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FAQ by NDS_Master

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/28/05

|                                            |
|    #                                  #    |
|        ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||        |
|        ||                        ||        |
|        || ---------------------- ||        |
|        ||       NDS_Master       ||        |
|        ||        PRESENTS        ||        |
| ...... || ---------------------- || ...... |
| ...... ||                        || ...... |
| ...... |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ...... |
|    o     ________________________     o    |
|_________| |---------|--------| | |_________|
|   ___  \ ________________________ /__   __ |
|  |___|  |                        ||__| |__||
|         |     PictoChat FAQ      |         |
|    _    |                        |         |
|  _| |_  |       Version 1.0      |   (X)   |
| |_   _| |                        | (Y) (A) |
|   |_|   |     Copyright 2005     |   (B)   |
|         |       NDS_Master       |         |
|         |________________________|         |
|________/              Nintend[]DS \________|
|           |MIC.              []            |

Table of Contents

1. Copyright
2. Introduction
3. Entering PictoChat
4. Touch Screen Only Controls
5. Button Only Controls
6. Uses of PictoChat

1. Copyright 2005 NDS_Master

This guide is property of NDS_Master and is copyrighted and 
protected by United States copyright laws and international treaties. 
Therefore, the use of this guide in any websites, publications, or any 
other public documents is illegal and strictly prohibited. This guide may 
not be posted on the Internet, or any publications, without my express, 
written permission. If you wish to use this guide you must contact me 
with your request.

2. Introduction

The Nintendo DS, Nintendo 's new portable gaming device, hit the market on 
November 21st. Along with the system itself, gamers soon discovered to free 
things that came with the system. There was Metroid Prime Hunters: First 
Hunt, a demo cartridge that came in the box. There was also PictoChat, a 
feature built into the system itself. PictoChat was not a game; instead it 
was a program that let people communicate between two to sixteen DS 
systems. This is a guide on how to use PictoChat. If you had questions on 
PictoChat, you have come to the right place. Check it out!

3. Entering PictoChat

PictoChat is easy to use. To access PictoChat, start by opening up your DS. 
Make sure that it is charged up, and then press the POWER button. The 
system will turn on, and it will bring up the start-up screen. Tap the 
touch screen or press a button to move onto the next screen. On the next 
screen, touch the PictoChat button (or select it by using the D-Pad and 
choose it with the A button).  Next it will take you to the PictoChat 
entrance screen. From that screen, select one of the four chat rooms. It 
displays how many people are in each chat room on the right side of the 
chat room buttons. After you have done that, you will enter PictoChat. Once 
you have entered PictoChat, you can draw and send messages to other people 
in the chat room. Refer to the control modes for more information on what 
all of the buttons in PictoChat do.

4. Touch Screen Only Controls

There are two methods that people can use to use PictoChat. There is the 
touch screen only method, and there is the button only method. Since 
PictoChat was created partially to display the abilities of the Nintendo 
DS, the touch screen only method has the most features.

When you run PictoChat, you will see that there are things on both screens. 
The top screen is where you see messages that you or another person has 
sent. The bottom screen, which is also the touch screen, is where you 
compose messages to send to other people. Since the top screen is only for 
display, the bottom screen is the only thing that is important for touch 
screen only controls.

                            Top Screen

Signal Strength>|_||NDS_Master| I guess this is |
                |--|----------  PictoChat       |<----Message Display
                |  |----------------------------|     Area
                |  |DSFan | This is one of the  |
                |  |------  best features for   |
Scroll -------->|  | the Nintendo DS!!!         |
Indicator       |  |----------------------------|
                |  |NDS_Master|                 |
                |  |----------  \ / /\  |_|     |
                |  |             | /--\ | |     |

                           Bottom Screen

Scroll Buttons-->|--|____________________DSFan_|x|<-Exit
                 |--|NDS_Master|<--User Names ^  |
Erase/Draw------>|--|----------                  |
                 |--|      Drawing Area          |
Thick/Thin Lines>|--|                            |
Keyboard         |--|                      |Send |
Select   ------->|--|       Keyboard       |-----|<-Take Back Button
Buttons          |--|                      |-----|
                 |--|                      |Erase|

Drawing Area

On the top half of the bottom screen, you will see a large white area. This 
is the drawing area. There are a few, fine lines through the drawing area. 
This is the area where you draw messages. Using the stylus, draw on the 
drawing area. Where ever you touch with the stylus, it will draw a black 
lines. Using the stylus, you can draw pictures and messages.


Directly under the drawing area, you will find a keyboard. It is easy to 
use the keyboard. Simply touch a letter on the keyboard, and it will appear 
on a line in the drawing area. If you hold the stylus against the touch 
screen when you select a letter, you can drag the letter to the exact place 
that you want it on the drawing area.

Send Button

To  the right of the keyboard you will find three buttons. The top button 
is the send button. When you press the send button, it will send whatever 
is on the drawing area to the other people in the chat room.

Take Back Button

Below the send button, you will find the take back button. If you press 
this button, the last message displayed to the message display area. By 
using the scroll buttons, you can change which message is the last one in 
the message display.

Erase Button

Under the take back button, you will find the erase button. Press the erase 
button and it will erase everything in the drawing area. This is useful 
when you simply want to erase everything you have wrote without sending the 

Keyboard Select Buttons

To the left of the keyboard, you will find several buttons that will change 
the type of keyboard. There are five different keyboards that you can 
choose. Some display characters from foreign languages, while other display 
many types of symbols.

Thin/Thick Lines

Above the keyboard select buttons, you will find the buttons that adjust 
the thickness of the lines that you draw. You can choose from either thick 
or thin lines. This does not affect lines that you have already drawn; it 
only affects the lines that you draw after you press it.


Above the thickness buttons, there is the erase and draw buttons. If you 
select the erase button, you will erase everything that you touch on the 
drawing area. Be careful though, as the area that is erased is much larger 
than the area that you draw. Choose the drawing button to resume drawing.

Scroll Buttons

At the top, left corner of the bottom screen, there are two scroll buttons. 
If you press the up scroll button, you will scroll up through the messages. 
If you press the down scroll button, you will scroll down through the 
displayed messages. Using the scroll buttons, you can change which message 
you bring into the drawing area with the take back button.

User Names

In a small area on the left side of the drawing area, you will find your 
user name. Press it to see you special message. On the top of the touch 
screen, you will find the user names of other people in the chat room. 
Press their user names to see their messages.

Exit Button

On the top, right corner of the lower screen, you will find the exit 
button. Choose this button and you will exit the chat room.

5. Button Only Controls

It is possible to use PictoChat without using the touch screen. If you only 
use buttons, you can use every feature except the drawing feature and the 
buttons that are associated with the drawing feature (erase/draw buttons, 
thickness buttons). You also cannot view the special messages of people in 
the chat room, and you cannot choose the exit button. The button only 
control method provides an excellent way for people to use PictoChat 
without going through the trouble of trying to use a stylus.

Using the Keyboard

When you use the button only method of controls, you will spend most of 
your time using the D-Pad. Press the various directions on the D-Pad to 
select different letters on the keyboard. Press the A button to put those 
letters on the drawing area. If you want to change the keyboard, press the 
Y button to cycle through the five different keyboards that are available. 
When you press the X button, you will cycle from having Shift on, Caps on, 
and both Shift and Caps off. This makes it easy to quickly select uppercase 
and lowercase letters.

Sending/Taking Back/Erasing

As soon as you have finished writing your message, press Start to send it. 
You can also take back the lowest message displayed on the message display 
area by pressing the Select button. If you hold down the select button for 
a few seconds, it will erase everything that is in the drawing area.


To scroll through past messages, press the L and R buttons. The R button 
scrolls up through past messages, and the L button scrolls down through 
past messages.

6. Uses of PictoChat

Okay, so Nintendo has added this great feature to all of its DS systems. 
This feature, PictoChat, allows you to chat with people within the wireless 
range. The only problem is that the wireless range of the DS is small 
(probably due to FCC regulations), and you can only communicate with people 
that you could easily talk to. Since the DS has such a short wireless 
range, the ways that you can use PictoChat are limited. Anyway, here are a 
few ideas of when it is good to use PictoChat. I will add more ideas when I 
think of them, and people can also submit ideas to me.

Movie Critique

This is the time that I find PictoChat most useful. When several people are 
gathered to watch a movie and a few people have the Nintendo DS, then there 
is something fun that you can do. During the movie the people with the 
Nintendo DS can write about and comment on the movie without disturbing the 
other people in the room. It is a great thing to use when you want to make 
comments about a movie while other people want to silently watch the movie.

Room-to-Room Communication

This is another great way to use PictoChat. When two people have PictoChat, 
they can talk with each other from different rooms of a house. This is one 
time when you can use PictoChat without standing right next to the person 
that you are talking to. If you are in two different rooms you could also 
turn the sound up and leave PictoChat on. Whenever one person needs to talk 
with the other, they can simply send a message and PictoChat will beep, 
alerting the other person that someone sent a message to them.

Have Fun

Whether you are next to someone or not, the most important use of PictoChat 
is to have fun with it. Since it has so many features, there are many fun 
things that you can do with PictoChat even though you are close to the 
person that you are talking to.

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