How do I beat the Famicon (Retro Action) specifically the "Turn up the volume" mini game?

  1. So, this game is the only thing stopping me from getting every golden crown in the whole game. I've beaten every mini-game in Retro Action except this one, and every mini-game in the game. I can do every part of the Famicon game where you blow into the mic except the one where your boxing against some guy, and it tells you to turn up the volume. Please Help I've been stuck on this forever!!!

    User Info: FezCupcake

    FezCupcake - 5 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. First you need to turn up the volume in the famicon control on the touch screen ( the volume button should be flashing ) and then blow in the DS mic.

    User Info: Loey

    Loey - 5 years ago 1   0

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