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Reviewed: 06/06/05

Short but very sweet

Everyone knows who Pac-Man is, and if you don't you should be ashamed to be calling yourself a gamer. Ever since the first Pac-Man was made there have been several spin offs and they all pretty much revolve around a yellow circle with a mouth, that eats ghosts. In Pac-Pix you will be drawing Pac-Man yourself and guiding him around with your drawing skills.

GamePlay- 9/10

Drawing Pac-Man is not really that hard, neither is guiding him around by drawing lines on the screen. But when you have 3 Pac-Mans (pacmen?) on the screen and all 3 are dashing around it can be challenging. The first few Chapters, there are 12 in all and all have 5 levels within, are pretty simple. In each level you have a set time limit, an amount of Pac-Mans you can draw before you lose and the number of ghosts Pac-Man must eat before time runs out or you run out of lives. As I said the first few chapter are very basic and just consist of making Pac-Man run into the ghost thus eating them. But later on you get the "skill" to draw arrows that fly forward and stun or knock ghosts that are in bubbles on the top screen. When you mix shooting ghosts with guiding around 1-3 Pac-Mans around, it gets a little hectic. Even farther on you get the skill to draw bombs to blow ghosts out of blocked off areas.

Every even number chapter there is a boss after the 5 levels, these range from just having to draw a huge Pac-Man to eat it a couple of time, to shooting bosses down from the top screen. The bosses do add some variety and a few of them will make you redo chapters over and over until you finally beat the boss.

Now if you are wondering why you are drawing Pac-Man and making him eat tons of ghosts, there is a story in the game. It does not play a huge role but it is there. The story is that a wizard created "ghost ink" which made whatever you draw with it comes to life. All the ghosts that were drawn got into books and started causing trouble. Pac-Man, using his magic pen (the only weapon that can defeat the ghosts), rounds them all into one last book. But before he could finish them off he was trapped in this book. That is where you come in to help Pac-Man save the day.

Graphics- 8/10

The graphics in Pac-Pix are cartoonish, you are trapped in a book however so it does make sense. There really are no graphical hiccups or anything of that sort. It is really cool to see your drawings come to life, no matter how horrid they are. And believe me, if you are not very artistic (like me) you can mess up Pac-Man pretty bad. As long as you have the sideways V for his mouth and a somewhat circle curve for him Pac-Man will come to life, the bad thing about this is the "circle curve" can be nearly any shape as long as it retains the curve.

Sound- 7/10

The music and sound effects in Pac-Man hold true to the Pac-Man name. And by this you will be hearing the "wakka wakka wakka wakka" sound that Pac-Man makes as he moves across the screen. But hey, what would a Pac-Man game be with out his patented wakka wakka. The music in the game has that "cheery" sound, which should not bother you but it can be repetitive. Just do not laud guitar riffs to play after you beat a level.

Value- 8/10

Pac-Pix can be pretty tough at time, even harder once you unlock hard mode by beating the first 12 chapters. It is not overly hard but it is a lot more challenging then most of the DS games that have came out so far. The first 12 chapters could probably be beat in 2-3 hours if you just sat down and played until you beat it, though this is doubtful, some of the chapters you will have to play at least 3 or so times until you get the hang of using the arrows and bombs. You get a letter score for beating a chapter and if you tried to get a S rank(best possible) on each chapter it will take a lot longer so I would say there is replay value in the game, for me quite a bit because I really enjoy the game and if you do to it will probably be the same. You also get "cards" for doing good which are just the various pick ups and ghosts in the game but they add a little something. If you liked other DS title such as Yoshi Touch and Go you will most likely like this game.

Overall- 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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