubt spot mad hopping rabbits. Once you start catching them, a special sparkling rabbit begins to randomly appear. Catch 8 of these for a key that unlocks the lonely room upstairs in the character doors room. There's a star to be had inside.

    ---PICTURE PERFECT--- In the character portraits (where you beat the bosses to unlock Mario, Luigi, and Wario) there are always going to be 2 hidden power stars. A red coin challenge worth one star, and a star switch challenge worth another. It's best to unlock all the characters before attempting these first.

    ---A HOME RUN ON A SLIDER--- In the room with the painted glass windows featuring Peach (the room right before the character doors room) you can leap into the window on the right to challenge a secret slide. Navigate it safely for a star. Re-enter and get to the finish line in under 20 or so seconds to win another star. You'll have to leap off the slide at your first big turn and land below back on the slide to win this tough challenge in time.

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  3. ok, not really an answer, but a correction to Damion_Michaels post:
    on the "a home run on a slider" star, you don't have to jump off the slide at the first big turn. I beat it simply by sliding fast (hold the X buttion). Just make sure to not hit any walls, and you'll get it.

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