Where do you find wario?

  1. When i go to mirror room i see a piture of wario but icant get to the pictire?

    User Info: garrettellison

    garrettellison - 8 years ago

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  1. For now, I'll assume you haven't unlocked Luigi:
    Go to Big Boo's Haunt (with Mario and the ? blocks solid) and go to the room on the top floor that has the floor that opens up to the downstairs area. There should be a ? block in the corner. Grab it and float your way to a door. In here is Luigi's portrait. Head inside and beat King Boo.
    With Luigi, go to the Mirror Room and there should be 3 Power Flowers on pedestals. Grab one to turn invisible, then head through the mirror, into the Wario portrait.

    Good Luck!

    User Info: rockerman2828

    rockerman2828 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. You have to unlock Luigi first. If you've unlocked him, there should be somewhere nearby where you can activate transparency - once you do so you can walk through to the other side of the mirror and jump through the Wario picture. If you haven't unlocked him, I think he's somewhere in course 5 - the ghost house level.

    User Info: XTApocalypse

    XTApocalypse (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. You need to go inside the mirror with Luigi by taking the power flower and jump into wario's picture.

    User Info: ghuggi

    ghuggi - 8 years ago 1 1
  3. Before you unlock Wario, you need Luigi. Luigi is the only one that can get Wario.

    To get Luigi, go to Big Boo's Haunt as Mario. Make sure you have beaten the first star of the course, or it won't work. Go inside the mansion and climb up the stairs. Enter the door farthest to the right, and jump on the wooden platform with a ? block on it. Hit the block, and float up to a platform with a door. Enter it, and you'll be in the attic. Turn right and enter Luigi's painting. This is King Boo's area. To get past it and fight him, you must enter the right door (and I don't mean the door on the right in every room) in every room. To help you, here is the doors you must enter. Right, left, right, left.

    After that, run across a collapsing bridge, and elevate up to a much higher section. Jump into a hole and start the fight. Ground pound King Boo 3 times and he'll give up Luigi's key. Oh yeah, to get him to show up, run up to the mirror and he'll appear.

    Alright, now that you have Luigi, from the lobby, head up the middle red staircase, and enter that door. Run up the spiral staircase and go through another door. Now, run around up here, entering all the doors possible. In one of them is the Mirror Room. As Luigi, (in the mirror room) grab a Power Flower off of a pedestal and run through the mirror. Before entering Wario's painting on the right, enter the door (on the mirror side) that you entered through. This is a white room with a castle secret star. Grab it, then exit the room. Now, go to the right, and into Wario's painting!

    To get Wario, reach the end of this freezing cold, icy place. At the end, there will be a hole. Jump in it to start a boss fight. This is Chief Chilly. Once it starts, punch him so he'll fall off the edge of the ice platform. He'll hop back up, and bounce around, breaking parts of the ice off. Punch him so he'll fall off again, he'll hop up and break more sections off. For the third time, punch or kick him towards the edge, then he'll start slipping. When he's doing so, run up and punch him. He'll fall in the water for the third and final time. Then he'll talk, and he'll give you the Wario key!! :-)

    Now go to the character doors, and unlock Wario!!

    If this didn't help you, read a FAQ in the General Column by Deathborn 668. It will really help you.

    User Info: julia2468

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