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"Touching" the Surface of Japan's Creativity 12/05/04 Ashley Winchester
Touching gamers in ways they never imagined possible 02/17/05 Blueboo48
Touching Wario has never been this much fun 06/06/05 CrazyGamer343
If I don't convince you then you're missing out 02/13/06 cream147
A review without a "Touched" joke in the title! 02/22/05 Dandude776
DS = Dull Sequel? 02/22/05 doktorsquidd
Touching is above average. 07/18/05 Fastkilr
Touching is better than we ever expected 04/04/05 flamingbeast
He's been Twisted...now he's...Touched!...Ahem... 05/29/07 horror_spooky
Is WarioWare-ing Out? 04/02/07 Jurnco
Gamespot.com does not seem to think it is any more than mediocre, but I do. 02/18/05 kidneyboy
A fun game that can and should be enjoyed by anyone 10/10/05 knick_ch
A lot of random fun 07/11/05 Link165
A small touch of greatness. 05/05/16 Malorkus
WarioWare for the DS: Does it hold up? 01/19/10 MisterMarioMan
180 Different ways to touch a screen, it's not much more than that 04/03/06 nvanhae
This Should Have Come With The DS As A Tech Demo 04/10/07 OutOfRange
Hey Wario! This game of yours isn't as funny as it used to! 08/31/10 Retroreviewer Productions
The Good, The Bad, The Mediocre. 10/20/05 RPGs R Awesome
Touching. 01/02/07 tectactoe
A very bizarre game, but surprisingly addicting... 04/01/05 TekeeTakShak
Excellent, fast paced game. Addicting as crack, too. 03/29/05 TheSaladCaper
Touching the heart of your Ds 02/17/05 ThreeHeadedMonkey
I'm not going to resort to a sex joke here. Just use your imagination for now. 11/29/06 Unleashed Vortex

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
A serious, quick review for an unserious, quick game 12/29/07 Arkrex
I'm touched and loving it! 02/18/05 chrono625
Not that big of a deal. 02/18/05 davidstebbins
Surprisingly good! 02/22/05 djbblue
Instant Gratification! 12/07/07 GeekyDad
A great DS game. 04/04/05 Hacker Elite
Can't touch this. 06/29/05 Jigawatt
This game will WARE out your DS! (all the touch puns were used) 03/23/05 KI Simpson
Wario Ware and the Nintendo DS just work. 03/14/05 KoolKirby
A game worth picking up. 05/31/05 LightGiver
Who said Touching was bad? 03/07/05 LPSoldier92
The wackiness is back. Now you can touch it. 02/15/05 Mariodood
Plenty to do with your DS. 03/15/05 Michael Kelehan
Poke a kitty... before we're all DOOMED!! 03/07/05 MissingNo_2
The Money-Hungry villain/hero has thrown his profit-ideas onto the DS! 04/27/05 MrNintendo2004
Fun while it lasted... 03/18/05 Ness26
Short, weird and fun 04/07/05 ninja443
Touching that isn't innopropriate 02/22/05 Pohatu2007
A great game, but is it LONG enough? 02/22/05 ReZips
A great addition to the DS's library 02/16/05 schwagles bagels
Touching us in all the right places. 02/16/05 ThisNinja
This game has truly Touched me. 02/16/05 tomagreen
WarioWare Touched! has definitely touched my attention. 03/28/05 TPitch
Keeps you on the edge. 07/09/09 WarFighter092
Hehe, pop the balloons, hehe, pick the nose, hehe, erase Mario, hehe Wario Ware: Touched! 06/19/05 WaterMario222
Fun, Addicitve, but Short. 02/17/05 yeyeokid
Touching IS good! 02/18/05 Yoshifan24

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