Mario wings to the sky?

  1. What do you do to get this star I can get wings but I don't know what to do, please help!

    User Info: GIGIDEPEW

    GIGIDEPEW - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    I got into the secret light but once it took me to the castle... I can not fly... i just keep going down. i cant even control it. any ideas how to get into the short tower?

    User Info: itsdashry

    itsdashry - 7 years ago

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  1. This is not the level where you look u[ into the sun in the castle, It is a level in Bob-
    Ombs Battle Field, and you need to go over to the field where one of the cannons is, you need to aim towards the floating island in the sky and shoot yourself so you can snag onto the tree, then you need to go into the cannon thats up there and fire yourself through the middle of each of the rings of coins, or you could get the flying cap and just fly through them. There should be five rings to fly through. Once you do that a star will appear.

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  1. To get the star, go into the castle. When on the sun drawing on the floor(if there is light shining on it),look up at the light. This will take you to the place where you can get the star. First, gain altitude by flying higher. After you are high enough, move around the area and collect the red coins. This will get the star to appear on the central tower.

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  2. Go onto the floating island and grab the wing cap. Then get into the cannon and and get the middle coins in the coin rings.

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  3. Okay, I might not be much help, but I'll try. ^^

    First, when you enter the castle see if there is a light shining on the sun in the middle. Use X to switch the camera, and look up until you see the light. ^^ When your inside the level, try to get the 8 red coins. If you can't, just dive down to the middle and you'll find a bomb bomb buddy, a red ? box, and a red button. Hit the button, and your pretty much done, since I haven't figured out how to get back into the air. ^^ Press start and exit course, and now all red ? boxes are solid and you'll be able to complete Marior Wings to The Sky. :)

    I hope I answered it right...

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  4. To get this star, you need Mario and at least 14 stars. When you have 14 stars, in the lobby there is a sun pattern on the floor with a light shining on it. Stand in the light, and face the middle red staircase. When you face it, press X to zoom in the camera. When the camera shows a close up of Mario, press down so you'll look up into the sun, and you'll get transported to where the switch is. Fly on to the short tower, and press the switch. Press start to return to the lobby.

    Now enter Bomb-omb Battle field, and the blocks are now solid so you can get the wing cap. In the field with the goombas and bomb-ombs, (the one with the big, tall, pointy rocks,) there is a cannon at the top of one of the rocks. (If the cannons aren't opened yet, the cannon opening bomb-omb buddy is in the beginning of the course.) Get in the cannon, and look for an island floating in the sky. That is the floating island that has the only way to get this star. Find that, aim for it, press down to put the cannon as high as it can go, then fire. You should land on the island. When on the island, there is a [?] block and a cannon. You could go through all the stress by repeatedly using the cannon to get the things you need, or you could hit the ? block, get the wings, and THEN get in the cannon. There are 5 coin rings that lead off the island. In the middle of each ring, is a secret coin. Collect all 5 secret coins to get the star. Get in the cannon and aim for one of the middle coins. After you get all 5, the star will appear somewhere in the course. There is other courses where you need to collect 5 secrets, too. Not all of them are coins, though. Some are invisible! :o

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  5. There is five coin rings in Bob ombs battle field-Mario wings to the sky . You have to get the middle coin in each ring by the island. You have to get the red switch in the ? switch place first though. Hope this helps!!!

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  6. To get wings, get on the sun floor painting on the castle's first floor. Make Mario look up and you'll reach a hidden area where Mario starts out flying. You do not have to collect the red coins. All that matters is activating the switch on the middle tower below. That should give wings and other doodads to get you through the game. Now go to the Bob-omb Battlefield and tackle Mario Wings to the Sky. Make your way to the floating island by cannon and/or flying. Hit the switch to get wings again. and then launch in the cannon to fly to the coin rings. You must fly through all five to get the star.

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